This is a normal thread op

this is a normal thread op.

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there's a lot of good raw veggies, but some are just better cooked.

I mean, I am too.

That's why we'd be telling stupid jokes, and not, like, good ones.

Just ruins the whole thing. Texture changes, makes it not taste great i my opinion.

Hell, I prefer eating peas in a pod whole and uncooked.

huh. well for me most veggies are better raw, but I like potatoes and corn and asparagus cooked a lot more.


Oh, well, potatoes and corn need to be cooked.


( SD )

thank you for free game

Fair enough, but I think olives are just alright, I'd rather we have something else to share.

exactly. they just are so much better. and asparagus is always better when you wrap it in bacon and cook it.


hey that's cheating.




Fastest thread in the game.

That's cheating and you know it. That's like me adding garlic butter to a shitty steak and making it better.

I like asparagus without bacon now, but before I started to like it bacon is what made me love it.

you're right though, it's straight up cheating


Well there you go.

sometimes cheating is the only way to win.

Isn't that just, like...
eating it?>

I don't know, I'm not that hard to please. Tea is the first thing that comes to mind.

Hopefully cheating will make me less cute.

you'd think so. usually this step is like 5 minutes.


it only makes you more cute because you thought it would work.


Just don't get caught.

I would never!

Good girl.

you stop that. you stop that right now.

If anything that should mean I'm an idiot.

I'm drunk, can't make me stop shit.

Two drunk faggots

an adorable one.

I'm drunk also which means I don't have even the slightest desire to stop you.

So stop lying.

Liars are the worst.

Why you do this?

because I am the worst.


Did this come before Deep Purple's highway star?

At least you do something better than others, even if just being the worst.

actually no, it didn't. that doesn't mean they copied though. they just liked doing shit like that.

I'm the best at being the worst, yes.


I'm not much for music, anyway.

I don't even understand those words used in that combination

I enjoy it.

I just don't take much effort into seeking it out.

Maybe I should invite you if I want to ruin a party or something for some reason.

oh, well me either. most of what I like I heard about from other people.

if you want to ruin basically anything, I'm your guy.

Oh, well, alright then.

Well, that's not quite what I was expecting.


I think that's most people though.

you know what I meant you slut.

22 shots.

seems very excessive.

I guess. I used to do that nightly when I had the time.

May I know what were you expecting?

[Insert comment here about ruining someone's butthole]

I'm just glad I'm such a lightweight.

well I wouldn't ruin that, you know what I like.

Yes yes, covet your gift.

I may be a hopeless romantic, but I was somehow expecting cuddles.

I don't need to, because I already have it.

Your jelly rolls say otherwise.


This thread is lacking something...



I do, but I didn't know how else could I proceed this conversation.
I thought you could ruin anything but you're failing me already, you really are the worst.

Cute. What is it lacking?



glad to know you finally agree

I want to drink more.

Body says I shouldn't.

so maybe stop then


I guess.


Good afternoon, I think.

water is pretty great.


Gallon a day.

You're happy about it? I should slap you for being such a disgrace but you don't even deserve that.

Tap water a best.

afternoon gogs

Stoic as usual.

Hello there spoilers.



you probably should. I mean, it only makes sense.

hi hi


Not really.

what's your day been like?

Tap water has fluoride so the CIA can mind control you.

you could die from water overdose


it started not too long ago, so I couldn't tell.

good evening from americaland

I can only hope.


if only

oh well uh did you sleep well?

hello nigger.

how can I be like that?


you edgy fucker

well alright.

Why is Mabel basically the best thing ever?

Like what?

If I'm the edgy one, then you're a planet filled with knives.


I don't know!



cause she is

sounds like a pretty good planet to me.

help me I'm being cyber ignored.


You usually have a lot of people to talk to, I don't see the reply.

Hi hi

It was adequate but not as comforting as I had hoped.

I would do so many platonic things to her.

You'll have to try harder if you really want that slap.

I don't really know why I prefer tap water to bottled water, but I'm glad it's actually drinkable in my country.

I've heard about MK Ultra and LSD on water before.

no it's fine. I see how it is.

Perhaps what?

Stop judging things based off beneficial mineral deposits and marketability and take the bad metaphor for what it is.

I will NEVER


You'll take the painfully forced imagery and love it, damnit.


well I can do lewd things to you but aside from that too stupid to know how to help ye wassup cups?

just in general or did you sleep wrong?

like build a fort with in the living room and play vidya with?

I think in general.

I just wish you didn't hate me so much...

oh my. very well.

I dunno. just chilling right now. how about you?

Like that. uncaring and stuff.

And tie our hair like elephant tusks and run around going "BBRREEEEEEEE"

... That's supposed to be trumpeting.
Like an elephant.

Good girl.

Drink so much that you turn into a callous 80 year old man who hates everything, but doesn't have the energy to act upon it.

i don't hate anyone. just myself.

Oh.. Is there a cheaper and healthier alternative?


and me....................................... :(((((((((((


who the fuck is this yay nigga

Make me, faggot.

Not you.


that sounds like too much work

mostly me...........................................................................................

sucks but hopefully tonights is somehow better for you, don't know how it would be but ye

about the same, want sum netflix and chill?

lol cute rin, been watching the show now?

Or, be me.

I've been a callous old man for as long as I remember.

Means I win.

I'd rather some hbo and chill. have you seen west world?

you always seem to.


not you.

i guess i do not want it to that degree.

I'm on episode 11.
And I've watched the opening and ending every time so far.
The theme is just way too catchy.


prove it with science.

Because I'm da bes

Oh well.

well I don't know if I'd go that far.


hbo and chill is fine, still time to lewd the cups yesss that show is fucking great so far

implying when they grow up that doesn't become the norm

I'm on episode five right now. it's ridiculous. loving it so far.



good cause if you wren't loving it, we'd have to break this family apart


what a horrifying thought


Go to sleep.

truly so remember to like what I like :^)

maybe cupcake will notice me today, and love me and play with me and make me smile and happy and less alone.

bitch it's like 7:30

we have a fair amount of similar taste so far, yeah?

I typically reply to people who say something to me.

say kewl things to me! ;~;

good afternoon everyone

Ah, right.

You're in that state.

the heck am I supposed to say? I am the exact opposite of cool.

it's evening only my time zone matters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ye barring that you like mee and I don't like me and I like you and you don't seem to like you either. actually that's even more in common lol

good evenin


see? just more stuff in common.

You'd rather be elsewhere?

yes. dead.

cause they will be together forever and uglies will be bumped

so lets go fug, obviously it was meant to be

Drink water.

It looks more like she's having crack withdrawals.

having things in common isn't usually one of my prerequisites. you're actually overqualified.


well I guess you would know.


hi there howr u!!



even more reason to, duuuh

alright enough, how bout you?


the logic is basically unshakable


wow are you opressing me you meninist

im ok i got 20$ worth of food for 2$ so i am very happy

you're the one who should go to bed.

even if I was you'd be too dumb to realize it because ur a woman LOOOOOOL

maybe cupcake will notice me today, and love me and play with me and make me smile and happy and less alone.

ye so why aren't you bouncing on my redacted yet :^)

oh nice! adorable kitties too

You have the shakes anytime you don't drink for three hours.

Yeah probably.


hahaha it's funny because alcohol addiction is a real thing XD

your bounce house? you haven't told me you even have one!

after you drink more water.


I guess

I meant that video again.

well replies and pleasantries I generally do. but I'm not capable of much more.

good girl.


yes i love kitties ;-;

Make me a sandwich.

another victory for the patriarchy

As long as i get them from you~
they help me out


too drunk

well then try saying something to me more. I don't make a habit of starting conversations.

I totally do, it's great for when you'r drunk and more so for fuckin cups in

I know what I'm saying is they will forever be together aaand will obviously do lewd things cause why wouldn't they? jeez

why a sad face over that?


because i don't have a cat of my own

a bounce house while drunk just sounds like a recipe for vomit.

how does a cat even end up like this


not my problem, cutie.

they are superior in every way

agree completely

maybe in the future then?

probably wouldn't know though don't have one, it was just a ploy to do lewd things to you

you vile trickster!

the trickery will be the least of the cute cups worries, more something like soreness

What should i say?
what should i ask? is it annoying if ask you too many questions? how should i converse you? is there something interesting that i can say to you?

soreness from drinking too much and having headaches?

I'm fairly easy to talk to. you can always use the classic fallback "hello" when you want to start talking.

hello hello hello
hello, hello? hello :|

I think it is

there ya go. you've got the basic idea it seems.


Cupcake this is Becas, Becas this is Cupcake.

I'm sure they would get along famously. after the initial reaction to other cats, cupcake is very friendly.

I think that would be the least of it but yeah that would probably come in at some point too

actually I can't remember if you've ever mentioned how much you drink.

I think it is your problem

hopefully. i use to have three.

salut chat-fille

I can't say the same, the only thing she seems to want to do with other cats involves hissing and claws.

a fair amount but I haven't drank like a shit ton since the last year of highschool just haven't had a good reason to get that drunk since I was almost buzzed every day it really wasn't a great idea when still in highschool but I made it and it all worked out

that sounds so cute, did they lie together at times?

Those spring rolls with the peanut sauce thooooo

My little brother has never had Pho so I showed him the ways today

Extra Basil or bust

It's you.

and I think it is not. it seems we are at an impasse.

oh. that's a shame. she's very pretty though.

huh. well you already know I drink almost every day. woooo.

Honestly, the more I watch the less I see lewd things ever transpiring.

that's fine and dandy, as long as you aren't going to straight pass out caaaause that ruins the other stuff's chances

if I pass out that just means I clearly give consent for anything.

You're a white male so your opinion doesn't matter.

My fellow washboard lover brother

How's it going?

>promoting rape culture

Honestly Umaibos are gross

but it has umai in the name

They taste like cheetoh's retarded cousin.

And so is cupcake, I just want to rub his belly, grab his arms and legs and annoy him for a while.
These aren't things that Becas would enjoy either.

Fine as usual, I'm not as tired as I was yesterday but that's not a good thing since I don't want to ruin my sleeping schedule too much.
What about you?

Is that a bunch of asian girls pretending to take a leak in urinals?

not usually
the two fat ones were sisters and then we had a stray we took in. the stray was too timid and the fat ones were mean

Talk about false advertising

Did you stuff your face at Manchu Wok today?
You totally should.

It's like a really long cheeto puff with weird flavors
I'd rather be a proper weeaboo faggot and get pocky or if they have the Almond or Cookies and Cream Pejoy

Those are nice desu ne

They played September by EWaF today on the radio
that was probably the best thing that happened to me today
whats up with you gyys?

well like it was going to show that at all lol I think the relationship built through the episodes led most to the assumption as it was extremely strong

ye but it's just so boring then


I've had them a few of them since they're at World Market.
They all taste awful.

this is true.

I'm a big fan

the hell?! don't be such a pervert.

or do

so slap me awake!

I have slapped a drunk guy to wake him, it doesn't tend to work plus again if you can't react to it where's the fun?


So I had sex with a dude and some of his friends and they recorded it. With my permission. Yes that IS me that many of you saw on that video. I'm not even gonna lie about that. But what those niggas isn't know was that I'm actually a man. I get sick of these no good ass niggas exposing sex tapes and humiliating good black women! It stops now! So yes I agreed to let them record it. And I did that only because I knew they would leak it. Well guess what? Jamal you and all yo dumb ass friends just leaked a video of y'all running a train on a damn man! Stupid ass niggas. Toodles


Wow look at you, trying to keep a proper sleeping schedule
How adorable

Just had Vietnamese food and wanted to see if Ikt was here so I could talk shit on his ethnicity but then be like "nah but your guys food is good tho"

I'm just chillin in my room with my brother
I'm shitposting and have Katawa Shoujo autoplaying on the other montior since my brother is kinda reading it while on his laptop
How's it going fam?

I was hoping they actually were peeing

Wow tsuchi do you ever enjoy anything?
Next thing you know youre probably gonna tell me white pussy is shit lmao

I wish I could protest things by having sex with everybody i meet

Should I show my little brother Garden of Words or Redline?

me too.

Nah, I stopped at Qdoba after school.


White is the only decent one tbh.

only faggots dont like hairy asians


what do i do now?

I meant the cat. We should find a way to prevent this confusion, how about I call it $${\big C}$$upcake and call you $${\big c}$$upcake?

please work I don't want people to know I'm a newfag

I just like waking up early so I can shitpost for a few hours and relax before I have things to do.

I'm a pleb who never played Katawa but I believe Emi would be best girl for me.

Right now I'm just being my usual boring self, reading some things on a forum I'm administrating, saving pics, wondering what should I eat before hitting the sack.


No thanks, you would have to pay me with that face. I am all out of brown bags.

Pulled pork burrito tho

You don't have to be sexual with someone to share a close relationship.

I'm going to nana lala land
Give me your love and adoration.
Or your spite and ire.

Or even just general apathy.
I don't care anymore.

I has am be awake tim again now

aha inverse rule of twos


Love me please~ ♥

my face when me too

Asian snatch is nice
The ones that are mildly T H I C C with the puffy vulva is nice af

Sounds like you need to get a social life
Let me help mold you into a normie

I like playing VN which isn't really normal, only weeaboos who don't have much interation with other people irl play them.
They're still fun though

What kind of porn you saving?

Like I think I'm just sick of Mexican food from eating it so much as a kid since my mom didn't really cook anything but Mexican food.

Only thing I usually enjoy eating that's Mexican is Al Pastor tacos or Beef tongue/head/cheek tacos.
I know it sounds weird but it's pretty oishii

What did the burrito come with anyways?


no one ever talks about the rule of 2s no more
i was just thinking about that at work funny enough

Hairy asians are gr8

What ever the heck you wanted

brown rice, black beans, hot salsa, cheddah

only thing b etter is a shaved azn tbh



My social life is a disgrace but I'm ok with it, I can't really handle a lot of friends and most people I meet IRL are plain boring to me.

I think I'm beyond saving now, you can't just turn me into a normie.

I could count how many VNs I played with the fingers of a single hand, I guess I simply don't crave social interactions.
The ones I played get lewd rather quickly, the last one I touched was Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma.

Whatever porn comes to the net is fish, scraping Sankaku for Felt pics from re:zero.

i could go for a fuzzy taco

please no

proud of you fam, those are obvs best kind of beans

Is Qdoba like the Canadian Chipotle over there?
Kinda would make sense since you're white and you only see white people going there most of the time.
So its pretty much like a Subway but with burritos?

Must be some pretty massive burritos, fucking fatass
So much for counting calories :^)

u fkn wot m8

Sounds like youre just jaded af
That's what I thought and Im pretty sure like most of the people on here think I could never be a normie or at least pass by as a normie but I kinda have been these past few years

The trick is to not be autistic and have some charisma

wow its not just about the porn fam
Its about the story and shit, etc, etc

Wall Street continued to bask in Trump’s victory on Thursday as the Dow index closed on a record high for the second day in a row.

American stocks had risen by more than 200 points to 18,807 by the end of trading, up 1.17 percent since Wednesday.

It was the second soaring record of the week after a surprise surge in faith from investors following Trump’s win.

The S&P 500 also closed in strong shape after an early morning spike in the first hour of trading. It was up four points from the previous day’s close.

Excited traders chanted 'Ding Dong the witch is dead’ on the floor as they watched it hit a one-month high on Wednesday at the exact moment Hillary Clinton was delivering her concession speech.

well they clearly have a close one

night rin


So apparently that creepypasta Candle Cove got it's own show.

like a real one or an internet one

Yep. I thought everyone knew this.

Real. Well, as real as a show on SyFy is anyways.

Nice satirical article. Good read from a tabloid.

Get that Tex-Mex bullshit outta my face

thats not encouraging

though i liked stargate

it seems more like the show is going to be like scp meets twilight zone but candle cove is the first part, at least to me

I could say I am, kinda lost the will to put effort into anything that is actually important after finishing the final project on a multimedia course.

My partner wasn't too helpful and I had to do most of it, it's been more than a year since.

Can't really do that when I'm actually on the spectrum.

I guess, but I'm lazy and if I want a good story I will just watch a show or something, hell, lately I don't even have patience for vidya.

Kotori is best DaL in my opinion.



It's not that far from the truth, the US stock market sure as hell improved from where it looked like it was going.

They puppets they used for the show weren't creepy looking at all. Just cheap and shitty and goofy.

There's a humanoid creature made out of human teeth though, so there's that.


kinda want to see that

why the 3rd ones vagoo look like this anime girls mouth


this is autism
obvs a very easy to make typo


It dropped 80 or so from what I recall.
They're embracing one of their brothers in arms I suppose.
It's a rallying cry for the rich to finally rise up and take back the country.

You gotta stick up for yourself man, don't let them step all over you.
I woulda been pissed dude

You're not on the spectrum you probably just use that as an excuse but hell, what do I know?
I'm the kind of guy who thinks people lie about being depressed to use it as an excuse to run away from their problems or be taken more lightly or whatever

Honestly I don't play vidya kinda weird but oh well
I used to watch alot of anime too but that kinda died down too, maybe Im just growing up lmao
I doubt it

Yeah Kotori was a nice DAL too bad the show wasnt about that incest life
Speaking of her I need to check to see if she has any doujins out

my beer in the background tho
It was hot as shit that day too


bernie sanders

i kinda like how that looks


UAV Solar Drones
are the future of internet anywhere?

Like Bolshevism, those policies will totally help the average man.


Al Pastor master race


You're okay for a white guy Ian

Where the fuck is blood-chan?

Shawarma is great but every time you eat it, you just feel like you're tempting food poisoning.



hopefully dead at the bottom of the harbour

ive made enough trump jokes already dont bait me

And they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and

so worth tho

Come pick me up fam
ecks dee

Yeah, using the teeth as horned scales worked out well. But it's still just a guy in a suit made of teeth, like really obviously.

slap me until I react, then slap some more for fun

but I'm actually 1/254th native american so way to be racist.

I dunno? live your life?

HA it didn't work.

that makes it creepy too

like some fetishist wearing a teeth suit putting somebodies fingers in his mouth like wtf



-Non Stop Bernie Supporter Rhetoric

It's just that so many have been shutdown for health code violations here that I always feel iffy about it but it's delicious.

She fucked off steam. If you find her, tell her to come back.

Friday night
it was late
I was walking you home
we got doown to the gate

This is my face when I this is the closest to my political beleif

yeah you can suck my cock

Yeah but not when you know it's a TV show and they're trying to make it look like a supernatural entity made of teeth.
If you ask me the teeth should be circulating around and writhing, like some kind of swarm of worms.

oh, thanks heavens.
i'm not invisible to someone at least~

what is my life? i wake up? i thread? i wait for someone nice to greet me?
i eat something? i watch youtube? i wait for nice people to invite me to things?

Cupcake youre supposed to fucking ignore Luka you piece of shit

no wonder your spine is all fucked up

God damn wannabe katawa shoujo

itd look so fake with a syfy budget

Probably why no one does if you expect them to do everything.

Wasn't the Langoliers basically a supernatural entity with teeth already?

I dont understand this gif
why was she placed in this title

How about you get a job and support yourself and your community

it was a dark pacman oc

I'm a weird person and don't know what I want, I'm sorta happy that I did so much of it because I like having things how I want, but it was certainly draining for me.

I was diagnosed four years ago, not like that matters for anything. I didn't even tell anyone about it IRL outside my family and 3 friends of mine, 2 of them I don't even talk to anymore.

I struggle a bit to spend time watching shows, I feel like I should be doing something else more important and end up doing nothing at all.
Watching it with someone else helps a lot.

I can assure you that she does have at least 1 good dojin.

Those cosplays are pretty cool, sounds like you had a fun day despite the weather.

I only go with black because I don't know what a pinto is.

Pretty much, they have them in the states too though. It's less disgusting for you than Chipotle though.
Like, my meal was only 510 calories which isn't awful for take out.

Did you go out and fucking research your heritage?

bloodborne is anime as fuck

I already know you're a faggot no need reminding me.


all I know about is cleric beast


It's like Puella Magi Madoka Magica in London.
Ebrietas is Kyubey.


MeMe representations temptation and a fall into the digital world of oversexualized women and porn addiction in general.
Me!Me!Me! was about how a society where women are oversexualized affects young men.

Bloodborne is a PS4 exclusive, a fact that many souls fans found rather grating considering some didn't have the console, and when Demon Souls was published, it was only done so at first in Japan, with Sony stating that it was "Overly difficult, pretentious garbage that no one would want to play". The hypocrisy was not met well when From sold the exlusive rights to Bloodborne to them.


tl;dr because Bloodborne was PS4 exclusive and some Souls fans couldn't play it.

can you really have that kind of message while being guilty of it

me! me ! me ! is me

whats creepy



Pinto beans are shit, that's all you need to know

Sounds pretty nice
I don't honestly know how many calories is too many calories
I just eat enough and make sure I don't need to eat for the next 10 - 12 hrs or so
I'm pretty sure eating twice a day is bad too

How is it price wise? Like 8 dollars a meal?

Jesus christ man, sounds like youve had it pretty hard
Well if youre a skinny nerd may I suggest dressing in girl clothing and taking hormones
Its better than killing yourself I guess

I remember seeing a full color one and it was 10/10
Never saved it though

I dress up as chinese cartoons and get drunk and met other people dressed as chinese cartoons and become good friends with everyone then just party all night

I'll ignore u

we've been talking for like hours now luka come on

don't wait for people to greet you, greet them instead.

basically. it eats the past.

no, just been playing overwatch

I still want to play Bloodborne and the Last of Us and every year I look to see if there are Rom Simulators out yet for this bullshit.

You guys hear that leonard fucking cohen died today?

$9 CAD, so like free for you.

For you I'd say prolly 2000 / day is pretty good

But why

why not?

There's better things to do

i'm fearful, timid
what if they don't like me or don't want to talk to me? ;~;
i'll feel crushed...
brushed off. :c
i'm scared to.







You're a pathetic waste of air and you should probably just kill yourself.

hillary would be the better kill

the republican vote was down compared to the last two republican nominees

the democratic loss is on her


such as?

you just gotta accept that not everyone is going to like you.

all of the above.

despite still being more popular than trump

Fucking do it u fgt

Wow that ain't too bad
I assume they fill you up pretty well or you'll have some leftovers
Does beer have alot of calories?

Also that fucking image
Wish pls
spitter are quitters

Stare at lolis

you do NOT call for bernies death

/filters u

I am multi talented. I can do that in between matches.

Streaming Planet Earth II: Episode 1: Islands

i.. just don't wanna be intrusive... what if they're busy with something? :s


Bernie Sanders is a jew how can you support a cuck who's pro black lives matter and a jew


that's adorable.

if they are here they are probably not that busy.


how about policy

I was surprised I finished mine tbh.

A bottle is anywhere from like 50-200 calories, so it adds up real quick.
Pretty much the reason behind a beer belly is cause of how easily it adds up.

You have to do it at the same time otherwise you're wasting time.

I have two monitors. I prepared for this.

Communist liberal faggot


Why not three monitors?

your country is more socalist than mine

why did you come back bloodchan

buy me a third for christmas.


As I said yesterday, asperger makes life interesting in a weird way, it's nearly impossible for me to get bored.

I'm skinny as hell and I've been way further from wanting to do that.

Gee, you make this cosplay thing sound like an absolutely normie thing to do.

Getting ready for my daily dose of coma, it was nice talking to you.

I'll send you an old 1280x1024 one.


goodnight cutie.



brb running an errand.



At least I haven't gotten one
Thank god

I think I remember now why CS:GO is in "buyers remorse"

send me a gun as well so I can FUCKING SHOOT MYSELF instead of using such a piece of shit monitor.


try surfing

k good luck

I'm not bloodchan, I'm Squidgewell. I'm wondering what happened to her that's why I came here. Who has her on steam?

Squidewell is an autistic loser

that was kind of a joke

the only people that ask for bloodchan is bloodchan


That's the problem, all of the surf servers are absolute dogshit. Not to mention it fucking stutters like Obama in front of a large crowd.

In what sense?
I mean yeah, all alcohol has a lot of calories so it all give you a belly, not just beer.

You know I live in Canada, right?


then don't bother. plus anything you sent would have your cooties on it anyway.

they are basically the same person except instead of jacking off to killing dogs squide likes to stalk and jack off to underage children


Girl cooties don't affect you, you like boys.

im inclined to believe he is a sperg. he will probably leave soon

seen it

I am well aware of this. I stand by my statement.

Then how come I'm not Nezi size then?

Pedophiles should be shot and killed

I see I couldn't bait you into a Trump joke.
Shit, gonna have to try harder next time.


Fast metabolism?


you're supposed to get all flustered and upset at something like that.

subtly is key

But wait, wouldn't that get rid of all of Congress? :^)


RIP Catholics

O-Oh.. I am super flustered and upset right now!!!!

I was making this

if pro is the opposite of con then what is the opposite of progress :))))))))))))


Not really how birds work


ya blew it.

at least you're still cute.

sac en papier

As if, I don't even have that going for me.

we need a good school shooting





In Middle America!


I'm probably just too cool to get fat :^)
Cigarettes and coffee curb your appetite too
Probs that

no then the right will be the victims

That's a pretty broad assumption you got. This is going nowhere so I'll leave you weeb faggots alone to your crossdressing fetishes and underage anime porn.

youve done nothing to steer opinions elsewhere

buh bye

Guessing that would be the wrong target? :^))^)^)^))

sirop d'érable?


Ian stole all the fat

afraid not, cutie.

sounds about right.

there is no real justice

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On bacon mmn yes please

My name isn't even anywhere in that post. How do you know it's me?

Not if it's by someone wearing a Make America Great Again hat.