Nobody touches mah sisters giner but me

nobody touches mah sisters giner but me

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yes. for believing differently than him on this, you are a piece of shit. so am I. so is rin.

you're all pieces of shit

You're a fucking gift from God.


I lived in Alabama for a year so I can legally fuck anything.

do you want a smack motherfucker
i can be a wifebeater in two minutes dont fuck with mne

this is fact, by the way. it's in their bylaws. look it up.



people are so easily triggered these days.

i will fuck with whoever i want to i am a WOMAN u MENINIST cucklord

Elma spread em


Show me your dick.

it'd be the first time I ever cry about getting too drunk, does that occur a lot around you?


It wasn't sarcasm. That gave me a chuckle.

oh :3

Brb, gonna go fuck my sister, because apparently being alright with something is the same with actively supporting it is the same as actively engaging in it.


I imagine I just make the same sounds during sex that I do when I'm stretching and/or tired.

whats your number?
I'll text it to you

Its only happened like 4 times but its so tedious babysitting yet trying to cheer someone up

I fucking hope you arent emotionally unstable like that

consent is important check your privilege



listen here


Your avatar is edgier than mine.

I hope god can forgive me for what I've done.

Your father?


god forgive america still

how unfortunate.

grim will not forgive our sins.

Haha. You so funny, Rin.
Haha. How do you do it?

You know. Living for so long while being a sack of festering poo. Your mother should have swallowed you.


What the fuck? You're supposed to cry when you drink alone

it's thursday cunt

I mean what I might have done to Test.

i just want to post da share z0ne in peace



doesn't matter. your sins will be judged and never absolved, so saith our lord and savior, grim.

Get off my dick.

You got me.
I almost thought you liked me.


no I just get much more stupid with my humor, actually in general just more stupid the further I go. haven't been very drunk in a few years though



you bring this shit on yourself.

ya boi seem mad happy but truthfully ya boi lonely

Yours is even edgier than mine tho, we can agree on that?

Yet you're the one grinding your asshole on my dick.


for grim

I don't like things.
I just don't hate them.


I want to grind my asshole on Grim's dick.

absolutely disgusting.

We should watch V for Vendetta


ofc you do


It was amazing.


So a long exhale/moan?

Time to pump you full of my hot goo

Boston has cried 3 fucking times at a party while drunk as shit

At this point we just laugh at him and ignore him

I'll fuck the stupid out of you


what a waste of bread

It's almost Thanksgiving.
I want you to fucking stuff me like a god damn turducken. Ram bread crumbs and spices up my ass and marinate me in juices until I can't hold anymore.

Soto, I'm waiting for that dick pic.


I guess I have to acquiesce because I love cinnamon roll goat boy





I learn new things everytime squash posts that make me hate humanity a little bit more

btw Moogs lets have thanksgiving together on a totally unrelated note.

Slap my ass. Call me a whore. I want you to fuck my ass raw. I don't want to sit for a week. Use a fist or a foot. I don't care. Make me bleed and plead. Pump me full of your acceptance.


And here I thought you didn't hate me. ;~;


no to both of you


I wanna hate you




i dont know why i love these images so much

Fill me up and hose me down. Treat me, beat me, don't forget to preheat me. I'm turning up and going down. I'm always down to clown.

because frankly they are quite amazing.


I'd take a bite of that tbh

I don't think moogs approves

This is why I love burgers

i just want to force everyone else to be exposed to them

I'm going to bed now.
I let grim distract me from the things that are important.

Like tucking my little sister in bed.
And laundry.
Mostly laundry.

'cause I don't have a little sister.



I like them all, honestly. not even sure what's supposed to be overly upsetting about any of them.

I wanna be your little sister tonight uguu~ ~ ~

goodnight rin, sleep well.

A cutting edge, state-of-the-art bi-coastal multi-tasker and I can give you a gigabyte in a nanosecond! I have a love child that sends me hate mail.

sho ga nai


okay this one is upsetting.

torpedo nipples tho

I hope those are just lyrics

my dog was in this room sleeping and farting a bunch until i shoo'd her out so i'm not in the mood for this furry bullshit you homolord

would hold hand/10 tho

those are the good kind

soto stop sending your dick to test
hes fucking scarred now

I prefer rough sex and tough love. I got the software that's hard core. I ain't into that soft porn.


i agree

I am much too rough for you to handle.


this tbh





I like it ruff.

I sent test the wikipedia picture for "scabies infection" and he thought it was you.

at least chii isnt here



You didn't even send it, boi.

It was quite gross, but I was willing to believe his cancer had gotten worse.

I know what tag I'm fapping to tonight english&f_apply=Apply Filter

Cause I'd rather feel Pain than nothing at all



i'm good at ruse!


alluh I'dbang



Wait moogs have you ever tried methamphetamine?


Boston got issues

I mean, I have issues but I don't cry at parties like a BITCH


might help with my attention problems

should inquire about pills

didnt he get cucked

Curiosity killed the cat, but sexual satisfaction brought it back.


You might have some issues but it aint as bad as boston
You're a good drinking buddy tbh
Youre a good mix of someone who drinks with you yet also pushes you to drink more yet will listen to me when I say its time to drink more

Nah fuck that dude
Just get adderall
fuck administering the pill normally btw
Snort that shit

ive only ever snorted norco

Was that the Norco I gave you?


They really didn't give me enough of that after the surgery.


muh drug war

speaking of which my state legalized fun weed

cocaine is best imo
no burn, the drip kinda tastes like shit but Im sure youve swallowed way worse tasting bitter stuff
Meth is honestly best administered snorting tbh
Though I'll warn you, it burns like a fucking bitch. Expect 2 to 3 tears to run out of your eyes cause of that shit
Its pretty much the exact thing as a coke high but way straonger and lasts like 12 to 24 hrs depending on how much you do
Molly also burns like a fucking nigger and the drip on molly is one of the worst things ever
but it fucking hits you like a truck
be prepared to sweat like a mad man and be sure to have some chewing gum on deck since you will most likely start grinding your teeth and you dont want that

mine didn't :((((((((((((((((((((

who has those pics of us at the dennys with luke and ian and manny and them?

i havent done many uppers

because your state is as red as the blood of the minorities that will flood the streets

Man, I just want to get high as fuck tomorrow.

you win some you lose some. it's painfully easy to get weed anyway.

next time around maybe

its moving quite quickly

not me

I have this one if luke groping ian though

they let the queers get married. if they can smoke cock, surely they'll come around to people smoking weed.

the kbbq though

was that by their choice or supreme courts

oh shit you like squid/octopus?


I don't think that is possible, not that it wouldn't be fun to try

yeah its delish

I can't now actually. A boy is sleeping over .//.

their choice.

I think. I dunno.



Grim's jelly

and morally superior to us all.





Man real shit tho Luke was cool af, I wish he goes to more cons
I need to turn up with him


lmao jk, gtfo the computer and go do your thing and get at that
Honestly tho
You know you want it

Tasty af
oysters and clams are also my fav
I just like seafood
No wonder I love the taste of vagina and feminine penis

those coked out eyes tho

arizona got in there about one month before the supreme court ruling. good for us.

whats up on this legal weed shit?


coke was at night 3 or 4

weed is gonna be fully legal by 2018

But rn its legal to smoke in your own house and carry up to an ounce just as long as you didnt buy it
You can also grow up to 6 plants max without a permit

Smoking in public is still illegal and you are charged with the same as public intoxication
Driving while smoking is going to be the same as a DUI too


This is the fucking FUTURE

that was for you guys
I was doing coke the whole weekend

I also feel bad for calling him squash like over 20 times

were committed



it was shitty coke too

but it was coke so ty

Honestly it kinda was weak and not compared to what israel had for ALA
But after 3 fat ass line you'd fucking feel it

I wouldve gave you more but I was running low and Brandon was also asking for some
Turned out Israel only gave me half of what I had bought since he didnt want me doing it all in one night but that was my original plan

Oh well, we still had fun lmao

the slurry smile

Soto was never the same after the stroke.

lmfao was that after Tom Urbans?
Who ordered the duck wings?

It was Ian LOL

dw about it

Next con I'll bring that Grade SS NYC pure coke

boi whatchu know about dat pure coke

I know where to get that Wall st pure shit

oh look what I found




look at my fucking eyes, those bags 2stronk
I had to drive like over an hr back home while coming down off coke that same day
It fucking sucked


Picture dis
I'm a bag of dicks
put me to your lips


Its legal in my state now.


This is probably hands down the funniest thing I've ever seen on this site

I was having a heated discussion with ene while jacked up on coke

in the end

rip the dream

new band name

fgts inc

The Stillwell is always lit every year tho

Young Trump supporter kidnapped by ISIS.

real talk

was that before we headed out to the westin?


Luke is ISIS.

before, yo

westin was such a bummer


Your fist album should be "Hes forcing me to clean his elevator" and have that picture of you two as the cover.

tfw 100% scoped accuracy as ana

that's right, I hit all one of the shots I took scoped.

soto pls. he's just my drunk friend crashing here before he leaves back to colorado tomorrow.

wouldn't say no though.


I used to like my 100% accuracy rounds back in the Timesplitters days, but I was using the baseball bat lmao





that was for cup

He was planning on sleeping on the floor. How do I sneakily suggest he sleeps in my bed without implying I want butstuff?

Oh, I figured you were doing that at my bloging lol

Trump winning is the biggest "fuck you" ever recorded in human history.


I love it
I'm bathing in the hypersalty tears

I can't fucking find my bottle opener

use a lighter you fucking scrub

use your teeth

I nearly bought this

was so close

Don't worry I found it.

this video always makes me lol tho

Kon is like my older brother I never had tbh

You can pretend you're cuddling Cupcake.


this was before I quit
I dont think cup was even posting let alone avving as betty


I think he was user posting.

lmfao shit was so fucking lolz

god bless

wait ban is that you?



Ban youre pretty fucking handsome ngl

for some reason I did not expect people to have that much fun centered around a con, minus possibly the actual con parts of it


Thanks I guess.

God doesn;t real

My defining attribute when drinking: Unpredictability



It's Vinny from Vinesauce.

What did he mean by this?

the world will never know

anywhore I'm going to bed

cup if you're petty about this tomorrow I'm going to find you and peel your skin off


Cupcake if you're fucking petty about this is in the morning.....I'll drag a serrated edge across your gum line.

what now?

haha, wow. internet tough guy and the hypocrisy so thick you could cut it with a knife. you're hilarious grim.

cup if you're petty about this tomorrow I'm going to find you and steal your dragon dildos and vodka

this is my fetish

if you do that I'll literally find you and be super petty about this tomorrow

why does Holla Forums do this, I said hey to you and the other thing to that video soto posted but it ate half the message like I erased it or something without noticing probably highlighted something somehow and when I started replying to soto it erased the rest sorry

I'm going to crush your testicles with a rock.

also my fetish .///////////////////////////////////////.

oh I've had that happen before. lol. hello, what's up? just playing overwatch over here.


You wanna play a fun but challenging game?

not a whole lot, hows the overwatching going?


won one comp game, lost one, now just fucking around in qp

tfw cyberbullied ;_;


qp is often where it's at, comp can get way too stressful at times for a vidya

okay okay fine

now that it's so close to the end of the season I know I have no chance of getting any higher I have truly stopped caring, so I can usually do a few without feeling stressed. trying to get purple monies for a gold gun after all.

I do not dislike you Trevor.

This is good news.

plat should get you enough for 1 I think

nope. in ptr I found out how much you get, and it's 800 for getting to play. so I'll still be just over halfway there. I lose a lot in comp, lol.

they must have changed it cause when they released season 2 I remember all sources saying quite a high number

Plus I already knew about that whole thing back when it was happening. You were the one who stopped talking to me, though.


yeah, maybe it was changed. 800 is the same as winning 80 games though so technically that is kind of a high number

This is true.

I can be mean sometimes.

Darwin. You should play TERA with me and Tristan.

who else is happy about the election?


I did not vote. I didn't really like either of them so I'm indifferent to his Lord Orange.

jesus fuck kill yourself

same here

I was at work. Didn't want to get behind on my line.



sup bich

hi squash

relatively it's a lot in that sense but in the sense of 3k for gold it's nothing, that is 3+ seasons of plat to get it

How ya doing, Bard?

trump is prez, yo

well plus all the points you get winning those games getting there. I'm satisfied with not having a golden gun yet, saves me the anxiety of picking which hero, lol

Im bummed out ithink sonata deleted me
how are you today

I came and my buzz went away.

I'll catch you a buzz

I know, I voted for him

I'm well enough. My knees kept giving out at work today.

Sonata was upset Trump won so he quit the thread.

Sonata was the guy Blood Chan tries to pretend to be, right?

That's a little worrysome/

do you often have knee troubles

I dont even like trump

Can you guess who I am?

Oh fuck my dudes, what flag is this

A tranny.

I have bad joints. Usually it's my ankles, but I had a lot of difficulties standing back up after crouching down for a bit.

Glorious Nihon Weaboo.


Quite frankly I don't give a fuck

but sis ;-;

Nothing is grosser than seeing a pregnant woman shaving in the shower.

Also its UI.

that's probably why


Whoever it is they are icky.

No place like nihon

fuck off american pig disgusting




That sounds ghastly.

I hope goggles doesnt get raped by redback spiders

Come on.

please take squash away from here and keep him occupied please. nobody wants him here

I too lash out when I don't get (You)s.


No habla.

You are no fun.
Without LoL I have no games to play with you.

I want squash here.


but I'm just a cis white male and also I have been called garbage by a person of color so my opinion doesn't matter ._.

To the mother of my enemy
I just killed your son
he died with his face to the sky and it can not be undone

Why would I want to play more games? League is already abhorrent enough.


Holy God.
Just let it goooooooooooo.

Spend time with me.


I know that bulge anywhere.

We are sharing a most wonderful moment currently.

I assure you it is entirely one sided.

my dik?

Shit, and here I took pride in my ability to feign elation.

No you're vagina.

You could stream again. I always considered that to be good quality time.



I guess neither of us are enjoying the exchange.

I got Sonic Racing if that would be watchable.

Why does el-p look like TP?

I am enjoying it.

I find this acceptable. Diddy Kong Racing would be better.

I'll have a cap card soon.
I need it to stream for Goggles.

So what do you need me for?


It's almost as if people can have multiple friends they like to spend time with.

I am not sure if that would go well.

get rekt nerd

also hi. trump boooooi

lol no, I need to be very petty about this so grim comes and kills me

I also find it funny having you say this to me when I've spent literally hours listening to you bitch about people.

fair point, I just think it's quite the long run just for a barely noticeable change in some cases

This song is for u :D

I did not plan to stream for you both at the same time.

I also have friends who stopped hanging out with me because they got whipped

Have fun I guess.


We will find the time, I guess.


why care about someone who doesnt care about you ?

You are always at work when I am active.

Friends are fleeting.
Though if you stop caring simply because they stop as well I can only wonder the depth of the friendship.
I think we should care about everyone. Regardless of affiliation.


yeah, it's pretty minor. but people love their cosmetics

I'm considering a second job.

You're a good guy fella

This is literally squash

I would be if I followed my ideals.

You told me before, and I replied that it would be deleterious, given your health.

For not wanting to talk to me because I disagree with you it is odd how hard you strive for my attention.

It would be a time sink. I could use the extra money.

Get your shit together first.

I'm vindictive but that doesnt mean i'm a bad person

I am getting there.

You are ok.

What other trade do you have in mind?

I dont strive for anything, besides the luls.

How dull.


Seems simple enough.

they clearly love them way too much

I have always loved aquatic life.

Only ever pretending

especially zenyatta and his delicious golden balls

that feel when fighting zenyatta is literally just having balls in your face all the time what did blizzard mean by this?

Really wish he'd get a buff on his heals.

Ray, stop it.

My friend George is a marine biologist.

the gay agenda strikes again

if he did don't you think he'd be a bit overpowered? I dunno, maybe an extra 5hps would be good, I think currently he only heals 20 per second...30 might be too much, but maybe they could workshop that. I hope they use the ptr aggressively to test things out like crazy, like they seem to be doing.

I use to want to be one, but I do not have the vocation for it.

how dare they, this was wholesome christian fun before them!

25 would be nice.

it definitely wouldn't be enough to make him overpowered. I kind of wonder how much his use will go back up though after the ana nerfs go through

they're infiltrating the christian's too. soon the whole world will be gay.

fine, goodnight.

Darwin meet me in real life and let me touch your butt.

nini ui.

But you did so well in school.

You better not be lurking for replies.

literally who does this

I'd like to see a balanced use of the healers.



308 Highway 76, White House, TN

just kidding bye

it's just so hard to get it right. someone in a video I watched said something I really agree with. overwatch needs a lot more heroes because it needs a good selection of heroes that overlap some. so like, another hero who can speed boost, but not necessarily heal. or one who can AOE heal, but not speed boost. overlapping abilities so that more team comps become viable and more heroes can see rotating use. like lucio is still basically 100% pick rate or more in pro level, and no matter how much they nerf him it always is that way. same with rein.

you little brat

Not in math and English classes.
I did fail chemistry, but was one of 3 kids in the school who got 100% on the final.
I think my over all grade was a 46% in the class because it was first period and I slept through it every day.

I do sometimes

I'm sure we will have more in time.

shock. amaze.

That doesn't seem correct.

perhaps. seems like their current new hero policy is "something needs a nerf but we don't want to actually touch the hero much so let's make a new hero that's a straight counter"

helo may i habve your attention

I want a furry character.


It is.

Are you still going to give it another try?

but you live in cali


It's too soon to say.

I move around a lot.


Thanks I feel like a zombie tonight

they have one.

wait no that's a black guy, shit. you're right, you need representation.

that's me bby

the lying only makes me harder


you'd like that, wouldn't you

I would honestly be pretty apathetic about it, actually. I'm way too cool to like things.


goodnight squashy-pie.

Am just feeling bad
And my tooth his still a little sore
tomorrow will be better I hope
It is my last day I work before i get a few days off!

qn squosh

well you sure will feel better on the way home

Thanks buddy....

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