Have you heard about the word?

have you heard about the word?
everybody knows that the burd is the word.

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Bard is the ward




I'm probably the only candidate for that, honestly....also, don't post that face again. It's very unsettling.

Do it! You'll absolutely love how it ends!



currawong best pump a rum





Look at him! He looks like a fucking scarecrow with skin!


hey I know that pony.
still in contact with clerky huh?

No worries, I won't let it go to my head.

The subject of Cup hair harm = guaranteed upset replies.

He's a robot.

So, yeah.

thank goodness. I will believe you completely on this and let my guard down, even for a second.


because my hair is off limits. respect my fucking safe space, shitlord.

you should post those golden locks

I know there's an old one but a newer one would be nice~

Yus! He's a man of science and a soon to be doctor too. I can't wait to see his success grow.

Is he a good or bad robot?

I wanna brush cupcake hair

I was serious.

Bullying isn't fun at one.

at one

I'll bring my shaver.

He punches people in the face really fucking hard.

So, good.

I wanna cut off his stupid looking hair.

what about at two

Apparently being a decent human being got me a steward for my property.

I mean. At least it means I can travel a bit further now.
But I don't want to spend all my time away. I'd worry about Lucia too much.

I thought this was about irl at first
I was like

someones devoting their time to you for being nice thats fucking rad

Now that's just rude.

I think just about any NPC companion can be a steward for any of your custom houses.

they aren't golden. I'll consider taking a new picture.

he's come a long way. so proud of him.


bullying is always fun, cutie.


this just proves that being a decent human should be rewarded with slaves.

That what all the bullies say.

they might as well be

can't wait



Keep the picture PG.





teef =w=

He apparently is also still in contact with Saku if you remember him.

So...what was your reaction to Trump winning? Did you vote?

Oh dear, wasn't Clerky one of the ones that pretended to be a girl?

I'm the one who looks after the house and the people inside it.

But you don't get any when you aren't playing the game like a normal person, and are instead sticking to your hold because traveling much further just takes too long, and you have a child to take care of.


I'm no bully.

well. maybe a little.

but golden is a significantly different color...or are you saying they are worth their weight in gold?

it will be as clean as the last one. G rated.

yeah I remember him kind of. I'm still in contact with clerky as well, we talked just today in fact.

no, he never did. he's actually a total player.


None. Yes.


I have only seen lusher hair on an arabian beauty

do you have a maido outfit too?

If I knew your real name I would say it back.

Is it Darwin?



Shit, I meant Wyatt

Not that I recall. I think that was just Aeris.

Did you talk about his ginormous horsecock?

But you are glad Trump is in offce and not Hillary, right?


I wish.

I have no idea who I'm remembering then.

Well which is it?




Test always used to pretend to be s girl in pony threads
Its only recently that they smashed that lie.
Props to doc for marrying one of the only girls from the community


I want to play this with you. :3

get tokai to get you one :O


aha I tried ranked once but it crashed

and I already played like 4-5 customs and they did not crash


T he ecks d

Shame she was 15 years older than him.

How do I know you're telling the truth?

And... that video...

Would you have smashed Indigo Breeze when you were a teenager?

It was fucking indigo

Why are you giving him any props?

I did not mean ranked, though.

Buy me LotV

I can link you to his Facebook but I don't want to get banned.

Because. Uts not like there are any ither girls around. He won the lottery.


Shut up.

Considering how much of an edgelord I was, I would've destroyed her with a shovel to the temple.




you haven't seen the last one. it was just a mirror picture to show off my hair. nothing else.

flattery will get you everywhere. why are you trying to butter me up?

bully you? well alright, if you insist, cutie.

no, although that topic does come up far more often than most would consider reasonable.

maybe you subtle echo me could play

Buy me LotV

Bully Darwin for me.

You're not emotionless, try as you may. I bet a little smirk crawled across that old face as the stats turned up red one at a time.


I do not remember its contents, only that it exists. Fitting product of the community.

I am just being honest cup

One day I'll meet him in real life and touch his butt so you might as well.

That is a possibility. Right now I just want one quick game with you, though.

I will certainly not.

I've leveled up and became an alcoholic.

Good enough.

I was asleep at the time.

So, no.

It doesn't exist, then.


Literally everyone has her nudes and she's already been divorced.

Her and the doctor are fucking weirdos.

Oh okay.

I mailed a link to your PO box.


And how long is that gonna take to get here?

5-9 business days

I want the faster one.

I can expedite it for only $49.99

Would you even play?

2sleepy about2 bed

that doesn't interest me.

you're a weirdo.

trying to make up for calling me ugly to soto behind my back, eh?

You owe me one game.

You could've told me that earlier!

At least I like normal human feet and not bird feet!

Because we were and are more normie arent we.
Its like you don't believe in feminine liberation theory

nooooo 2sleep

I used to quite enjoy SC2

Why would bullying a girl interest you?

Are you interested in girls?

I meant later.

The money has been sent.

They met in my vent server.

No reason to.



I am still not going to because then I would lose to you, and I am not dealing with that.

What the FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I DESTROY you in League all the time.




I have never even played against you.



No, but I always out perform you.

It's true.

Hi Test-chan


who said I like bird feet?

why does the gender matter? maybe I just like bullying cuties, regardless of gender. maybe I enjoy interacting with people online more than people in the real world, and maybe one of the reasons I like it is that things like gender and age matter very little, if at all. ever thought of that, hmm? of course not. cuties are notorious for not thinking deeper on these types of things.

You like bird ass.

Bird feet is right next door.

Pretty sure thats someone else.

You dragged this on more needlessly than necessary!

An image says a thousand words.


Are you sober this time, drinky?

You were the one asking questions.


my autism can not into this understandings


Sorry that we all can't be as amazing as I am.

I don't think on anything. I'm a huge idiot.

No no, I am most definitely certain it is him.

Why else would he be so upset at me posting it?

Ueee? When was I drunk?

I suppose Echo was right when he said we are quite similar.

All of those times you underperformed were due to lack of runes and masteries, surely.


what does we mean

actually it's up north of bird feet.

I can like some aspects of harpies and dislike others. don't try to put my degeneracy in a box.

but a cute one, so it's okay.

You are lucky there are no replays.

You and me.


Bleh...fine, you win. I'm too hungry to play semantics.

Someone should've put you in a box years ago.

They wouldn't exist anyways.

hey spoilers, sleep well? I went to lie down after I finished playing last night but I didn't mean to fall asleep, but next thing I knew I was sleeping. heh.

am I living in a box? am I living in a cardboard box



well I finished tootbhrush is bed

You're into some kinky shit Cup.


I will look out for them in the future.

Sleep cozily.

well enough I guess! it's okay I figured as much so I just went to lie down. we always have tonight to make up for last night, I'll get some handcuffs :^) so did you sleep well adorable?

clearly the "it's" in this situation is bird ass. which is up north. feet down low, ass up higher. get it?

I slept well enough, yeah. eventually I had to wake back up again though, so bleh.



I already made up for that by apologizing

well I thought it would be fine as there were only two possible things to be talking about in that situation.

and I was only teasing with that post, silly.

I still feel horrible about it

because I didn't even call you ugly

but if you didn't wake up I would have to be super sad

And you'd allow me to choose to not mess with you?


which I'm well aware of. you don't have anything to feel horrible about regarding that, seriously.

So you would not play with your boyfriend?

Alright, if you say so

The Pharah and Soldier buffs though
they feel so good
I got babys first Pharah skin

guess which one

how cruel. you're a bully of the highest order!

well, it's people who for inexplicable reasons enjoy my company that are the primary reason I continue to exist, so well done.

No duh?

probably talking about one of her mecha skins, yeah? I had one of those super early.

and yeah, holy shit phara feels amazing now. I absolutely adore her so I'm really glad I can finally play her and feel good with it. she's one of my top five played even before this but I expect she'll shoot way up.

I don't think it's inexplicable in my case but ye! won't let you stop existing, dork

yes duh?

He is the best.
He is amazing.

how callous and cruel.

I wish I had enough coins to afford one of them.

But no, I got the black jackal

I love how you can just constantly be in the air now

fuck da polic


hahaha Ash looks like he's 6 wtf lmao

and lewd, every single night


you'll get there.

black jackal is one of her absolute best skins, so you made a good choice.

holy hell I didn't even realize I was making that pun, lol. yes, her aerial superiority is finally established.


lewd all the time more like, doesn't seem to be restricted to a time of day.

brb, quick store run.


not with cups at least

I had no idea you played Pharah at all cup

gonna peep one of your games sometime

big boom big boom

Smith still the bes

black doge

black borf borf pharah skin

brork brahk of the night

it's too bad old man soldier can tear her from the sky with ease now

I'm really bad at monopoly

You deserve this for liking the game in any capacity.

I love monopoly, it's the game of dissension and spite.

i spite guero right now.

delete this


I feel so special

I have over 30 hours on her. she's a favorite of mine for sure. last 1v1 I had with phara v phara I shot the other phara out of the sky with two direct hits, got potg for it and everything.

to each their own, you weirdo.

She got

da booty

Cuppu has a huge butt

Also genwun was broken.

nnf. I mean you're right, she does.



I like cute butts and I cannot lie

Pretty ginormous too me

ur butt is so big even sir mixalot wouldn't tap that


It's alright.


hate u

ur alright

not if shes far away

his hitbox/cone got increased


Because somebody mentioned booty.




16 shots down

Who's bullying anyone?
I'm simply pointing out facts.

you should, you adorable nerd

doesn't matter if it's a smart player, they just burst fire and the damage buff makes it tear her apart. pharah doesn't have the hp for being so out in the open most of the time

I agree. You are, indeed, an alright guy.

Well stop being an easy target

No one asked.

I'm drinking a mike's harder orange soda


I am neither of those things.

I need my safe space.


you are adorable but if you want to change part of it from now on it'll be my adorable pet!

I want to fucking die.


Whatever happened to freedom of speech?

You're close to Berkeley University. The illegal immigrant students will be more than happy to take you.

A privilege.

it's tasty! you shut up!

not as planned ;_;


no I don't want to mix with dirty illegals.

Good morning.

Your butt's so big whenever you tried to take pictures of it, it was out of focus and walking through the woods.


I had to talk to a guy today that only spoke Mixteca

What is Mixteca, you ask? Some random ass indigenous Mexico language

Literally the only person I could find that spoke it was the guy's insurance broker for whatever reason


for me it is not as planned either, I get to have a cute pet on my lap and for lewding. that's a win win for me so planned or not it's perfect!



I sunk myself into 20k worth of debt to be at this university!

Now that's just racist! Those kids are special and perfect in every way!


good morning goggles.

now you're just being mean.

stop drink shaming me you alcoholic.

my cat was in my lap just a minute ago. then she climbed up on my shoulder...and started to fall...so she dug her claws in...and now I have a few new really big scratches on my shoulder ;_;

"special" alright.

At first I had a Spanish translator and the guy could hardly understand him, the translator thought the guy had mental problems because he said he spoke Spanish

I'll be some med tech and will "took yer jurb" in the US someday.

Hey spoilers. How are you?

Hello bird girl.


well can't be worse than the whole belt idea we had, however that does sound really cute prior to the claws part lol

I'm alright, how about you goggers?

how'd you sleep?

well you are


Too late

What if he actually was, but the he spoke so much broken Spanish that it took a person capable of speaking another language to understand him?

No I'm not you're just short and have a big butt.


It was okay but something woke me up 2 hours than my scheduled time. I think it was like a bad dream or something.


but you don't remember? I woke up a few times and then slept more this morning as well. ended up sleeping a long time.

but I know you still like me so it's okay.

It was like 'Clockwork you haven't done this task. It should have been done by today.. you only have a few hours' the panic sinks in but I have to say 'no wait.. there's nothing that needs to be done. relax..'

More than the common ilk that dwell here, or elsewhere for that matter.

I thankfully do not have this thought anymore on waking up. but on the other hand that's because my life is an empty, meaningless pile of nothing.

that makes me feel weirdly good.

That you're one of five people that I like in the last five years? Or that everyone else is just so shit.


well we're in agreement on the "almost everyone is shit" idea, but yeah I meant the fact that you like so few people.

talking to me is fun!

I do it often enough to know that myself!

Well there you go.

Y'know, that's an easily fixable thing by, well, doing literally anything.

Is there such a thing as too much nerd?


Only too much if you cosplay as a sexy gardevoir

Grim wouldn't be able to handle Colbs as Gardevoir.

omg graveler x gardevoir is a good ship

if only cups would :^)


that was a joke.

stop you're making me blush

it wouldn't even look good you weirdo.

I am ignoring it and putting in place a compliment.

would so now get one on already for me :^)

You're free to feel however you like.

Another one of those games you can grab for free as of currently.
But I doubt anyone will play it.

Fucks sake man.

Where do you find this garbage.

I don't know what is up with game devs as of currently, since just a while ago they gave DiRT 3 for free on Steam and Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon on Uplay.
I get bored and start wandering around, then I find all sorts of things lying about.

Talking to Cupcake is fucking Hello

not allowed.

but cosplay stuff is SO expensive

thank you so much for your permission

well then I'll help with that since it'd be for my entertainment anyway :^)

The truth hurts doesn't it.

Have already won.

Thinking about Big Boss cosplay for Megacon next year.

from mgs?

Only Boss I know of.

same but I never know, I don't watch a ton of anime so when people mention things I get leery on what it is for sure. make sure to take pictures for here like everyone else at cons


lame but probably the smarter idea

This happened the other day

did that kid go missing shortly after?

What kid?


oh my~

nothing hurts someone who is already dead inside.

well it's cute you think that.

I have no idea what you look like so I can't speak on how good of an idea that is for you personally, but I think that's a great choice.

Prof's seen me. As has Amy.

Albeit one of me from seven years ago.

I'll get a stupid hat and vest then train you to be the best bae in lewd ways

Why would I talk to you if I did not enjoy it?

Crawling in my feels

Goggles fucking kill yourself already

Are you trying to bully him into becoming a girl like Cupcake?

I'm just bullying him until my sisters gets out of the shower

I'm pretty bored
I was gonna go buy some beers buts its so cold outside


Is this true?


I actually was thinking of you earlier today
I saw some fucking lulzy video of some straya cunt

lemme try to find it

are you just trying to make me jealous here? I don't get the point of telling me this.

gotta lewd 'em all~

extreme boredom?

yeah yeah. so what's up, ducky?

Ask Jake then if you want to know so badly.

Work is dicks
Got a GTX 1070 so I'm memeing with the best of them now.

Have you managed to play Dishonored 2 yet?

I lol everytime

I really hope any idiot that can't beat a widow as lucio just dumps water on their computer soon

O-of me?

No way. Even if that were the case, you more than most.


this one

Whacha think about the new King Kong movie being made?



it's bed time
goodbye folks

Nearly forgotten darwin isn't the only one with Yugo.


I remade the folder in HD. Thought I've yet to do the second season.


post puffy vulva

Whoa. I haven't seen you in a long time.

Right, forgot since the dub there's an HD.. I can't be bothered.

Might as well use it.

I was the first and best.

only once now goodnite

I prefer the kawaii French voices to the dub.

So are you just someone who has been keeping the trip? Because you couldn't be someone else.

prof? I mean I'm curious but I don't ask other people for pictures of other people.

no, I basically only meet the minimum requirements to play the damn thing so I'm considering waiting until I can update my computer...

but widow usually beats lucio. I actually beat a widow as lucio just the other day though, she was too busy focused on something else and I head shot her over and over from way far away.

also that mercy main we met the other night, I already deleted him from my list. he's nowhere near as good as he was in those games, and when he plays mercy he barely ever heals. fucking disappointing.

hmm. weirdo.

I wasn't even aware of this fact.


Nini don't let the bed bugs bite

How many Yugos are there?

For once I find the dub unbearable

my fucking sides

I'm the only one to post this to my knowledge. And we last spoke while I was posting as this a few months ago.

Up to you, then.

Fucking Dark Souls made my computer fuck up.
Anyone else have that issue?

I really don't see a widow being a decent lucio 1 on 1 especially when the widow was already injured, that's placing low health squishy vs semi squishy with constant heals

clearly this counts as your consent, but I don't have prof on any chat clients at the moment. I'll keep that in mind though.

afraid not.

sure, but all she needs is one good shot and she gets the kill. but I barely ever play widow so what do I know.

You have failed me

Fuck if I know. Two more at least.

How am I weird??

I mean it's not horrible imo. But yeah I wouldn't'..

OHH Tracer!! it's you. Heck. I had no idea.

I'm going to bed.
Give me love and affection.

Or hate and spite.

Or just general apathy.

As long as you read this.

Huh, curious.

I'm heading to bed. Night Cup.




I don't keep up to date on most things.

cuz I said so

so late!

goodnight rin. sleep well.

Not a single Eva but me, feelsbad

There is worse, still.. I highly prefer the original

I did at one point. I'm guessing that like you, he deleted me when it looked like I was never logging on again.

sleep tight.

Doesnt help that the game requires a 1080 to run a decent frame rate on medium right now.

Not even thinking about getting it until they patch the damn game.

How much longer until you do the upgrade?

If I ever go to Amsterdam I'll record me taking advantage of Tokai and send it to you

Licky used to post her.

Oh...well that's okay. I'm getting tired anyways.

I understand that but in a map like antarctic there I don't see that happening, she didn't even win with a head shot she body shot him to death. it was incredibly sad, probably about as bad as the moment before that the dva ditched us when I was mcree and all three of us cornered mei and zen. it was incredibly lame


George and I were playing but they died and then my whole game glitched out and wouldn't let me tab out or do anything.
It was an issue as well a few months back.


probably soon. I want to finish dues ex mankind divided as well and it was getting laggy issues with my current build. gonna upgrade to a 1060 and 16 gigs of ram. if there's no good sales during black friday next week I'll just eat the cost and do it.

so go to bed!

oooooooooh. yeah, on that map widow is not very good at all.

You yap all the time.

The original is the best for most things.

huh. have you tried googling it?


It's not even 10:30 yet! I can't sleep too early.


new thread

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new thread

Isn't he dead?

I pity those who have seen wakfu in english first

thankfully a match later I got the final win for the loot boxes but jeez, that was horrid. what's with the berb there anyway?