Here's another one for you

here's another one for you

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Exactly like that? nope

If I nipponishi I would be the flyest rapper

Where my succc?


O beeber



hello there spoilers. you should be going to bed.



So should you.

Cupcake come to bed ;)))))))))

Come to bed Cupcake ;)

I promise it will be the time of your life ;)

Back off, slut!

cupcake come to bed ;)

4? In s bed? OwO


I wanna smack the shit out of his face


Please respond.




haha bro its 4 20 dude haha bro its 4 20 dude lol man its FOUR TWENTY bro hahaha

hush you. I napped.

so many choices...

dang i fell asleeps

that's a sign right there
have you ever maybe wondered if you might not....maybe might not be...heterosexual?..


I'm obviously the best option.

Hnnnn leaving work

I like vaginas and FAT boobs.

Come to bed cupcake

my name is michael

this is for you bard

i like kawaii flat chests uwu

and this

t-thanks buddy
i try my best

I wear a bra

I try my best

Stay up with me

Come to bed cupcake~

Always strive to be the best you can. That's all anyone can ask of you.

You need to try harder.

Just leave.

Hes coming to bed with me and none else.

Hes mine

you might be if

not for this.

soto kuuuun


I'm not sure how to handle this sudden rush of attention

I promise to cuddle and kiss you all night♥

uhh back off my master ????????

If what? I'm dying to know.

If you want to go to bed, fine with me.

Sometimes I have these weird compulsions of stabbing things into my eyes
But I wouldnt ever actually do that

ever lock the door when driving on a free way because you keep getting the urge to open it?

For me it's stabbing things into other people's eyes.
But I wouldn't ever actually do that

n-no I dont ever get into cars.....

my face when

my face literally at this moment in time

also i have never heard your vvoice unfiltered before

ever just see a kid walking with their mother and just get the urge to kick the kid in the face

that does sound nice. but I'm not sleepy!

don't worry bardy, he's all yours

if not for soto.

nah I think I'm up for a while.

the if is if I am involved in the options, obviously I'd be first

Its amazing right?

damn too slow to troll them, back to ow


if you try hard it does not matter so you should always try your best but not your hardest so that in the end it does in fact mattress

YES except picky people who ask you to tryhard

what did he mean by this


god damn now we're speaking the same language
or kids crying

its a nice vioice

This Is why lulu will never get buffed.

Many things.

Now my online persona is ruined.

Lets team up.

So then you're staying up, then?


no I like it..


name them

I think so. my back is super hurting though so I might end up needing to lie down

me on the right?


Seems self explanatory.

Please don't stab my eyes out goggles..

If you have a good team to work with she will seem stronger.

Then I win.

You sound like a persona character

What does that mean?

YEAH BUT that means you have to have a strong team

Put me on your team and I'll buff your lulu.

that would be dankkk

It's a weaboo social game I think

I thought about updating my league today but i'm not sure if I should.

It's been a long time since I did an all-nighter till sunrise

Show me it.

Also Neru why were you talking shit about that post about introducing loco to league


because you listed yourself as knowledgable and shittalked tons of other posters

I think it was cause I didn't trust subtles skill and your one trick ponyism

i need to get a vehicular device of some sort to travel and pick up cuties


You think I sound like that?



Soothing voice.

Too soothing.

Why's that?

I'm trying to do a specific voice but its hard.

It just sounds like something a nerd would say.

of course, pet

Sounds about right.
But you're not in Japan


I'm from Australasia.

You're so cool

I'm sorry for your loss.


I've been told.

you sound like a voice actor .//.

masc4masc looking for a black daddy to poz my neg hole so I can apologize for slavery

explain it anyway


wowowowow presumptuous

I said stay up with me, and you are. You're not going to sleep.

I wish I had that kind of talent.


the reason catholic priests raped little boys is because they stopped fapping

May I die before I wake tomorrow so I will not have to partake in leg day.

We get it.

You work out.

oh, but I might go back to bed because of my back I said!

you damn bully

never skip leg day brah


I still win.

No no the point is I vape.

And also avoid going to the gym at all costs.

Nice try buddy

I'm not a bully.

gogglels you are frightening me

At least you're being open about it now.

The internet is the only place one can be honest

tfw no cuddles

*sees into your soul*

I actually don't see a reason why I would lie to someone one the internet about my actual life.

your rules are confusing and obviously biased in your favor.

what? what did I do?

you're the bulliest bully


don't look at that .//////.

Oh wait its fun

Same tbh fam smh

Same, II don't have an issue with people knowing anything about my personal life.It's even easier to be honest online.

Trying to convince me to actually do legs


You deserve it.

Sometimes I trick people into thinking i'm a girl for fun.

Sometimes I trick people into thinking I've never and will never have sex with a trap. I'm 100% straight btw.



you're right that was silly of me

how so?!

It was just a prank [online]


See here

I didn't say you were wrong


*excites externally*

have you ever seen the show "last man on earth?"

My oh my..


I have seen like two episodes and many commercials, ye

kristen schaal's character in that is basically mabel grown up. pretty great.

this gif is dum. you're dum.



really? that actually makes it more enticing than I thought also I do think you should be at least a rank higher

"hey baby I can't live without you"

"Then die."

pfft. no, I really don't think I'm diamond rank, but I appreciate you saying that.

yeah, definitely give the show another try, it's got a great cast and it's hilarious.

you really are though aaand I think I will! have you seen the exorcist tv show?

Litwick and his evolves let me down.

no, I didn't even know that was a thing.

how so?

Gotta lit them all

He wasn't Gengar.

How much have you vaped today?

it is and fucking damn is it good, even has a firm connection to the movie, aside from being the same place. it's creepy at a good amount of points which I didn't expect from a tv show particularly the end of the first episode

He is cute tho, and I'm picky with my fire types.

I do agree that the gengar line is cooler, but I really liked litwick's line.

huh. well maybe I'll give it a try sometime. I do appreciate good horror genre. it's just rare to see it done well.

this does not happen, you liar. what would all the pokephiles like ytse do?

this is very true, it's all just bland jump scare material most of the time or torture porn

Fire/fighting types are the worst thing to ever happen in the game.

I will not be getting Litten because he turns into a big retarded cat with fists.

I havent vaped as much as I usually do because I got to do some dabs earlier
I've vaped about .7 or so
I have a .3 bowl loaded but havent finished it

how about you?

Wha's wrong with fire fighters?

people get lazy with stuff these days. it's a damn shame, really.

he's fire/dark though, not fire/fight

Its awful and been done with every fire starter other than the first one.

I know but hes wrestling cat which is the exact same thing to me.

He is nothing new and just more of the same thing they've always done with a dark type slapped on him.



They do have genders and I don't like calling pets and what not by "it".

Yes. Combat chicken was enough to make me weary of this combination.


damn charizard was amazing

can't blame them after the latest cash cow series of movies in the genre

no no, the joke was that they were all female

Honestly if someone looked at Litten without know his types they would think hes a fighting type.

yeah I'm pretty disappointed they went with that design. should have been a more sleek panther like thing in my opinion.

how's it going there? you sure seem to be around here a lot these days. waifu threads not doing it for you anymore?

"we'll keep beating this dead horse as long as it keeps spitting out money"

motto of everyone in film.


huh, erin stopped paying for their website

rip animus bucks

it's truly the most sad outcome for any genre, just gotta wait til the wave moves on to the next one

at least the genre survives in books.

I might not even get the game now.

tqffhqys that is not how kelvin works

I don't like the current state of that community very much, drama, most people just stay on 3rd party chats, 2Mb limit, resident shitposters which could be fun but they are just dumb fucks.


Only if you got PTSD from gen3-5.

Charizard is one of the most boring and bland looking starters and the only reason he isn't a dragon is to make him balanced as that type resists all other starter types, including electric.
Fight me.

but the owl starter is great

does it still?

huh, well that's a shame. it was fairly nice for the few weeks I was around. nothing lasts forever unfortunately.

stephen king is still writing, so yup.

That being said I'm still there, I guess I'm just getting better at procrastination and more acquainted with this thread.

a natural evolution for a lovely shitposter like you.



The fire starter is blatantly a fire fighting, but they hastily changed his type to dark at the end when they realized that we're so FUCKING SICK OF FIRE FIGHTING POKEMON.

oh ye one of his old books that was a movie is getting a remake, I guess they are hoping for another string of king movies with a budget that might allow them to actually do more lol


they clearly designed him that way to fuck with people who looked at leaked images.

the book you're referring to is "IT" which is one of the only truly terrifying things I've ever read in my life. the first movie they did was fucking horrible, but hopefully this new one will be good.

His face looks like a brick.

I tried to press B to cancel the evolution but it didn't work.

How's you?

Oh, like, they didn't.
Because that's not what I was picking up at all.

And I didn't look at leaked images.

should have just held an everstone

I've seen the movie and while it sucked I couldn't stop laughing at the tim curry scenes, that guy is just weird as fuck


yeah I love tim curry. I also couldn't stop laughing, because of how bad the whole movie was. the book scared the shit out of me though.

just like his books

If you want to read it that way.


you specifically said "they didn't, that's not what I'm picking up at all"

cute mornin! tired but kind of okay despite the bad stuff, how about youuu?

do you get all clingy when spooped?


no, I generally read alone. but if I had someone to cling to...

go to bed.

I just woke up

Actually, I said "or they didn't," and presented it more as another option, as opposed to a statement of fact.
And then gave the reasoning as to why I felt that way.

Just waking up.
Probably gonna want a coffee, and I think we're out of filters.

How was your sleep?

Maybe I do have one, it would explain why my life got stuck here.

He followed his dreams.

Wish me goodnight Neru.

sounds like the perfect time for sleep!

oh, well my bad. that was my one mistake for the year.

this is getting too real

I wish you goodnights and may your dreams be dank as fug


needed and lovely, I got a lot of muscle pain but that's just from the work.
but it's all okay now

are we having problem?

are you implying all mexicans are lazy? wowowow.

wew lad

I have found another thing I want to do then, thanks cutie

make a timmies run? or suffer the morning without

the list must be getting quite long by now, eh?

If you have muscle soreness, then make sure you get some r&r.

I'm doing alrightish, just waking up.
Considering grabbing coffee. Or just a glass of water.

You must be celebrating the new year early.

Or some water instead.
But I'll probably end up running to the corner store. Bonus since there's a Timmy's that operates out of it.

I kind of want to start posting Jean.
But that's kind of technically a spoiler for the game and one of the cases.

a new year starts each time I make a mistake, so as to ensure I only make one per year.

which game?

You're right, help me avoiding reality.

we can hide from it together.

Why you ackin' so cray cray?

Professor Layton vs Phoenix Write: Ace Attorney

ah, I still haven't played that. I wonder if I should even bother, as I haven't played the layton games.

I'm not crazy I'm just a little unwell. I know, right now you can't tell.

siesta por favor amigo

wow lid

what's r&r?

oh nice then, go plans?
don't skip your coffee dear

you're racist af tokai geez

ye cups is just that good

oh well that's quite the score nearby!

tokes so lit

you are exaggerating



I think denying being crazy when the question is why you're acting crazy only serves to contradict yourself in the minds of others.

rest and relaxation.
My plans are to continue watching Gravity Falls while vaguely pretending to work on my mephling.
And maybe play more WoFF.

I usually go there because they have small packs of filters, which lets me get by until I'm out on the weekend.

Did you make that with that game about selecting honey?

Lets do that later, I'm going to avoid reality on vidya for now.

What did I miss?


noko i want you

that's a good idea. have fun

it's you who's appropriating mexican sleeping culture

but I don't smoke

ohhh, well that's going on swell rn.
oh that's fun, I watched some eps on tv from time to time, great watching.

naah just nicked it off Holla Forums

It is yo favourite meme-machine.

it's not my fault sleeping is fun.

maybe it is, what would you know

I don't know nuffin

My first character for the next campaign.
She's a mephling cleric. Mephlings are like smaller, less powerful mephits, and mephits are basically imps but elemental instead of fiendish.

The PrC my DM okayed for me to use gets me 3 mephit underlings, which is just humorous to me, and the flavour of the class is that you're so arrogant in your devotion to your element, and proving it's the greatest of the four basic elements.

when i was at the doctors today, an old man started talking to an obese woman about the election, and wouldn't you know it, the obese woman chimes back in a strong accent "yeah, i'm ashamed to be an american right now"

TIL even in scotland, the obese people are american

Not even a "Hello".
Its like you want me to start shit.

give in to the shitposting darkside, scoots. embrace your destiny.

You start shit with me regardless, so I've just given up.

do not respond to sentient memes

okay we'll be sure not to reply to you :^)

It is inevitable. I cannot help it... I was made this way.

Shame you cant give up on being a shitter.

even more racism huh

but what is an actual mephling? like a creature or humanoid or

you're basically lady gaga right now. born this way.

I ain't no racist. I just hate people who are different from me in any way.

Erin. That is fucking mean. Not only is it mean, but it is down right out of order. When are you going to grow the fuck up and take back the board. FFS.

I am not, I am too tired to exaggerate

that's always a good thing, being without it would likely be horrible

no you inject the weeds

I was going to Lady gaga that comment, but used "made" as I thought the overfag would trigger you.

go to bed!

I actually kind of like lady gaga.

but you're not there

did you check?

Erin does Grim do the email thing?

fug, colour me rekd

this is me yawning btw

you damn humanis- no wait

I am an avid gardener yes

not gonna lie, your tongue is kinda gross.

y-you want me to reclaim the board?

he used to, but the server is kill and their are no emails atm

I actually hate most humans equally. I don't discriminate. that ain't what I'm about.

Well, anything you can play or fight is a creature.

They're elemental outsiders, which is just a fancy way of saying that they came from another plane of existence, specifically one of the elemental planes.

Then again, I'm within a 5 minute walk in any direction to a Timmy's.

i'm a heavy smoker and tea drinker, it is always icky c:


Yes. Ever since that Patriotic uprising.


;-; okay

you should be able to confirm or deny for me!

what do you grow tokes? funny smelling plants that people inject?

that's our entire country

hey bebop there still seems to be some desire for me to take back the board

maybe we should enter negotiations soon

Actually, would you believe it if I said there are some places in Nipissing that don't?

yeah, it's not pretty. oh well, can't win 'em all.

I don't listen to her stuff much but I've liked a few of her albums.

go to bed and I'll be there probably maybe

Her songs got to me when I was at a crossroads going through a terrible personal time. So she is always gonna be the Blessed Mama Monster.
SuperBowl Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish

LOL it's so yellow it's almost green

I should really shower

You're just about that hoe life
a gardening hoe

ohhkay, that works.
but first enjoy that marathon~

I grow bitches

that's just the worst, how have they not fallen apart? also goodnight just waking rin lol

this best be true or I will be entirely sad

I just think some of her stuff is really fun to listen to, it has no special meaning to me.

have you thought about investing in a tongue scraper? I've been thinking of getting one myself.

why you gotta be such a bully

goodnight spoilers, sleep well.


i am not self-conscious about my tongue

well I meant more for health reasons than for vanity. clearly you have no issues there and I have a lot of respect for that.

We all have our own differing levels for things. Tis life.


What is trully horrifying is you not gagging on my penor. THAT is what is upsetting me the most.

if i was concerned about the health implications i would probably start with quitting smoking, lol :3

we all have to learn to live with disappointment in this life, scooters.

good point.

Its like another shoah

I don't understand the question, and I won't respond to it.


i'm about to make a phone call

guess what it regards lol


wat the heck

i just got a £30 check from my granny in the mail

i haven't spoken to her since i transitioned cause the poor girl is old and frail and kinda frightened of the world and i didn't want to put her in a weird situation and make her uncomfortable

the name on the check is right but it clearly wasn't her who wrote the name, just the amount and signature

and why now, it's nowhere near christmas


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time to google "big dicks"