Gonna shill this show more

gonna shill this show more

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What is this nonsense?

u still get paid moar


u should cap ur fav character in the show and post as them~

Oh yeah, £7 an hour.
I'm getting rich in my standards.

What is it about?




robot cowboys and fan theories

she is robot ? beep boop?


Furry, okay.

But 3d, NO.

Only 2 crew left on my boat, welp, everything is gonna take HOURS to get to A to B on this Sunless Sea.


Ehhh, doesn't get my dick hard

show thread people moar~

yay games
eww alcohol

they are like 3d printed robots that bleed


there is a lot of fucking

the temporary filling they put on is driving me mad... I jsut want to rip it off...


find new ones...


Still not interested, sorry ;w;


play overwatch.

draw threaders as a group pls ;~;





is gonna be the day
that they're gonna that it back to you


plz draw me ;~;

I'll need to get that one day, don't worry.
Junkrat seems like my kind of guy.

Sorry cutie. ;w;

*pet pet*


hows you, scanner?

do it

i hate dentist stuff, it would be satisfying to know you did it


i will accept the cutie

sorry I'm not willing to risk my own wellbeing for curiosity
if I popped it off then the drilled out root canal is going to be exposed and the pins might fall out
i dont wanna get an infection x:
or a dry socket..

for the first time in like 12 years I had a nose bleed.

what's it mean

you should get it.

okay :c


I don't believe that anybody
feels the way i do
about you now

i can't fathom the whole artificially fucking with your teeth thing

mine can rot uninhibited until they're useless, then come out, and after enough are gone, dentures.

fuck drilling them and filling them and turning them into horrible cyborg abominations, makes my flesh creep

it's normal for women to bleed around this time of month

Chilling, planning my next route on Sunless Sea, planning what next game I should play tomorrow.

Damn straight you will.

Will do next payday. .w.


r u not rich now?

4 out of 10 Americans believe this.


i can dig it

I wanted them to just pull it but i really trust this dentist
It felt so fucking weird though
even though it was numbed up I could feel it
He just like
drilled out the top
then took these tiny like needles and poked my roots until he reached the bottom then he stuck a punch of pins in but then he was like o fuck these are deeper than i thought so we had tto go back and he poked in these roots for like half an hour straight and my mouth was like stuck open and I was choking on spi and it was hard to swallow and sometimes the lady would stick that vacuum thing in.


how are you erin senpai?

I like having good teeth.

yeah, fuck that

i had that song played at my moms funeral and it made my junkie uncle cry so fucking hard

i'm okay thanks c:

Nah. Well, fairly ok in the bank account, but not rich.

I'd talk some mad lewd but not really in that sort of mood.

holy fuck moogs im crying

holy fuck moogs im crying>

u have enough to buy things?

I cant

That's actually really sad
I'm sorry orin T~T


dark souls :3
hows your new job?

Yeah, but I still got of plenty of games to complete FIRST then I'll get overwatch.

Done the induction, they'll contact me when I'm on my first night, but I know what I'm getting into.

Is gonna be dead chill.

lol it's all good my dude

wat gamez?

whats the deets fam?

I regret waking up.

no problemo

i love it



trump gonna build a wall on wednesday

A LOT of them.
Sales always slow me down.
Plus there are sales so...... yeah, I'll get there in the end.

Details of what?

cut it down to only the good ones.

When Trump wins when will they invade Equador

the job fam

bard pls no

I have a 5 dollar bet out with each of my good friends that shillary will take it
Not that I want her to

more blood

overthrow creation

hilary is backed.
they will push it in her favor.

at least if hillary wins we can look forward to some pretty fun drama with texas


i would like a texit

Smyths, toy store, dealing with cardboard and restocking in the dark.

Will do, as soon as I get bored of Sunless Sea, I'll try and finish off Hyper Light Drifter.


i would find it amusing, but slightly worrying


nice, sounds like comfyish work


It really, REALLY is.

its not a nice trend to have

but it means no republicans would ever get elected again

which is like good news imo they need to be bitch slapped for even saying they wont allow any fucking work to be done if shillary wins


oh man
Hawaii hates america i hear

i dont think ive hard of any other people wanting out

moana is going trigger hawaixit. i guarantee it.

all people want out on wednesday

Nuke them.

i will be upset if my obamacare goes away


shit, id work that job, and im lazy as shit

im more concerned about the power vacuum from the slow collapse of the US, and the decline of anglo cultural influence.

I had a thought the other day
How strange it is that its very possibe for one of our members in this very community to, within the time that we've known them, die in a nuclear detonation

I thought that was the oddest thing

trump destroy obama's care
hilary make obam care bad

I'm out of references so you got lucky kid
next time, qt
next time

no comment

he keeps mentioning he'll replace it but hasnt really laid anything out

she wants to fix it somehow cuz its apparently getting bad for some people

not for me though

It has the second highest GDP by state, 10th in the world if states were considered against all countries.
And gets the least back from the federal government and has no state income tax.
No one really is pushing for it but it also would easily be able to survive as its own entity, though states aren't not allowed to secede without congressional approval. Otherwise it'd be the same as treason and then martial law, same as the post-war South.

Why not apply around Smyths Toystores? They probably need to boost their numbers now due to xmas.

You're a good man scanner

Less than a month ago, Texas was even considered a battleground state that could go Democrat for the first time since LBJ.

i know itd do fine

itd never be approved tho



i hear secession is something of a hot topic among texans, and some are keen on the idea of it if hillary wins

computer science degree

i put 5k Doge on hillary

both are going to change america...
rest in peace the old days of Obama's care.


urine the money

stand to win 800 doge

i guess hillary is popular to win

i dont think she will do much. republicans have made it clear they are going to do their best to block shit like they did with obama for 8 years

Degrees are dime a dozen, but I understand.
IT'll only be a temp contract though, if you don't have a job now.


Unlikely since the Texas' economy is realistically able to exist outside the US, considering it's all based on energy and communications. Without it, the US' oil industry is almost nonexistent since every company related to it started here and operates from here.

Texans routinely talk about their independence because they have the distinction of being the only state that won its own independence and existed as a country, albeit a shitty one that was horribly in debt from war. It's talked in the same tone as a threat, not something that would ever happen.

still, im lazy af, and im at uni at awkward times

still, i like the fact that its kept as a constant threat

story of my life

laughing my ass off at muh alamo

Obamacare doesn't even work.
It's forcing you to take part of a for-profit system that in no way shape or form benefits people who need medical coverage.

which one is repub and which one is is demo?
are both gonna block you from obama care?
what do you mean?

this is extortion

5/75 Hull health.
A fucking fart can kill me and destroy 2 hours worth of progress.
Thanks deepsea psyker sea urchins.

Then I'll just take your envy >:3
£7.20 an hour dude.
With ipod priviledges and no customers to deal with.

it works for me but my state has like some the best obamacare

trump is a republican

in name at least

oh so you want Hilary war nukes lady instead? just so obamacare will stay and protect you?


shillary never mentioned wanting to use nuclear weapons as opposed to trump

was i just baited by luka

trump seems to have a weird obsession with catching up in the nuclear race

he seems very out of touch

yes, yes you were

hilary want war?

comments on web told me hilary is war lady and trump is america guy

I think he's got something wrong in his brain

like, im at uni for 2-3 hours a day, but most of those days its 10-11 or 1-2, and possibly a lab at 4-6. this shit takes the piss man.


That's the cozy life right there
Even time for a job if you ever needed it
Do you get paid to go to universitiy by your country?

Gotta get dat paper somehow, I know it is silly but always keep yourself busy outside of uni to fill out those hours. Maybe volunteer here and there; or double down in the lab.

Texas politics is the weirdest thing, even by American standards.
It's simultaneously one of the most liberal places in the country in major cities and conservative in ways that aren't really what you consider the "US south".

The states it does work in go far beyond what's required, though, and subsidizes a lot of the premiums for people. Texas has no state income tax so there's no real way to subsidize that much.

now you look HERE luka
has been at WAR
for almost the ENTIRETY of it's LIFE
we've been at WAR since before i was BORN

what will happen on wednesday?

but hilary might nuke it up
escalating war?

Totally true.
I'm in a Cold War with Winnepeg right now.

the moon will crash into termina

Oh wait, that's Canada... remind me not to drink so much when I send angry emails to other countries.

just face it moogs

he's on the levels of stevann and eva

you can't beat that kind of intelligence

nothing really

if trump loses there might be drama if he says its rigged

obamas term doesnt end till next year

Is there even a Canada in any Civilization game ever?

That's not very Democratic of her
Still, she is a horrible candidate

Canada is basically america but like everybody is the the midwest
you know what I'm saying?

Hipsters and country boys moving into suburban climes?

zelda should use hookshot and sword and sheild and win

i'm not a boy

oh... so we're safe till 2017~ ^ ^

im just getting trolled softly


at least trump only gonna build walls.

the mightiest walls are the ones we build around our hearts

i get paid less than a smack rat on the dole

i fucking hate it man, i just need a 9 hour day outside the fucking house

tbh i kinda like texas in a lot of ways, id consider living there if i were to ever leave the UK

Canada is the most warmongering of the 52 states.



youd be surprised how many people think there are 52 states

DC statehood when?

I live there.
Ron Paul was from here so that should be a general guess as to what the general tone is.

Want me to visit you and show you how it is done?

As in, going out and unwinding.

I can bring a monopoly board.


Your name is Andrew. Not Andrea.

I was thinking of you and saved this for you

Fuck yo walls, I can climb over.


and the bush family


i have nomoney to go out with, and tbh i dont really drink
unless its when me and the bf invite something cute over for vidya

Fair does, aiming for next adventure really; sorta need to get my hands on a passport.

Don't worry, you'll get to relax one day.


Bush Sr and Jr were from the Northeast, Massachusetts and Connecticut, respectively.
Sr worked for an oil when Jr was like teens and Jr went to Yale. They're not really Texan just both professionally came from there.


tbh as time goes by bush jr seems a lot less bad than he seemed at the time

im fine working, so long as i have clear boundaries between my work time and relax time


I finished episode 10.

Should I stop watching it because this is a good enough ending.

He was still a shitty president and actively avoided addressing financial issues that were fairly obvious and that were directly reported to him and just sort of relied of overt patriotism to support increased military spending that didn't even benefit us in long term trade deals.

It can only go downhill from here I feel like and I don't want to go crying.

Of what?

Plastic Memories. You told me to watch it yesterday!

It's not worth it until you get to watch this scene

You must think I'm some kinda pervo saving these kinds of pictures for me.

Finish it?
Got it, Wish-san.

Continuing tomorrow after work

It would be hidoi to Isla-tan if you didn't watch it until the end.

gg Grim

Woah okay, everything for Isla-chan.

How's your day been?

What's this about degenerates, 2d loli and jailbait?

Yush, she's perfect.

Mmn, school went by pretty nicely but I've felt like throwing up all day and it won't go away. How about you?

Oh, just feeling bad or?

I worked home today but I was unproductive because I can't get used to the system they used there.

Mhm, I'm probably getting sick.

Fancy stuff, do you have like, quarterly performance ratings or anything?

I swear I'm not involved.

emi, grim, anyone else computer literate, can i ask you a question?

>>>Holla Forums677151

You were sick a week or three ago! That said my throat hurts and I just got better ;_;

Oh no, this is just an internship for half a year, but I should be having a demo at the end of this month.
A friend in uni is having exams these weeks, are you also having exam stuffs?

try it with the charger unplugged

no, seriously


it's 2c outside.

god has forsaken us

work is awful can someone please adopt me so i don't have to do it

cheap aftermarket charges are often not grounded properly, so you get a little electrical interference, which manifests as touch input devices acting funny

i've had it in netbooks, and i even get it on my iphone

if i'm not using an official apple charging plug, my touchscreen acts really weird when i use it, unless i'm also touching the metal case, in which case i act as the ground and that fixes it

I gotta ask something, say if I have an 'indifference to toxins', does this mean I can't get drunk?

I'm at this crystal place where I can choose to have one of my organs 'Go Sharp', as in, take on a crystalline/fleshy form. Wanna go for a strong glassy liver but if it means giving being drunk, high and peeing...

I know ;;

Ahh, fancy. Unpaid?
My exams are still like, a month away.

Are you playing a porn game?

Nah, Sunless Sea DLC; under da zee edition.


a glass liver would be useless

you would die of rampant septicaemia lol

'Frantinise with professional poisoners, spies, assassins and those who live on strange diets'

The strange diet part seems most interesting, if I got this diamond liver.

This is magic glass/crystal transformation thing. I don't think it fucks with every other organ and the body

480 eur/month, enough for this years' tuition, but since interest for student loans will be 0.0% in 2017 I'll start doing that next year and move.

Ah, plenty of time to chill and not worry too much.
It's getting late, sleep after I pack in stuff for tomorrow.

I named it Kero Beros.

It's a bit more badass than the Kero Beros you might know.

That doesn't sounds like a lot :x

Mm'kay, night night.

Sadly, the name field isn't long enough for me to literally name it "Kero Beros, the Beast of the Seal"

u wot?

how do you feel about working as a maid?

this is a legit lenovo charger tho, but ill try it.
think ill be ok hotswapping in the touchpad assembly?

that space is triggering me


'Going sharp is a loss of sensation and gaining of insight, going numb but awakening'.

Basically, whatever shit you choose, takes a crystalline form and isn't really touchy feely human anymore; but a sort of structured mass of perfect crystal. You can have this shit on your groin too and you can't feel a fucking thing and get to chill with nuns, celibates, dancers and brothel habitute's.

This is such a hard decision for me in a videogame. 'Enjoy resistance to poisons, eat whatever noxious shit you want, but you'll never EVER get drunk again'

It's *something*, and I'm just glad [big company name] will be on my resume.

*pat* Night!

Ikt confirmed working for Google


noooo idea. probably be fine actually, a touch device isn't exactly expected to be a permanent fixture

SD if you're here, Generation kill is great.

I finally picked it up.

time for more binge


Just for you.

XL really aren't worf if you don't level them.

I gotta do a stream of this game because sometimes it is damn brutal


Canada has the worst posters



also niggers

this so hard

when did their goal change

fufufu.. subtle lets me lick his butthole when we erp and he likes it !

I fucking love this game.

But I like Canadian posters. ;-;

Looks cute.

ur shit

World of Final Fantasy.
It is.

It's possibly the cutest game I've played all year.

It looks like some moeshit garbage

get better tastes


May have to get it, what platform is it for?

drink bleach

Rin admits that he hasn't played the 3DS version of Corpse Party

Rin do you identify yourself as a boy or a girl?

I can find something cuter and cheaper for you.
Ever played Hyper Light Drifter?

PSVita and PS4

You're right, I didn't.

I also didn't like Blood Drive.

licking buttholes?

get on my level




you're a literal turd

spookiest erp Ive ever seen

Confirmed moeshit

Calm down there tumblr


stop enabling trannies

If you want to be a complete retard, I guess.

Oh yeah that was breddy gud 2

I have a code for Volcanion if anyone wants it
He looks like a shit pokemon anyways
He's weak to his own type, water
what the shit is that about

Okay, lemme re ask that question

Rin what do you identify yourself as?
The following are the 58 gender options identified by ABC News:
Cis Female
Cis Male
Cis Man
Cis Woman
Cisgender Female
Cisgender Male
Cisgender Man
Cisgender Woman
Female to Male
Gender Fluid
Gender Nonconforming
Gender Questioning
Gender Variant
Male to Female
Trans Female
Trans* Female
Trans Male
Trans* Male
Trans Man
Trans* Man
Trans Person
Trans* Person
Trans Woman
Trans* Woman
Transgender Female
Transgender Male
Transgender Man
Transgender Person
Transgender Woman
Transsexual Female
Transsexual Male
Transsexual Man
Transsexual Person
Transsexual Woman

thats enough

if I had a biscuit for every gender there was
I'd have two biscuits

kinda like two-spirit tho

as though im a ghost or demon

What Corruption of Champions bullshit did people get themselves into this time?

Rin seems like a Neutrois or Two-Spirit tbh

The worst part is this is an actual article


Halloween is over fam

What the fuck even are half of those, and what the fuck even are the differences between the quarters making up the other half?

the fuck is a neutrois

that's not a word is it?

Did you just assume my biscuit?

i think neutrois means you dont want tits so...

im still dressed like a human

Sort of.
Some cunt wanted to have a french sounding word for 'Three' and 'Neutral', that's my explanation.

Yo did you ever do this?

Rolled 99 (1d229)

Not what that is.

Arrival looks like it will be pretty good

tfw your entire meal gets held up by the roasters

also i nearly lost a quetzel to two of those fucking sloths, an argy, and ark shit fucking collision code

good to know

embrace the insight, you know it makes sense

Nah, it seemed like a lot of effort tbh.

Where's all the funny genders? Like otherkin

Rolled 201 (1d229)

Tough shit, I made it a thing now.

that has to do with species not gender

though i guess you can be a transdog

if a funny gender drink a bepis

i am a dog and you better call me a dog

not only that but i am a BLACK dog and i am royal!

Too late, I'm now the opposite side of the globe now from that horrid shiny thing.

I identify as a Lockheed Martin F22-A Raptor.

Oh yeah. It's getting harder to tell them apart these days

Better make that a roll and assume your true ship form.


i am a female black dog with crippling depression

did you ever play bloodborne?

I should get in on this assuming thing, maybe now I can yell at people for assuming that I'm an alcoholic.

salut bud


Fuckin channel 7 I swear

Did you just assume my words?


I honestly don't think Rin wants to be a girl, he's just a wimpy guy who benefits more by acting like a girl online yet is too scared to actually become trans or whatever

Besides being a guy is so much better than being a girl, why would anyone go out of their way to be a girl when you will never be able to become a real girl, yeah you could try but it will never be the same. You just end up ostracizing yourself and harming your own body
But I'll stop before I trigger people on here

That was supposed to be like a serious list
Shit is lulz tho

and my name is hillary clinton

Rolled 4 (1d229)
It kinda is, takes more than half a hour to do it.

Small number get.

No, should I?



Thanks, but that's not me, it's some guy named Kaoru

Hey bud, wanna go out for a rip?

Jeez, was it worth tho?

its too late

the things he gets away with

That's a jet, not a ship.

That doesn't answer my question ? ? ?

They're not slothes, they're actually much more closely related to Bears.
u retard

And you got Yuubari...
I never actually watched that show, I just thought it be fun to roll your shipfu

Alright, Kaoru

it's great



i dig. just don't tell your bf ;-)

they look kinda like sloths

we will see about it tomorrow night

Grim did you vote to Make America Great Again?

watch the stocks

its super interesting


It's Emma

Do you know what a rip is?

i always have

especially during the debates

They're actually zebras.
You stupid fuck.

Very, it helps me realize which characters I love but didn't start hoarding pics yet.
It's also nice to send to friends and discuss or see how your own opinions change if you do it again from time to time.

jfc how many ships are there anyways?

Its never too late

I dunno man, don't look at me
Maybe ABC is just fucking with us lmao


there are different definitions.

buffs when

Such a good doujin



i dont give a fuck, it looks like a sloth

The game is bad, the show is worse, the character designs are amazing and whatever fan art stems of it is great as well.

There are other anime girls from things that aren't KanColle tho


Are you eating something tasty?

Confirmed Spicy Cuckster is Cuckfirmed


barbecue baked beans

shits lit

trump wont win screenshot this

what if we get cucked tomorrow

Sure thing, but other series usually don't have as many characters and I don't have any trouble figuring out what folders I need.

write in eisen for president

its gonna be brexit * 5

It's nonexistant here, even though we're accepting as fug

I actually ironically voted for trump too

Honestly I did it for the meme

Like have you ever had that feeling where if you do something it will fuck a bunch of shit up and you honestly wanna do it even though it might affect you but just wanna see what happens

i love that meme

But Mashiro

20 dollars Moogs owns a pookie


whats a pookie

Idk but it looks like soto owes you 20

it's a cookie but with a p


I never even heard about that show before. What is it about?


oh thats nasty


Flying sports ball.

Based off a really good VN

stop being such a shit lulu

. . .



Is AoKana shit?

thats a man

thats a boxbox

oh wait you said you'd take every chance you could to make fun of things I like so that I'd talk to you

eat a dix

rip the dream

I don't think I ever watched a sports animu. She looks cute tho.

No but maybe a bit disappointing

Er, no?
Quit assuming my waifu's gender..

Finally you remember

git gud

its ok to be gay

How can you endure the sounds from that Lulu skin holy shit

It's not really super sports or anything.

Shut up whore, I didn't ask you. The VN is good.

How do I play good?

Sorry I don't remember good

i know that feeling

in regards to the webm

I wanna say its fucking pathetic

I wanna say anyone that isn't putting their all into being a successful person is garbage

I really want to

but if I do it'll make me a hypocrite

unless I'm working with the kids I usually top out at 60%

speaking of lulu, neru did you get my message from echo?

boxbox is cute

theyare not so bad



it was a yt video
I hope you liked it

I thought you said shutble before
And idk, depends what you're playing

Should I go to work today?

if only everyones 100% were to same


Oh I was asking Soto about AoKana


Yeah, you ate too many calories today, fatty


I mean, it doesn't even have to be measured in output

itwas okai

lux is better

buffs when

Pay peppy 90$?

probably after her legendary skin is out.

im just saying maybe her 100% is indeed pathetic



Legit just got a 1x miss play on can you understand me

Fucking end me

Wow don't even say that!
I've only had a bowl of spinach with tomatoes for breakfast and a glass of lemonade
I probably watch my diet more than you (drinking doesn't count tho :^))



to work

Donald J. Trump was born in Loompaland and I demand to see his real birth certificate.

I keep track on My Fitness Pal but that's about it :^)

What's another 10 hrs?

i meant to get shoes today but i didnt

your loss

All you gotta do is get that 1x miss at the beginning or the end
Then you got pp

well done

New JoJo's is breddy gud

It's literally the 11th note I miss every time

I have a 96% FC tho

oh 19th



it's fucking disturbing

That's good
At least you won't get fat
Whats your favorite "healthy" dish to eat for lunch anyways?

Nah, Im going lol
Need some extra money for next week tbh

you better fucking go fuckass


I voted for clinton :)

Literally just any chicken salad

nobody give desu attention

im looking there now lel


I've been listening to this too much tbh

Caesar or bust

I'm talking about this season

qt pls

just cause you said

Bust pls

oh god....

I kinda wanna watch it


Apparently he's dead.

I'm ngl
I was highly skeptical of this rancid pile of steaming horse shit and wasn't going to watch it until I saw one of the fights
It's honestly JoJo tier so far, with a hint of Kill la Kill.

I'd be voting for Putin just because.

you're gonna get me into it

Im surprised your not watching that one mahou shoujo series this season where they all have to kill each other
Its like a shittier Madoka tbh
Ep 6 was brutal
MC makes me fucking rage


fuck a salad tho
Chicken Alfredo sounds better

All that fat tho

Did I mention one girl's butt is a flaming purple ghost wolf?

snow boots shouldnt be so expensive

you should get a job

I am watching it.
I'm probably going to cap Hardgore Alice.
There's nothing wrong with MC-chan. She is pure as morning snow.

premium materials=premium costs

working on it

It's honestly not a bad show at all.
The ecchi humor is stupid and cringy, but it isn't constantly thrown in your face unless it's a Butt Missile attack or something.

well, if it gets such a recommendation from you, I will try a couple of eps

So worth
Haven't you ever heard of a cheat day?

Don't you wanna see MC-chan suffer tho?
Fucking lol'd at the kid getting hit by a truck tho lmao

hm probably worth it

I would say so too.
You dont want that ice and slush to end up in your feet.

do you have any

Yeah def give it the 3 episode try mane.

Oh yes absolutely.
I want her and Hardgore Alice to be best friends and she can make traumatized faces contorted with horror constantly every episode.
Ideally by the time the series is over she is a traumatized vegetable.


new jojo a shit tbh

You said healthy though

hey rin! how it be?

I want that Haruru Minamo ni floor mat tho

No, I live in a sensible place.

Fuck you
Any show where an old man ghost trapped inside a photograph sailing through the wind, flying, with a magical arrow that gives people psychic personality ghost powers, who throws it at a fucking alien, and then the alien turns into a pair of sneakers and helps some delinquents cheat at dice is a fucking amazing show tbh.

the desert?

And also he gave the alien psychic ghost powers to protect his serial killer son even though the alien turned out not to be on his side at all.

Oh come on, it won't fucking kill you

Its not like Im asking you to do a fatass line of adderall or something
I sorta expected you to be the kind who binges on junk food at least like once a month

No snow.


I was just saying that you asked for my favourite healthy lunch.

I fuckin' binge on manchu wok every other week

i like cold

is there a difference between posting a webm and an mp4?

So do I, but I don't like feet of snow.

yeah one is a webm and the other is an mp4

i like feet

hence the boots

I know you're messing with me but I like the lame joke 8/10

it's not a joke

it's an actual difference

the last 50 posts

Well you had already answered that lol

Ooh, chinese is good and usually cheaper than Sushi
Whats a really good burger joint out there in Canada?

I know you guys don't have in n out
Do you guys have Fatburger or Shake Shack?

Hence my sensible living area.

you are living in hell

I meant like does one do better than the other, cause I see people posting webms more often sorry I'm too dumb to know already I guess

also sombra's highlight is awesome

They are simply 2 kinds of filetypes you can use. In layman's terms, like salmon and tuna. Both are kinds of fish.

There are no advantages when posting them, however, when making them, webm has a slight advantage in smaller sizes due to more efficient codecs.


thanks grim! you fucking rock, also check out sombra's highlight vid she cockblocks

yeah it's pretty fucking awesome

I can't wait, she has a playstyle that I love the most like a mix of ana's sleep dart with tracer's ambush/diversionary tactics

Mmn, Harvey's.

Don't think so.



Just cause I live alone and depressed?

no the heat...


you seem down

You seem observant.

whats wrong

I don't know, honestly. Just stressing over relationship shit I think.

want to talk about it?

I don't know what to say.

This chick seems interested, but we can never get a day to hang out. I am not sure what to think. Or if I should even care.

Good afternoon.

why cant you get a day to hang out


but she poops from there

We both work a lot. But I feel sort of like she is hesitant. But I have decided a long time that I can't understand women.

She also is shit at replying to messages, but that is the same as when we first started talking a long time ago.

Not today she doesn't.


im sorry about that

fucking scary

kekkd irl

The shit sucks. I sometimes go a couple days without sending her anything until she sends me something. I think she is interested, just....life sucks. And I don't know how to show her I am interested without making it weird.

She just likes dick.

Oh that link was an accident so don't feel like I put you on the spot.
I sometimes click for a reply to get the quick reply box up.


if she is less interested it may be best to move on if she is unwilling to go anywhere

Thought you'd like it.

Yeah, I have thought about it.


I loved it

Then I think, this might be my last chance for love. Who knows, man.

of course it isnt

you should never hold onto someone because you feel you have no other options

Glad to hear that.


I'm not sure I would say that is what this is.