In chorus there is ephemeral power, a living essence who's whole is greater than the sum of its parts...

In chorus there is ephemeral power, a living essence who's whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Phantasms of love, laughter, pain, hope, anger, all walk the unseen corridors of life, all a harmony sung by those who's world, for all its majesty, is but a fleck of what is under the moon. I have always seen these places, a witless wanderer in another man's home and benefited from its hospitality in ways that only be communicated in hyperbolic abstraction.

I still believe in you.

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I had a lot of pent up aggression that needed to be taken out on something.



That's not a very good reason to go all George Bush on my ass!

I need your oil.

what are these dumb lies

I actually can understand that.

you'll have a long night I guess

emma chat-fille

where da kewl pple at~ ?


I don't have any oil!

No no, I will be asleep before 2am.


He was cheating

*pets nicely* ^ ^

i saw.




you shouldn't. Anime is can't wait. sleep can.


Sup bitches~


whatchu up to?


woke up not too long ago for some reason. playing metal gear.

how about you

I think it might actually be the opposite!

Gut morgen!

...I think

Yes correct! Is it sleepy time yet?

just got home from being outside for a little bit.
just sitting here, staring at thread
wondering when i'll play video games

why not now

1.5 hours!

ah, ill be going in 10 more minutes or so

because i want someone to play with me


Not allowed

ah thats unfortunate



Hi Moogy~

I moved today and am exhausted from shopping and stuffs.

Do anything fun today?

I'd stay home if I could.

Please no more cute stuff Luka, it is my only weakness ;-;

went to therapy

whered you move to


I'm going to scream if I lose another race because someone got the equivalent of the blue shell from Mario Kart.

i know


*hugs kindly*
^ ^

Across town a bit to move in with my coworker. Gonna be saving about $500/month now which is rad.

How'd that go? I'm proud of you


I suppose I really should get started on my anime after all.

I at least want to into Ajin

it'll be okay

didnt hate it. they're gonna call me at the end of the week to see if i want to go again

I finished (re)watching Initial D, the movies. It was k.

Do you think you'll go?

I never had good results with therapists, but that was always before I accepted myself so I've been kinda wanting to try revisiting it. Not sure exactly what you're going for either though.

Ajin sounds k too

Maybe I should get therapy for my issues.

Blue shell
Because losing is winning in Mario Kart.

Hhhhnnn, noooooo, I can't handle so much cuteness and paternal instincts! ; - ;

I'm supposed to be a big, bad idiot!

I'm gonna steal his body next time and hope that actually does something.

Therapy seems fashionable nowadays. Why not?

at least i have thread
at least i got u ^ ^

you'll be fine. ♥

steal dis 1 too

they are going to refer to me a specialist tho so maybe i will just so my file is good enough there is a lot i didnt get to talk about

go so*

Physically at least, emotionally I'm unnerved... but I guess you're in a good mood, right?

well then if anime can wait, then it can wait till tomorrow. you have shitposting to do tonight.

well hey, good on you for going.

woof woof

sleep well

Wasn't kawaii at all I bet.

Darn you and your logic.

Haven't I shitposted enough?

Sonic Racing has All Star mode.
I think it's random though because I get it now and then and I'm usually in 3rd at the least.

are there any MEMERS here tonight??

Hes already in the game.

Nope. I'm sure kuus back in the day would not be impressed.

Strike 2, Sega.

he is?

That's okay, she didn't like me anyways.

You unlock him with a wish from the dragonballs.

You would convince the therapists to rethink their career choice.

still. You should have ice cream and be harassing somone right now

i've found two of 6

Wanna watch me suck at Sonic Racing?

*pet pet* ;w;



You can just spectate through Steam.
Want to hop in call or something?

I already got up to grab my headphones, there is nothing you can do to convince me to get up again.

How the fuck does that work?

Go to my name in your friends list and pick the drop down menu.
Should be a spectate option.


yes I can. All i have to do is tell you to do it and you'll be a good little catgirl


It works.

But you're not my senpai.

Cutest wolfy I ever did see.
This confuses me.

Dunno how to handle cute stuff.

i want the black star ones!

just kick back and relax and smile and feel happyness ^ ^

scan man do u photoshop?

I am now. Whaddaya gonna do about it?

Errr.... I dunno. Is it basically lasso with pen, then layer?

*tries to fill self with happyness and innocence stuff*

This is weird.

Those kill everyone.

haha pretty much!
I am interested in modifying erm this and the net image into on moldable template


What is the net image?

the swappable is clevelands face
probably gonna add some smug animu girol

it is nice and normal and good

that's okay
just fly all over the galaxy for them again!


bard what episode is this. I can get you much better caps than that.

Far to much work.

poor dva, she just needs the d

But I don't do nice, normal and good.

I do strange, unhinged and bad.

You can't keep me under your spell forever Luka! Cute stuff only thaws me for a moment!
And then I'm back on the disturbing and cute stuff.

what even is that colouring

wut? you aren't gonna ky yourself and hide your own body in the trunk of that car are you?

it will be a fun adventure though?!

lewd >_<
she want the s
for snuggles!

your lady is drooling funny

I'm not sure lmao it was on over at my friends house
it was the one right before he stood up to his dad
it would be cool but I am just going to swap out his face. I've seen so much cleveland show the past two days ive ben chilling over there its all runnign together

mike pence looks like red skull

That would be far too lonely.

I dunno some random guy made me these to try and win my friendship.

oh it's an episode of the cleaveland show? never mind, I figured it was from family guy.

did it work

fair but she can still wants the d

I still had fun with you :^)

I bullied him and now he doesn't post anymore.

Spooky girls tend to drool.

But goddamnit, why you so sweet Luka?

sad sadface :(


Can you bully me so I can finally leave this place?

here he is

exactly. not fun

A girl that is a friend of my ex's wants to move into my backyard in a tent for a while.


cleveland show is just th jokes that werent funny enough to be put on family guty


Write "Ban" on your forehead and show me.


download some new pics! :)
I'm just being myself~ ♥

i dont know who that is and i dont know who you are so this is a problem

i am going to bed goodbye dot person



Eww, no. I ain't even drunk.
I got better shit to do....

... oh... wait... ;-;

I'm Ban



I'm still waiting

a long story short, she was into drugs, went out of state to visit her dad got arrested, lost one kid there and gave custody to her dad, wants to come up here to get her other kid.

Crazy she's willing to freeze in a tent out there. I mean, we're as far north as chicago, just down the road here.

you guys see the beauty and the beast trailer?

the beast looks pretty fuckable kinda want to see what he is packing

I mean, that wasn't a bad round.

Just a bad player.

it's only natural

I am tired of remakes.

Eat me.

Hey Ban, write Emma on your forehead and show MFF

It's probably not even below 0 there.

member star wars?





Not gonna do it, Ban.
Plus, I ain't decent looking, not worth it.

And I never liked Star Wars and that joke is already old.



ur a faget

°C? No, but our 1/2 year of above average temps are gonna done on Saturday. Highs in the mid 40's at most then (6°C at most)


well fuck you

No thanks


OF what?
Sppoky girls?


Whip it out then.



Nice and warm.


I would never

I'm not sure if I'm being adored or fed to a cat loli.
Or both.

You're both awful

what do i do now?

google cute ones! :)



You got it eventually at least.

Other people do that for me.

I don't do it for other people.

I'm not a people, I'm a god.

I wish I was cool enough to have a ban brand

Do it, bitch.

Took me a few tries.
I had to get use to that new mod for Tails.

Maybe next time I'm off. 7am, nearly my bedtime.

Working nightshift is awesome. Staying up all night is normal now; and everyone else is a cunt for calling me in the morning.

I will make you

I do not know, what do you usually do?

you wouldnt be able to know if i did


Hey emma, write emma on your boobs and show MFF

What boobs?

Nah you adore me.

I didn't even get to use my new mic tonight.
How am I supposed to tell Kyle he's gross now?


What do you rule over?

You have the power.

nope. over 12 degrees too cold.


wait till he decides to bless us with his presence

I thought you were a C cup.

no I'm not a LOSER like those other LOSERS

Sleep well

sit around waiting. that's pretty much it.


But that's too hot.

you'll enjoy it so it's fiiiiine!


Well, that's rude.
I gave you a show.

who said?

Soto always calls me flat though


Got half an hour though; I do fancy more cuteness now.

How be you, btw?

So a bunch of snow and animals?

there's more to life than eating ass

Well I WAS going to play, but after Yan got fussy I think I'll just put things in my ass.

Yeah dude, don't make me sic the geese on you.


Yes you go do that an enjoy your Sonic Racing game.


They won't make it past the wall.

...Like fucking ass?

I said, obviously :^)

I must find out the source to this cute anime thing, I need more cuteness in my life.

My dildos have more manners than you.
And have twice the intellect.

post them and proof that you have none.

They're birds, they can just fly over it.

But how can I post something that doesn't exist?



and who put you in charge, huh?

Yeah well, I have an Intelligence of 38, so I fucking doubt it.

You underestimate the walls power.

And here you are.
Using pyromancy.
Like a twat.


You underestimate the Canadian goose.


that's hot

you accepted the idea of a collar so I guess you did

ill do it quick if you want

again, more

This is where I wish I had that pettan kud image.

darn it, I knew that would come back to bite me someday


I'm trying not to get too horny.
Maybe when I'm ready to jerk it again.

show me cute things!
i'm cozy...and thinking about food.


They are clearly out classed.

Oh, I had just assumed it was a response to that.

By a wall that's not even built yet?


Like, even newer cute things?
I'm cozy myself, what you need is err... hot chocolate.

I wanted a change back in the day. I gave away all my many cds and stopped playing guitar and sold it. I wish I didn't get rid of the guitar at least.

to both


I can't see images from my phone.

i wasnt aware flashing my dong would have such an effect

it'll come back to smack your ass quite a bit more than anything but ye it was bound to, you should've known ahead of time!


sounds tasty ;~; i wants some!

I haven't touched my guitars in a long time, rip me ;;

good. suffer.

I am not known for learning from my mistakes...

Oh I'm sorry for twatting all over your invaders for you.

Next time I'll let them kill you.

We test our walls fighting levels before they are born and that wall is gonna be a super elite.

What did you link ;_;


Who do you think kills George's invaders?

you'll never know. this is what you get for trying to be smug on me, little girl.

I bet that wall couldn't even been the weakest Saiyan Vegeta

i gonna do it anyway

Gotta have the chorus pedal and the turbo distortion pedal. Then gotta go and find some SOAD tabs.

oooo more reason for the smacking, how neat!

Usually no one, they just kill him.

I heard a meme song of them without the instruments


You're just trying to trigger.

Firstly, I just have to open it up on my phones browser to see, and secondly I aint no loli, ya dig, dog?


Ha. I actually can hold my own in PvP.


Let's snuggle up against each other in dressing gowns and get toasty. -w-

I could share this
This is the most innocencent and cutest thing I know.

Even his son can beat him up!

I hear his son is the strongest Saiyan, he even beat a god!

No thanks

I'm sure you'll find plenty of reasons for that, heh

*dig dug


N-not that moogs is bad, it's just every invader is a nigger Patriot hiding behind a tree

I thought you watched the episode.

post that manga!


Yeah, Vegeta got rekt and Trunks cut the god in half with the spirit bomb sword.

Therefore Trunks > Goku > Vegeta

spoilers giving the spoilers here but I was going to make up reasons anyway

dig dug. the best arcade game ever.


Kaybe, pls...

Where my niggas at?

Fuck Russia btw

why not. we'll just not tell your bf. LOL.

i met a girl (BIG girl) on meetme offline and joked with her about the guys she said tried to rape her and sleep with her within the first 20 minutes. I pulled her shirt up on the side about an inch and told her it's a new record now. 5 minutes. I did that about like 4 times.

you don't get an option in this case so knowing or not you're going to have to deal with it

On it, it is super cute

Vegeta is currently stronger than Goku without the Kiaoken.

Errmmm Casino.

"In my own country I am in a far off land.
I am strong but have no power.
I win all yet remain a loser.
At break of day I say goodnight.
When I lie down I have great fear of falling."

Wholesome too.
But I'm so distracted, I may forget; and thread moves so fast so...

i'm glad
it was about time he got to shine again

ribbit ribbit

the bird in that is pretty~

You were all for Trump Proto1 ?

thread is fast!

Read it before?

Sup Bart. Hug and Love.


this is abuse! tyranny! I demand a recount!

i think you or someone posted it before, yeah ^ ^
long long ago

I think it is time for me to shed my need for nonsense and follow a more pure path.

Btw, finally got onto Jojo's Bizarre Adventures Starsomething something.

I was all for Double 00 and Lasagna1 and the Mohawaks of Oka!

RIP Ronald.

Hug Casino.

no recounts now, only grabbing cups by the pussy

That's like the kind of jokes he makes that I like.

did you watch all the previous jojo's before stardust?

Ronald McDonald burgers
Lasanga sounds tasty

wow luka
you're posating a lewdy charactere

ermmm and hrmm..

I would make you a turkey sub if I was up there.

Tp been around?

Yeppers, I got into it a year ago, or maybe 4 months? Can't tell. However; I'm so glad I found it... that cap isn't what I think it is from, is it?

nani ?!

so what are you complaining for then, sheesh. women are never happy...

nuuu ;~;

tp was around, yesterday
erm.. hrmm..
i like subs

i dunno wat it's from
jojo is funny!

hi prpototomom

Love and light. The night has been torn apart.

You like Buffalo wings casino?

I think we have gone through this before but I can't remember.

I thought it was from porn, but can't know exactly where.

Sorry Luka, but the sun is rising, which means bed time; but I'll get this posted first.

What is a normal time to sleep?
7 hours? 8?

i like boneless
but not the spicy bbq sauce stuff... only the flavourful stuff.

scarey giant bugs!

and so much more too

how much more exactly. I need a number.

*pinches cheek* -w-

7 is fine
8 is healthy
i slept 11.5 today and i'm feeling okay.


Teriyaki wings a best. and fris.

brb drink.

Yo! You seen any good movies lately?

I got work at 9pm, gotta walk from 8pm.
So if I wake up at 5pm... fair few hours to get ready.

Forgot image

teriyaki is nice too

i saw Doctor Strange!

plan it out!


ooooohhhhh I hate cape shit but those trailers looked amazing.

I rocked Ouija and The arrival/.

on an arbitrary scale of 1-7 I would say 13

It might just be me, but I find the whole show more cool than funny, in a sort of odd way.

Dunno what else to move onto though, find to watch.

I find this number acceptable


you like spooky movies?

im hyped for the new ghost in shell movie!

move on to something kewl!

Yeah I love horror movies.

brb drink.

Where the fuck is scoots?\

hello it's me , scootaloo
picture vy related its me

I want complaining!

Wasn't *


Any ideas?
I need to be in a special mood for Space Dandy though, so anything new would be good.

Actually, need to be in a special mood to do a buncha things. Like watching Jojo or not playing Dota or trying to complete a game I should've completed a long time ago.

Time is short.

I know where that cap is from you sl-
Oh god, the purple coloring makes it a million times better.


scoots not awake yet?

im too scared of horror

itrs aesthetic af

watch space dandy then cowboy bebop then jojo then

and once again girls prove they can't even type without copious typos. LOL

I love it. The best is watching a good horror movie in an empty theater.

Hug and love.

I'd ask you to marry me but that would be a fate worse than stepping in cow shit.

I know, right?

Forgot image

How do you do it?

Fuck sake


rifk three times a charm'

keep up being an adorable pet and I might make that 14

Dump then sleep
I still need to complete Stardew Valley too.
I guess I got bored of it because it wasn't as adorable as Harvest Moon.


huh? ._.
woah there.

but yeah try mixing up dem classy classics in ther maybe throw in a RedLine too... and ghost in the shell tv series too.

Casino where CHiri at?


Welp, this is has ruined that show just a little bit for me.

Not totally.

Just a little bit.

i dunno missing?

In on my phone lying sideways!

Never watched Redline or Ghost in the Shell
Which is great because this means I get to enjoy something for the first time which everyone else seen shitloads.

I'd trade in my soul, just so I can enjoy Undertale again as I first played it. Oh, and Lisa.

try it

Trading my soul?

watching stuff u haven't seen yet duh :3

Oh.... cuz I would've totes done trade my soul if I could

Anyway, off to bed now.



Yo where aushok at? Tell him I love him.

rifk closk

Hey casino are you barred from coming from the US because you get checks from the government for being crazy?

nope not crazy.

Oh rifk. It goes both ways. Popped for anything they fuck with you.

Hug and Love.

DMS gangsta for life.

Hug and love Casino.

nope i'm not popped

Never been arrested?

i'm a good person, i don't do bad things.
i never smoked or drinked alcohol, i never did bad drug either! (i dont swear either)


yeah i've been to the USA once before. Cali

hug and peace proto1

Fuck with the real and get fucked by the real.

I love you casino.

Don't fuck with real niggas.

love and war

Wampanoag warrior society for life.

You feel me.


you should get Overwatch.


You should come to las veyhas one day with me.

I mean you are my casino good luck


It's just Proto and Luka tonight?

Moogs git gud or I'll never find you attractive again tbh


Could be worse.


Am I good enough to be attractive?

How awful.

Could be a lot better though.


Shut the fuck up fake darvan

brb drink

We could just have Luka.

My script for these youtube links seems to be malfunctioning.

That would be better; he would not have whom to post at.


I'd rather avoid 40 bump posts and 20 sad faces.

Ignoring it is quite simple.


Negative. I am a meat popsicle.

But if I do I can't see why people are annoyed.



It is seldom something amusing.

Wow what a fucking creepy
hitting on a guy with a fiance



How cold to say.

You JUST told me you wanted to fuck me in game though.


Oregon Darvan is sleeping.

I only want to fuck my waifu






It is also true.

Yan can't link for shit.

I did not say it was not.

I'm not going to dignify that utter lie with a response beyond this pre-programmed macro response

But I am here.




hes a whore


At least I can link a fire

you dont mean it

Not by yourself.


Yus I dewey do


Awh is that your cutey cheeks getting all bwushy wushy?


I did naaaaaat

who hasn't done nat. that fucking whore.

Ohai, Mark.

double nats

Ijust do not get it

You are tearing me apart Liiiiisa

I am crestfallen.

Gimme a little sugar.

You're one to talk

whoa man. that's too much.



Go spread your ass in an alleyway skank

No I mean a peck on the cheek you dolt.



Back off I need my space
you're so clingy

I heard you have that STD you get from anonymous gay sex
All of them.


I do not

You don't care about me anymore

my heart just keeps getting broken


Let me assemble the pieces and put it together with some tape and spit.

I unironically loved the angry birds movie

just spit?

im shocked

well you heard wrong

Yeah well you know
Cummies are only for good whores
Like Cuppy.

I bet you unironically have owned hotpants and/or women's clothing/lingerie.

i try to be good


God you're assumptive.

I haven't noticed tbh.
I could make a Dark Souls joke here but it would be too obvious.

im going to kill myself


...I have. what's your point.

I remember seeing the trailer for that once and it tried to milk the joke about peeing in the river.


that was pretty good tbh


I havn't seen it so I couldn't rate it.

Kill yourself in my bed at least.
Human corpses are heavy and fresh, warm bodies help people sleep.



i dont want to stain your bed with my blood

I don't mind
The bloodstains will just cover up the other ones you made.

Isn't it fun being my best fwiend? :3

you're a bully.

i usually dont pee my bed iunno what happened


sometimes i do tho

If I tease you it's because I wuv you.

I'm not into yours and Kyle's fetishes, I'm sorry.


jk I'm just going to lay in bed with my phone

youll come around






whats wrong

why people mean to me? ;~;

im not sure

protect me?








i don't know u~u

newt gingrich