I <3 u ikaros


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thats ironic coming from me, i know. but i don't let religion cloud my mind and still laugh at people like lenko who tell me those nigs who do science shit are just wrong because reasons and that everything had to be created from something much higher because he's a c u c k

making me giggle like a schoolgirl rn

drink bleach sci

probably was an athiest dude the entire time, gotta love pretending to be a catholic school girl for guys online lol

Yeah I don't know; in the one I remember the girl was smiling and it looked innocent enough except her wrists were duct taped to a table.

It's not a pretty picture

How've you been? ^^

You're so cute. :3

Had any interesting dreams lately?

I think it's been years since I last saw Neru call Darwin "dewgong"; thanks for pointing it out

i went in an old thread on here and got triggered by a post bard made

honestly i love sluts and religious ones are all the better. pretending to be a girl online purely for attention is gay as fuck and shows they ain't shit irl though which is sad. still don't know about them though tbh, i mean afaik they never asked for anything other than cummies(sure maybe a chat or two but that is just normal human behavior ON THE INTERNET)

thats just weird af

i can never read their name right for some reason. probably have autismo


i like doing it my way cause that doesn't happen

put it back

it's the source of my power


been better, been pretty down in the dumps for some unknown reason

they probably won't come back

maybe not here but i'm sure they'll show up in other places, if they ever left them anyway. might venture there soon enough myself though
will miss

*puts it back in*


who has a small penis raise ur hands

actuallyyyy tonight I dreamed I had a sickle following me around right and everyone saw it as a sickle and it was handcuffed to me but it was actually noface like the ah ah ah-guy and he kept wanting to kiss me and nobody else saw he was doing it except me and I had to go compete in a fight against a big thing that was making weird noises in the distance with a bunch of other people like idk what excatly it was but it was arranged by a rich guy in a tall building with a huge blue flame on top and there was stuff with my parents too like I had to pick one of them whose personality to keep nearby except they were not really my parents but they were in the dream and one of my parents was nice and the other not so nice but the not so nice one had the nice personality and the other one a not nice personality and it was hard to pick and I kept trying to get peoples attention to noface and all the invisible stuff I was seeing but nobody saw and it ended

you slightly triggered me too
also i found a pic of you somewhere


any yall niggas joining?


joining what

morning runescape is comfy

kuro is best girl

adorable~ ♥

small penises are cute tho

civ V is fun!

for some reason that post doesnt show for me and i dont have the option to make it show

would you like to join luku?


Thank me properly

I put a lot of work into that

based somebody made filtered posts hide stubs sothat I do not have to run derpy script anymore

only thing left is hiding backlinks to filtered posts

scan man is mrunning a V match

i'm playing a game with Mugen already... u~u

oh yeah no worries

MAybe invite him and you later?


I could give it a try.

i have a trigger finger and seeing this pic triggered me and almost made me ban you thinking you were smokey

Yeah I think you once said you get phases of that

That all seems pretty random even for a dream. :3 -hugs tightly and kisses the top of your head-

Anyway I'm gonna go get food

Also this

arent you playing civ tho?

enjoi foof

I feel a need to shitpost
Also what's a fun game to play

oldschool runescape

Oh, you can always ban me for no reason.

I need struggles in my life.

Next time. I've started all over again.



I never played runescape, is it worth?

New Runescape, gave it a try.
Felt nostalgic.

on oldschool?

runescape is comfy and chill, you can play it while youre playing other vidya

that I do, that I do sadly

Dunno how to oldschool.
Wanna try the new shit.

new rs is gay tho
hit change world and set it to f2p if need be, enter your acc details, and youll be thrust back into 07 runescape

ty master

The website is cancer, but I'm working my way through this.


you want oldschool runescape for maximum comfy tho

Yeah I got that part from the link you put. Doing client bullshit now.

Alright which server?

Good job

i'm going to bed now

happy drames


I need to pee

im on world 394

Oh, welcome back Dusty.

Heck I get anxious way tooo easily

This game already looks like memes.
SoraONDOZE because Dustyny was taken somehow.

Hello! How've you been?

I have been through some troubled times. How about yourself? I see you come and go online on steam some days.

Is there a better way to move the camera than arrow keys?

Been really busy with school, and am raiding in WoW, which takes up most of my freetime. Recently started doing some other stuff to try to not get/end depression.
Hope your troubles are over now.

welp, ive gotta go now, but have fun

They still continue.

How has school been going? not spending too long on wow are you?

The only reason I started watching KonoSuba was because of that gif of Aqua rainbow-puking in an alley.

It'll hold my interest for at least a little bit it seems.

That's unfortunate. School is less stressful than last year, thankfully. Still a lot of work though.
I barely play WoW enough to stay on my raid team, and get bitched to about it weekly. Might binge a bit for the Thanksgiving break (Wed-Fri is off) though.

die in your sleep

Wow nerds. When will they ever learn.

Elitists for life. So never.

I remember going to a gaming cafe with some friends after school to play league and we saw this elephant sized slob reclined in his chair playing wow with junk food all around him.

thats embarassing....

Gonna drink more then stream and record dota2

It was quite a disturbing site.

Gaming cafes are such a weird concept to me. I know they're popular in other countries, but it's just something I'd never want to do with strangers around me.


It was just with school friends because we wanted to eat at a cafe.


bleh yuh i would be a slob in my own house.. he probably didn't own one, being elephant sized and all

Huh. Video gaming is still pretty largely frowned upon in the US for reasons unknown. Not so much by the younger generations any more though.

Hey Dags if goggles was down to suck your dick

Would you let him?

nah eastern staters are strange right

Shinobu on lap...

It's the older generations making it look bad. That and koreans.

Sounds spooky

lol its fucked cunt. i've written that on stuff before, when it's really fucked, cunt

Mhmm. But it's whatever. I enjoy them.


Ikt pls response


I'll numba taiwan your wan

The number you have messages is no longer in service.




Maybe they just forgot to pay their phone bill? Not everybody blocks you straight away.

The number you have messaged is no longer in service.

I think I have 50% of all pokemon on Melemele island.

Is the game fun?
Random competitive are a shitshow right now because of the new 'mons.

goodmorning oooo

I'm enjoying it.


who did you start with?



Decidueye, for no particular reason.

I don't even like it that much because of Lurantis.

on another non greeting note, i went outside yesterday and it was the most canadian weather i have experienced in a few years

I got to walk, uphill, both ways, throw the wind and snow.

It was amazing, I'd forgotten how much I missed that.

I even slipped and wiped out and spilt my coffee.


good oobles *pet*

good so I'm not alone in my pick!

Was your coffee timmies? Also yeah, I went to the flea market and actually got knocked over. I dropped the poutine I got from the chip wagon.


Set teams are neither popular nor fun. Just 'is my team a counter to yours?'

Eurobeat > Vaporwave

Apparently I get to do it again today, even.

The only thing I didn't want to pick was Primarina, because my friend was definitely picking it.

You know it was.

Oh god, I'm so sorry.
My sympathies.

That's how it usually is anyway.

The tapu types are Electric, Grass, Water and Psychic, right?

I ate my dads. still blowed because it was like 7$.

Is that a red panda?
Either way it's adorable af.


so did cups

Only at low elo. Higher level people are more about hiding their teams, so even if you would normally lose you can win because they don't know how to play properly.

Do you people really take games this serious or am I just an irredeemable hard core scrub?

it is, yes. he is the master of wiggle.

owo what's this?

video games? taken seriously?

Yeah, but it's easier to trade with someone I'm guaranteed to meet, and be side by side, with someone I'm guaranteed to be side by side with at least once a week.

Most teams at worlds last year were largely similar, and almost all moved could have been assumed.
The dominant team's counter was itself built for a different situation, and able to maintain it longer.

Video games? Back in high school maybe yeah. But back then me and and one of my friends were earning a bit of cash and pride during castle breaks which is nice.

The one girl managed to go far by having her groudon be slightly faster outside of trick room.

*meant emp breaks


fair but I was just being silly about starters nothing about trade


Gotta get that shiny charm tho.
~1/2000 chance for shinies.

ur gross

shiny charm?

It doubles the chance for shiny pokemon.
You usually have to complete the pokedex for it, but I hear in this one you only have to complete the alola dex, which is super easier.
32% done, and I haven't really been focusing on it super much.

Just kinda catching Tapus right now to level these little shits so they'll evolve for more completion.

interesting! I knew nothing of the sort

i am a girl ofc im gross im gonna give you COOTIES

There's also the masuda method, which I don't see why they'd've removed.
That doubles shiny rate when you're breeding pokemon from different regions.

Yes they stack.

Are futas women with dicks or males with tits?

Worlds are a joke. Smogon rules or get out.

ye right, I'll prove you can't give such things


Sorry, I misremembered.
Masuda method is 6x shiny rate.

Yes they stack.


shiny pokemon are those alternate colored ones right?


IIRC the grand change was from ~1/4000 to 1/512 or something like that.

all the time

1 in 4000 catches? wot

I love Emilia.

>tfw your triangles did not draw because you forgot the array of indices the past 2 hours

it hurts to live I wish I had pastries

I have been assured it gets better.


oh boy but why

Welcome back to the party, btw.

Bring pastries to programming


That's the base chance for a given mon to be shiny.

Unless it's shiny locked.

I try

I hope for pastries tomorrow instead

too late and efforts to go to store

me too~
*shares pastries with you* ♥

oh thanks

what kinda pastries

cause lewd

need is sleep, night

There is nothing left for me here. I am going to go read before bed.

a-any pastry I need my fix

Sleep well Goggles-chan.

Wow okay you're just an addict.

Finally have all the Tapus.

Now I'm going to rename them all.
Instead of Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, and Tapu Fini, they shall be...
Tapu Odolwa, Tapu Twinmold, Tapu Goht, and Tapu Gyorg.

enjoi book happy bed

aha thanks I wish

Get it?
Because Tapu Koko is a jungle warrior, Tapu Lele is... something, Tapu Bulu is a bull, and Tapu Fini is a fish?



I'm a fucking perverted :c

I don't even see a boat, just muff, tits and high heels.


*mic drop*

tri cera tops

that's because that's what that is

quarter pound wang

well then... proves i just woke up. I usually don't study lewd stuff this early in the day.

the more i know about it the less i understand about it and the more the helplessness and hopelessness increases

Good morning~

moog dorning

What's up qt

just chilling, watching the walking dead, regretting leaving the house and getting soaked


Just waking up now. Hungover.



did you have a good night?

I guess so.

aw, i forgot what song my curry song is.

i had a song i listened to when i ate curry but i forget it

so whats your plans for today?

you should always study lewd stuff

1) Feel better
2) Get cute
3) Hopefully do something

then i'll end up fucking a fat chick out of vent up sexual frustration.

sounds like a plan
anything good for breakfast?

I ate the rest of my chips that I got last night apparently.

I have never done that

a q p
w ang
Mad freestyle though.

got nothing else in?

I could make a sandwich.

sounds good to me

ty fam

No problem.
How are you anyhow?
And have you had the time to hang up more Buscemis?


Are you as cute as Kou-chan


i wish...


*snuggles tiredly*

My brother woke me up to give me Pokemon Sun, but I wanted to sleep more.

ayo recommend me a good th8 base that makes me lose almost no cash money

death to pokemon infidels




the dude just came round for his thing, put a cartridge in it... and couldn't get it out. so now it's still at my house, in the cupboard, only now it's loaded.



Whywas this recommeneded :/

I don't know whether to interpret that as something lewd or something dangerous.

im all for people owning guns and all, but you kinda dun goofed letting him store some random gun at yours

it's a fucking pirate's gun, there is no nice ejector or anything

dangerous old pirate shotgun

oh shit i forgot my subject

that's like leaving home without my clothes

UK gives GCHQ & Co. legal carte blanche
UK outlaws NSFW websites and forces ISPs to block them
Flee, qt.

if erin dies from a dodgy shotgun we can safely say that if guns were legal and regulated it wouldnt have happened

no, i shall remain, and hopefully liberalism proper will rise again in britain

cause nice new guns not dangerous blunderbusses

[laughing farage].png

Oh jebus, why did someone load it?

i have no fucking idea, he just did

someday i want to own a fully working 17th century war boat, complete with functioning cannons and a shitton of ammo

farage is the saviour of britain, i only hope his success heralds the demise of globalism in britain

like a buffoon


Did you tell the guy to take it with him?

one day i'm gonna rule a planet of microbes

Do you have any of these that you could just throw at me?

Jesus christ, he is going to do a Jo Cox.

he left it for whatever reason

something tells me i could get it made stupid cheap in china these days
then again i also dont want to to be that daft fuck who died in the middle of the fucking ocean on a chinese made 17th century english war boat

ur a buffoon

probably, give me 5 minutes tho

i want a car when i grow up


Did he say that he would be back, or was it more like a "Congratulations, you're now an happy owner of a blunderbuss!" ?

he gonna take it soon.

Inb4 he's just hiding the gun at your house and waiting for the moment when he's going to rob the bank.

no comment

I called it then.

Do not leave it that way.
Open the breach if the shell is physically stuck in there.

kinda rooting for an accidental discharge

Isn't there a death penalty for that considering you get like life for carrying a butter knife?


That's pretty edgy.
I thought you two got along.


That's a shame. So much hostility nowadays.
Oh well.

I know. It's sad.

new phone who dis

Nobody really comes here anymore even.
Nobody I can really talk to that is.


With that knowledge I shall go back to my other place. Toodles

Dunno, got a new phone too!

You seem to always take our interactions as shots at you.

The size is a big improvement no?


My size is big at least

But yes

N-not lewd pls

Cheeky moon.

Any how I'm off to work.

have a good day daddy!!!



it's high noon

in five minutes


All these animes of success and shit I can't relate.


Like, people settings goals and reaching them and being successful responsible people.

I need more Shinjis to relate to.

how come you can't?


Do I look like a winner?

Not particularly.


*as in, I agree


You don't look like a loser.


Thanks ^^

woof woof

Can I join the loser club?

*pats the doge*


sorry, burgers happened, then my dad swung by

still want me to give you that shit?


I suppose that makes me the ultimate loser.



You're good!




Rest well



Good afternoon.

Now Google will keep recommending me bee shit everywhere thanks

what seems to be the problem with that



i am so not clicking that


Why would you use cheats in a video game

Why would you rig the elections


fun tbh like spawning 100 cats or watermelons

or infinite mana to spam spells
or infinite money in the sims when you just wish to build something obscenely complicated

I meant in a competitive game

hibike euph was p k

nopan best pan

Because honor's dead.

i thought you only posted high quality lewds

Is it really cheating if no one catches you?

or infinite cocks for when u a dirty hoe


to win/grief/see what is possible?

I want KyoAni to do the original Initial D again.


No sexualizing the gummin'



60 FPS freaky

now this I can fap to


I actually haven't fapped to her yet.


I thought you'd like that one.

I prefer this one.
Apparently she's destroyed Nuzlockes.

You'd think those types are really just taken to absurd degrees and can't possibly exist but an accidental road trip through Alabama, Mississippi and the panhandle of Florida sorely disproves that.


Tsareena is a literal queen she evolves once her previous evolution learns stomp, believe it or not

Lurantis is kinda too mantissy for my tastes

Lurantis is literally mantis Saber.
She even learns Excalibur.


I will fully admit, I've said Ekusu Kalibaa more times than I can remember since my Lurantis learned it.

Those are the Pokemon of today? Holy SHIT

Daily reminder that Salazzle is a Poison/Fire type that can poison anything.
And has good speed and special attack to ruin your day after it does.


Jesus christ why is it so sexy

isn't it terrible?

I wish I knew this existed before I beat the game.

I keep accidentally eating paper


I did that yesterday.

How is this accidental?

What the FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they found their way into my sandwich.

I sit around like normal and then suddenly the next moment it is in my mouth for half an hour



I took it out after a few bites.

I keep accidentally eating the whole ass

legacy of the void is pretty expensive

Buy it for me.


I used to be good at Zerg in that game. It's ded now

It had not been released when I bothered with the game.

I bought it for the story line.

Me neither.


like do it for you or buy it so that you cna have it

Story WAS good tho

hi darwin

But you watched Fate/K for the "plot".
How have you not?


The latter.

Darwin, touch my ample bosom.

aaa but I do not even have it myself

I saw people play it and it had some weird units and structure changes



Oi I watched it because of loli.dance and then things got interesting.


think bee

That man's laugh is so fucking annoying.

I avoid doujins with anime I watched.

kirito x agil

Kind of the point.
Gervais has a fucking cackle when he laughs.

karl is heroic

P-private military company...?

Hau has...
Hau is... interesting.

metal gear?

whats that?

I have Metal Gear.

Well, okay.
I have a Zoid.

psycho mantis?


Are you?
Who who.
Who who.


The Grand Tour is pretty gr8.

I just did for the first time, and boy was it great.

I have a nice fap folder of her now

I came to this image though

I kindly refuse, but good for you.

Anyway good night!

Oh hell naw that's just wrong

if you're going to be a pedo can you at least do it to drawings that aren't shitty


Nothing is scared.


Megumins are for snug, not for fug, and should only ever be defiled in the sanctity of marriage.

The image was very well done. what constitutes "something not shitty" to you?

The drawing was pretty spot on to the anime.

cutest mantis

are you some kind of fucking idiot

I refuse to accept this.


This one?

Maybe you're also a rapist.


I like mine more.
She's basically just mantis Saber.

but...but how? there's no penis...I don't understand.

loco is one of those people who subscribes to the idea that his opinion is objectively correct, rather than a subjective view on the world held by him. no point in asking him why he does anything, really.

Felix is overrated

What is Cuppers thankful for this year?

my family.

my friends.

end of list.

I'd say internet but I pay money for that so I don't have to be grateful for it.

Be thankful for me.

Well, you can be grateful to all the people who spent their whole life researching the things that lead to the creation of the internet.


seems like a lot of work.

Is it thanksgiving or something?

on thursday, yes.

Oh well, never celebrated that.

...just say that you're grateful for them, you child!

This Thursday in


well it is primarily an american holiday so that makes sense.

I refuse.

Hard as bone

do it already.

"Happened previously on the show.."
Cue the 10 minutes of dramatic shots.

Same as Halloween.

I'm this close to calling you all sorts of humiliating and demeaning insults.

This Chirstmas, there will be no peace on Earth. We'll call it Trumpmas.


makes sense. other countries hate free candy and the perfect excuse to wear a mask and commit crimes anonymously.

what would tip you over the edge?

But one man can make a difference..

I don't really know, there has been quite a lot of those killer clowns around as of lately.

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