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Hades thread

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The worst one is the turnaround bug.

You can see me hit him a 2 minutes in my video and it randomly turns me around.


You can't even turn while using that move...

When does season end again? I don't think I'll make it

I probablyyy didn't but I wouldn't play ranked on NA anyways
Subtle#2736 though ^^


I saw it
it looks like he countered you and you went and did the move in the opposite direction

I like the galick gun usage

Wikileaks to the rescue
dishing the dirt on erryone



He didn't counter I punched him right in the face.

The Galick gun is my most used move in the game.

Make sure you write a detailed bug report and maybe even an email with the footage

shits serious in ranked


The bug happened to me like 5 times in a row one game and made me lose.

Thats why I was upset like an hour ago.



Well shit
I would have stopped the 3rd time it happened and would have written a heated report

What does it mean

Four letter word.

Wait, is there terrain destruction in Xenoverse?
Could have sworn that was a thing in previous DBZ games.

I'm pretty sure they know about it but it hasn't been fixed yet.

Does it only happen with that move?


Its happens with everything~♪




Its very annoying.





play a diff game till its fixed

oh yeah?

Thanks for the carry hehe xd

I don't want too.

I am the top dog

but you have 102 people ahead of you

Ignore them.

there are a shit ton of people so

so what.
102 people is a shit ton too.

only for you.

not nearly as much as the people he's ahead of

still a lot.

The guy I just beat was above me.

Still not top 100

Nobody is in the Discord and I want to listen to people while I am in bed.

jelly much?

I was number 3 in Raging Blast 2 but I have no way of proving it.


I don't play the game, so no

I believe you

Feel like im drowning .
I love getting chest infections.
Time to die

You seem to know a bit about the game spoils, what rank are you?

I've never had one of those

We can suffer together.
It's been hard for me to breath well lately.

I started playing with a group of like 5 people in endless battles.

Its a lobby of people where two people 1v1 and the rest watch and then winner keeps playing and the next person fights the winner.

and they keep freaking out when perfect block things

I haven't told them anything about my Raging Blast days yet

I read this hentai once but I forget what was about

Something about tomboys



It was about a little girl getting fucked

go to doctor


the hidden prodigy strikes again

nobody cares, you dont have to be that autistic about it

Sets off my panic
Reminds me of actually nearly drowning
Only 5 hours of work to go
Ill sit in the corner with the birb and make my peace with ahuramazda

It's the cow shit in the air.
It is making me sick. It has been making me sick for days.


why is that in the air

You chatting shit

Farmers spray liquid cow shit to fertilize fields.

say it to my face and not online and see what happens

arent birbs super susceptible to respiratory infections?
dunno if they can spread crossspecieis like that though

hope you get well soon

I used to call them DEWJHINS


His squaks are my death knells
Im sure ill be fine


Vegeta is the coolest but his combos are kinda weak.

Also super saiyan blue Vegeta is trash.

It's awful.


lmao aiite

imma head off

have a good one

see above

underdogging it too?
against all odds


i cant imagine

Its more of i just want him to be god because I like him a lot.

Goku has combos that never end but i'm not gonna play him because i'm not a fag.





that;s a catfish
it's symbolic~

Of what? Sitting on the bottom of a lake?

you understand me better than anybody > W W


Catfish are shit eaters


Of getting your ass played?

thats a mean thing to say

i'm gonna play your ass like bongos scootaloo





where did my friends go tonight

what is this absolute cancer

it did not even reset my eune ranked decay

idk if I even am decaying

nobody on this team had any idea what they were doing like ufg comddomng I cry lulu buffs when


I cry

Im scare


neru am craing ;w;

remember happy

wow that's a very adorable picture

everything eventually withers and dies there is no hope or happiness beyond our destination to where the chariot of tim is unwaveringly headed


I like it

i rather like it
what the fuck is this from
is this a dub

Iwill go huff pillow eat chocolate read book and cry

you cant queue the main ranked mode (solo/duo) yet, the only ranked mode thats open is 5v5 flex right now which is basically the old ranked mode from season 6 dynamic queue but it is now going to be what they have instead of the 5v5 premade team one, aka dead ladder. So you have seperate placement games.

you and i
we have the same schedule
nana newu


Its a fan DUB calling Team 4 star.

Its pretty good from what I remember

where did you get thsi vocal clip of Ban

can't reveal my sources.



nyanners is a trap

Nyannets is scum



new phone
who dis


look at this anime slut


I would like tomoko to step in a jelly filled donut so i can eat it of of her feeties Q!!!!

just a bit too much tsun
not enough dere


youmu is perfection


god i wish i could be this cute

ur cuter

you are tho

you guys!~


neko neko chan


Cupcake ^^

I watched episode two. I love the english girl trying to get back to her roots but she can't even remember how to speak english properly

Somehow I knew you would like her

she's adorable, how could I not? I like all the main girls though.


miu is my fav
she's so crazy lol

can I help you?

yeah she's really great. I like her a lot.


scoots SHUT UP


tokai go to bed.

atn pls

who the hell are you? I don't give attention to anonymous scum.



I just woke up


Hold me

tell me who are you and you will get lots of attentions

don't talk back to me missy.

hold me from the nooooooooooothing I've beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeecome

Oooooh oooh ooooh


Wake me up

dun need lots
*suckles the dew of ur atn*


filtered. blocked. reported.


no butts.

your dew wasnt that good anyways...

my dew is the best dew you faggot



candy wrappers

ur a candy wrapper.

bet i could produce better~

tossed on the street and stepped on??

let me taste it and we'll see.

licked a bunch and then thrown away.

Iam losing track of what I dreamed and what is real

Kill your brain

maybe this week



Inhale cawk

totally maybe

ur gros.

I'll maybe ur totally.




Good morning did you get a Ferrari for your19th birthday

mean overload

I got a cool bass

Youmu is such a whore I giant sperm follows her around.



A fish?

i forgive, as the lord taught me

a pretty one c:


phew. luckyyyyyy


Make us some music when you get familiar with it :3

I know right

will do

Kinda wanna jam with tokai

then jam it in tokai


Hey you have long hair and a bass now that basically makes you Mio.

kinda wonder why loco had literally nothing to his personality but random aggressive sexual outbursts and random aggressive anger towards people he doesn't like.



why would you want to fug somebody you do not like

I need to experience K-on for the first time again.




you bring this shit into my home

you mean like
trump and hillary
for instance

tbh i just wanna give qts pets

aaaah don't look

Hillary is to busy crying her eyes out.

or grim and that other person with the drama


Which time?

I'd cry too if rigging everything still wasn't enough.

I like how they made fun of Trump for saying it was rigged but the second they lost they all started saying it was rigged by Russians.

I left loco a shell of a man. I broke her.


It's always the Russians.

uwu daddy break me


Its not even based on anything.

itis pretty funny like both parties are pretty childish and sore losers/winners

I wish we could wordfilter uwu

it's pretty fucking hilarious all around.

uwuish uwue couldwu uwuordfiltuwuer uwu


Its like if someone want to change your pastry to something gross.




I wish tokai would wordfilter me

i u tokai wu me

I'll filter the fuck outta y'all


why would anyone want to do that to me


I'm telling your mother.

Im tokai mother

I wanna tie neru up and eat a pastry in front of him without sharing


youwould probably end up eating the gross pastry somebody put stuff like mayo in

nu uh. it would be a super good one and you'd be really jealous.




imma clean up some more

uwu daddy slam my tight loli asshole



but i need to watch the anime first

What are you, a trump supporter?

aaa I accidentally dropped a dorito on the floor






I have three dislocated doritos now one on the table one on the floor and one on the floor other floor different from the first floor a bit floorer away

I eat them with a spoon to avoid sticky hands but it is hard to pick them up from flat surfaces with a spoon

That's why you use chopsticks.

chopsstick is so hard to use

I just keep a napkin at hand when worried about that kind of stuff.

I also tend to have hand sanitizer and lotions at hand.

Worst comes to worse, I just go actually wash my hands like, you know, a competent adult.



lotion is always a must to have

well see

I have tons of body lotion

but body lotion mixed with dorito is just awful

and handsanitiziers only remove germs not sticky

That is why you use the napkin to remove the solid matter before you use santifizer you tool.


powder and stickies are not solid you doublederp

Never mind, I forgot you're retarded.

i want a pet neru

enjoying meeemes and privaccyy ♪

unntil the folk come

dun dun dun duuun dun

lock yourself in like this dude

godverdomme dit zijn deprimerende spotjes

niet kijken

scales say i've lost four kilos in ten days

rounding that down it's 8lb which which is .8lb a day or 2800kcal

conservatively, i've been running at -2800kcal a day

am I fucking dying or what the fuck is going on

ah ok

where do you wanna be buried

in my lover's arms

i need to join this club

I don't think you can be buried in a cartoon's arms.

tokai's a cartoon?

oh here we go

keep her on a leash and i won't put her down like a BITCH

if i can keep this up i can be an underweight trap in like a month


see what I mean? literally no character or content to him, it's just the same regurgitated overly sexual implications and whatnot, and the only other type of post is something aggressive towards other people.

oh I forgot the other type of post "me me me me me me me" like

oh also I'm going to bed at six in the morning give me goodnights.

Have fbn

did you hear about the narcissitic opera singer

all he would sing was MI MI MI MI

*nini kissus*


goeie slaap nacht

Tokai is as much your lover as he is a cartoon.

so tokai's a cartoon


fbn u too


You're delusional.


I cant type icatn evne

i need a new lucky star

what do you do in a hentai club

Make yuri with other members.

make yaoi with other members.


Make pastries with other members


while watching boku no pico

Pastries members yuri with other make pastries.

With your Louis V. bag, tats on your arms

High heel shoes make you six feet tall

Everybody wants you, you can have them all

But I got what you need.

Girl I got your bag, I got it all

Hold your drink baby don't you fall

Be there in a minute baby just one call

You don't gotta ask me

Get on the other side of the wall already.


I honestly would fuck Rin ngl

idk what you just said but it contains pastries so that might be all okai

Survey says you aren't the only one.

I ate so much salty

Damn, I never knew there were people out there with standards as low as mine

Should I watch the Initial D movies or not

I want to

but no Eurobeat


They are so fucking nice
the no eurobeat triggers me so fucking much but dat animation quality thooooooo

Okay, I walked into that one.

Good job.


I guess it beats early 2000s cgi, so there's that.

Fuck, i'm gonna download it.



wts I have 2 different folders of fb meme shit Ive saved

jfc what am I doing with my life



meme overflow

true that tho

also hi...

been absent

turns out i prefer hetero normative consensual intercourse to talking to you ladies

...strange that

Me irl

save everything... that way when you die of liver failure due to consumption and someone wants to remember what you were like... theyll look into yo9ur folders trying to remember what youre into.

theyll be all... he was into everything

Rin pls its not even cold out there

Gotta let them know how much of a degenerate I was


just keep all the loli porn you got from the deep web saved directly to the desktop... dont even try and bury that shit

You ever seen a street after a water main burst under it?

My loli is all in my "Mystery Twins/Mabel Pines" folder.

I mean, what?

its tru tho

That's why I have a dead mans switch on my hard drives.

And then they'll find all of your questionable porn and shitposting material

I was just thinking of the implications like it would mainly be physical stuff since after all youcould probably encrypt compooper stuff



someone will have to go through all the trash I have hoarded

my porn is all in a folder named "fap", didnt even try to hide it. just gotta select the right drive


they will find your fleshlight and buttplug

Of course you'd give them the D:\

well I have neither of those things tbh

beat me to that joke... comedy gold

lool... maybe one day. get one in the future just to eff with them

Does it still count as CP if she is already 18 by now?

yes soto...

If the pic was taken when she was under 18, ofc

and always keep the plug inserted in the flashlight


California license plates look nice.

that feel when youre 80% sure it isnt cp, but cant be completely positive

ima buy stocks in the kk, leave the papers out so theyre found in a place it looks like id see them everyday

left of a k there, but its fine.. .too lazy to correct it

How do they look over there in Heinekenland?

is it possible for a guy to tear a girls vagina during rough sex?



Ilove that image

ok fine... ze german socialist party then

i for one fully expect some redneck murican to blast trump in his first term btw

...i dont mind the guy but they seem pretty mad about it


why though

I thought rednecks liked trump

and the ones hwo hwted him were like
not liberals because a lot of those hate hillary for backstabbing bernie but

I mean

the authoritarians who supprot hillary


lime green stuff...

Is it CP if she's really hundreds of years old?

ima tell you they protesting at they capitols all over murica, even in the south...being in the south myself some are pretty mad

Canadia law says yes.


tbh i wanna get a group b spec 205 t16 and replace all emblems with toyota/trueno emblems and plaster it with jdm trd weeb shit

It would be a spic from Cali if anything


whoaaaa today is truly an amazing tim to be alive

Loli is illegal in Canadia.

Unless they changed that since the last time I checked a few years ago.

a fair second option... a homie with his glock turned sideways for the kill shot

lets just sit back and let the drama unfold... itll be fun

...it still is




one of my guitars is lime green lol

Holy shit no wonder

Wish is like borderline breaking the law


Loli is strictly non-3DPD material.

But having nudie pics of someone who looks underage counted as having CP, last I checked, so be careful what you do to those pics Emma gave you.

cant exactly verify it for cops lol... like

yea thanks for the nudes, now hold up your id so i can screen cap it

Shut up Rin you're not even going to AN next year

If memory serves, Canada's one of the only countries that cares this much.

Sobo, I wouldn't go with anyone here anyway.




Desu's friend got put in jail for loli in Canada. Desu got his 3DS.


i wouldnt go anyway but im still kinda mad about it

Rin would go on a weeb date with me

This is going to sound super snooty and rude, but I don't know a better way to word it.

Why should I go with one of you two?
What combined interests do we share that would make the venture worth the cost?

my company is second to none... im not going but like it seems like youre assuming things at this point

gtg, bbl

Anyway, I should be off.

It's not about whether you're good company or not.

I heard a while back about someone from australia being arrested for having a fictional written story about child exploitation tbh

lolicon is a gateway drug



goggles would probably get in trouble if somebody posted loli in thread tbh

could get in trouble

I stillthink anglo counties are pretty dum

Good morninyan~

aren't canadians supposed to be like liberal or something. i'm surprised full on fucking children isn't legal there yet.




so much gross disgusting stuff