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selfish because you want me all to yourself.

Of you do not stop, you will be put down


*shoots you *




Were it not for the laws of this land I would have slaughtered you.

you know what a slut I am.


I don't think you eve read into it right

My computer locked. I can't see what that is


what did I misread? ;-;


ill finish this later

looks p good

you know, cause of our conversation about taboos last night?


yeah but that was last night's conversation!


I got out of bed to reply to an email so we're both unlucky.


Suu is best girl.


aand the point of the joke thinking spoilers would actually settle down. that spoilers isn't horrid at commitment and destined to die alone lol

this got all sad

how random

It's okay, It was an email I have been waiting a few days for.

damn straight beech

proud of u

sorry, just saying so. it' not really sad I guess especially since I can't see the future

well I know how you feel.


for now it's more fun this way anyway


I got an exciting email today as well.

yeah. it's better to not think about the future and what an empty waste it is.




it's less so cause of things that I don't fail at like relationships, friends and family don't come and go as rapidly. plus had I not got dumped the last time I wouldn't have been here again to meet you :^)


yeah, every cloud has a silver lining and all that.

my feelers are hurt

I'm sorry. what can I do to make it right?

love me

What was it?

RE6 is tanoshii

silly moogs. I always have.

my preorder of pokemon moon got bumped to be delivered the day of, instead of the following monday after release. there was too many orders into amazon so I thought I'd get mine late but they were able to fix it.

I'll give you a..... white lining? I don't know there was nothing to be made of that one

I took a shot of adrenaline and i'm on steroids.

that's how I feel about a lot of things, actually.

that's a bit worrying

Not really


Frickin nerd.

that's why it's better not to think about it!

pls no bully



I'm your enemy now?

lets think of you and a leash

this is agreeable


"I'm your greatest ally" - My greatest enemy, 2016.

and choking on something of mine plus the collar tugs


i've never played this game but this soundtrack sounds so sexy

choking is muy bueno

it's like we agree on so much in this matter wew

we're very kink compatible, that's for sure.

I remember listening to one track I really liked from that game but I forgot what it was.

Cupers and Spoilers sitting in a tree. C.H.O.K.I.N.G each other.

how even? what kind of sorcery is this?!

i found one track through a dota meme video
left it on during a game and instantly fell in love

wew you just made this so much lewder 11/10 gogs

be more jealous why don't you be LOL

have enough fetishes and you're bound to run into someone else with a fair number of them shared I suppose.

well now I'm curios as to which one you think is the one with more of them and more likely to come across the other one meeting a lot of them!

I'm very confused by your wording here.





sorry, which one of us is the one with the most fetishes

having a good whatevertimeitisthere?

oh! ha, most likely me.

Are SWFs allowed on this board?

everything that isn't illegal is, I think.

my follow up would be what do you have on that list that you think I don't?

I don't get how people can be into monster girls.

Eh.. It's so-so. I how to comment on it really. Mostly just killing time. I am accompanying a friend to an art exhibition tonight.

Post tits nao!

I watched two episodes of this because of Barry. Never again.

I do not know, but while I share a fair amount of my fetishes readily enough, I keep plenty to myself. I certainly wouldn't be playing a guessing game here, lol.

I don't get how people could not be into them.

not enough shotas for darwin kun

oh that sounds like it'll be fun! well depending on the exhibition I guess

then I'll have to bug you elsewhere for answers :^)

you are free to do so, yes

I have no interest in tasting inhuman parts.

I bet she tastes like chicken.


intriguing as heck!

is this a porno

ur gros

boring once you learn though. it's like learning how a magician does their tricks.

no, but it's ecchi as hell and I have the uncensored version.

Sure thing famarino.
Why can't I fucking spell basic file extensions right?
also "unknown file extention"

I taste good.


shes all naked tho

uncensored version

just ass and tits. nothing else.

lloyd help him understand

but you can do really fun stuff knowing or not in this case, so it's not thaaaat similar to that example

Hey guys
like my jgp?

Whatever man.

why you always gotta ruin my poorly crafted analogies?

did you just assume my gender?!

There is not even anything to understand, he is just RETARDED


how old is she even

No, sir.


same age as the lamia. an adult. child body. typical japanese work around for lovers of flat chest justice.

wow harsh

good. you better not.

What about this cool fgi

the explanation is that because they can fly harpies have smaller bodies than other monster girls.

kinda like that lady from the orphan

how convenient

salut bud. what are you up to?

Watching anime ofc

leave it to the japs to always find a way to get a loli in there somewhere.


papi is not even a loli though

cause it's fun to ruin you in lots of ways?

there was a joke? women aren't very good at making them so I'm not surprised I missed yours.

she's more of a pettanko imo

smoooooooooooooth af

the sliding on in? well I guess if there's enough lube....

close to catching up?

there will be plenty of that, obviously.

You had a problem with assuming your gender so I said sir because that's still like 'man'.


i love drawing

goodnight guys

Eh, 14 episodes.

That episode was so fuckin' good, I rewatched it like 3 times.

boyfriend asleep?

What even is that show?
Is it airing?
Its the same one that looks like a retarded NGE but with lolis

hmm. typical of a woman, not only is her "joke" not funny, she doesn't even pick up on it when the man jokes back at her. hue hue hue.

looks great so far oobles. goodnight.

I hate you so much right now. If you want to know what a woman is like just ask Emma.


They go on adventures.

Yeah, it's still airing, it's actually AotS.

Cupcake, you have amazing taste.

oh hey, that time you did make a funny joke!

I am aware.

you're just gonna have it all on hand huh?



How was that funny?

I bought this absolutely massive bottle of it off amazon for less than 20 bucks. probably going to last me the rest of my very very lonely life.

cool. come over. we'll watch some anime together.

never mind, never mind~

No thanks.

it won't be lonely at all

that's it. I'mma make a phone call. on inauguration day, Canada is the first country we are going to invade now, and make great again.

Did you cap those yourself?

right but yeah it really will.

I did. I'm in the process of rewatching the show and capping papi.

Screw you, I'm asking her.

Emma, why is it funny if I told Cupcake to look at you if he wants a woman?

Joke's on you, Canada was never great!

kiss my

I'll get to it once it's done airing.

Imma cap Suu

I have a bigger dick than anyone else in this thread.

the first season is done. not even sure when the second season is coming out. has it already started airing? the person who kept up to date on that shit for me isn't around anymore.

suu is a good choice too.

well one can hope not

yeah they were. ww2. old boys had balls


What the heck >_>
Don't help that nerd.

hope isn't something I have anymore.

I'm from the French side, I'm pretty sure we just surrendered.

What was I supposed to say? I'll delete it and try again.

doubt it. The french resistance drove down the road and put bullets in nazi skulls.... drive bys and and offered some intel and logistical support.

No way in fuck France was gonna defend itself against Germany back then. That's about like useless as being a suicide bomber.

I have some so I'll share, dork

that's very generous of you

Je suis Emma

The disparity in the size of their pupils is offputting when they look so realistic.


I'm sure that's intentional to highlight the vast difference in their moods.

I'm sure that's intentional to highlight the vast difference in their moods.

Realistic enough for a bit of uncanny valley

well gotta take care of your pet right?

maybe it's cause anime? I don't know I didn't draw it lol

Well, now I feel all sspecial.

I might check it out
Me and my little brother we're watching western shit then a few ep of Erased

The new working spinoff is decent
My hoe shoe jew one is aight too
That's pretty much all im watching

Oh, I found out a couple of my coworkers are weeb fgts too
He's watching the second season of gundam something thats airing and he's like "You should check it out"
I said I was but I ain't
Fuck mecha shit

Literally just her hands

vive la emma

that's very true.

Stop that

so hows the cute cups doing tonight?



Wait for it, she's going to burn you.

Do it. Come in for the sick assist.


how tall is your BF btw? chat-filles your height like taller guys usually.

same as usual. how about you?

I'm prepared for all the scorching heat that emma is capable of.

I did this

no regrets

Politely decline.

You disgust me.

He's suggesting that your penis is so tiny that you're practically a girl.

I destroyed people with Samus too

This was not part of the plan.

Was getting caught part of your plan?

You didn't tell me what to do, so I improvised.


Just tell him that I'm a boy.

kids gunna kid bro, they aren't too bright

same really, nothing different in either direction so ye


He likes mystery/suspense or whatever so I thought he might like it
He's really digging it

Besides after 4 hrs of The Flash, Gotham, and Always Sunny I needed some chinese cartoons

Oh, okay.

He's a boy

another day in paradise.

It does read "shake well" on the container.

good joke there emma. proud of you.

Just watch Scream Queens or some shit

in a gangsta's paradise :^)

It's been 4 years since the Bane jokes started, you should be in on the meme by now.

I said "He's a boy", not "Your life".

it's so lovely.

that's an even better one. you're on a roll.

Flawless execution.

How am I supposed to remember that!

Praise me more.

Your help is always appreciated. You're a valued ally in the daily struggle.

Are you winning?



I don't understand.

Become better.

I'm trying my best.

I had to google that
Looks so fucking bad lmao

That new nano song Dreamcatcher is so nice
I got so fucking faded to it while driving back from a party bumping it in my friends crown victoria
Ah, good times

Try more better.

It's trashy but it's really enjoyable.

Well seeing how you like shit shows like fate Kaleid and Umaru-chan I'm not surprised


I will.


sleep well.




Forgive me, Trevor. I threw.



rocky road is my fave flavor too :(

oh shit, that nigger is back on league?

fuck off with your avantagrde jhin mask

I do not know what that word means.

Is it still considered CP if its 3D cg loli shit?

Either way post nudes of her fam


Isnt she that Marie chick from DoA or whatever?

The N word?




She's actually like 17 or 18

I don't really keep any nudes tbh but I'm sure you can manage to find some on your own.


according to dost, yeah

is our dear friend treavor playing league of legends again*

my thoughts exactly


That was incredibly boring

what is rock road?

I'm not upset.

such a heart breaking sight


a flavor of ice cream
it has almonds and chocolate and marshmallow

Here Grim

Quick save it before the NSA gets you!

hope you get banned you shit gargler

That was quick..

sounds tasty
i like reeses
omg why are some posts missing?! :o invis gaps in posting!

I hope I get banned too fam

I'd be doing this dead community a favor tbh


what time/date and who's posts?

reeses is meh

kitkat and twix tho

i like rolo too!
it goes from: >>1471425
all the way to: >>1471427
:O posts going missing?


just darwin's "o" face

Bby I'm fast ;)

Hows the wed treating you man?

Filtered posts dont show up as stubs anymore.

Darwin when you are about to bust a nut when using your cocksocks (Mordin/Goggles/Ban)

Do you prefer nutting on or in them?

its good
im getting a lot of shit done

how bout you, how's work?

i guess i just don't see the mean people completely anymore.

any answer other than "in" is a travesty

gay or straight

I'm mean but you see me

you are nice to me, i think of you as freind, i like seeing you post, sometimes you post new funny things that interest me!
*hugs tight*

just catching up on my youtubes right now! :o 1s vayne tumbles!? wow... i'mm insta ban her oop'ness

That's good man, at least you aren't Luka and wasting your life doing nothing lol

I'm off till Saturday so I'm enjoying my 6th shot of Tequila and a Beer with Clamato/worcestershire sauce/a lil hot sauce

I'm going to enjoy these next few days since Black Friday/Cyber Monday is coming up we're going to be doing 60 hrs shifts for 2 weeks then 50 hrs shifts for the other 2 weeks

Honestly Ban seems like the type who is a spoiled nigger who would get mad if you cum inside

Mordin lives off semen so of course he'd want it in

Goggles is pretty much another Mordin so same answer

played sombra yet yo?

He played this time.

used my credits and got a few things for her ya
and then went to training grounds for a half an hour
she feels weird :)
machine gun is not OP at all! :o
felt balanced an stuff
i have to get a feel for thatt invis timer and how much time remain on translocator
and destealth take a second so uh.. take into account that...
and uh... hmmm she feels good

but i havent played her in real game yet... u_u
so i only figured out so much...

Beat the Curse Rotted Greatwood first try

Am I a pro Dank Souls yet?

it;s best to train first I used 1v1 for that. first match in that mode was great

inb4 Mordin spergs out about DS

woah what is that thingy?

in arcade mode you can do mystery 1v1 in which you face a random player in mei's new map. both of you get the same random character each round and it's first to 5 wins


Although beating it might mean you can't get into the purple covenant. Although you can still do it at some point but I dont remember when it's too late.


lol game so glitched
broken game :3

arcade mode not real overwatch tho...? :|
just like how those brawl thingys were only on the side?

it's all the brawls, 1v1, 3v3, random and no limits and your first win in 1v1/3v3 gives a loot box. after that for 9 arcade wins you'll get another box every 3 for a total of 5 loot boxes a week both 1v1 and 3v3 are done on this antarctic map which as you can see has a habit of breaking the intro/victory screens




free loot?!

hmm.. i wonder what happens if two people in the same party qeue up for 1v1 thingy
do they get put against each other?

you can't queue for the 1v1 when you're in a group...I think. actually maybe you can if it's just two and you'd go against that person. but I haven't tried it.

you cannot sadly, the only way would be a custom game and then you wouldn't be getting the loot box


I'll 1v1 you bae lewdly

will it be best of nine rounds?

at the very least 9

aww darn... no win trading~

oh well... guess i'll have to try it for the first time some day.

I dunno if doing more than that would be feasible. at least not without some rest in between.

yeah I guess they wanted to make sure people didn't cheat to get that free loot box. but if you play it enough you'll find someone you can beat. I lost my first one and won the second.

it's really fun

there will be rest but that doesn't change that there will be more!


no matter how good your stack is you'll sometimes run into better. spoilers and I won the majority of ours when we played the other night, but we got a fair amount of retarded third people and there's not much you can do about that.

well naturally~

wanna get some going tonight or are you busy? I mean ow buuut still ended up acceptably lewd sounding :^)

yeah, I'm down for some games. luka has expressed interest in playing as well, mind if I invite them?

no inv to OW

not at all the more the merrier

alright let's get it going then.

I've had some decent luck in mine. I enjoy it more than QP honestly.
Sombra is ok.



it's a very fun game mode. I like how fast paced it is. did you see my video where I single handedly won a round as hanzo?

you don't even play.

I assumed you would not want to with luka in the party.

You showed me.

I don't give a shit. They just can't be in the Discord because they broke one of my conditions.

well if you get on overwatch I'll invite you to the group.

Call or no?

call dis butt

you can have this conversation in like 3 different places jesus fuck off

Miss me with that gay shit.

fucking kill yourself buttercup

Maybe I do own it


Calm down.

fuck off too



you come kill me

i wanna win some!

*hugs tight* ill trust ya :3

in a few months

But real talk I wanted to bully Mordin but he acted normal and left
kinda a bummer
I expected him to sperg out more tbh

Will you be my Mordin tonight?

Don't bully.

You are very generous by giving him the impression that what he does resembles bullying in any way.

Yes master.

*Bullies you*


you know I'm always up for some bullying.


So what makes you an expert?

I'm just calling him a slut
its not even bullying

Its just stating facts lmao

I'm not though
I just wanna be friends

oh ho ho

slow thread ? ;~;

do ho ho


He's just old I guess

I expected just this.

*boops the thread*

Wan! Wan!

I exert even less effort into this these days.

pon pon wei wei wei

And that is just swell, guy.



Good evening


I can't calm down.

To much adrenaline

Thanks. You too.

No habla.


I injected it into my blood stream.

what for? ._.,

Squash why do most gay people talk all annoying like?

Like ya know, all fabulous?

Don't get me wrong I don't hate gay people I just hate the way they talk
Like motherfucker talk normally

My coworker talks like super faboulous and I was in a bad mood the other day and I told him something I wouldve gotten fired if he wouldve reported it, luckily he was cool to not go to HR and I sorta apologized afterwards


Because I had an allergic reaction and almost went into anaphylactic shock so some guy stabbed my ass with a bunch of needless and put me on steroids.

I will teach you the meaning privately later.


Actually most of us talk like normal people.
Plus unless you know someone is gay you probably don't think to listen for verbal quirks. I know people that have slight lisps and are straight, and some who are gay, but most don't hear them if they aren't listening for them. So you probably just listen for gayer voices because you know to listen for it, or expect one.

As far as fabtastic people they probably just have inflated egos based around being gay. And once they make it the largest facet of their personality they become walking glitter bombs and are past saving.

what are u alergic to?

You might be looking for the term "effeminate".


Nothing you need to know about.

No, I'd say flamboyant.


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