The world needs more heroes

the world needs more heroes.

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bad bitch


lol what

tcs in general are great

heroes are DUMB

We's live.




hopefully u share dah doggie luv then!
to join the stream call.

The adventures of Rin and Scanner


better get the newspaper

Serves me fucking right for coming down from Canada to save everyone.

i already have my hand

Hi, watashi hero dessssssss


shaing a candy bar imaginary freind annoyed

perhaps I will


i was bleh btw


wasn't that hayao miyazaki that said that


wolves are weirdos

what jap is that
are you into jap culture traitor?!

bahn mi

wolfy is doggie

a rabbit!


ha. tilted a tracer pretty hard. kept getting insanely lucky headshots as hanzo and she basically went exclusively after me after that.





bad doggie

^ ^



:O ur drawing new pic!?


no loco drew that

it looks disney~

hory shet

lol kinda does


*hugs you tightly*
im good doggy?


Me in the white black

Rin's riding on ur back.

kids are the worst, I agree

telling your mother.

such a pretty pet

why do i feel like ive been seeing a lot more unironic uwu around here lately

memes spread

did you fix your door

Jump on anytime








i guess

yeah as much as i could
bent the rod back but it's probably gonna need to be replaced anyway



nice cosplay~ ♥


whats this??



she says you're grounded


moar plz

i wonder wat i shuld do today~

send nudes for your master




I'm not a hero?

I'm not a hero?



cuz youre my pet

yang so saucey~


she said you'd say that and to tell you more grounded now

no. you're a cutie.

slaap lekker

dont be

I'm not a hero?

Hi, I'm a cutie.

Hi, I'm a slaap lekker

This could go on for a while...

sauce as hell

bbut I didnt say nothing

Who's Leoloom?


i'm hungry again!

yang my spirit animal!

i got some protein for you

Steak! *pouts*

dont pout

so spoiled

moogs x luka



I'm not a hero?

What could go on for a while?

Who has dropbox?
We got a lot of FUCKWORTHY material you can work with.

Or let's just say you're a hero and drop it now.

Wish is a real hero. and a real huuuuman being

Well yeah, I already knew I was a hero though!



she said you'd say that too

Oh, yeah, the living inspiration itself.

I don't get it???

Hi, I'm a cutie.

People don't want to be me though, because I'm so perfect that life is boring.

she no animal


Explains a lot.
Well thanks for motivating me to be as different from you as possible.

Be so perfectly awful that everyone wants to be friends with you so they feel better about themselves?

those two are me!
best couple~ ♥

Pretty much,. yeah.

Tokai and I are going to vacation at Hans Island and wage a whiskey war.

let's see if this worked

Become Married!


Well you're halfway there!

yes you are

then cease bullying


why not fraps like mine?

I'm still trying to figure everything out. might download fraps.

Hi, I'm a yes you are.

Fraps is so 2003, just use OBS

Not sure if I should be taking that as a compliment.

sure thang
for a while

I no bully!

i set my fraps to 60fps and record native and downsize to 480p and adjust bitstream
and con vert to web M from avi

Thanks! ♥

don't the files end up gigantic?

yeah I don't know how to do all that. ugh.

Probably not, no.

also I'll frap you

Oh boy. I get to see the inside of the house I might rent tomorrow.

how is it
besides fucked off

does it have a punching bag?

I'd sure hope you'd see the inside before you rented it.

I'm only talking to them for now.
I have not yet put money into this.

do you want to play dark souls

did you see the play? even though the quality was terrible, heh

Once I get home.
I'm just on lunch break.

oh gay

are you evading again?

luks? ye they've shown me it before when we were talking about ow, or did you mean a different play?

Well yeah, you sorta said that when you said "might".

I know. I'm on the auxiliary line today so I don't have a real goal to reach.
But the product looks like shit so I have to repair a shit load of them.

this one

17 second play of the games
1080p native avi recording from fraps = under 900 MB

then my webm converter turns it into a well made

webm for under 3MB (based on my own settings for downscaling to 480p resolution.)

i could teach u ♥

No, I got unbanned by the admin

If I had the means to show you the house I would, but I don't want to post it here.

that is unfortunate

if I can't figure it out on my own I might have you do that. all I really need is to find a decent video converter though, because I have an easy enough way to record, it just makes a huge file.

It gives me time to get use to repairs.

Then the fun will really begin

Steam msg me any time~
for in depth quality tutorial personally from luka exclusive

seems tedious

You are going to wish you hadn't started this petty feud.

It is sad that I still feel Grim might legit fuck me over like that when he's doing his vigilante justice warrior shit.

Place the necessary information in a bottle and leave it at these coordinates:
39.565973, -83.771147

It is, but I need to learn if I want to move up.

ooooh nice! good work cups

arent you getting full time anyway

I can understand the craycray about it. Was sort of surreal when I had a bounty placed on my head. How many of you can say that? You memed so hard you had a hit called on you.

I don't care about this anymore now that I'm unbanned

scoots is just memeing

I still love you squashie
come back to me anytime

Isn't that in Ohio?
I'm not going to fucking Ohio.

Why do I even know coordinates?

Yes, but repairs makes 14 an hour.

I only ever get memed about the dog fucking.


Drink cyanide.


turn almost any file into thread freindly webm ♥

Probably because you don't do much to garner faith when you dox people like you said you wouldn't do again you shit lord.

I didn't dox anybody

Heh, the going rate was $50 for a single peice of my real life info. Could make a real penny on that.


Anyway you're filtered.
So have fun.

I think I love her.

Platonically, of course.
I just wanna hold her and pet her and call her Mabel.


Probably, I just started scrolling south on Google Maps.

I know you are, but what am I?

show humility

Man, my life isn't even worth that.

It seems it is.
That shit isn't hard to learn if you just learn the general spacing.

you should

i was the one that tried to resolve our situation

Oh? How closely do you think you could guess someone's coordinates based on a city?

I was the one that took you up on that offer

but it didn't go anywhere far



Airing dirty laundry isn't very modest.
Shut the fuck up already.

I can do states.
I don't know cities that well. Try me I guess, but I only know the US.

How the fuck do people keep track of manga chapters

i dont intend to lie to you for your comfort. id ban you again in a heartbeat

that was just my advice to you if you wanted to resolve it with kyle.

Jacksonville, Florida

Don't make me fuck your dog.

it's not that I don't trust you it's that I had to double check due to your ban not being crossed out in the ban list

oh nice, thanks luuks

mabels are for platonic loving truly, unless you're dipper :^)

*washes dirty laundry in washing machine*

I should ahve cashed in.

~30° N, ~80° W?
I know that's the general area I think?

my reader does it for me

you really shouldn't have tried to make peace then
at most we can show mutual civility

that's fine but I had like 10 different ones because I ddidn't agree with the ban length


whats the difference

Fucking gosh. Time for work again.


Nigga, I'm gonna sort both of your shit out, because whilst you both talking about cold war and nigger antics, I made a 30 min recording of hot shit that could be used for MEMES

Any time~
i've got stuff figured out~
come to me for moar
any time

see you kyle


Moogs neck yourself.

choke me scoots

Can I have your folder?


30mins hot damn

making peace resolves the internal conflict
mutual civility suppresses/hides it

i have no issues here. i apologized for what i believe to be the problem. if you disagree i again apologize you feel that way

I don't think a week ban for something like that is fitting. I'm sure bebop as well as the majority agrees.

do it again

i thought it was fitting
stop being an edgy little fag with your epic haxxor doxxing shit

it gave u a canada ip address again? ._.


says guro

Chiiii is a shit also

everyone in the discord disagreed with you

and because erin wants to spite me and scoots always does what she does you got a nice framework to whine and act pathetic to him

but no he saw what you said yesterday and purposefully ignored you because you deserve it

I dont even know anymore


at least welcome back home to threading~ ♥

That would be because Erin is likable, unlike you.
Mods who abuse power never stay too long.

dae h8 grim lol

THAT is a threat.

you knew exactly what you were doing and what the consequences were but you did it anyway
ive said it before and ill say it again
play stupid games
win stupid prizes
doesn't mean im taking a side either u fucks

im very likable thank you

i like boo

I was just imformed of something funny~ dont know how long i'll be around

moogs is a top tier mod, you silly

I really wish guro would stop taking sides. :3


dae osu lol

If top tier means a most unremarkable and hapless moderator... then yes.

i am hapless this is true

wb, accomplished anything in your life while you were gone, or are you still a miserable sack of shit?

yeah no

idk about your beed w/erin but scoots just acts like an agent of chaos and goes on whatever is happening in thread

a week though?

what is dae

You should be a comedian.

go to bed you little shit

Is it too much to ask that we drop it and move on?


Okay, good night.



Thank you for this character ♥
she is adorable.

i hope to see you around occasionally at least. :)

Scoots why are you such a shit?

funny coming from you.

I am tuckering myself out.

I feel for the people that do

"does anyone else"
AKA making fun of the bandwagon

Kagerou is top cute!

I'll drop you and move you on

I will consider it

I didnt even know you had one :O

Funny how? I'm moving out in the spring and I got a promotion

oh okay

everyone that was in the discord, yes.

I'll keep that in mind!

when it's done sure, I'll like upload it to mega or something

bebop doesn't like us keeping anyone banned apparently so no cannot again


Hence why I asked you have drop box.

sure you did.

woof woof! >w<

brb preping some food for dinner

have fun~

Because you all got soft.
You need to man the fuck up.
YES. I am assuming your gender.
NO i am not sorry.

Like hell Moogs even bothers with discords that arent furry rape dens


just passively

I've played like 3 ARAMs in a row with an afk zzz

I got to spar gain with my friend today'
we stalemated out of the first match after 5 minutes of rolling or so, the second one he got me into a Kimura pretty quick about a minute in, he even got it locked all the way in with stepping over so that was gg, ad the last one we rolled for a few minutes until I got him in a bas rutten toe hold

I dont use it anymore
mega>dropbox anyway


That mode doesn't have /remake?

screw it, I'll just use youtube.

I'll keep that in mind, thanks luka

I found out how to easily record, but I've given up for now on converting. I'll just upload on the rare occasion that I even bother to save a play and use youtube.


you were there

Wow, looks like people really feel emboldened in bullying Grim for his Islamic faith.

only furthers my point. Instead of presenting an argument you post a smug anime waifu

it is, hell we couldn't even keep sci banned for posting cp what credibility do we even have now?

given how decent you are at the game that might be a good amount of videos, bae


No, plus they weren't at the start, they were rage quits.

uhh muslims are bullies??
haven t you seen the modern crusade they are going on?


Chiiii how about you lose your feet to diabetes? That would be cool.

not much I would assume

I only bothered to save this one because it amused the hell out of me that with one of my worst characters I managed to deal with three enemies when I was already hurt.

The word you are looking for, the term is jihad

Did someone say islam

Were the rq's justified? ^^

no go 'way

There's my favourite Lebanese poster!


rq is never justified

what if you're really really r?

I was just meme-ing because of the stories that have been being shitposted on the internet the past few days.


Then you open a salt factory.

yeah !!

get fucked I'm staying

Hello, it is I

Alright, let's take a step back and observe your childish forms of argument

I ask you if you've accomplished anything in life.
You rebutt by assuming I haven't with your statement.
I tell you how exactly I have.
You refuse to believe me

That's the end of that.
Now you go on me for not presenting an argument lol

never change you dumb cow

feels bad

yeah and it was guero and squash, I assume cup too but thats just a guess

are you ever not meming
I'm worryed for you

I'd say zero cause it's obvious now all it requires is complaining either enough or directly to bebop why did you leave the guy in charge?

mhm plus potg without actually landing the dragon of doom, most hanzo potgs involve it doing most of the work not that the ult is a bad thing to get potg for that is

hey there goldy

Guys, I think Scanner got so drunk he accidentally his whole internet.

How's you?

so ~everyone at the discord~

Aram really gets to people
Something about getting zoned and poked down

Theyve been doing that since atleast the 1970s.
Well. a millenia or more earlier too.
I am merely stating islamic extremism

mmm salt


you'd like me to get fucked wouldn't you

You're forgetting about the other half.

oh were they on your side

They weren't on yours

yeah that's another reason I uploaded it. I got another highlight with a good dragon from earlier but I didn't feel it was worth uploading because it's literally just a q triple kill.

Good night, darlings ♥
Erin for Admin.

oh were they on your side


hallo spoilers, how's it hanging and stuff

late at night, thought I'd drop by and say hi right before I went to sleep. how's the day been?

only if it was me doing the fucking

Haven't you seen things like this?

And the answer to that question is complicated. :3

Plain, salted chips are unironically my favourite.

If you get that angry over a video game you probably shouldn't be playing it

Its funny that you call me childish of all people when you just threaten to dox someone. and have been known to do this. not to mention you rage and destroy gifts given to you.

I really don't have to tell you anything about my achievements or my life because you aren't worth the effort, you are but an idiot on this board trying to find himself.

Because i stopped caring

Been alright, getting kinda tired but it's still super early.

So I'm just chilling in Scanner's Discord with him and Tokai.



goodnight scooters.

haha yeah all the liberals are crying and saying things happened
I've seen alot of ones where the epolice departments confirm they are fake

genuinely a good flavor, underrated. mine is salt and vinegar.

negan killed abraham and glen



tp bro

Well thats enough of that for awhile.

echo my love ;;


remember what I told you would happen from us not sticking to the rules and the actions took? ye I do for multiple reasons lol

a q triple is still nice but ye the one you uploaded is much better

it's alright enough, how about you? things going good?

yeah but you chose the one person that won't keep to anything cause if he does he might not be liked by everyone

sup dude

Who did you jihad this time, anyway?

It's weird how many there are. Is it just liberals' instinct to make up ridiculous stories out of panic or is the Soros jew behind it all?

Stuff has been fun. :3

it was like pure panic. I was kicking ass as hanzo today for some reason though. kept getting gold kills and damage every game. usually still lost though, which makes sense because when I'm the best player on the team with one of my worst heroes you know something is fucked.

I'm just a plain kinda person, what can I say?

Fair dues.
Salt and Vinegar is another one I enjoy.

is that sabrina? it doesn't type like sabrina

of course you do. you got taste buds, dontcha?

it is
they had to remove people from my class chat because of fights

it's obviously cause you played him with me last night :^)

oh it's fish

alot happened this week
I got a root canal
One night I fell asleep pplayin fallout 4 and woke up in the morning wiht the disc in my hand
I got to spar with my friend again that was sick
the biggest thing I think is I understand now how a relative Minor key works so I can play in A Minor fluently now
wwhats up with you buddy


ha, yeah maybe. there was that one game we played where I was doing really well. maybe I just accidentally started getting decent with him. I'm even starting to beat other hanzos in 1 v 1s.

I tried this one kind that was supposed to be cheeseburger sliders, and those were kinda good.

Like, I wouldn't go out of my way for them, but I wouldn't turn my nose.

What happened years ago marked the end of our friendship. We used to be such good friends, I don't know where it went wrong, but unfortunately it did. Bringing it up over and over isn't very high of you.

Don't tell me anything then. Won't help your image of being a Hikki shut in that is waiting to die.😋

I didn't jihad anyone. Someone was posting some nasty shit in thread, I assume squidge. Then MFF posted one of his ban appeals from Holla Forums and I thought it was squidge, so I did a traceroute and pasted a possible security complaint to the isp about the address, asking thread if I should do it. Never planned to. Nothing was done and I got banned for a WEEK for it.

Talked to bebo about it, he thought it was retarded and he unbanned me.

Moogs just triggerhappy and wants to be on his high horse

cupcake kinda reminds me of fish


There was a while where I wasn't sure if it was Cupcake or Scarlet, but I think it's Cupcake.

Lmao, kind of wish this election happened while I was still in college.

this actually hurts my feelings, moogs.

What time is it in moose land?
It's like 3 AM here, had a bit of a scare today, Dad said he was gonna come to Tripoli if I didn't answer the phone, turns out he called me a few times and I missed all of them because my phone went on silent.
Also no u, plain salt is almost no flavor, it's just the fucking chip and salt on it.

don't be lewd

yeah, enjoying the shit out of this weekend but getting ready to start working on school stuff at some point, blegh.
Finals are getting closer and closer, I don't wanna.

Classic liberals
it only makes sense the left need a victim mentality as it suits their 'agenda'

Aram especially

lol wtf
Is this reaction to Trump being elected?

I'm cupcake, I'm not trying to hide it, I just like this tripcode.

yeah there are some weird chip flavors that actually end up being good.

i already explained why bebop did it

I would never!


It's so great, looking forward to monday class

I dont even get why squidge was here
to be perfectly honest
I back you in this scenario pedophiles are dangerous
There was a huge outrage about sci posting pedophilia here
iits understandable tthere should be one for squidge too
someone who is actually a real life child fucker

stop, it's late, I can't fap now.

Not even if this happens?

you woke up with a disc in your hand? damn that sucks about the root canal. i probably need a few of those

not much. today was ridiculous and i'm glad it's over

some texas hottie

yeah he should stop name changing

dude needs to be comfortable with his identity


gud a decent hanzo is always worth having, sadly the great portion of hanzo players especially the dreaded hanzo mains suuuuuck

good to hear! I'm sure you'll do great at the finals too dork, you're quite smart



It's 19:54 at the time of writing.

Oh god.
These kinds of stories make me glad that no one ever calls me. ;~;

Exactly, it's just what I enjoy the most because it's so general and plain.

We need baked potato with sour cream and chives flavoured chips.

and i like try to apologize to you and then you go off and i try to explain why youre wrong about shit and you give up and then just get passive aggressive


How did I know it was Rafis Best Friends

it's never too late.

fucking yeah man like the physical game disc was in my hand
you should get them befoore it's too late and you need your tooth pulled
its way less worse
whats did you do today then?

he ha some uses, most being or tag teaming with zarya's ult

Islamaphobia CONFIRMED

They're kind of doubling down on a lot of the behavior that helped cause them to lose this election.

Grim probably cybered Bebop to get him to do it

Funny how shit's happening in colleges that aren't even in America.

Or just using a consistent avatar or something would help.

How was your week? : ^ )

oh okay ;-;

well I've been having some fun with him but I'll never be a "hanzo main." that would be disgusting.

pretty sure I've seen that.

it was groveling and squealing and being pathetic and then he came back with his best smug face it blows my mind

The fear mongering of clinton supporters reaches far.
funny since they accused trump of doing that.
Well would you look at that.

It's topical and happened today, so good guess

it truly would be, I can't stand mains in general and as I said I don't even like ending up lucio too often despite being pretty good as him always gotta change to counter the enemu

yeah i've been putting off going to the dentist for YEARS

like a frisbee?

just busy af at work cause half the company was sick so i had to do three people's jobs

usually i can pick out his typing profile but he recently changed it cause i told him to space his damn replies

it was alright. really tiring. trying to wake up with wine

but seriously you don't know who sabrina is? she's like most people's favorite poster

Oh shit its TP

Oh, well the same thing just happened to me just now

i was kind of tempted to break it for some reason

i forget where you're at nowadays man
what are you doing for work?

sup dun

I knew I'd seem 'em

exactly. it bothers me to no end that so many people refuse to switch the entire game even when they are getting countered hard.

I've known sabrina for years. I was wondering who you were curious about the identity of, then I realized you meant me.

office type shit mostly, but like our shipper was sick so i had to ship some shit

i still dont understand what's going on with the frisbee

where is goggles haha

Just kiss and make up. :3

I've heard that the media in non-English speaking countries was actually even more biased than our own was about this election.

He seems to be in a better mood lately from what I've seen peripherally.

Alcohol seems like an ineffective thing to try to wake up with unless it's alcohol in coffee


Don't rq


it's weird that I'm not included in this conversation. my mood has been a bit better the last few days because I'm pleased as punch with the results of the election. which you'd know if you like, talked to me. meanie.

I'm going to sleep because I can't even find who I'm supposed to be replyin to or my original post
sorry and gnight

ah gotcha. your trip pointed to sabrina cause it means nothing to me and starts with sab

i donno it wakes me up

have you ever tried to sleep really drunk and not blacked out?

I don't rq

goodnight good fish

goodnight ana

it's "Sableye" the pokemon I've been posting a lot lately.

Bard, I'm relying on cig butts and got too much booze for my own booze; turn me down.

Rest well, Ana.

thankfully i have little to no knowledge of that childish nonsense


I'm pretty excited for the new games to come out in a week.

Not even one of those days where you can't hit any circles?

I rq oss sometimes

yeah the only thing I could see is not switching if your ult is almost ready or if you're like a healer barring switching to zen/lucio from ana/mercy as the former two serve more use in many occasions


play zombie soccer instead

it's way better

yeah, basically if your ult is at 80% or more it's usually better to get that off first, unless you literally die the minute you get back to the point then you should just switch. and if you're the only healer or only tank you shouldn't switch unless it's to another healer or tank. the dps are usually the main problem in any bad overwatch game from what I've seen, that's why in comp I basically only play support.


I didn't know you cared about the election. I guess that's the main reason why I thought you might be Scarlet at first. :3

I've been pretty comfy about it too. Everyone was saying Trump wouldn't win; this story will make a great inspirational movie some day

Not that I remember. It definitely helps with sleeping. I usually don't try to sleep in the first place if I'm not sleepy at all, though.

I could legitimately see them doing that.

You mean every day?

your loss bro

i've been getting my chops back

yeah that's a recipe for disaster, or having to wear yourself out by masturbating

There was that one day where you SS'd that one DT map, I don't think that day counts

rude. not sure what I did to deserve being compared to scarlet, I'm literally nothing like her.

yeah no kidding. I was one of the people who wanted him to win but thought he had about 0% chance of doing so. the election results were a massive upset for sure.

I'm proud of u

I heard there were kikes in thread who wanted to get banned


you don't actually LOSE money until you SELL at a LOSS.

Rin, soon, one video is uploaded to dropbox.

beepop can you cyber someone over at lewd so they unban me?

mhm! god I'm happy to have another person that knows this stuff, it's always useful to have good players around. speaking of you doing well, your junkrat wew

I could see them doing a loooooot more :^)

We should ban Rin for ruining Tokai's life and threatening to report him to big daddy gubbment for masturbating to cartoons.


And I can't even do the second stream of that map anymore


yeah i'll go head over there right now and give them stock advice


god speed


You didn't get worse, the map got harder, trust me

Won't lie, I was hoping for, like, a 1 minute ban on that post.

yeah, but that's from playing over 50 hours of the fucker. and I love playing him like a crazy lunatic, just being right up in the enemy's face and spamming bombs while they panic and flail around. with most characters I only need to land a single bomb and then I can finish them with the concussive mine which I'm pretty damn good with at this point.


Who am I cybering?

why is wishy not acknowledging my presence. work week ever


or one of the underage fail traps


I'm used to just using energy drinks to compensate for lost sleep.

Well she liked Trump a lot when she used to post. It's not an insult; I always thought her personality was kind of cute. :3

Him being such an underdog that everything seemed to be against only made my pro-Trump penis harder. I think I'll keep shitposting on my Tumblr propaganda blog and use it again for the 2020 election

practice makes perfect and it shows quite clearly in action, love

it hurts

that's what you asked me to do, right? to tie them down and tell them about our savior/god known as Martin Shkreli while I educate them about why weed Certain weed stocks are going to Grow no matter what and there's nothing we Can do about it


Wait, you got banned from /lewd?

HA, I can go over there, but you ain't getting shit unless you tell me your crime and I do some Saul shit, how long you've been banned for?

brain is bork

lol yeah recreational weed is legal here now

Sent me the link, cross thread me man, if you can do it.

I thought you still hate me.

There's a difference between jokes and mod abuse.

What's a joke?

What does recreational even mean

most of her personality is vastly different from mine.

even after he won this time around I find it really hard to believe that he is going to win again in four years.

yeah except I'm incapable of getting much better it seems, lol

alright, I'm gonna be playing skyrim.

the entire job of a mod here :^)

Never mind.
Your to brainbork rn

popo won't fuck you but federal bebo will rape you
also 21yr age req

Don't you mean to say the entire staff of mods here?

Oh wait.
That'd be starting shit.
Never mind.

Operation get TP back into /lewd/

Headed by me, since I'm best with foreign policy.

Like remake but recreate

honestly everybody here has their faults and it pisses me off when certain people will act like they don't have them while they demonstrate them to the entire fucking school
some people here were obviously spoiled as fuck and got everything they wanted while others were taught how to behave
i want to slap like half the people from threads and just tell them "no"

i can't drink that shit. unless i need a really quick boost and i'll pound a redbull but that's really rare

i even drink way less coffee than i used to

usually too busy to make more and none of the lazy fucks at work make more when they finish it

did you see that dude dropped a wu-tang song?

such a madman

for cyberbullying a mod

when did i ever hate you?

you're the mother of my child

I was thinking like re-creating whoever using it. Like, wow weed man

Remake the game, we got a leaver gg afk

When you started calling me a tranny because I told you that Zander pranked you by saying he met up with me.

have fun! if you want to do any ow just drop a line in here or discord, if I'm free I'll keep you company again

I honestly don't feel we as people are jokes but our entire ability to do anything is, given the admin over rules anything done at the drop of a hat lol we had our entire thing going well back when chii was admin for the most part, since she didn't undermine everything

yet you then remove the lessons to teach people how to behave cause they whined to you, seems like you're just doing the spoiling part tbh fam


It's like you don't want to feel homeless or something.

fuck I miss zander

oh right lol i vaguely remember that

sorry about that

so tired of apologizing after every night

i guess last week i laid into colbert

Yeah, but you say "recreational the game"

I admit I'm spoiled.
But I'm just here for fun.

Fair enough.

Yeah. he only did like half of 2 songs though

I was wondering why he is so depressed/how he could be with all that money, but as I get more money I am realizing he is the way he is because he has nobody to spend it with and he gets the attention/fulfillment he needs from fucking with people like he did with that one hiv medicine
truly a god

it's recreational here but we still drug test everyone. a lot of states that have it and offer gov't jobs can't actually hire many people because of it too lol
a load of people in my 'domain' end up not doing the drug test because they all smoke the ganja

I talked it out with him. I got the whole story from everyone and took time to read everything, it made me realize the autism ratio here is very high. I'd still slap him across the face for doing that shit because it was purely for attention

I was too but I've seen some shit and I don't wanna die

it seems like after a certain point in drunkenness i get really mean

just now realizing this

You should be glad you don't have to hear Hillary's voice for four years. ur welcome

It's really not hard for him to surpass the expectations the media et al. set for him; I think the second election will be a lot easier. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. How easy it will be exactly depends on how his presidency goes.

This election should have taught you to be more optimistic. :3

Just get a Keurig; I'm also too lazy to make coffee the normal way.


i dont understand this

yeah bro money can't buy bros

except the fuck buddy type

Oh, right. Gotta get my vocabulary in order!

Nice picture

of course eerio uses a keurig
he has a fucking schnauser
damn nazi


but at what cost

tfw all your bros left to go kill people irl and you stayed back home to make money

veteran sponsored k-cups here lmao

anyway didn't you go to bed?

a guy breaks 3 rules the evading one multiple times and serves less than a day on an 11 day ban. a guy posts child porn and you take a vote to unban him. sorry but you really suck at this

Fuck you, I'm going to /lewd/, you're a dumb cunt and you don't deserve any lawyering.

Oh, so he actually is a pedophile?

Stand up for your fellow man

im going to bounce and avoid this cringefest for a bit

I'm not even posting images?

No, I was just being a cunt, because I don't like watching people air their dirty laundry.

it's like 3 steps, i just can't hear the phone in the kitchen

and fuck those things. so wasteful

a-are you mad at me?~

what's there to not understand. i have a lot of pent up frustrations that spill out when i have no filter

it's pretty simple actually

all your bros are in the military?

probably smart move if you're an idiot

wait what did i do?



when i get drunk i just like roll around

nvm im just going to pretend its not happening


Are you lying to me right now?

oooh wait isn't that like most of the time here though? I've been around nearing a year and I don't think we've gone more than a week without it lol

Ark, ladies and gentlemen

Nah, there isn't really any reason to be mad.

I am not, I swear.

don't forget that one person wasn't banned for it and the other had gotten a week ban by one of the mods here
the person who was permabanned had served a 6month ban and afaik no proof of him posting cp had been there. sure i believe certain people but none of them say they were actually there for it, afaik only 3 people were and they are all people who hate him, not saying its a conspiracy but there was just nothing for me to see.
he was evading for breaking one rule(threat), the ip he posted had already been posted here a dozen times and they dont seem to give a fuck about it being posted. i talked to him about doing the threat and he was doing it for attention/validation, he said it was for that person to stop posting(but it wasn't even the right person) and he didn't even send it. if he did i'd call nypd and anonymously call in a terrorist to see how he likes it.

most of them are. i regret not going(the only reason I didn't at the time was because ofhaikus)

Can you get on steam?

Whenever I leave randomly, there's a reason.

I do have a longstanding boner for nazi aesthetics.


Wasteful how? It's just what we have, in any event

Keep him around if you want
I'm calling it right here right now though

you can talk about me here grim

we'll see

A wall that got 10 feet higher just now.

Everything isn't about you
Sorry you think that way

Let's anonymously call NYPD about a terrorist on Grim.
That sounds like fun.

nothing wrong with that man the germans had some fine engineers
I usedd to have one of those ut I never used it mmuch
what kind of caps do you agve for it/


yeah i donno man i need healthier ways to take out my aggression

like kick boxing

probably for the best

what's so especially cringey? seems pretty par for course

if i were anyone here i wouldn't take any of my rampages seriously

so what's the deal with that fall big brother shit. all the eps i can find are like 10 minute summaries. so bullshit

LOL because you were in love with haiku?

that's fucking sad dude

those little cups and shit

even the dude who invented that regrets it because of how wasteful it is

how do you know

I'm done with this
Let's just be civil

iunno maybe its a me problem

happy friday ^^


honestly if anybody here fucks with anyone for no reason other than for attention/validation/a laugh i will fuck you just as hard for that person. i don't care who you are, that shit is not funny.

because of our thing we had lmfao
yeah i know, i was a retard, no need to tell me

lol kay admin, you keep up the grand work

no I'm good, this subject matter is pointless

fair point!

Why not jiu jiutsu?

it's like you didn't read my post at all


I'm not sure what you're talking about.

Alright, suit yourself

i have been trying

yeah maybe. have a drink!

y-you yoo

did you even have a thing?

no offense but it seemed pretty one sided

or something

one of those chink artforms

SQUIDGE is a KID FUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i just cleaned for fucking 3000 hours i want to die

also hi

second also, is this petty drama still ensuing?

you seem to be in a good mood

simply made my case to the board and you call it squealing and being pathetic

I'm sorry things couldn't go your way, put it behind you and move on

How about we all anonymously plot a raid on Comet Ping Pong
t. FBI

I'm excited, today I sparred with my friend and got to use a move I just learned recently
you should find some dudes to spar with its the besteest

Are navy blue cardigans really gay?

Kinda wanna wear it though

I'm just taking the piss out of this entire thing at this point.
I've been telling Tokai that I'd tell big daddy gubbment on him for masturbating to cartoons literally all day.

It pretty much is, yes.


oh....hey there ;)

BJJ doesn't work, duh..



hello tp

how goes the friday nite drinky / posty?

cardigans are more preppy looking than gay imo

Let's plot an anonymous raid on the WTC and the pentagon.
We'll use planes, they'll never see it coming.

We can blame it on ISIS.

that was after i suggested we be civil and you turned that into an argument


like you are doing again

Alright, go ahead, take the last nitpick

I'm done w/this

why can't it just end hasn't it been over 24 hours?

u didnt remind me ur dead to me umu

hi daddy bard nice "exactly what u think it is"

big brother over the top?

you need like CBS all access to watch it whatever that is

but like the illegal streams i can find aren't even full eps

i kinda am. i think it's because i'm so exhausted and pretty content with not doing much

yeah i wouldn't even know how to begin in that endevour

it's going pretty good so far. but i just switched to the ice houses so we'll see how long that keeps up


new board when

good to hear

its nice

The drama never ends it goes on and on and on and on.

Drama, shitposts
Up and down this shitty board

Never heard of it

Soto, no cardigans

Here are the top 20 things every Daddy Dom should do for his little.

Hold her hand while crossing the street, watching a scary movie or…just because.
Leave loving notes all over the place to surprise and delight your littles’ heart.
Brush her hair, help her bathe (bubble baths preferably), treat her stuffed animals like living creatures and talk with them.
Know all her stuffies’ names.
Punish misbehavior with time outs, spankings and occasionally make her write out an apology or things like “I won’t sneak a cookie before dinner” (50 times is good).
Take her to fun places that appeal to her inner little. Places like the zoo, a kids movie, build-a-bear, the swings at the park, an aquarium, or a carnival.
Reward good behavior with treats and kind words of encouragement.
Never lose your temper just because you are having a “bad day”.
Know all of her favorite foods, allergies, and all of her favorite things; whether it be color, hair bows, dress, or stuffies.
Bedtime routines. If you’re going to do something, make sure (if circumstances allow) that you do it everyday without fail. If you stop doing something you always did before, it makes the little feel as though they’ve done something wrong to lose that treat. Examples: brushing her hair, reading her a story, or just tucking her in at night.
A good Daddy Dom does not make idle threats. If you threaten a consequence for a certain behavior you are looking to change, and do not carry through, not only will the little not learn to break the habit, but they will take your threats with a grain of salt. Also, it may make the little feel unimportant if a consequence is not followed through with.
Always spend time reassuring your little of your love after a consequence. They need this assurance, and the knowledge that you still love and care for them. Aftercare is incredibly important. After all…this relationship is built upon trust.
Send your little a text message (or many) throughout the day if you must be apart. It warms their little heart!
Surprise her with a new stuffie from time to time. Personally, I like to do this when My princess is feeling sick. Flowers and a stuffie is sure to brighten her day.
Watch a Disney movie of her choosing with her. And it doesn’t hurt to know her favorite one…and all the songs from it. My little girl’s favorite is Beauty and the Beast Frozen Tangled Suicide Squad.
All boo-boos, whether scratches, bruises and scrapes need to be looked after by her Daddy. Nothing makes a little feel safer and totally cared for than having a feel-better kiss, or their Daddy getting them a cool band-aid (Hello Kitty works well). Be sure to lavish them with lots of TLC!
If your little makes you something: no matter how big or small, you should always make them feel like their creation is cherished. Hang it up, save a pic on your phone so they see you like it and plan to look back at it…anything at all. Nothing is sadder than a pretty picture, colored with love and care, that is left sitting and collecting dust, and then forgotten.
If your little is in a playful, youthful mood (and you are not), do not roll your eyes, get mad or yell. Simply and calmly tell them that Daddy is not feeling playful right now. Everyone can’t be fun and playful all the time. Littles understand that…even if upset about it at times. So tell them, and that way no one’s feelings get hurt, or feels like they did something wrong.
Aid the age play dynamic. Do such things as carrying, lifting, and reaching high places for your little. It helps them feel as though they are seen as vulnerable and protected. Also, asking things like, “Are you sure you don’t need Daddy’s help putting that straw in the juice box?”, or “Maybe I should do that, it’s a big job, too big for you.” It keeps the little feeling happy and loved.
Ask your little to sit on your lap from time to time. It’s an instant smile and a blush trigger. Other things also work like tying their shoes, brushing their hair or buckling their seatbelt.


I feel dum dum

wow i dont know what to say

Hello daddy I'm going to the store !

how do i into being responsible and doing work when i don't want to do it

this month has been so ridiculous that i've ran out of energy to get upset at things

although i almost did snap at someone at work

they were being silly

yeah well it exists. they brought back that funny gay guy from two seasons ago

how haven't you been executed yet?

I'm the victim of an alacrity demon but the FAQ doesn't tell me what it is.

Is it lethal?

become 17

how so


rdo you have sause on this song

I have this thing of crown royal I might drink but no mix, much suffering

just wait till you grow up!



git gud

Grim, you're the one who had that really chill rain.webm thing or whatever, right?
Can I get you to post that?

I think it had a cellphone and light tunes and rain.

Alacrity daemon strikes again.

You have to defeat it in order to take its soul and make it into a boss weapon

Visualize yourself homeless and hungry

if you can't, go outside in the cold weather with a shirt and some trousers and stay there 24hours with just 5 bucks

then come back and do your fucking work you lazy fuck

Only if you don't purge it from your stomach

Midnight City

Rin, it is done.

I'm about to brush and >>>/bed/

I'm in lewd, find me when you need me.

Are you dead already?
Jesus christ.
Do you need me to start the conversation?

Oh wow, that person I like talking to isn't here;
better shut the fuck up.



there's a new thread asshole