Solid as iraq

solid as iraq

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a google search of "big dicks" just came up with a picture of your face.


alright. I gotta lie back down, back is hurting way too much. later ya'll


Watching this show makes me want to learn to whistle.

I just did it while inhaling but I can't seem to do it when I exhale.

Never mind, there it is.


I'm pretty sure my ego is broken.




i liked the part where ellen walked around lip syncing to popular music



I don't want to want to know what this is in reference to, but I find myself grotesquely curious.
Like a train wreck.

This i think. Something like it.


i'm in class :3

"i'm pregnant"


I'll show you class.

I got gifted a game early on

if it were their gf maybe. They're essentially at work.

Must be getting some dick off camera too.

i'd fire her.

I can't stop going back to this. wtf

Yeah, same here tbh fam


I disagree.
I'd hold her hair anyway.

Probably because I know how horrible it is to have vomit in your hair.

Though, I guess it is all over her, so she has to take a shower anyway.



It's only gay if balls touch.

honey scent is still all over me, best invest ever

I usually smell like bubble gum.

Bubble gum and strawberries.

i like it when rin squats over me and drags her spicy balls up and down my body

strawberry bubble gum huh

too bad I can't chew on you

Rin's Spicy Balls
Spiciness: 5/5

What in the ever loving fuck?

Is this us, then?



it's 4:20 where is my weeD

It's 11:21 give is ~5 hours.

no it's not, you can't trick me with your sack of spices

There is nothing wrong with heterosexual non-interracial relationships.

can be.
bite me and be sure to get a bite back

if eating spicy dentist cock makes me wrong, i don't want to be right

Thread is dead as fuck.

Real question.
Why am I the spicy one, if Grim's the curry?

May have to test this.

i love blood chan

Squash cock:
Mild, not spicy.
0/10 dentists.

I fear for my nipples

last time i was hear bitching about canadian stocks i was saying it tripled and could go up more but nobody wants to learn this shit
its been like a week and it's tripled again since then


I'd learn it.
But I don't think I'm allowed to earn stocks.


Cause you so spice.


remove curry


Good murrning.

how to remove curry

I swear to god if it goes up x3 again I'm going to dig up my old canadian xbox friends and throw them a bunch of money

Why not?

It took me 30minutes one day to get into this shit and since I keep getting more money I want to keep learning more. It's better than literally doing nothing and crying all day about how the gov't doesn't pay them enough to live like some people do.

attention time


i don't care for free money

are you serious


Add basmati rice and eat it..?


nope, are you?



oops sorry user i didn't mean to link you

anyway i'm going to go kill myself now because my word means fuck all and i probably look crazy to anybody who doesn't like money(who the fuck does that?)

Just woke up a bit ago.
Going to go look at the house I might move into on my way to work.

i could tell by the frankly embarrassingly serious tone you posted in

there are these indian tech reviewers popping up on my youtube and i get triggered when i hear heavily indian accented english and their clumsy hands with their superficial overviews

when are you leaving

everyone here sucks except for bebop and subtle(maybe)

2 hours.

no master dont

stfu freak

why has sci been allowed to darken our threads again anyway

it's like we have a potato fetish these days

Because reasons I don't really wanna talk about.


and mugen and rin are sometimes okay

are you okay erin you seem to have entered the thread in a bad mood

best of luck

my tummy feels tumbly

we love u erin keep cutting

I see how it is.

does it seem like a bad mood? i was going for irreverent, i'm pretty chill irl thanks




thank god ur here

no u dont


wondered how sucking fingers sail

it wasn't-
nevermind. thanks.

You'd be surprised.

Like all sexual things.

dont post that plz

convinced me

get well soon

that picture of my arm all cut up kinda turns me on a little

I try

Sup with you?

yes doctor


did u dream? hit me


huhw, sucking fingers is just a euhm
cuddle practice ritual

dunno what to do with my day

so nothing really new

You have a weird sense of what cuddling is.


I would offer to play if I didn't work.

It is cuddling!
with my finger, and your mouth.


I think so but my brain is totally farts right now I forgot everything I ever learned

its alright

i have options its just hard for me to choose

have you actually seen that!?

jews are aliens!

Should play an MMO.

You're a pervo.
I'm gonna go to the store now. Probably.
I might decide to go to the mall instead for Genesect.

oh well it will shape up again anyway why tumbly

the best cuddling involves penis in butt

so elite dangerous

yeah, i watched it a few years ago.

i would bet all my satoshis that sci is a virgin

I suppose?

Erin, you are the one giving him the most attention.
Just ignore him or some shit.

erin is trans LOL

tumbly because I fee like dindin but too sleepy to make dindin I should sleep and make dindin tormrorow

its fucking wild

you gotta get it when the co-op comes out so we can fly around in the same cockpit with me

what the fuck is with you jumping down my throat these days

i will bully sci if i damn well please, fuck off

moogen why are you a bitch deep down?

lol he is a virgin

knew it

bet he's kissless too

im not the one biting nipples!

have fun dear

what did i do this time

I could go for that.

You jump down everyone elses. This is the second time I have done this. I am free to get onto you if your mentality is that you can do as you please as well.

Just a general enquiry.

maybe have extra big breakfast? idk that is a tough spot


lots of interesting perspectives and ideas about stuff that goes on, and spirituality~

Also, Squash, why you so sensi?

mental problems

you better

you are, i struggle to see what you hope to achieve though

and no, i don't jump down throats, that's bullshit. i am mean to people, but i do not jump down throats, you spiceless mild cocked non-dentist

you joking with me?

this honest tbf


He is really gunning for you and grim at the minute.

his dog is in a mood with him and he's taking it out on everyone spicy

What is that?


Sure you don't.

woah! kewl some new trendy mannaquin chalenge thingy!


squash had sex with a dog

Scoots, we talked about your memes.
When others fall for this it just makes them look dumb.

Oh boy.
Do I get the 2 hours of passive aggressive hazing too?


scoots stop enabling this

memes arent worth it

I was thinking to

Imight toothbursh and bed

someone post a picture of kyle so i can put it next to a mashed potato face

Lol, sounds about right. Domestic problems.

I will do the mature thing and just filter you as you scream into your personal echo chamber.

I don't know what to make of this post.

Moogen and squash having relationship problems?
Did squash go off of mashed potatoes?

I still don't get it.


Swear to god, Scoots.
I'll meme you.

i didnt put a lot of thought into it

I deserve only the best.

They always say that... and then I am left in a puddle of semen and disappointment.


My dick won't bring your father back.

that would def rule out dindin but i think it's good not to sleep after eating or something

i wouldnt expect it

just brings disappointment

How harrowing.

i know im so dark and edgy

scootaloos father is dead?

My father died in 'Nam you shit.

Erin, you said I would get 2 hours.
Not two posts. Fucking haze me properly.

*Shines flashlight on you kindly*

i wish someone would spice on my face


wish mine was dead

lonely :(




duckling in ur bum

*Pats head*

Fuck. I can't even feel the love.


how delightfully quirky

-sniff sniff-

I smell it

daddy issues

swedish fish

lol squash put a little ducky ducky in his botty botty

it's my lingo, keep up

Why else do you think I pursue cupcake with this amount of vigour.
You don't really care. All you want is your sordid little tales.
So you can selaciously assassinate my character in thread and then have your potato faced lover ban me.
That is how this is going to happen isnt it?

to be honest I sleep when I feel like it didnin does not affect anything dindi nis good I like dindin it makes my tummy not tumbly anymore

more cute pics like this pls


all i have is crying cat

You have found me out.
I shall send for your head.


lol wait did grim just get the b&

yea anybody would agree w/ u on that but sleeping right after eating makes u fat or something?

ban evasion


why grim is banned

what was his initial crime

lemme guess


Hit the nail on the head.

I doubt ittt

but I heard swimming after eating makes you cramp and drown and die

knew it

that's a spicy curry, too spicy to fool around with

wat even

yes you will

but i heard that that is a myth...

It's almost as if things have consequences.


It wasnt even a doxxx

im w/ grim on this T b H
it's the swedish fish thing

yeah like don't try and enforce bans on pillars of the community like grim, this isn't a commercial establishment, that's shitty

persistent banning should be for unloved pariahs like sci

documentsing should be allowed

Grim if you're home get on discord so I can talk to your dumb ass about how unstable you've become in just this past year. You really need to fix yourself bud


I mean, it was reposting information that Squash had already posted. So its prety lame


I can spice on your face for tree fiddy

at least make a ban appeal btw you cuck

tfw not wise enough for wisdom tooths

What is the dream?

w-whoah there big boy

how about don't ban grim days after the fact

oh boy a revolution is brewing

an IP address is not a person

he did initially

he just thought a week timeout was too harsh for threatening someone safety




yes now u see






Lol, so far up your own arse.

documentsing is fair play

documentsing is fair play

documentsing is fair play

shit it from today afaik also im not the one banning

he shouldn't need assurance or attention to report someone for something they've done that is illegal. being an idiot about it and posting in thread with their info is fucking retarded.
if i report any of the fuckers from here i won't say a word about it here and i'll just see them disappear silently, nobody will know where they went.

imagine a revolution on the basis that GRIM is being poorly treated

the perfect storm

To be a pretty lady.

also the furries have been treating me poorly for like a week now

i demand compensation and to consolidate my loans into one easy monthly payment

don't put a brotha down

As long as I'm outwardly acknowledging I'm a dick it is ok though.

if the person had done the things he claimed they'd both be banned

shit what from today?

How does this deny any of that?
It isnt my fault that I care for truth.

advertise it im ready

See what you've done?

uwu can't handle the twooth.

no, we make enough fuss till one of us gets this one.

it's how we do it now. new board was shaky first steps, but now we're stronk and we can make power plays

So many deleted posts lately, I can't figure out who he did things to.

Let's imagine what this board will be like when the majority of us who do actually work and go to school move on with our lives. It will literally be four or five people learning how to accept and interact with luka; for he will quite literally be the only person who will always accept you and talk to you.

RIP Animus 2007-2019

tfw no more blood chan

Whose posts getting deleted?

mugen actually fuck off with the banning or deleting, i swear, up until this moment i was fine with you being mod, but now i'm suddenly not, not at all



sure u do

just do the time like everyone else

in fact as a sign of good will i will lessen the time

Grim did nothing wrong. You said as much ins team this morning.

nobody else does the time you cretin

lol mugen is such a pushover

what a bitch!

i'm getting angry

you wouldn't like me when i'm angry

Luka for admin.

And Harambe was just a gorilla.

What the fuck happened?
I just did a night shift and got a crate of booze and 'time' is mentioned.

Did Grim get banned? WHY?!

I do. Because I'm too dumb to dodge bans.

Because moogen flipped out, again.

yea luka for admin

im with her

No, tell me properly.
I'm legit interested.

do you thirst for more cum when you're upset?
just askin'

grim is banned because mugen doesn't understand the difference between a friendly online hangout for a bunch of friends, and a business.

he's trying to run the community like a business, with unwavering rules and protocols, and generally being an




tbh grim always says sorry and then goes on to do something else later on

it has happened more than a handful of times

this shade

How would I know if they're deleted?! I can only assume.


blood, cum, bile, whatever you got

I also told you he was a ticking suicide bomb... you shouldnt have banned given how much of a deep rooted bitch moogs is

Grim reposted some info.
Mugen has had it out for grim from day one
saw opportunity for ban
banned them and started menstrating.

Like... he made a business move, a ban, because Grim said something unprofessional?

b-but why?

as soon as i touched his grim, i banned and started menstruating

grim wheres that cool new board

you're thick as mince bro

my potions


my upper middle rib hurts I hope it does not mean Iam dying or have cancer

For once you didn't say something retarded.

I'm not the one in charge of bans.

but he broke a rule you put in so...



I can't read autist, sarcasm or angry scrawlings.

You didn't say exactly what Grim was banned for.

hey fuck off bitch leave neru alone u will never understand

rules were made to be broken ๐Ÿ˜‰

The face of a man who will break your rules and you.

but you write autistic fluently o.O

Nice, good to see you furries stick together.

Grom posted what I take was a report to someone's ISP or some shit and their IP in thread.

The jizz mats our fur together and separation is impossible.

Why did you want to report me to my ISP anyhow about me abusing children? Did you get me
confused with the canadian poster? โ†“ โ†“ โ†“

lenko is flirting with me too hard and i'm shy


It's fucking weird.
Speaking of which, people keep saying if I am got auts, maybe I need to get checked.

be afraid, be very afraid.

lock your doors.

oh that was mff?



if people saying i am got auts i am test get for sure

Oh boy. He's being a pariah now.

ban mugen

But yeah, Grim just needs a slap on the wrist, but if it was info pertaining about Mugen or whoever it was, shit wasn't going to go smooth either way.

Don't fuck with people with big sticks.

I shall be the mouthpiece with which Grim sets the record straight. He is giving me the low down. Expect a relay in a minute.

I saw mugen irl once

he was on his way to the pet store


(You) (You)

yo grim i got u id = tripcode


George had to drive me there.
He said we'd look at the dogs.

aw wtf him rly?

shut up fag

Want me to lead him into safe passage in other places?

Anyway, how are you? I didn't even know Mugen was a mod; fuck, I forgot who he is.

everyone who regards this as the most interesting thing of the day leave

shut up fag

what if big sticks are your fetish??

i saw mugen irl once

it was potatoes


all good scan chan, you?

I haven't said anything about any of this since it happened.

I wasn't using a canadian proxy. I just saw some report form to my isp and something about child abuse. All the canadian stuff i linked to, I don't know who they are.


I might be getting a new house today.
That is my exciting tidbit.

In a sense, it is everyone's fetish here.

This be cray cray like Civilization.

he mistook you for someone else it seems

Grim Echoes: Would you like to be the voice of a condemned man
Scootalooo: um i suppose
Grim Echoes: thank you sire
Grim Echoes: So,
Grim Echoes: To begin lets let everyone know the basis of why I was banned
Grim Echoes: information is key
Grim Echoes: was the thread this person was spammig nasty images in
Grim Echoes: is the image the person posted
Grim Echoes: and thus I took the ip in that image and threatened to write an abue report email to their isp for them having cp on their comp
Grim Echoes: Anyway, I realize my error that framing someone is bad, but I never meant to send the email in the first place. It was only to get them to stop posting
Grim Echoes: So I'm willing to take the 1day
Grim Echoes: but 7days is too much and having a pissing contest over it is dumb

congrats ๐Ÿ˜Š

Grim Echoes: is the image btw
Grim Echoes: idk why it didnt paste

dont back down mugen everyone will think ur weak

grim talk about the new board

waow, nice.
hope it works out well.

It's just a rent, but it's progress to independence.
I need to drive by it on my way to work, but if it's cheep and not run down I'm snagging that shit.

mugen just free grim so sci stops enjoying himself

Grim Echoes: oh, hmm that post was mff's? Looks like a case of the wrong man
Grim Echoes: tell mff I personally apologize


why is everyone so gay

is it weird that i want to have sex w/ an anime girl

(nobody is actually gay it's just a meme)

I mean, I think this is a situation where a certain few have ganged up on someone who had the best intentions in mind.

20 other places to post, I could lead him into a cool place where he can spread his nonsense upon new masses for a while.

New board sounds good though.

Getting through 20 cans of lager, gonna do a drunk stream of Borderlands 2, all psycho team. Shit scared about what I said drunkenly last time.

Sand people and ex girlfriends and retaliation to bullying was mentioned. And jail.


Traps are superior to women

You literally told me last night you thought the ban was justified.

I'm going to pass on that.

Girls make the best boys, tbh.

traps are scum ive hated like 95% of the traps ive met online and wanted them to die

kewl, having your own house is nice, break a leg~

Civilization 6
Holla Forums polotics edition?

I find it bullshit, a day ban for a simple mistake is ok.

Can just easily sort it out by getting that dude a new ip and a handshake.

Can't afford, Civ V though...

always knew mugen would turn out to be a turd in the punch bowl

Maybe it didn't help that I was talking french to emma once.

You want me to get injured?
That's kind of mean.

oh boy
look at this cat tho

Is Mugen Moogs?

at least i have 5 that i can fall back on ^ ^

similar pictures

You refused to give me the entire picture

cute !

I'm suppose to piss off and not be involved.

no cause it's bad luck to wish you good luck so i wish you an injury and that jynxes you getting injured so you have good luck

I can tell you why I am, sorta.
Too much booze and any hole is a goal.

sweet though, what's the plan after independence?

It's alright. I'm just glad he really didn't send the report in.

I call Aztecs.

no, mugen is a fighting game engine, you make your own mortal kombat type games with it

ty i love cats and dick

that is a fair and honest answer i accept 101%

Supposed to. But here we are.

strawpoll is quite obviously rigged

I know that, on account of ALL THE SPRITE PORN I'VE SEEN

Oh, yeah, the storefront I went to didn't have white hot chocolate.
I was so crushed.

I just wanted a white hot chocolate with a chai teabag and I had to settle for hot chocolate with peppermint.

it wouldnt matter if it was


So you wish me good luck with bad luck so I don't have bad luck for getting good luck?

Save up 10 grand and hoof it to the south.

What a fun game we play.

Am not fag

exactly ๐Ÿ‘



The memes ALWAYS come first.


A little. No scat though and a little off my style.

grim the new board it's your only hope

off brand mff

Grim Echoes: end furry drama
Grim Echoes: free grim

^ This

fuck squash
marry lenko
kill mugen

grandma headed to hospital again :(

Oh god, I really am dumb.

hot coco is still major comfy though

what's in the south what makes you move?


shit :x *cuddles*

Fuck oobles,
Marry Bard,
Kill Myself.

I want to head back near Snuffles in Alabama, or move to the coast for potential love life.

i dunno wat i would choose...

i guess admitting it was bad of him was hollow

further proof furries are shit

Marry squash
fuck moogen
kill lenko(because he is a manlet)

Random it.

wow excuse me me liking dick is probably the straightest thing thats happened in this thread since it was made

sticks literally rhymes with dicks


Yeah, but.
White hot chocolate with a chai tea bag tastes like candy canes.


what a pussi

yeah. i would have been a horrible webm most likely for a few. a couple would have been too vanilla.

Good luck :c

i am referring to his previous statement

im only asking he do the time

Grim Echoes: its the punching bag's fault tbh


what about me lamenting the departure of my love, blood-chan(female)? in fact everything ive done has been super not gay

who that, grim?

fuck scoot
marry scoot
crush pussy

Yeah, Grim can fuck off to his new board.
Done with his ass.



Erin is too insane and Scoots probably fucks like a grafter with too much workload, no cuddles, just 'get yourself cleaned, slut'

and we, the people you serve, are asking he don't, you total cunt

actually sounds like fun.

would kill a few hours... im sure. maybe even half a day.


If the punching bag didn't want to be punched, why did he become a punching bag? Huh?


t-that's pretty gay......

wowwowowowowowowowow i'm flattered and also scared
also scoots would probably cuddle like the fucking hairy bear he is
and he likes dicks

id argue were it you in the persons position being threatened youd want them to be banned

I wish my granma died already,
like she was a lovely person and all, but she's been braindead for 10 years, it's inhumane to allow this.

oh okay that's a good reason, good luck with it all.

like those things you hang from christmas trees?

Because Grim treats me like shit because he can't be a shit to George or he might not be able to get his banned lifted.

shut up...

Grim Echoes: and tell him to go sip mercury

i don't mean to seem rude but i don't watch videos when people want me to, it's completely attention consuming and the implication from those who link videos is that i have the attention to spare, which even in the event i do, i don't, because the assumption is uncouth

please summarise




When you do.

I usually eat any that the kids don't.


That's absolutely normal, at least with me at least.

Feelings of fear is always equal to the feelings of acceptance with me. -w-

... I'm a weird guy.

It's 4 seconds.
The guy is basically a ripped Dog the bounty hunter and just says "that sentience had to many syllables. Apologize."

you are, go die. B)

lol, okay

such a manchild


T b HHHHH grim should get an extra week for evading

grim the new board!

srsly shut up im kinda broken up about it

It hurts you don't specifically watch my vids.
I thought you were my buckaroo.


Scoots, do you cuddle after fucking?


stop being a fucking shit moog, there is genuine new board talk, get off your high horse and let grim post before you single handedly fuck everything up for everyone

such a sweet tooth.

oh boy
i dont know what to think

it's ok i like vagina so i am pretty gay too

Ask Erin

i don't even watch videos nick sends me in messenger

fuck people who think what i'm watching on tv or whatever i'm doing is less important than their video

no thats straight

Usually something like half the votes goes to "Mordin is a slut."
I'm surprised.
This strawpoll must be rigged.


after fucking, scoots does more fucking

You are dead to me.

Best not to think.
IT'll only instill more confusion, kafkaesqe horror and FUNFUNFUNFUNFUNFUN

Halfway through 1 can and already I'm fucking glowing. :DDDD

i feel like this is a reasonable stance to take :s


How are you alive?


Maybe Sunday I can booze. Day 7 of my 9 days in work.

what happened to kamoo I will bed I finished tootbhrush and feel sleepies nana

I approve 2000%

Sorry for doubting you, you're clearly a god amongst men.

Grim Echoes: my board will be managed as a community first, and as a business NEVER
Grim Echoes: make animu community GREAT AGAIN


Make ANimus great again

I'm sure he'll lead all 3 of the people who post there well.

good q


yeah now tell us the board name!

Can we vote Erin back into power?


10:11 AM - Bebop: it's all nothing tbh. really stupid once you know everything

Talking to everyone about this, I am still deeply concerned about how many people here have autism/

new board is hillary tbh

w-what i dont have a penis

THINK IS BAD SAD IS G... No wait that's not how it goes



He goes to my university and I think he got too busy with degree/found better social life


so?? liking vagina is straight to me so ur straight

I am more pissed that he treats me like shit when I don't take his side as opposed to being pissed about the ban or offense.

this tbh, i feel like i was better at this than erryone else

i mean bebop is generally fine, but letting mugen get away with this shit isn't on


They were always the most qualified! They sacrificed their power for the perceived good of us all, we were wrong to accept it. Erin for admin


I'm probably in work tomorrow night but they never said so I'll just be like 'HUNGOVER, you know what happens when I don't find out what I'm doing and left to my own devices.

We want Erin back!!!!!!

When Scoots is for something I generally have to be against it because memes.

i-i.... i.... w-what?

if u get admin power i paypal u 10$ for tendies

bebop u should just never give up the power and keep it for urself forever imo

I don't really actually care as much as I'm putting forward.

But as a serious question, was he given a warning in any capacity, or was it just a one week ban without warning?

We are ying and yang.





lesbians are straight imo
so whats up

Misato best girl


i like this gif


I think posting IP and threatening someone like that doesn't really warrant a warning as we have it in our rules that that shit is not ok.

board name now


i was this boards first admin

and by popular opinion the best i think

erin your website is kill

I'll just have to continue drinking for a bit and I'll come up with something better.

Something on the lines of 'IF IT IS SO WRONG, I DON'T EVER WANT IT TO BE RIGHT'

aw wtf


which one? is supposed to be kill



The way I understand it, the ip posted was the one in the ban-screencap, so.

Oh boy. I can't wait for Grim to go social justice on someone and do this shit all over again.

*punches your bag*

This moderator abuse, that moogs does, cannot be allowed to continue.
Erin back.
Moogs out.
Let the bitch go.



oh ok that is a good logic!!!
not much i do not feel good because today is remembrance day and it is sad day
how about urself

are u be admin again?

what are you drinking tho

woah how are you a free man did they let you out of the maccas?

so grim has rei, scoots has asuka, and i have misato. who gets shinji?

all that needed to go on was a little bit of talking/"detective work"
turns out our normal:autism ratio is extremely low

she's the best in the show tbh

I'm pretty sure it's mostly making threats.

Fuck off.

When I get scare,
I remember Erin making me moderator for 10 minutes.
It was happy tiem.


make enough of ruckus and it can be made to happen, yeah


now lets change the rules and make documentsing legal

what is remembrance day

me sadly

This marks a key day in the history of animus

She made me admin for a week.
She likes me way more than you.

Who would be baka enough for him?

He admitted his fault on that front.

And even then, threats are made here on an hourly basis.
Why would you decide you want to take this one seriously, but not the hundreds of thousands of others?

Lots of it.
I don't wanna go 0 - STALKER in 20 minutes flat, wanna stay drunk for 8 hours.

i like scoot more than squash

thin ice bebop

things haven't felt this revolutiony in a while


did you see all the rust loot
we spent all night getting that shit because we knew how bad you'd feel losing everything


I severly doubt that. If you believe that then you are a poor, delusional, puppy hun.

Because it's not like Grim hasn't said he'd never dox someone ever again or pull this shit.

this picture is literally horrifying

You look like one of those mixed race girls with the sass

She just admitted it.


It is a competition between me, Sci and err... I dunno, who are the dumbest posters here








ban sci

Bebop, step down. Erin for admin.

whoa im the smartest poster here by a country mile make no mistake

do it now or you're seriously facing the new age of erin

How is posting an ip of someone when they've literally posted it themselves doxing?

So gross.

Bebo listened. He is a good man. The problem is with Moogs.

Misato such depth... misato soo real... misato relatable and human and not perfect and just misato.
Misato is pretty & strong โ™ฅ
i like her.

bebop ban erin lol

We have ahad enough of this drama.
I have had enough of this place being like a warzone.
I want peace.
Erin is peace.

Holy shit, Rin.
Are you missing the point where it's not ok to threaten someone?
Because that's the part I am trying to point out more.

oh wrong filename

the problem is you

are you saying you wouldn't welcome a new age of erin?

just think
10$ for tendies
via paypal
you'll have it in 3-5 days!

it is basically veterans day, sad day.

i cannot properly retain alcohol i tried drinking disarono a few nights ago and guero told me to not do it again because i went coocoo cachoo

i did see and it made me very happy
test is a good boy and texted me about it at work and it made me feel very happy

the problem is you

literally everyone accepts this, even bebop.

it's time for your spanking!

That's why I love posting it.

listen man
I was trying to help but I do realize it was in the wrong way

but 7 days was too much for that shit
so fuck you and your couch

I'm not sure
the chaos is something I am averse to
like the meat incident
and the melting down

in paypal? from card or bank? if it's card i'll have it instantly my nigres

I should get on rust.


this takes priority.

Erin. We need you. Come back!!!!!

Some people just aspire to be dickheads?
guys this is nothing new.

nezi no ;-;

paypal to bank is 3-5 days

were you the victim how long would you want the person to be banned

You're Sci?
FUUUUUUUCK. I thought you was just some random dude... fucking names!

the meatening was glorious

you should fight for your right to such hijinks

You're deciding to take one threat more seriously than the millions others that transpire in these threads.

And then you're using "Oh hurr, he doxxed the ip" as a follow up to why you want to take that seriously, when the person in question, to my understanding, provided it themselves.

I don't care how you feel about it, but be consistent.

I'm going to call the cops on you and get you arrested for having CP.
Because all threats are serious, even when they're blatantly flippant.

Oh look.
I just threatened Grim.

oh yea that is sad, every memorial day i had to go to this service for band in high school and it sucked
super boring

this has always been my tripcode


not here

it's instant here

also i don't want tendies i just had a chicken burger

How long until this happens again?
With Erin we wouldnt have this shit happen

I wouldnt want him to be banned
I'd post at him and I"d tell him

"Hey man, you know you can go to jail for falsely reporting a crime, right?"

I'd call him out on his bluff

You need to find the right poison for you.
For some it is beer, for others it is hard spirites, for most it is weed or harder shit.

i will literally beat george up irl

I am being consistent.
Most every threat here lacks validity and Grim posted information that would lead to actual real life reprecutions. There is a difference between saying you'll beat someone up online and actually threatening to report them to big daddy gubbment.

Right, I'm keeping a stickynote so I don't forget anyone.

i will beat kyle up irl

freedom wins

I miss wordfilters

My health is seriously at risk now
*hyperventilates and cries to triggerhappy mentally ill mods*

Not just dickheads.

Banned for threat.


this is fine

this is not fine
kyle is a good man
he is just sensitive

people dont write letters to isps about how a poster is posting child abuse often

easy to say

Stop sucking up, Grim.
You can fuck off.

classic favourites such as:
throw that ass in a circle

and many more

why ask me the question in the first place then fuckwad

I'm not sucking up squashie

you're sucking down

Sucking down on that moogen cock.

It might help me get a hold of someone if I was not trying to call a fax machine.

if someone is posting child abuse you're damn well straight their isp is getting a letter

when did you turn so shit

oh i use to play bagpipes and all i knew how to play was amazing grace.
but super duper sad ripperoo

beer is yucky, weed doesn't cut it enough, and harder drugs r for bad girls im a good girl ;_;

i hoped itd inspire reflection.

suck dick for peace

I agree with the Erin for admin part, I just equated the smooth running of the board with Erin because thought she was in control. I only found out she wasn't because I of this.

ill reflect for 24 hours

thats a fair ban since it was my first offense in 3months






whose dick you gonna suck for peace

okay it's a little sad i'll give u that.
niceeeeeee where did u get one of those

Well what do you like?
What do you look for in alcohol? Sweetness and easy drinking?

Here is a cowhex for you.

hey its fine
when you have mod e-power gets to you heard
it gets to everyone head

Whatya sayin Luka?!?

new thread

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I literally just threatened to report Grim to big daddy gubbment.

And again, I'm of the understanding that the "information that would lead to actual real life repercussions" was provided by the person he was responding to in literally the same thread.


~nobody posted child abuse~

there are many more people that have never been banned at all

so how is it fair


I got a better question, what is the worst dick you would suck for world peace?

Has to be a notable person, not a tramp off the street. Has to be a nasty dick and a nasty person.

Now post his IP and shit.
Without it you lack validity.

don't worry! I'll be gentlerough