Said there ain't no use in crying

said there ain't no use in crying.
cause it will only, only drive you mad

does it hurt to hear them lying?
was this the only world you had?

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Wish I knew how to do that, with others ofc. Glad there's at least one for you like that though. I'm gonna go for now, have a nice night, Wish.





Bye bye

Aw, well... hopefully it works out...


God, I'm so good at this.

Why is it psychics in media never fucking use it to do cpr and keep closed wound canals from stab wounds and bullet wounds?

I'm gonna go to bed though.
'night y'fucks.

Give me attention.
Or don't.

It doesn't really matter.

you're thinking of psychokinetics, not psychics.

goodnight rin.




Why is it that psychotics in media never fucking use it to kaljdflkajgkhadflgkjasdf?

I guess the years of shit tv shows and cancer movies has made me brain dead. Lel.


I use my psychotic powers to tell things to shut up that aren't there

nothing wrong with that.


Can Fish just die already, or are whales still protected?

probably will

I'm trying to become a better person but it's hard knowing deep down no matter how much better I become as a person I'll probably still die alone and live the rest of my life in solitude

god bless alcohol

But fish is already deadinside.


Glad you liked it, babe.


the oilers


how are ya tonight

not drunk. I should do something about that.

how are you?


But liking the Oilers is a federal crime.

slightly above meh

What's an Oiler?

What's a google search?

pffffffffft. They are 7-3-1 right now. That's the same as the hawks even. I don't know but they could be a little on the tough side to beat.

all dem hungry kitties

better than meh at least. that's nice.

Canadian hockey team based in Edmonton.

It's based around the original name "Oil Kings" because Edmonton is in the same province as the Athabasca oil sands so it's famous for oil jobs.

But I mean, 9-0-1

I always have to remind myself that Alex Jones is just pretending.



He is sincere

Alex Jones is Bill Hicks

eh? That's a little stretch


its desu

come voice

Liking sports is an international crime.


? That's Montreal's record.

But it's a federal crime not to like Hockey.




I like to

nothing to lose, everythin to gain~



a bitch?

i don't know. I hope they have fun keeping that going.

well he looks like one but I bet he knows how to fight

nothing to gain
everything to fear

heart full of pain, head full of stress
handfull of anger, held in my chest
uphill struggle
blood sweat and tears

nothing to gain
everything to fear

You're going to jail, then.

Carry Price just gonna carry until he gets injured again tbh

But I like hockey

sing in chat :D


I'll pass. thanks tho.

original song do not steal

THat is why you're going to jail..

I was wondering, if you ever did get sent to jail could you just say 'just give me a constant stream of anime and you won't even see me outside my cell. I'll be the best inmate.

do you still hate test

That's not how prison works, no.

Cool bird, but can it talk?


It's dangerous in any sport to rely mostly on one person.

nippon birds bitch

yeah man
but him fucking underage girls is a nogo

I do not hate anyone here, grim.

pls roast the beef and eat it

you two are nice people it pains me to see you like this

So then you say 'don't turn me into a weeb' so then they will.

Like the Hawks and Crawford? :^)

But you're already a weeb.

exactly. Negative drama for everyone else.

That's just fallacious.

hes a good kid deep deep deep deep deep deep deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep down

Let's get one thing straight here. I am probably the weeb equivalent of like a great great great grandparent being from a diffrent country. It's like a small fraction.




But I need to be part of this conversation, regardless.

it really shouldn't pain you at all to see that some humans are incompatible with other humans.

Darling is a good goalie too. For a while I was starting to think he was working harder because he had more to prove.

but unless that comes out and the bs goes away, it's too much

well, I take your nipon bird and raise it with slav bird of sled using

go ahead and prove that I hate anyone here.

You smell like farts and wear diapers.

Yeah, me too actually.

But with another great.

But the brick wall

nini you lovely little batch of shit

I dunno. Then the Cubs... that game nearly killed me watching yesterday. I wanna go to chicago and see the parade but i can't.


oi, wassup cups?

Likely to be indicted


night fam


Fucking kill yourself you shit stain of a retard.


while true, neither of these seem relevant to the topic at hand.

hello there. just playing some overwatch. internet finally working well enough. also I'm crushing it with soldier right now for whatever reason.

Go and say hi to TP for me.

i wish. it would take too much to get there.

As in cost?

How many of those do you think are guys?

yeah. all the gas. it's about 90 minutes away.


ou have watched like- a thousand or something.

May someone push your wheelchair down a flight of stairs and your catheter explode on your corpse.

oh? well glad it's going well for you lol I can not use his ult for the life of me

Something seems off about this number.

One of them got a sex change


Then it would just be 12.

I mean, for me to get a flight there before the 10AM start time it'd only be $960.

And I'm still missing at least 300 from those numbers.

only lost half

w e w

that's even worse. I'd definitely pay the tolls to get there. Driving around near the skyway in the middle of the day would be crazy.

gosh I hope so. that's my number one fetish but it's super hard to find porn of it for some reason

it's hit and miss for me. like mccrees. sometimes I get a game winning play, usually I just get killed before I can use it

Driving anywhere in Chicago is a mistake

Well I don't think you can be half a gender.

get a load of this fucking bigot.

it's usually just like chucking salt in people's general direction for me, barring squishy heroes

Excuse me, did YOU just assume a noun about him?

nah. It's all worth it.

I am what I am.

But levels


yeah, you gotta do more than just turn it on. positioning, flanking, targeting the supports first. it's a great ult but you really have to know how to use it, even though it's literally an aim bot.

you're so right. I'm sorry.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised.

you honestly wouldn't be surprised if my number one fetish was someone pushing my wheelchair down a flight of stairs and my catheter exploding on my corpse?

it's odd cause mcree's is a ton more useful, get behind them use it when behind something then step out and wait for the skulls. standing out in the open when you use it though, that seems to always end up bad lol

Good taste

So Battlerite is fun, and Jade is a RHM

Disgusting weeeb

Coming from you lel

God I love my new black jeans

Im so edgy wearing chucks, black jeans, a grey button up and a leather jacket

sure is fuckin dead in here


What about me..

I said it's fine as long as you change after trying to get a pick.


It was real hype, tho

You've seen 9572 anime, weeb.

I'll pick you.

But I main Hanzo


i wanna play!

Don't ever fucking talk to me again.
You disgust me.


It was comp and we're done for now.

You don't even like comp.

I main genji in comp.



that's not even bad if you're a decent genji

Look, anybody Diamond+ being a Gengu main is totally fine. It's down in the trenches where he just doesn't belong.

Plus you only play like 2 champs so comp isn't a good idea for you.

ye but make sure you know when not to play him, like based on attack/defense, map, enemy team comp, YOUR team comp, etc.


The solution is to just not play OW.

I showed you my list. It only had like 100 or something.

Jokes on you, I don't even play the game and have no Idea what you're talking about.

Wow, that would be real nice if there was a problem or if anybody asked you.


Unlike you most of us don't just give up at the first sign of adversity and fall back on arbitrarily disliking everything.

Checkmate. Now king me.

This is the best way to be, though.

I'll king you real good

I think those are different games.

Go fish, Wish.

If you say so, dunder head.


I think it was something from the simpsons I heard a long time ago.

Endlosung der JudenOverwatchfrage.

I almost am invariably in the top three of every shooter I've played.



Still hate Neru?

Is Erio here?

post halloween candy sales when?

But I don't own a fishing rod...

I can't remember the last time I even watched an episode of The Simpsons.

When did the movie come out? I remember watching that.

I don't even read their posts.

A long time ago. I can't even remember.

You know how if you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime? I can only assume the inverse here. You're going to starve.

I won't starve. I miss when Test fed me grapes on the bed in the hotel as he ran his fingers through my chest hair.

Shit, it was almost 10 years ago.

Well no, I'll probably be perfectly fine. After all, that sexist line does not even mention girls, which I am one, by the way

Help me. I'm dying.

Oh wait. That was a fever dream.

That tends to happen when you lose blood.

*by the btw way

n'en ai pas besoin

tfw all my candy just ran out

I enjoy the pain.


Shit, I was memeing too hard on the one thing that I completely forgot about the real memes.


i swear i just got here

maybe I could give you some candy~?

anything gluten free would be lovely

good evening ikaros


I dunno. everyone seems to know every spot a mccree might ult from these days. I get killed super fast usually.


isnt that bard's thing?> i dont wanna appropriate it

To which group of people are you referring to?


The one you asked about.

Naruto and Sasuke died

Sasuke's daughter killed them both to awaken her new Sharingan

What is Bard's thing?


Oh, her.


Did I ever tell you guys about the time my gay coworker invited me over to a bar and it turns out it was a gay bar and I was like well, might aswell just go cause I didnt wanna be rude and just leave and I met his faggot ass friends who were really cool and we drank a shit ton and after a long talk about how I was like "Im not gay guys I swear lol xD" but told them about how a trap sucked my dick and they were like oh I get you. Then fucking proceeded to invite one of their friends who was a mtf trans and he was decently passable but was such an autistic normie and I was like "look dude, I know your friends are trying to hook us up rn but Im honestly not looking for a relationship rn, I honestly would just like my dick sucked" then the fucking trap responds by saying "wanna go to my car?"

It was pretty weird meeting a trap irl that has nothing to do with shitposting

I think this finally made me realize Im a faggot
Not as much as Kyle but getting there

i thought it was like a bardism to type the "u". like thats not supposed to be in the character's name really, right? but u know bard pulls it off, love him,
and while i dont think cultural appropriation is an issue i am strongly against individual appropriation so i dont want to do that

You asked me if I hated them.
What other party would I be referring to?

You're just so innocent... who wouldn't want to rape you..


You write a lot...


you have to learn the sneakiest ways to do it on whatever map, I'll admit it's a shit ton harder you used to be able to just stand out in the open and whip your high noon cock out at them but if you note where they all are when charging about 80% you just use that to think of an angle you are least likely to be noticed from for even a split second longer than any other spot. after that it's all rng on whether the team happens to glance in your direction by pure chance

pls no evil ;~;


Them? To which group of people are you referring to?

They and them can be used as gender neutral pronouns.
Stop being a jack ass. Otherwise I'll find other shit to do.


stop being so innocent then >_<

why do you think rapists rape bookworms who wear glasses and oversized hoodies?

Oh it's supposed to be "I ka ro su" but I just switched the 's' and 'u' around. The Americans spell it as Ikaros for some reason, idk


oh, I have over 40 hours of mccree, I know how to play him just fine. it's just hard and it's annoying to sit on your ult for half the match because you can't find an opening.

protect me

well i'm an american i'm going to type "ikaros" if thats okay. now, how was your day

I want to do like Megumin and lay in bed like a lazy piece of shit but I g2g ;_;



huh I've never had that issue myself, just seemed curious

Ehh it was a lot of fun, I got the day off so I just spent time with friends and took an extra long nap

How about yourself?

See now I can't resist the rapes



the stop to spray nearly got you shot lmao good usage though

I am somewhat busy anyway.

pew pew
i did epic potg thingy!

it felt soo kewl


im pleased to read that!
well, i dropped by the store before picking up my little brother and there was a huge line, slightly annoying w/e, but the big thing was there was this kid buying cigarettes in front of me and he looked just slightly older than my younger brother. and i had this gut reaction of being disgusted seeing this, but then i realized a) i smoke, so how can i be disgusted by other people smoking and b) im in favor of drastically lowering age restrictions on substances and legalizing every drug under the sun. so again how can i be disgusted? it was a very distressing moment for me...

Well if you leave then I am out of people to talk to.
I have like half these people filtered and no real interest in talking to many others.

cognitive dissonance


lol yeah

not bad. I finally got a quad with it the other day.

I'm pretty good with everything about mccree...except his ult.

How do you want me to protect you?

I don't want to read all that.......

Let us egress. You go first so we do not give off the wrong impression.

I would rather they wonder.

people don't usually notice that spot for mcreee~
since they dont think he could be up there :P
all the while they busy fighting!
so i walk behind and wait for my moment! ezpz potg

with niceness!

Boruto (Naruto's son) is on a mission now to kill Sasuke's daughter

summary is i had a gut reaction that didnt match my politics and was distressed. speaking of politics who's winning the election rn, youre my most reliable news source

Will you teach me to be nice?


I bet you talk a lot irl too

why doesnt the last chain on the collar fall off?

-shrugs and really doesn't know-


maybe i get it all out here.
now who is winning!

now the day you meet one of those perfect timing genjis will be funny, watching hanzo's ult get shot back at his team is the best

just let the force guide you mate :^) seriously though just don't hold onto it too long that's the better scenario I used to panic ult too match when dying

The chain disappears from there

sounds like something fun to try out~


I'm just very introverted... I'm sorry, I don't really like to talk a lot

it all depends on the map and which side I'm on. if I'm defending I save ults all the time, wait for pushes. but attacking I try to use them the minute I find a good opportunity, because even just one or two kills can swing a teamfight.

not even enough to answer my simple question?


I mean even with his newly awaken Byakugan I don't think Boruto will be able to kill her

it's a bitch to do, you have to do his counter like nearly right in front of hanzo at the perfect moment cause his ult is only a physical object for like half a second after he fires it

especially if you hit their support, then their team is essentially fucked for that push

those are my prime targets usually no matter who I'm playing.

Erio isn't here... and I really wanted to tell him something important.... I guess I'll never be able to now...


I knew you were a sadist
bye -hug-

Bye Cupcake


have to lern hanzo
and kno stuff about his ult
and then stand in right spot using knowledge

nini :(

okay well talk to you later dear
btw i see you've picked up a new habit with double spacing between links, hm? interesting

good boy

even then it's a high level of luck, he has to have his ult and you have to predict him using it the second half is easier cause he does a bit of an animation for it


use pre cog nition

all overwatch talk and no ikaros means it's time to go

you'd be surprised how often I've had teams chase a genji away and leave like rein and lucio alive together near the objective it's painful

I have no such ability

try not to rape any kids on your way out, sci

sometimes it's fun to play bait man for your team and just get the enemy team to chase you all over while your team pushes in. especially on really hard to attack maps like the new one and volskya industries.

Even kids find Sci too ugly to fuck.

should i just give up my life to being a similar repetitive day to day thing no matter what i do?
it feels like it's going to take me years to get any place

have you heard aziz ansari's bit on how he thinks he never got molested because he was so cute it was intimidating to pedos? it's pretty hilarious.

you will gain it by learning how each character plays and thinks.

this seems like a really bad place to ask a question like that.

Well, Sci is neither attractive or intimidating so I can only imagine the former is his excuse.

you guys seem to be abnormal people, so i hope to get some abnormal answers

or not, maybe no matter how weeb-y or gay you get there's it's still just one long same-y loop

I was trying to change the subject with a segue.


oh yeah it's great when you're the one doing it, watching your team take the bait though wew

people unless at really high ranks are mostly unpredictable so unlikely

I think most people in life end up in some kind of loop. some people break out, but then end up in another. it's how life works. we're creatures of habit. we establish routines. we just end up like that naturally.

see that happen all the time with stupid tracers and genjis. the point is miles away but half the team is busy chasing some damn tracer near spawn instead of forcing her to just come to the objective. so stupid.

Your life is what you make it.
If money is the issue start working for a better job. Be it with school or just learning on your own.

If social issues have you down then seek out new people or whatever. People are free. The ones that cost money are shit.

Location? Move.

To rape?

Sup, Tick Tock Clock?

to comedy.

I heard you're in need to company.

Rape is funny to you?


people are predictable, they go up on the ledge they turn on their ult and hope for potg

More I need a distraction.
Company is simply a means to an end.

usually it's arousing to me, actually.

I enjoy rape scenarios in porn, but the actual act is abhorrent to me. In porn it just comes off as power play to me.

Could this be the next nutshack?

oh it's gluten free alright.....

irl rape is one of the most disgusting things I can imagine. role play, fantasy, smut stories, porn...all these it becomes one of the most arousing things I can think of.

I can distract and mesmerize.
They call me Dark Magician Goggles.

Well, let's get to it then.

I am too tired to be mesmerized.
If you'd like I could stream Dark Souls or something.

my ex tried to "rape" me once. for my birthday. he came in while I was at work, night shift at a hotel, and came up behind me, pinned me against the table and told me to shut up...the problem was I knew it was him instantly. thought that counts I guess, yeah?

ye it's silly since all you have to do is move in on the point and the tracer will be forced to chase you there, then you have the advantage of being defensive instead of being kited to your death plus the obvious being you get to take the objective

hanzo is not really useful to ult from high up as, you need to be somewhat horizontal so you can prolong the damage

I doubt he could get far without you knowing it was him.

i suppose, but everything is slowly changing during that time
i mean, relatively few people have the same job for thirty years
i'm just wondering how to be satisfied with what my reality is

it's not so much that as people are just continually made into some years long routine no matter what they do

if you want a better job you'll have to go to college and do well in that and your job for some years before a good salary is secured, and even then

socially people often just become circles too after awhile, the same people and the same interactions day by day

it's stupid to feel unhappy about what's probably going to happen, but i suppose that's just getting used to life?

if at any point i've stopped making sense you all can tell me

yeah. you'd think it would be obvious. but a staggering number of people still do not realize how to play this game. I'm not exactly great at the game, but I sure as hell know how to actually play it. so when I'm on good teams I always end up doing really well.

yeah. like I said, thought that counts. at that point he still actually was interested in me, so he actually tried.

the enemy already knows that, so they step to the sides.

I think it you might need a sleep or something, instead.

the only way to be satisfied is to learn to like whatever it is you're currently doing. hobbies, job, whatever. just make sure you learn to like it and you should be fine.

goggles has a point, squash. you're up kind of late.

You just sound bored with life.
I was that way back in high school. Figured I'd end it. Tried 3 times but I'm bad at shit. Now I just kind of try to find something to do until my next big thing.

I'm not saying to off yourself or nothing, but maybe you should evaluate what you enjoy in life and expand on your interests. Often times a change of pace makes you see things in a better perspective.

Familiarity breeds contempt, as they say.


I sleep later.

yeah I'll never understand how the majority still haven't figured it out buuut that's people for you

until a smart zarya player forces your team to be in the path

As an adult I am allowed to be up late.


*rapes you kindly*

people fucking suck. what else is new.

do you work tomorrow? part of being an adult is being responsible.


I go in at 2.

and what time is it now?

Fine, then steam it for me. I'm curious to see how it is, anyway.


Alright. I'll be in the Discord.

ult combo's are smart!

so your plan is to basically go to sleep, wake up and have to go right in to work? how gay.


ye but you suck in all the right ways which is physically so you're just fine :^)


eh. no. most people just suck. not in a good way.
I suck in the good way.

Why is there a hook in her ass

Why pamper life's complexities, when the leather runs smooth on the passenger seat?

lewd stuff

not a guaranteed win but is quite a good way to assure the upper hand

that was basically the point

why isn't there a hook in yours?

ur basically the point

but oh noes!
the enemy transcended sound barriers rez
we lose now ;~;
supports 2 op


letting the days go by
(letting the water hold me down)


Yes, I gathered.

Because I poop from there.


I'm no gay?

not tonight you do not

so the real question then is why aren't you on your knees yet?

the support ults need to be cause aside from zen the other healers have little ability to help out otherwise lol barring the obvious healing part their damage is just really mediocre

bard covered the response for me sooo ye


mercy pistol is strong!

It sounds efficient.

Ana's damage is aight, too.

It's really not.

I'm just kidding daddy !!!!

pew pew ur ded
mercy wins

not strong enough to hold her own, the day I see mercy top the damage of a team is the day I give up on every other player on that team and secretly hate their mercy for not healing and only using her pistol

yeah but she can't pump out anywhere near an actual dps hero's damage without giving up on some of her healing where as zen can heal and damage at the same time without losing out on either or at least minimal loss


too busy eating pizza

Thank god.

ekko nerfs wehn

Fair enough.

that y it a team game

so uh i was wondering
do you come here often?

neru buffs when?

neru how many pastries did you eat today

I do but I've started cumming less.


aha I only had bwakafeast


butI have to go now

the moon surface is pretty sharp I heard like if you fell it would be really bad tbh

hufs pls β™₯

You live so you can one day get there.

pastries make good breakfast. why didn't you do that?

You'll be like vineswole but not as swole.


ana is by far superior to zen though, the damage just isn't worth it with her cc and ult making up for her lacking in that area

it's too bad a lot of people don't play as a team and just try to be one man armies

I need food to live!

we should team up!

It is said that the Dragon Warrior can survive for months at a time on nothing but the dew of a single Ginko leaf and the energy of the universe

I guess my body doesn't know I'm the dragon warrior yet. gonna take a lot more than dew, and universe... juice.

That stock image just made me laugh so much.

I had it earlier for a different reason. your quote reminded me I had it.

That's a strange looking cat.

you'd get something out of the other thing that may be close

sometime ye


*snuggles with you patiently*

your mother is a strange looking cat.

explain yourself. you sound like a crazy person!

woah, that pic
nice dog man


and you told me not worry for you....
Sometimes you just make me wanna tear my hair out I''ll tell you what !!!


who are the supposed 2 heroes you play anyway?

something something cum something about protein the joke was too lame to define


I was interested to see what you'd come up with.

That is some major thigh gap.

all the pretty ladys
because they help out.
and uh...widow is 2 difficult ;~;
i try shooting ahead of them it dont work
i try shooting at where they are but it only fly past their shoulder
and the rest only lightly graze enemy :c

well to say the least it had nothing to do with me coming up but more about coming down, you know something like a throat of yours

shit. I hadn't even noticed. now I can never use it again.

hopefully you won't limit yourself to just that one area.

A little bit of gap is good but too much is bad because then you can't do that thing where you put the thing between the thighs.

widow is hitscan just aim directly for them unless your internet is crap then aim ahead a specific amount

now why would I do that? the other option does look quite fun too

Woah, I thought david bowie was dead.

I think in that picture she has deliberately spread her legs. but on the other hand, it's a 2d image soooooo...

alright. you got me with that one. well done.

there's more than just one other option you know.

wat is hit scan...?

i have canadian lag 80 ping :c



in what way is it dubious? you're the one over analyzing a drawing.

I've elected to sleep now.

... to cum in? you're going to have to elaborate here, doll

hit scan means it hits where you fire when you fire, where as mei and hanzo are projectile and take time to get from point b from point a

goodnight, mister adult.

It just looked really weird.

in is not the only option, silly.


mfw putting the thing between her thighs

Get with it, old timer.

so like a lazor
instant! :o

if only the enemies didnt move around soo muchh i could aim and snipe them ;~;

maybe you should stop being so young, little girl.


I was specifically saying in at the time, I didn't know we had already moved on to putting it all over your back and face and there are a good many then

tbh I hated playing widow before but now that they shortened her scope time that frenchie is bae

Firstly, I'm a boy.

Secondly, it feels super weird when I see someone posting my images.

I can't be expected to always pay attention to every little detail, geez.


nighty night

oh really now


Oh not these ones. Just the folders that I keep to myself.

no you can't be cause you missing things makes you even more adorkable, makes it more tempting to collar you and pet you like a cute redacted

sombra soon!

there's no need to shout, calm down girl. typical woman, overreacting over nothing.

out of all the things you said in this post, the last word is the only one that got REDACTED?


ye just to fuck with you

Luka are you the one who got me banned on twitch?!?

you monster.

You know what.. you're just projecting..

Shouldn't of had a lewd name.

Oh, but of course.

It was just VR hentai!!

explain yourself. if you even can. I know big words and thinking things through are hard for the womenfolk.

You're not building a strong case for yourself.

*hugs warmly and close*

who r u?


I keep telling you that I'm a boy but you're like 'no haha you're a girl' because in reality you want to be the girl.

when you finally are a bit of a good boy you will get the redacted part, until then you will be trapped in the curiosity over it


β™₯ homura

I dunno. seems like a pretty flimsy foundation to build your argument on, but far be it from me to criticize a woman in today's climate.

Do you have something against VR games and or hentai?!?

Your local stock bro

truly this is a fate worse than death

u dont stream that stuff tho~~~~

I'm can think of a reason to not like it.


So you didn't report that one stream I linked then?


Stop this.

You're just lucky I'm rubbish at arguments.

like all women.

the fate worse than death is waiting for you to get on the leash

i've completely forgotten about them >_

That one dude joined the stream and was like "This isn't Trump castle 2 wtf"

I wonder who did then. Not many people were linked it..

I won't repeat myself even if I fucked up.

no need to wait for something like that. you know how eager I am to get on one of those.

Quite an experience to live in fear, isn't it?


hundreds of poeople for the whole world to see!

at least it wasnt you :33

I'm going to murder you.

so for all my teasing you will reward me with that which I most desire? truly, women are the most confusing of creatures.



VPNs are the best

Cooler > Frieza

You're not wrong.

Hes very cool in the new game.

that sounds laggy and horrible for streaming.

and i saw beeboop in veiwers list
so bebop couldnt have been streamer!

i reported the stream
le problem??

Havent seen anything about it but my old movies on tape of him were the bestand the only ones I still have

Nah it was flawless

that I do which raises the question, why isn't it on you yet?

well I need a collar first, otherwise the leash can't be attached.



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I thought you had one?