DARKNESS but funky

DARKNESS but funky

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youtube.com/results?search_query=maple syrup drinking contest

The darkness brothers

-does that hiss thing that hannibal lecter does]-

DARKNESS but a black rainbow

I have never seen that movie

we should totes watch it tonight if you're free

are jews real

I remember when
I remember I remember when I lost my mind

no goyim fellow poster on this website

The only reality I ascribe to is the one where my word is law.

kind offer! Definateley may end up a little occupied tonight and all but its appreciated alot

i reject your reality
and substitute my own

and comfy bathrobes



the bedroom?

Silence of the Lambs is great, but I actually like Red Dragon more. That's probably an unpopular opinion, though.

drugs are so hard to get


I prefer yo momma



have a great day dudes gotta lickity split

Lates bard

Later, Bard.


That was the most average generic action movie I've seen in a while.

top lel

Wanna bet m8

I'm so salty that I literally supply salt to the entire province of Ontario.

I don't want to wake up tomorrow.


I saw a black hasidic jew on the train today

second time in my life

he had a little son with the same hair things

was fucking shocked

Manhunter is better than either




💯% concentrated orange jews

don't worry grim

black people shock me too


how do you delete family members


with a knife


a knife is easier to get rid of

See mu fiction of grim

He used a knife

get a life bin that knife


is hey you alcoholic piece of shit a good intro for your project partner.

I don't wanna murder


a what?

I don't think that it is.

Crossbow reloads awfully slow though and you have to aim so it's a poor choice for multiple targets at the same time.
Get them in the same room and use a grenade.

too late

Delicious Eurobeat.

Still waiting on Final Stage in FHD.

Never mind I'm L A T E


time to brush
time to clean
time to lay in bed full of dread
but at least my dear is there to reaact
la lalala la lala ala

bye thread


except the dear stuff

I'm not nearly hick enough to try that.

I am really enjoying these Ruby x Neo pics.


Nee nee

aha nice free bafs

i hab beer :3

Has anyone seen Kurumi-chan? I really need her...

get a load of this noob

Whats a bafs?

stuff you carry to carry stuff

I take that as a no... She kidnapped my doll. If you see her please tell her to give it back please.

Seems strange/

shut up bloodchan

Good morning.

Is this some elaborate way of how to steal people's knives

they are really useful instead of carrying many tiny things you can carry many tiny things by carrying one bigger thing

She said she burned it.

they are probably full of poop and drug needles and aids tbh

I might be airheaded but I'm not a psycho...

Y-you're kidding... Right?

I wouldn't know.
That's just what I heard.

Do we even have anyone who goes by Kurumi?

Oh... Um... Suppose I'm just gonna go now.

Bye, Desu.

what an airhead

I'm not a cuck.


Not to my knowledge.

Its the one with the yellow eye like on here.

That sounds like something a cuck would say.

too many anons

Then you must be a cuck.

mo user mo problem.

It really is her, good call, man.

I'm sleepy. I think I'm gonna nap now.

You know who really is a cuck?
Ur mom lol

What do you carry?

It was pretty obvious with the shitty roleplaying.

Don't wake up.

Man, you're missing out.


magic plastic card to trade against pastries and goop that makes your hands not icky with germs and stuffs

hehe xd

Credit cards and hand sanitizer?

Got it .

I have never heard of or seen this before

bloody brits

the skele/chara one is test-icle


btw I miss talking to you guys

you should use my disc, anyone and everyone from the old one is free to also

a third eye would be nice

or make your own, I'll join that one

What about a third wheel?

That so?

you can't even have a pointed stick

Only if it's classified dangerous by the SAS


I still have my pointed dick.

You're half right.

The other is half-left

Oobles quit being such a newfag

whi is chiri on that twice

who the fuck are half the people..


I'm not known by half-left, no.

Holy shit I just noticed that lmao

Old posters
Probably deceased by now

it was a left nut joke

no idea, eisen, chiri?, Ian, some furfag, bard?, no idea, elma? no idea, that mexican dude that bought sex toys for elma, no idea, no idea, hero of the wind dude?, no idea, no idea, scoots, no idea, no idea, nimf?, some furfag, no idea, soto, some furfag, no idea, I forgot but I knew, revy, no idea, neru, no idea, no idea, no idea.

Always about male genitalia with you.

I got the semi-relevant ones at least I think

The infamous hacker known as Holla Forums.

it is not


Should stop bringing them up then.

More like
ur mom lol

It can pierce anything and everything in my way

I have probably made 3 dick jokes to you in my life


You've mistook me for more people than that, to be fair. But I still notice what you talk about to others, not just me.

I dont believe it

That's pretty ancient.

Oh shit, how did you find out my name so easy?


You don't believe you don't know who I am, or your disbelief that I've seen you talk about gay shit to others?




well I'll admit I've said some gay shit to luka, but that's just to play on his fantasy

I mean dick jokes

You did?

its ok to be gay


Here's to hoping your kidney gets sold on the black market.



Sorry, gay jokes fall under dick joke subcategory's.

i miss boo
he got mad at me and blocked me on steam because i have other friends

Nah, WE'RE ancient

Damn bro, you need to be more relevant
I completely forgot who you are

Cut clean through anus and CEO of Trigger get me everytime
Damn that shits almost 2 years old already


he was all like "sorry grim" and he blocked me also

It was so good I had to cap it. and

so sleepy I will nap bed tomorrow nana



stop being a homo and make up with squash
and stop being an impulsive little bitch when you catch a bad mood so this stops being an issue in the future



I tried to

he just indirectly said he wish he could quit

also moogs isn't helping the problem either

git gud at ap lulu

what are you a fucking pleb?

You get good.

There are two types of posters.

The ones who would shove a man down and suck his dick just to see what it tastes like,
and the ones in denial.

well to be fair to him this is about the umpteenth time you've done this aint it
gets harder to just play it off every time and shit


nice meme my dude
mind if i save?

All I said was him to fuck off and he was the one that flipped a tit

Ex's always told me it just tasted like skin. So I never was curious about it.

Not everyone's that much of a slut.

go die

neither of you are free of sin
he overreacted to you overreacting and the cycle continues lol

So are you trying to say everyone should just change their name into desu or they need therapy?

lol'd so hard this last episode
Her mom's a slut lmfao

fuck off straya cunt

always fam

I think that's just you dude

thanks lori.

Yeah, well
I apologized to him and I've moved past this

moogs and squash are both being petty about it

what else do you want me to do about it


Do I not seem chill

I want to talk to me e-friends and they are telling me "tough tits"

Honestly, the only apt response to that was to just ignore it.


well this time i dont know what you can do about it but just chill for the time being lol
my point was it doesn't need to happen next time
you're a smart dude and you have full control of your mental facilities
you make the conscious decision to overreact
just decide to laugh it off next time

*talks to friend*


Don't tell me what to do, spick-face

I'd hate to leave you hanging like that.

Dumb of her to be dating a creepy fat guy
She could do better

I know
it's really autistic

the passion of the moment got to me
mod drama triggers me

nice backpedaling

tough tits

I really really really really really really like this picture.



Fair enough.


So leave it alone.
You aren't going to accomplish anything by stressing it.


Are you having fun posting ironic 4chan memes?

Break time. My hands are cracking too much from the lacquer thinner.



reminds me of this

pew pew
shocks teh whole wave
and all minion die at once!

WHy do they do this

I think we were talking about different things.

Why yes, yes I am.

Shouldn't you be wearing gloves?



Hell no. Then the gloves get soaked.
Can you imagine that shit on fire?
Because it happens now and then with the rags. I'd like to keep my skin.


Why are you sorry?

because I mixed up the topic

same smh

But... You're absorbing chemicals.


you're a big boy i think you can handle a little internet drama without losing your cool man

Shshsh user told me already.

I lost my cool a long time ago guero


I have been for years.
Some of my fingernails have clear ends on them.

Shit happens, not worth apologizing for.

post lewd images of that Rin

stop misgendering me

stop this test ur gonna make me cry

sorry for apologizing


stop this soto ur gonna make me cry


Are you Canadian or something?

In lying in bed with an 8ch app that didn't load images properly. I don't know who you are.

That is scary.

that's test

yea ok
dont pretend you cant control it
just apologize and own up and then after that it's out of your hands


After this job I'll find something less deadly.
It just bleaches the white out. Nothing that will hurt me. It evaporates so fast that it just dries my hands out a lot.

thats the best feel

I'm tired, Terraria when?




sometimes I can't
just like when you lost your fucking cool and destroyed your door

same state of mind

my best friend was

Hi testing!



Holding mercury still absorbs it.


My callous are so thick that it doesn't absorb much if at all. It just evaporates.


I've never seen such images

I assume the test was a complete failure and your phone caught on fire.

In a bit sure. I have a server too I was running while you were off having a life

that was because my mom spent 1000 dollars of my money and i almost got in a fight with a nigger at shoprite
the difference in scale is astronomical


No no, I'm talking to test.

With the same character or?

Here, have a butter gush before I go.

Off to work.

Yeah ofc. same characters so we could get a little better stuff


bye squashie!!

You sure your phone isn't on fire right now, because that burn was pretty hot.

it's not about why nigga

once you reach that point, you're there

that's like saying there's no difference if you got kicked by your best friend or by the president

either way you got a bruise



How you doing?

I have "a little better stuff" on another character.


I had a bad dream and woke up early but now I'm just lying in bed.



here is a meme response image as well
hehe ecks dee

you should have built a thicker skin than that after years on the internet

Isn't it almost high noon over there, Giggles?

It is still hours away.

How many?

I'm on the fence about this.

I have seriously high expectations, but I shouldn't because it's fucking whitewashed and it looks like it's going to split into it's own plot.

That kind of build up doesn't happen between your best friends.




well at least it looks better than dragon ball evolution

I'm so ashamed I watched that whole OVA of Sleeping with Hinako and all she does is tell you how she's tired so she wants to sleep





I can't get over that Ivern game

we need to have more games like that

I can do kamehamehas that would delete bosses in seconds.


2 hours.

Gordon Ramsay makes me hungry

We had one just now.


That's still pretty late for "early".

I wake up at about 7 every day.

i know

aahahahahha that was fuckin funny


I stay up to like 4-5am. It's early.

Was the bad dream life?
I hate that one.


The phantasm is stronger, but last prism makes you feel like a god.

It's full of flavor, so treat it with respect.

u would make an ok god

No. It was in a particular setting and someone refused to help me do something really important while someone else yelled at me for getting in the way.

Its fucking raw



Pretty sure he'd pounce on her and start fingering her aggressively instead of watching her sleep. And if it was a guy, he's just stick his dick in his mouth.

Sure you weren't in an Abbott and Costello skit?

Not even bullshitting

Man those were the days back when I was a hardcore weeb

... . A what?

you still watch seasonal anime who the fuck you tryin to play

If I take the words of Jean Rostand to heart I just need to kill everyone and I'll be a god.

I tend to stay up till 3 a lot of nights, which I end up regretting the next day.

Ones about magical girls, especially

Can I live? at least for a little?

My body isn't tired but my head hurts.

I see him sperging about them on fb too

once a weeb always a weeb

Put some fuckin peas and mash in it, yeah ?

Grim pls
I'm a normie now :^)

Wow fuck you guys
I barely get hugs from a girl let alone watch them sleep

Oh you see, I've actually changed my ways of watching chinese cartoons

It's great

You may witness my apotheosis.

Take some aspirin or ibuprofen.

I don't really watch that many chinese cartoons, attention span is way too short to give a damn.

I don't like taking stuff.

Actually no, it was probably the three stooges.

I actually kind of feel bad, because he took the idea and ran with it, and kind of called you all kinds of rape-y.

Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

How silly.

I've never seen their shows

I unno.. I just feel like I don't need it.

I'm used to it though


Outside of during an operation people rarely "need" something to deal with pain.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't take it.

That's kind of silly

such plebs exist?

I guess

I just meant to suggest that you don't stick around someone when they're sleeping, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

It's kind of creepy to do that for the sake of doing it, after all.

I don't think nearly as poor of you as other, it seems.

I give up.

Headaches are treatable, but it's up to you I suppose.

i have no idea. i play video games and draw.

I've never really had a headache that wasn't fixed with drinking water, eating something out washing my hands.

Guys I think Rin wants my dick

someone has to >:

oobles is Cooki 2.0 lmao

I doubt he's selective.


Woa, woa, woa.
Just because I don't think ill of you?

Kinda jumping the gun, don't you think?

who the fuck is cooki
why cant i just be oobles

Noh.. That's so stupid.

Cookie is a teen girl that comes here for attention.

I'd take you out to Tim Horton's and order us some White Hot Chocolate then sit down and talk about ourselves


I'll take my chances

Why'd you choose that name anyways?



That sounds pretty damn nice right now.

Mr Hogan, pls. I'm not a wrestling fan.

It's so good, like holy fuck.

Tim Hortons is ok, I prefer the original though.

My name came from when I played video games, It started with "Cup o Noodles", turned into "Oodles O OOdles", then just "Oodles", I dropped the S but that was taken on a game I played so I chose "Oobles" instead.

If you want it with a chai teabag then you have to swallow, no spitting


Oh yeah I'm starting to see the resemblance.


kit kat bars tho


best candy bar

twix a best


peanut butter twix a best

thats a snickers

snickers isn't peanut butter, it has nuts you have to chew and shit
waaay different

oh god anything but chewing


i like reeses






at least ur stil alive

Fucking joy.

are u angry about that for some reason?

Only slightly.


I don't want to work tomorrow.

What do you want? that not working will give you?


you have trouble sleeping right now? some form of obligation keeping you up at night?

Time, mainly.

what can you do about it?

why tho

If you don't want to swallow just pass it into my mouth.

Dink and hope I die I guess.


you cant die
you have obligations

I don't wish to fulfill them.

but you do them anyways?

If I wish to keep receiving dosh.

at least it give you something to do.

brb heading out for a bit.


thread seems ded

it shure is

Ill spam when i get home. Dont worry

thanks bae

Shhhhh. Maybe if we're all real quiet, it will just die and go away.

Maybe if we're all real quiet, you will just die and go away.


Another spoonful of sound, unsalty reasoning from everyone's favorite manchild.

"lol u mad? xd"



He is fun-loving and spontaneous at the very least

tfw you were the user who asked that
tfw no screenshots on this pc

Emma said she was "Buffalo" there


People are hacking in ranked now.


that's because everyones in discord being sociable

Almost too mean.

surely he already knows this because he's a likable guy and involved in many community discords


I was playing overwatch and trying to find the right reaction


I think passive aggressive was a good one.

you nailed it.


Hey guys, I gotta ask something?

I have 39 mins of Death Road to Canada, and I dunno what to do with it.

Should I edit it if it gets too boring?
Or release it in it's entirety?
OR get drunk and get more experience in streaming?

Lose parts of your outfit if you die.


Strip drtc

Oh, thanks, I mean, it's whatever.
Why even use a vpn anyways as well?

what does this mean

Why vpn?

because vpns are dope as hell, yo

I mean I did a stream of it.
And the first 5 minutes suck, but it gets better and better.

Just me repeating 'Oh shit, I'm drunk', but then I get better on talking about shit later.

Like lose the shades?

Your pants.

Home in 10

Everyone who invades my strenk build dies or gives up...

oh that sounds cool

boo doesn't live in canada

also i wish boo didn't remove me from steam and discord so i could at least talk to him and ask him *why* lol

I don't cam though. ;w;

my only question is why would you care? sounds like you hit the jackpot having him drop you without you having to come up with your own reason.

hes making a clean start or someshit

It'll only get cooler.
But I think I'll save the first stream and release it on a much later date; but get used to recording first.



hows it going cupsbae?



fine I guess. how about you?

I'm on the front page of the xenoverse 2 reddit.

Am I cool now ?

Boy I sure do love spicy food.

[Publicly denounces Test for being a traitor]


Holy cow, you're famous!

Maybe one day you'll make it big like me.

it's alright enough! pretty quiet night mostly right now

I'll have you know that one of my posts got 6 upvotes once!

yeah I've noticed it's been pretty slow. must be a ded community

Time to make food.

Mine actually has a legitimate reason for people to be upset though.

rip reeee in peace animus :^) wanna get some overwatch going sometime soon?


He's a fun guy the majority of the time- I just don't understand the fit that was thrown and directed. Even Tristan is sad, quoth "I like boo"

Well that's a retarded thought if i've ever heard one. "I'm starting a clean slate"

oke sounds good

test was kidding btw ^^;

I'm gonna hack your reddit and make you upset!

yes hi it me ur grenouille


sure sure, I'd be down. not sure how long I can play though, my dad was talking about maybe going to see a movie later tonight.

my nephews are pretty fun usually, but I still don't want to hang out with them because they are literal children capable of going off and throwing a tantrum at any time. kinda like boo.


I made it 30 minutes ago just to make that post.

go ahead

truth is hard to hear sometimes.

well might as well get one or two in at least then! also what movie and why is it doctor strange?

Yeah man, you're going to be so upset when I totally ruin your reddit experience!!!

no, not that one actually. we do plan on seeing that one, but like my mom is out of town and my sister is busy and my brothers are busy so it would just be me and my dad so we're going to see the new jack reacher movie. we both really liked the first one.

and of course I have a major crush on tom cruise.

Finally home.




yes hi je suis le francais with a public hair on the c

cup liked this post

ooooh ye the first one was really good, I hope the sequel is as decent

I'll be sure to let you know


pls no hack

Cap me an Oglaf folder.

The uh, cedilla on the c in français.

Muahahaha, it's too late now!

ok we get it boo is bad
shut up now

I can't type that because muh keyboard is english

speaking of canadiens
← ← ←

I will not.


i like boo

W-What if that fish has a penis though?

It does



That was not as amazing as I expected. Plus it's against Al Montoya so it doesn't mean anything :^)



I accidentally fell asleep earlier and now my throat really hurts, doushio?


firstly, how does that even happen? Is your boyfriend there? You might need to slap him if so.

Maybe get ice cream and freeze the ache away. Or something hot and burn the pain away.


I wonder how fun a pixel folder would be.

Acid reflux. He fell asleep after me so he could have done something :^)
I feel really bad for falling asleep on him, though he's still asleep and knowing him he won't wake up until like 4am so he deserves it :3

I'm too lazy to even get up and get my headphones from my backpack, this isn't going to work.

milk. that can help. Ice cream. You should get them out. what are you going to do until you go to bed? I'm sure you have anime and maple syrup drinking contests to watch.

youtube.com/results?search_query=maple syrup drinking contest

Yeah, I still have a bunch of anime to catch up on.

I used to walk past a lot of sheep.
They do stare into your soul like that, but run if you yell or something.

Not too exciting.

bahn bahn


Cute stuff makes me sad sometimes
This is one of those cute/sad moments.

Ow, what the heck?
That sandal hurts!!

do that before bed and harass people on here till then.

We have a lot of animals at the fair. The sheep barn definitely was one of the barns you can tell what's in it without going in it just by listening.

you saw the episode or something?

No, cute stuff just makes me sad for no reason
Like a thawing in my heart or something.

But I have more than 2 hours of stuff and less than 2 hours of awake.

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nigga that thread is from literally 24 hours ago