so cold shiver shiver

How's it going?

Hi, threaders

Hey Elms.

i drew this for cups!

I just said

Truancy v 2.0 . Smoking ibiza mkII electric Boogaloo

cute! good work oobles

How's it going, user?

Just getting faded as fuck. Yourself, love?

u should draw kazura imo


Being sad and trying to deal with it.

did you make it

Pretty much the same.

Oh, no, I have not been playing.

thank you!!!

whats that

rip the dream

keep it up, you're really good!

I still have the rest of the preseason.

My bad.

Yeah, I'm gonna go.

See ya, Mandy.


Be kind to yourself, dear one.

I am. It's other people.

Don't let them get you down. Knee them in the junk instead.

My parents? Nah.

my avatar

It could be fun.

I like my parents...

find me a reference i guess since the rust server is still being ddos'd

Wish I could say the same.


u could just look at a few pages kouji miyata's why not be my dog? or maybe read a couple chapters to get an idea if u rly want to do it

i will debate on it ;-; i have another thing to draw now that i've remembered


that one is also gud



oh ty


I keep misplacing stuff I had a few seconds ago and idk where they go

UP YOUR ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

batteries in your butt might be bad

The poor man's buttplug.







Be online.


You too, squash



And you too.

I had to train more new people at work and I am tired.

Who too


You're a good teacher, no?



Eh. At what I do I guess.
I'm too asocial to teach.

I am playing skyrim. I'm online on discord.

Become a learner, not a teacher?

Alrighty, nevermind.


Bonsoir, let's talk English tho

I am on the line

I offer you a way to talk, the way we've had our last however many private conversations, and because it's not steam you're just saying never mind? weird.

I am far too apathetic.

On the line. Your hit new single?

No, you're just busy playing a game.

I don't care :^)

you have discord?

b-but why?

Yeah, it's part of my 🔥💯mixtape🔥


I can imagine like an old school beyonce song about how you're a strong woman.

Oh god, no don't say that. I feel so guilty now. I care. I was just joking.

I don't feel like using effort.

not too busy to not reply, silly.

indeed I do. cup#1258

me neither really. I'm half asleep as is.

But if someone's busy with a game then there won't be any genuine conversation.

Adrift on a sea of tears.

wew added

the feel


Well if my friend does not answer my request for TERA tonight I might just go play Overwatch for a bit.

How are you not bored of it already?

fair enough. if something was important enough you can request that I stop playing so I can focus better, just so you're aware.

cool cool. I'm on there a lot more than steam.

I don't know. I kind of am, but I don't find a lot of joy in life in general so it's the same as any other time sink.

Nothing important just looking for people to talk to.

I don't really know what I want to play anymore.

alright. well I'm perfectly capable of talking and playing.

You try Pathologic?

*puts you too the test*

I don't like horror.

But Pathologic is a conversation simulator.

Ihad a dream that I was with my mom right and then my dad called on the phone and asked where we were and I saw my dad and we went over to him but the voice on the phone with my dads voice was still asking where we were over and over but my dad was not talking on the phone and there were also trump revealing he hates jews and I visited auschwitz to look at the jew museum

That's not what google said.

Was the voice on the phone and imposter?

we've been talking for several posts now. the test has been passed.

I think it was spoops

I remember something like that but it was my mum calling my name from outside the house but my mum was inside telling me not to listen to her.. I was freaked out.

It's only remotely what google says.
The majority of it is trying to get food and water from the townsfolk without being killed.

thatsoudns pretty spoops


I don't know what to say.

Mums are scary.

Well, I'm not doing it any justice for one.


good to know in case I want to bug you and you aren't poking your head in here

well you're on steam even less than I am, usually.

I feel like that's true.

Now this is terror. I wonder what it was.

I totally thought I replied to this.

It's Ramirez.

I love how that image has him smiling.
It was The Thing from those movies, it's infecting everyone secretly and taking over the world, one second you're you and the next you're an extra terrestrial pile of what used to be your organs.

hmm. so the one not playing a game is the one failing the test...HMMMMMMMM

Really spooky stuff.


typical woman. can't even handle her own standards.

We may never know the truth.

I got legit spooped due to that 80s film as a kid.

I think I'm on it just mostly when you aren't but I will concede that I don't turn it on a lot

Is cupcake chi


I watched it maybe 5-7 years ago or something.

I still get flashbacks from that dog scene.

to be fair I've barely been online the past few weeks

no. I posted this character way before I knew chii was even a person. and chii is based on the character from chobits, I believe.


I'm going to bed.
Give me your love and adoration.

Alternatively, your hate and condemnation.

Sleep well Rin.

makes it harder to redacted the cups

night rin you are pretty chill

I don't remember much of it.



Well, all you need to remember is aliens, organs, flamethrowers and TNT.


Here's some cold indifference.


goodnight rin. sleep tight

you should not be doing so much REDACTED with the cups anyway

yeah I don't really know why anyone would choose to willingly spend time with me.

oh? why is that?


because that's redacted

nani ?


*pet all*

I see


But who is Chii? Do we really know?

All I know is that she has fat ankles.

You like that daddy?

I'll still redacted cups until you can't stand





oh my

Chii is the malicious amalgamation of every fat, angsty 12 year old's soul within a 40,000 mile radius.


4 u

so are you sure I shouldn't?




Only 4 u

I'm not 100% sure...

I don't enjoy taking pot shots like that, but when someone calls you a cuck because of your political preference, the sheer exorbitant stupidity of such a thing just causes the grill to go to max for a second

not for you




oh come on, what did I do this time?

Did you wanna vote for Bernie?

I think it was more saying you were a cuck but now a trump supporting cuck or at least that's how yan made it sound

get to 100% already o I can ult all over your face :^)

back when he had a chance for the dem nomination yeah.

but I dont think he could have solved everything by blaming the 1% so I probably would have voted for someone else in the end

Jesus that's gay



I told him to make it cute

I would of called you a cuck too.



oh links

im tired

for voting bernie?

Misfire, he was aiming at me.

That serves to further my point.

I get a kick out of making people do things.


More like for being a socialist.

alright now
you just have to bridge socialism and cuckery

you're taking too long



I'll lewd you

oh legit, I make that mistake at times too

sounds risky

the best things are

you raise a good point

so we are in agreement about what must be done

we very well could be


are you calling me a pig?

more a pet


how very indecent.


The Sole Survivor may raise Cait's affection level by removing their clothing and fast traveling from safe location to safe location.

Cait "likes" when the player gets naked. Cait's affection level can be quickly raised using the Home Plate player housing in the Diamond City market by repeatedly exiting the housing, sitting in a chair for two hours and then re-entering the housing and sleeping for two hours in a bed. The affection level will be raised both when exiting and entering the housing. Drinking hard alcohol before sleeping and before waiting will speed up the process. Placing the bed as close to the exit as possible will speed up this process.


Post anime butt

if really-life was like games speedrunners would rule the world


Speedrunners would defy physics.

Just who do you think I am, mister, some 2 bit penny ante hussy?

okay fine.

Please post anime butt.


you're insatiable

More ?



Are you a sheep?


what about you?

I just played a lot of games and now i'm very bored.

video relataed...........
they stuck needles in my teeth today
what did you do?

whatcha gonna do about it?

Hows your mouth feel?

What should I do about it?


not that hot
It's not as bad as if it would have gotten pulled
but my jaw got held open for like 2 hours and it is sore on the left side of my face still he only put in a temporary filling, so it clips the edge of my tongue and i want to rip it off

something fun

Where you awake the whole time?

Got any ideas?

yeah actually I haven't had a chance to sleep yet
I stayed up because i knew if i fell asleep i would miss it
he just gave me a shot in the roof of my mouth
and he didnt even give me any painkillers after!
But it's not so bad i am thinking
tomorrow iwll be better


Maybe you should just go to sleep then?

I have one.

Master you know I don't get tired until at least 6 a.m....


But you've been up for so long.


maybe there's something wrong with me hahaha

You post anime butts and I'll look at them.

What time is it for you ?

its probably so early for you



This one seems gross.

goodnnight master < 3



Watching SJWs get told off by everyone else kills a lot of time.


getting better

Post cankles

are you implying

Maybe. What if I am?


I cannot control what I say.

I need help.

neither can vinny tbh

I am Vinny.

itwould not surprise me actually

well maybe a bit

Are you watching the Animal Crossing: New Leaf stuff?

Seems kinda like the Tomodachi life stuff you liked.

Itried but I did not manage to get into it

This is the first time that I spent my whole day practically doing nothing. Just sitting here in my room browsing the internet.

What are you watching?

time pass by as the pendulum swings

Is existential dread setting in?

nooo just dead time in between pastries and sleeps

That doesn't sound very fun.

worth the wait

I hope so.

w wanna see my saiyan senpai?



lame and still leveling but still

Nice Broly skirt.

yeah it was the saiyaman outfit for awhile, ended up unintentionally lewd as fuck

You'll find that a lot of the female outfits are lewd as fuck.

I can't wait for President Clinton's inaugral speech.

me last night

wow you need to maybe ease off the red clothing

looeegee is this the guy that has been making fun of us




Don't you dare fuck this up for the rest of the world. Grow a fuckin' backbone and face the elite.


Ha Got eem.


Try. Can't hurt

Rolled 1 (1d1)if 0 trump wins if 1 hillary wins

no need anyway. arizona is a lock for trump.



I live in california so my vote doesn't matter.

I live in the UK, so my vote in the US election doesnt matter.

Rolled 1 (1d1)
dude weed lmao

most states don't matter.

and really none do.

we're gonna build a great wall and britain is going to pay for it.

We have a lot of people like that here.


Are those shitty elections still not over holy fuck



Rolled 1 (1d1)
I thought it was supposed to be like december last year tbh since everyone talked about it

wew sombra is fun as fuck