It's late. and it's driving me so mad

it's late. and it's driving me so mad.

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He would of been better if he wasn't in a movie.

why does everybody here play a shit fps game?

there wasn't enough vvape in the stream for it to be me anyway

pls like me


You didn't like it? It's the only thing I really have to remember him(I dont even have a vcr player anymore ;-;)
Kinda forget everything that wasn't a big part in the show and honestly he didn't make much of an impact in the story other than movies iirc(was he even in the show?)

coming on a little strong, luka.

If he had more than 40 minutes of screen time he would of been much better.

Thats really all i'm saying.

So if you're loneley
you know I'm here waiting for you

i just dont want cupcake to tease me... with those mean memes they made about me, and like me instead... u_u

lol wat


I guess I could be using my time in a worse way, I could be playing overwawtch.

I have made exactly zero memes about you. I've always been kind to you, luka.

somebody pls help with microsoft excel. im tryna be lazy with updating my stock values and it h8s me


(go green)


tfw if Luka bought canadian weed stocks at the start of this month like i said they woulda made hella money
hell, any canadian could have
i totally would but i dont want to get raped in prison since illegal in usa

whats the thing in your hands?

i'm just scared and vulnerable..

reset stock

illegal stuff?

it's fine.

I don't know, music stick.

that sounds beautiful
i want one for my birthday


CGC should still go up, at least till the end of the year

marijuana is illegal in usa. there are a few 'stocks' for companies here but if you're caught trading in any of it you can get heavily fined and spend a few years in prison for it. no fun

pls love me and hold me tight...

I thought you had one though?

i dunno how to do stocks always...

my arms do not reach.

I want a better one. hmph.

why not?

maybe if you say please

sadly they are normal human length arms. they do not extend all the way to canada. I do not yet have that technology.

maybe I will, maybe I won't.

What are you gonna do with it?

u have virtual arms tho~

maybe you won't get a cute new collar then

We have the REKTnology!
We can rebuild him!

one of these 3 things probably

I lost those in virtual 'nam

this is the most accurate version of this image I've ever seen

that seems highly unfair.

This is moderately funny.

trap memes are the future

Maybe I will get cup a new collar, if spoilers is being mean./

it is completely fair, more than making you do more embarrassing things for it


But which of the 3?

haven't decided yet teehee >W

I want the most expensive one.

but that sounds like fun...


Let me pick?

daily reminder that traps aren't gay

yes!! I can't wait!!!!!

tell more moar about that!




we don't talk about virtual nam.......

Okay do number 2.



the memories are too virtually painful.

i agree

even more expensive than that!

you reallly know how to make me feel like a princess~

I can't even tell the irony anymore.

I try my best.



Traps ARE gay

Sup dudes

No irony online, my friend, 100% truth.

Prove it.

I want the collar to be made out of intricately folded 1000 dollar bills.


did you ever get to bed?
I bet so since you're up so early tonight huh

Youd like that ouldnt you faggo

hey you fucking wee hows are you

I did end up going to bed and I had really cool dreams and I've already forgotten all of them


Get a dream diary and try to get the habit of writing down your dreams before looking at an intense source of light.

oh I just knew you would
thats alright though it's so hard to remember them
kinda sucks how it just keeps up in a cycle though
I havent been able to dream in a while myself...

not much. tired. gotta sleep soon, but it's nice to see you.

how are things going?

glorious nippon folded a thousand times?

you just make me have to switch around and say you only get that stuff if you do it, you know that right? it loses your leverage to get these things without doing so

I've been told this a lot by a lot of people.

Who are you?

I normally never dream :/

talk about it

what memorys are not painful?

I won't settle for anything less than two thousand times.

take away my leverage harder, senpai.

That's pretty lame and a little weird
do you like dreaming when it happens?
i love dreaming so much

The choppers.....the tanks and mines.....
all my friends...goone.....

I forgot which ones aren't.

because you are maebe-line?

It can be amusing to analyze your dreams.


they are the not painful ones

where to?

*stares off into the distance*

I mean dreams are normally pretty cool but lucid dreaming would be amazing.

I normally know what my dreams are about when I have them because its normally about something I really care about in my life.

Good good, 4 days until I fly to japan. wooo
How are you?

Tired as well. Just had my going away with my coworkers. I'm pretty bored though.

I really want to cum inside a shipgirl. Am I alone?

because I'm loreal. because

loreal. because I'm worth it.

hello there cutie. just waking up?

must be why I'm able to forget them so easily.

botes are pretty cute I guess. I like the one who everyone draws as a trap instead of a girl. I think it's the one you just posted, actually.

ayyyyyyyyy are you ho chi minh cuz that ass is vietDAMN

I'd really like that ability I dont think I've ever experienced it myself
have you ever had one?

I hope you have a nice time
I am doing alright finallly got a dentist appointment sccheduled for this moday
I feel like they will probably pull my tooth but hopefully they only give me an root canal


me too

but...but that's gay...

It is, but jesus, what are you, fucking gay?
(she's my favourite too. Girl or boy)

Rip. both of those hurt like fuck. Good luck my friend.

uhh I love traps but I'm not gay

Because you're a furry.

boys make the best girls. this is just a fact.

don't pigeonhole me, mister.


why remember bad?


because my mind hates me almost as much as I do.

Who knows, they are cray cute

too cute. too cray.

I don't care tbh, I just like cute people in girls clothes. If it happens to be a boy, well dick don't care from what I've found out.

Post pictures of birbs

Woke up hungry and nauseous after like four hours of sleep. Moe is easing the nausea and I got some tea brewing already.

I guess, but it's still interesting to interpret the small details.

No, shipgirls aren't too far from literal cumdumpsters.

uhh I love traps but I'm not gay

build a better mind?

No but I wish I had.

I guess so

yes, you've explained this already. you're a well adjusted modern man. as long as it's cute, you'll stick it to them.

fag alert LOL

ugh. that sucks. hope you feel better soon.

I'd rather just burn this one out with excessive drinking.

water for the water god


The issue here is, I just want to fuck someone cosplaying as a shipgirl.

Hopefully this is a possibility within the next few months.

It's not gay at all.


me when i hear we're drinking vodka

nope. not even a little.

about time movies had a strong female lead. from what I hear on the internet there has literally never been any ever since the dawn of time.

dont burn ;~;



love them crooked vultures, by the way.

I for one am hyped about WW, being a feminist.

I'm not growing up, I'm just burning out.

same. I will buy an extra ticket, the empty seat reserved for our lady and savior of womyn, anita.

I will, just keep posting pokémoe, seems to be working so far.
Maybe I should get some pics of my favourite one too.

I wouldn't be surprised if Kancolle VR pr0n shows up soon. Also check the torrents in these links. friend kancolle&f_apply=Apply Filter

which pokemon is your favorite? a lot of the stuff I post is random things I found while looking for gardevoir on pixiv.

find new fuel

athena bless

do you ever think back, to another time? does it bring you so down that you thought you lost your mind?

all hail the mighty womyn

Pic related. But I like a lot of them, I'd say second favourite goes to the whole slowpoke line.


I'm always a fan of shimakaze. Too bad i wont have money for VR for a while.

pretty damn good taste, volcarona is a fucking beast.

it's all a blur
forgotten memories, old and done.
i can't look down anymore, all i can do is look up and in front of me, seeing the future in the distance.
i can't lose my mind now or else i'll lose sight of the future.

i wasnt supposed to wake up this early

maybe it's just jealousy, mixed up with a violent mind
a circumstance that doesn't make much sense, or maybe I'm just dumb

time to go to the Crippling Depression Factory, AKA work.


have fun you limey liverpool bastard.

cute pic



Makes two of us. Anything troubling you?

Yee. A cute beast. Too bad there doesn't seem to exist much art of her, but I didn't check deviant art and for some reason I expect it to have surprisingly good art.

I don't like Shrimpmakaze that much, clothes are too revealing etc etc.
But she does have good lewds.


all that's said and done, can't be changed.
but you can look up and reach for things out of your grasp in the future... things you can look forward to.
nobody has all the answers. you are smarter than most others, because you made it this far.


iunno probably

That's the best part about her.
And that she's in every trap doujin ever now
Pretty much the only shipgirl I know.

Anyone here play BDO?

Blood on the dance floor on line?

well, of course the more conventionally cute ones get all the art. I'm just lucky my favorite happens to be so ridiculously popular.


also you linked the same song twice.

not that I mind much. it's a great song.

peel me off this velcro seat and get me moving
I sure as hell can't do it by myself




what is you velcro made of?
why is it soo heavy?
is it priceless to you, or something you can toss aside?

i hate you so much.

I'm starting to suspect you might not be a fan of green day.


Mmhmm, either way good morning.

O. There's indeed a lot of trap art/dojins of her.
Perhaps you will like this.

Something something Hadsune Migu.

green day?

same to you

a decent example. your folder for her is like 3 times bigger than my folder for gardy, and I already have more pictures than I know what to do with here.

great band. give them a listen.

Do I win extra point if I reply with "no u"

What makes you think I like traps? I'm not some sort of fag. Seen it way too many times

they arent my style u_u


that's a shame.

See look, i'm the smartest.


Good thing I've been organizing it autistically into sub-folders since the start.
I don't have much trouble finding specific pics... yet.

hopefully they make you happy~

thisis great

still a huge baka

Nothing nothing, and that's good to know, it is indeed worth multiple reads.

Holy shit.
I have to keep refreshing the page to get the QR to clear.

IN what way?

I thought about going through gardevoir and sorting it out, but then I realized that would take a lot of effort so I gave up.

glad you like it. saw it in a draw thread on 4chan.

that happens to me sometimes. it's annoying as fuck.

every way

does anybody remember c3po having a silver leg

this is pretty nice, tsuchi. never heard of this band before.

The death road to canada streams are good btw.

Some funny stuff happens.


oh shit. suddenly ska af.

This is NOT an accepted answer.

You could just do it on the go as you post them.

That's one of their "lighter" songs.
Most of them are straight up ska.

that sounds tedious as hell.

final answer


ska is nice now and then, but it's not something I really ever listen to much.

You lost

game over

please try again

thanks for playing

Gee, life without Asperger sounds boring as hell if you can't even relax from organizing an image folder.

aaa maybe

I watched all of tomolife afterall

nice get

I just don't like putting much effort into anything. it was already a herculean effort just to go on pixiv and trawl through the hundreds of pages it took to get all the pictures I have now.

It's the only thing keeping me awake.
Well, that and copious amounts of caffeine.
I keep switching between Streetlight, Tycho, and this:

why exactly are you up this late, anyway?

Its good but you can;t skip past parts in it.

U 2

murder by death.

death is a murderer, isn't he? but he never gets arrested for this crime...his last name must be clinton.

here tsuchi, this should help keep you awake.

Did you listen to Tycho new album yet?

Looking for Miku pics can be a little painful too, as much as I want to stop browsing pixiv I keep opening more tabs than I close.

I make sure to close all the tabs before I move on to the next page. helps make things easier.

whatcha doin

they deserve to lose because of what they did to bernie

they probably wont tho

Literally nothing of value.

I'm smoking and watching youtube videos.

One of those things that needs paragraphs of context to not sound batshit crazy.
Nothing particularly abnormal, though.
It's a movie.

Bought it.
And use it for late night studying/project soundtracks.

probably not, but with all the new stuff that came out about hilary just in the last day or two who knows anymore. this really is the only candidate in the entire world who could even have a chance of losing to donald trump.

what a shitshow.

huh. alright then.

ur a movie.


I'm doing the same thing lol

what? is there some kind of problem here? everything he said was on topic and made sense.

polls so far arent a killing blow for her. it'll just be concerning until election night. thank god it's nearly over. i mean its not i think

likewise any real politician would crush clinton

I think grom deleted me from league

Did I say smoking? I meant vaping.

I vape.

butter fingers. i meant to say its not really over the fbi shit and wikileaks will continue and i think the republicans might just try to impeach her out of spite

yeah. I'm pretty fucking eager for this disgusting display to be over.

what do you vape?

cock, probably. since everyone who vapes is objectively gay as fuck.

Someone post some cute pictures of very cute girls for me, please.

Jesus H Suzumiya
Why are people so passionate about school events. GOD

i am very eager to just stop caring about politics in a few days


I end up just getting pissed off at some point and saving all the links in a .txt before closing the browser.

It's a pretty comfortable album for that, good choice.

Is it weird if I know Volta do Mar but never listened to Murder by Death?

Cinnamon iced buns and fruity pebbles.

I stopped caring a long time ago. I got burned out because I already cared way more than I ever have in the first few legs of this whole thing.

What is that from, I forgot the name of it. No reason.

Also that's not a girl you fuck.

that's way too much. stop opening so much.

because poof disappeared off list

much salt

I fucking vape WWEED bro


lol. what did you do?

W-what do you want these pictures for?

If I can read the page name from the tab it means I didn't open enough yet.


Favorite flavor: dick


does he take it up the ass?


maybe it is when I called some other poster grompy instead of grumpy

noooo youare just custard because I met you after manaka and stuffs

that's when I know I have way too many and need to close a bunch.

but grim getting upset over something that insignificant and petty isn't like him at all.



i exist~


How do I move up in the ranks?

I just enjoy seeing cute girls is all.

Respond fucker

oops, missed it, sorry.

what are you talking about? of course it's a girl.

it's from a comic called "ang story" I believe. the guy got arrested for drawing it. because korea hates everything.

oh my

does it work as good as smonking it?

link me that

What server do you play on again?

My PC has been giving me some problems lately too, sometimes it decides to be a nice guy and help me close tabs by giving me a BSoD.

Fair enough, I hope these are cute for you.


what? what?!

I do not have the link to it anymore.

Fucking korea, why the fuck would he get arrested.

They're pretty cute, I'm enjoying it.

yush I hve no diea

tim travel

itis the people I levelled from 0 to 30 with
well except for the random orbiters that were invited now and then but idkkkk

all the srvers

bro I haven't smoked weed in at least a year
eclusively vape
much tastier
better high imo
the resin is tastier and gets me higher
and then i can get high off of the weed i vape by making edibles with it

i found it

your computer sounds like a real gentleman.

because it's straight up porn, brah. and not censored.

okay good. enjoy.


someone link good music pls

which branch are you in again? AF?

Oh right, porn is illegal here. Thank god for VPNs

Ye. Who are you?

My life long goal is to get my own rank on your friends list.

i wasnt aware there was incest

all porn? seriously?

a space cowboy
how is it?

there isn't, really. it's insanely minor and goes nowhere.


Someone tell cupcake to get on skype cause I wanna show him my dick rn

Hey that's pretty good, did you get all those ranks playing mainly Lulu?



show it to me soto .///.

eeeh. that's okay.

Just like my external disk that has been giving me some trouble too.
Can't wait to kill myself when I lose 1.5Tb of random data.

Yup. It was their way to mitigate child pornography and traffiking

It ain't bad. Just chillin in a hotel playing vibeo games. Yourself?

I'm a huge fan of cute anime girls in thigh highs

that's what the incest tag on exhentai is for.

to ban all porn? that's fucking draconian.

ugh. I don't even want to think about my hard drive crashing and losing all my stuff. I just pretend it's not something that's possible.

Bitch you know you aint about that life

I guess this is what I deserve after all those years of not bullying you

a start

Same. I like gothic lolitas too.

The biggest problem is that I can't really backup what I have there.
Apparently I can play things from there and move files into it without any trouble, but I can't copy files from it into my PC or whatever.

too much work to set that up

only looloo except TR

I'll take it!

it's really more that I just don't want to get on skype.

well that blows. I can't back up my stuff either.

because of laziness.

I thought so too.

until I did it.

holy shit. so worth it.

wait is this why it's hard for me to find legit korean cuties getting fucked??


just how i like iti enjoy most if not all musicexcept for mariachi

in a hotel? O.o
im currently doing nothing for nobody and it actually sucks.

show her
the dick

Soundproof pc.

It was supposed to be more of a one sided thing but I guess not

No wonder you dont have a job lmao

I didn't make the rules man, I don't even follow em.

And yet I have no folder for these wonderful things. How disappointing.

That is indeed one of the reasons it's so difficult to do so.

And ye, in a hotel, I'm moving to Japan in 4 days so I no longer have a dorm.

you bet, buddy

now go to bed

I know right? I'm the worst.

you rebel, you

I still wanna fuck your spine up more than it already is

I should probably just go there or find them here.
That sounds exciting! Oh oh I was gonna ask if you knew Korean since you've been there for a while it seems but now I'm also curious about any Japanese since moving there

But I'm drinking coffee while exploring space and reading up on stocks!

that sounds pretty hot tbh

why are you doing this

I gave up on saying "I like all music except x" because I always end up finding a new weird obscure genre that I can't get into.

I would seriously enjoy doing these things for you if I could.
I wonder if this means I'm bored all the time or just easy to entertain.

Me neither, I only have folders by characters so far.

probably a little of both, actually.

I just wanna hurt you a little bit while mking you feel good, ya know?

can we change "a little bit" to "a lot?"

i'll take you

Gotta make that money! I think I found my groove with stocks, instead of losing even a nickel for every dollar I make I'm not even losing a penny now. w-wanna see my spreadsheets?

I mean there are things like screamo that I don't like at all either but I think it's funny to only specify not liking mariachi because it's kinda random

Hey, hey now

Beggars can't be choosers

Any sane man would do the same.

I know basically no korean. I know a bit of russian, and a bit of japanese. I plan on fully learning Japanese over the course of the next few years hopefully.

I need to go take a look at this 'comic'

I'm not motivated enough for such things...
Shit, I'm still using the same 15 or so Izaya pictures from like 6 years ago

I do not, but only because I wouldn't understand a lick of it. I'm sure they are very nice. you are adulting pretty hard right now, you crazy stock guy you.

what if I beg really really good?

you really should. it's quite good. and even better because it's illegal.

the lack of korean is actually a surprise to me
I like to think we all do :^)

plan on living there permanently?

heres a link anyway my function in excel is broken right now so that's why everything says #VALUE
i fear i'm doing it too much but im hoping to get a shit load of money by the time im 30 to never do this shit again(or at least pay other people to do it for me)

looks good to me, but again, I have no idea about any of this so what do I know.

hopefully you achieve all your hopes and dreams.

I chose to learn russian over korean. I was only here for a year. Though it's surprising how quickly it went.

I'm thinking about it, I definitely enjoyed my year in Korea more than my 20 years in the states. I hear Japan is just a better Korea. We'll see.

I've already got it open. hhhh

what a pervert.


alright, time for me to go to bed. farewell, thread.

Take care mate

nitey nitey caken

this is an updated bit actually. i just entered in the stock values to what theyre at right now (except for avon, i entered in what i sold it at this morning)
thank youuu

oh thats p neat actually
never heard this but thinking about it, i dont doubt it. i'll have to ask you how it is after you've been there for a little while


Then I might just give you what you want

nini hope you never wake up
lmao jk bby ilu


Sure, I think I'll probably like it more cause I can weeb out there too. Korea was great but not many cons that I could find.

my grandma fell


oi oi

Gonna watch Generation War then probs sleep. byee

ah yeah true true. i wasn't even thinking of that, i was imagining all that old culture stuff i love from there + tech
tfw old fashioned weeb and not 21st century weeb
have a good one m8

can she get up?


Guess I'm off as well, everyone is dead

she needs life alert

she had a lot of trouble getting up with the paramedic's help, she's in a lot of pain

already has it

I'm sorry nez, is she okay?

I don't really know. She fell down because she passed out from pain. Her hip was bad enough to make her pass out, and now her back hurts too. Hopefully I can find out soon what's wrong.


I hope she's alright, stay strong nezi


Niggas expecting you to dress up as a girl for the amusement of everyone masked as taking one for the group.

i want somsone to dress up like a girl for me

dress up as a girl plz

wop wop

so sleepy


a real japanese person!?



nah i used to live in the same Provence as you.

Imightttt nap


no way!

*tucks u in gently*