Should I stay or should I go

Should I stay or should I go

every day without you pulls me further away from the light

tell me

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You rate them in something related to gay animals.


highly doubt you were even posting then


Wish moogs would go... and hang themselves

He's already hung though.


being his butt bot you'd know

Is it like a "you're bullying me and it's funny, please continue" kind of stop or a "I am about to cry, please don't make the bad man hurt me" kind of stop?

But sleeping is so boring.

what the fuck

I'll give you list of active posters if you want

its supposed to be your final opinion, don't rank people on what they want to be ranked, rank them on what you want them to be ranked

probably nothing but who knows

try less clothes

it would disappoint cause I'm sure a lot of people expect me to have some incredibly negative views of them and would find it surprising not that way

really? from how many threads on /a/ there are of her I thought there'd be a lot, color me surprised


tee hee

Its true

All the SJW's are gonna kill themselves.


Not if you sleep with me ;)

how low can they really go
is it possible to contain your seething hatred for a person into text/image format

prove it to us


Colbs is a tranny



We are intelligent human beings. Using lesser creates for sex just because they do it is ethically and morally questionable.

Neru x Colbs fanfic when?

Probably not, I thought this post was up to date.

b o i

Not the latter

you're pretty generic, like goldie

if you want to make a name for yourself, better get cracking

Eeeeh? Are you going to bed already? Also that image is too much.

Which leaves the former?

When she stops being a Norwegian whore

Well I'm not saying there isn't art, there just isn't enough 'good' ones. That's just my opinion based on my tastes.




The fuck even is leecher?

Is he cute?

I'll be his friend.

Nope! Never too much.


I can't wait to read your work.

is this your fetish now

generic waifu/hga poster #346

Did you just assume their gender

give a couple years.

we're going to see if Rick and morty brings back hope for american cartoons, with their new upcoming season.

this will either delay some good, or bring on more goodness~


i do have opinions.
but... i'd rather not deal with the stress of judging people.


She should wear pants.

Are you going to bed?

you big vagina

I have internalized oppression

Who here has ever taped a vibrator to their penis before?


You missed the most important part.


i have internalized opinions.

holy shit I laughed for reason

Tfw misogyny

are generic people cute

you tell me


the fuck is this ?

never mind

Because all sex is rape, masturbation shouldn't be different


I'm more than fine being generic and unknown. On the other hand I can assure you that Goldie is nothing but generic. Just gotta get to know him better I guess.

My mom says I'm cute. You seem to be a nice person but I'm too sleepy to make friends right now. Night.

Depends on what era we are talking about.

When people had long hair yeah


it looks like hellraiser dildoes.

and now not that good

I meant they aren't going to be low, literally only 2 posters are completely negative in my eyes. sci and boo

fair point, so how are you gogs?

I'd rather something new but as good, possibly another gem from nicko there


Oh i'm a pretty nice guy.

I'll be awaiting your return.

nini new friend :3



"can I fuck my grandfather ? "

Show me your dildos.

I can't.

Woke up not too long ago. Feeling a little apathetic about most things.

I know you've done it before.

Don't lie to me

I posted my friends dildos. In their boxes.

whats up?

that makes three of us so far, something specific buggin you?

ribbed for her pleasure

Show me your friends dildos and pretend their yours.

Also found goggles

But I dont think I have the picture anymore.

I few things actually. They don't ever seem to go away.

God dammit mordin can't you just throw me a bone here?

All I want is this and just gotta be fucking stubborn



Games ?

O.W. ?

Can I use google?

No you've already ruined it.

get lost


well if you wanna talk about it just say so, I probably can't give any good advice but I'm decent at listening

in a bit I'll join for some ow, waiting on cups for it too so ye. just need to finish up some stuff

You have to earn me back.


So should you ;)

That's really kind of you to offer, spoilers. Thankyou.

Back? Does that mean I had you? When I posted my friends dildos?

Maybe I would of given you an answer to that if you just posted the dildos.

They're just things.

i miss cuppers too ;~;

grim why was i not list rated do u not lov me?????????????????????? wpw

And your points is?

anytime, people like you shouldn't have to feel this way

we all do, cause cups is love cups is life lol

Ooble is uwu tier

should I do the thing? y/n

y and steam it to me only

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ty scoots you're a good boy i'll even rp for u





oobles should be in the notices your bulge tier smh


why say no to jerkin and workin

owo what's this? *nudges ur bulge* x33

lol peeeerfect!


i want cupcakes love and snuggles!

Its a hot mess.

pomf pomf kimochi what's this sticky stuff on me? umu

how is that bad

girl in that pic should say yes

What are we going to do in the gas chamber

iunno give it a taste

salty coins and milk ;-;

swish it around for me

Girl are you mustard gas? Cuz you are makkng me cry and causing internal bleeding



She says no and the other girl cries and you never see her again.

uh no????????????????????

if you dont like it then you can spit it into my mouth


um YUES??? also where did ur images go : (

o nvm





mmmmf sexy

Vagina is like harbys

Just tape vibrator to your penis and call it a day.



i dont understand trannies and supporting trump

its like they have to make up for something

Bitch you ain't no Barbie
I see you work at Arby's
Number 2,
Hurry up I'm starving

She did not support Trump.

Ethy and ghostie and scarlet are idiots

those are mine, you can have their hugs but not their bad, their bad romance that's mine too :^)


Trump? More like "chump"

You are also an idiot ;)



friend we are all idiots here, now give me your hugs so I can bogard them

yeeee das it mayne


*gives you all the hugs*


i wants hugs too

i know

*gives you my excess store of hugs*


So you looked up hentai about me?

Gibe hugs


i do not have a penis


To your nipples then.


Atleast cupcake is here

goooooooood my empire is growing! thank you for your donation, princess ytse :^)

wew 10/10 not only cause I will do poking of cups face but I'm very pleased that you caught on to the reference



Ok, Luka.

Any time, my liege ;)


Ur mean


I am truthful.


you seem like you're in a bit of a mood.

I think in less song lyricy wording I have to fuck your face. even luuks told me to so this is a pretty solid deal here cups also the wording was poke "her" face so you have to wear a skirt

I won't have to wrap barbed wire around a bat anytime soon it seems! and wear a red scarf

*hugs* loan delivered

I am the queen.

queen beetch

but but but I'm not a girl...

when your skirt is on you are so, president donnieboi made this law you know

I'm not really in a mood.
I was pissed the other day, but I've come down considerably.


I really don't remember this law coming into being.

well that's good. I'm glad.


You should wear a red dress, bitch





no that's not a good idea

How do you know?

Just put it on a low setting and you'll be fine.

*Hugs you kindly*



do not.

(((Awoos submissively)))

that's okay, you don't need to remember it's just a thing now be a good boy and.... be a good girl? huh sounds confusing but I'm sure you'll figure it out :^)

just remember to be on time with your payments senpai

if I did I'd look damn fine in it, slut




why are you trying to confuse me so much I just want to be a normal cis guy

hiya luka.


Ih dear

You just told me you knew the story already.

what flavor?


More naps

always a good trait to have

if you fail I will put stickers all over your EVERYTHING

you can still wear the cute skirt though right?


*Hugs you suuuper kindly*

see ya scoots

I mean...I guesssssss

I'll make u feel weird in your girl parts ;)


That seems kinda like the point.

no i didnt mean you

NO ;_;

Your queen has spoken.

I'm going to usurp your throne.

i kinda figured you ddint'



good boy

yeah... u_u

soft moist cream filled deliocuosly spongey angel vanilla cream filled half choclatte trruffle baked to a golden warm perfection of icinged decorated witasty shortbread cookie fancy edible decorations a 2 x cupcake! ♥


now smooch

I'll let you stay in the royal doghouse

sure sure, I'll open battlenet.



sounds pretty delicious to me. you should get one.

So you've been caught red handed.

I'm me

To kiss such a man's lips would be to kiss divinity.

Squash and Cupcake sitting in a tree. S.M.O.O.C.H.I.N.G.


*snuggles close*

how? ;~;


cupcake store?

Cupcake makes my vulva quiver.

Tremor almost.

it's time to stop

Your store! ^w^

Saying no doesn't change what you've done.


It is time to go harder.

i wanna fuck that vulva

I don't own a store. I wouldn't sell cupcakes if I did, that just seems like a recipe for failure in a start up business.

grab my pussy, make my sex life great again

just that part

G-george please.

please what

Fuck me.

beg more


get a room u 2

I think you can!
i would help.... v_v

pls accept me and care for me...

Please fuck me, daddy. I need it hard and long. Give me your cummies in my bummies.
On my knees to please. You are my god.
I want your shaft inside me. I want to feel you in the back of my mouth. Fill my womb with your seed. Plow me like a fucking corn field. I want to feel stuffed like a turkey in November. Beat me like a whore. Fuck me like you hate me. Leave a mark and mark me like a dog. Shame me. Spit on me.

woof woof


you can join ooble


well I definitely wouldn't have the money to hire an employee right off the bat luka. do you have any idea how much overhead there is in a start up business?

kinda hot actually

Filter me kindly.

So do I get fucks?

wat is over head?


keep being a good pet and ill give you a treat

squahs is scared of vaginas

Y-yes, sir.

the cost of running the business. you have to take it into account before you can figure out profits. most new businesses don't even make a profit for a year or two.

its okay im not

i ant scare of no things.

good boy

ur smart enough though?!


I'd rather you hold me and scratch my head.

you have to earn it


gimme pics i wanna know what im smashing


Amy Adams has to be the best actress in the game right now.

I am one of the dumbest people I know.


I still like you...


why not

>tfw same smh

BECAUSE MY BODY MY CHOICE or some other dumb shit i don't know


more like your body my choice

i just don't want to share pics of me because people might find ou im ACTUALLY A BOU!!! i can show u my cool scar tho

i will settle

well thanks, luka

let's be dumb together

here u go a picture of my scar!!!!!! i have a picture of when i got out of the surgical room too

howd you get it

heres mine

i want cup cake to play games with me...

i had a surgery to correct my vocal chord
the scar use to be smaller but they extended it for this surgery, i had one before to remove a malign cyst in my neck and it sukd

yikes thats brutal

yes help

but i cant

that's fair i guess
the webm i wanted to upload is too long im rlly sad

there there

no sad allowed

im rlly sad so im just gonna link the youtube

mfw i keep forgetting to take my spoiler off

makes me thankful to be in white land

what is white land??? oh right ur immigrants will all be gone

Take your bra off.

I am no longer a human
I am a conduit of thc

i dont have a bra on

ur not gonna share? wtf


i meant specifically my area

new england

how can i help u daddy squash

i have no idea what that is

uhh do you even vape, bro
? // ?

Jared seems pretty cool, but that Sean guy seems a bit... off.


i mean r u paying i will if u pay i am cheap

sean is sadboy today he is good trust me
jared is a living meem

oh the state i can't pronounce
ya isnt it pretty white there

me on the right

do i need an i.d for this??

in my area especially yes ma'am

Alrighty then.

soft moist cream filled deliocuosly spongey angel vanilla cream filled half choclatte trruffle baked to a golden warm perfection of icinged decorated witasty shortbread cookie fancy edible decorations a 2 x cupcake! ♥

i trust u r legal age ??

my town use to be white and then it became a sleeper town and now all the city folk live here
i work at the community center and can't understand half of the ppl

ok calm down test

what do you do there


I'm just an excitable boy.

i sign people up for town programs and admit them to fitness center and stuff
and yell at little kids

wag tail for me and ill pet u

sounds awfully boring

is there one of those things you enter in your bithday in?
I'm just going to use the first options there
ive never done this before do u have a condom?

'excitable boy' they said

hehe xd


This guy

no its not too bad, keeps me entertained enough i guess

n- wait, what? i just wanted a smoke
r u putting condoms over blunts is that what the kids do these days?????????

:( why won't you even humor me?

i retract my pity then

*pets doggy*
good boy.

sorry I've actually never snorted anything before......I was just kind of trying to impress you guys Im sorry for lying...

More fun for me that way.




ty for the retraction i appreciate it uwu


thats ok ur still a good boy

sometimes a little witch girl just wants to watch two towers burn
idk i saw u postin with her so i named it after u

pls like me

on the realthough too bad you cant email bud
I hear canada buddha is popping

where is kyle

...oh so now you reply to to me? hmph, to late now!

wanna take an underage here to chill

You should know very well that this is a poor strategy for being likable.

at least i ask! unlike some people.... >_>

what does that even say

okay fine then i just won't ever reply to you at all, it's of no loss to me have a great time???

probably napping

youre my kyle now

canada has good weed
or so they say


Nobody else asks. There is a reason for this.

i don't think i can have as nice of a dick as him im sorry

i can confirm the weed is dank

fuck off

So easily replaced.

You haven't even seen my dick.

ive had better

no but i am sure it is a fine dick because u r a fine person

I just heard a position as oobles opened up

wow that's mean

How rude!

so very vulgar! no respect. shame on you!

im obviously going to have my favorites

You are the one being rude.

luka you rlly can't go "love me" one second and then pull shit like "you finally replied to me" the next like jesus fucking christ try to whore for attention more
i dont like being mean but it's getting annoying stop it or take ur own action???

thts true i have my favourites too i guess


ty i am the best

oh. you are silly. I have pictures of her on my laptop, basically the only character I have anything of so I always post her when I'm on there.

we have played before, we will play again I'm sure.

ew nevermind


how is that silly it's literally 1-1 relation ;- ;

those are both fair and valid, i kinda wanted to kms for saying that

because I said so.

back in a bit. maybe.

I was quoting how that character roars.

I have never watched the show, but that scene is everywhere.

ok im going to bed soon anyways so goodnight i guess cup

look im not some WEEB like u

You just do things?! and never ask?

Well it's not like you make it easy, being inhospitable.
what did you expect, you need to learn warmth for a change!
*sigh* w/e, I'm not in charge of you. :\

right now?

down the street not across

i am aware although marking up my arms would kind of suck
doesn't it work for legs, too? or is that just movie magic at it's finest

Night, Ooble. This is four seconds, watch it.

im sure if you cut your legs deep enough you can bleed out if you hit an artery

I don't ask people to like me because I am neither that desperate nor that inept.

ty test

sounds like a fucking awful way to go ill try something else if it comes down to it which... i doubt it ever will

after you get past the nerves you dont feel much

if you never ask you never learn?
very stubborn... :\

how do you manage?

How do I manage what, exactly?

I cringed.

I think they're asking "How do you manage to be liked?" and I think the answer is "By not being a deplorable degenerate who can't understand social ques or situations", but I'm not quite sure.

I'm super fly.


woof woof

rawr~ imma scarey memer! :3

fear my words!

Oobles with the fire tonight.

I've been having conversations of this nature with Luka for years and they're still inscrutable to me sometimes.

Excellent satirical work.

ya u r i can agree

I also have to patience tonight. I'm irritable atm, and I tend to say what's on my mind instead of adhering to politeness. Sorry Squashie

I dont know, I just don't really like the thought of going that far. I don't have any self inflicted scars.

How have you kept some form of sanity? It's like dealing with children at the daycare, except children at the daycare can take a hint.

have no** woopsie

i have large banana

ah get number 10 scalpels they are the best

you think i'd give you the painless way???~
after all the hoops you make? :3
hpmph~ i won't let u defeat me!

My step brother is chill but he was in my room to talk to me and now it smells like smoke.

I feel ya. The whole "attention pls" thing is why I kicked Luka in the first place.

i like ur banana!!

O-Oh. T-Thanks.

Is that the brother we spoke to before?
And beh, it's whatever at this point.

Nah. That was my real brother.
I've known this one maybe a year or 2.

It's still largely painless, but okay.

Don't ask people to like you, Luka. It will do nothing for you. It generally will only aggravate people.

Because I pity Luka in a way.

Do you pity me, Test?

Oh, you have a lot of brothers. Can I have one?

How unfortunate. I guess someone has to.

i hate cigarette smoke smell

do canadians even beleive in fruit?

*gives your scrutiny~* instead of inscrutable


ooble you act like a luka here quite often


so Savage!

I have 2 real brothers, 4 step brothers, a step sister, an adopted but not actually sister, and an adopted African brother.



[Mean words for you]

ooble is luka


I'm pretty sure Guero does, too.

We shall call them...Loobka.



Sounds very Star Wars.

no we do not

That's a fair point, but at the same time it's mostly for a joke. I know what stop and start points are.


I know. It's by choice. I won't try to change that, I'm just amazed by it more or less.

S t o p. Can I at least be the better luka?


*Pouts kindly*

I'm gonna pout into ur butt if you don't stop.

Yes. The tears will act as a lubricant.
A kindly lubricant.

I don't think so.

I didn't open it

There there~
don't worry, i pity you too ♥

what are you up to

I didnt expect you too~





I already know where that comic goes, regrettably.




Did you want to do stuff?

Ok that's fair, your choice I guess.

Oh. No. No tears. Please.


My picture didn't upload.

no i dont mean it helloo there

You know me so well.

Try communicating with words instead.



I just want to cuddle.
Can you cuddle me? Can you cuddle my dick with your vagina?

I have no idea.

I am a little lost for words.

You don't even like vaginas, how would that work?

well then


Don't worry, I have that effect on people.


that word sound like gasping lewdly


Oh shutup!

I can't, I'm not the one lost for words.


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im so tired i could kms