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You need to take me out to dinner first

Ana, gibbe pics of tush.

i like thick cum

gimme gimme


Not really though.
Let's just say you did for the shits and giggles.

getting pretty sleep tbhhh

Neru, would you like to play on NA

I want to go somewhere fancy!

Ifeel sleepy anyways aha

noooo 2sleep and idk anything

be glad you werent in my current game

our jungler forgot to take smite

sometimes i intentionally fuck up my mastery spells because i like it when they yell at me

[for liberal definitions of carry]

Where is elma
I need butt pics


HEY WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT i carried as ashe when we played

I might go nap

yeahhhhhh but as janx

tfw even neru knows you're a 1-trick

(((I would know)))

Subtle, move in with me. I will teach you how to league well.

first-time lulu didn't go well

Could you teach me other stuff too?

I can teach you how to cook and clean.

I could teach you to nap and eat pastries

Sounds like you just want a slave?!

I dont think I could ever do both at the same time

You want to be a slave.

Bored at work, so bought a kindle.

tbh I read kindle as kidney

practice and perseverance young paddawan


Daddy Trump πŸŠπŸ‘±πŸ½ can grab me πŸ‘‹ by the pussy πŸ˜»πŸ’¦ Any day πŸ‘„πŸ‘…πŸ’¦. Daddy Trump 🌽 is like a magnet πŸ”‹he can't help it πŸ€— he just kisses anything that's beautiful πŸ’πŸΌπŸ™‹πŸΌ. Pop in a coupletic tacs 🍬🍭 and let's keep this party going πŸŽ†πŸŽ‰ and make this PUSSY 😽🐱 GRABBED again

it would depend on the mistress tbh

self control
indomitable spirit

Big buff mistress to slap you around?

God bless America


Land if the free
Where all men are created equal

On second thought I don't really wanna get slapped around

8 year version when

Cute buff mistress to gently caress you when you do well?

S-Stop this

how buff is desu


oh shes cute

Desu is a fagdoll

every tim I try to read patchnotes I see the huge pile of portraits youcan click to read and I cry and think no and go back to pastries and naps and not reading patchnotes I should bed I finished toothbrush even


its so bright ;~;

nana then




blah blah blah w/e
hi, i just woke up.



luka with the sass




tf does this casey neistat do


Daily Vlogs of his life.

that's it?

Yeah, he does it a unique manner though, showing it through his lens, with tools such as drones and new angles of filming, and a person angle, he sets it up with decent cinematic shots of where he is.

Why is nobody posting ;_;

Oh okay, a good filmmaker then.

I am.
i'm right here, available for you to respond to.



Yeah, he's pretty decent about it, while he's filming his vlogs, he's always in motion, active, not stale and just sitting all the time like most other at home vlogs.
Always in motion skating through the streets of new york on his powered skateboard boostedboard filming all the time with cool GoPro.
years of experience filming great shots.

whats this hentai

i mean its usually busier at this time

oh that's neat then

*continues doing nothing with my life*

It's tamako market/love story and you should watch it

Whatcha doing?

Oh, I already watched that, liked it ^^

Should I start Hibike! Euphonium?

Yeah go for it

Resting and posting here. Chu?

Should I date this loli?

Ew pedo

And find one for me too

Waking up and enjoying youtubes nomming on this pizza slice.

actually i should clean my desktop it's filthy

If only :3

That sounds mighty comfy.

lol, you should sort by file type and make subfolders and move each into neat and tidy directories all organizedlike~

I'm deleting temp files - most of it are installers and other misc crap.

O shit there's D:\Downloads and D:\Dropbox\4chan that are still a huge mess

all those important shortcuts can just be moved to the taskbar.

I don't use shortcuts :3

Reach out and touch face

Then what's chrome, nightly, taiga, discord, and mpc doing in your shortcuts bar then? if you don't use shortcuts... hmm?

i want those new game zips.

I don't need the shortcuts that are not on the taskbar! *pat*

Also usually only Chrome, Nightly and Explorer are pinned.
Discord, Deluge and Taiga I have set to autostart.

then why shortcut on desktop? :3

if they auto start, they don't need to be on your shortcuts bar then pinned?

Okay, this is somewhat fresher.

Because installers put them there!

Also they're just open...


*pat* you could've just unchecked the desktop shortcut option in the installer~ β™₯

Some don't allow it sadly

I want a pet Megumin.




C-can i get pets



Depends, what kind of pet do you want. We got Parakeets, Budgies and Currawongs.

Norweigan blue?





who wanna watch planet earth II stream

Damn it grim
Always when i am at work


its ok I can hold off

Nah if you got others who wanna tonight just go for it

I woke him up and then he said hes gonna go back to sleep
and he did

I dont

Don't wait on mu account, itd be unfair to seny the beauty of knowledge

no one does anything on mu's account. except sci.

Of course Sci would do something on Mu's account.


It begins.

i do



How are there so many stupid, emotional, people in the world? What happened to neutrality?

nice picture


8 years of pandering to them increased their numbers.
I'd go to say it was even longer, but that's up for debate.


No, we need to stop being so irrational.

did you get dumped

Neutrality is bothersome

I am referring to both sides of the discussion.

At least be realistic, Loco.

Oh, I know. Being sane is problematic for anyone who picks a side.

Still holds true.
There are a lot of places that pander to one or the other. Have been for at least 8 years, if not a lot longer.


Why can't people step back for a moment and look at the whole picture?

We all have a side. The mist basic being our own side.
What are you really stabbing at though?

That's asking too much.

The far left starting riots and attacking ordinary people for having different opinions. The far right attacking coloured or queer people with renewed vigour. I'm stabbing at anyone and everyone who is indulging in hate for hate's sake.

I fully support a (military) united Europe :3

Because the bigger picture is much more vast than human comprehension. You may think you see the whole thing, but we're isolated.


That's pretty impressive that that didn't break.

Is it, though? The cure seems rather obvious... if a little macabre.

I can see both sides for what they are, for what they believe they are, and for what the other side believes they are. It's not as complicated as they are simple.

It could be argued it was neae on inevitably going to end this way. Blame should lay at the hands of the media, the candidates and their advisors for whipping upsuch a toxic mess.
The politics of fear coming home to roost. This is what happeba when you tell everyone that they should be afraid of something. Fight it flight.
Its deplorable on both sides. Heartbreaking really.
Such is life.
When people dont read history it is bound to repeat itself.

Or so you think.
You see what you want to, everyone does.
revel in it, it makes us human and not some giant supercomputer or hivemind

I can hardly pretend I haven't fallen into the trap myself. It's all too easy to hear tales of stupid people doing stupid things and assume they're real and let yourself begin to boil.

But that's enough of that. How've you been outside of society going to shit?

the ocean shook
the sky went black and the captain quailed
and before us grew
the angry jaws
of a giant whale

You should probably be explaining that to them.

What I see is that the world is full of idiots. Sometimes I like to participate in their little circlejerk. But sometimes I step back and see it all for what it is.


The fact that very few oeople think the exact same ir experience the world the exact same makes the workd a vibrant and terrifying place. But what is beauty and poetry without the macabre and horrendous, is bliss so good when you eliminate pain?
Thinking the same is for computers and amish

Nothing teally out of the ordinary. Could be up fir serious adulting soon.
Barring that, same scoot, work and shitposting and being a menace.

Fir 🌲 lol

I've been dragged into a very unhappy place.

You were dragged here?

I only come here when something is wrong - remember? It's like a siren song I only hear when I'm being grumpy.

I can understand that.
What has you unhappy?

Depression. Trump supporters. Clinton supporters. My life. My lack of a life. The crushing weight of the realisation that everything matters naught.

Jesus Chris how can you still be so melodramatic.


Way to fuck up your faux-philosophical bullshit by mixing two phrases into one nonsensical mess, dumbass.

Playing overwatch competitive or with cupcake be like

So the usual with a little current events thrown in.
Bad times.
Ive been a little stable for a week or so, so that is something.

When you're nihilism falls at the last hurdle things start looking rather bleak. I ham it up for shits and giggles.

it can help you to realize that nothing matters as long as you think about it a certain way

fuck me I'm dumb

That would explain why your posts on other places have been less... eccentric for the last little while.

Well, your stepping back is a side on it's own, no?

Seems like serious lack of giggles from over here.
Well whatever floats your boat yo.


I cannot help letting the crazy leak into the internets. A lack of character/ separation of selves discipline.

but the world is ending

Suicide pact?

I guess if picking the not picking a side side is a side then yes, it is.

I'm sure there's like one of those law things for when a parody stops looking like a parody.

I know the feeling, unsurprisingly.

get the punch ill get the rat poison

It's always been ending.


The merry go round,
Mr bones' wild ride.

I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111 SALTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

has it

its time

Hahahha, i know, you are a darling

Welp, anger and disgust have left and melancholy has taken their place. Lovely~

And we are all dying. I am dying.

me too

Melancholy and anger/paranoia are usually my bedfellows.

Aw sweet, I can listen to MCR and talk about cutting myself now.

Fucking A.


is today everybodys 16th birthday or something

whats with all the nihilism posts that seem to think life being meaningless is new information

it still hurts


No it doesn't. Things are going to be ok, moogs. Trust in Me, your God.

I was doing a really fucking good job of convincing myself otherwise and today the facade fell apart, okay? Fuck.

Stfu you abhorrently good peeson


well there's your first problem bud dont convince yourself otherwise just learn to live with the fact

fucc u


We take medication to be someone else
And we take off our clothes to pay for the bills
Where downloading content
Will buy you a sentence
And murder is free in the Hollywood Hills



Ay lmao

i refuse

Life isn’t some tangible being with moral values. Life is not fair, but it is not vindictive, it is what it is. Life does not pick favorites or select victims. Life does not keep score or hand down judgment.
If I accept life is exactly what it should be, I feel a sense of freedom: That fate will never single me out for success or failure.






jk, xd cummies haha woah hey guys xd

What a shock.

Don't refuse daddy.

i like cup cake :)

Ngl would probably go to arizona to meet up with cup and engage in homo erectus' chatting and getting some oil to cook pancakes until his back got a little achey and we sat down to watch Michael moore


watching anything michael moore was involved with is more disgusting to me than you two fucking

make me do it


what a day

But, but, he has atrong argumenta

Trust in me or I swear to god I am going to make you hard.

no daddy no


atrong argumenta sounds like a horrible disease scoot

Fucking Hell. Amoral scientists are just the worst.

Trust me!

up until the michael moore part I was on board. now I am just disgusted.



"lol trump will never be president"
-obama, 2016

-trusts you-


Im a unrepentant degenerate.
I thought you were into kinky, cupcake.


Bowling for cucholdinbine aka
The tsuchi monologue

that's way too much

the last straw

Is this what its like to feel lonely?

hello darkness my old friend...

trump is going to be amazing. I can't wait to see the next four years.

kinda hope trump unites with all the baddies and a new awesome world order is established (excluding mexico and the middle east)




stop it!


A coalition of USA, NATO, Neo-Warsaw oact, iran, iraq and syria pivoted against the china/south Asia conglomerate
finally yhe glorious world war we've waited so long for

Aw, well now I feel...special.

Obamas upset and Trump knows it.

Here we gi for the hundredth time, hand grenade pins in every line

you shouldnt

I am satisfied

priceless faces

Its good.

meow meow

I hope he does. It's been a long time coming.







Why has no one made an eva folder



from wall-e? that would be cute.

that one was for moogs, but you can have this one

today I worked for 12 hours and traveled 4 hours, I had to put up with upper class misfits all day but I also got to offend an arrogant dutch celeb.

now, I will go sleep.
good night


same, at least there's hope now.
but that's enough.

I made one once.


sup cupcake

im bleeding out, digging deeper, just to throw it away... bleeding out, digging deeper, Just to throw it away


Sorry, wrong skin color. Geez.


thats better



say things to me...


All is well?



well enough



sleep tight tokai.


what? what?!

just drinking and overwatch, sup with you

dial back the edge, faget

Meh honestly. I am not sure how I feel, or what I am doing or what not.

I love that video....

Its too late, because im one step closer to the edge..........

should be doing something productive or fun but i cant focus on anything too long

same honestly

this is hypnotizing


Well fuck balls.



DiRT 3 is free on humble bundle, do whatever you may with this information.

dishonored 2 came out today if you preordered. did you play the first one? it was pretty good, too short though.

are you about to break?

it's not even worth it at that price.

i played the first one

probably wont play the sequel

I need a lil room to breathe

Just another to the pile of games I have and will never play.

I got it for my birthday so I'll let you know if it's even worth it. I'm sure it'll be perfectly fine to wait until the price goes way down. I didn't play the first one until I could get it for less than 10 dollars.

you need a little room to faget amirite

that feel tho

You know who would pulverize Crocodile?

Enel. Dude would turn that faggot into a glass sculpture

Almost at the 1,000 game mark.

You are rather fixated on my unhealthy desire for phalluses.

you're only slightly less horrible than people who collect friends on facebook.

it's because I'm worried about you

How so petit-pois?

I was kidding I actually don't care at all LOL

I learned my collecting of games from your collection of fetishes though.

what a tweeeeest


I mean, I guess.

I can make a few jokes regarding the subject, but am not drunk enough yet.

Such lies... whh the fuck you lyin'?

it's better that you do not, I am very sensitive.

because sometimes we put up walls not to keep people out...but to see who cares enough to break them down :(((((((((((((((((((((((

How cruel, giving me a joke to work with and still knowing I'm sober.

These feels... timy scream

what can I say. I'm a monster.

who is timy



I am tho, just look how edgy my avi is

Trying to remember that one chick from that moonrune thing that was a horrible horrible monster but her hair was fantastic.

you made me smile. I'm pressing charges.

No charges needed, I make anyone I consider a friend smile for free.

you did it again you ABSOLUTE MADMAN

Oh yeah I forgot Ghost/Dark is going to be OP again in Gen 7 since Ghost is getting a resistance to Fairy now.


wait really? source?


A dread lord

we gotta dial this back before people think we're fucking fags or something

ur mom's a dread lord LOL

Who am I to care about literally anyone else here save for two others.

careful there, you might cut yourself on ALL THAT EDGE


hello darkness my old friend.....

I would never.


They're adding it because of the new starters, since Decidueye will be Grass/Ghost they don't want Primarina to be able to spam it with fairy moves.

this is a nice image.

Hey, Tracer, I didn't know you were an apeirogon.

Be careful not to cut yourself on all your infinite edges.

Turn a light on, then.

Bottoms generally don't.


ah, interesting. I think it's a decent idea, fairy really is quite over powered.

get that shit out of my face

who told?!


u did ur best


that faggot. I knew he'd sell me out.

Funny you should repeat what your mother said last night

my mother is a fucking saint you asshole

It's really not tbh. Poison types are exceedingly common and usually range out faster than Fairies.
Steel was already a solid type and is well-suited for fucking them.

Well, yeah.

you're a nice....uh.....

I have one on, already.

Patron saint of sucking my dick.


Then darkness is no friend of you.

steel is a solid enough type but the poison weakness was next to nothing because of how easy poison is to counter.

he will pay for this.

you don't have to try and say something nice about a piece of shit like me

I will find you and peel your skin off

Only I know his weaknesses.

You think the darkness is your ally. The shadows betray you, because they belong to me

Easy there grim

but i like u

just because we're friends doesn't mean we have to hang out 24/7!

I know darkness will be waiting for me later~

help me defeat him.

wowowowowowowow rude. I am white.

everyone makes mistakes.

That's why type combos exist.

ur mom is a type combo

Check your fucking priv

type slut/whore

Not really.


You'll need some chicken wire, paper mache, paint, led lights, seven 13 year old girls, and a bus.



s-sorry. how's the final fantasy game? still thinking of getting it...IF I EVER GET THROUGH THIS FINAL AA CASE HOLY SHIT IT'S LASTING FOR FUCKING EVER

Is this sexual harassment

that seems way too convoluted for me...



not me

how was your day tracer?

that's not what your mother said last night

My dick is going to combo your ass.

Jake is a....difficult target when it comes to his fears.

5/10 so far.



Psure I almost beat it pmuch.

Just need to fight the last boss.

Then do the stuff for the true ending and beat him again.

I've enjoyed it though, just watching Gravity Falls rn.

I didn't know his first name. the power is finally mine.


wow, you actually finished it in one shot? that's not something I see from you much. must be quite good. how many hours?

He doesn't care.

He'll give you his address at the slightest hint.

He doesn't care.

rape dis *grabs crotch*

I assumed he didn't. but that is his mistake. he will soon pay.

Ummmmmmmm okay... i mean.... (((((((internalised oppression)))))))


I've had, like, four sittings, and my gameplay time is... 30? 40? hours? something like that.


If u had
One shot
One opportunity



5/10 so far.
but combined that makes 10/10!

While surprise is best, it needs to involve his phobias to affect him.

another win for dudes

I'm just saying it's rare for you to play through a game so fast.

this picture is profoundly disturbing

see what I mean? I'm the worst.


I will make myself one of his phobias.

Sarkeesian was right


He's not afraid of getting his dick sucked, Cup.

Or were you just planning to blue-ball him?

of course she wasn't

she's a woman.

the fuck? is her tongue a razor blade or something?

s-shut up.




Yes, just like a cat's.

you will be my next target.



I'll cut your hair off.

this picture is nais.

I would literally kill you.

the pigeons or the interracial porn?
If it's the pigeon, I agree, Pigeons are some damn fine birds.

Let the games begin

the rock doves

interracial porn is just for kinky stuff

now I present to you the 5 part story of a pingu that got cucked




you think this is a game motherfucker?


ur gay


You're only saying that because you want to frot.

The fact that you think you could ever mess with me is laughable, and essentially a game.

Also 12 shots down now, so up for jokes.

I prefer other things you homo.

I don't think either of us would mess with each other in any serious way, actually.

I have like no food in me so I'm drunk as hell after only a few mixed drinks. I love it.

cup is only pretending to be drunk

what a tweest

*you're just saying that because you want me to rim your boipussi and fuck it until you can't walk

you only do it for an excuse to be extra misbehavin

I'd threaten to spank you daily because I'd know you'd want it, then when you'd finally break and agree to it I'll laugh and say "nah that's too gay bro"

I'm cooking while I drink. I need to buy more rice.

Might have steak tomorrow.

that pingu fought more than Jeb ever did

there ya go

I'm usually pretty composed when I'm drunk. such as right now. my typing is always perfect and I'm able to keep a level head. I just really enjoy drinking.

I don't think I'm going to bother to cook. I'll order a pizza because I'm lazy as fuck.


im just fucking with you cup

you drink as much as your lil heart wants





wow thanks for your permission

letting people down is my purview.

Better than nothing I guess.

Don't wanna.

it's significantly better than nothing.

I have prior engagements tonight.

Depends on pizza.

de nada

you fucking tease.

bbq chicken.

My life is complete.


Oh, sorry, that's Don't Start Un-believing.
My life still leaves much to be desired.


the voice actress is named kristen schaal.

I will also get some specialty bbq chicken. as in just the chicken, not on a pizza.

watching this was one of the most well spent 9 seconds of my life.

Oh, alright not bad.

what is your favorite two topping pizza?

idk if it was you or guro that posted this one but I thank whoever it was form the bottom of my heart

I watch it once a day


it's one of the best overwatch things.



well ok that's fine then I guess

I'm surprised Cupcake hasn't resorted to alcohol enemas to maintain the perpetually above .3% BAC.

what plans? n-not that I'm jealous or anything.

alcohol in the butt is extremely dangerous.

like I said, people make mistakes.

Limit is two?

Double pepperoni.

Glad that's settled.

opinion fucking discarded FOREVER.


shut up and kiss me

whatcha drinkin tonight? rifk

brb my plans cum to fruition


I actually like pepperoni just fine but I like other stuff better.

wowowowow gay.

wowowowow rude.



Trying some more Crown Royal vanilla. It's tolerable, moreso when mixed.

My go-to toppings are Pepperoni, black olive and green pepper.


fucking disgusting. olives are probably one of the most vile things on this planet.

peach x bowser is my head canon.

I can have my olives, you can suck on your sausages.

IS THAT A NO? ;____;

how's the alcoholism thing going

sounds like a good deal to me. but for real, this just means if we ever move to ireland together we'll always have to order at least two pizzas on pizza night.

not exactly.



Terrible, work keeps interfering with my drinking.

Last time I was free to let loose and drink like I used to, three people told me not to.

I usually make mine.

I would if the price stopped going up.

please stop. I'm very close to throwing up.

oh? homemade pizza sounds nice.

It does the job. I prefer to make my food if I have the chance.

cooking is for fags

No, cleaning is.

And as per our agreement, I cook and you clean.

I prefer green olives...


I don't know how to interpret this.

Go to any place that sells "foreign" foods.
You can find Greek/Italian stuff way cheaper than a regular grocery stores.

You have no taste.

fine fine fine ugh.

all olives are fucking disgusting.

tee hee my opinions are different and better XD XD XD

Black/Green olives are the same.
Black olives have a ferrous material for color.

I have a few buckets full of them.



Then I'd be the minority in the store.

Good girl.

lol what are jokes XD


Just like incest, ammirite?

Oh, okay.
I guess that makes sense.

We can stay up all night sharing them and telling stupid jokes.

Well, if
then I like both, I guess.

let's not open that can of worms again


i just fapped to incest actually


I want steak.

same. I should get some the next time I shop. it's pretty easy to cook


Just don't know which way I should.

I usually go nice and simple. salt, pepper, rare/medium rare.

Oh fucc, that's a pretty nice deal.


Grill, broil, stovetop, yadda yadda.

oh oh. I would say grill if that's an option. grilling is just great.

I'm terrible at jokes, you could say I'm the joke.

What's wrong?

Grill I shall.

Might homefry some potatoes too.

you're being too cute.

holy shit yes. do that. homefry potatoes might be one of the best things on this fucking planet.

what do you eat them with?

I grill some corn too, usually.

Don't worry, I will never be cuter than you.

I meant what do you usually eat the potatoes with, as in salt, ketchup, whatever.

adding grilled corn makes me really really wish I lived near you right now.

blatant lies and mistruths will not save you here.


Oh, just salt and pepper. I let the juices from the steak soak into the fries if I want to add anything else to them.

I already told you my last roommate gained 20 pounds in three months, right?

I fucking love ketchup and you can suck my taint.

Blatantly? It's my words against yours here.

oh nice, that's pretty great. I usually go with ketchup with tabasco mixed in, but good homefries are just as good without any sauce.

you did mention that, yes. I think I would get quite fat indeed if you were my cook.

and no one trusts the word of some portuguese weirdo.

Can't argue with a pleb.

Would be better to add Tabasco while cooking the fries to add the heat directly.

More than likely. Nothing I make is good for one's self.

what is your preferred sauce on things?

good point. I like the way it tastes mixed up in ketchup though, personally. could always do both.

the things that taste the best are the worst for you. part of life.


Who are you talking about?

We'll see then. Don't usually use tobasco. Don't feel it adds much taste to the final product.

I guess I can make some green stuff like vegetables and stuff.

to each their own.

depends on the flavor you're using. just the plain red obviously is mostly just heat, but the green and chipotle flavors are absolutely amazing. the chipotle also adds a lot of heat in addition to the flavor.

there's some good veggies out there. do you like asparagus?

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I don't like cooking any vegetable. Would just prefer them raw.