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I've always made it with milk, the other options sound like some fatso tier solutions.

Stop bullying me or else i will make mashed potatoes

im sorry scoots


oh my word beat to it by one post twice in a row scoot

You aren't
Stop lying

No you aren't



perfect timing

my special hat c:

I got a $30 blue northface knitted one recently for free from zappos but its a little small on me :c


Does anyone else remember this show, or would capping it fall short of the joke?

who's is this?

i would have linked his but i forgot he made one





thats my pretty pucker

lewd :c

i like grim's anime figure pic better.

I love that show. Get me the ones of Orson Welles.

Mhmm, I am sure, my love.


why are you showing me your anus and scrotum i thought you were mad at me

iremember watching it.
but now i forgot all about it for the most part.

I went to make tea and missed the new thread.

Like what?
Seeing as Trump has a little less than half the population agreeing with whatever bullshit he pulls from his ass, I'd say a reasonable amount are.

That's the part about this election cycle that just bugs me. The elections in my lifetime still had similar sentiments of political machinations being flawed but ultimately, people still were overall rational about "choose the option that sucks less" as usual. This year has pretty much been nothing but the weirdest facades and aversion to even basic logic on all sides. It's just utterly baffling to me to even see what the main talking points are because they have neither metric or fact backing them. It's just vague nonsense that gets passed off as intellectualism when they say vague plans won't fix anything or can't because there's literally no substance to it.
It's just weird.



Tunnel snakes rule!

It's an peace offering with laurels and all.

btw sorry, whoever wrote this infernal mobile extension never added the option to spoiler images

it was me, i wrote it

dont be like that

i thought you were mad at me

maybe next time

i doubt hillary will get a second term


Ax was so lit

now I kinda wanna go back ffff


Waiting for my food delivery

Maybe the smart people just scurried away and don't want to be involved.

i want the red jacket fujiko sooo much!

Why is lewd? Yours is lewder!

How am I? Extremely attractive?

you have an expressive face

I want my F4F 1/4th Varia so much

but it's going to be delivered Q3 2017

rip my life

You haven't seen my face much.

Full of country goodness and green peaness.

i'm mad at you for being shitty and you're being shitty cause of irl problems, and i cannot reasonably be mad at you for having life problems. i can still be moderately irked that you're being shitty though, and oh boy am i moderately irked.

ive seen it enough

okie dokie

Never lewd


Want to see it more?

I hardly remember it from when I was younger. It's a lot better now that I get the humor more.

oh there's a new thread

where is bd

how long to hand craft your statue?

Totally haram.

im not opposed. want to see my depression beard?

they are adding in new lights so it is taking some time to achieve perfection

I dunno what that means.

reminder that i'm like an orphan rape victim

if you handle depression worse than me something monumentally horrible better have happened to you or i'm allowed to be mad at you for being a bitch

thats not how it works

It might have fared better if it had been released a decade ago. I always liked it, but I am glad that it did not do better because then it would have kept running forever and lost its charm.

Same number?

Oh, didn't know what that meant.

Not haram?

I feel bad for falling to idealism but I really want a valid third party for the sheer sake of removing financial influence from politics, which is nigh impossible.

Eh, most of what you'd label "smart" just sips the Koolaid of Clinton without ever making concession that there's a metric fuckton of baggage with that choice despite ultimately being better than the alternative.

wat it made out of?

You don't handle it at all though.

2 seasons is a respectable run time.
Anime could learn form that.

lets just make it a pissing contest about who had a worse childhood


was hoping bernie or romney would do something

company name
they have a dark souls line and are working on a fma line too

polystone mainly
24" tall

Smart, as in, looked into the politicians backgrounds and their actual plan and don't rely on last-minute boasting of either party.

I dunno what it means!

Back in like 20-30 minutes though!

Lost it.
Holy shit.


how so

really though again i have ended the conversation and she is instigating conflict

See yous in 20-30 maybe!

Plus that one Simpsons crossover episode.

uh... almost as big as my monitor?

You tend to escalate your problems without seeking positive resolutions.

I don't think I saw that one.

I always knew the fandom was big, but that's pretty much.

fight me you stupid shit

look at me instigating

actually my prior posts were nothing to do with you.


what do you mean?

i take my medication and try to get on with doing stuff with a fairly regular smile

that's handling depression pretty damn well

Bernie is/was a true independent despite being in the Democratic primary but he kind of made the agreement that him running in the primary, no matter how stacked against him it was, meant he couldn't pull out to run as an independent.
If there's a write-in option here, I'll just choose him for the sake of it. My state has no chance of not being Republican anyways.

Oh, then yeah. Most of that group is the aforementioned "rational" people of choosing lesser evils.
They loathe both but choose Clinton because it won't make anything worse.

These eats

poor bernie was robbed

i loved him the most


Along with all the other stuff.............................(ad nauseam)

mandy how could you pick the joker for halloween what the fuck


what do you suggest dr peen

Eh, Clinton's fine if you don't want to see the world burning. Can't you vote for another than those two?

rip bernie


This number should help you.
(855) 770-8956
I want you to call it.


meh maybe we dont need free college just yet


I've always felt close with the Joker though....

what do we need?

a bank?






woof woof

He was closest to my own political ideals: authoritarian with government directly controlling and regulating the tenets of the civilized world and letting markets for non-vital be left as competitive, and socially ambivalent in that discrimination is actively discourage but at the same time, no real push for minority groups to unequally benefit from mentalities of just "give them shit to shut them up".

Those two are the only ones that can win.
There's "third parties" but their candidates are as big of jokes.
You can write-in in some states for whoever you feel best but it's far too small of a number to even be seen as a "protest vote".

maybe next time

he looks a lot older than he is


That is all you have to say is shameful?

Edge as fuvk

your hair is getting long

its nice

Okay, enough.

He does annoy me with the type of preachy "poor minorities/disenfranchised" rhetoric. I know it's vote pandering like any politician but it still annoys me.

I've always preferred longer hair...

Poor sods.

I have had a decent day and am in a rather good mood.

i mean gary johnson is dumber than sarah palin

it netted him similar enthusiasm as trump supports have so it was worth it

looks good on you



The lack of beard makes me sad though. It is growing back...

Time to hand over your man card.


you look good without it

To be blunt, it's pretty much the same in all countries.
It's more an illusion of choice than actual choice in politics.

Eh, I'm the type to admit there's issues but at the same time, I don't abscond every group from blame simply because it earns me their vote.
There's clear issues with race, sexuality, and sex in this country but just saying they exist is seen as apologetic and not saying they're all Jesus and dindu nuffin is considered racist/homophobic/sexist.

I'll hand over my cock for you to suck first.



Show me the goods.
I like to know what I'm working with.

Like you haven't seen it already.

Did you have a nom?


I have not.
So we should remedy that.

Even here?

I don't buy that.

Jumped in the shower cause my feet were cold so I got comfy mode

Honest to god.
I don't think I've even seen your face.

unfortunately it has gotten that polarized. on the other side of the coin someone like trump who has said racist shit can get away with it

I should jump in soon too, actually :3

nah it's true

im going shoe shopping tomorrow


Don't actually jump or anything though. Just step.


The problem with politics now is the polarising of each ideaologies opponents as "enemies".
That shit is unhealthy

at least im here for u


the problem with this thread now is that scoots is here

that shit is nasty

jk scoots ily

its hard because trump is a cancer on democracy

I'm not really sure about the inner workings of the Netherlands' politics but from all of the Anglosphere and whatever ones I even bothered to talk to people about, it seems to be par for the course everywhere.
You vote, but the choices you are given to choose from are forced upon you.

Oh, I agree. There's clear racial issues that need to be addressed but it's a complex topic that takes years of socioeconomic factors to truly fix. As it stands, there's nothing directly against minorities in terms of ability to go for higher education and job prospects, it's just that their situations make even being able to pursue that unrealistic. Such as inner urban schools utterly sucking and being mostly minorities isn't something that gets fixed overnight. It's more about fixing the base without the answer just being "throw money at minorities".

G-grim...... i 😭

Don't you ninja-run and dash everywhere?

How boring.


Oh? What kinda shoes?

You just don't turn me on 😐


when is new president gonna be elect?

I'd say the Netherlands is a lot more democratic since we have parties like the Party for Animals and the "The Pirate Party'' running and sometimes getting elected.
or political breakthroughs like Fortuyn and Wilders.
that shit's not shaped by some elite.


It helps if there are more than 2 real parties to choose from.

We have like 9 parties I acknowledge and then a bunch more 1-issue parties.

I have a new number.

We'll know on wednesday 😐

2 days from now


Life is suffering

Nyuu, I'm lazy :c

minorities have a lot of options in terms of scholarships. its just a fact that lower income equals higher crime, etc.

im optimistic if the right stays on the same path they will never win

these kind



RIP WW3 on wednesday.


the assassinations are revving up!

Can I come live with u

Comfy, energy-preserving Wish.

I don't wanna move but I want to shower.


I don't like those....


Hopefully Hillary is elected
Gets assassinated
As trump dies from hearts attack

iunno if i want tim kaine he gives me weird vibes

might be a baby rapist

why not


When is bed?

nah it was just some fuckass fighting people really close to trump

yo do you do anything around your town?

I kinda wanna vaycay to canada

I have the option of seeing you or seeing the majority of the rest of the Canadian posters

how are you at pvp on rust
finna get on


In an hour, probably. Shower now, probably. See ya in ~30!

Im at work atm
I mainly play rust to play with others.
Even if I cause havoc by accident XD

Look weird as fuck.

I agree. I even stated earlier I wished it wasn't two party because that makes it far more "us vs them" mentality that just starts to further overlook anything to the contrary of the message being fed to them.

That's kind of what I meant about disproportionate responses to minorities and the reason the majority/in power groups have regressed: because they feel they're getting less in the name of progessivism when reality is far more nuanced than that. I'm just against direct aid of that sort. Give money to urban schools to improve their education, making their base more stable for when they do get to higher education. Don't just doll out scholarships to kids that would be utterly unprepared for it.

i have rust

never got into it

Wow, you'll be in the shower just as long as you'll be talking to me! Unfair.

daaww ok

get through that shit

the fun multiplies exponentially when you get with a group of friends

Shouldnplay with me grim guero and oobles and the gang
Its fun as a group imo

and if you get into it squash will probably get it too~

i think they look cool

you wouldnt like a ubi then

i would imagine those kinds of games are

i appreciate the offer

Thatd be hilarious

stage akuu

you should go see the majority
instead of me, honestly.

there's nothing over here, excluding natural beauty.
i go to the movie theater tonight, but that's pretty much it.
i mean sure, there's a bowling alley and generic swimming pool, and bars and bistros... but it's pretty much mostly accommodations up here ... and trails.

nothing really... exciting :\

i'm sure you will find, east canada wayy more interactive and exciting with the amount of people you'll be able to hang out with over there.

Hard pass.

I can imagine him panicking in that 4x bear server
or he'd be a lunatic and just 1v1 them with a rock

yeah, we'd love to have ya

I have nothing against it as it's the same for everyone regardless of literally every factor that makes them.
You can't have a bias when it's the same for everyone.
I'm incredibly in favor of expanded social programs at the cost of higher taxes.
I'm against affirmative action that is just throwing money at one group without addressing what's fundamentally wrong and leading to it to begin with.


I guess they have anime north and shit
I wanna meet you someday tho

ah cuz i love the idea of a ubi or free college as tech ruins lesser jobs

i always imagined erin as the type to maybe have a little bit of hair down there
ive no idea why

i've never had the joy of going to fancy events like conventions unfortunately...
eh... i think that convention is over in the east anyways...

yeah, no rush, i'll still be right here in thread at the very least.

ew no

I'm for FDR mentality of programs: give people a means to exist but it comes with the cost of doing inconsequential shit for the government simply as "payment" for it. Where it just requires something from recipients so they're not just allowed to do nothing, be it community service hours, volunteering, or Civilian Conservation Corps where it's utterly trivial public works you're helping with. Hell, even making a group dedicated to cleaning up cities (literally).

nothing too out of the ordinary about having a little bit of hair above the goods

would be neat to see her hairy ass

i shave everywhere

post your butthole already


ayy fam, nothing wrong with either approach

omg ur instigating

do it


shave your head

I don't want to see Erin's asshole.

squash pls


me either


oh god more thread drama

I can only take pride that my nudes remain private.

stop this madness guys

post duckling in pooper


oh wow now she is instigating

jeez us




No I wouldn't.
I have SOME pride. Unlike you people.

what did he do

btw moogs i did my stocks just fine
im looking at 3000% tomorrow


dog inside your ass

duck inside your ass

if you're drawing a line somewhere between them i really can't see why

but if it stops animals having to go in your ass by all means draw away

You said you'd go to be in an hour, but shower for 30 minutes!


r u rich?

Yet here I am. Not posting photos of this shit.
The point is I keep my sexual deviancy behind closed doors and not in the public eye.

Also where the fuck do you get the duck in my ass from?

I am hurt

It turned out to be 20 minutes!

save up for anime north
ill let you room with me
all you gotta pay is transport and con ticket

so tl;dr ducks ARE fair ass game

fs πŸ˜’

what happened?

So it's 33% instead of 50%!



....i dunno.

You only can say you learn something if it is not arbitrarily forgotten at your convenience as you have a habit of doing.

Oh fucking jesus christ.

I just wanna go to AN and buy all the illya loli merch and brag about it to Wish tbh

its ok irl is seperate from threads
we'll have fun

I wont drink either so Ill take good care of you ^^

I have 2 years worth con experience, I know my way around them


isnt she going to the next one?

How would you brag about it to me if I buy them too?

i have 2 years worth of shoop experience, i know my way around the pixels

yeah... i'm not much fun, because i don't do the whole drinking thingy... i just go to look at stuff.

Yush, but otherwise stinky or sleepy ikt. Did you do anything meanwhile?

all i can think of when i see that is



we can have fun without drinking


i want cute pretty anime statues!

yeah that was recommended in my youtube and i dont know how

Slow slow anime stuff.

Boring zzz

If I have space for them I might get some too

Youare making me sad

The Bee Movie is honestly hilarious on a cultural level.

I'll make you happy again. :3

fuckin pedophile

i wonder what else ill find there


ive never seen it


new friends
meet anime people

I just ran out of things to watch.

Coming from you.

Find more things!


Seems like the kind of movie you'd like for the low brow social jokes.


Who what?

what is wrong

im rather classy

I scream when I cream.

whos the nigga
unless you're talking about your image

maybe one day...



I always have trouble picking a nice one to watch!

Yeah like that.

Rewatch Illya

how does next year sound? or the one after that if you wanna save up to buy tons of figs


I kinda dislike rewatches ._.

*Smiles kindly?*


Why so gloomy, Scoots?
And should I bother ironing my white shirt for work tomorrow? I cba.

away with you and your shit taste

who knows what the future holds...

but i hope to some day go.



you just need a gag

promise me you're gonna start setting aside money for it?

Go away bully.


Oh, that didn't happen to me.
It was just a general thing, so I guess I was talking about the image.


PlaMemo. now.

Is my taste shit?

How do you present better without sleep?

Save for what?

meant the webm

What subs?


we'll have to wait and see.
when i have excess money sure.

I get more cranky in my message.
people like that cranky ol weirdo cause it's relatable.

but I might also just not want monday to come.


I'm going to invade that ass.



ill just use my seed of the giant

I feel like it's all that last part.






why'd you have to read me like a book.

I avoid the enemies and fight you on an open field.

stabs you


Forgot mfw


00:00 tho, so

See you tomorrows.

scoots post cock

fine, I'll go brush


It was a hologram.

Internalized oppression





post that fat cock scoots

The only apartments in town seem to be 2 bedrooms and 500 a month.
I can do that, but why would I need a second room?


Good boy.

Do it

sex room

Who wants to room with 'ole Kyle.



can i do it


Yeah, I'd rather not have my house smelling like Daddy's disappointment and shitty music.

If "it" is fucking off then yes.
By all means.

Oh, I don't know how to do that, can you teach me?

oh yeah, i totally forgot

the doctor sent my pee off to the lab to see what they could grow in it, nothing grew

so now there is a bit of a panic my kidney infection is actually cancer or something

Huehue who else?



Yeah, show us the dad dick


on the list of all the things it could be, infection was like the least serious, so now we've ruled that out, things are not looking too good for me




Beats me.




what is your taste besides shitty idols?

scoot != spicy dentist


literally when i cyber

swanky haircut central

I watch literally anything

then your taste is literally any anime

the whole of anime in general is shit
shit taste


So then it's impossible to have good taste if you watch anime?

if you watch any and all anime then its shit
but if you zone that down
you have a chance of exceptional taste

there are diamonds in this poo slurry

There really aren't.

Source: me, since I've seen literally everything

what the fuck

a horse fell on this woman's head and now she only talks in numbers

things just can't stay normal for five seconds on this planet

in the end taste is ultimately subjective

however there's a clear difference between something like FMA Brotherhood and something like Gakuen Alice.

the brain is an immensely complex thing

Yeah, one is great and the other is a furry's wet dream.

i think the problem here is that it's an incredibly simple thing, and smashing the entire part that handles words is possible to do in one move

almost triggered me.
so close.

I'm not so sure about that

My dick is complex

Ehh? But I didn't do anything :3

Stare into the dick, and the dick stares into you.

split brain is a thing that usually only happens as a result of surgery to manage epilepsy, where the connection between the two half of the brain are severed

and something that is notable about that, is people stop being able to name objects they see on their left hand side

the speech centre is on the left hand side of the brain, and the right hand side of the brain controls the left hand side of the body, so without both sides joined, anything seen by the left eye gets passed to the right hand side of the brain, which doesn't have the facilities to name it, so you simply cannot think of the word until you see it with your right eye


I'm mortally scared of brain damage.
Don't want anything fucking with my brain, I value my sense of self. ;w;

Darwin, get me the DVD set of this show so I have decent crop material.


Gakuan alice was the second anime I ever saw, I was like...10

and it was in India, too. There was some weird indian version of toonami airing that stuff

and thats all I had to watch

and I gobbled it up

then when I rediscovered it, I was shocked, it had such a flat cadre of characters, the story was flat


while fma never stops making the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, every time

dvd's are only 480p
same as low quality streams of it?

very occasionally split brain also leads to weird conflicts between each half

like for example when one guy violently grabbed his wife with his left hand, the right hand rushed in to save her


it happens, when you're in the age target range.



When one split-brain patient dressed himself, he sometimes pulled his pants up with one hand (that side of his brain wanted to get dressed) and down with the other (this side didn't).

You're 8-18? Wow TIL

i wonder what the specific mechanism of that was

i mean was each hemisphere of the brain like intentionally fucking with the other or was the side that didn't want to get dressed very angry that the pants kept sliding up for no reason

and how does leave a consciousness made up of both hemispheres feeling

Like, if you're dead lucky, you can have like... a mental super power like becoming a genius piano player.

But most likely, losing a quarter of your IQ or slipping in a coma is more likely; consciousness and intelligence is probably the thing I value the most. Can't really buy it or lose it unless some bullshit happens.

Quite the decision

Call off and go out and spend about 100 dollars
Go to work and make over 100 dollars




Conflict pantaloons

Don't work, fuck them, it is Sunday.

sometimes i think about lobotomising people who pass out drunk at parties

Spend 100 dollars on wat

spend 100 dollars on me

Buy tendies

all it takes is a bottle of vodka and 15 minutes of work with a screwdriver and you'll never feel true love or hate ever again

happiness will forever elude you as you struggle to figure out who you were before i dragged a sharp object through your personality six times

the shallow horizontal cut, the deep horizontal cut, and the deep vertical cut, through both orbits

bet you never fall asleep in public again lol

Soto's the one with all the dosh, not me..






Whats the file size limit?

You can have 100$ worth of post-it notes or something equally useless :3

Like 8-9Mb idk exactly

looks cool

Well the file I just uploaded was 10 something.

16 MB

Oh wtf

When did they change that?!

okay srsly who makes these reports

My penis.

Maximum file size: 12,582,912 bytes
Your file's size: 12,786,692 bytes

So I guess Luka is wrong~

when they were tinkering with the server a few months ago?
to make it run betteR?

What the heck?!

Its pretty fun

That seems like a its a lot.

Which is?


Well it workeD

Wow ungrateful much?
100$ is 100$


Report date:11/07/16 (Mon) 00:12:59


i did ask hw to add IDs to reports, he never got back to me

it is.


the circumcision scar and the dry helmet are so fucking offputting


Take it behind the barn. You know what to do.

Report date:11/07/16 (Mon) 00:16:45



$100 in post-it's is like, 6 sq feet

he has a big dick its great


The fuck? You can't say that and NOT let me see.


But I get an extra dollar an hr for wortking weekends

Well depends
If I got to a bar and play some billards then order a couple of beers/pitchers
Probably go to Buffalo Wild Wings afterwards and get some wings or fries

It usually totals up to over 100 very easily
Our currency isnt as good as yours okay, fucking knob

I'll buy you a hundred dollar timmies gift card

that one is kinda lame you can do better




I don't have that pic on my phone anymore.

gakuen alice was meant for (pre)teens?