How do I put more quality in my threads when making them?

How do I put more quality in my threads when making them?

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I guess.
Just a different apartment, one I'm in right now is too big and I'm paying too much for it, it's completely unnecessary and I'm slowly running out of money too so I have to make some changes.

Well if you liked that and hate this so much then I can't even begin to imagine just how terrible..

make sure they come with a bait message so everyone pays attention to u

It was more of a question. Anyway my day was pretty productive. I got outside today so thats good and soon I'll be doing a bit workout with a friend I live with while watching anime.

Fair enough.


I have no words really

Im going to butcher you

Who, Sci?

noreally this was the best part of the entire movie


bard are we friends again yet

yah nah mate

Jesus Christ dude.

Hello, sorry but I keep forgetting to write down the artist of that japanese music you linked my once. What was the name again?


damn it how long? i miss u

That was actually quite good

Was it hip-hop? KOHH?

I physically and metaphysically hurt


that's so Ka-why-eeeeeeee

No it wasn't hiphop. I can't remember the genre honestly. I just remember it was japanese and I liked it much.

Yeah but I already made a comment regarding your standards.

youre mean

Oh yeah
Was it this band?

My dick is mean

Yes exactly! Thank you. Now I just have to find a way I can save this.

Shut the fuck up sci.

If you're a cute girl* pictures of yourself in lewd cosplay gear.

*Feminine penis also acceptable

i never did anything to u why do u treat me like this... :(((

My dick bullies

My faves are:
Fuck Off, Please
Lonely Boy
The Old Man and the Sea
Aoi Shiori, Circle Game, Arashi No Atode
But discovering them yourself is fun so I'll leave it there

I love Runescape progression videos ahhhhhhhhhhhh

I said quality, not bonerbait. But then again I suppose its the same. Unfortunately I am neither of those. But I can change avatar to a generic anime girl if thats close enough.

Don't listen to Emily.
Emily's a pervo.

There is no quality on Holla Forums


What have I become

I unironically like meme music

I'll check them out. I also found this list but of course I am not sure if all of the songs are on it.

Its fine, besides isn't there a little perv hidden in all of us?

You have a point in that.

Holla Forums used to be great
and really, it was so amazing
I am going to bring quality back to Holla Forums
and we're going to make it great again

wat kind of meme music are we talking here?




Wouldn't that require to bring back old posters and remove the newfags?

do you watch A Friend
i love him

Just posting is enough I think.



Alright then, now have some bonerbait.

Whats a "friend"?

Wow lewd

Thankfully no.

;_ ;

Thats what lord cooper would say.

I know right? Did you like it?

Lord cooper

I always forget to unspoiler when I'm done lewd posting.

I aldready masturbated.

Will he make Holla Forums great again?

The only perv getting in me is an inch taller than I am.

Its a guarantee


t. swedish fish

Thats not my problem.

And who is that?



The fuck are you on about now?

My SO.


idk nvm sorry



*Pats back.*

Good for you then. Honestly, Its been years since I've had anything.


i need an anime to fill the hole in my heart

Yes what?

I used to know about this really deep ball pit
It might not be as deep anymore


this one

whats it called

That's boku no pico

be my friend!


Oh no you don't. I'm not into all that daddy stuff.

amaama to inazuma
or sweetness and lightning if you want the english name.

You should watch Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita

this looks v sweet ty ; w;

this is another good choice



sword art online

I want a light, fluffy romance series that'll get really emotional and maybe even sad, and by the end leave me a satisfyingly frustrated storm of emotions.

Nah, its just boring to be honest. I stick to my typefucking.

inb4 boku no pico

seems interesting will check it out :0

do u like that


Watch Angel Beats

I bet you don't even visit multiple sugar daddies in one evening.

Seen it.

it was not awful butit was not great either

whys everyone talking about boku no pico again recently? this is like the third time in a couple days ive seen it talked about in places i post

That would require for me to go outside. Are you a pleb or something?

What about Free?

i probably shouldnt watch for a true love liked that show too T~T

because it's a shittier pedophilia hentai made into a meme dream

have you ever done something so stupid youre not quite sure what exactly it is you intended to do or why you decided to do it?

Bomu no pico makes soto and luka cream

posting here yeah

Welcome to my life.

Then fucking leave


A Friend and b0aty

I used to watch others but they started making clickbait titles so dropped them.


i dont get it. im not fluent enough in memespeak

are you gravy because salt

i went in today to write the lexical analyser, only what i wrote was some godawful combination of lexical analyser and grammer parser, all in the lex file

i dont know quite how i came to do that, but i can only attribute it to a lack of brain activity and some loose connection to regular expressions.


You really need to learn to hit the pause button once in a while

Some days we go in and our brain just doesn't feel like fully turning on

Ok school soon, time to go draw pictures for 3 hours.

I absolutely LOVE A Friend
his voice makes me so happy
i also watch 3rdAgeFilm but he's cringy sometimes


it took me showing it to my professor for me to realise this wasnt at all what was required of me, i imagine he thinks im either retarded or likely to fail the course through lack of effort at this point


Pause button link wasn't meant for you qt

I will eventually run out of patience for you

You still have time
prove to him you can work hard and produce results

it's really terrible

y-yamate!! >///

u mean boku no pico or memespeak?

I feel like Iam going to fail all the tim but somehow still succeed and idk why it happened

better than feeling like you are going to succeed and then failing

Well... guess what.... i do not give a single FUCK

secretly scootaloo cares deeply


I should have called in.

there was a difference?

((((((Le clerks joke squash))))))

hey do u like anime?

yes i like anime do u

When we had to make our own analyser/parser I let my partner do almost all of it


O-ooble how much for cute asika??? Uwu

idk, a bit. how many shows have u seen

tbh i dont know what either is


Some things you write if you make your own programming language
Or something like that
Not a fun module

not many, i am not too much into anime
i just like drawing it

what is asika

oh i see


Could you give a quick overview?

ASCII text -> system calls / (logic/arithmetic)operations -> executable?

parse character streams into tokens
parse tokens into a tree of statements
make high level representation of code from tree
possibly generic optimizationstuffs
convert high level representation to hardware-specific representation
possibly optimizationstuffs
generate code for target architecture
cry because something messed up somewhere and nothing works


I see



let's just stick to high level code monkey stuff

speak for yourself tbh I hate code


w-what do you do then

figure out how to take over the world in O(log n) time?

I eat book read pastries sleep and play luge but notmuch luge lately

But you do science wizard computer stuff and I want to kneel down and pray before senpai.

aha well thanks but
Ican not apply almost anything

I'm sure you can!

I apply knowledge I don't have and end up having a codebase inspired by StackOverflow.






does it use jquery for everything

oh, what kind of picture do u want? like uh this

or this

yourspeech is just meme tastic

That would be fantastic. I was going to say you can have total artistic liberty over pose etc etc. only do it if you feel like, no biggie if uou cba ^^

i would do it for free but that's like 15 hours of work. WHAT DO I GET NERD?

if I ever write book

What do you want?

I don't know. For complete pictures I usually charge 45USD, then fore sketches and stuff- a little messier linework, i charge 25, like my awoo one

whats your biggest haul

neru is my spirit animal

50USD reasonable?

$45 USD for 10-15 hours of work is slavery

same to be honest

Hailing from soviet Kopenhagen

That's why earning NEET bucks is the way to go

Where are you working?


but why

Biggest Haul? As in, most I've ever charged?

Should be fine

It is, but I mean, I'm still learning and it's basically being paid to practice.

I pay my employees at least $50 for that many hours. Gotta consider a break for them too.

It's reverse here, you get paid like $1000 a month for studying.

Et slidt job i Føtex, men 350 kr for 10 timers arbejde er en del værre.
Håber på at finde studiejob snart, sgu for dårligt når man nu læser sin kandidat.

Good point


Nice, just lemme know the details when you are ready. Aslong as im not clogging up time for other important stuffs

Oh shit yeah you told me.

Some of my friends work as devs for good moni per hour.

I just cry

God pointe. Er der andre steder du har kigget på?

[Donate] button don't owrk

ppl used to everything on the internet being free
when you have a more mature audience they tend to shell out though

Neru Head

just want to delete and be done with it


I did a four person picture and charge 200$ for it and they tipped me 95$

cool beans, i'll look into it after work tomorrow probably. i have work tonight too


it posted without me takataka

I was gonna say that's why you're working now
to make your shitty crap polished shitty crap

Thanks :D
Awesome sauce, good luck with your shift tonight


Ifeel violated

I'm working on "the most advanced and
full featured [...] software available for [...] Providing state-of-
the-art [...]
is the industry’s best
performing, most trusted
[...] solution." and HECK my thing is a beauty compared to that monstrous thing. Don't need to learn nothing to be successful.


get the word out nigga
get people buzzing about it

god bless America

government paying the next generation to study is pretty ingenious though

It's a very specific thing tho.

Imagine. If your government gave you carte blanche to study? Imagine how skilled and tooled your workforce could be?


Laugh all you want, its why you are kissing china and indias boots

this is like 6th level irony

doesnt that make it even more profitable


Why don't you? Just go freelance for small startups.

Jeg kigger meget men får ikke taget mig sammen til at skrive ansøgninger.

It's hard to pull off though

hot damn she thicc

I think she looks fairly normal? Check those arms. Thick is the stuff that Ooble posts for Subtle to jerk off to

look how wide her hips are

The ass is fat

Can't really tell since her legs seems to have like a 45 degree angle, thus rendering it difficult to assess her thiccness


She could crush a watermelon with those thighs



That's fat tbh

Calm down


i wish that were me .....

Kender det godt, men du burde nok fået det gjort snart.



0% interest rate student loan so I'm gonna go live [there] and do work there.

very sleep

Brooah toof n fooq planta

yus brush plant and fukk toof

Sombra is like 30 years old


if you think thats fat in a non good way nigga you aint lived


but she acts 12 so its ok

that's hot why does he look scared


i meant "hot"

He is probably so aroused he is vibrating

Right just like Anzu and Jotaro.




I creamed



brb depositing cummies

Im making thai spiced king prawn noodle stir fry

i got cold pasta .__.

anyway sleep

That blows almost as hard as you do

i don't blow hard. I blow gently and lovingly, caressing the tip of the cock in my mouth and pleasuring it with all the care and desire I can bring myself to show.

I got a rock

Like a good little whore should.

ive got pineapple


well im off to work adios muchachos

see ya oobly

Good luck

sometimes a day just works out

I love my frens

You better lay off or my big sister Sabs will beat you up

Try i, i will beat her up easy

owo whats this

And Sci has found his new source of CP: 12 year old anime girls.


too old

I actually wanna go see this guy at a concert again. it was fuckin lit

I'm kind of excited for Blue Reflection, actually.
It seems really interesting.

who hid my blanket

I argued about what you did with people all week. If you ever need a lawyer let me know lol, everyone has changed their minds on it so far

Sorry, I was masturbating with it.
Don't call big daddy gubbment on me.

blankey is for hug not for fug

its all legal over there

what do u mean? what did i do?

gray areas in law are fucking neat

nothing :-)

Blanky is for fug while hug.

Real though, did you throw it somewhere without thinking?

[. . .]



okai fine, but gotta have it clean somehow

that happens with my stuff, a lot.
or the dog/bro got it somewhere

btw how u been. close to a million yet?

been good and yeah i'm real close. i did hit it but i blew it all away in a stupid trade lmao
i'm aiming for 2 if i can so i can pay back the person i got some money from and then some

People aren't allowed in my room, so my blankets only go missing when I set them in the livingroom for others to use.

It's lit

most of my searches are military related. this is kinda scary to look at tbh

thats nice

that and the million searches a day i do on every stock ticker i know of

how you been?

that shit smells bad.

it records the porn I go on my phone with

pretty useful actually

Rip Achaemenids

oh it was under the couch cushons

I wish people in my house respected that rule.
should've just gotten a lock.

but then people bacteria get all over it

lol i always use incognito on my phone for that, though memory is usually good enough to not have to worry if i need something
also reddit is a great source

We supposed to be incogneetus

Google thinks I'm a middle aged man

im always the same


says my gender is unknown.

im gonna have to, deadlines the second of december

iktf, and trudat

you wrote one as a paired project? seems like not a lot of work for more than one person tbh

i do, plenty

On point


lmfao old man



good job


clean as a whistle

I got one ad blocked in 2011 about divorce help

Google thinks I'm a woman..

oh no is this my doing..

A bit too old to get called Marie Rose.


ywud u do that

cappu and nana

truly i dont think ive significantly changed in at least two years it's kind of depressing


I didn't ask for this.

this is disgusting and made me cringe more than the holocaust


ahaa I thought I clicked echopost I am sleepier than I thought


Get it?
Gardecupcake drank so much of Grim's ketchup milk that she's vomiting ketchup.

That's why it's red.





which was first



I do not know what you are showing me.

I miss when Desu posted.


this one isn't anywhere near as bad. I would literally do that to make other people unsettled. I wouldn't have a problem eating a cookie dipped in orange juice.

Someone probably has a folder full of these

There are varying degrees.

that looks exactly like the loli from re zero

tbh I have seen people put ketchup on way more gross stuff

I'm gonna put some ketchup on you

FUCKING STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

imma go wrap myself in this couch and wait this disgusting this out


If Terry's Chocolate Oranges taught me anything, it's that orange juice goes with everything.

fucking NO

this one is just hilarious.

the dress has some definite similarities but other than that and the hair color there's like nothing the same.

especially toothpaste

terrys chocolate orange is pretty great tbh



Like what?


toothpaste was mentioned



Like onions.

That single neckbeard hair


Minty fresh.



shut the fuck up kike


I want to dump cocoa powder on nerus keyboard and force him to lick it off

is this desu enough for you



You must go more autist.




open your mouth then


I want to dump cocoa powder on neru's keyboard, then pull out all the keys and make him clean his keyboard with his tongue.

The combination has to be even.

not by a long shot.


this picture is highly upsetting

really makes you rethink every time he re adjusted his glasses

Grim you are a mess
New break when?

tooo sleepy for this stufff

I win.

fucking nice



Looks more like a pubic hair to me.

pregancy food

when you hang yourself

it was one of the most incredible reveals I've seen in a tv show to date. not to mention it fucks with your perception of like EVERYTHING from now on, because you have no fucking idea who is real and who isn't now

beards are pubes for your face.

Peanut butter and pickles is thing a lot of people do. It's not that odd even if it's disgusting.

you leave my mother out of this SHE'S A GOSH DAMN SAINT

This can't be real.

look i'm famous

i know right

ford is so fucking evil i love it

and this scene tho

I visited the thread last night

has it exploded

A little

I'd actually non-ironically try it tbh.

oh my gosh I know. I love what's going on with her arc. everything about this show just keeps getting better and better. I fucking hate that I have to wait a week for the next one.

I'm so proud of you Bahn

it got renewed for a second season toooo

when niggas spew truth

ghetti sandwiches are not bad
just extra carbs

this one actually is good. I've put pasta between bread before and it makes for a good, albeit messy, sandwich.

which is good because more westworld but bad because it means they're going to have some massive fucking cliffhanger to end season one on that leaves us all going insane while we wait for season two.

are you cheatimg

Am hung

my understanding is that they have a basic framework for up to 7 seasons



this is horrible/amazing


Thank you master.

No the other guy was.


you heard the man scoots, grim desperately wants to see how hung you are

i shudder to imagine how many metal gear style twists that could be in 7 seasons

The texture has to be disgusting though.

Well done.

Well done.



Whoa nice



so make a change?

it's going to drive us insane in the best possible ways. I love this show

it's not terrible if you eat is fast enough. otherwise yes.

ah it's over


new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

I wanna be salt and vinegar or the cheshure cat

Stop that.