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Her feet are ugly and her hands are retarded.

"Good point, Squash. That was a well thought out point you have made."

Thank you. I really appreciate it.

why not?

I already gave you a year and change of hectoring.

You're welcome, I appreciate you too.

I'm not allergic to anything.

Kinda wanna fuck Squash just to find out what kind of noises he makes while getting fucked



then why would they need to adreniln u?

more berd

I don't make noise aside from light gasps and gentle and short moans. I am as quiet as I am lithe.

What adrenaline?

Good point, Squash. That was a well thought out point you have made.

Were you an expert before or after that?

for ur alergy

I know it was. How dare you patronize me.

I do not consider myself an expert.

Are you actually lithe?
I havent seen a full body pic of you tbh

That's pretty normal though

Sleepysleep time

I wear deceptively baggy outfits, but I do have a rather well shaped body and was blessed with outrageous flexibility.

Sleep well, my love.
My light.




If you are blessed with a body like that the only reasonable thing to do is wear nice fitted clothing and show off how nice your body is, regardless if you are male or female
Yeah there are certain guidelines but still you need to dress to impress fam

woof woof

So how come you questioned Soto's bullying?


Yeah fuck you Darwin

Old ass motherfucker with joint paint and gray hair

This is almost an appeal to accomplishment.

Why? I work a factory job and the people I want to impress here have already seen me naked.
Some of them have gotten to see me in action. Do you know how fucking easy it is for me to swing my hips like a spinning top?


Also I have a great ass from all the physical work I do.
Good legs as well.

I don't understand what you just said.


You can play it again if you're not sure what I said.

put it in plainer english

It's a logical fallacy.


Shinya no mizuumi hitori de odoru wa
Sarasara tatan kurukuru tatan
Minamo de SUTEPPU

Sora ni wa mangetsu kokoro ga SAZAMEKU
Yurayura tatan fuwafuwa tatan
Honnori netsu ukete

Konya amaetakunatte
Nadete hoshikute nanimo ienakunatte
Hoho akaku somatte hitomi urunde
Anata mitsumete

Konna kimochi wa nante nadzukeru?
Kotae wa aru no? Tsuki no hikari ni
Konna kimochi wa nante nadzukeru?
Wakaranai mama odoritsudzukeru no

Anata wa hohoemu watashi wo mitsukete
Korokoro tatan kurukuru tatan
MEIDO to yoru no DEETO

Konya komarasetakutte
Te wo tsunagitakute nandemo shite hoshikute
Mune akai kokoro de hitomi urumase
Watashi tsugeru no
Ano ne?

Konna kimochi wa nante nadzukeru?
Oshiete hoshii kokoro no namae wo
Konna kimochi wa nante nadzukeru?
Wakaranai kedo karada wa atsui no

Shiroi sono yubi ga kuchibiru ni furete
Yasashige na egao jikan ga tomaru no
Yawaraka dakishime senaka wo nadeteru
Watashi no wagamama yurusu yo na shigusa

Shinya no mizuumi futari de odoru wa
Fuwafuwa tatan kurukuru tatan
Shiawase watashi SUTEPPU

Konya amaetakunatte
Nadete hoshikute nanimo ienakunatte
Hoho akaku somatte hitomi urunde
Anata mitsumete

Konna kimochi wa nante nadzukeru?
Kotae wa aru no? Tsuki no hikari ni
Konna kimochi wa nante nadzukeru?
Wakaranai mama odoritsudzukeru no

Konna kimochi ni namae nakutemo
Mune ni tomoshita tashika na kokoro
Asa ga chikadzuki odori akiru koro
Anata no mune de yoru made nemuru no

No habla.

why would u do that?

What's joint paint?



fuck off

Oh well then

All of a sudden this fucking slut is replying to me

Oh, I thought you were a busboy
or was that your old job?

how do you like it so far?
Apparently if they have seen you naked that probs means you have messed around so thats pretty good then
At least your getting laid

my legs and thighs are fucking rock solid fam
Kinda wanna take a pic and post it on here but I realized thats like super duper gay and I should do that

Fuck you and your emo/scene looking ass hair

This song is fuckin fire

are u an "otaku" lloyd

b nice to mordin...

Why not?

Please, you thought I was Vinny like two days ago.


sounds scary

On the lake late at night, I dance by myself
Gracefully, la la, spinning, la la
Stepping atop the water

Under the full moon in the sky, my heart throbs
Trembling, la la, lightly, la la
Like it’s caught a faint fever

It’s gotten to the point where I want to fawn over you
Wanting you to caress me, so much that I can’t say anything
My cheeks glow red, my eyes gleam
As I gaze at you…

What’s the name of this feeling?
Is there an answer, perhaps in the moonlight?
What’s the name of this feeling?
As I don’t know I’ll continue to dance

You smile as you stumble upon me
Rolling, la la, spinning, la la
I'm now on a date with a maid at night

I want to pester you with all sorts of questions
I want to take your hand and for you to do anything I want
My heart spilling this red emotion makes my eyes gleam
And tells me…

What’s the name of this feeling?
I want someone to tell me
What’s the name of this feeling?
I don’t know but my body is so hot

Those sublime fingers touch my lips
That kind smile, time has stopped
Her tender embrace is caressing my back
My selfish behaviour she seems to excuse

On the lake late at night, we dance together
Softly, la la, spinning, la la
A happy me steps along

It’s gotten to the point where I want to fawn over you
Wanting you to caress me, so much that I can’t say anything
My cheeks glow red, my eyes gleam
As I gaze at you…

What’s the name of this feeling?
Is there an answer, perhaps in the moonlight?
What’s the name of this feeling?
As I don’t know I’ll continue to dance

Even if there’s no name to this feeling
This emotion I’m sure of is lit within my heart
As the morning approaches, that’s when I’ll tire of dancing
And I’ll sleep against your chest until the night returns

I had a gig busing tables for like, 6 months in Alabama. Quit to take a 12 hour shift at a factory doing manufacturing work. Was a hour and a half drive to work and the same going home. So basically 15 hours for work a day. I had an hour of free time a day if I was lucky. That was about 2 or 3 months. Everything else has always been industrial factory shit.


How old are you even?
i assume youre like under 18 cause Darwin wants your boipussy

Its not.

I'm 21 and I do not currently have emo hair.

ah that is too bad

....so um what am i waiting for?

I'm assuming factory is p much the same as a warehouse job so I sorta feel you on that
Though that was like back in 2012

I probably have the wrong guy
Whats your name again?

空には 満月 心が サザメク
ゆらゆら たたん ふわふわ たたん
ほんのり熱 受けて

今夜 甘えたくなって
撫でてほしくて 何も言えなくなって
頬 紅く染まって 瞳 潤んで
あなた 見つめて

こんな気持ちは なんて名づける?
答えはあるの? 月の光に
こんな気持ちは なんて名づける?
解らないまま 踊り続けるの んー

あなたは微笑む わたしを 見つけて
ころころ たたん くるくる たたん
メイドと夜の デート

今夜 困らせたくって
手を繋ぎたくて 何でもしてほしくて
胸 紅い心で 瞳 潤ませ
わたし 告げるの

こんな気持は なんて名づける?
教えて欲しい 心のなまえを
こんな気持は なんて名づける?
解らないけど 身体は熱いの んー

優しげな笑顔 時間が止まるの
わたしの我侭 ゆるすよな仕草

深夜の湖 二人で踊るわ
ふわふわ たたん くるくる たたん
幸せわたし ステップ

今夜 甘えたくなって
撫でてほしくて 何も言えなくなって
頬 紅く染まって 瞳 潤んで
あなた 見つめて

こんな気持ちは なんて名づける?
答えはあるの? 月の光に
こんな気持ちは なんて名づける?
解らないまま 踊り続けるの

こんな気持に 名前無くても
胸に灯した 確かなこころ
朝が近づき 踊り飽きるころ
あなたの胸で 夜まで眠るの んー



to do what?

Oh shit hey whats up Nezi

I'm not sure

Read what i typed again and see if I typed "nezi"

not nezi


It varies.
Most factories are on a time and goal mark.
You need to be constantly on the move at a certain pace or you're fucked and costing them money. That and quality control can really fuck you over if you aren't good. It's something I suck at with my current job, but it goes to 4 more people who catch what I don't. I would imagine ware house is more relaxed and focused on organized and easy access.

i'm soooo bored

Quick. Everyone drop literally everything and make sure Luka is not bored as they always are.

I've already taken care of Luka.

I'm walking around all this fine art and I have no idea what I'm looking at.

shut up fag ur not funny



why are you talking to yourself? ._.

Wait youre not Nezi? I thought Nezumi was Nezi trying to be "new" again for the 70th time again

Lmao who the fuck are you?
Fucking newfags I swear
Are you the guy who cucked Mordin and Goggles by fucking Darwin or getting fucked by him I dunno how this whole thing works tbh

How about you fucking get a job you fat piece of shit?

Then again if you make a vocaroo of you barking like a dog irl I'll paypal you 10 dollars

Yeah here at Amazon we have a rate/percentage and its pretty fucking easy to make it
The warehouse demands you always be at or above 100% and Im at 150 to 170% cause its easy to cheat the system

I was actually a QA/QC at my old job and I know what you mean

Cool my phone still doesn't believe in working on Holla Forums
This took like a minute or two to just type

Stop being a moron.

Kinda wanna pin down Revy and bully him till he leaks



I wouldn't cheat it.
If they found something wrong and it traces back to you it's your head on a plate.
We always have to go over because first shift can't make numbers.

Also, this went from the noises I make during sex to our work experience and how it works.

does ur phone not let u type in the comment box and u have to paste it in??

Like shit, Soto.
Just come to Iowa and fuck me. Would honestly be easier.

Luka has specified sex many times.

Their sex has also been proven other times to be the opposite.
I don't do it to respect pronouns. The sex does not have to be unknown. I just am not specifying it.

Again, stop being a moron. If you are this bored just date and dump someone for some petty drama or something.

Like Im not gonna lie but I have been called up by my Manager and asked how Im able to keep making rate and still have extra half hours of breaks inbetween and I make up excuses and they totally believe me since I dress all proper at work and they think Im a "nice" guy


These are the conversations I strive for
Maybe we were meant to be together

But what if Moogs gets jealous?


If it has been proven, then using "they" is moot. I am sure you know all about being a moron, though.


I dunno how you can get off to Mordin tho Darwin

His accent is weird and sound all gross

And here I am pushing my numbers through hard work like an asshole.

I once managed 2 shifts worth of work before lunch. It was fucking great. I got to go to another line and finish their work too.

I don't see many people talking about work here. I don't think half of us are employed honestly. And some who are are bullshitting.

And I'm a free agent.


I may have gotten a little wet earlier while helping my friend move back into her apartment after a stay in the psych ward because she put a collar on me and yanked and ordered me around

theres nothing wrong with his voice


No thats good though cause in reality you are doing it fair and square
So you cant get fired over anything since youre doing it like its supposed to
So what is it you do anyways?

Honestly I feel like 70% of the posters dont have jobs
Though they dont wanna be considered a Luka so they blame it on "College"
Like if you post on here theres a 50% chance youre socially retarded so its fucking impossible for you to get a job
Like Rin for example I honestly believe he hasnt had a job since he got fired from McDonalds



It triggers me so much some people out there who cant get their shit together and theres a druggie/alcoholic spc who's doing better than them in life and they just accept that
their parents must be shit at discipline or something I swear

If you get killed by her and I laugh about it dont get mad at me and haunt me afterwards okay?

I can't actually say what I make. Sorry.
I promise you it's nothing interesting.

But yeah, I think if you post here you don't have much excuse to not have time to get a job. Any job is respectable as long as you work hard at it.

Luke, stop lurking.

brb gonna smoke a bowl or three

I'll probably head to bed soon.

Night dude.

Hes been gone since he got mad at aram.


nice sunglasses star dragon

He was messaging me on Steam 10 minutes ago about something that happened here.

tell me

"Illoai was gankplanks first love"


gurren laggan references!


They just add in shit as they go

Just something about the caps I posted.


What are they about !?!

They embiggen the lore.

People being silly.

So it was me.

Except for when they remove it. It was always just bad and irrelevant anyway.

It is always you.

It was perfectly cromulent.

Stop using these nerdy frickin' words. Speak AMERICAN.

I bet it is.

I kept calling Luke "Squash" at Ax when I was drunk/coked out

He would correct me everytime but I was just so gone I kept calling him Squash

Like my brain was just running at auto pilot at that point so he was a furry, Squash is a furry
Ban, this nigga was Squash

nini Squash btw


EAT MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


rewatching this show was a good idea


Yeah, I can't sleep.

fap then try again

what time did you go to bed last night?

I'm going a month of not fapping.

I don't know. I think I passed out at 6.

no surprise there
I find that sleep schedulse tend to move forward and slip later and later each night :/

I get about 4 hours a night.
My chest has been hurting again.

sounds scary, have you got checked out?

a doctor would probably be great for both of those things my man

I have a shitty heart.
I've known for years. Nothing I am worried about.

nah youre aa heart of gold bub

I'm not really that good of a guy, Bard.
I'm actually a rather awful person.

S: sorry to hear I guess, does it play up often?

Not lately. I've been eating poorly for some time. Might have something to do with it.

I'm on a diet

me too
I only eat pussy


Much better

Better get on my level and only eat that CP pussy

munchies triggered

Don't do that Bard
My friend did that and I ended up fucking his gf

eat better then shithead

Never go all in on a tranny.

lol, you dog soto, sup gatermelon


Yeah, fuck that.
I'm clocking out of this world by 40 if I can help it.

Attempting sleep again.

yah i hear if you want the good cute girls you have to treat them like dogs



haha you guys remember those girls gone wild commercials that used to play at 3 a.m?

Russian girls are adorable


We're winning!

I just got every champion for free.


Call it magic.

r u rich?



I said free.

freeee, how?


bluh i want free stuff gib


free, how?

I'll give you a free picture of my champions.

just me dags ban and bard and neru here tonight?

quiet night tonight...



Ban!!!!!! you're the BEST!!!!!!


morning luka, hows you?

goood mornign kewtie



this is so awkward

Iwould just quit the internet and go lie down forever


i had an alright day, thanks for asking.

who r u



das good enough.. i guess, whose the cute vampire


How much do you like them?


My diet is gonna kill me
i swear im gonna get the beetus or cancer
high blood pressure....

gaooo I am the living stomache

sup bard, hows things?

how come?

help me i cant stop eating...
how are you

my food tastes bad, water doesnt taste good, im uncomfortable, i'm anxious and bored, all my gamer freinds went to sleep :c

eating anything good?
im good, just tired, in need of a shower, and cant be fucked to do anything yet

tonight I ate 2 kfc chickn strp+honey biscuit sandwhiches and a crispy doritos locos gordita crunch, a whole pack of 12 mini hershey bars 4 hot pockets a loaf of cinnamon bread about 15 mini peppermint candy canes
how about you today?




I've never worked at McDonalds, though ???

About three and a half hours late, but whatev.


I dunno why I responded to a comment 4 hours old to a dead thread.

Gonna sleep?

i dunno

slow thread.
i'm feeling pretty underwhelming
and i'm just... slogging through some random youtubes... kinda physicaly uncomfortable at 4:35am
even tho i woke up at 9 pm yesterday.

As I understand it, you've also been sleeping a lot recently, so that'd have an affect.

not much going on.
when going gets tough, i take a nap.
i usually stay up till i feel exhuasted or something. :|

You're only going to make yourself more and more tired doing that stuff.

thankfully i have some thread freinds here that keep me from falling down that slippery slope into oblivion~

Relying on others to keep your life in order means you've probably already fallen down that slope.

not yet
i still have thread friends

Good evening.

Did you even read what I said?

Evenin' Gov'na

Elo elo ol' bean.

i've fallen down, i can't get up, help.
i can't fall down slippery slope when i have people still, to help me back up.
nothing wrong with relying on others, to help ya back on your feet
nothing wrong with asking for help, you arent some invincible teeanger ya kno? can't carry the whole world alone on your shoulders. relying on others is only natural to survive~

How'd your day go?

It had it's ups and downs.

There's a difference between relying on someone to help you with your shortcomings, than relying on everyone for everything that is your sense of self worth.

Are you an elevator operator!?

without other humans, i am but an empty shell on which i have nothing to reflect
empty void alone, with nothing to bond to

does a tree fall in forest make sound? do i truely exist without anyone? to bounce my thoughts off of? ot validate me? give me something to measure up to? gauge my self worth off of?
i don't thinks so.
i need them. Friends... ;~; i rely on them... pls like me.



ur on some kinda linux thingy, so it don't work that way like in tha memes




Where have you been?

Where have you been?


Rimming the sky.



no where

You've been so quiet. How disappointing.


just didn't feel like posting


ty ruka

Very well.

weekends almost here

so close

yet so far


Should I really adopt her when I'm just a poor huntress living in the middle of nowhere barely making ends meet as it is?

Okay, that's a lie, I have tons of meat, but you need more than just meat and berries to raise a child.


she can go on adventures

how are you doing?

Actually, this raises another point.
Is it entirely fit to let a child alone in a house in the middle of nowhere?

I mean, I guess in theory I could take her hunting with me, and into town whenever I go to sell things.

I don't think Hearthfire allows those, but you know. Roleplay.

Theseius, she's just a child.
Adventures would literally cost her her life.


I am alright. Just watching youtube clips.

im no subway muncher

but kids like to be martyred

I could imagine her bragging to the other children even.

"My mommy takes me hunting with her.
Sometimes I get to help her skin the animals!"

No adventures for the young children.

I totally didn't even read that post before replying, lol.

I'm not making a martyr out of the small children.

I may make martyrs out of the parents of small children, if I like the children in question.

she'll grow up soo sheltered... u~u


you have a daughter!?
♥ congrats

ah that works then.

got mods?

You have a fucked sense of what's alright.

I could have a daughter.

Lucia's honestly one of my favourites, though.

You know it.
Now I just need to make one to turn Lucia into a giant killer war mech.

Yes, Hello... Daughter... and... Wife..

me too

sweet, what kinds?

I used to have like 30 gigs of mods stored somewhere

show me lucia!

woof woof~

Okay, maybe I was wrong.
Maybe she can go on adventures.

Or install a mod.

I'll take a picture of my modlist in a moment.


Lucia is your child~
she travels the world of sky rim with u now


imma play too
got nothing to do for once


Actually, no.
Children just stay home all the time, and any outside endeavors they have are purely implicit.

Like, I might come home and she'll have a baby wolf and ask if we can keep it.
Or she might say she went out and gathered a bunch of stuff.
Or she might say she wants to go into town and ask for an allowance to buy things.

But apparently Lucia's a badass who took on 2 sabre cats, unarmored, without any weapons.
And won.

And managed to claim their fangs as a trophy.
She can keep those fangs.
Girl's a badass, and those are her trophies.

good stuff, I used most of those.

wait do mods work for special edition?

what does se actually do but like change water etc

Mods for NE don't work for SE, but mods for SE or mods ported to work for SE will work.

And the changes are:
Remastered art and effects
Volumetric God Rays
Dynamic depth of field
Screen-space reflections
New snow shaders
New water shaders
Mod support for consoles*
Includes all downloadable content
Will be running on a 64 bit engine (PC)

I just had my first crash riding into falkreath while putting my bow away.

oh alright,
eh I'll just play on NE then.
I had my own visual mods I liked.


implicit not as fun

I think moving more salt up in the load order made it bug out whenever generating loot.



Where'd she go!?


Hide and seek, actually.

I supposedly found her, but I ended up walking around the house a few more times and she was suddenly in front of it.

I think she just stepped into rogue space.


you should do dagger trick until you can craft yourself your own deadric armor



I actually have way more fun being just another citizen.

I once just rp'd as a waiter and stayed in the winterfel tavern for a day.
like irl day

it was nice

Being over powered seems like it would kill the game.
But I got bored of it after like 2 days.

Actually, that does sound like fun.

Orator adds a bunch of perks to Speech that are about being a bard.
You can literally just make money by singing.

It's not a game for everyone.
If I play the game actually as intended, and be the dragonborn, I get lost in all the things to do and stop having fun, and get bored.
But now I'm just a huntress, trying to eke out a living for my daughter and I.

oh wow
I might try that.

still trying to recover my mods tho

Murder her.

Living isolated in the middle of a forest in Falkreath hold, I think the wolves might get to her before I can.

It's actually really nifty.
It makes so many of the trees viable when they'd otherwise... not be.

Who is "zerosugar"?

okay u_u

I wish wolves would get me.

I can't really find it, do you have a link?

this was a good one yesterday

*shivers and retreats into my blankets for a bit*

what, the gif?


You really like that gif huh

the video I found of it.

though I only liked the kissing


It might be SE only.

good afternoon everyone

Did you just assume the quality of my morning?

considering he said afternoon

ooh link link

good morning

something about the look on her face and her perfect nips

Have you seen the whole Cosplay JAV?


am I gonna shoot hot cum everywhere if I do?

Considering I said my morning.

Dumb ass.


brb finding torrent link

ah Ill try another time then

pff perv


are you assuming the quality of his afternoon?

Way to assume their gender, you knob.

Damn shes so cute

I hope soto can find the HD torrent

Squash's posts are such an eyesore.

who would want to be a woman? n-not me.

Daddy is busy, Neko.
Go eat glue with Luka or something.

Stale memes in general are.

*Strokes your fur*

S-so soft.


oh but first dinner

wish I could move out

Anyone here I love?




tl;dr break bad habits and addictions by consciously and curiously thinking about why you're doing the bad habit and how exactly bad is it for you at that moment
then let go


Hai Neko~ *meow*

Wait up Grim

I had to got take a shit and like I got up and finished wiping then my body is like "ey bro hold up I gotta shit some more"

So triggered
All that wiping for nothing

Hihi Grim!

I hate that shit
pun intended

its aiite, get all the poop out

What's the word?

hi welma

how are things

Lmao I fucking hate taking shits after a night of drinking
At least you feel way better afterwards

all the toxins being taken out bruh


i sure did
it's always a good morning with you around uwu

g-good afternoon to u too!

grim it's 12:30

You're too kind.

Oobles, I woke up an hour ago, it's pretty much morning~

I cooked some omurice and had some toast on the side, 2tasty


Theyre' okay. kinda want to go shopping some more since I have a car at my disposal til work time but iunno.

Kinda don't feel like getting dolled up to go out today. There's always online shopping :p

How's you?

I could only find a 720p version ;~;


Just had breakfast(brunch?)

Wondering about black friday and if I should get a ps4 AND a switch
or just one

or maybe even neither

got some tasks to do

i try
how've you been

what's am omurice? whatever it is can I have some? I haven't eaten yet. :x

Hope (You)'re having a wonderful day!

Like shit.

Iam older than 20 and I understood all of this

I'd suggest neither but you vidya so iunno.

Like right now or are you chilling for a bit?


It's some pork fried rice with asian veggies and an omelette sitting on top of it with hot sauce

yeah come over, I'll whip you up a batch

are you older than 25

nice tryyy

Anything I can do to make it not shit? I could play video game with you.

Are you though?

I predict you being 26 or 27

ok sounds good see you in 6... no wait, you'll be coming in traffic, so see you in more like 8 hours!

Maybe after South Park.

Oke doke.

Just chillin for now. Gonna organize the stuff to do then do them.

I do vidya but I am moving too and I dont know if I want to lug a console with me


whoops, family shit happened

a bowl of cereal and a tuna sammich

I don't like to come in traffic, too embarrassing

You too sabby

Only in traffic?


I mean it's only like one extra thing... It fits in a backpack *shrugs*

Guess it depends on how much stuff you own. Moving is easy for me :p

maybe in other places

I'm gonna take my ultrabook, my clothes, my pillow, my ds, headphones, hygiene essentials

that's pretty much it

iunno if I want a tv in my new place tbh

Just when you thought it was safe to mention Test's sister.

i don't have a smug expression for this character


draw one ;)

The future Mrs.Scoot

There ya go.

I'm actually throwing a bunch of stuff away as we speak. I hate owning so much it makes me feel awful and guilty still.

Going minimalist will not allow me to waste as much time as I do, plus it'll give me excuses to get out more c:

Why does it make you feel that way?>

i dont wanna
you draw one

stop im gonna marry test's sister
also here

Wh-why do i blow?



Polygamy is also an acceptable societal norm.

I don't know. I think it has a lot to do with being homeless at one point. Like once you realize you can survive without all that bullshit you never really need or desire all of it again.

Plus whenever I move now It's literally like 4 boxes and I'm done lol I don't even have a mattress to worry about anymore which is rad.

oh shit thats pretty radical

i dont know


Is it cuz im cool?

I wasn't kidding when I said I couldn't art

Radical is a pretty appropriate word actually haha

Idunno. Don't get me wrong, I still buy a lot of unneccessary cute things or whatnot, but that's all I really purchase. Clothes and food.



Don't talk about your gf like that lmao


this is amazing

South Park is really setting up for something big.

I want to definitely invest in my house when I own one one day. A good vent system, maybe a nice yard/pool/lawn

I give you permission to do whatever you want with it as long as you credit me for it~

such cute birb

Provide your rendition of Tristana.

Doing well awooble?

I would never talk about my autistic junky mooch gf that way

That's a good plan.

I just want a cute little flat or something.

HAHA! nice one

Help me kill the Lothric brothers.

no Darwin
this is a bad idea

I need a bigger house for a big family :333

k i l l m e

I just found my highschool id and I look fuckin' mis-er-a-ble :O

But they're so easy, you literally just roll behind Lorian and do upswings with physical or lightening dmg

oh right.


yes i am doing every uwuell

how enlightening

This is precisely why it must occur.

yay spawn

actually stick on your fridge
I wonder what your dad would say

My school took our yearly pics and put them all on a page for when we graduated and all mine are happy as hell.
Except for 10th grade Kyle.
He was pissed.

That's no fun.

I'll see what I can do tonight. Message me then.


i dont have a printer but i will try


What is this 'fun' of which you speak?
I'll probably have to go back to work in 20 mins or something.

10 cents a sheet.

bye i leave for skewl now

i do not


I'll just play Sonic Racing then.

Actually, I think at the staples up here it's 1$ + 10 cents/sheet

bless your soul



I sincerely wish you luck with that endeavor

I just forward anything I need printed to my dad and he prints it for me. working so far, for all two things a year I need to print. just how much porn do you print for offline use there, grim?


this is not 1985 where you print porn cup


you're the one sitting here wondering how it's possible to live without a printer.

ty ty

you dont use it to just print porn
you dont need porn to survive

I print porn to hide around my friends' rooms when they aren't looking.

then what on earth do you neeeeeed a printer for, grim?

For administrative shit
like taxes or verification of things

Only niggers never have anything to print.
That's why every piece of technology niggers love doesn't hook up to a printer.

Tell me, where would I get a soul?

I use my printer to print photos of my

and this comes up so frequently that it's worth the cost of the printer and ink, instead of just doing what rin does and using staples or something? or even better, using your parent's printer?

butt? were you going to say butt?!

Tiny asian hands

tiny asian hands just make his giant asian dick look even bigger.

my printer is my parents printer
but I am actually out of one of the black cartridges
it uses 2
one for photo black and one for text black
so retarded

so I just print at my university

literally go into the computer lab when nobody's in and print 60 pages for a lab, for free

they accused you of writing the girl's message?
the fuck?

explain to them how long youve been on the job and how you wrote the first message in the first place

I'm super chummy with my higher-ups so they're on my side about these things usually

massive wet schlong

qt has verification


so you are also a printer leech like me. and you don't actually own your own printer. which makes this post
seem rather silly in hindsight, doesn't it?

uwu cuppu-chan! u///w//w

who knew genocide could be so kawaii?


oh, its not a bad benis

I mean having a printer in the house

No, they said i dis right in writing my message but thatbthe girls message wasn't appropriate.
The girls message was essentially "I don't understand the above message. I have a shift with scoot on 22nd. I will meet and discuss with them the issue"
Which my manager said dont... wait for the team meeting
Which is fair enough


my thumb is 5,5 cm


gonna bust your chops till we're both dead, grim.

Well done, I now remember I have to finish my drawing based on a Hitler quote before class this morning. You have saved me points.

Fucking shit coworkers

I'm gonna bust your ass cup

index finger 7.5

oh my

-pet hammer-


tokai post dick for comparison purposes


nice thumb


120 centimeters

how big is yours
we both kinda asian

is that how you ride in the cart when you go shopping with your mommy? that's cute.

Exactly fuck having to deal woth their shit

Also approaching my 2nd year in the job. As of this week actually.
Tje higher ups know im too qualified for this job.
Im also pretty chummy with the managers as im a flexible worker(agreed to do 4 days in December without leaving for home)
Our work has high turnover in staff because of the stress it induces.
In my time ive seen a dozen staff come and go.


damn dude. rin is a total size queen. I knew it.

no that's how I feel

shit nigga
any plans to move up?



you feel like you're currently spending a nice day out shopping with mommy?




i don't know who you are but you are welcome!!!!!!!



cute pic.
saved~ :)



ah, a bit the same.
now all we need is a aryan to compare

that guy's

objects may seem larger than they appear


Snuggly is dabes

My manager said in private a week or teo ago that they were looking at giving "certain" staff some consideration for bigger things.
They hinted alot at me.
Better see what happens, nothing is ever guaranteed.

pff monster weirdo

I dont get bird girl meem

she's okay.


you don't like monster girls?

can a white person please measure his/her thumb?

The fuck you say


Go out of your way to prove yourself when you can and keep in touch with the manager, I hope you get it

you should measure your thumb for tokai

pff why would I

new thread

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new thread

Oh i do. Im always in touch. Had a biyearly meeting yesterday with her. Damn dishpot.
Ive recently been digging thid place out of crisis after crisis.
The whole staff team could be inline fir a pay raise soon. Fingers crossed on making bank.