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[visibly agitated]

I need a roast and a blender.
Don't ask why.

(Fullmetal AL Chem mist)

my my

at least cup cake is here to save the day

oh right this thread

im fuckin toasted


*pets rabbit*

I'm afraid that is beyond my power.


I'll bump you

hehe xd


b-but you're soo powerful!


I've had my hand on that ass.


my power has limits.


4 what


release those limitations on yourself?

until you break :^)



*Honks boobs*

I can't. my ancient master forbade me from ever releasing my inhibitors again. not after what happened last time...


mind break or body break?

Butter gush.


same tbh

more the former but enough of the latter too


I can very much get behind this.


who could be master?

S-sorry! They just looked so soft...

cupcake gimme the ass

I promised never to speak of them. it's too painful.

good boy! so how are you doing bae?

im so tired i could kms ._.

I dunno. feeling pretty meh. probably gonna have some alcohol. my sleep schedule is a little fucked, probably be up for a while.

*pets the small yoshino nicely*
how're you?


what are you allowed to do?

don't get my hopes up

mourn the loss of the many souls who died in the great battle where I lost control of my powers.

I'm okay but a little sleepy. I think I'm gonna nap...

oh? hopefully the drinking helps out a little then, sorry you're feeling meh tonight

meh is one of the better states of being I can expect to experience, honestly. how are you doing?

still hope it gets better. about the same as I have been, a bit better but lacking sleep is probably slowing any recovery lol

well I'm glad to hear you're doing better


way to forget to turn off the spoiler DUMBASS

anything else?

alright... stay warm~


not really. very strict rules.

me on the left

play with me?

right now I am drinking. another time perhaps.

me in the front back center left and right




its time to stop teasing


nezi nezi that's a great play. watch some of mine?


mhm lets hope for that patch to be on tuesday lol



no fucking kidding. holy shit I'm so sick of hero stacking it's driving me fucking insane


what does that mean

what is a fun game that isn't competitive and something i can be slow when playing
im like really bored and depressed right now and dont wanna let out everything that is building up

I don't actually know.


great game

i will get whats mine

VERY fast shitposter posting at incredible hihg speed

I am not included on that list.


since when

okay i mean like something i can do that is simple
i don't wanna have to plan things out too much or really think too much


since the day I became a liberated woman.



trading in elite isnt very taxing

okay ill stop

when i see gardevore
i only see you, as gardevore

Civilization 6

all you have to do is click things
and watch things happen


too mind numbing/boring lol

i actually don't like it a whole lot and am trying to get support to refund me on it

exactly as planned.

iunno into dark souls?



im out of ideas

What do you even like?



at least we still did really good ourselves, that's at least something

dat handsoap flank tho

tn: plan means plan

yeah, that's true. you were on point with the mercy plays. I always fucking hate mercys like you on the enemy team, lol

d-did I do good on those? did you like the 3 v 1 against the two pharas and the ana?

what's worse is if I play lucio and just camp the payload. I swear it's so hard for most people without their whole team to kill one jumping golden froggyio your fucking hanzo and rein plays though wew


I wanna play mercy!


your sensitivity looks like it's too high though :3



you play mercy all the time!

yeah lucio is such a pain in the ass. luckily I play a lot of mccree but even then if you mess up even a little bit he just zips away laughing at you. shhh baka they weren't even that good tonight I was playing like shit

it's lower than it used to be. I'm working my way down the dpi. I'm still just trying to get decent with hanzo now that I realized I accidentally played enough to start actually knowing how to hit shots.

go to bed.

i probably will soon
i kinda want to just die right now..

i havent played her in weeks?

buuuull you were fucking amazing, I should know since I hovered behind you most of the time

how come?

I know the feeling.


how do i get over it? can i?

which means you saw me getting killed over and over when you finally couldn't put enough healing into me to keep my dumb ass alive.


you are asking probably the worst person here for that.

..i unno
everyone is soo busy? and they always say "another time" to me?

oh yes

bad timing sucks

that mostly happened when I had to go give heals to everyone else cause our zen was slow with his orbs lol


yeah we had some pretty horrible healers tonight other than you

what does this image mean

the point where you can't even talk to somebody is the worst. my luck truly is a curse

feel better soon

sorry man. I just don't have any hope left for myself, but I'm sure things will get better for you. especially after some sleep. goodnight.

yay new westworld

holy shit it's so good right? I watched five episodes so far but that was just to catch up so I could watch the rest with my dad.


in a huge fan

what are you doing in a huge fan?!


i dunno... i think this one works better.

[insert some tired feeling image .jpg weary feels]

oh that makes more sense.

yeah, same.

oh yknow me

well I hope you feel better soon.


so cupcake

is william the man in black?

do I?! it seems like with every passing revelation I realize I don't know you at all...


I have no idea. isn't he the guy who just got there a few days ago?

he seems pretty cool so far. I thought the man in black is that fucking crazy old guy who kills everyone all the time

it'd be nice if i had a lil help~

help, I need somebody. help, not just anybody. help, you know I need someone to help.

the idea is because they showed dolores remembering several times she tried to escape the bandits in a single timeline blended together that william the new guy is actually old dude killing everyone and looking for the maze

so like time travel fuckery? or like that the events happening in william's timeline are actually not the same as what's happening in the man in black's timeline? holy shit I didn't even consider it. now I'm going to be watching extra close. I still need to watch episode 6 and now 7 which just came out...fuck this show is even deeper than I thought.

need a doctor, bring me back to life

don't quote a rapper at me holy shit

exactly they could be 30 years apart and we wouldnt know.

fuck man you're right...they do purposely make things very very vague...the timeline could be really fucked for all we know...holy shit man... why you gotta mess with my mind like this while I'm drunk?

tee hee

maybe next time the others will let me just float around you so you are basically unkillable


i did a bad thing?

fuck me. now I'm going to be looking for clues like a motherfucker.

maybe next time we'll get teammates who can fucking do something other than rush in, die, and feed enemy ult over and over.

not really. you didn't know it was bad.

the westworld logo is different when william enters the park



how do i do good? what do i do now?

gosh dammit moogs I didn't want to fucking think about shit tonight UUUUUUUUUUUUGH

quote something good at me.

when the man in black is talking to ford in the bar he says he helped 'save this place'. if the timeline theory is true we might see the disaster that happened 30 years ago

Ihas been awakened by my alarmaocklc

jkansdkjnaskjdnaksdj moog ffs you stop this right now


okay okay

it woke me up from a dream where I was angry at rito for notn erfing rengar 5 bans my team not rengar rito yet and also I had to jump into a river and be saved from it because I was about to fall in the river and then there was a bunch of horses in the river trying to get out of the river

"Every force you create has a echo. Your own bad energy will be your undoing"

my mind is thoroughly fucked tonight. thanks a lot.



i am sorry if ive ruined things

Vinny was playing the drums with dildos.

this all means like, nothing to me


oh no no no, not at all. I'm just experiencing my mind blowing up and it's disorienting. nothing you've said was a spoiler or anything, just connecting dots I didn't even know were there.

ah cool cool

are not dildos too soft to make notable drum sounds

They are kinda hard.



fair point! lol one can always hope

kidding kidding

i knowwww

do you have many harder dildos like glass or metal

I do not.



spoilers spoilers lost the feeling of hope long ago, best go kill kms now


what did luka mean by this

not allowed.

Ineed to catch up on the vinnies Iam so behind


oh my

why not though? this seems not fair


because if I'm not allowed neither are you.

Webm him playing with dildos.

luka want cupcaek loves!

you know what youre doing

no hopes or dreams only nerfs







that's all.

I feel like bwakafeast and tears

I want to breakfast on neru's tears


on your knees

like a good girl

you fucking pervert.

*noms on dis burger* (i dont have one really tho ;~;)

thats no way to talk to your master


1 hour and 30 minutes.

I had a burger for lunch. I didn't manage to finish it. not sure why I couldn't...

then the way I'm talking is perfectly acceptable.

you bitch

:3 :3 :3

i want it!

.... fine seems like a good enough deal, good boy

I didn't save the little bit I couldn't finish. it was a very good burger. onions, bacon, cheese...very nice.

I win again~

until we get to the lewd part, the you lose but win in a way I guess

tell me about yourself~

what specifically

lewd stuff is always a win in my book.

aaa he was just flapping it around and not banging stuff with it ;;

tell me things you want. things that make you happy, and all your desires and motivations and wants. why is it you wake up in the morning.

I want money.

nothing makes me happy.

I have no desires other than death. I have no motivations.

I wake up in the morning because I eventually can't force myself back to sleep. I only exist because there are people who would be truly sad if I didn't.

fucking maeve

then you'll win a looot :^)


you are darn right cups! until you can't walk!

omfg cupcake have you seen the latest episode

I already barely can. back injury and all that.

no. I told you, I watched episodes 2-5 to catch up, but I'm watching it with my dad so I'll watch the latest episodes with him when I can.

you are gonna lose your shit

I read shit as shirt


...do you wake up in the morning for us?

what can money do?

when your stuff falls on the floor and the floor might be dusty and you have to worry abotu floordust

money can make sure I don't have to worry about money.

not really. I mean, I guess a little. there are some people here who I'm sure would be sad if I disappeared, but at least my online friends could tell themselves I was just off doing whatever and not dead.

fuck watch it soon i really wanna geek out about it

That first sip of coffee in the morning

my dad should be back in town soon, I'll see if he wants to watch soon.


I wanna pat Aoba.

I wanna pat emily

I just want to chug it all and pour another one!~


Damn, I get reminded of too much porn when I see those heart shaped pupils


Mmmm, coffee.

Usually ahegao too.

I'm sorry to disappoint.


why would you have to worry about money when money doesn't have a purpose for you?

what would the purpose of not worrying about money do for you?

not saying you have to be rich materialistic... but...

don't we do something for you here each and every day? and we arent even money! we reply back, we like you, we hang out...

we are more than some thin paper material... currency.

aw so one should be gentle and loving at times with the cups huh?

haveyou watched that much lewd stuff

I thought hewould be like having a real drum and banging it with dildos but noooo

idk if you can play drums like that tbh

money has a purpose to everyone, luka. I need to pay for where I live, what I eat, and the internet I use.

I don't need to be rich. I just need enough to get by.

yeah, it definitely is something. I'm not trying to belittle the contribution this place has made to my life, it's just the fact of the matter is if I had no family or friend in real life I would have nothing holding me back from ending my life.

well...not all times...

I mean you could but it wouldn't sound that great.

Hmm, I'm not too keen on ahegao actually. I think it's a bit weird when done overly much

Well the heart pupils is kinda a porn meme like the cat tit window, they're easy to recall

never buuuut a fair amount of times to make cups feel amazing without possibly hurting him

You need to unlock the [ ADULT ONLY ] pack for this.

But heart in eyes is usually with ahegao-ing.

but cups likes to be hurt.

I don't want to pat you in a lewd way holy shit emily

Sorry, dev shoved all patting activities under that DLC.

yeah but cups acts to harsh on himself so the other side of things is to teach you!

what is this hentai

Nuh uh

agami park something, I forget the moonspeak name but the characters are named after rappers

maybe... it's never enough?
new things crop up after you have the old things.

just like.... how

you're always going to find something to hold you back from that.

Link one :3

Oh that, I've seen memes of that and it's supposed to be good but I need to catch up on everything. Thanks!

anytime! how you doing ems? also ye pick it up quick

Added, but it'll have to wait until I finish a bunch of other stuff!

I'm doing good, I overslept but I work at home today anyway so no harm done here. How's the spoil?

isit reall a porn meme Imean I guess it is not something to wear most places but

unless it was one of the really hard ones right

that's really unfair.

this also seems unfair.

agami brilliant park. I haven't seen the show but I've read an unholy amount of hentai mangas.


what door

hopefully not forever.

should I feel dum about only ever seeing pandas

I've never seen one irl at least.

very dumb, yes.

been better but it's been edging on getting to a less melancholic blizzard of blah. that's just stupid spoils stuff though. do you have like a huuuge list? I know I do aaaand I move through anime sooooo slowly

how is it not fair? I think it's perfectly fair that I treat you both ways, that way you're a mess of feelings from the two different ways of lewding


How's the cup?

I know that one :3

right up until the bitter end... where your kids and grandkids bid you farewell...

I just watched the first Initial D movie again and it was gud.

Also tell, I don't have shit to do today.

drunk. wishing he was passed out. how is emily?

I don't want to be a mess of feelings, I just want to be a mess!

good one luka. I'm never going to have kids.

I heard it is copyrighted by some asian store that pretty aggressively takes down duplicates from other stores idk

uh huh, sure. alright~ anything thing you say darling.

that sounds porny, what exactly is it? and I don't know if there is much to tell about things. I just have been down in the dumps for almost a month now, just like a wave of shit feels just new zealanding me

buuuut I sort of am curious to see how much cups would blush

Woke up, sleepy but doing okay.


clearly you need more coffee.

none at all you shush!

Cars, not porn x3


ohhhhh I get it initial D

Shit, the 10+ year old anime is actually better than the movie.



I don't trust you! over this at least

oh neat! never had heard of it before

you shouldn't at all.

I can recommend it! Start out with the 1998's anime though, because the Eurobeat adds so much, the generic j-rock in the remakes (2014-2016 movies) is less atmosphere-setting.

b but why not? trusting your pet is a good thing!

I will add it to my list, old one first and all! thanks ems!

*patting hands*

because I'm the worst.




that is a horrible lie

That was great, thanks Lewds.

wat was?


no, this is.


That cheerleader going heart-in-eyes :3

Lewd stuff.

no, stop being a bad pet *pets*


Monday's a good day.


but if I'm good all the time there's no reason to punish me.

What's wrong ;;

i want to be loved.

me too tbh

i want this.

To be Kou or Rin?

but uh... i want purples kindness, and at times i want blondies relaxness
they are perfect for each other~
it want to be the one laying ther looking up at her...
but at the same time i want to have her on my lap so i can look down at her with love reassurance and compassion...

there are so many weird people in this game


you drive a hard bargain but I'm not swaying in my plans



Find a b/gf.



Date one of the Canadians here.

hard bargain.



I'm sorry that the mass of the population on there is so dumb sometimes, it's really annoying at times

gimme folder that pls ;~;

But my folder is a MESS.

I hate everything.

brb nom

even.... even me?

if it's got blondies stills and purple lady stills i havent seen before
its worth a lot!
i dont care if it unorganized i can take care of that~

...no obviously not you geez...

another potg. uploading now

ta dah



i wanna be in ur potg's....


*gives u views*

maybe one day the famous gamer cup cake will notice me and let me play with there's pro lvl game plays! ^///^

I'm mediocre at best, and I'll never be famous. I just like sharing these with you guys.

still playing? also wew poor mercy and rein, mercy was trying to liiiive and rein was too busy to even notice

*snuggles sleepily*

no, I finished, but if you wanted to play some I could get back on. I was thinking of going to bed soon though.

you should go to bed. so should I. so should spoilers. bunch of us are up past out bedtimes.

*pulls you two closer*

I was going to buuuut if you're going to bed I'll just try that myself too. make up for being busy earlier with tomorrow

goodnight luka, sleep well.

yeah, as boring as it is that would be the responsible thing to do anyway...goodnight spoilers, sleep tight.

alright, goodnight everyone.

nini thread family

night bae

night luuks


i can be a girl

I pull power for all my everything from just one wall plug.

Does everybody have a life?

I can't be the only spiritual NEET.

pokemon sun or gtfo

Pokemon is for kids.

pokemon fur


worth a shot...kind of.


I think I slept way too much.


I went at 1am and woke up at 10am


I went at ~21:40 and woke up at 8:20 just nowishly.

GOOD sleep

random forum posts are somethinggg

Too much though.
Feels like shit.

I need to go grab a coffee.

Enjoy cawfee

Just jack off, take a shower, and have some iced coffee


Will do, cher capitan.

I don't like iced coffee.

More best girl ???


Oh come on, it tastes good.
Besides you tend to pretty much drink it faster than hot coffee so it you feel more of a kick from the caffeine that way

Can I get banned for playing ekko support now


I don't get much of a kick from caffeine to begin with.

Unless I'm consuming it in extremes.

Who's the slovakian trap?

Then take some adderall then

New thread.