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First for destroying the [S A F E S P A C E .]


TP, I thought we were friends again/now.


Can't rape the willing.

I just want everyone to get along!

yes you can, with internalized consent


I can't speak for anyone else but I'm for getting along

That said, I think I'm gonna go to bed now

nana =w=


Hi Nezi!

im cool




It is not even midnight on a Friday night, no

I have the weekdays to be responsible


When was that vote happening?

Just get drunk and shitpost.


Oh. I got confused.

Feeling any better?


I thought that, then I thought differently!

Flip-flopper x_x

Just angrily spam about work while inebriated.

Permanence is failure.


Hrmm... Point taken.

That's only my point of view, feel free to think otherwise

I want Soraka to step on my nuts with her horse feet.


Wouldn't that make you a eunuch?


No they don't even have a sack.

like why would you ever post shit for someone else>>1448382

I thought eunuchs were just dudes whose dick don't work.

What did you think triggered their dicks to not work?

head hurts and I feel like shit

but I've calmed down

They get everything cut off.

is ban zezumi


At least you're calm now!




Their testiscles getting chopped out.
They don't remove the sack when things are neutered.
It just sort of shrinks.

i thought was on your list of 30 names

oh drat

yay orchiectomy!

sounds about right

Okay now click images.

should i point out the irony of tsuchi not having a job?

He does have a job.

I actually am Ban.

I am employed.

Eunuchs haven't existed in over a century so I'm not really gonna Google that.

you are employed in the same capacity that rin it

Well i'm looking at it and they don't have dicks.

They are pretty much ancient trannies.



You would've smashed them in Baghdad.

i get paid to sit around and do nothing

i had this same argument with rin

no that is not a job

But playing Osu! is haaaaaaaaaard :(


people still osu?

shit is funny

Doesn't seem like they get anything out of it.


Weren't you one?

Sounds perfect.

whenever I can

What the fuck does a it feel like for a tranny to get fucked in the vagina?

I can't imagine it feels like much.

It's complete sarcasm.

I asked you a question? What?


It was in reference to that.

I have no idea what it'd feel but I'm just going to go with the token "warm hole" descriptor.

A hole's a hole

Well I was talking about the trannies point of view.

i have never inserted anything into a butthole other than my own


Your own what?

Even a blowhole?
A belly button?

I don't really want to postulate on that.
It has sensation of some sort but I really don't want to think about that.

ew buttsex x_x


we as a people need to start being more hesitant about where we put our dicks or else our society will fall apart

The body treats it as an open wound though.



How do you go on living


'tis only a flesh wound.

*shrugs* I just don't pitch :p

Safe spaces are for weak cunts


I mean, can you even at this point to be blunt?

I dunno. Maybe but I haven't tried lol

I don't really want to though


I was more just talking about it being physically impossible than wanting to.

I can't know for sure unless I try.

But I don't want to try.

How far back are you supposed to go with past jobs in a resume?

Cause like I'm trying to hide some gaps, but there's also like a one page limit, right?

I just got in my entire night's sleep
now i can enjoy the night
and the day

4jobs minimum but you ought to showyour complete employment history
Shiwcase tour experience etc


Fair enough.

It's supposed to be either everything continuous in recent years or specifically "whatever's best" if you're particularly experienced/old.

lol elvis was obviously high on coke

Go back to bed.

Only if you're young. Whatever's most meritorious if it's not recent and then your continual most recent history is generally best but there's really no set way to do it.

Even when the first two are from like 10 years ago at this point?

Thank you for answering.

I see. I'm probably going to stick with my more constant/recent stuff and ones that I have guaranteed good references or what not.

Busboy seems fairly irrelevant for pharmacy tech lol

tsuchi how is smiles after that debacle

I woke up because i was thirsty but there are people upstairs so i have to wait for them to go to sleep or leave the room so i can get water otherwise they will try to talk to me....

I swear you get the best sleeps when you wake up in the middle of the night and wait until the next evening to rest

Yes. Unless you doctor your gap you'll have to explain it.

Be brave.

you know like when you and her fucked up and admitted to fucking?

But he won
He fucked a "real" girl

I regret unfiltering any of TP's posts when he's drunk

Which is basically all of his posts

pretty sure smiles is a transitional one

This is supper unusual for me I usually stay up all night and sleep from liiieek
7 a.m (sometimes up to 10 but NEVER later) to like 3-30 p.m
or from like 11 or midnight to like noon or something :p

what about you whats yoru normal sleep schedule?

but drunk people

who is fucking?

To be blunt, anything un-salaried or "unskilled" really appears the same on your resume. It just shows that yes, you're working and reasonably experience with just working in general.


No, apparently theyre the real one.
I mean he "cheated" on smiles with a "real" girl

thank god they went into the other room brb

I'm trying to set it up so it's midnight / 1 - 8 am but honestly it can be pretty much everything.

Do you knot drink? I know you smoke.

colbert it's not like 90 percent of your posts arent about pokemon these days

keep real

what a fucking moron

The other 10% is colbs thinking they are a somebody here.
Volbs is just an effeminate little shitbag

oh my


What is this reverse cuckery?

I used to party alot when I was like 16 and 17 but some girl invited me over to kill some vodka one time and i went wayy too many shots in and since the next day after that I cant stomache hard alcohol

when shit gets bad I'll pick up some rum or sometimes I get a craving for wine if I'm just trying to enjoy myself buut its pretty rare

its just that drunk people are sooo annoying
at least the ones around here
they cannt handle themselves on it and dont ever shut up oh my god

what about you?

be quiet little miss prissy sissy panties~

Its why smiles left
Poor smiles

I do not think I am a somebody here, or anywhere. The fact that you think I think that about myself shows how little you actually know about me

tl;dr ur shit's weak, bark up a different tree n00b

i thought smiles left because someone just didnt turn them on

smiles left because some harlot called her outlol

shit fox was right all along

I yell at people when I get drunk.

Some people have heard it here.

Ban is adorable when he's mad and yells


for the record i always "knew it" and never liked smiles

for the record me and TP are bffs now

you're one of...'those' people huh

I had pastries and cappu and sleepiness today


alcohol makes me an upstanding citizen


picture very much related to you at the moment


I'm a pretty lovey dovey drunk uwu


What do you mean by "one of those people" ?

A belligerent loud drunk

i thought you hated me me ;;


This one is good.





Nah, you were cool tonight. It was like how it used to be


Its funny because colbert thinks theyre hot shit. When really they are z nothing white middle class closeted fag.
But he doesn't bark. Thatd be furry

on monday I can finally go to the dentist and be put out of my misery

I really really love the dylan of this

you big silly man


I literally just said the opposite in a direct reply to you, thinly veiled attempts at trolling are still weak trolls dude


i saw jack elliot live

he is hella bitter about dylan



if a girl bullies you that just means she likes you

I have a lot of drinks left too.

What do you like to drink?

Yeah run away baby
Still a nobody

got me

he stole his songs

fucking radiohead tho

I'm a nobody :(

itseems a bit hard to get into

yes except sleepier

oh my :L

90% of people marry there 7th grade love. since u have read this, u will be told good news 2night. if u don't pass this on nine comments ur worst week starts now this isn't fake. apparently if u copy and paste this on ten comments in the next ten minutes you will have the best day of ur life tomorrow. you will either get kissed or asked out in the next 53 minutes someone will say i love

I love pastries

i ran into my 25th grade love the other day

she was looking fine af

Rum/vodka and sometimes guinness.

me too !!!

dark rum or white rum?
also guinnes like the beer? YUCK!

It starts getting good when garfield joins.


White rum

Hey I like it more than anything else I've had.

The face when you will never get super drunk with archives on a sandy california beach under the stars of a warm and muggy summer night

Iwant to eat pastry all day and just relax tbh but then I remember there is stuff to do

too sleepy

too sleepy right now thoughh I just skimmed through 4-5 hours of lizard box there was a lot of trash

What in the world is lizard box?


never trust that god forsaken lizard bixx

Ihave no idea



brad never trust any popular posters

they are always in cahoots with the mods

It's not my fault I'm not popular

This looks really weird.

watch from this part


its kinda a spolier though

Never say never.


dont trust anyone in power lol

I think this one might be just a little bias.


tfw not a mod
tfw the system is built to always keep a brother down


Hi Bard

they made spoilers a mod

always keeping old school bros down

like hello
hi there

The random things that happen in the game are actually pretty gunny.

I really like it.


here is the list of mods

admin: was not elected. is a pedo
moogs: was not elected
spoilers: was not elected

Thanks for ignoring me all night, btw the way

What do you mean by that?


in face NO ONE in charge was elected

cause erin's dumb ass fucked it up

sorry I actually went to sleep and woke up not too long ago so I missed a pretty big chunk of the night and during the tc I was listening to music and missed alot of conversation from quiet mics
not on purpose

how could you feel good about being a mod or admin in this board when the power got passed to you just cause you were the next one

I was a good mod.


the best

they're elected by free board economics, if people didn't like them being admin they would move to a new board :))))))))))))))))))))


it turns out that the reason why we moved to this board was horseshit

That was a year ago. Can you believe that?

i can



its tru tho

I would fuck poland.

Hillary woo

God I wish I were polish

i wish i was fucking norse

As a country with numerous polish immigrants. I can tell you that you DONT

oh scoots i voted for shillary

just for the record

don't blame me if the world goes to hell

I voted remain.
Sounds like we are both blameless for the the hell to follow.

I thought you hated pedophiles

I thought you werent a racist, misogynist?

Don't tell me what I would and wouldn't do.

You'd need freedom for that, im afraid.

my husband was the president
don't worry, that means I can run all the child trafficiking sex rings i want

mah nigga TP

Heh, hey i have money. I can afford to sexually assault who i loke with impunity. Hey, stop bringing it up in adverts, that is mean /:(

Trump when he loses the election, his face be like


is this going to be the saltiest us election of all time

it ain't no roosevelt election
thats for sure

idk what happened then tbh

Cant wait for boo to hang himself

I don't care if Trump loses but if he wins I wanna be a dick about it.

and wither away

Al-Qaeda attack when?

my hand iss stuck insdie the vending machine and if i let go i lose the snickers

tell me what to do boss

Cut off hand


Iwill put bed soon now dream annaa

No, wait.



I cant wake up

Wake me up inside





wake me up

Rate my saiyan female.


She's a fusion?
why is she waering that weird outfit?

Because I thought she looked good in it.

you sure like weird clothes
I would have put her in something more royal loooking

how is x2 v x 1 anyways?

My male sayain is wearing somthing kinda like that.

Its amazing.

I'm doing a raid with some friend in the monring at 9am

What's a raid?

You fight a super strong boss (or bosses) that you could do by yourself.

This one that we are gonna do it only gonna be out for 3 hours and looks pretty cool.





I really likee the winnable costume for that!!

Now rate my cool looking moves.

Notice how the guy in the picture is named "Ban"

i-it's yyou..!!!?

Nope !

My Sayian male is name Nezumi.

a decent set together

Thats cute
so how is the replay value?
I really liekd playing through xenoverse til i beat all the time patrol stuff then i just
never wanted to play it again
is 2 any better about that.

People keep bitching about not being able to land a dragon fist so I showed them how.

Its not really that hard but people don't understand stamina breaks.

Well the story is AMAZING and i'm about to finish my second play through of it.

Also as you can see by that other thing I linked they are having lots of events to add things in for people to do like a real mmo.

Also I have about 60 hours and I still haven't beaten all the missions.

Doing all the expert missions alone would take a VERY long time because of how hard they are.

I am kinda interested in getting it
I think I will d definately look into it in the future
is the fighting system iimproved at all or basically the same?


My saiyan is all full on ki modeo so I haven't really used the dragon fist at all lol it's nice to know ahead of time though

I want onii-chan to give me belly rubs and head pats and huggies :3

in super saiyan mode can you just keep spamming your finisher like in the first one?

Its like 10 times better but I don't know how to explain it.

If you don't break their stamina they will just roll out of it 70% of the time.

and it can't be the one that knocks them on the floor.

No its just a damage buff now.

They removed the spamming stuff.

Thank GOD

Saiyans have a lot of forms they can take now.

3 types of super saiyan

Kio Ken

potential unleashed

are the ai that good at dodging it? I found more people fly straight toward the light of all my ki blasts than they did in 1, which I'm not complaining about could be pure luck they used to dodge it like they didn't even have to try barring like giant storm in 1

They just auto roll out of it if they have stamina.

Its very hard to land on a real person.

what does potential unleash do?

i fucking LOVED giant storm
its just like
you use it
and wherever this nigga is at they just get eploded

This can show you some of the numbers.


It also makes you gain ki faster

oh neat, I'll keep that in mind for my majin

it was hilarious but cancerous as a saiyan

Here is my conclusion/tips for these forms:
If you want to kick ass, use Super Saiyan.
If you want to blast ass, use Super Vegeta.
If you want to kick and blast ass, use Kaioken.
If you want to kick and blast ass without stamina drain, use Potential Unleashed.
If you want to kick ass and look bad ass while transforming, use Future Super Saiyan.

I'mn here to kick ass and chew bubblegum

Also every race has a transformation now.

Majins can turn into kid buu

Humans hop on a nimbus cloud and use a power pole

Namekians turn into giants

Frieza race can turn golden like the movie which makes them move faster and have really strong death beams.

what the fuck
that human bonus sounds badass as fucking fuck
I want to ride a nimbus and use a fucking power pole


Oh man I don't like mornings.

That guys wrong about it being op like that though.

it's really cute
I want to make a cute human girl with aa halo


Do it.


god damnit if I could get out of bed I would buy all the beer but noooooooo I have to spend all night shovelling shit under trucks like a goblin

It's an F1 meme.





I'm 20 y./o scanner i cant drink

Bullshit, everyone can drink.
Send your dad then, my legs are broken from manual labour.



uh picture very much related??????

Goodnigh archives nezumibannyan

I have that thing!
Russia threads best threads

so...d you like the sexual intercourses?


holy shit dude

Soon though, bed leaving.
And then the madness can begin.


kill me now

I wanna pet her head.


My Galaxy Nexus is running 2 versions newer than my OnePlus 3 ;_;

I'm not convinced Hideyoshi's a guy either.

the face when hideyoshi isnt in real life

my phone is 6.0.1


that's mine

I'm in

I ate too much for breakfast x_x


what did you have

My SG 4 mini is running on its last breaths.

Get an iPhone 7 Plus.

drink it all

Like.. breakfast poutine basically. omg

You ever suck a dude's dick, only to realize that's not a dude, and you've just been fellating, like, seven breakfast sausages at once and everyone's looking like you like you're a whore stoned out of her gourd?

This is really getting out of hand.

Already ordered the OP3 remember

i dont drink alcohol

I do


im a good kity

what a pretty tail

*snuggles with u*

Cute cat.

Those cats have pretty tits

youre so warm


i have 2 b
it soo cold here

shut up rin


its cold here too




woof woof

Freaking out.

Still up from last night.

Coffee was a terrible idea in retrospect.


why are you freaking out

just playing a videogame

should i fry up my perogies and eggs?

if youre hungry enough to do the work

It's my first date as a girl tonight and I don't know what to dooooooooooo

which game?


hmm... i wonder what i can do with these round flat pita thingys

just be yourself

xcom 2

Heh. how insightful~

I'm working on that hence the whole transitioning thing, dummy

scrambles eggs and cheese quesadilla


... i don't have cheese.

she should pick an outfit for the date, and learn about her date, and fall in love.

ugh u nvr talk 2 me grr




thats unfortunate

i figured she'd learn about the dude during the date

im a bad talker


post something lewd


i want her as an adorable plush i could just hug


i'll figure it out~ as always.
it will be fine for her.


The things I'd do to a chibi Reynn plush.

This game is just so adorable.

show your hidden lewd beast

i'm jelly
show us more~

im no beast.

This has been my Reynn stack since damn near the start of the game.
It's just too cute.



Beer or Rum and Coke?
Lost 2 games of dota2 and wanna fuck my shit up.

looks strange... i wonder how it work


rum and coke anyday

You can only stack smaller creatures, to a limit of three per stack, the stats are all added together to determine the stats of the stack, and the stack has access to all the individual skills of the components.

If the stack has multiple skills of the same type (I.E.: Fire + Fire), then it can unlock a stronger version of the same type of skill (Following the previous example, Fira).

Some Large characters also have a special skill that unlocks following some criteria of the stack.
For example, if Reynn is in her Jiant form she can use Channel Element, which derives its element from the stack's makeup.

unlock meteora

K, Rum and coke it is, brb.
Gonna get shitfaced.


I'll get right on unlocking Meteor, a spell that has universally been an end game Magic, while I'm still barely into the game.


d u c c

lol a kewl looking shark submarine tho

Note to self:
The Low Seas are not to the south.

28 hours down
2 to go

Aw yiss




good morning... what depravities are you ladies discussing today

im a boy!!!!!1 ^^

The oppression of the working class by the bourgeois.

the fuck is that?

lol jk gtg





which are?

If you weren't my daughter I might be dating you



Wait what

but why?

You wouldn't know/






You need to have had one :D

Please tell me you saw this me_irl

That's not Tewi, it's what Hiroshimoot would be like if he was a small girl, also known as Hiro-tan.

just tell me what it is you git




I fell again asleep before I got to that image.

It's a stroopwafel.

gdi emi

It's pretty cute though.

fuck hiroshimoot tho

Hai, qt

But Hiroshimoot isn't a qt.

Stroop wafel
Syrup waffle

herro wellams

sounds disgusting

The adaptation is though, and all those oblivious quotes she carries from the original.



But running 4chons into the ground


I feel like this one has to be named.

It doesn't matter ikt, it's cute.

You're cute.

I want to move my desk to the left but I'm too lazy help

hows you?

i just lost a fucking purchase because ebay asked me to sign in before placing my fucking bid ;_;


No, totally you.

Should've signed in :^)

i fucking am, but it keeps fucking asking me to sign back in again after so long, this takes the fucking piss

I mean.
Vivi's riding me right now.

Deserved it


Oh, I assumed something different.

I'm autistic help

1) Clean desk
2) Disconnect devices
3) Throw devices on bed
4) Push desks
5) Reconnect


I'm alright. Going out later^^ My outfit's pretty cute I think

How have you been?


It was an assumption.


I'm off for a nap Luka, not feeling up to the weather today.


anywhere good? also, post outfit

not too bad, been doing the odd bit of uni stuff, a bit of vidya, a bit of wishing this year was over already.

muh shekels

oh yeah, my name

nini sd ;~;


Movie date.

We're almost through it. Just gotta survive the holidays, amirite?

neat, not a bad outfit either

yup, then its only a few more months, and ill be a graduate, looking for a job

Yeah, I think it's cute and casual enough for a first date ^~^

oh, cool. That happened fast!

Good morning everyone.


not fast enough :/
uni has been a fucking terrible experience tbh

sup nimf

Hey nymph.
Please give me your melon vibes or something so I can leave bed and start drinking.

Not much. Just woke up, prob gonna get breakfast/lunch soon.

May the good melon vibes be with you


NNNnnnnn.... ok, I'm up. Time to get drunk.
How be you?

I found out that the shittier the job, the more everything else feels like a chore.

buy a goldfish

The snack the smiles back

Having a giggle lad?

I didn't know you wanted to get one so soon.


That I is avin a giggle m8



I was just out getting stuff for the dorm and I remembered I wanted a fishy

cooking a full english for me and the bf :3


Damn man, that's alcoholic shit right there


ooo that sounds good. Make extra for me pls :3



Did you check what else did they have out of curiosity?
Were there any cool reptiles?

I have absolutely no idea about how pet restrictions work in Lebanon, what is legal and what isn't.

I was in bed for 3 hours after waking up, then I did shopping, and back in bed again; tempted to nap too. It is 4pm.


God damn man, there goes your whole day!


what wil u do now?

I work like a hobgoblin in afternoons, crouching under trucks and cleaning them.

I'm allowed to be lethargic

It was a small pet store.
They basically pick the pets off the street if they can, a kitten was around seven dollars. I really wanted to get one, there were about four kittens in one cage. Two bunnies.
Lots of birds too, small shop. No fish though.
None had shots, all were at least physically clean.

Probably just hang out with the family and play something offline.
I wanted to play overwatch with you yesterday but the internet was out the entire day, then I had to go down to tripoli
how's your day been?

Is it true Pakis cut holes in the bottom of their cabs to shit without stopping?

aww... rip video games :c

mines boring.

Oh that's dirty work. I bet something like that pays decent at least?

Would you have gotten the kitty for seven dollars?

Every day, Dolie. Every day

I'll ask my Bangladeshi friend.
Bangla and Paki are next door neighbours and fucking hate each other.

But what you're probably thinking of is a Tuk Tuk, a shitty cab thing looks like a mobile toilet.

Street picked pets are nice, it feels good to give them a home and food knowing the conditions they used to live in.

AHS when?

Yee. Cats are the best pets for me.

I feel bad for the people who don't HAIL SATAN every day; I bet they're leading a boring life.

Don't forget you have to pay for the food, cleaning, brush their hair, shower them, maybe get shots.
Then there's the issue of where to leave them if you need to move out of the country.
Rip catto
AHS when I'm feeling bothered, sorry. Probably soon.

My Paki friend fucking hated india too

I don't wanna get out of bed, save me ;;

50p more than min wage.
I'm awake now, and got a warm jumper on.

Think I should do a drunk stream of Sunless Sea?

I heard that Indian truck drivers do it. I guess pooping in the road wasn't enough, they had to do it at speed.


I was the same this morning for a couple hours ><
Stayed in bed for 2 hours past my alarm, then finally got up

I don't even know what Sunless Sea is tbh.

Sure, it would be much more expensive and time consuming than the fish, but also more rewarding if you can do it. Just imagine having it sleep on your lap, purring as you do your usual things on the computer.

You will probably want to sterilize it too if it's a female.

Now that's a big problem, longest I've been from home was two weeks I think so I never really had much trouble.

See, I clean under trucks from garbage, since the parking lot is packed to the brim and lazy cunts just throw their trash anywhere.

Game set in 1880 where London has been dragged halfway down to hell by bats. Lovecraftian shit happens but everyone got used to it and now it is a day to day thing.

You're a dumb cunt zee captain who has a certain ambition for immortality, to find your dad's bones, wealth or to be the world's greatest poet; and you sail across the horrible unterzee from port to port, shooting huge crabs, pirate ships and generally going batshit insane. Very text heavy.