The 'I should sleep' thread

The 'I should sleep' thread

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sleep is for the gay

no never

New? More like poo!

go to bed loodz, cmon

So you sleep all the time?

im tired

like we were trying to fill in for the shipper who was sick and i was the only one else besides him who actually knew the process

and this other dude was like trying to improve the process and i was like we don't really have time for this shit, lets just do it how it's supposed to be done

everyone's a pro

strawberry milk that shit

you're the lewd one

who the eff is oobles

When will this Alacrity daemon stop his vicious attacks on poor helpless boards?

i love big vagina

my replacement


that's my bitch

I dont think I'm supposed to button it up

Forget big oil and big government, 2017 is the year of big vagina




uhh you try it first and report back..

Untrue rumour, sorry

honkey ass cracker

thank u buddy u understand me so well

Jesus fuck, burn it

i kinda never drink milk

i surely have a calcium deficiency

brittle and delicate

I gotchu fam

i quite like soto's posh look

think about how much blow you can stuff in those pockets


wasei-eigo desu!

Leather jacket it is then

colbert sorry for being mean to you ;;

i love you like a father

you look like a dad, man
that sweater and those glasses put 15 years on your face

my brain has 0 glucose rn

nope. they provided proof.


Pls guero, don't scare me like that
I'm already scared of turning 24 next month

light are druggies really getting put down over there?

lol seems like a fun time

only babies and weirdos drink milk

fuck calcium

I know I said I thought those shirts were more preppy than gay, but after seeing it on you it does look pretty gay lmao

put on a cap and a vape pen on them pockets

Wow so old

guess i'm going to have to be ignored for a bit until the sting dulls

yeah i used to buy soy milk but i eventually stopped even doing that

like why even

water is really all you need

yup. specifically those in to meth. Gives the inner 12 year old edgy me a grin.


Brb, getting my hearing aid and old person cane.

aha old ass nigga
at least you're still handsome in your old age my dude

why do u look like discount mexican mr rogers who's a solid 6/10 at least?

you look like the upper middle class kids at my school
you planning on going to stanford any time soon?

Only 2 more hours of work.

so like what about weed?

like are potheads getting stoned to death?

this image is amusing to me

only 40 more years of work

i get stoned to death every day broke

If im good i can retire at 50.

dude my guy is out. it's so frustrating

and i broke my pipe scraping it

only 2 more years of existential crisis then 40 more years of work

you got that 401 nigga?

I do not. I dont plan to reture at least.

pls be more specific

A fedora perhaps?

I'll fucking go over there and cuck your gf

How old are you anyways?


Guero pls no flirting when I look like a grandpa

Kinda salty that's not a 7 tbh

I'll go if you go ;)

for you like 60

Pot is considered high class material here and mostly college students who wants to be kool use it. That's why they don't really gather that much attention. This together with party drugs.
Meth on the other hand is the poor man's drug of choice so it's better for target clean up.

24, lol.

a bull cap with the logo of the state you're in.
I always thought you were nearing your 30s.

You should really start acting your age :^)

I don't have one

I was going to be seven but I didn't want to give a compliment so easily.


Ya dern whippershnappers.

Git off my lawn!

*shakes cane*

Give kiss.

do i sell my soul to get an engineering degree
or do i be absolutely fucktarded and get a history/english degree

i'm leaning more towards the latter because i'm in ap calculus and already getting bs and shiet

getting old is gay

Do what im doing ad die before 40.

@bard I posted sauce in last thread

sell your soul
youll gain it back when you marry

be a cool guy
go into engineering


yeah like why retire? i'd like to find some fun thing to do for minimal pay when i get super old and grumpy

oh that's interesting. so like it's mostly to clean out the crack and meth heads

but like what about the rich kids who lace their blunts

i need weed not something to smoke it from

i can roll a joint in like 5 seconds

honestly, coming from someone who majored in two really impractical liberal arts things

go with the one that will get you a job as quick as possible out of college


i have cause to live though

nigga dont make it gay im just saying
probably one of the only normie looking people on the board

ask and ye shall recieve

I simply dont know what id do. Working makes me feel half ok about who i am.

Thanks bae, love ya.


you too

I dont think youre trash btw

just quirky

well, it's a choice between getting old or dying early
take your pick familia

we'll see
i'm only in beginning AP physics classes and tbh i'm better at biology and there's a decent amount of jobs in forestry as well

if i majored in something impractical like history/english i'd probably just aim to be a teacher or something

though again easier said than done


basically yeah. But their trying to uncover the roots of it all (the main supplier of drugs).
the rich kids on the other hand are protected by their rich parents with connections with the government. Recently a bunch of ravers died due to overdose during a concert and there was only a brief ruckus but no government intervention. Some of the parents didn't want an autopsy because family pride and shit.

Dont worry I own a back up cardigan in case my other one is too gay

i'm the type that loves to do nothing, but a little too much

a job keeps me active and that's going to be even more important at like 60, 70, 80 (assuming i live past 50)

yeah teachers get paid shit and it's a LONG road to actually make money

go with the engineering if you're good at it

tons of opportunities for getting overpaid

soto's expressions are just great

the one that appears in the top right

the fact that you're doing AP at all puts you ahead of everyone else. I didn't do AP in HS because I thought I was going to be a doc

ended up having to find myself over the next few years and finally locked on a Computer Engineering track, wasted a few grand and some years of my life but I'm glad I managed to get to my endgoal

in the end all that matters is you live happily doing things you enjoy

so find your niche

the better you are @ what you do, the easier it is to make it to an administrative position in your field and make big bucks while not actually doing much work, recommend you study business ethics and learn an alternate language

that one is less classy

I think the majority of posters have issues conveying what they're thinking when it's really important.

Anyway, it's bed time for me.


I feel ya. I hope once i get out of threads when life picks up ill be happyer. Keep a few of you in my life and cut the bullshit out.

they really are

your face is screaming "I AM A HUGE FAGGOT PLEASE FUCK MY FACE"

fix it

the black one is nicer

have good nee

I pray this is real


that leader is pretty wild

i got this philipino at work

we've been joking about a trump/philipines/russia/north korea alliance

Don't go into medicine unless you're:
a.) mad rich and can afford to go into any shitty med school and get your license or
b.) mad genius and could understand and remember everything you have read with just one reading or
c.) have mad dedication to medicine because if you don't have that you'll regret it, especially if you don't have a and b. But if you have this then you'll be able to survive med school.

this man speaks truth

Anyways back to work. Home in an hour 45.

I know a few people who went into medicine, none of them are "mad genius" and I'm pretty sure they all made good decisions

don't troll the president!!!!!!!!

see you soon honey

Yeah, who would even want you anyways lmao
Sorry bout that

get outta here with that bullshit

Damn nigga do I look that old?

Old and autistic
Tokai really lucked out

Karp out normies me
And he could rock a cardigan very well

lmao good one fam

I'm squinting you cunt
I'm not even being smug or anything

no bully

I do too but 9gag

squinting with your eyebrows up in fuccboi fashion

yeah ok

eh don't let this place affect your irl actions

i've always seen this as an easy time killer

like easier than actually making effort in the irl

but i don't blame this place for my inactivity

see ya soon honey

i wrote this long reply so still gonna post it

mocking him isnt going to fix it

yes troll the memesident

take computer science, with a comp sci degree youll work at only the fanciest tills and have a deep ingrained hatred for modern technology

perhaps you forgot about the time you took off based grimu's sweat filled socks

now that is class

nah. I doubt that tho. It's more of a phil/china/russia alliance since our president has been trying to get on the good side of china lately.

sorry fam
you still look like some delicate lookin' faggot

yeah, still got one to two more years before i graduate
and i can see why engineers are paid so much- physics is waaay easy to fuck up

our school is some fancy prep thing so it's required for everyone
yeah, being a doctor is waay too much school. 12 years including residency is a little much

that's just being my age though, finding what you like enough to grind an entire life at

all of them were memes

@ underage dude

whatever you do



it's usually the "dream" that gets them going. I kinda envy people with those types of mindset.


Moogs give it to me straight man
Am I a fuccboi?

Sometimes you need to help a nigga out when he's drunk as shit tbh

resting fuccboi face


no hillary was the unfair slayer of memes, trying to slaughter poor pepe

no rabble rousing spoilers

youre not wearing a snap back

and i've been thinking about how fucking weird how literally no one in america can tell you who the leader of china is

literally no one

it seems like we should know this

i could not say right now even without google and too lazy to google

engineers are such overpaid tools

well the ones at my work are

go with that

nah I had workmates before who looked as young as you and when I asked their ages they were around 26-29 years old. that's why I usually just assume people are a bit older than how they look.


Don't tell me you were an English major.

awww no fair

Thank god I never wear hats


thats a fuccboi shirt

who, then, fought for our memes?

what do you work as?
most engineers are overpaid tools, but they're overpaid tools who know calculus and physics and shiet


when u coming to ny

LOL it's just such a funny action

like it's not like it's uncomfortable to sleep in socks

like it is to in shoes

no worse


i guess i'm an administrative assistant

but i'm about to be a technician

anyone that wasn't her really

hey mandy

my neck so damn sore

How are you, love?

I don't even know how to distinguish between a fuccboi shirt and a non-fuccboi shirt

Gonna start saying deadass as much as I say like when I go over there

deadass srs fam

I was drunk too nigga
and taking off your socks is a great feel after being at a con

he boot to big for he goddam feet

thank god mandeline is here with the hetero vibes


watching a movie

trying to lighten the mood

i comes naturally to me

must be a side effect of my faggotry

i-i'm so sorry

oh, sounds neat, what are you being an administrative assistant to?

was he like "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh......thank you sempai.... SNOOOOOOOOORE. SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE"

for some reason i imagine grimu as an ugly sleeper

I try to get my dick hard for all ladies.

What movie?

i also majored in environmental studies and a lot of that was like natural history

a calibration lab

i think my penor is turning more feminine the older i get

til bobbly flay is a fucking asshole

This seems like a gay porno. Minus teh sex scenes.

Did you buy this? Why?

Those are some strong tan lines


too small. can't tell if she's tuckin'

it is

its one of those so bad its good things

need to help yan play dark souls

you could've gone into forestry or something gay and nature-y with that fam

Fuck off,it isn't Lulu!

Tucking what?

I don't think I will be watching it....

Okay heres the 4 11 folks
Say some 'gangsta' is dissin your 'fly girl'


a snake with a german helmet.

yeah i COULD have gone into a lot of things

i had no direction and still don't

i just majored in what i could tolerate

missing out

Where would she tuck it? Here is one with a snake, but no helmet.

Maybe, but I think I might live.


I wish i had gone into engineering instead.


where can I find a girl with a snake like that


no regrets all in all

except probably should have done less drugs tbh

for me do it

watch it all its great

it's a nice webcomic

i shouldn't sympathize with you this much
but i do

i could probably do a lot of things tbh, feeling happy while doing it is another matter entirely

looking at the salary they have is nice, looking at the calculus and vectors and such is definitely not nice

who has been keeping up with westworld

i need to fangirl

I'm an acutal college dropout

I don't know. It didn't look like there was one.

It takes a special woman.

I-I can't...



I bought it cause I was trying out different kinds of sweaters and jackets and try to at least have 1 or 2 different kinds of blazers, cardigans, bomber jackets, letterman jackets, etc

Variety is the spice of life

yeah like get this

i got a 5 on my AP calc test in highschool

i COULD have done something in math or raw science

but like why would i want to do that. that track was like made for suicide

But in all seriousness tho I wish I really had gone into engineering.




I'm just worried one will fall out all the time.

Brushing your teeth before you go out so you won't smell like alcohol

I brush 3 times a day

Is this normal?

A snake?

some bitches like that been drinking at least a bottle of wine taste

they wanna know how I got I here when I didn't finish college

I dk why my name fell off

once after every meal is probably the most you should do

oh wait wishy is an english majour lol

sorry about what i said up there

teaching is admirable




college is bullshit

all it taught me is that i don't know shit

which actually was the most important learning lesson

go back!

With Beer it's worse

I remember when that one trap blew me, we sorta made out before and this nigga was like "You tastes like straight up hard liquor"

I was just like gave that nigga a sarcastic "I wonder why" then took off his clothes

2 tall cans counts as a meal right?

post lewd aoba pls

idk if i can afford that
and like i wasjust in liberal arts major
its not gonna help me anyways

yeah, the art style is pretty iconic now.

gotta learn about the bigger things you know

the unlearnable

yeah sure -_-

time to play vidya games before another existential crisis hits

calculus is one of the subjects i sort of have to study though, which sucks
how do i into doing things like using the sum of infinity rectangles to get the area under a graph

derivatives and integrals i'm gud on though

Did anyone here ever play borderlands 2? I know I'm late to the party but I just started playing it

with integrals.

rate my ex gf

Holy shit this was like back when I had acne cause puberty and shit
Ah, good times

literally just google
people have done it before you and they were dumber than you

Yeah, it was fun as hell.
I played the Siren class

you asked me this same q a couple years ago

puppy love/10

pretty great game

I did but I didn't enjoy it because the people I was co-oping with were german and didn't allow fun.

once when you wake up
once 30 minutes after a meal, as to not wear down the precious vulnerable enamel

and i guess once in a while while you're doing nothing?

because isn't it bad to do right before bed since while you're asleep your vulnerable enamel is attacked by your mouth bacteria while you're not awake? :\

yeah but
school is gay in the way that they force you to not do the easier way first to make sure you have a base of knowledge or something

i prefer to ask gay animes though, makes me feel more human

I still remember that flat chest though

That shit was great
I came on them and everything

Torning point in my life where I converted to DFCism

yeah and like all my college bros are on the other side of the country

it's so hard to keep up with them

although i finally reconnected with my freshman dorm roommate

dude was crazy

like has this really successful sushi place in socal with his brother

it's just so expensive to go out there


you should have said

"nigga do you think like i was gonna let you blow me sober?"

play this shit

it puts hair on your balls

or you just want attention

kanye's college dropout album is actually pretty rad

kinda surprised i can grab this on youtube since he's a fucking songify taytay whore

i played it a tiny bit.

I'm an assassin and I'm sorta stuck on the bunker boss atm

Probably laughable I'm sure it's supposed to be easy >.>

I've become obsessed with it, the gun names are very funny too

I've only been playing single player so far... why would anyone not want fun?! That's crazy!

that too

i prefer my screaming russians simulator thank you

fair enough

can you get me unbanned from lewd?

I said it in a really asshole kinda way and I guess he liked that
I was honestly being a huge bully to him but mainly cause I was trying to hook him up with my friend boston but he chose to not cheat on his whore gf so I was like WOW ALL THAT FUCKING WORK FOR NOTHING

Got trigged, bullied the trap way more then made him blow me

What a year at AX

No bullying my friends pls

first time I played through that I actually played through with Fuji I remember that bunkerr place way tooo well

Do you have the dlc with it? the core game was fantastic but with the dlc its alll the better

why the face?

do you know why they make you understand the theorems?

Because with those theorems you gain a deeper and true understanding of the math, enabling you to solve more complex problems that require critical thinking, and it helps when you learn higher level math that builds on it.


practice makes perf

yeah you do that scene right

There is no such thing as too much information

kinda wish grim didn't get too drunk and coked out to get a blowski from a dashy trap


fucking before kanye was a complete douche

before his retard mom died from getting plastic surgery

I was kinda curious about meeting an irl trap but oh well

lmao that image

did you like it, luka?

No dlc yet but once I beat the main story mission I will probably get it all, do you know what the max level is?

it's just annoying bc it's such a hella long boss battle

Real talk

He wanted to but the Remi had left earlier that day

I gotchu next year tho fam

unknown stuff...

but it just looks like once before you wake up

and once 30 minutes after your last meal of the day are fine.

since you only need twice a day.

phew, that's all cleared up.

Ty TP. I'm just gonna get worse, you know that right?


Aight sorry

The only and one defence he needs is, he made Graduation.

What else do you want? Anger? Grief? You ain't getting it from me.

kanyes mom died from plastic surgery?

Might be misremembering but I'm thinking its about 60

it's a pretty closed place
also i hate getting involved in internet drama
but maybe, /lewd/ Holla Forums divide is something i'm too new for though

rip my potential math career
even if i do get it a little

my beautiful dark twisted fantasy was a great album though, even if it was a meme

Yes. canadian user.
It is definantly a great game to play alone, or in a small group with freinds.

it's a very well made game, and give good enjoyment.
i personally like it for a multitude of generic reasons.
Worthwhile fun, satisfying. and a improved quirky story in the second game. BL2

this is not news

why did you put me on blast earlier homie


yeah fam right after he got big

she died under the knife

explains a lot


oh don't worry about it

you're welcome here at least

we don't ban people who are annoying here


there is no next year
I gotta make my life now

going wild gotta wait till I have my own home

I brush once a day and I have a healthy mouth

khan academy
talk to peers
office hours
thank me later


buying dlc increases level limit

So, who wants some pizza and hot dogs?
t. podesta

Man being clean from that shower lasted a solid 5 seconds.

Lube everywhere

I need to bring back the spiky hair again so it can be like 2012 all over again

yeah. that's ok.


jump back in

Ban you're so gay fam

i forgot what that t. meme means


am gonna shower brb

Nice what fig is that in the box

ban was my hetero valentine 2 years ago

i will never forget


gotta stop being a lazy asshole sometimes

anyways, time to play screaming russian simulator
see you Holla Forums

Sure it wouldn't bring 99 back?


oh shit common is on this album

yeah kanye used to be legit


I dunno, think that was Grims




i think the current mod crew is too lazy or rational to go on some haggard campaigne against specific posters

i think i might have gotten kicked out of a bar two weeks ago for calling the bouncer a nigger

it's just a feeling

Won't happen with Trump in power.

the n word is like in my subconscious so much from chans and i can't help it when i'm blacked out

i use nigger and faggot in my everydayvocabu

Like me saying faggot or kill yourself sometimes


brave new world

tfw never been to a con

i say nigga to myself like 50 times a day

it's only natural that it's going to spill out when my filter is gone

i dropped the nbomb with my old nigger neighbour once when we were blazing on the porch

and he was like dude you could get punched for that lol you're lucky you're with me

yeah faggot and ky comes out too

it's just like mental diarrhea when i'm blacked

I call everyone nigga
even my black friends

I'm happy I live in it.

No one's fault but your own
Why though?
You're a huge weeaboo faggot so why wouldn't you go?

My friends aren't weebs

same fam

That's actually kinda sad
Do you not have many friends or something?

Do you even know any within a reasonable travel distance?

Me 2

i've never been the same with one of my best friends after a cab ride with him and his sjw fiance where i started dropping the n word and trying to explain why it's stupid why the word has any power

granted our cabbie was black and it was a horrible first impression but shit

i usually say nigga when i'm driving

like this nigga just cut me off

or why is this nigga riding me so hard

they are usually mexicans behind those wheels


not even kidding

it's interesting isn't it

I love coc


Maybe ~5 that I talk to every day

Yeah I could go to any one in London

What's your base like huh

Shit, thought I replied to you 30mins ago.

Err... you fucked with the wrong small crowd?
You were a crip in blood territory?

Are there any sizable ones in london then?

I bet you do

Yeah one happened just recently

Some of those people in /lewd/ aare my distant friends.

Hence why I went over, asked what was going on, and said you were a dark reflection of ME.

A dumb drunk cunt.

like at first you said you were going to take up my cause

and then all of a sudden you were like fuck you


You should've moved your ogre feet there and attended it.

I smell like a smouldering pine fire

such a nice smell


th9 reporting in!

you love cock


who are you

You are great and youre waifu is too

Haha fuck we're the same except your walls are slightly better


gross she looks like my older sister

only a less chubby version

I feel like thats a little bit but then again I have a large amount of friends
All of them are weebs too which makes me wonder how you even talk about a really good episode of anime that just aired or whatever

You poor thing

so no one watches westworld? i kinda find that hard to believe with you group of dweebs

Also might just copy your layout

gotta go

soto's nerd cholo crew is so hilarious

like how do you find that many fucking mutachio'd beta mexican weebs


secret weaponssss

your heros would probably poop on mine tho, mine are just lil babies


bye soto

you drew that?

where you been 10x

why do you look so much like wish

moar adorable pics like this :)

Bitch don't know what pidgeys are OP
That 12-candy evolve


I think you're missing a 'k' buddy

light is so late lol

love based light

ehh just working and busy with friends/family other irl stuffs

Wish and I are quite distinct from one another I think!

do you also play clash royale subtle or just clash of clans???

Can't post all mah cute at once tho!

Just coc, I downloaded that one but never played it >

I'm gonna photoshop this to be in reply to this post

both user and canuck

it's trying my patience

well it's good to see you bro

haha he's done worse tbh

luka has very subtle fetishes

a keen eye can see them

Provide proof


luka is deffo a boob man

Because you fucked up.

Nah, cuz why you ask such an impossible thing?
I'm autistic as fuck and hae n tact. I love you man but fuck you.

;~; ok

no :(


I listened to about 3 seconds.

I wouldn't waste that much time come on now

How are you?

i fucked up by getting banned?

you asked why i got banned and i showed you

and you were like FUCKING SHIT DUDE FUCK YOU

with less caps

They said you were talking shit for AGES

You were like a kroni in their board.

it's just grimmy

like that dude we laughed outta here

its fun but different... do you have bomb tower yet? I still haven't built mine lmao

true enough and noted!

good to see you too bruh bruh

Thank you for understanding :c


Those 3 sentences ain't gonna get you banned, lest you've been baiting them.

Rules are looser there.

nah fam

1) i post once a week
b) i almost dated based clownpiece
3) i was spamming hard that night but grimmy is also a joke and deserved the harrassment

hashtag diditforgrim


Yeah I do!
But it seems really bad?
Oh well
Everything has to get maxed eventually..

what's the difference bet lewds and animus?

i rarely posted there

but like getting banned

and like getting unbanned

so i can get banned again

i'm... lethargic.
but otherwise healthy.
contemplating stuff...
at times overwhelmed by things.
but still kinda okay.
i get by.

;~; plz
i want sum moar...

lewd is like more underage and "nicer" i guess?

test or moogs do

we got more memes

heyo tp night!

lewd is a tighter, better, and ironically less lewd community

lewd is a failed copy full of traps and both sides of the spectrum: really young people fucking up their lives or really old people who have fucked up their lives

oh sweet

it's a pretty interesting show

lots of qs

ugh hello scientist


the love of my life has left forever cheer me up with a story

Your dog died?

have you seen anything about it?

who was that?

why would you say that vocaroo to me fuuucckkk that's crazy @[email protected]

I know it's based off a building from clash royale, I wanna finish my wizard towers and eventually make xboxs before that

so greedy...

blood chan is moving on

Manaka stopped talking to you?

Here's a story.
Here's another.
Here's another.
And this is ground level.

lets not joke about dogs dying please ;;

I know nothing at all lol

blood chan

no we were talking like three days ago and he said i was creepy lol

Manaka called you creepy?

oh thats fucked up

i don't want to tell you anything then

you would like it

LOL you know that bc was a fucking liar right?

Whats crazy about it?

and ?

oh, no it wasnt bad i asked him if i seemed creepy sometimes when i gush about people

no shut up u leave her alone she is perfect

my heart hurts

oh man
I should probs check it out tonight

That's kinda bad

nah it was cool trust me


Take drugs

oooh thats not a bad idea thanks ban ur always there for me!

eh i don't know why you keep this up

i've known that idiot WAY longer than you

yeah and i recently learned that they filmed that whole fucking show on actual film
this might not be that cray to non film buffs


what heart


You can always die

why? because i love her

hey man u dont even know me :\

Weed is legal here.

thats a neat quirk


watchu been upto

this gif does not move dafuq

In 2 years, and can always be overturned in that time



hey jack

you don't

Hey Jack are you happy Trump won?

what's the biggest weed you ever smoke?

According to all known laws
of aviation,
there is no way a bee
should be able to fly.
Its wings are too small to get
its fat little body off the ground.
The bee, of course, flies anyway
because bees don't care
what humans think is impossible.

10 percent tax tho


it was a big weed
almost 10x the normal size

ehh well not here and i still dont know how to get illegal drugs

watching the simpsons and i should be working finally in a couple days hbu

how the hell do u know

i'll take my untaxed illegal weed thank you very much

I really really really like that picture.

I smoked a million weeds

fucjing massive






colbret can we hug out our beef finally?

in call with some bros

prepping for the big move in spring

and then you died


How long you banned?


Been giggling for days

Hope you didn't disappoint.

not to russia right? tell me about move

stop that shit

Is it or is it not legal currently?

Well, I got in trouble because I was distracted all day and snapped at some people.

Fuck me.

til the end of time

We're beefing? I'm not current on celeb gossip

That was not due to the devil's lettuce

no no
following some research opportunities
some hush hush business

I feel bad now



what character are you trying to pull

that's so many times bigger than the size of a normal weed tho

all at the same time????

did you have to use a blowtorch to incinerate it?

theres daycare research?

Ah man, do I have some things to say about that.





hey wanna have e sex ?

I don't know what you're talking about.

This is my normal voice.

actually it was just a normal nug in a pipe

I prefer edibles/vapes

didnt even lite it on fire

how so?

i voted for shillary

chicago is bama country

if you noticed illinois was the only blue state in a sea of cuck

oh you ignored me earlier

i thought you were still triggered


then what was last night
you're like "oh I was trying to be a certain character"

yea whatever it is u do w/ kids in the summer
no but im jk i know u do that computer whatever
howd u get picked for this

I probably just missed it

You are very forgettable


Did you say something really bad?

Someone was pretending to be me.

what did he mean by this

Hey, how functional would a bara mon team be?
Floatzel, Pangoro, the fire cat starter in SM, Chestnaught, and I'm trying to fill the last 2 slots.

Ok, Grimmy is dead, and I don't know you much... why you were in lewd anyweay?

allllllllllllrighty then

did he actually die



why be this mean ;;

just look at the map

I told some people to give me actual fucking numbers and to stop telling me arbitrary shit when I try to ask for specific numbers.

Every team is functional, you just have to keep in mind the threats you'll be facing and address them

For laffs


excuse me i know all?


Is that a leaked photo of Podesta?

woah, nice meme, mind if I save it?

for the research gig?

one of my bosses referred me

I am uncomfortable

that fly area in the dlc is trash

SCANNER you idiot i've known you for like 5 years

cause i was drunk and i wanted to fuck with grimmy


come get an egg out of my basket


I wasn't a big fan of the DLC save for the boss fights. I might be under review at work. I could lose my chance at full time.

what am i thinking right now

i didnt know u did something other than the thing with kids


your voice has an unsettling tone to it

wish I could do that someday, teach me..

reppin' the naysh I see... papa bless

nigga what u think I went to school for

scanner is rather difficult to communicate to tbh

its a clean burn
not the eliquid shit

actual bud vaporization

My boss said I should be ok as long as I try to keep up better from now on. Shift lead said I just need to calm down next time. I don't think I will be written up, but it could really affect my chances if it happens again.

To get indoctrinated into the neomarxist intelectual system?

computer stuff?

Cut the shit out.

Mortals cannot comprehend the power

you need to get on antidepressants like me

what happened?

my nigger

about dick

Does it now?




oh shove it u silly zealot

well damn it now i am... ur too good at this talk about something else

blood chan

you first



no no no

the better wish

That's my bitch

I might. I think moving out and getting my own place will help. I will keep flowers and a fish tank.

no im mad at u u think im someone else y cant i just be me?????????

wow what a shitlord
I identify as xelot

do it

once you get on antideps you wont be able to live without them and you will feel like a zombie

dont do it


I haven;t done anything but I almost saw a vagina in your webm !

I like good old fashioned bongs but vaping is awesome too

weed god

i think you are trying to put on a creepy vibe on purpose tho sooo

yea but i didnt know u had a job in the field u studied

i was just kidding

I'm thinking tropical fish.
I might try growing mushrooms in my back yard if I get the house too.

this is the dumbest shit i ever seen u say and uve said some dumb shit in my day

i meant pills


its been a while since I had the stuff though

let me guess
you take antideps

this is out out context so i can't judge properly

OHHHHHHHHHH that is bloodchan

thought he fake quit

used to
a number of different ones

what other secrets do u have...

No thats my normal voice.

I'll try down the road if moving doesn't help.


no im gonna cry

if you say so


Thankfully i got off some i had long ago. and never turned back since.

Tell me oh wise one
tell me about the happy pills

a bunch


Plus getting you over for a visit would be nice.

youre supposed to let yourself adjust

your "queen" can't even quit right or keep a name for more than a few months

thats weird
tell me some of them

hue hue

no :D

What a strange looking parakeet.

bloodchan has always reminded me of a slightly less slutty desu

so in vogue to shit on anti anxiety / anti depression meds

for some people they are very helpful and effective

has anyone ever joked with you that your voice sounds a little gay? heh

I smoke a big weed er'yday jus like snoopy dog

Those are gonna be some hella frog legs after all that food.

remember that chen dude?

he was actually better than bloodchan


chukar pheasants

they are hypnotic

lol nice
I wish I had the income to support big weeds
good weeds are price here in the city

I just hope it's not run down. I really like the house and want it.

hey shes not in charge of me enough of the queen sheeiit also she is a very competent person leave her alone

ur a bitch!


lol that guy hates me for some reason he's cool tho

oh what? stop being weird

dont get your hopes up

the only thing you got right was that some of them make you feel like a zombie
the stronger ones
wellbutrin worked ok for me but like most things that work for me my insurance stopped covering it
same with lexapro


yeah man some of them worked fine for me

Woah, nice currawongs man.

I know. I remain realistic.
I'm just in a pissy mood and want something good to happen.

itll be okay

fucking minami was better than bloodchan

fucking that zelda pipe faggot was better than bloodchan

everyone secretly adores bc that is my belief

literally anyone is better than bloodchan

because bloodchan is a fucking pussy

I've never been told I sound gay before.

I know. Once I get settled I might get a pet form the shelter.

BC isn't a pussy, because pussies get fucked.

I hope blood chan killls himself

You ever been told you sound like a meme before?

I hope bard kills this dick.

bloodchan used to do that desu tier message everyone on steam thing

you got dooked sci


thought you wanted a bird

that voice sounds like desu i dont think it's u

get over it

so jelly of where you live, even if the big weeds are 'spensive... you were in NYC at some point mm?

same for me lmao, nice image btw I like sharp teeth

-tp drinking escalates-

oh well I certainly won't be the first... do you guys still shit around on discord or has that fallen out of favour?

Ironically they prefer I have a dog or cat.

both are soo adorable~

but i guess... i'll be the one on the left.


i am literally in love with her
im gonna read the manga and cap her when i'm not lazy as fuck

so like i did reply to up there 10x


I might find a breeder and get a husky or German Shep.

no i cant it's my only coping method for being female

oh i will just find something to feel powerful over

fucking 10x logic

What does that even mean?

Its not

I don't really do that anymore.

no comment

It means you sound like a meme, you dip.

damn i never thought about it like that

then who

I would also be hapy if sci killed himeslf

did u draw those little things

Fucking hilarious.
Call me. Let's do something.

i would be happy if you would be my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

get over it (x2)

yea aren't they great!


i kinda want to be that one straight dude in kyle and moogs gay clique

ya i can give a good score out of ten

I don't know. Dark Souls?
I need Sister Bitch's soul.

I don't think George likes you and I am still very cautious about you.


post kuro an we can be sisters ^^

'twas an honest mistake!!! Sorry I'm lit af fam, posting is hard

pls do cute girls with fangs rule

he said he liked how i was acting earlier

awesome im glad
hey do u have a cat are u a crazy cat lady

rly? haha sorry...

wow !!! Cute !!!! Okies let's be friends x3 x3 *nuzzlzes yew~*

it is

love you still

I am not sure how to react.

I will react with this as it seems most appropriate.



yeah can i not be cool with moogs


no my cats all died ;-;

>////< *looks away and studders* u-um.... i-i'm sensetive!!... b,. gentle >/////////

*Smugs smugly*

ooh what did u do with them

getting unironically turned on family



moogs is moody and we have hella long history

i like the kid

i'll give ya the folder when im done if ya want

thank god
post dick

they r burried in my backyard in hand made coffins

That ruins the fun though See if you can find it
it'll be worth the wait ; )

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i get the appeal, but I just don't like voice chat as much as posting lmao

between missing posts and always fail spoilering or posting the wrong image... I certainly do make it look hard heh... right back at ya man!

aw man... please! This qt is hot fire