Post here or don't, I don't care!

Post here or don't, I don't care!

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almost 2 cool to post here

I care

my current tkl fits

fite me and my to-be model m

I'm not reposting.

Caspers too mich of anaddict to post here

I think I could just slam you and you'd die

special reply for special person~

I miss him
he used to randomly call me on my commute to work

Yeah, she's adorable.

I suppose it doesn't help that the keys are diagonal.

Casper is top tier poster


casper got boring p quick

have you ever talked to this myth?

sadly no
from what ive heard i think we'd really hit it off


the most adorable


like I said there are exceptions it is not 100% it's just the more common case

w/e u just dont get me

I think you'd make a great pair

Yes ma boi

Except Mochi.

Let's play.

*uses model m as sword and thinkpad t60 as shield*

Who's the cat you post?

maybe if she got rid of the weird shit with her hair

I miss kuus owo

no im fucking tilted

I would hate to destroy such nice hardware
I concede



You have Erin, that's almost the same.

You played with Luka again ?

Sci has 0 chance with anyone in this community
Like hahahaha

I'm having trouble picking up new kat

or if she shaved her head too
that might be fun

you're into that shit eh

i dunno but im willing to give it a shot

Fuck new kat, it was shit before it's shit still, play something else.
Leave that shit to Nick.

What the fuck is actually happening right now?

I'm so lost

Vegito is no more

Super fucking massive spirt bombo swords

what the fuck

so adventurous

I mean I did have one game where I went 44 kills in 36mins
but it doesnt really count cuz I was with silver friends


I caved and bought a PS4 and Bloodborne and DS3

Is it just me or does Forchun always look like he has no idea what the fuck is going on?

yea thats me

Oh, she's OC :3


ahh im jealous

enjoy it my dude

so you playing any vidya lately?

Why unfortunate?

You're gold Grim, it counts pretty well.

nope im done w/ those
only game i kinda miss is splatoon

There isn't more art of her.

He's challenger stuck in a gold's ladder.

gold is shit
plat is shiny shit
diamondV is shit encrusted with glitter


I think if you're stuck some rank in a game that makes you the rank you're stuck in

Not even on pixiv or a *booru?

Must be all those luka games fucking up his elo.
My bad.

And there's you, the living radiance in a pool of shit.

he actually looks pretty cool with a hoodie on

He seems like such a sweet guy
btu not a leadder

Echo did you ever manage diamond on EUW?


I tilt harder than the fuckers in inception

it just wasnt a good time for him to run

he's not super old

maybe in 8 years

eh, teeth brushy time

No no, it's his team being too heavy.

Not that I've found at least.

Y-Yeah man!

Please clap

I named my Bloodborne character Bluddy McBludman


I didn't.
But I managed to fall to plat 5 after neglecting ranked for months because Neru dragged me to turkey.
I'll get there this season though. maybe, hopefully.
I keep having less and less time for games even the time I have for them is split now thanks to OW.

i once told this to neru but you're EXACTLY like gnome. the only difference between him and you is that your mechanics are solid.
His are shit. But that thirst man, that thirst..

I dont even tunnel any more

thats completely gone
hell I'm even hesitant now

Nee nee



I realized recently that I'm decent on Ezreal so that's my thing now, playing ADC.

But yeah Ez is pretty reliable.
Did you hit dia yet?

I-I'll get it this season. Blue build all the way, 1 second CD on Mystic shot that applies frosty mitten is too strong.

I have like 3million baronreplays files do you want one?

sounds excusey but okay

goodnight, imma go do sleep stuff

rip mochi


But useless autos
Blue ez such a bitch to play against.

The one you're most proud of, sure.
I thought Baron replays were down though.

Autos still does considerable damage with IE Muramana and essence reaver. I like that he's more a caster than an ADC.

Back when I played BNS, I was stuck in a rank that really isn't apt for me.
I just had really shitty latency, so I just literally could not do anything.
Even when I was the hard counter.

This is a random game I selected

You play mainly on euw?

Can't wait.

Only EUW, apart from the occasional game on NA.

Your name?

I was more so teasing but shit happens still means by all ways you are that rank until you fix it or next season shows, whether you maybe could've gotten higher or not. you know?

Archon ii

That csing

I feel like you're being too general.

Some people play at a rank well above theirs, but just can't pass it for reasons out of their control.

BnS's netcode was fucking horrible, and having the high latency I did meant that someone didn't even have to be in parry frames for my attacks to be countered.

Hell, I was testing it with a friend once, and my skill-seal didn't even register most of the time, if she was doing anything at all when it hit.


You got better though.

that ahri wanted my dick

I gave it to her hard

Ahri getting outcs'd by zed is a pretty special thing to witness.

Let's play something though I'm bored.
Subtle's ignoring me.

no I'm just saying on the simplest level you are the rank you are, like I do believe I should be deep into plat on ow but thanks to solo and duo queuing for my placements I am gold edging on plat. it just is reality, I'm not trying to diminish yours or grims skills at these other games, I'm just being stupidly simple about it

bout to go read



drinking alone is boring af
just wanna go sit around a fire in the woods with bros

Did you just remove me

I think that's what I said at the very beginning.

forgive me, as I've told you and others before I'm not the sharpest

I remember I asked my gamestop if they had Battletoads once.

They laughed at me, and we started talking.
Apparently the one girl got another store with that.

Soos might be a bigger bro than Seiko.

soos is pretty based


I am not very good at Bloodborne

Ian want to hear a joke

youll get used to it its great




To be fair, so is Seiko.

Strangled by the girl she loves in a haunted fourth dimensional school of death, and doesn't stop loving her.

As a matter of fact, the fact that she doesn't stop loving her is what saved that girl's life.

Eyyyy I beat the big fat guy on my 5th try without being damaged

Also Yan I was saying the joke was me like you were setting up for a mean joke

No, here's the joke



The text. I'm not spoilering it because it's too many lines and fuck it.

Recipient: Naomi
Subject: No hard feelings

So how the hell are ya babe!! ^_^
sorry about earlier - sadface!
i apologized though
so you have to forgive me now!
if you dont ill email you a bea-utiful crotch shot
---so watch out ;)
lets get the hell out of this dump together
hand in hand :3
until we meet again....
youd better get it on with your darling mochi
---or else!
ill be waiting for you by the entranceway
we can kiss & make up
ooh la la

I laff'd

This card is stacked I can't miss it ;~;


that's creepily adorable, corpse party is it? I had heard of it before but are rpg maker horrors really that decent?

I love my new setup

I have my computer on my desk with a small tv and the ps4 right next to it

I can shitpost and vidya


Until Blood Drive, anyway.
That one wasn't even, like, decent.

what games do you have for ps4? I'm getting one soon

that .gif's scary
I keep expecting something to jump up at the window, looking through the glass with hungry eyes.

You watch too many horror movies Yan..

i wouldnt want to fall asleep in that room

it needs curtains

All of the NPCs in this game are fucking dicks

Currently I have Bloodborne, DS3 and Uncharted 4 that came with it. I'm probably gonna expand tho, what were you thinking of getting?

So do I, apparently.


dlc scythe is my main now

uncharted 4 is pretty fun

great platforming


No I don't

Fuck windows, windows are terrifying.

I wanted to get doom, witcher 3 and maybe battlefield 1

I've heard bloodborne is really great

To clarify, I got the first one because it was cheap, and it promised to at least be nifty for the cost, and I was actually impressed.

There's a lot of spots where it could have used some polish, but for what it was, it was really enjoyable.

Book of Shadows served decent as a sequel, but it changes a lot of the gameplay, so it might be weird to get used to.

Blood Drive was...
gory, at least?
It seemed kind of... uncaring towards the lore that the first two games established, and just kind of went balls to it.

I stuck with it just because I liked the first two so much and I wanted to see it through, but...

If there were a pay-off it'd've been fine, but because I'm so used to similar scenes with something spoopsy having, not having the spoops just keeps building the tension with no release.

It actually makes the image way creepier, tbh.

the world is



have not heard of that one strangely or is that why I wouldn't have?

I'd just be a cheap bastard and pirate it all lol

I don't know, I don't really know many people who actually know the series to begin with.

Besides Yan, the only person I know who knows about it, and played the games, didn't like 3 because it was just so...
not... what the first two games were.

Oh god I'm at the Cleric Beast and I got comboed to death in the corner by those two smaller beast fuckers just before it

Doom looks godly, I'll have to get that one

I watched playthroughs of Bloodborne but I couldn't play it because lolps4exclusive

Now I can!

These fucking Canadians are really the worst
Let's pray for a northern border wall too, and several proxies to keep them out of America's internet.'
what the fuck is up with canada

Can confirm, am Canadian and am the worst.

can someone post dick i need to text test a new penis

Is this scary?



Why is it a gif if there's no animation



lol you can't see it?


tysm ur all very g-
wait, those arent your own dicks? (baring nixon)

What the fuck am I supposed to be seeing?

uh, yes it is ??? i just took the picture ???

help with pontif

Wait, you don't think I'm Richard Nixon?

Nothing, you were right the first time, it's a static image :P

The face in the pillow, and that cat behind her kind of ruin it.

Also it's not even animated, man.

I've mostly heard of them through lets players playing the games they seem so fun but I fear I'd be too stupid for the puzzles

u can be whateber u want bbgirl


Fair enough, I guess.
That might be why you haven't heard of Blood Drive then.

You're way, way past me.
I haven't beaten the Deacons (I'm close) or even killed Wjolnir.

gay do you want my help

wwwwew laddy

Maybe in a little bit. I was going to fap or something first.

im disapointed

is it very puzzly?


that's pretty gay

not me
Its alright

jfc how horrifying would this thing be

Apparently someone drew qt

I just don't think Corpse Party is where the views are at, so most probably either didn't play it, or played it on their own.
After all, most let's players do that for a living, so if something isn't going to get the views, it's better to just find something that is.

oh thank god im so relieved

ooooh true but some of them try for the more out there titles to be like the first to do them or the most popular to do them at the time so


Yeah, but you'll usually only try to do that with games that have some kind of following.

so mean y r u bully me

o o b l e s l e t m e c u m i n s i d e o f y o u

operation spook rin failed :c

im gonna throw up


damn it oh well
then i'll settle for just being steam friends thats my final offer


thats clearly the passenger seat ya goof


frontside passenger is for the copilot

if you wanna be distracted sit in the back

It's hard to spook me because anything I'm afraid of is either incredibly situational, or doesn't work once it looses the third dimension.


true! I wonder how much the developers of these games really net out of their games anyway

Notch made millions.

its funny how he got so sick of the game, when he retired he didn't want to hear about it again

notch is worth 1.4 billion my man

It really is.

oobles a good girl
she knows better than to text and drive



notch didn't make an rpg maker horror game doe

are u gonna buy me a steam game??

i only take pictures when driving (sorry guero i am bad girl qq)

You're saying that like it means literally anything at all.


That pic has to be the gayest thing I've seen all day, and that's saying something.

Loonie is not nearly brass enough.

The doll in Bloodborne is adorable af

fuck no i dont give away money. why? are you?

One of the many reasons that Punky Brewster was cancelled is because the star of the show, Soleil Moon Frye suffered from a condition called gigantomastia, literally giant breasts, and had a breast reduction surgery prior to her 16th birthday to reduce her 38DD to a more manageable size. The actress developed so quickly and so large that the producers felt there was no way they could reasonably portray her character age-appropriately.

Loonie would totally be a steel/flying

Pux would be at least part ice.

Hozer is water/grass.

Not sure about dubbledubble. water fire?

i kno im sorry

no i am a woman i dont buy people things wtf

you're gonna end up like that guy who died live on snapchat and im gonna kill u a second time
no cummies 4 u

well notch made the game essentially from scratch while the rpg maker games are made through a really simple program, isn't that a bit of a difference?

have you not looked at your mirror yet? gotteeeeeem

but ur a lesbian u dont count
anyway did u listen to those albums yet

Bruh, that's what I was talking about.

I think you're missing a something if you think any programmer doesn't start with a baseboard when they make something.

The bulge in my pants ain't not kit Kat.... But you gonna be needin a break lmao 😅😅😅 like comment subscribe

comment: did not laugh, try to be funny next time!

you cant resist giving me cummies thats an empty threat

yes i did i would rate 7/10

Anyone I love left?

look up rpg maker on steam, that's what they use



well first of all 7 out of 10 can mean a lot of different things. is that like average to u or actually a really good score? also is that an aggregate score or was each album a seven or if not what were the individual scores? also did u really listen to them or just pretending?

I have RPGMaker.

I've had 2k, 2k3, XP, VX, VXA.
Kinda want MX but I just don't have that kind of money.

Your point is?

You do realize that RPGmaker has scripting involved, yes?
And that there are more games that make use of it than not, right?

fucking fight me i will seduce you here and now

i listened and thats a decent score id say all ofthem were 7/10
i usually like most music but my fav was the first one u said? i dom remember tje name because my computer is unhooked rn

Is this part of a folder I love this girl and anime


Didn't think so :(

try me punk
my dick is impenetrable

okay cool. i think the first one i said was strangers from the universe. now that youve listened to those u probably have a good idea of my taste generally, but i still only got that u like that alt rock/post rock/indie rock band u linked and aren't too keen on death cab, so tell me more that you like.

yes, aika is my waifu and also me


Wow nice

I'm not going to continue this, I don't see much budging either way

though im just starting to get pictures right now and havent actually read/watched it but i just saw a chart on /a/ with a bunch of anime personality types and liked "tsun-pure" and thought i could identify with or maybe more that i wanted to identify with it
idk what do u think? am i a tsun pure, subtle?

just msg whoever you wanna talk to on steam or whatever

I don't know if you're tsun-pure but I know that Aika is amazing


The reason I'm not is because you seem to be missing something somewhere.

that is a v safe answer oh well
what about u subtle what anime personality trope thing do u think u are/like best?

yea hi i posted that whats up


im gonna stick things in ur dick at this rate

i mean July Talk is one of my fav bands um what else i mean Porter Robinson is ok too, mostly still just alt rock and some random shit i listen to is Wintergaten

no I just believe minecraft probably took more than twice the effort any rpg maker game would as far as the basic creation, obviously anything with a semblance of a story put more work than notch ever did in that part lol clearly you see it differently which is okay I just don't want to go back and forth over it if neither of us really is budging



porter robinson i know he did that album with the hand in the sky but i dont know the other two. i find that a lot of the time when people say the like alt rock right at the outset they always know these extremely obscure bands that nonetheless have a very strong pop sensibility. kinda blows my mind. i will check out these other two ty


I can't say much for your personality since I don't know you very well
And anime personalities don't always translate very well to irl
Maybe dandere-haraguro


Am I a horrible person for wanting my mother to die?


yea i know, thats a real shame too i think ur a cool guy but what can ya do

thats interesting manaka thinks hes a kind of haraguro person too but i dont believe him

ya i mean i dont just like alt rovk thats just the primary genre i listen to
i also have a soft spot for the madoka magica orchestra bgm
thats some good shit 👌💯

i know hun im sorry umu

no i want my father to die too

Well good. Want to do a swap?

oh great! in that case link the track from the madoka thing u like best and ill listen to it right away

Toronto lostered

i will tomorrow i dont know how to operate a phone well??

i'll let you put a pen in my dickhole for the low low price of like
50 gs large

Guero and Oobles sitting in a tree



My fave


when you two meme about "cummies" it makes me physically sick

please think of the brown man

keep him in your hearts

damn okay then tomorrow
tell me about ur gf or whatever it is

on it!

it would be fine if it were ironic but the sheer fact that it's not puts it on a whole new level of kimochi warui


i was gonna say
the best part is you think we're meme'ing :^)))

Why do the furries wish death upon their parental units

I expect cute pictures of you two
don't let me down

u think a person with a good childhood would grow up wanting to fuck anthropomorphic animals?

that was quite a pleasant tune ty v much subtle

The soul can be corrupted at any stage of its development

w-what i dont want to omg

omg ahahahaha
its true except ill be on it nothing goes in it

ok i am sorry my mom is facetiming my half sister and i need to hide brb

maybe yours can!

good grief seeya

I like Oobles

I think we are soul mates in shittery

Also I'm drunk

You guy might be too far into the hockey master race thang.

back off dude she's mine after her current gf goes away and if bc isnt back by then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i dont photograph well but she's adorable enough to make up for it
i'll be sure to take some pics at the con

oh thank god
i am horribly afraid of sounding after seeing that one video mff posted with that fucking guy pulling a bent up rebar out of his fucking innards thru his dick

She'll like you just as much as the previous people you liked

AKA not at all

After reading that I wonder. If I was a good player for the canucks and we made it to the stanley cup finals and only scored one point a game as a defenseman and lost, would you burn my house down?

hey but lots of people think im great at first that has to count for something even though it never lasts

i'm not a girl sci

Yeah, T Dot is a media battlefield.


yea so? what do u have to do with it?

You're good at hiding how shit you are for short periods I guess


yeah you know what nevermind lol

bitch i kno what u implying i just dont believe u

i dont concern myself with the opinions of eggheaded pedophiles

just remember, everytime your teams DOES win, they are making it harder for everyone else to actually get into the playoffs.

Also, you guys gotta be cardio machines like a real life support machine if you guys are on par with the best in hockey in Canada

im a gi iri

at least im somebody what the heck are you

sci you're a nobody



dont drag uncle charlie into this



Guero is shit.

jk I love you Tristan, always will

this ironically





48 hrs vs beverly hills cop which is better

loev u too buddy

48 hours.

ok hello i have escaped!!!


That's really nice

He was a SEAL, too. We didn't get along super well but he taught me a lot


fix ur following distance ur way too close

Did he teach you how to be a man?

Going back to the future?

No, Mulan taught me that

But no, he taught me a lot of mechanical stuff that I wouldn't have known otherwise

I can do basic maintenance on my car myself now even though I am garbage at it

my dad taught me how to call people to do that gross stuff for me




brb walking to liquor store

texting and driving kills!!!!!!

a lot of my friends can't even use basic power tools properly because they were raised by the scourge that is single mothers


oobles what do u have against ur half sister

i only found out i had a half sister a year ago and shes 10 years older then me and tries to get me to wear dresses and makes me feel uncomfortable overall. i grew up an only child and found out i had *three* half siblings less than a year ago i am SO UNCOMFORTABLR

damn thats crazy ive never met someone who actually found out they have siblings/half-siblings later in life

also give her a break im sure shes just trying to be nice

oh ok then, that's fine.

how are you tonight? :3

as uncomfortblr as this makes you feel?

no i refuse you cant just come into my life and be like "haha im ur sister lets do sisterly things EKS DEE X3333" AND EXPECT ME TO BE OK WITH IT

im ok besides being riled how r u nezi kun

yo dont act like a stuck up bitch about it just cuz ur half-sister is clearly taking it way better than u
just try to be nice

no we have nothing in common and i am extremely salty let me be salty oh gosh

no i wont placate u in ur childish behavior thats not how i roll

Mine has long since been tainted by evil
I struggle every day to bring some light back into it

nolike i grew up being told i was an only child and suddenly i have siblings and i am expected to get along with them like excuse me r u high? im more mad at my parents than anything

careful on that edge

ahh, just give 'er a little spit-shine youll be okay

so be mad at ur parents dont take it out on ur newly found siblings who are just trying to make the best of it

I've been through and have committed some sinister acts

fahgit about it kid

no i dont know how to control my anger

im the tiny ball of hatred that bites everyones ankles

No way jose

w/e im already over it i'll lecture u more some other time

suit urself i choose to forgive and forget

nezumi is also ban right?

ok sounds good im gonna head to bed anyways gn

also grim stop be edge boy go watch some cute anime

Why do you want to know?

Maybe one day

I have webms for him

sweet dreams deary

Is Westworld a cute anime?

Yeah, that's him.
I wanna talk about the drama that happened recently. Do you think I deserved the full 7 days, even after learning the full story?

i believe it was about damn time someone besides me got banned

You're the only one that deserves to be banned



-hugs you to make up for teasing-

I'm okay
grandma came home from hospital again

can I ask you to tell me the tale of squidge
I'm quite curious

oh yeah? for what?

Being terrible.

depends do you mean 7 days before or after the evading? cause you may disagree with evasion adding time buuut sci sort of cemented why that rule was needed lol I think you at very least deserved 3 or 4 at the most but you would've made that 7 days through evading cause you managed to move 7 to 11. so tl;dr no, I think you deserved 3 plus additional hours for evading


How did he cement that rule?

Okay. I was jw since you refused to talk to me on steam about it.

lmao ive always loved this excuse
i grew up in a worse environment and im not a cunt about it

oh yeah? at what?

bee n a long time back years and years since ive talkedd to him so most of the details are gone by now
Met in one of thsoe group msn chats and he added me and i had him added for like 2 or 3 weeks and every day he'd message me talking about how he'd still panties and jack off in the m and about how he wanted to torture and fuck little girls
I feel like he was also a coke head or something vageuely


Literally everything

You cannot do anything well, aside from being awful



How sinister are we talkin'

You talking about the squidward poster?



Alright yeesh, thought I knew this guy for a second. It's been so long I thought I don't remember what name the squidward poster went by.


Happy birthday me!

Well yeah, you internalize it all. I'm sure that's done its damage.


I would say 81 years in prison if everything was tallied up and I plead guilty

heyyyyy birthday boy how u doin'

That was just squidward
he was a pony too
he was a good guy


Happy one step further into the grave day.

oh well yeah im fucked up but at least im only a burden on myself a grand majority of the time

Grim pls no terrorist

New thread when?

Just had a $200 meal so feeling full

Not too many years left for me!

Why do you think I get so much joy from helping people

it helps me stave off the feelings of regret

Shut up Test


Go on...

That could be a reason too

But how do you get loadsamoney then?

You shut up, fuccboi

Kinda don't believe that with you tbh

as opposed to being a burden on others that seems pretty good

dont be retarded ian humans are inherently selfish
we only help eachother because it makes us feel good
high horse pls go


every time I think about how I like helping people it reminds me of the OP in Kokoro Connect, and how someone bashes his kindness and makes him believe that he's only helping people because it makes him feel good and he's actually just selfish and doesn't care about others. He just wants that good feeling he gets from helping people.

Also I'm not on any kind of high horse

Only you know your motivations, I guess

Who am I burdening

that's more to due with my distaste of the admin's choices to never keep to anything and sci cemented it by always evading like every hour for awhile after his perma ban

Did you ruin someone's life..?

Does this place even have moderation?

*to do

Yeah they do a good job

It has memes, does that count?

You know about 8chans policy on "perma bans"?

They expire after like 3 months

Because they dont believe in true perma bans

Ultimately since this is animus and bebo is in charge, the final call is his.

Look at sci now, all he does is mildly creep people out

Let's stop here ^^


Oh god ok

So how's your morning going

how many times have you had a little bitch fit and then had to ask for forgiveness from people you considered your friends

I'm playing a game right now I can't be assed to keep track of little mess ups bro

there is no amount of "look at him now" you can do to get me not to see him as a pedo

Oh my god the bugs in Xenovrese have killed me one to many times.

I'm upset.

Awesome, I'm actually staying up to watch UFC and it's almost finished
Worth it so far ^^


scrubadubdub eh?


The game forced me to lose about 3 matches.

How can they let bugs exist in a fighting game of all things?

I don't think you understand how bad it actually is.

Isn't it more an RPG or something?

Like how bad is it then?

Idk I thought it was a 1v1 fighting game
I'm just thinking, if you have a bug in Skyrim, that's alright, you go to your last save
But it's different in a fighting game

Have you ever been launched out of the map into a black void of nothingness in any other fighting game?

lol never in a fighting game, no
You must've taken one hell of a kamehameha


That's a shit hell, there isn't even a blood pool.

I just biked out to wal mart! yay!!!
I have some jlly filled bismarks
and some sparkling white grape juice uwu

I got mad and went back into ranked and recorded it.

I won :)


The blood pool is only like 4 feet deep. lame

poor fusion

Wanting to fuck kids is wrong dude you need jesus or sumthng

I still don't know what the fuck is happening in super right now.

Spirit bomb swords and shit

more like Hillarity Clinton

ye and the retcon time based earring rule, cause god forbid we explore a possibility of them being fused possibly for a whole other arc or at least long enough to do more

i wish i had a smaller wiener >__>

Maaaahogany, ma-ho-gany. Mahogany.



Its also means we will probably never see gogeta in super.

If the ear rings last that long the dance probably lasts less than a minute.

what is this cuckery

How are they trying to rationalize a time limit on th earring?

I thought it fused them together forever

ssb gogeta for 1 and a half seconds

a two finger massage


What the fuck is wrong with you bro
piercings are disgusting
this looks like torture

me too buddy
me too

Well, that's the thing. He posted an LS model image which although is pedophilia, it isn't hardcore pedophilia. The kid was clothed. NOW THIS IS NO EXCUSE, HE POSTED PEDOPHILIA. But since he posted something on the tamer side, and only did it once, one can assume he did it for an attention grab.

That's why I don't think he's a pedo, and he did it for attention. (I mean, look at his personality.)

That stuff's so brutal

They said it only lasts for 1 hour now if you're not a god.

The supreme kai is pretty much always wrong about everything.

I don't like him very much anyways.

you guys for Conor mcgregor or eddie alvarez?


thats freakiing stupid

I like to think that fighter safety is their #1 priority
When you have multiple doctors ringside, even the worst situations can get turned around

But I don't like the hate Alvarez gets

she had her bare 7 year old ass out

I don't like it very much tbh

I guess it would be better if it were asians in there.

some piercings aren't so bad. quick skeet



i am hoping that alvarez gets it
it would be exciting to see a multi weight champion

oh, did she now?
I never saw the image, just knew it was an ls model one

concussions happen
and docs can't prevent them

Yeah, now I can ignore all those people who were saying how trump and white people are literally hitler
thanks man

meet the flintstones
for a modern jav or a p o v

| ||
|| |_


People like that make me feel better about myself. Fuck.......

Who, that cat?

What is this

He has ignite on the wrong key. GROSS

Apple cider !!!!!!!!

green tea

KEK. I used to watch that show


i would text young joe biden at 1 27 a.m in the morning




link plz


holy shit it's time





im cold

need snuggles

Do it yourself.

If you google it lots of things come up.

no u







that was the most bitter sweet part

you gonna keep me warm tonight~?

I was not dissapointed.

Bard did you just see that?

It was great.

Everyone looked sad where around where I lived.

I was probably the only guy walking around with a big stupid smile on his face.


Hey Bard

How do you feel :3



yes because d for dlash

Here moogs
because some people are cockmeat


there is a photo of Romney looking like shit soon after losing

i imagine its very soul crushing


F isn't for Fire also.

when you put so much money and effort into it

could try to imagine the pain

imagine getting btfo by half of america

i wouldnt want to leave my bed

Test and Guero won't let me stop OW.


ah fuck I was 1 win away from that masters 3500
then it all went to shit


depending how low my campaign went I wouldnt leave my house for a while vs I would congratulate my opp and accept defeat humbly

tell me about those gamebreaking bugs in your dbz game

losing to trump especially must have been awful

unfortunately i cant imagine her beating anyone else

and she couldnt even do that

same ;_;

I'm back up to 3360 or something but it's a long journey

did you ever add me? i can't remember

The worst one is the turnaround bug.

You can see me hit him a 2 minutes in my video and it randomly turns me around.

You can't even turn while using that move...


he deserved that win