Another burd

another burd.

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I got Sun.
And I'll have it ~10 today.

'cause my friend was a bwaka and thought to preorder it from Gamestop, but was too bwaka to, like, give me the pre-order receipt, so I have to wait for him to get off work.



heh, well you'll be getting it by the end of the day at least, so that's good. I am pretty excited for my copy.

happy burd

all these cannons

she's a pretty happy burdie.

Someone did that in plat?


oh he's at the bar
rip project

mental birdnest

alright, I'm going back to bed. time travel for that package to arrive. laters.

what did he mean by this

The story of Episode 1 of Sun and Moon.

Is that Satoshi got lost and was an autistic child following anything that moves.

I hope his mom just leaves him there.

nnneee neeeeeeeee

should I feel bad for losing against it
somebody spending all their money on

You really should.

Did they cover their mineral line in cannons too?

do you ever only like like 20+ seconds of a song so you kinda of repeat all the time

great selfie there

10 minutes into the episode and I can already tell that this cutie is going to be my favourite character.

Maybe this one too.

innocent cute

mean rich looking

Eh it's more like this these days.


nice try

First one called Ash one of these, and has a quiet voice. Not necessarily shy, just quiet,

The second one isn't afraid! She loves Pokemon! a subject of study.

Do I look like I know what a jaypeg is?

i would hope so

ive seen your body in so many

those fangirls better back up, ash might finally win a world cup

I was even dumber and sent my army right into the cannons tbh like in that video I posted earlier

I download soundcloud mixes and burn them on cd

Oh you are 1 cheeky cunt you know that?

I mean.
Alola doesn't have a pokemon league challenge.
So Ash might be able to complete this region.

Yeah, I commented on that.

Did you have a Robo?
I would have tried to pull a drop somewhere, and just circumvent the cannons all together.


the only pokemon memes I know is ash always winning everything ever and brock being blind.
and that weird palm tree thing

no robos only those winged ones and a few sentinels

I really have no idea whatI am doing

don't mix m&ms and chewing gum

Why you do this? Why am I still here? Just to suffer?

i am really digging your new photos man

The only Pokemon League Challenge that got close to winning was Kalos.
And he lost in the final battle. But it was a good battle.

I think he got close in Kanto, but he wasn't winning that off skill.
He only won, like, three of the badges, the last five were given to him out of pity, and almost all his opponents at the league championship were... kind of rubbish.

I kind of like Inferno Overdrive's JP Engrish name.


thx fam, just the public indecency charges are a real PitA.

I simply can't stand PokΓ©mon animu, the adventures manga is pretty good tho.

well you really need to stay away from children anyway

why does this teacher expect me to explain urbanization and cite the source for the explanation but at the same time wants us to write as if it were for educated people.
educated people fucking know what that means.

moral of story
everyone go loses
go home

catch em all
*epileptic seizure*

im kinda hyper

The animu would have been better if Ash weren't incompetent.
Which is why Kalos was bearable to me.

I'm hoping Sun and Moon will be decent, and so far the fights are good at least, but the first episode opens with Ash fucking getting lost.

His mom should just leave him there forever and forget he exists.

I gotta go nowishly.

have fun darling

Hey tell that to the fat man- Mister, "old enough to walk, old enough to take cock" slipping out of his verbiage now and again. EXERCISE DISCIPLINE.

I wish there was actual character growth instead of having Ash grow and go back to being a nub on every region.
Yes please, laters.

if it can bleed its ready to breed



is the new elder scrolls online cool

You ain't gonna be smiling much after I get through with you

yeah i dont smile much when i cum

I'm pissed.

Truly there is no cure for being a cunt.


thats not to say i wouldnt enjoy it


this is retarded
nothing i try works

its such an odd problem i haven't heard of it before

it hurts to live





strange hair!



special snowflake syndrome
cool new trait

looks kinda out of place *~*

she's too pretty for the cold world

the world is cold and cruel and i need sleep but instead i'm in class not paying attention

to bad wearing hel muts wil cover up her pretty hair/

that's why she stays at home cooking

s'warm is kill

what else can she do?

what a cd?
not a dvd?

back from uni

how so?


place them on a nice, warm, penis



that sounds like a real disappointment

she does real estate

iunno if rin is into that

well then its your job to convince them

Nine 9

watch out for scarey strong theives! they can cut u!

but now ive had my meeting, so i can be comfy for another 220 or so minutes

*20 minutes



how do you even convince someone if they're not into it.

I made one robber go away with a kiss

also gross

work them up first


I might be autistic.
Because I totally bought the Z-Move bracelet and wore it home. No shame.

Don't judge me.


show show show

whats a Z-Move?

thats not what i meant, and you know it

22 minutes?

whats next?


I liked

but I have zero interest in footjobs either way

how you mean how

good morrow

i feel sick c:

get well soon



is it like fever?


bloody data mining lab ;_;

its nice having something warm and phallic between your feet

consider lemsip



no, it's a regular coffee and cigarettes crap feel

no ty but ty

Mom praises the sun.

Just for you.

Mystic Artes in pokemon.

too much effort

I disagree


ooh have a cuppa

they used knife
it super effective

enemy only instereted in stealing ur sstuff and money

gonna have another coffee, i have the luxury of sugar again c:

Shit taste

get a pick axe and mine away :3

Don't even have my starter yet.

But yes.

Β£1.25 reduced from sainsburies

lemsip is good tho

i see



i cant be bothered with spending 2 fucking hours filling in excel spreadsheets ;_;


i have a phobia of juice and lemsip is in violation


That video is a meme-y one.
But it still communicates it well.

I can a random mod I have made him not to that

but watch your stomach

I like other things!

watcha picking?


rin communicates HIV well


thanks, but ill pass

at least be gay properly


exactly what i said

I don't think sexuality should define a person.

I honestly don't know.

I feel no real pull to any of them, so I'll just let the moment decide.

stupid things

i dont even

it doesnt, but faggotshit

it your job tho?

woah mods?

its uni work

are you gonna win?

gotta say my prayers

that works, or just do eenee minee mo

I don't like stupid things!


well yeah
how else would I get cyan hair

what else it do?

I went with Rowlet.
Not for any particular reason.

I honestly don't remember.
I'll see the list in a sec

awh what a cutie

Look up Decidueye.

I want iiiit

that changed big time

not just hair?

nah I also got feminine running
some winter mods
civil war

lol nobody irl knows im trans

i hav sekrit peen

post it.

a civil war musket in skyrim?! :O
lore breaking!!

kill yourself


no u

it's a kiss

like on a birthday card


oh okay~ :)
x x x x

that look like guy from tony stark movie, lol


wat he do?

he lost


darwin in charge of military strats

Irl theory crafting.


it's 2016 you shitlord, where is your gay visa card

i like that song



when you spend 20 minutes taking selfies of yourself flexing and you realise that people outside can see you making an idiot of yourself

loco post muscles

Why is Echo so bad?

mussles and oysters

no i'm shy

neither did I tbh

send via steam

stupid loco.

And if ever Manny Pacquiao runs and wins for a Presidential position then I'll be going to some other place.

But he focused on one probe and got blocked instead of focusing the nearest ones.

>Neither can he

was we all gong to play or some other time

I feel so bad falling asleep in lectures with the nice lecturers that try so ahrd


They should know better than to schedule a fucking meeting at 8 AM and expect people who work late to be awake.

Are you going to be up in, say, four or five hours?

thatis like an impossible question to answer tbh

To be determined, then.

thank you mrs may, i sure do love having big government cock in my mouth

Don't you like having ANY cock in your mouth?

Your advice was shit.



oh lol

mez merizing

I want to taste white ball with meaty stuff inside it


omg the dumplings?
they are tasty... i had some a week or two ago
and i was surprised at how delicious they were.

what is 6 zerg supposed to do against 16 drones + incoming zealots

Take as many probes as you can with a hit-and-run and keep sending zerglings.

what's stopping her from just keep making probes

She has all the probes trying to defend against your zerglings.

Anyway, back later.

they cost like 50 each

i am miserably unhappy and trying to stay cool and make it through without calling NHS24 or the CMHT

anybody wanna entertain me or anything

I'm dumb, don't mind me.

i was like haha good one apple and i legitimately thought it was april fools for a bit when i saw the apple book

which faction has to micro the most? zerg?




i wouldn't even pay that much for your butthole


it's just a picture book,
of old apple products



ur alive?

Yeah, hallo.
Posting from phone data because I'm getting endless captchas on my actual internet.

was wonderign what happened to you u_u

Just studies piling up, not finding time to talk on any threads desu.
What's new with you? c:

i'm watching spooky u tubes!

What's that? Like horror stories?


My dick would get so hard when Ana would drop her spaghetti and sperg out and get all flustered

Pancakes+raw honey=yum

Especially the part with the plushies.
And the episodes with no pantsu.


i want some!

I went sleep
It was so nice

I'll make some for you too!
Come on over :D

makes me want a pet hamster... ;~;
so that i can give them a happy life instead...

*snuggles warmly*
did our fun games make you think happy thoughts during or after u woke? β™₯

undertale pie too?


let's cook luka

Let's murder luka and eat him, together.

Yo Grim did I tell you what happened yesterday?

Funna finally try out dat Eastern European pussy
Imma send you a pic on fb and r8 her
her body is so nice desu ne

I had some pet hamsters once, we fed them lots every day but for some reason they had kids and then ate the kids.

As shown in that one webm MFF likes to post, my taste in humans is restricted to loli stew, possibly loli roast. Sorry but I have a fine palate

Seems tough to cook..would need to go buy the ingredients..Maybe if I had a partner to help..

Nope, gimme the lowdown on it

Any of you want to help me grind covenant items in DS3?

nope i'm not a boy.

how come that happens? ;~;

looks easy to me. (when you have all the tools and ingredients.)


like i'm kinky grim but loli guro is too far even for me

what's wrong with you

getting that pie out of the did she do it?!?!

There is no guro in the final product

just tender and delicately flavored meat

I dunno, I tried to ask them but they wouldn't answer.
Then the doctors took them away and said I have to go back to doing the tests.
The asylum had some really weird moments.
Also I'm closing now, just wanted to say hi, phone data is limited.

spicy loli stew


tears in my eyes

I'd rather fuck a loli than kill and eat it tbh.

grim stop making me hard


hmm... does look tricky.

but i think when it's fresh out of the freezer and a lightly greased bowl so it doesnt stick and all the little fork pokes she made on the bottom of the crust.
she prolly flipped it upside down carefully then right side up again.

thats how i've seen some people get it out.

good luck ana ;~;

And I get shit for wanting to fuck dogs.

Sorry to say I didn't dream :c
Or if I did.. I don't remember

Well when I say the word loli, I mean those things thats loodz sometimes posts. Just want to materialize them and turn them into lunchmeat.

Not actual young girls

What are you, gay?

awww.... u_u
plans today?

she looks cute... screen cap moar for me plz

wtf is this world coming to....

Well if you dont care about fucking up their relationship anymore, have sex with her if you want.

What's she look like?

We must go deeper and find the solution


I had deep fried Oreos the other day

sho gooood

Do not fuck a 14 year old.

Now it's watching more of that so I can cap more

Pretty sure he's talking about fucking the gf who isn't 14

i wanna try deep fried food someday...



tempura and katsu is yum

OH shit soto
rare pic of your long lost mom

i want!

Wat wat?

she's crying?

Her friend turned evil for a bit and they had a fight

Have you seen all the different versions of that pic?
So fkn lolz


i wanna kno moar!

Whoa calm down there Rin

I would've been fine with just one reply

you can see the despair in her eyes oboi

she's kinda cute fo sho

It's worth a watch ^^

i'mma watch that new Harry Potter movie tonight!

Subtoe is the cutest when you can see the despair leaving her eyes.

Her eyes are always dilated af
That isnt normal I think

Then again with that skinny frame he has he might aswell be a she lmao

Oh awesome, tell me how it is, hopefully it's good!

I'm seeing Kimi no Na wa next week which I'm pretty excited for

She does look crazy

You need to do something to make the despair leave, first..

hey subtle did you hear i'm muscular now

can we date

Oh my god 2 hours 30 minutes

Says who?!

you'd probably have to be able to beat up desu

can you do it?

I kinda ship you two

Desu was arrested once.
That means he's hard af.

just torrent it today
and watch it now? from ?


How the fuck is that lewd?

That pussy better be crazy good then

it very lewd

I think you're the only one here making it lewd you pervo.

do i have you on steam so i can send you pics of my biceps and my cock

i don't think i do

It's only 480p there!


luka is probably one of those thats super shy but when in the bedroom pulls out a whip


at least u'd be able to watch it.... :|


I already bought my ticket, and it'll be fun going out, just like your film will be today

ugh i give up ;~;

holy shit


Maybe you shouldn't have been so mean to me.





i can't play the games i just bought
when i start them up they just stay on the black screen forever

Wow, Subtle has never been mean to me

I'm jealous

ask tech spupportu

a ticket? for wat?
it's not like they play...... anime... in theatres..... right?
people don't still use ancient tickets right?


*pets* there there~


*hugs warmly* cute~

how's it feel being an animal?

You probably are just booting in a bad resolution.
If it's through Steam go into the launch settings and change the resolution.


pls no apropriate my people
we aminals are a humble folk, butt we no lik wen u do dat

i can beat up desu. i can beat up you. all you skinny bitches are my bitches now.

GTX1080 for free :^)

Woof woof! ^_^

these animal rescue vids got me in the feelz ;~;

It is in the theatre ^^
And I think I can just show the e-ticket on my phone

You are cute when you're feisty.

How many dicks did you have to suck for that?

subtle le epic e-hacked inventing fake tixets to get into any movie 4 free~

I'm sorry. I lied.
I just suck dicks for something to do.

my apologegos

try me fag

I dont watch those cause feels

It looks like they e-hacked some money out of my account, too :c

i could beat up loco still

so could lenko

at the very least

I kinda wanna buy it, and just buy a motherboard next week and build my little brother a computer

Going to go get pizza.

they give hopefully feels tho...

i want sum! c:


It only brings pleasure, not happiness

Erin buy me tacos

accept my steam invite and i'll let you make it up to me.

..tell me how you're going to do that first

what do i do now?

i would, but i only have a little money left.

i'm only eating like once every 3 days at the moment, gotta make sure i have money when it comes time that i need to eat.

Me and Subtle.png


sorry :x

Meth will do that to you fam

in this day and age we have internet but no food

god bless

Something so you don't get bored while you wait ^^

hope is for dumbos

you can't afford your own tacos? i thought you had the super power of employment?

There's a move that'd described as "The user tells the target a secret, and the target losed its ability to concentrate."

Go, Gardevoire!
Tell it what colour your panties are today!

Did you read that doujin where the blue haired girl from shokugeki fucks herself with an eggplant?

Its lit

I can, I just like it when people treat me :c




treat me pls!

1. I pin you to the ground.
2. I tease your body.
3. I punch you in the cock.
4. Maybe I let you finish if you bark like a doggie.






trump vs the world

lol nice



oops, i forgot to go to the local support your tranny day




She's so cute and innocent why would you do this

oh that reminds me

lol that pic is funny

it may actually have been a really good idea for me to go to that, afaik i'm like the only person in this city that it applies to, i could have given input on the quality of care and stuff.

She's coating the vegetables with seasoning you fucking piece of shit
Do you even cook bro?

lmao 10/10

I think she gets bullied into doing it tho
Havent read it in ages

Oh no I lied, she gets raped actually lol

So is your life xD





Is it actually possible to shove a whole italian squash/zucchini inside a girls vagina?

Kinda wanna try it one day

pokey play

found it somewhere

I'm so confused right now.

erin you around

just wanted to share the first picture

Ikt Im gonna go eat Pho today ^W^

Oh, duh.

Nice desune.

Might aswell cheat on him for the giggles

good afternoon guys


neo is such a hard find sometimes

are you really this desperate

yeah i suppose.

some days all the medications and therapy in the world are not enough.

what do you need?


Even though she's dabes.

well, there's more but I get critical of what I save.

I need to have it a jQuery object anyway.

Also in CSS do ids have a higher importance than class?



oh afternoon
i somehow read night


As you well should.

DeviantArt tier drawings for NewGrounds tier animation.

it looks like a man

uwu all good
what's up, how'r you?

god have mercy

long day
fuck public transport

getting stuck in traffic for half an hour sucks but being one full hour later than usual sucks more

$('#derp') or document.querySelector('#derp')
getElementBy* is kinda clunky and ugly

classes denote groups of elements, IDs denote specific elements, it's not really a matter of what is more important, they're for different things.

whether it's set by a class selector or id selector, css will always apply the most recently read style to an element, hence "cascading", unless a previous one is set as !important

Why, it's much faster. If I wanted to use minimal characters I'd not be worrying about jQuery usage.

also no, my .someClass {max-height:440px;} won't work if the #derp {max-height:0xp;} is declared before it without adding !important.

i can agree with that
i work in a community center and had to write three incident reports, so i was an hour and a half late getting home

whats a community centre?

huh, interdasting number. I always use query selectors because it can be packed into $ recycled fo all element types, so it makes the script extremely terse, i had no idea it was less efficient that using raw JS selection.

and that is also interdasting, maybe ID declerations do take priority. use !important i guess.

I literally just got randomly called by private number, a girl who claims to have been in my class saying she loves me.

slammed her down good.
I ain't about that life.

Well then, !important it is.

Speedy homepage here i com!

I got called by a cruise line this morning

just hung up after 10 seconds of her asking if I was there thinking about how they got my number

Where they have like the swimming pool and fitness equipment and stuff. We have the best facility in the county so we get a lot of hockey tournaments.

oobles draw me a picture

jesus tokai at least go on a date with the girl what the fuck is wrong with you

oh that thing
nice :3

r u gonna pay me
what would you even want me to draw?


whatever you like

something pretty enough to put an end to my lifelong clinical depression

i dont know if i can do that i can't even end my own nigga

have this beautiful illustration by grim tho it helped me out

that's p weird.
I got two scenarios.
1. girl I partially knew from classes randomly calls me after 7 months and confesses
2. prank call, though I said I don't enjoy prank calls and then she kinda went sad

oh yeah lemme just go on a date with anyone randomly calling me I don't know.
s'not like my feelings aren't occupied or anything.

it can be the start of ur own anime if you said you love her back

love rust,

probably connect later and be raided welp

try to think about how much you hurt her

loco did this one of me & grim once.

Tokai is being an internet loser. I see.

those anime suuuck

I have zero empathy for this

ok true enough

also somebody i don't know drew this weird pic of me & nick

hahahahaha, which one is the girl?

oh my god i hate feedek

puff puff

oh boy howdy
i dont think anyone has ever drawn me anything, except grim ofc

*bleed bleed*

The straight one?

Now that's what I call EDGE vol.2

But, Test.... UR GHEY

how can you say this with a....... STRAIGHT face!!!!!

For the memes.

God bless.

I'm bisexual godamn

Silly Tokai, you can't fuck a bicycle.

omg i have feet



Do knot.




I just realized.
Test has seen the underside of my butt because I was in my undies most of the time in the hotel.




Do knot



Can you not.

is test cute

Teehee eks dee

Look at his little hands

I'm 700 pounds and covered in pimples.

We were made for eachother.


i trust you

*Doki doki* T-thank you for the compliment master !!!

*throws up*

Test ignored me.
Time to KY.

ill throw you

I weigh a whopping 58kg, are you sure you can?

I want to launch test/oobles across a room before I die



best sub

Grim being a little touchy

why does his head look like it's about to burst from internal pressure

because the top is out of frame
he was really drunk and it was a cap worthy moment


Rest in piss

Drinking doesn't suit me.



At least he didn't lose his feet

test is a handsome man
post him with a beard

w e w


i dont get this haitai meme

you are also a handsome man

we are all handsome men

I don't think there is anyone here who is legit ugly, all they need to do is smile

like this

I'll explain after this game

what are you 12
you weigh literally nothing i could lift you with my tiny hands

tfw you only look happy when drunk

nigga how do you have so many pictures of people

Subtle is a sissy, what do you expect.

once you get over your social stigma you will be okay

because I save them
we discussed this before
the whole being the great archiver

Okay senpai!

y-yyou didn't s-save mine right? if you did at least post the cute one


you told me not to save them so I did not save them

test has no social stigma
you just naturally get under-eye bags when you're a nihilist
we discuss this at our annual meetings

its all the same


im gonna get subtle to beat you up you big bully

wow ur a good person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

test is a good boy


ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahha


i love you too scootatoot!!!!!

I am now confused

Someone chill in call with me while I play Dark Souls.
I'm bored as shit.

I cant wake up

yes hello, I can help you with your boredom

this is true
when you ascend you will be invited

you're a good girl

he was hearting


I still want to create spawn so itll probably be a while

but I sent him himself hearting


so how do you know it was towards you


There's a map
This one
People got mad at the lolis in the background
The song goes "haitai"
It became a meme


oooh i understand

Yeah that sub gets really touchy when you mention pedophilia


no lolis allowed?

i thought they'd be like #2 behind anime_irl

But loli is pedophilia.


"pp mapping" supposedly
System thinks it's a lot harder than it is

Yeah, yeah, sure it is

Good to see they can humor themselves.

no tears only dreams now

Did you beat Echo again?

Are you really one of those people in denial?

So if loli isn't pedo I guess furry isn't bestiality now.

mystery is solved


Did he beat you?

No I never said I liked it

wehave not played since The Great Darwinyan Zergstrat

It is not my fault that he fucked it up.

was we all gong to play

How can a man be this attractive what is this how even

I can try in about 40 minutes or so. I will go get food.

thiscan not be real right

Ya I know I'm a looker rite

yesterday you said tomorrow

Mhmm, topest tier husbando material.


I've seen worse/better tbh
When I watched uno (I think it was uno?) stream it was like cursor epilepsy.

Or ui?
One of those.

maybe I should put my league cursor spazzing into osu

I mean that was the 3rd rank player in the game so

I wish you would finally admit that I'm a g-girl tho


is it just muscle memory like touhou

You'll put subtle to shame
And being better at him at both of his favorite games...he won't live it down.

I would love to but your supersized dick makes it a little tricky.

How do I change my portrait in SC2?



Why isn't it under profile tho

But asking me about anything sc related is probably a mistake...



You were there so


Don't worry i'm here

muh kda

Echo would do that


kinda wanna dance and spin around the room again



Just for the future reference though.
I can't play this if my life depended on it.



He never really does that to me though, he knows if he takes my wards I take his kills.

More like you will just treat me to that GODLIKE draven supp again



hehe xd eu league

Neru 1v1 me


Fox on FD no items.

*pulls your tail*

I have a smurf in Brazil.

That's what Darwin and Neru told me before I got royally raped...

It was about time it stopped being all about NA tbh fam.

Yeah, but like, actually same

I played a couple of games in LAN before the server move myself




1v1 me starcraft

roast beef

2v2 when

dem tranny hips tho

I can't

I really need to invest in ridiculously large amounts of lube

Why? Still mad at me for saying arams are shit?

Kill yourself, freak.

Welcome back


those reactions ahahah

wait a second I'm on the wrong board, silly me

I love those two conflicting things

you need to invest in lotion cuz your dick is mad dry

fucking drink bleach you whore

Or like, get laid.

Must suck to have such a crippling social life that you crawl back here.

Or rape someone again.

How the fuck does your dick burn when you fap?



was he banned or something

like now while waiting for darwing?

I just barely beat a very hard AI, so I am really suck rn

also a possibility, yeah.



Friction burn.

Just means they need to cut down from whatever number a day they're at.

I meant to post in /lewds/ but now that I'm here I might as well do my job and disgust everyone I possibly can

Oh people still pay attention when someone says they quit
Lol my bad.

when you fap too much and cant void enough some bacteria collects around the meatus and in the urethra and causes burning

or you just chafe yourself

plz no

swedish is a terrible waste of space

That's the reason? Just that?


once a day isn't too much.

okay maybe for a tranny dick it is

especially considering I shave my downstairs CLEAN

you're not really disgusting people, you're just an easy target for their frustrations
but hey
whatever floats your goat

Whatever you wanna do.

Too bad your sister is the only thing that wants to fuck you.


I fucking swear this game is on drugs.

at least you didn't post the version with the sound

shits creepy

too bad the only thing that wants to fuck fish is their life


you have guero to float your goat

dont look at me

I'm getting birthday sex with a fit-girl

get rekt

well maybee

And I am also the queen of england

Do they have a dick

why even ask


I don't think I've heard that one.

hello majesty

when is the conquest of argentina happening


you're the one who posted it at me!

it was so long ago tho



That's a nice image

Do you care that much about looking good in front of us?

Only DarDar .///.


you keep asking me stuff and then never sign on or do anything thoughhhhh

oh ok. maybe you were posting something similar that reminded me of it.

I love these

Oh yeah,. you're good then, he's the absolute worst.

*insert Vietnamese joke about Ikt here*

Check again


I do not know what your schedule is like. I am free now.

He's better than you though

Even the Dutch monarchy is gay as fuck.

the monarchy can hang tbh

that font

I was doing much better before I listened to his advice so I have my doubts about that.
Though he could've just intentionally made me look like an ass.

You don't need anybody's advice to make you look like an ass.

we got a problem??!

He tried to zergling rush and then focus fired a probe that was surrounded by the other probes and got nothing.

How rude.
And then I'm the bully..

You practically shit talk me 24/7

oook finished short game with ban

Actually surprised you still talk to me at all after having scarred you so severely.

If that was what you said yeah :^)

What is your ID?


What else did I say?

squash PvP on dark souls 2 with me :3

Actually, I have no idea how to add you.




I think instead of
It was more along the lines of you saying even my taste in game modes was terrible after asking if I was grinding exp or if I actually thought ARAM was fun.

Then after I said I found them fun you told you that it was because I needed the luck based factor :^)

Give me your name and I'll add you.

I think I did it.

Holy shit you have the best jokes.


I only have HotS not LotV ;~;


i just backstepped through an UGS :^)

Ido not have legacy eitherrr

are we on eu or na


Oh, yeah, I recall now, "I guess some people prefer luck based modes."

Doesn't really imply you need it, but well apologies when you play literally nothing else..

This is why it's bad.

Click the friends button on the bottom right and hit accept.

Play better games with me


I have not received anything, though.


you're on the wrong server

iz knot

can people add eachother across servers




it objectively is tho
the amount of moves left open to you with the addition of backstep iframes is enormous, its an even bigger game changer than weapon arts

make sure this thing says EU before you launch the game

Back steps make no sense in terms of dodging like a dodge roll.
Also back stabs are abysmally easy in that game.


I got Neru added. I do not see you, though.

whoaaa it is like another paralell universe where I have a slightly longer match history

it is starting to make sense why some stuff feels a tiny bit familiar again now

so? its less easy than a roll by far, in a game where rolls arent something you cant just spam to get out of anything

I quit staracract and changed region to americas and started starcraft again and darwing appeared in the ingame


You wanna sort this out yet or...