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posting at high velocity.


if you go over the speed limit you'll get a ticket


you messed it up, it's actually pomf

They can't give me a ticket if they can't catch up.

gonna hunt you down with their bounty hunters then

No, poof. Pomf is lewd.

what's the problem with lewd, huh?


The loli gets dicked 0.2 seconds later.


>not seeing how the entire thing was a portrayal of the illuminazi trying to dick the innocent donald trump only for him to win against them. against their dick

Good evening

I've been pomf=3ing since '12

evenin elms


Ahw Nyanners took it down ;;

i hate related rates problems

what is the current d(shitposting)/d(time) anyways

that little slut

I'll pomf you

Heya, how's it been?

I'm glad you're doing well~

alright enough, how about you bae?


yeah ok nyan

Good to hear

Above average and sleep deprived, I'd say.



Awwe. Get some Zs, gooby :p

I don't want to wake up

sounds adorable! it's nice to hear you're doing so well!

take something for it

I will soon enough.
Just trying to figure something out before passing out.

save me

Can't wake up


how do I save you though?

It's all relative :p

I'm just glad I moved out of that shit-hound house with the fat cunt tbh


Just go full NEET like the other Dutch.


like you, you mean.

use your doctor skills.


I'm employed and in school.

oh? I don't know this story but I'm happy for that too if it's a better time now for you!


oooh good idea!

apparently I should give you dick to fix the headache

might help

I'll write up a prescription for 30 dicks, you go take them and call this user in the morning

I'm a thnekkk
I'm a thlippery thneek


I'd still rather be the one on the right.



you are great at that


am I ?

You can get a lot of blood from a cock.

The best I have ever seen


at what ?


being a big FAGGOT~~



Cut it off and watch it spurt blood out.




Fucking dick my ass, mate.





*posts another picture of tomoko blushing*

*sniffs ur butt*


*barks incessantly*

oh me too me too~

*crouches down, tail wagging*


*jumps back, rolls on tummy*



*is stressed by the blushing human*

the fuck's going on in here.

Nice speed record, guys.

you and I are fuggin, lets get it on

*hides behind*



Twister starring Helen Hunt and Bill paxton


Who wants some free (You)s?


New phone
who is this

Some faggot from /hga/ that got here by pressing the "random" button a lot.




queu it up for later, you probably aren't gonna find alot of people around at this time
what name do you go by bud?

incest is bad m'kay?

*barks cuz cat*


You dun RNG'd your way right into hell.
You're stuck here forever, boy-o.

the hell is this guy

-growls at u-

so bad it's gud

Have one back.

Uh, Adachi, I guess.

Can't be worse than the cancerous likes of hunger games.

all the best things in life are taboo

We actually have an Adachi.

so what kindof stuff are you into my man? for interests and all

This is me right now then.

*this is bark*


very true now how about we do some taboo things bae

he is from belgium though right

show me your nips

sounds about right

oh? like what?

I'll discuss that later if I manage to stay here, deal?

Come now. If we can have 40 K-On posters I think we can live with a second Adachi.
I'll call you Adachii for simplicity.

I think so.


all the things

surely not all of them?!

Maybe we'd have more if you STOPPED EATING THEM

but not much pastries recently =w=




I'd rather not infringe on somebody else's character, perhaps I should be this qt instead.

the majority at the very least


that's still an awful lot of things to get done.

I haven't been eating as many posters recently...

someone console me

who r u

xbone. ps4. wii u.

It's up to him.
Lots of people here use the same avatar.

Though I feel this might just be Boo trying to come back again.
Going to have to prove who you are.

No. You are mad over something silly.

dude, give me a break. there's no way boo could even pretend to be a somewhat decent human being for this long.

not canon

and you are a perfect partner in crime for all of it

whens the last time boo tried to come back though?
Why would he need to feign a new identity? Last time he left IT was on his own terms right?


im not

Potential nudes.


Is it Dark Souls related?


you don't want a partner. you just want someone you can use and abuse, like some cheap whore!


these lies and slander, how cruel

oh ye
that's lame

except that after like three posts he would end up getting butthurt about something or other and blow his cover. plus this guy hasn't used "lads" once, or talked about how great traps are. he's clearly not boo.

I am funny


the dudes id has no history of yesterday can we just have a new person without accusations

Maybe it's learning.

ha, nice

oh...but that's what I was hoping for

Petty drama is fun though.
I crave the negativity.

Who the hell is Boo? Give me a rundown.

nani ????!!!!??!?!

i see

its okay when you do it

Not yet
you are not ready for our drama yyoung padawan

Guy freaks out if you don't give nudes. Projects all his issues at people.
Pretty standard shit.

It's not like I actually think he's Boo, but recent Boo drama happened so it's on the menu.

Adachii! We have a standard rule here. You have to post a belly pic to hang here. I almost forgot.



im not sure

everything is a lie

Lie with me.

You people have me really curious now. Is he/she/it a super shitposter or something?

Sounds like a stand up guy I can get behind.
That's sarcasm.

I guess I should leave then...

Oh darn.
Was worth a shot.


strangely I was hoping to guilt trip you into it anyway, turns out the sad was unneeded. wew a slutty pet as much as a cruel one!

I know, I am the worst

i dont appreicate the mixed messages

you people...that hurts....I'mnot just a 'you people'..

He is a member of the community that came before this one on a different board
pretty much memeposts constantly
well known for trelling crossdressers and trying to get peoples noods
iif you have any questionsabouthereyoucan go aheadandask me
Iwillbe your best friend and you will be mine
forever ad ever

that's a lie. he loves it.



you wanna see somethin really scary? check this out
*holds up a mirror for you*

It's really hard to cope with this right now. Like, I want to hold off on it, but I NEED TO FUCK EVERYTHING.

clearly I'll need to tie you up all lewd like as punishment but also for fucking

You ruseman, trying to get me to show my belly.

Sounds like me on my original board.
That's the only thing it sounds like that guy and I have in common.


I'm also aware that looks like a penis in the thumbnail.


What if I told you that giving me a belly pic gives you access to...the VIP room?


don't tie the ropes too tight, my skin is delicate.

Does it come with an Holla Forums pass?

what do you want me to do about it

at this point it's more a meme to call people we don't know the identity of people who are notorious for trying to pretend to be new people

Such degenerates include
'eva, wiz, chiri, blood chan, boo' etc etc
good fun to be had if you end ups ticking round

rip the skin


youve done it too bard

i heard you can avoid that by using somebody elses mouth

You get to sit on a slightly moist chair that smells of turpentine and codeine.

maybe you should have thought about that before you were disobedient, I mean I might be persuaded if you were to to be a good boy

this is why posts need to be linked ;_;

Do I have to beg?

I am always a good boy.

It's better to be passive aggressive and not link people.

Holy shit, shut the fuck up.

shut up nerd no one even likes you

do it


FUCK you

daddy taught us not to be ashamed of our dicks.

OOOOH you were...okay I see now. lol.

I guess it has to be really rough then, doesn't it? :^)

i like to think that guys name is skin

how rough are we talkin?

I don't want to embarrass myself in front of the new guy.


it's probably something totally normal like "james"

way to be passive aggressive you douche

that's a secret buuuut enough to get the job more than well done

I was awake I my tummy bwakafeast before that I have to make it through because making bwakafeast is a bit of effort that could be spent on other stuff

You better not be talking shit about my husbando.

privately is fine

theyre mountain people

not normal at all

how deliciously vague

have become
comfortably numb

stop marginalizing gay mountain people you ass. literally triggered right now.

I wanna eat shark fins.

there will be a fair amount of soreness, probably a gag too cause cups is probably loooud

what the fuck ever

I'm not loud, I'm quiet as a mouse.

I'm literally shaking right now

sorry ;; the fruit was so low hanging


I'm literally sharking right now

quit squirming


so the job then is to see how much it takes to alter that!


you're going to deliberately try to make me be loud so you have a reason to gag me?

I forgive you.

fucking hell

hell fucking

essentially just more so to hear it, then the gagging is to not disturb anyone nearby

You don't even play gnar anymore and you say he's shit, he's fair game in terms of shittalk.

got it all planned out, don'tcha

Nevertheless, he is thoroughly adorable.

gnars kyoot butt

mostly but it gets more clear from your help, you truly are the best pet

Like a cat or a dog maybe. He is not for fuck.

practice makes perfect


It is only for petting.

[12:21AM] Gourdin: It's making my phone vibrate, please continue

What did he mean by this?

Irithil is gay though.


Actually please do not because it's REALLY annoying.

No violence.

how about you fuck off

Violence to end violence.

just remember to keep your collar on!


I'm expecting a text too so every time it vibrates I have to check.


One way or another I didn't have anything to say.

my water spilled on me

it iiiiiiiiitches...

Ruby for n*?

okay I forgot you cant make multiple * in a row

The Riven master's skill was too overwhelming and you are ashamed; I understand.

I don't think i'm even in that anymore.

the belt probably irritates your skin more though

But that was like the status message for the league club in which you're spamming I think.

I don't mind losing if it's to you. >///

fine geez you meanie.

very veeeeeeery mean

Me and my friends had a ranked 3s team called "Ruby for nigger"

But that's racist...

such a bully.

Oh, how unsatisfying.

I don't think we cared.

You'd prefer it if I was angry at you?

Who are we?


Me and the other people on team.

My team was named flaming hot Tetoos

I'll bully cupcake prostate

only toward cups cute butt, obviously :^)

It could be arranged.

Did you ever play? I havent seen anyone play 3v3 in years.

Will you pretend?

how bout u take me for a swing instead eh 'guv'nah?

Is it still fun if it's not genuine?


It feels so late but really it's just early

:| YJDTMO :|

you ok bard?


Sorry bardo

3s is funner than 5s by a large amount.


the hipster music

too much for me

I know that feeling


I don't have any images on my phone.

its okie i can imagine them

If you can guess what image I'm imagining, you will know the state of my mind and I won't feel so bad.

I don't think so so here is the next bestest tthing

what is this even aha

Not even close but it made me smile. Arigato, Bard. I needed that.

------yyyyyyyyyyyy jucy poppdom 14 Xanax
I'm feelfy inch=oxi snd dhit


Some alcohol would make you feel better.





Drunk stream/record time?

aha nothx

Are you gonna become one somewhere else?

would japan be a meme

Sup cunt


not much dawwg chillin and stuff, yourself?

Stratching my gourd over what to stream/record and how to do it without anyone as a second guy on a mic whilst I get drunk.

Just did a nightshift so now is a best time as any.

my face when


Do whatever you wanna do.

Cya later

you use discord?

lol, civ is fun


Civ V recording?
Holla Forums edition?

love ya daggus

hmm am sorry I dont have the abilty to record :/

I do. >W>

was your discord

Get fucking rekt by HG


pic reloated is wht you did to chankuro subhumans :&)

what happens if you fill yourself up with expanding foam




but im der cunt

is this frankie in 1080p

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon standalone is free on Ubisoft's Uplay if anyone is interested.

15 minutes, fucked stream up.
Not sick enough as a cunt.

yeah uh, we got killed in a day?


Anyone got Civ V?


uninstalled for civ6:^)



Word of advice, don't mix bleach and vinegar.It'll clean everything, including your lungs.

[. . .]

Let's all point and laugh.



Two days.




WMO/IMO is pretty great tbh




lol please macronigger



dead thread

deteriorated community


so many reinstalls

Ugh, a 13 hr shift will really get to you

Rin pls comfort me

maybe this patch will fix how shit you are at ap lulu

do you even play league

Where the fuck have you been?
Of course I do
Ask Grim

He played malphite once, years ago, that's it

are not the both of you like total scrublords at strategy though

I know what that means!
Cripple Girl taught me!

And it doesn't mean sit and talk with me until I feel better!

Wow fucking kill yourself Subtle
I played him like 12 times and only played while borderline blackout drunk and made sure everyone would get on mic

It was pretty fun tbh

I actually work more on my communication and social skills unlike your autistic ass

I didn't get that KS reference

Can't you just be normal and just say "How was work?" or something bland like that?


If you comfort the lesbian, comfort means fuck.

How was work?

Wait, do you actually fuck Misha if you choose to comfort her?
I never went down that route since I heard it was a bad ending

Kinda stressful but at least I have the next 3 days off
How's your morning going?

I lost my lotto ticket. Fuck my life.

If you choose to comfort Misha, you fuck her, and destroy their friendship, as well as your relationship.

3 days off is always nice.
Make sure to turn your phone off so you can't get called in.
My morning's going alright, finally decided to mod Skyrim again.

Good morning.

Good morning, Wife~
Did you sign those papers yet?

Good morning and good night goggles

You ever suck on a lolly and just kinda rip the stick out without thinking?

What ever did happen to noun?

wts I need to check that out

Oh, there's no need to worry
I never get called in since its a set schedule so I can enjoy my days off without having to worry about getting called in last minute
Kinda funny Im unwinding and getting ready to sleep while your days just starting

What papers?

I hope you will find your eternal happiness, Bard

Hey there handsome

Not really worth, tbh.

Fair enough, then. I used to get called in more than a bit.
Well, I only woke up a couple hours ago, I'm not much of a night owl.

The marriage papers!
I gave them to you to sign so we can get married.
I don't want to have to forge your signature or anything.


Are there H-scenes?

Man that mustve sucked
What would be your excuses to try and not go in?
What is your normal sleep schedule anyways?

Just realized I've been listening to this song since its been uploaded

Fucking 5 years of

It truly is one of my favorite IOSYS songs

I even sang it at karaoke in front of a bunch of autistic spergs but I didnt care cause I was drunk af and loved this song
(I even know all the lyrics even though I dont speak moon)

Only the one, when you're comforting her.
And she performs exactly how you'd expect an emotionally distraught lesbian to.

I mean.
If my phone's dead I can't answer.
Or if I have plans, like, sorry, work man.

One time they tried to call me in in the middle of DnD and I just didn't answer, because I was marked as unavailable at that time.

But then there was a power outage so it wouldn't've mattered anyway.


nothing personnel kid

I don't think I'm someone worth marrying.

I've literally told my boss at my old place when I got called in once that I was drunk since it was 7 pm and I had to go in at 8
It was an emergency apparently since like 4 people called off that day so I drove my drunk ass to work and was making such a commotion and everyone knew I was fucking shrekt
I asked my boss if I would get fired if I went in drunk and he said no so I was like "When in rome" and got even more drunk before going in

Ironically I did very well and my mood was like way better when I was drunk and since then I would go in drunk occasionally and no one would care and that sorta led to me drinking non stop

So glad I stopped though

Why not?

Nice desune.
I somehow feel my last boss wouldn't have been so... accepting?


A myriad of reasons.

Probably cause he's as dumb as a sack of rocks

ha ha so much so my savings account

Was he really strict?

I think you're just being really hard on yourself.

Kind of, yeah.

Gee, I wonder why there's a broth in the first place.

I don't really want to say.

Then I won't pry.
But I don't think you're as bad as you'd make yourself out to be.

Probably worse, tbh.

I find that hard to believe.

I fixed a guitar today

I feel useful

They call me coffee because I'm really dark and bitter, and nobody likes me without changing some aspect of who I am.

I hate those kind of bosses tbh but most of them are like that

The only reason i was cool with my old boss is cause I would bust my ass and get shit done but I wouldnt ask for promotions or any of that but I'd just ask him to let me slide with shit I'd normally get fired for
(drug tests, switching days off, forging my sick time/paid hrs)
He was cool af, I miss that guy

That sass didnt make sense tbh
Or maybe Im just too tired/drunk

You dont even play one
Fucking piece of shit poser


I drink mine black so it's all good.

I actually do.
I suck.
but I do.

I'll teach you how to play some decent sounding riffs
You just need to relax your body and let me do all the work

I got away with a lot of stuff, as long as I wasn't, like, losing business.
The benefits of being a competent employee, I guess.

I can't drink black coffee, lol.

If you can't handle that level of bitterness then I know for a fact you can't swallow

I don't wanna be taught

cause you're a sweet tooth.

I don't want to know who's you drank, but they clearly don't have a diet built around swallowing.


How do you post with a phone this is impossible

Have a decent phone, and use Erin's script.

No wonder youre so shit

Then again I am pretty much self taught
Took me a while but after learning how to read tabs and knowing the basics (power chords, octaves, etc) its pretty easy
I know like 8 weeb songs on the guitar
Its great

I honestly wouldnt believe youve tried anyone but your own cum before
cause you arent the social type who goes out


We have same phone baka

Wtf is with you

fuck off with your iphone fam

I do pretty bitter, I regularly used to buy 80-90% cacao chocolate cause noone else would want it.
how's sour though?

that's what I do now.
sometimes having a nice afternoon and fiddling a bit.
in time it sounds better




also my hands are small
I can't play some chords cause I can't reach it

Whatever you say.

But I do have an understanding of how to change the taste.
If all you eat is processed junk, then yes, it tastes bad.

Fruits help it to taste more sweet.

I know.

So now use Erin's script.

If you buy me a box of warheads, I will destroy my body on them.
You already know this.

Just leave me alone or something


Erin.wtf is kill

It's telling you something.

You're here forever.

A life with you people is hell.


Tokai why do you post some shitty white trap when you could be posting yourself instead?

can you reach 3 frets down with your 4th finger? (I dunno what its called, the fucking one before the pinky for christ sake)

Nigga calm down, youre still a virgin



I just reset it and it's fine now.

go eat your pastries you useless piece of shit

Good morning. Hope everyone has a fantastic day.

omg its been ages sabs

oh right that was huge.
I wonder how you're with strong liquor though.
you showed those sweet drinks once.

I don't have my webcam pictures on here

barely, hurts

Sure has. How have you been, dear?

wow git gud

those virgin fingers tho

Come on you shove them up your but, you should be able to reach 3 frets down easily


You say some stupid things, y'know?

I only really like sweet, girly drinks, tbh.

Just been working my ass off, trying to be a somewhat responsible man
I'm making really good money but its so stressful
It really does take it's toll on your body

Maybe I need to take a vacation out to Texas and do whatever there is to do out there, though it doesnt seem like much to do out there
Maybe I should just kidnap you and pay for all the expenses

A weekend in LA would be nice though

Well, duh
I am Soto

time to get me some o that attention


I'm not a virgin, though.
At least base your insults in fact, right?

That's actually kinda surprising

that doesn't make me spread my fingers though

lemonade vodka it is

Hi there.

You and Colby are workaholics now. Do you guys still get to hang out sometimes?

People with time on their hands here usually do outdoorsy stuff or sip overpriced drinks while listening to their co-worker's cousin's son play an acoustic set on a stage Willie Nelson played on once before he was famous.

Scuba, do you feel better?

I know, right?
The threader the least concerned with sexual matters isn't a virgin.

yeah, alot better, i feel so good. did a walk up the store and felt near enough better wew gotta keep taking pills though so i can keep it gone :3


One of the easiest things I've ever drank.

I haven't either
just did gin tonic and whiskey cola once

Oh wait I'm dumb


Yeah we really are lmao
We havent hung out in quite some time due to our work schedules
He has weekends off and I work weekends

No, no, no fuck all that
I'll just fly you down here, we'll go downtown then see a show at the Wiltern or the Observatory then have food to prevent a horrible hangover the next day

Now the issue here is whats your preferred genre of music.

I still dont believe it tho


Also, Vodka mixes with everything.

You said it, not me.

That I'm not a virgin, or that I'm not a slut?

New thread when

no u

No you are an e-slut but you are avirgin irl



It's almost cute how delusional you are.

it does taste like something, might've just been that it was polish vodka but it was just like gin natural.


I find it hard to believe tho
But I might be wrong tho, who knows

This is just based off assumptions