It's time to get down and funky

It's time to get down and funky

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cute! also sad though

like remember when like the owfuckers first started crossing over

like that aussie dude

and that dude with raccoon

no im not one to wait

ya ;_;



theres no way u can be blood chan then she likes animals dying

hey tp ur cat is dead right?

i feel like kyle and moogs were hella early on the lets be nice to the other side tip

i miss that quality bloke

back on 4ch i tried to post in the fur threads and they were meaner than the poinies



yea thats what i said stop copying me

my face when jUICE HOLes



fuckin' rekt so hard

good god woman relax
did i ask u about music yet?


i posted in furry threads fairly regularly

and ponies

those pretentious fur "trolls" like dom and that dude who avatared as a western fag were hella mean to me

but then like it turned out they were furs too


I like music
no u didn

i wanna find a planet like that some day ;~;

okay gr8 tell me what music u like


yeah just remind me next time you see me posting her bud


the only nice ones i remember was like
maybe temaire windragon

that's where i met based darbear and cuppers tho ;;

i like alt rock mostly wbu


oh yeah tem was based

scales was a manic depressive i think

and 'member like that calvin and hobbes dude

-head pat-

good luka

will do will do


artist examples?

i like all sorts of stuff im one of these dumb """eclectic""" people i always feel like a dick talking about what music i like in general


yea that one

can't remember either

i need more power!!

luka pussa power needs to be turnt to 10



skimmed through a little bit, i bet u like death cab for cutie huh

i honestly can't

there was a list of them

there was that dude that darwin fucked

then that dude before that

There were a lot of lists.


they're ok :( not too big a fan

yeah good times

lots of regurgitated avatars

Like that's changed.

hmm im not either but from what i heard i thought u would

maybe u like more post rock stuff then?



this is one for the oldfags

does anyone remember how like the "anime" threads had an idiot named zero

and like he didn't realize some dude in the fur threads was already named zero

yada yada yada our zero was like "sorry i will change my name if you want"

what a fucking cuck

there was a guy named brian in the pony threads already

i asserted dominance and took over the name


so based though

maybe so
im gonna go die in bed gn

hi and bye my love

brian is great

brian is love

nice pic~



adios, my amigo.

how are you?

aw too bad, nighty night
oh and listen to strangers from the universe, here, my dear, and eccojams before next time we talk or i will hate u ^.^


badfox posted it first

nice desu ne

what did you do today?

rip though

i woke up

i posted in thread

i watched a buncha youtubes

i got hungry and made some cheap mac n cheese

and now im i'm just relaxing.

...It's a shame i didn't play any fun video games today either... ;~;

uber comf


expecting anyone to even know who fucking leonard cohen is

it's really fucking sad

hey but i know who that is


he was a legend

yea im sure i downloaded that songs of leonard cohen and never listened to it

he's quite the indy artist

i guarantee you didnt

so triggered

yea thats what i told u

sounds like a nice day ^^

you still have time to play vidya though~




hi nezi

Dying should be banned

nezi if you still are fake filtering me

i swear i will lose it

even based colbert and i are bff

damn son

wow that's a lot of filtered posts in a short period of time

well he hates me but i love him

Why would you even want his attention?

small fuzzy mice :)

nezi all i did was reply to you when everyone else fucking did not

nez pls

that channel always makes me happy




she has way too many animals though

i was like you gonna keep all those mice?

she is going to

*interest intensifies*



I'm gonna filter you.


Ur muted kid and your account is HACKED


ytse likes thicc

I am not picky

I waited 5 seconds to watch something one second. You've scammed my life away from me.


honestly i will take iggy over that tripe



oh hi cuckshit

i hate you just kidding I'm going. I have to be somewhere else.


hello ?

are you spoilers not eva

why are you all like this!



daily reminder that clockwork refuses to admit his age

it may be illegal to try to cyber him

oh hey babe

wassup man

not much mang listening to some jams




same, drinkin too. only night off until like the weekend after thanksgiving so miught as well enjoy it ya kno

oh that sucks bro i have a solid 4 days for t-giving

both the places im at are closed on thanksgiving thankfully I guess I lied im sorry


i am used to you being full of shit it is not a problem

is expected

friggin ebin dude !?

en engwish?




lemme gib that succ

iggy has her team

here u go


pls respond



grimu pls


i would probably reach the fuck around luka js

how quaint

so grimu do you still want to fuck bc and luka and wish

or are you normalized now

a nonsexualized being if you will

I might platonically cuddle luka

the most I'd do to wish is give her a hug

bc died or something


Well, Dark Souls was a decent time killer.
Might sleep early tonight. Have to be up at 10, but fuck it for now.

Madonna never gave me my blow job so I didn't vote for hill dog.

he has been posting very regulary

LIE you want to wife

you know more than anyone that he is a dude

cause like you doxd him

so you are gay lol

Mmm... Corn dogs.


who is this towards

I feel u on that one
Trump is like..."oh shit I actually what"

Are you sure?

No, I would not
not at all
not even if she was into me

hey man sometimes dudes need reassurance

its only gay if one of us pops a boner or something bahahah

Woof woof


Because you got me who you "filtered"

tp who you hate

archives who idk if you hate or dont care about

and luka who you hate

what a shitty audience to blog to

just go to sleep squashie, you need your rest

Why don't you fuck off, poonjab?

Kill me.

People keep saying that but its not based on anything.


I did, but I came back around
you should too


Kill yourself. You have issues.

i love most people i talk to

it's mostly funny when i swag some shit at colbert and then he fake filters me cause mad

That was to squash

That really stings you know, I hope you don't mean that

You sling shit too easily at people ofc they're gonna get mad at you


it doesn't make sense how easily people get mad

they are supposed to know me

watch the video where obama hosts him in the whitehouse recently
he looks nervous as fuck

like dude got legit fucking mad

Tie Knee

even if we know you, when you take potshots that have #truth in them, they penetrate deep



What if I actually killed myself because of you Squashie

would you want that blood curry on your hands

Yeah, no.
Fuck you. You're so fucking twisted sometimes. Every time I take issue with you all you do is laugh and mock me because I come back. But fuck you. You're so fucking entitled like a spoiled shit. I should have been the last fucking person you tried to get to tell George to lower your ban. You know how fucking much I detest IRL threats. You don't fucking try to black mail someone in thread like that and try to laugh it off. The fact you think you are above any kind of punishment makes me fucking sick. I'm glad you think one day is enough of a ban for threatening someone's IRL shit. I honestly think you should have served more than a week.

Fuck you.

maybe you should thicken your skin

Don't you think it would be awkward as fuck to have a meeting with the guy whos plans your gonna ruin the second you take his job?

I don't see it and I've seen the video.


I legit have run out of respect for you.
You have a long way to earn it back if at all.



who is that

The curry fuck.




Jab em in the poon.

based grimu?

he is not so bad

Opposite of hugh guy

Well hear me out, I dont know if you know the whole story. The irl threat wasn't really a threat. It was a complaint letter to an isp. Even if I did send it, the isp would have simply gone over recent data and if they didn't detect any abusive images or anything like that, nothing would have happened.

Even then, I would never have sent that e-mail. False reports like that are punishable by prison you know. It was towards squidge, who, according to Bard actually is a pedophile. Like legit. Fucking scary, I didn't even know.

Turns out the person who posted their IP was MFF because he was fucking around in Holla Forums. MFF and Bebo talked about it, and MFF understood, and he was fine, if he didn't forgive me bebo wouldn't have unbanned me.

Anyway, yeah I turned on you because I was irritated and started going after you for inane small bs, that's pretty bad of me, I should have stfu

Anyway, yeah I know I'm a pretty bad person, but I try to be good.

Moogs is triggerhappy and unstable in my opinion, so he banned me and then mounted his high horse.

The community reacted and said NAY TO THIS TRAVESTY, so here I am.

I don't think I'm above the punishment. I think a day or maybe 2 or 3 would have been fine. Any more is unnecessary. I was willing to serve a lower ban.
But George thinks he can be the sole man to decide my fate. Unfortunately he is not.

Sorry for any mixups.

I understand if you dont wanna talk to me because I'm an awful person
I accept that I am

if you're truly done, please take a night to sleep on it and let me know in the morning and I won't bother you any more. As one of my best friends here, you don't deserve any meanness from me at all tbh




hugh mungus

That's a good point. What do you think about him just amending Obamacare rather than removing it entirely like he promised?

hugh mungus dolla

was that pasta

mo dolla mo hugh mungus

tie knee

his arch enemy.

here is my tip to anyone

do not meme

it is now, do as you please with it

free willly

I let my willy free all the time.

nah that was just sad

you sexual harasser

I keep mine under strict lock

it tends to go wild and violent at times


I like to abuse the womyns

youre such a victim grim

chastity? how kinky.

I don't think anything about it.

Who is that?

Who is the only one who lost here

I wish I had the will to just leave.

but like what possessed you to write that?

you should be quit

personally I'm glad you do not. selfish though it may be.

i explained why you were unbanned

if you consider that a victory well done

i dunno
his opposite?

You lost a little pride, but I possibly lost my bestie

my feelings for squashie


clearly, how horrible of you

just ignore it, there's no use in bothering with giving attention when it's quite clear nothing changes here. much better for your mental health

i think you might be 100 percent gay fam for real

how dare I. they should start a gofundme to raise money because of how horrible I am.


I try to avoid casual sex

for the record grim

it is ok to be gay

how very gay of you

It is possible to have close, non erotics feelings for a person

like the ones you might have for a sibling


thank you, I feel comforted

I don't make the rules, brah

we are very accepting here grim

for alternative lifestyles

who do

that woman in the video probably would lmao

I accept you as well teeps

But who is that?

As long as its not socialized medicine I'll be good.

the high gays. they are the ultimate deciders.

I've watched like five videos of people making fun of her and I still want more.

how high

they high, brah. so so high.

i have a very traditional lifestyle

but thank you grim that is very kind

If I drank alcohol I would toast to a long and happy friendship

5 whole marihoonas high?

or higher

way higher.


Trump? ._. i dunno.

I have work insurance so my copays are pretty low or nonexistent
I'm thankful for that

benefits are a huge part to consider when looking for work

my nuts are quaking at the thought

same, that bitch even got herself thrown out of a city council meeting

you should drink

I KNOW. I saw that. fucking lost my shit. she's such an entitled little brat.


maybe if someone I knew died

ur mom did lol cuz I banged her so hard

have you ever suffered a really fucking rocking your in being loss?


in english


Hes not smole though

I might look into getting a new job just because I don't feel like teaching people anymore.

have you suffered a REAL loss in your life

Cup I want to borrow some of your amazing hair genes

but idk if ill catch the supergay as well

it's a risk

That's fair. Sometimes you need a break from that stuff.
anything mind?

hopefully she gets in trouble from one of her stupid acts, I could see her doing something illegal and thinking she was justified in it

Does the loss of pets count?
Loss of a fiance?
Shattered dreams?
Loss of friends because they died in an accident or suicide?

has like the most important thing ever died



my innocence

I now have permanent trust issues

everything counts

if it's a real loss

aww.... oh well.


I'm sleepy.
Comfort me pls

nini thread ;~;

I have been through my fair share of loss then


probably will. I mean the supergay is coded right into my dna...

that would be fucking perfect. and her screaming all the way to prison, in the court room, in her cell, the whole time about how this just proves that everyone is sexist all the time


you have been burned a shit ton huh?


i'm here again

Not even kidding


It's okay, that's life

hi revy
back from another 3some?

"this is white racist amurikuh sexually harassing me again!"

I mean, did you even think of what it would look like? long hair doesn't suit everyone.

we should send her to the white house so she can get grabbed by the pussy by POTUS

yeah it really is

but you deserve better

always remember that

most people are monsters

it was just the one and nothing sexual happened i just had two people playing with my tits

oh hey revy

I don't know

hey tp whats up

that's saying she is still in the country by the time he moves on in :^) oh did you see the trump thing I posted?

I would dye it burgundy and tie it like this

thats pretty sexual

sounds fucking retarded if you imagine though

I always strive for the best for myself
but I try to make people better too when I can as well

Well, construction is pretty good for that, + you'll get buff
I have a friend who does roofing, he makes $22 an hour

all he has is a HS diploma, he works in NC

here I am
talk to me, baby

I'm not sure. link it?

finally your transition to full weeb would be complete.


not much just giving like based grimu some life advice

what's going on with you


maybe focus on your self

you might burn yourself while focusing on people who dont care

too much

that hair style is like "I'm a virgin neckbeard who lives in my mother's basement": the haircut.

it's not very sexual...
although i can't fathom why everyone loves my tits
like, are small tits actually a precious rarity?

ey yo girl
muh dick

i got off work early and have nothing better to do with my time right now
i mean, besides the mountain of homework i haven't yet done, but that's beside the point

hey man
where were you

it's happened before, but I tend to pour my soul into some people
it's just my nature

oh LOL yeah I did. that's fucking hilarious.

I don't think I wanna do that.

post them and let's see why they do

good money
just slightly laborious

you could always sell drugs

my hope is that hundreds of people now do that to him, just so he can be confused as fuck lol

that's cool

you got a couple days

are you stressing out about it?

yeah fam you have to balance

like not care as much? i know that is not easy

when I stop caring it all goes to shit

he should be glad that he saved us from the oppression of the sjw kinds. first they came for our vidya and next was surely going to be skimpy anime girls.

I'm gonna go lie down, my back is killing me. see you spoilers!

it's not about stop caring it's about balancing when you get excited or sad

don't wanna :(

i was in a car accident monday and almost tried to kill myself on tuesday
but then my friend took me to go vote and get free doughnuts so i was too distracted to kill myself

how ya g etting along revy?

I had da chance to go see my best friend on the edge of town tonight
He helped me put a metal plate on my rockband petal to reinforce it so thats awesome
we did some dabs and vaped a few bong bowls
i love that guy but not in a romance way
Thanks for asking my man
what are you up to today?

rest well cups! laters

No weed is legal here.

terrifying prospect
how fucking horrifying

that is a lot to throw at a person

you have to understand that i am a skeptic by nature

what happened to make your car crash

did you really want to kill yourself?

but also that really fucking sucks that you were in that avenue

hope you get help

that feels like neutering my feelings
so unnatural


chillin like a villain


do it legally then

people must buy it by the hordes

I can't keep my dick from falling out of my new pants.

make sure to not wear those pants in public.....

i mean you kinda have to neuter your feelings

you are not a mod

Yeah they probably do

I actually just did that like an hour ago.


maybe we should protest against beepop

How did that go for you/
You uh..weren't around ay smalll children or senior citizens, right?

beepop literally has done NOTHING since he was given admin

like not even kidding


I just poured out a whole fucking jar of instant tea
lets go bro

oh that was my reasoning why he is good

im hungry but i had dinner and a snack

alright i guess

my brain was overreacting to the accident and i had like a two day panic attack
i was hit from behind by a truck going way too fucking fast
i think i got help from my therapist

sorry i dont' have a good picture or way to take a picture at the moment


I didn't even get out of my car.

next time do sweet

okay i was kind of kidding before but now i really actually feel bad about blood chan being gone i dont know what to do

if you eave too, you can be with her forever

i dont need this right now bard

oh so you got fender bended from a semi?

did the truck honk scare you?

they are loud

hopefully you don't get pulled over by a busty, curvy, young female police officer

That's okay

I think ill head off
gn revy, don't kill yourself

revy comfort me

it's kinda weird how revi and i are friends now

how did this happen

revy is a real sweetheart totally underrated

no it was one of those pickup trucks the size of a small mobile home

i'm trying not to

i'm trying not to

we've hated each other for so long we just get along now

TRUMP is president now
I can do whatever i WANT!!!!1!!!

My cars red and I've still never been pulled over before.

revy comfort me

but we had years of hating each other

it's weird though right? i genuinely care about you now lol



i'm tired


that's crazy
especially because red cars naturally go faster than cars of colors of others colors

heehee tell me more

well ur good about losing grudges ur a good man tp

blood chan is gone and she might never come back and i love her ;_ ;

Goodnight leetle man

very strange
well, how have you been?

my bed is nice and warm~~


i feel sad bcuz of it and i dont want to pls help me

Its a red bmw and sometimes I put it in sport mode and speed.

You have a red BMW ?

whats a bmw

I do

Bob marley and the wailers dumbass

shove it, kid

Now I ain't sayin I'm a gold digger

I'm going to be your bully you loser
give me 5 dollars of your lunch money on paypal and I might leave you alone smelly

i loved her so much how could she leave ;_ ;

ur a good friend, bard ;_ ;

But you're a gold digger.

But I ain't messin wih no broke nigga

well that was weird


i really am

i have been fine

over worked but nothing i cant handle

the ironic thing is i cant talk to her about how im feeling now ;_ ;

Your messing with a broken nigga.

seriously u are dont let anyone tell u otherwise

Who broke you?


thanks sci

don't ever ever let anyone ban you again fam

No one

I always bounce back

ban i miss when we were closer but i understand it's not the same and u need to move on ;_ ;


i dont know what im here for anymore

Sounds like you're made of rubber...
but I am covered in glue!


This is playing in the background rigt now

it doesn't matter

the only important thing is that you

are here


So what happens next?


Tp you massive dripping vagina

literally me at the moment

h-hey g-guys it's a m-me blood c-chan

lol sorry

never done this before....

ty bard thats beautiful. maybe i should make a playlist of all the sad/whistful katawa shoujo tracks

i guess thats true ty tp

u didnt forget her stuttering rule ;w ;

I fucked your waifu

Not from what I've heard.


bard it's not about that i was head over heels for her but i dont much care for the e intimacy

what did he mean by this

yeah fam just chill

what are you trying to get a fucking WHOLE CREW OF TRIGGERED MODS AGAINST YOUR ASS AGAIN


Blood chan doesn't care about you
blood chan only cares about himself

it'll happen whether i try or not

I've heard nasty cyber logs of you and someone else exist.

I think it was wish

'member when everyone wanted to ban sci

not gonna lie i was included. you were insufferable for a bit

shes the most beautiful person ive ever known ;_ ;

'member when we didn't have so many mexicans around?

oh my oh my oh my oh my
where did you hear that from?

not really i've always been surrounded by illegal mexicans

contrary to popular beleif, in this animus commuity, there has aways been alot of mexicans


for the record

mexicans are shit drivers

and i dont think this makes me racist

it's true

You're supposed to say "oh I member"

Why do you ruin everything for me?

I uh
I plead the fifth
but most likeley its probably not wish
lets not associate someone like me with someone like her

ive never felt this bad about someone going away

i never take the easy route

I think i'm right.


honestly, i know he won't, but if trump makes the asshole wetback drivers who do not follow basic driving rules disappear

i will not care
cause there are a lot of them

also blacks drive less then favorable to my liking

don't get me started on old people in cadilacs

What about old people in cadillacs?

art least i got to tell her i loved her before she left ;_ ;

I reserve the right to remain silent
Anything i say can and will be held against me in a court of law

The 5th is often a sign of guilt.

I'd leave to if sci loved me



but at one point i did and u didnt



nah meen

I have standards, loser
theres no one old enough here to say otherwise



good for you i guess?

I was typing something but my post decided it was happening now.

oh, what was it

so like dave chapelle is going to host snl this saturday

have you seen this nigga?

he is jacked

like cut

not a v good show imo sry

No doubt I now grew very pale; --but I talked more fluently, and with a heightened voice. Yet the sound increased --and what could I do? It was a low, dull, quick sound --much such a sound as a watch makes when enveloped in cotton. I gasped for breath --and yet the officers heard it not. I talked more quickly --more vehemently; but the noise steadily increased. I arose and argued about trifles, in a high key and with violent gesticulations; but the noise steadily increased. Why would they not be gone? I paced the floor to and fro with heavy strides, as if excited to fury by the observations of the men --but the noise steadily increased. Oh God! what could I do? I foamed --I raved --I swore! I swung the chair upon which I had been sitting, and grated it upon the boards, but the noise arose over all and continually increased. It grew louder --louder --louder! And still the men chatted pleasantly, and smiled. Was it possible they heard not? Almighty God! --no, no! They heard! --they suspected! --they knew! --they were making a mockery of my horror!-this I thought, and this I think. But anything was better than this agony! Anything was more tolerable than this derision! I could bear those hypocritical smiles no longer! I felt that I must scream or die! and now --again! --hark! louder! louder! louder! louder!

"Villains!" I shrieked, "dissemble no more! I admit the deed! --tear up the planks! here, here! --It is the beating of his hideous heart!"

Something about zoe trying to make me play league again.

Who was top/bot ?

Did she power bottom you?

perhaps you have not yet been introduced to david s pumpkins

reminds me that people havent talked about that here for a while thank goodness that was annoying

i uno only ever was a bottom for liker 1 or maybe 2 ppl tbh
i am kinda sexually confused t b h

no i havent been

You can do both.

i bet dad would have some good advice i wish he were here

i usually got stuck being top most often
with people that were probably not that person

that's kinda sad that you have no father figure lol


So it was forced onto you?

i guess the lol made it seem less genuine

do you have a dad?

sci screems lack of daddy issues

i mean Its just what they preffered you know
I used to be kinda slutty maybe

yeah i talk to my dad all the time hes my hero, i was talking about the poster named dad

but like is your dad still married to your mom?

My dad would beat your dad up

i've found that children of divorce are particularly aggregating

no but i think the divorce was a wise decision and i was old enough for it not to be damaging to me and he has a new wife now whos also an exceptional person

my stepdad just bought a motorcycle

after he sold his boat

he is kinda crazy

could deffo beat my ass so i just agree with his decisions

my dad is richer and smarter than probably anyone else's in this whole community

my parents were never married

Surely you prefer something.

my dad is richer and smarter than your dayd and more physically fit

I guess I'm just good at what I do




tp shh

sorry wrong post ~~


I kinda miss when being uguu got you popular

I can be your angle
or your devil



it's not gay they pretend to be a girl

further proof my dad is better in fact cuz he didnt raise some queer

I need both.

ur dad eats shit!

such a great album


tbh this place is boring as fuck. I think thats why I don't post as much anymore.

im sry i dont want to be mean im just upset about bc


It would be better if you just didn't post at all.


have you ever thought that maybe you are boring?

Ban grim, ban sci, Erin for admin.

the rule is that only boring people get bored

hey is scootaloos dad actually dead can anyone confirm that?


yeah I'm too shy for that kind of stuff anywways

I man you say that now.


He died in 'Nam.

That's it, I'm done. I've had it with all of you miserable shit heads who actually derive enjoyment from being mean and hateful to strangers on this site. Am I no longer allowed to express my opinion on topics related to the thread? Am I to hide my tastes because they differ from the masses? This site is supposed to create an atmosphere conducive to the spreading of opinions but you classless trolls have made the atmosphere one of an oppressive intolerance. Congratulations, you ruined someone's day. You made someone you've never met feel worse merely because it tickled your fancy. I hope you're happy.

That's just too many saibamen.....

stfu i dont care about what u have to say

Looks like you're doing a shitty job at a simple task.

Get lost already.

looks like tp was right again

I'm sorry but who the fuck are you? Are you aware that literally whos don't have the right to open their fucking mouth? If you want any (You)s or attention play a anime girl and shut the fuck up.

In the end we are all cancerous.

I'm sorry but who the fuck are you? Are you aware that literally whos don't have the right to open their fucking mouth? If you want any (You)s or attention play a anime girl and shut the fuck up







new thread

I'm your better and thats all you need to know.

You can leave now.

lol get the fuck outta here

Yes I know. I'm a hypocrite. Fucking sue me already.

these newfags

new thread look in the catalog youll see the one

i will just scoff at you


pretentious fucking entitled pricks

You will be being purged soon

this matches up in perfect time to my music

new thread >>

new thread >>

new thread >>

new thread >>

new thread >>

That must be some strange music.

The fact that you try to drive me out of here with your autism just makes me feel the urge to post more.

oh hi scoots

no one is trying to drive you outta here you idiot

I know, its cancerous. But there is jackshit to stop it.

you're just retarded for real

there is a new thread


maybe link the new thread?

that is how things are done usually


You need to link it for fuck sake.

New thread

why tho u can find it




i am not yet privvy to ghost threads

post in my thread instead