Come get some fresh Nymph bread

Come get some fresh Nymph bread.

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that link job was atrocious

best bread in years

Glad to meet you as well.
I just use this trip and post Miku on waifu, you could call me DFC I guess.

See above.

you only say that cause nymph looks like a twink leefy irl



is that that fucking weird roleplay board?

nimf is nimf tho

I live in a constant state of fear and misery.

or those cancer threads on 4chan Holla Forums that dont get banned for some weird reason

It's a circlejerk that pretends to be about waifus.

he is the man of constant sorrow
he's seen trouble all his days

nimf your link broke my css settings

its fucking hot in this mask where the fuck are you tp

my waifu was clownpiece but i got banned by grimmy so i am no longer able to communicate ;;

wrong ban cap

So it's like this board except with waifus?

there's the rub

teeps pls

kinda true no?

Everytime someone fucks up the links I turn into some white gay faggot

I honestly don't know how it managed to save Ian's trip



Yes yes. I gotcha.
You won once. 11 years ago.

I have a chin.


too soon

Sorry guys, I'm no good at this any more.

Hey there baby
Thanks for not getting on skype yesterday you cunt

I didn't mean to steal it
My computer did

I want the first time you show me your dick to be special, bby

Soto has my trip btw

/r/ing link to that tiny?

can I have it too?

colbs is a faget btw



i had my glasses off and i thought that picture was really ugly boobs

Oh so youre waiting for when we meet up irl then?

Dude how the fuck do I anyways?
It always pops up when someone links an actual link to a thread


Accurate. Also pics get repetitive as each user posts a single character and there's also shitposters and bans since it's Holla Forums.

Welp, can say she is a good pick.

I have pretty boobs thank you very much

Good afternoon.

You stole it as usual

pics mainly get repetitive because over there everyone only has a folder with like 20 images of their waifu. no one seems to know how to make a proper folder.

oh hai yo



afternoon goggwa

It's 2am...

That would be understandable with obscure waifus but there isn't really any.

It's actually 7 PM

Wow what a fuckin slut

What if it's too big?







No, it's 10:08

This is Cupcake you're talking about.

Oh hey Colbs, whaddup?

Of course you fucking did lol, you always do

It is fantastic.

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're lying to me.

this is soto we're talking about here :^)


No u.

I wouldn't do that.

Nymph pls, of course you would.

I wasn't expect such a huge response.

Hey Cookie!

Hello there stranger. that I assume is called Jacob.

Hello there sunshine ^^

It's 12pm tyvm

I will never do that. stop hating me :(

What's would be my motive to lie to you?

don't need to cam or anything

No matter how big or small, the black hole consumes all.

lmao you fucking got me there

His boipussy is probably the size of a flat innertube from a tire fam

whats good fam

No but seriously I dont know how it always manages to save it, it also changes my theme from tomorrow to the gross ass blue theme
kill me now


Show me your boipussy then

I would never presume to know the motive of a liar

How ya doing, yo?

Ain't much left to consume. The hunger won't be sated for more than a tiny while.


I have no motive, so I wouldn't lie.
It's now 10:14

everyone has pretty basic bitch picks, yeah

I genuinely do not see this being a problem.

don't kink shame me.

well alright

Nah, I'm called nigger.


Liar, it's 7:16 PM

Colbs stop being stuck in the past.

As you can see. I be an anonymous poster n sheet.

I always imagined it being more like one of those bicycle tiers left out in the elements where it's lost all elasticity and just tears despite being stretched completely out.

It's rich from me to agree but she fits me in a way that no other could.

When you have more fetishes than there's even categories on porn sites, pretty sure it's safe to criticize.

It's alright. I wouldn't contribute anything anyway.

Why are you being like this...

I woke up not so long ago so I'm just getting into routine.

!!!!! Cupcake I'm sorry I didn't see your reply as I scrolled, there was just a lot more than usual. Please have this personalized thank you from me.

Thankyou Cupcake for being really awesome!

Are you actually black?

I am in the PRESENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

hey forts

lol okay that was a good response

itsy bitsy spider

Are you a morning person.

Heya. Help, who's this? If it's Spoilers, your name/trip dropped.


that's just untrue.

like most things you say.

I never said it was a bad thing, just that it was a thing.

hmph. I see how it is.

SHhheeeettttt nigga, yous be thinkan that i b black n sheeet?
You think that a nigga need to b black to ba a nigga?

I have a whole two fetishes.
You have as many as Jews that died in the Holocaust.

What a Gilgamess.

tp a creature of the night

Oh come on Goggles everyone knows youre an underaged slut

You didn't like the message?

Yes. Absolutely.


oh so it did, sorry I didn't notice that there should be back

it was alright I guess. it was just hard to read it through all my tears from you ignoring me the first time.

so zero?


Figured it was you.


Wow this fucking cunt ignored me

Vegemite eating fuck

the heck

long running joke. gotta keep it going at this point.

I was supposed to go as a Nazi to something but couldn't find any riding boots I liked and gave up.

It takes like eating a compost pile.

Getting emotional? as expected :3

heeeey wassup with the fortune cookie tonight?

Another day.

come tc

see above

Always sick, always smiling.

Again, that is Soto and not me

you used not finding proper boots as an excuse? for shame. you would have offended plenty of people without them you know.

I always tend to when I'm dealing with women. it's why I'm gay.

another dollar.

no thanks.

Change your name to something else.
Borrow a tripcode.

Well sure, I guess.

sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet whittey, i be havin that vanilla ice cream color skin n sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

You area a woman that likes men.

shut up blood chan

No drinking.

shit but trying to smile as well, getting any better at least?

that would be straight, and I ain't no straight.

'ello. what's up?

I'd like to be drinking but my brother has friends over and I don't like going out there with other people around.

Only worse until it's suddenly over, and it always loops like that.

Not much. Just chilling in the TC.
Kinda more sick than usual. But still happy and stuff.
How's you?

You can't really find jackboots that aren't cheaply made so I was just going to use similarly styled riding boots.
I had the outfit easily enough to pick out and someone to tailor it.
The boots are what make it.

I'm on call.

Grow a pair.
Just don't try to fuck your brother's friend.

grow a pair XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD

Look at that straight white girl.

that's you.

Ugh fine, I'll just use this one then.

I liked that trip, too.


You are too scared to leave your goddamn room because people are over.
What else would you call it?

It's probably just his actual trip with an extra pound symbol in front of it.

Maybe it works now

lik dis mane?

I hope to hits the good part again soon for you, being ill is horrid if you give me 30 years I'll become a pirate and find the fountain of youth...... and rum

why does that unicorn have nice tits?

total shit today for some reason. meh.

hope you feel better soon.

sounds to me like you chickened out.


yeah, yeah.

scared? goodness. I'm not afraid of people. I hate them. there is a big difference. I do not want to be around them. I don't like interacting with them. I don't like seeing them. don't like hearing them. I have zero fear. only distaste and loathing.

gonna go back to bed.

sheeet, put the # in the wrong spot mane

Nope, My laptop doesn't like gook symbols apparently

Because she is a goddess

Rum and youth I got right now.
Ain't drinking atm, but I GOT it.

Never sick for much more than a month.
Goodnight, Cakey.

Later, you miser.






Happy Friday~

heyo elams

goddess and futa don't mix

well the youth comes with healing so that's a plus right?

hay cutepie

Happy Friday, Elma.

What I got isn't a healable thing, tho.

oh hi elmers how was being a girl today?

pic related is one


Grim pls you're in love with the boipussy

care to join us tonight?
in the teeceee?

Elma's kinda better at being a girl than you are at being a person lmao

but.... but the fountain is magic :c


I need more fountain, then!



PRIMARINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111 A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

you're a primarina


buffs when



I'm starting with her :3


im going with hoodie owl


I'm torn between Primarina and Decidueye, they're both amazing but I love my water starters

better than anything yuo playy

Looks even worse than I imagined.


lol so anything of interest happening for you in this shitty in between holidays month?

Nah man. I'm all NEET. Have been for months.

playing video games is almost as retarded of a hobby as posting on imageboards


link plesae


you have to cam tho


yes hi sup diggy

Oh I should have kept scrolling


LOL bye


i havent bleached my butthole this month

neet life for shizzle fortdizzle, have you seen the don't shitpost I'm scared thing?

'hol up hol up hol up hol up HOL UP' - preisdent obama


I dislike the NEET life.... I'm SO BORED.
Dunno whatcha mean.

Doctor says that you have teh aids.
wat do? neru posted it here

TP your spirit animal


my spirit animal is an hyena

Oh god what is this

my spirit animal is



Give it to you.

hilarity from Holla Forums using a spoopy internet series

Ian, get in the thing


no that's gey.
Like really gey.

Sleep tight Nimf



high maintenance catgirl -tp



Bloody Holla Forums.
Never went there.



Homosexuality is a sin you know!




But it worked for 1600 years!

I met a few good people in Holla Forums buuuut aside from them it was cancer, worse than here at the worst points at times if you can believe it

Sorry ;~;

what kind of vaprwave is this

thats incest

Like how your bum was dominated?


i have a 13 year old brother who shitposts on /vg/ and Holla Forums all fucking day. gets our ip banned all the damn time

This is one of my favorite songs from my childhood from one of my favorite animes

By who?!


Elma with a strap-on?



Long weekend and I'm already bored.

fix that problem as quickly as you can, for his sake lol


Eh. I'll clean and just binge OW or something.

give this song a try it's pretty chill

Elma does not need that. Also, no

Kon pls, I'm not gonna join the tc pls just stop :(

Why would they even need a strap-on?

it's too late. he knows i go on there from time to time, and tries to reference current memes whenever im around him.

Hi, 2003.

because reasons

They're wicked good live

most of their newer albums are complete garbo

I am thankful my penis works like intended.

What about your brain?

I've never seen then nor really listened to them all that much but one of the people I knew in junior high always wore shirts of either them, Tool, or Iron Maiden.

that's a good choice, now is the time to stockpile coins in case of sombra having some bitching skins hoping for a lot there but I also like her base look so I won't care anyway oh ye I was looking through my notepad stuff for my trip and I found where I saved your bnet to add and a few others lol

you must end him to end the curse


She is getting a Cyber Space skin and a Los Muertos skin. They don't look bad, but I wish she had the hood and mask like everyone drew her with.

join us in the teecee?

cool kids

Who all is in it?

He wasn't even edgy.
He just wore band shirts and was painfully normal otherwise.

me elmy grim tp forty konny kun



I'll lurk I guess.


there's always event skins that can add that, it seems blizz takes from fans in ways at times so if people continue to draw her with it they just might do you know where I can see these skins squash? I would love you forever for this

There was this guy spamming Harambe songs, but he left. that framed Pokemon cards in the background?



jawline top left holy fuccing shit


You're better than this, Fortune.
You're better than this.

I haven't played in years dude.

And I'm so incredibly not better than that.

Can we fix it?

thank you! these look awesome, I'm glad she's getting decent stuff

wew gilgamesh earning my eternal love too what a tweeest thanks though!

I might learn to play her.
Seems OP.

how is no one saying anything about the incredible chin

I had just looked it up myself when he said it.
The short video about her was kind of meh and I hate "magic" hacking shit as a trope.


what chin

welma. everything from the massive chin to the crossed eyes just screams failtrap

You forgot yet.

she's a perfect disrupt hero, she'll be incredibly useful once you learn the ins and outs of her abilities we should play some you know if you don't dislike me too much

it's a silly idea but I'm more into the playstyle and that she looks funky, in comparison I like the idea of soldier but everything else is shit in my eyes about him lol cause I suck with him obviously

Playing Starfox right now.
Maybe later.

i thought you were talking about welma. his chin disrupts the flow of space and time



lol ye later sometime, doesn't need to be anytime soon probably gonna play some xenoverse myself

elms is chill, why all dis hate?


i fucking love bullying people


grimmy is on hrt now



The brown girl from overwatch looks like a turbodyke.



Lol yeah what a stupid lesbian

I grew a mustache wanna see

bully me bae

night bro!

so no more blood throwing up issues?

it's not wrong

I grew one too look

Not really. It was just that night I got fucked up with Test.


hairy shoulders

My first introduction to Latin music back in middle school

I still love it

oh my gdo

they're soft come feel them


good to hear, I was worried you like hurt your insides somehow

so luxurious, ne

u gay

I want Kyouko to attempt to eat me! It would be really cute! 響子ばかやろう!! * ニブル ニブル

I love that I can understand like 60% of the Spanish I hear from customers on a daily basis and I have to wait for the interpreters to translate

I just can't speak the language lol

This in no way shape or form is objectifying.
Thank Jesus Cristo for progressive latino culture.


I don't exactly know what point you're trying to make here


it'll take like a month to learn that gutter speech you daft lazy cunt

I honestly might just start asking interpreters to only translate what I can't understand, I feel like that'd save me ages

I wanna c


I REALLY want to caress, fondle, and lick Seija's perky little sensitive horns until she cums.

I understand the majority of it already lol

w-what else do you want to do?

you slut

Languages are not that easy to learn... conjugations and particular grammatical quirks are difficult

I can at least translate things w/ context

Enjoyable TC.
I shall have another later.

They are already fucked up.
So what's one more out the door?

I skipped like a minute in and it was nothing but Mexi-ass and tits.
That weird "no, bro, no homo. see? tits everywhere" thing where you're not really sure if it's like something in the closet or just really weird views of women.

well a lot of us rather you not die so

The song is actually quite good, if you're interested

And yes, it conforms to the normal rap video formula of "TITS AND ASS EVERYWHERE CLICK ON THIS LINK" nonsense

Life is fleeting.
If it ends then it's no big deal to me.

Ian, get in the thing

I actually legitimately love the Spanish language, it speaks to me

I just have too much of a white pronunciation to ever pass as a native speaker which sucks


Spanish is lame.
I am learning Jap. I know what symbol 'ro' is so far.

Spanish is great, it flows really well

Japanese is so.. blunt


it's never a big deal for the one that dies, dying sucks but once it happens you are dead and won't care it's more the friends that you leave behind or some shit like that

The only latino music I really care for is the more folk centered Tejano, same with US country: folksy, not tractors and fucking your sister.

Tutor me in Spanish pls Kon I really need it :(


Join the thing.

I need to for my games though.

I have been living longer than I planed so every day is extra at this point.

NO. I don't do that anymore. Also I need your number, I lost it in my old phone. Text it to me, my number is the same


Jap 64 games.

Think like anything from Hank Williams to Cash and the "outlaw" of the 60s-70s where it's more just simplistic instrumentation, folk lyrics, and outright abuse of allegory.
There's super early Tejano shit that's the same and even my shitty Spanish speaking ability can comprehend it.

Ooohhh... well stop being such a weeb

dude these feels

sorry about bailing kon

i got paranoid

Still shit. I studied Spanish for 4 years, I have a good listening comprehension but I am not good at speaking it

It died anyway.

You're good fam.
You take it easy, slow it down just a little

As expected. Will you help me translate stuff at work?

lol i will try

TBH where i'm working now I don't touch my phone from 9-5 Monday-Saturday

Same, actually.
I took three years of pre-AP and just decided to drop it senior year since I never used it.
I can still more or less get what's being said to me but will respond in English.


this nigga actually has a job

Goodnight man.

y-you too kon

i thought perma meant 90 days

why does grim want to fuck grimmy so hard

Because name twins and pee pees

is it just me, or does like grim really want to lose his butt virginity to grimmy

I feel like Grim is more of a top.

or he's switchy

Get on steam for reasons

here is something to listen to




1 sec bby

Great album.

no u best sugoi


we should ask him

He'd probably get offended?


neat, nimf bred

hi neko

oh shit based casper

but we neeeeeed to know!

weeeeeeew lad, hey!

oh shit hi casper

companies are cancer

OOHHHHHHHHHHH Mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey, A kiddley divey too, wouldn't you. If the words sound queer and funny to your ear, a little bit jumbled and jivey, Sing "Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy." OOHHHHHHHHHHH Mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey, A kiddley divey too, wouldn't you.

ittle ditten
ittle bitten
ish bittley oaten-doaten
bowltle ska-deet'n dat
wot ought 'n' chew

tp ily

what's up

I'm gonna assume it worked then

Enjoy this Pokemon music

that feeling when it's only midnight

What's good?

Sup elmers? Did you miss'd me?

Kinda maybe .///.

y-you too

you are a legend

Damn son

well that was a fun 30 minutes of crying

i'll take mos def over sheistie friends any day

Crying @ cops


shoulda showed him ur boobies

This is autistic.


that are you ok tho

You're autistic.

not a lot just playing some vidya to ignore reality lol what's up with you bae?

what are you more? top bottom switch? for science

I get it.
It's a fat joke.

It's time to get funky


obviously fucking not

I'm sorry, I just can't believe it.

He's like 38.

He's transitioning NOW?

It's not going to work.

He's going to turn into some frankenstein stuck between a man and a woman.


I think most people respect pronouns of people they respect.
I'm kind of in that boat too.

@beepop i watched an cowbows and indians movie

Transitioning doesn't work at any age.

nothin I got home not too long ago
watchin youtube now

He rapped quite well, please show me how anyone can do better doing that same shit.

Shut up Bebop

I didn't think they would do Undertale remix at the rave but they totally did

you're just mad lexi rejected you

That movie was ok for a movie I would rather have watched high.

wasn't crying about that

just really tired and had a shitty, anxiety filled day

it was called true grit

not sure why i missed this

i went through a huge fuck western phase

it was a very well presented movie tbh

Tsuchi was born without a tongue

Was for...

When I use lick she don't get PARALYZED

tp thought you'd lose your butt virginity, elms thought you are more a top and I suggested maybe the middle ground so curiosity

you are watching pewdiepie aren't you? shaaaaame


here is an old test I took

this is the direct result of kids no longer being allowed to beat up people like this while they are growing up

if everyone who showed up to school with a gameboy and/or pokemon cards over the age of 12 was just beaten and had their shit stolen, then eventually they would grasp the concept that they need to stop


I thought something else, but maybe.

I thought Grimmy was 28-9. The average start age is 25 as a reference point.

Oh, that makes a little more sense.


I kind of agree. I think it's less about feelings or physical appearance for the vast majority and kind of more about just whether or not they don't just constantly affirm they're a the girliest girl to have ever girl or the inverse of talking about having a penis being "normal" for a girl. Like "just accept it and no one really gives a shit" type thing.

It's rapping about Pokemon.
It's only going to go downhill.


beepop also makes underage girls feel creeped oout


How insulting

Nope. Late 30's.

elm wins then, fair enough it was thee more believable guess I wonder why they thought you'd take offense to that question

It's more or less just more ammo against someone.

People who make one facet about themselves their whole outward image are awful.

I agree.
We need to bring back bullying to make kids stop acting like sheltered twits who can't exist without echo chambers and safe spaces.

Eh, gross.

what a fucking loser



I missered you too!

Yes, yes i totally am

also i read that as tosser

tell me something

Obviously me
I'm such a loser I post on this board


did you know that you can go up to a person named steve and call him john and if he asks you to stop you can proceed to call him john just to piss him off because you don't like him and it's fucking funny?

but if you like him and want him to actually like you then you can call him by his actual name

this is a pretty cool lifehack, 9/10 transexuals/leftists don't understand this

spread the word

That's kind of a shitty mentality though, isn't it?

I don't know.

They told me 28 and most of lewd was told the same thing. How did you get late 30s?

Those kind of are the worst types of people regardless.

kinda based non reaction not gonna lie

that's what he told me when he first started posting here.

The funny thing is that half the people that worked on this could hold their own in a fight

Just accept that rapping about Pokemon is not as retarded as rapping about "HURR DURR I GET MONEY BITCHES ON MY DICK I'M A BALLER"

Why would people lie on the internet :(



Stop being a retard, Tsuchi. You're not that dumb.

That is kind of what disliking someone is though.
It's not some arbitrary aggression. It's human nature to use what you can against people you don't like.

I was actually thinking about how all the Tumblr bitches only support the really outlandish caricatures of any given group because it furthers their agenda. Not just the people in the group as a whole. I found it ironic.

one day colbert will not care about pokemon

i mean what a fucking loser

He's not dumb but hes bigoted

theres a slight difference


I had more hope for you. Stop letting me down.

Or just like avoid them?

Pokemon is rad.

i mean dude needs to chill on the pokemon nerdom

pokemon is trash


ill fite them

ill fuck them up

ill kick their shins in so hard they will have two knees on each leg

A peaksure says more then a thousand volts


That would be boring.
Some people enjoy conflict. Be it at their own expense or otherwise.

With no real problems for the average person we need some kind of negative stimulus.

thank you neko

pokemon is trash


I would be happy to.

Yeah, Pokemon is trash

bollywood fonz

Hmm. That's interesting.

Although irl I can be quite a button-pusher myself so I kinda get it.

That wasn't even about you.

That's kind of humanity in a nutshell, though. We all pretty much rely on strawmanning, gross simplifications, and stereotypes to discredit whatever. I'm not saying it's right or anything remotely close to defending it, just that it's universal in pretty much every aspect of whatever composes people.

White nerdy people "rapping" is just cringeworthy.

"hurrr porkyman am trash bee cause i am nako and i probably run a 6 caterpie team becasue i no can catch good pokemoms becasue i am suck at this game huuuurrrrr"

When are people going to realize they are paying $60 every year for the same game

If you watched the video, like... 25% of the people at most are white. Just stop.

white people rapping and dancing is pretty cringy tbh

but i like it when blacks do it because they are exotic and cool

what cunt

It keeps saying the thread is pruned and it's mildly annoying.

one day colbert will accept that he is a fucking retard for liking pokemon

it is for children

It might be why we all come here to be honest.

No, I get you.
Even when we realize the irony in what we do very few will try to change their actions based on solid ideals.

I'm saying you should fight me.

hillary is DDoSing the site because Holla Forums is finding undeniable proof that shes a pedophile

i will fucking destroy you

Bring it punk, come to Cali

honestly neko i didn't even get that deep into the scam that pokemon is

A fucking retard that likes Pokemon makes more than you, TP

Take that in

Embrace it.

im on the no fly list due to domestic terrorism

wait there are still people who think pokemon is not a scam?

And is 10 years younger than you. And has a career. And isn't worthless.

people haven't figured out that you can just keep playing the old ones for exactly the same content

its pretty funny

but again

you hate your job


there are several series that get away with this bullshit
just making the same game over and over and only changing them slightly with each release.
And people just eat it up every year like morons

Why are you so hateful? Just be happy for people when they're successful. Stop dragging people down

I'd be happy if you did man, you deserve it for all the work you've done

yeah dude like i still haven't beaten gta 3

i just run over shit with the tank cheat code

You don't seem to understand branding and concept exploration.

Someday I'll stop spending it all on other people.

anything related to pokemon is severely overrated

i was just repeating the thing you said about you hating your job

Let me guess, you don't really need anything so you just buy other people things they want? That's exactly what I do loll

Can you not? I mean, I completely understand the complaints I have about my line of work. You don't need to restate them. If I was constantly reminding you about the shitty aspects of your job, how would you feel?

I buy N64 games and that's about all.
I try to help others out when they need. I'm paying someone's rent this month and still trying to get Guero a bed.

they need to let the series die already. same with all their other ones



dude said can you not

yes I CAN

my nigga

pokemon is for legit 12 year olds and other people who liked pokemon when they were 12


I liked Pokemon when I was 12

Let's all cancel democracy, that started way back when and isn't really relevant anymore

Would buy for me and my friends/10

i listen to these white people not even knowing


You liked food when you were 12

Hence food is for 12 year olds ;)

its target demographic was literally children and only children


Demographic does not mean anything, judge something based on its merits.

what brian said

like 5 stars on google doesn't like exlude you o

Sometimes you honestly need to just shut up TP

This is one of those times

inb4 snarky response

not fixing tht


merits like that no adults were playing pokemon when it first came out because it wasn't made for adults and adults are only playing it now as they grew up with it and they a sheltered westerners who refuse to stop being children and probably won't ever reach the point of mentally being adults?

maybe if they were forced into combat in WW3 tho

because you feel enamoured enough to tell me to?

Shut up. Lunchables are the tits.

colbert you sold out hard

there is an underground movement that sees this

Wrong, prove otherwise.

Wrong, prove otherwise.

No, because I'm not a dick. If I was a dick, I'd tell you to stop wasting your life and to commit suicide, but I genuinely like you because I believe you have some redeeming qualities.

There really were

It tastes like garbage.
Or has no taste whatsoever.
Lunchables are terrible.
Just buy decent cheeses and meats to put on crackers.


How even?

if you were to just send over free pokemon games and episodes to people in war torn countries

i don't think any of the adults there would play or watch them


you just said it lol

You're one to talk.
I bet your only sustenance is communion wine and stale wafers that Smiles makes you eat out of her gash while dressed as a nun.


hi darbear

That's Catholics.
And my entire diet consists of unhealthy amounts of red meats and fatty foods.

Obviously they wouldn't, they have more pressing matters to worry about.

What did I say? Please explain it to me ;)

I am only here to witness your Ian bashing.

I dont' know what your woman is.


you have to admit that he is full of shit though

Does he remind you of the people you deal with daily at work?

Also this

Nah, most people like me. I am very disarming, I explain things in simple terms :3


Oh, you were calling TP gay


He probably is in all honesty

Have you mastered their language yet?

darwin would never call me gay

you interpreted that all mad

I am working on it

TP is not gay. He is only curious about Echo's peepee, and Echo is a plant because how else would Neru be dating it?

I bought like $60 worth of rib-eyes that were on sale earlier.
My coronary health is wonderful.

just saying


And here TP sits

Still fixated on the dick and drunk

echo i think started to post again


Get some braunschweiger and gruyere.

i mean this is how colbert rolls

wont cam

is a pussy

total tool

He rolls on three balls.


I will show myself out.

fucking lol

bye love

Yeah, I'm definitely worse than a 40 year old man that continues to drink himself into oblivion and posts on internet imageboards

Don't bother replying to this, I won't respond to you

Reply to me.

Hi Kyle

i was not trying to threaten you

you are in a safe space

jesus christ

dude is losing it



no wait