♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

Triggered Edition

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The crisis sure spawned some great images.

it's a peace of cake to bake a pretty cake



Piece of shit cake?

Love me



if this is the lil jon version Im gonna be mad



Flat justice.


Internet culture and real conflicts are a great combo


Russia out


A370-tan raped by a BUK with his 9M38 where

Fuck, I meant MH17

Oh Azov is anti-Russia.

Way to fuck up

True that.

I don't have that, but will this suffice?


Is superior.

Dang! I was just about to post this.

Good job.

Pink hair is grown as fuck rite?

hey there

Thought they were younger.

aw, what?

i can't fap to this

They are 25 years of age
The relentless march of time
Women expire after 24

Hi, Beebo! How was lifting?

Japanese men refer to single women 25 and over as "Christmas cakes".

Undesirable and stale after 25. -____-

I just realized the joke was from 2010, time to feel old.

It was the only right thing to do.

Can i ice you up and have you as Christmas cake;3

Remove Polak or Friday?

Liftastic. I have the weekend off unbelievably. I guess things haven't revved up so much yet.

How are you doing?

remove polak

remove friday

then can have that

The Polish one, since that was the Polish gov's airplane carrying their president, a few generals and other significant people.
It just feels like it happened a few years ago, not 6.



fuck it all

Good for nothing loco

Untrue i suck dick quite well

Weekend off! Any plans? I'm doing ok, except I'm still super sleepy. I was dumb and stayed up late again.

I'm a carrot cake! :D


Aww. I should have stayed up with you. Today was fine. damnit.

Just gonna clean the house. Then do a load of drawing if I can. Maybe see Dr Strange with my brother. Nothing special.

Sabrina. A carrot cake?
carrit cake is gorgeous

Have pic of red velvet once again


You needed rest, Smols. I'm going to try to be good and go asleep early tonight.

Let me know how the movie is, please!

That's your favorite, right?

sabby noticed me today~

S2E12 already damn o.o

Um neither are my absolute favourites. Black Forest gateaux on the other hand.

Aw, of course. I just never know how to wedge myself into all the vidya game talk around here.

I ain't ever had that, Scoobar. It looks so rich.

I already finished it and I'm at Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu EP9

You know what I did today? I cooked some potatoes and onions in olive oil. And I added chilli powder to the olive oil and bacon bits. It was the best thing ever. And I thought "wow I wish sabs could taste this she would be so proud of me"

what I mean is I'm going to go see if there's any left. brb

Chitose making cute faces tho

It was my response to "if Sabrina was a cake, what would she be..." conversation we had a few weeks ago.


I have not watched anything in days holy FK

Is she
your favourite?

Kosaki is waifu material too but Chitoge because Karen voice.

Also watch more!

i like video games
i like animes
i like some movies
i watch lotsa youtubes
and uh... i like posting here with you around to keep me company~

MEMES 2k16

I feel so sorry for America right now.
An unenviable choice.

Oooh, yeah. You and Grim were talkin' about that cake, then I said I needed to try 'n' make it some time.

Derp. Forgive an old woman's memory lapses. ♥

Looba, what's a fun YouTube channel you like?

Ooh, neat. Did ya slice the taters thin or what?

thin, yeah. All soft and melting.


There's some left but my brother hasn't eaten yet so. I should get some chorizo for it next time.

Its okay. It is hardly a major issue i would expect total recollection of.
Do it.
Try it.
Better yet, make one.

That could be good! What sort of peppers can you get your hands on there?

Scoobar, what goodies have you cooked lately?

any kind. whatcha thinking?

life noggin
Casually Explained
Darkk Mane
Jaiden Animations
Brave Wilderness
Trainer Tips
theodd1sout comic

Nothing really, just ordinary everyday things for the most part.
Im in need of a day in the kitchen.
I did knock up some parcel cooked salmon and poached (in tabasco) eggs.
I would like to do that chilli though. 2 day chilli, and/or ribs.
Et tu sabeen?

H3h3 ya boi

tfw 14 episodes of shit to catch up on

Stop making me feel bad ikt

just watched the one where his mom in hospital and they relaxing all adorable-like together
his mom sooo chill



Watch all of them at once.


It's ok he doesn't watch airing stuff!


I got a red eyes black chick. :^)


Pretty cool references.

Think I can tribute it to special summon a red eyes black dragon?

Time Wizard turn baby dragon into big dragon spell effect.

You activated their trap card.
Get it?

But that sounds fucking lame dude.

Well yeah, because he still hasn't seen the good finished stuff.

Theseius, I'm talking about a completely different line of cards entirely.

i don't think you can do that with the real cards

Portugal. Think my R. Eyes Black Chick can eventually become a Red Eyes Darkness Chocobo?

joey wheeler was allowed to against rex raptor! undead guy!

time wizard fix it~

yeah but he didn't use the fusion card like you're supposed to

Why do I play this game again

Wow subtle is real garbage


Should have uninstalled yourself from life

he play all the cards.
why wouldn't it work for him.
1 baby dragon + 1 time wizard
+ time travel = the baby into a big powerful dragon!


it's hard to play 3v8 tbh.

Wow rude.

The actual cards don't work like that.

Time Wizard's effect nukes fields, but Thousand Dragon is a fusion monster whose materials are Time Wizard and Baby Dragon.

Neither have I ;;

I'm bad at Jhin

He's easy you just point and click

Sorry, I'll go uninstall myself.

Oh, why do you watch airing shows then?

oh it's a fusion?
the first image i googled of that old dragon was brown... not purple

I barely know anything about the game yet. I guess if these things turn into bigger things that would make sense.

Lets hope it doesn't turn into a R. Eyes Darkness Metal Chocobo. That thing is busted.


Git gud
No but seriously. Learn him.

You'll be missed.
I think.

Well done, now let's swap the 18/11 and 15/13 with my 0/12 top.

Oh wait lol I just saw that was grim on kha
The fuck is that build man

I'd like to see you do it..

There's are some good things each season that would suck to miss

yeah ok

Oh look at that subtle isn't online

oo what a surprise

grim jumped right into all of them!
slicin and dicin' them

i could barely hold team together!

til that's a card.

Nah prolly not

Yeah, like Keijo!!!!!!!!, Mikan Seijin Arawaru, and Magic-kyun! Renaissance.

You play league? Since when

Yup, that sounds like grim alright..
It always has been grims biggest issue, knowing when to fucking stop trying to kill people.
He'd be as shit as gnome if he was as mechanically inept as him.

OW > leeg of losers

i can do it subtle!

i click and snipe with all 4 bullets~
and my crits are epic! boom half their health gone


at least i'm good janna? ;~;

Eupho :c

Well gee thanks for adding me.

Sure, sure, kind of a bitch build but a reliable one.

Not even your qt loverboy?
Pretty shit relationship.

yay! ♥
^_^ i play helpful Janna!

Well sorry about that, I personally wish I didn't know about it.

here we go here we go

tbh I teared up after that performance

Or you could not

That bad?

You better post score screen!


wha? did I hit a spot?

Yeah, lil' bit.

I don't really feel the need to bring him up every 20 minutes or anything.

But yes, he would miss me a lot.

wew sombra is adorable

Damn right kohai

If you say so..

blizz going full on tumblr vs tumblr.

The card is too complete. It can summon itself rather easily, has a powerful body and a ridiculously strong effect.

But single powerful cards don't make decks viable, what balanced it was that most relevant dragons by that time where Synchro.

would you mind fixing the articles you wrote? if that's done we're done with the project

soz im drunk lol

I hate college so much sometimes




except she's evil so tumblr would hate sombra cause it's the patriarchy making females the villains :^)

But she's also a strong independent female that doesn't need no agenda. Looks the part too.
She can screw over whoever she wants and get the most out of it.

Happy, guys? I found the loli.

Wau. Well then.

Couldn't you have used its effect to summon the tuners to synchro the relevant ones?

it looks like one of those horror movie dolls

this good

Jesus Christ this Montreal sweep

that just makes it worse "the man is trying to make women look untrustworthy!" the tumblr people are messed up people

What if it was a team of females that designed her

Sombra is hispanic
I cant wait for the hentai

Bonus points because she can control the laws of reality.

Accent worse than Tracer
Also there's a porn out of her out there already.

then they all were corrupted by the patriarchy and we raped them, obviously

OW is the new leeg

Shit is pretty lit

How have you been dutchfriend?

so it really is horror.
Halloween is over young lady

I need a week off.

How have you been Soto.

Well tough shit I guess.
They're gonna have to stick to playing zarya
Good for my comp games at least.

How is this horror?

Apparently there's only 1 dragon tuner. I guess you could still use the effect for the non-tuners but there's more reliable ways to get your synchros out.

But I'm kinda just pulling this out of my ass, it's been a while since I played.

Still doing that valet shit? (Sentient)
Or just been doing school? (Fortune)
Too much tech support got you stressed? (Ikt)
Or been busy being a cute girl? (Angel)

Been pretty good, woke up late as shit and dont have any plans for tonight
Might take my grandma out to shoot some pool tonight

ye plus the tumblr people are too retarded to play a character that requires any sort of thought, so playing sombra well will be unlikely for them lol

Rin quit playing shit games

you changed the game didn't you

Too much tech support got you stressed? (Ikt)

Also you forgot a catch-all phrase for Tokai.

Though it'd prolly be the same as #4

And would actually apply rifk

Sounds lit.

I wouldn't know.
I'm absolutely sure I quit well before you.


Lmao come on now Ikt

Choose one

When are your days off anyways?

I choose cute girl \o/

This is a great compliment.

okay but just stay away from that demon girl.

Just no make up please

Especially lipstick


I can't.
I have to talk to her to use my summons.

doot dee doo

Internship, got 8 days, will use during christmas/new years.

You got it

now to dc and abandon my team

Have you seen this shit?
Its so fucking lolz

The always sunny OP had me dying

I'm having facial hair until sunday

summon her dead.
she is scary

Girls can't have facial hair.

Makes me jealous of you.

Why don't you do a no shave November?

the amazing bearded lady!

What are bearded women

I feel like a no-shave november cuz im lazy

Go for it., it's comfy.

I saw it in my feed but didn't watch it :c
Anime youtube not really my thing


cause I refuse to restrict myself for a month.
and sunday I'm hanging out with my niece, need to be somewhat presentable.


Wow are you too good for anime youtube?

Well hello there Ms Cactus

im 23 and asian

it dont fit the stereotype



Not really, just not my type of humour


these asian genes suck for beards.
my friends always call me yakuza when I do it.

I put so much effort into making them weird for that picture it's so great.



YunSen 256GB SSD 16GB RAM 17.3" 1080p Full HD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M 2G Graphics Gaming Laptop Intel Core i7-4710MQ 3.5GHz 1TB HDD DVDRW HDMI Windows 10 Pro

Worth £200?


Yes jesus christ that's a good deal



He is? :3

ik heb meer baard maar ik ben dan ook oud en kreupel

Is it too normie for you or something?

I turn 24 on Christmas Eve ^W^
Buy me some coal fam

Im pretty much the same
Feels bad

This video was 100% on point.

Wtf is YunSen


Feb 17 '17


He's a proffessional Osu! player.

Something like that, trying to hard to appeal



ah well
smooth is preferable anyway

I like penis jokes in car youtubes.

If not that i can wait and probably get a more up to date build for Christmas.

holy shit that low light camera perf tho

I'd wager that very few from these threads could uphold anything better than a patchy beard.






Oh nice

Shit was so accurate and lolz

Hah! Im older than you

Dont they do the whole give coal to kids who have been bad all year

Calm the fuck down subtle
Its just a fucking video

Lets just hope your nether regions are smooth
thats the only thing I care about tbh



de hertog

hair downstairs is disgusting, I always remove that.

I think Im being pretty calm lol

Your workplace seems comfy

You're Feb 17 '93?
I'm Feb 17 '94.

Gigguk is so good at what he does.
How's it going tho, Soto?

Hertog Jan is het betere werk.

I dunno about Santa Clause, Sinterklaas just kidnaps bad kids and sells them off in spain or something.

It is comfy :3


I'm your senpai!

Glad Gigguk ain't dead anymore.

I'll get to share senpai's birthday forever~
Can't ever forget it, either!

FFX just went full chibi.


Yeah, it's nice to see him posting again.
Now Demolition D just needs to post more


More like shave once a week, right?

Oh that's just one of my go to phrases
No need to take it literally lol

But real shit Im trying to watch Hibike Euphonium but I just can't man

I remember watching his OLD shit
Like way back
Ah, those were the days

How have you been nymph?
Tell me about your life fam

Jesus christ thats so savage
He must make bank then

het welverdiende drankje na een lange week

a l w a y s

like I'd skip legs sometimes but never the others.

kinda want a beer, but swords 2full

Life's going pretty good.
Got a promotion recently, but I think I may have mentioned that the last time we talked. Got a set schedule now which is nice.
Still a massive weeb, but I hardly watch anime any more.
How you been? Still a manager?

How else did you think he'd get cash for those presents.

Lange week inderdaad.

Hell yeah. Haven't seen anything of him in months.
Wait... I might have made a mistake and accidentally unsubscribed or something...

Yo Soter!

tokai post smooth pubic region

his last episode was 6 months ago; Should You Watch: Himouto.

Smooth downstairs is good feel.

wtf am I saying.

sup nimf

Oh. I did see that.
Guess it ain't me.
Too bad. Hoped there was more DemoD goodness that I just missed.

nieuw blok nieuwe kansen is mijn meest gebruikte zin denk ik.

that's reserved

hey qt 3.14
Just hanging out and drinking a little bit since I have tomorrow off.
How are you doing?

Unfortunately not :c

Shame, shame.
Did he just switch channels, then? I know he's got different ones, though I dunno which ones.

I don't think that's the case.
Idk for sure tho; I don't think I'm subbed to his second channel.

Blok? Week! Dag!

How do you do?

I have never had that feel

dat ook.
aan de andere kant mag ik een verkiezingsdebat organiseren, dus das leuk.

Grim is from a culture that celebrates King Louis as s sex symbol

You're not a girl you wouldn't understand.

Oooh sociaal bezig manneke

Wie vs wie

Why do you shave so much if you don't even get laid irl?

Oh shit nice dude, sounds like a good time

u fkn wot m8

Nah I work at Amazon now doing IT its easy as shit
So many lolis work in the other departments
Its the best

Makes sense
Why do you shave downstairs too?

pls, its just the pubic region, its not exactly dick

playing ark with the bf, avoiding doing coursework, contemplating a nice bottle of hobgoblin

howve you been?

Der oiert kanker kanker haag kanker der birschen kanker kanker

visible confusion

neither are you

Nor am i.
Let's just hope he'll return soon, and that he does so with a blast. Any random seasonal review would do though.

Pretty shit. But that's par for the course. It's only physically. I'm in high spirits, as usual.
Got a name, Dutch Senpai?


hello nimfu

Its a jungle book reference jej

mfw I'm only watching 2 new shows this season.

heya grom.
How goes?

ja heh

hoe bedoel je?

I don't need to get laid.

it's still sexually implicated


its literally just you pulling your jeans down a bit more


its going good!
how you?

Oh boy
Here we go

Gotta COMMIT to shaving anything.
Nothing sucks more than the itch of having shaved like 4 days ago.
Shaved everything everything once. Curiousity.
Never ever again.

1.5 for me.
Might watch Drifters. Not sure yet.
But 3 Gatsu no Lion/April comes in for a Lion is a pretty good watch.
Other than that, just Jojo and the neverending story of pirates.

You're sexually implicated.

I don't need to get laid.


yeah sure


It just feels ew when it gets long down there.


Ah, well, hope it doesn't drag you down too much.


of is het FFA

it might help

it is tho, its literally a few centimeters difference

I don't need to get flayed



In what way tho?
Heya TP.

Doing pretty good, just a bit buzzed and watching through my new subscription videos.

Yeah, I'm watching Drifters and Mahou Shoujo Ikusei.
Also continuing JoJo, because it's fucking JoJo, the best shounen made.

Stop pretending to be a grill.
Everyone here is a faggot who like dicks anyways.

What? Is it a big surprise?


we nodigen al die kwallen uit zoals baudet
maar we hebben allemaal besloten wilders niet uit te nodigen vanwege veiligheids risico

of course

get some aggression out or something. 'ello


oooh politieke menschen

maar wilders is goud

don't pat me you shit.

i wish they would just speak english

nais nais
I quit alcohol and my subscriptions

rip everything

het is handiger om dan Jan partij met kloten Roos te krijgen en te sparren met Jesse gratis geld Klaver ofzo. wordt grappig.

so why be so gay about it?

I didn't know we share the same birthday. I feel like I'd have known by now...

Ain't much for Magical Girls myself. (Dunno why.)
But yeah, Jojo (Battle Tendancy) is my #1.


based grimu what prescriptions did you quit

Don't worry TP.
I don't even understand most of Toki's political Dutch.

you seem like a ball of caged energy

I wish your liver failure arrived sooner but you don't see me complaining about it.



alcohol 👌👌👌👌

it's kinda close to proper deutsch i guess

*heavy petting*

Well it's not like we talk every day 24/7 :^)

Doe Klaver.

so aggressive

prescription alcohol?

thats the only thing I quit
unless you misread subscriptions?

those are youtube videos

die sowieso, alle grote en 1 kleine partij ofzo.
het gaat ons meer om iedereen te laten spreken en veel mensen te trekken.



That's German.
Which looks a lot like it, but ehh.

Aren't you surprised, ikt-senpai?

gimme some Japanese rap/hip hip


Waar gebeurt dit?

Doe Roemertje ook.

Toffe kerel.

Heeft in Boxmeer op de middelbare gezeten op t Elzendaal. Wethouder Gemeente Boxmeer.

Eigk alleen daarom.

Not really. *patsu*

Oh? How come?
I rarely drink, maybe a couple times a month. My roommates an alcoholic tho.

Oops must have missed that. Sorry!
I have Ark, but still have yet to play it. I know a good amount of people who like it tho.
What's hobgoblin?
I've been doing pretty good, just working full time to pay the bills. Going to Mexico in a week tho, so that's cool.

It's psychological edgy magical girls tho; like Madoka's genre, but not nearly as good.
I started watching JoJo when the 2012 season was airing, but wasn't a massive fan; but come Stardust Crusaders I got hooked, and JoJo is in my top 3 anime now.

stop that

but he patted me without warning

The only jap hip hop or rap I listen to is KOHH

Later nerds


seeya scoots

oh yeah lol i read that as you went off your meds. i was like uh oh...

there seems to be more unnecessary vowels in dutch

nothing good exists


what is this about

wat moet je dan heh, stoten krijgen ofzo
kom bushok 3 uur, je gaat neer ouwe

amsterdam, bij mijn gebouwtje
we nodigen ze allemaal 1 voor 1 uit om te kijken wie kan enzo.

KOHH's neat.

Oooh, ja maar wanneer is t echte debat en komt dat op tee vee en zo

fam, ive posted my boyfriends dick here, pubic region is nothing

weve got a big base on a server, but its only me and the bf playing, and the lack of PvP can make it a tad more boring than it is on PvP servers

hobgoblin is a moderately decent beer you can buy in the UK, i prefer the stronger king goblin, but beggars cant be choosers when the bf is placing the order.

nice, gonna get up to anything good there?

tata scoob

Fort so conflicted now.

Started watching after Stardust finished airing, myself. Fan ever since.
Watching it every Friday, the hour it releases.
Yea, heard someone say it was.
But I haven't even seen Madoka, nor do I mean to.


All of them are pronounced.

Beats me.

If you like Japanese metal I'd have a lot more recommendations. I don't really listen to rap besides KOHH and Die Antwoord.

what if I patted you without warning

how come? because I didn't want to turn into an alcoholic, I guess
I had a deep fear of that
also so I could be a more responsible human being, y'know working with kids and all


zeg wollah wat moet je dan tantoe skoffa je weet zelf, ik vroekoe je moeder. mohammad de grootste kristenhondje, doe woef woef dan haram flikkertje.

Dat ligt aan de pers die komt, we geven toestemming daarvoor enzo maar dat is hun keuze.


hello ?

soo unnecessary

it's not completely outside the realm of possibilities

hey slut

It's KR but idk

You being disgusting doesn't have any effect on me


nani nani

yes it is

I'm probably one of the most normal people here

But why

I don't like metal.

Je geeft toestemming

Zo zeg, bazig manneke.

You're cool tho, so that would be daijobu.
Yeah good point. Alcoholism runs in my family, so I try not to drink often, and when I do it's usually just when I'm out with people.
You're working with kids now? Doing what?


What about J-rock/Japanese shoegaze?


as far as not being a tranny or having an animal fucking fetish, i suppose


For example...?

How tall is ikt again?

1 meter 69

go cuck yourself


because you're a shit

I'd like some of that


de commissie geeft toestemming, waar ik deel van ben.
ik help en praat gewoon mee enzo.
we hebben niet echt een eindbaas,


I got a positive review from a customer mentioning me by name on my company's Yelp page today

For context, my company's Yelp page has a 1-star average over almost 400 reviews

God damn I'm good

I played overwatch without you hehehe

hi master

i don't want to look at it any longer

*generous head pats*

oh shit that is nymph

good job colbert


nice going ytse!

Stoners pls go

Tokai eindbaas politiek Nederland confirm

Wat is het volgende, ben je lid van de metselvereniging en de lichtjesclub?



Ooh, neat.
I guess? Hope it's noticed in the sea of negativity.

Understandably so.

It doesnt really run in mine, but the men in my family really enjoy their drinks lol

I was starting to get up there

Yeah, I teach them technical skills like C++ programming and 3d design

mentally too
I'm not addicted to anything
I haven't ever had a mental breakdown
I'm on a good track in my life

fucking nice man

oh gosh I am so upset

5 stars niggaaaaaaaaaaaa

Even got the regional manager complimenting me, like damn


I just used my trademark charm

Yeah but im azn so its legal


Oops I missed this. Sorry Soto
I'm a massive weeb because I have some weird obsession with anime grills, but I watch very little anime now.
Oh shit, nice. How long you been there? You get discounts or anything on amazon?


have you tried hackerwoman yet?

what do you do anyway?

Get a load of this brown nosing ass nigga

Heya Teeps

It's weird to be *pat*' by someone cuter than oneself, even when they're older!

The wonderous world of "This isn't even better IN context."


nuh uh

yfw thats what it takes to move up the corporate ladder

I had a media relations manager come in

brownnosed the fuck out of her and I got references at HQ in LA now

it is so ugly written

yeah and you're for the most part heterosexual and not a pedophile

i love reading yelp and google reviews for like places everyone knows is shitty. like the dmv. like who even does that? like you were expecting resort service

good to see you lil dude

It actually kinda helps that our page is so negative sometimes, people come in with SUPER low expectations so if you just do basic shit like answer when they call you've already exceeded their expectations

I'm actually kinda touched that they took the time to write the review, I didn't even ask them to

Insurance claims adjuster

I didn't brown nose at all, they just email all of the managers when we get positive feedback on Yelp and such. It got sent to my mom too since she works for the same company and has a company email

Did I pat you at animecon a while back


we have our own things set up, you do your thing and I do mine.

a.u.b nee, ik doe al teveel voor een eerstejaars.

Ik weet dat jij weet

It's... "blunt"
"Unrefined"? "Crude"?
One of those.


she has an uzi bro

I look at the Yelp page every day, I love reading what people claim on Yelp and checking the file and seeing that most of the time they're just writing the review because they're mad things didn't go their way

Did you completely stop drinking, or do you drink when going out sometimes?
When you gonna teach me c++?

Not a big fan :c

Hey, thanks.
I try to stop by every once in a while to see how things are going here.
Drinking a little bit today, so decided why the fuck no stop by Holla Forums?
Nice to see you too! Hope you've been doing well.


Hoe zeggen ze dit

bright future



candy paddle yo

totes stopped.

I will probably drink if pressured enough
but ill only get fucked up if I have a super solid reason to

probably when I make a curriculum for you LOL

teach me c and c++11 senpai


Nope. I was unpatted.

Why even come to you, at that point?

I truly have no idea.

Pretty much the same as me tbh
Though I think Im more of a normie than a weeb now, kinda sucks tbh

And yeah I get a discount on Amazon and get a real nice discount on Prime but thats how they get you to spend more money on the own company you work for ya know?
So I just dont buy anything from Amazon, it gets kinda addicting after a while

No wonder I never really moved up in life
Pride 2stronk

Looks like you deserve some sushi and sake then

if there was anyone I'd make my kouhai it would be qt

he has the most potential here in that field

lewd yo

oh oki

yo wanna go next time?

you can hold your pride and still be extra nice to the POI's

Because they want to get paid nigga

I so do :3

did you see my comfy cubicle yet

Ahh well that's good. I usually prefer to just smoke instead of drinking.

Yeah you'll probably want a lot for that.

I mean irl I'm pretty much a normie.
I love amazon. Prime in Canada is pretty cheap, and so worth it. I make an amazon order every couple weeks.
What kind of discount do you get?

sounds like a boring job but still good on you, good reviews are probably rare for such a job

very guttural

good for you with the addiction though. addiction is such a twisted sister. i'm sure you are addicted to some things, but they aren't affecting your life negatively enough for you to consider them so

oh for sure. it's always the unprepared high maintenance people. if someone starts their review with "if i could give 0 stars i would..." you know you gotta keep reading and also read their review history

yeah drinking while posting here is the only way to go. i actually didn't even look at the threads this week. it was nice

ik doe mijn best I guess.

you wouldn't lie to my face wouldya?!

damn threads kinda fast atm tbh

nimf pls



Went last time too.
Only for a day. Was even sicker then than I am now.
Did you go?

I suppose.
If that's the only option, better go for it.
Good on ya for those reviews, then.

I prefer English, when it comes to a lot of things.

Boring is one thing it's not, I'm on the phone the majority of the day and there's always something to do. And yeah, the reviews for any insurance are almost always negative

There's also some interesting/funny claims that come up, we're cheap insurance so we get a lot of criminals and whatnot. I got one today where this guy just now reports that his 2005 SUV was damaged by hail in Barstow on July 1st of this year. For context, that's in the middle of the fucking desert in summer, and he's claiming there was a freak hailstorm when the weather report says it was clear and 90+ degrees all day July 1st. Criminals are not often smart, and getting their claims is so amusing

olde worlde english is fare superiour

je doet goei

ik was een generic_failing_student.exe

You're comfy/10

I uh went the first time one day and the after that like the full weekend with the britpeople and all?

I wanna do that again but there wasn't anything last year afaik

That's like every one of our reviews LOL

Yeah, people care more about getting paid than they do about dealing with frustration I guess. Thanks!

i would imagine so. an insurance company? you're probably more hated than a cable company

Oh please no.
Talk about unnessesary.

Yea. I went with the britpeople and the year after.
Would go with ikt again/10

Otherwise, who would work?


dat zijn veel hoor ik, maar het is ook moeilijk.
ik heb best wel geluk gehad met de vereniging en leren etc.

Yeah, drinking is the only thing that makes this place somewhat tolerable.
Well I'm glad of all days this week you decided to post today.

Shit, sorry for missing another >< I'm pretty rusty at posting it seems.

Oh cool, I always like trying new beers.
I'm not a huge fan of strong beers tho.
Gonna be at a resort in Mexico, with free alcohol and food, so good times should be had.

Madoka is my favourite anime.
You should watch it.

Oh yeah, we get SO MUCH hate it's hilarious. Like, even in my positive review she said "I was rear-ended by an [COMPANY NAME REDACTED] customer and was VERY concerned after reading the reviews on YELP."

No one, with the way people talk in these reviews lmao

Watched epi 1, I think.
The enemy things creeped me the fuck out.
They did that well.
Too well...

This year :D :D :D

Get Tokai and Angel with

And then some more Europ ppl

ja software sciene was niet mijn ding ofja geen motivatie, electrical engineering was gewoon een uiterst domme en stomme miscommunicatie/hoop maar hbo is goei voor mij

keep up teh good work ^^

why is posting being buggy af again

yeah that superfluous u is so triggering

my routine for the last... too long, has been to only post with a name on fridays while drunk. i usually throw some user posts in during the week, but i didn't even want to look at this place this week lol

oh yeah soto i think i might have the cancer

any mental prep tips?

You mean '17?

Yeah. Most people are dissatisfied with their jobs, I assume.


ayo sleep and humping my megumin body pillow see ya later i guess after i finish things

lol look at what i found in here

haha so you're even known as one of the especially bad ones. that's rad

>megumin body pillow

all the u's are necessary in superfluous though

lmao fucking derium


Well I mean almost 400 reviews and a 1-star overall is... fucking dismal, not even gonna lie lol. A lot of adjusters just don't give a shit or are just way too swamped to respond quickly so people complain. Like, I have 75 open claims right now and I'll probably have like 82 on Monday

That's just because it's SHAFT.
You should really finish it, it's so good.
You could also just watch movie 1-2 instead of the series.
Make sure you watch movie 3 tho; I thought it was better than the series.

Pretty much me every week. I don't even lurk or anything tho.


mooi dat het nu wel goed is.



I read this as "Meganium body pillow"

I was about to be very disturbed

Sounds neat.


There's plenty of things on my backlog I'd rather start watching than Madoka though.

Yeah; I mean who would choose Chikorita over Cyndaquil?



i like my beer strong tbh fam

nice, not visiting any historic places?

sleep well emimi

Pls. I have over 70 anime on my backlog, and I'd still rather re-watch madoka 10 times.

Me lol

jesus christ man. the turnover there must be ridiculous

lol today i passed a customer to someone else. then she made fun of me and basically called me a pussy. i just did not want to deal with this customer today

yeah it's pretty abysmal

but at least based grimu and wish only fake quit again

and sama-san stops by now and again

wish boo would come back

and punk

and the rest

yeah it probably could be spelled simplr

But Madoka isn't my favorite anime.

The heck

I even have a low amount of open claims, my mom works for the same company and has like 100+. Now imagine that each claim can have 2-4 vehicles involved, and you're looking at like 200-400 people you have to work with that all want their shit figured out RIGHT NOW

It's just not possible


it sounds like an absolute nightmare tbqh

i need some sense of completion on a weekly basis

it seems like you are like that dude pushing a rock up a hill in that popular myth

There's historic places in Mexico?
But naw, I'll be at a resort for the week, besides any excursions I may do.

That's like choosing Bulbasaur

Yeah I was happy to see Wish after hearing she was gone for good.
Sama is still around? Damn, it's been years since I've seen him.
If you see him around let him know I say hi!

Even if it wasn't a favourite, Madoka is such a good anime to re-watch.
The third movie I was still figuring out new things after the third re-watch.
The series really makes you think; truly one of the better psychological anime.

@Nimf, pic relates

My current Meganium

Marathoning Madoka is fun, specially if you enjoy losing count of how many times you cry.

churches and shit maybe?
either way, sounds pretty comfy to me, someday i shall know the joys of working to save up for a vacation

will do. he may have taken another hiadis(sp?) as far as i know. but for like a few months he was posting really regularly. i think some shit was probably going down though cause he was drinking a lot and was a huge camwhore all of a sudden

love that dude

Stupid phone turned it upside down

It can be very stressful, yeah. That's why I only really put more than the minimum effort into claims where the person is nice and pleasant to work with

Lol nah I chose Charmander

Why would it be?

But, as it stands, I don't LIKE it either.

Not bashin' on people who do so, but I don't cry.
I've watched things with the intent of crying, but nothing ever made me sad, except the things that I enjoyed so much that I was sad they ended.

I'm a lame faggot I guess, but it's pretty hard for me to go through that one scene on episode 10 without getting at least teary eyed.
The voice acting is just too good and emotional.

i hear you man. i'm a bullshitter, so of course i can sense bullshit a mile away. i move quicker for people who are chill about their demands

i'm kinda lost now tbh fots

lets get a new topic

Oh wait, you haven't watched it yet.

@random person

you realize like there's been a long list of the anonymous tripfags

nobody important

that's all i can remember at this moment

carry on

Your Meganium has upside-down syndrome.
I bet it also has shit IVs.

I'll never get bored of Madoka.

Meh, I wouldn't even consider Mexico as a vacation spot if I was going sight-seeing.

Good. Charmander and Squirtle are the only worthwhile starters.

Are you a fan of the psychological genre? If so, you will like Madoka.
You can't just judge it off the first episode; it really doesn't start until episode 3.

where would you go for sight seeing?


it's o true though

I'd choose many places in Europe over Mexico. Also Japan of course. Even some south american countries.

FUCK OFF BARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also T.O.N.A

tona was kinda cray lol

EAT!!!!!!!!! my ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't seen Madoka. Dunno what you're referring to.
I misremember. some things have made me sad. Still, no crying. One day, maybe.

Ah, yeah.

Sure thing.
Whatcha been up to?

damn I miss that dude h was a real bro

wavers was waving user

Oh damn, something must have happened.
Well I hope he's doing well now. Sama was a great guy.

AFTER YOU FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

onight Ill pour one ou for yosuba green

the other baseball team in my city just won the world series and it's annoying af

i think he was institutionalized for a bit?

yeah he was cool tho

yeah like tinychats galour. he was even video replying in thread. did you know that i did some tinychats?

i kinda still expect yots to show up randomly

pretty sure he posted in aneki and he's no dummy

he could be here right now for all we know. dude is a master lurker

Did he actually cam with face?
I remember that one time he leaked face in a tc.
I remember some TCs with you when you just used mic, but never cam.
Do TCs still habben?

yeah like full face

a lot

me too

sounds so dirty

Point being?

I was referring to the scene between Madoka and Homura but that's a good one and one of the reasons to why I leave Mami as one of the least liked megucas.
Have an unrelated video.

there are some nice weekend things in wales i wouldnt mind going to, where you can spend a couple of days in a bronze age smithy working to make your very own bronze age celtic sword

The best always end up in the nuthouse
man I love yots but I cant imagine him ever tracking us down
he wasn abou ha ou of thread communication you know

Ah right. Heard about the legendary happening.
Gloating from opposing fans, then?
Or just all-day partying?

no there was a dude NAMED nobody important

limes fucked him i think

Oh damn. Camming with face sort of ruins the whole "user-sama" thing tho.
You gotta link me to a tc some time tho.

Oh that could be an interesting experience.
The only reason I'm going on this Mexico trip is because I only had to pay $300 tbh.

picture related
it's user samas face pic

I think most people can agree Mami was the worst.
Actually tho, I thought Sayaka was a worst until movie 3. Sayaka was great in movie 3.



You sound agrivaed

NO YOU'RE JUST A SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

like nigga just close your eyes


you'd be surprised man

it's just annoying how we also had like a 90 something year curse when we won the world series 11 years ago

and even local broadcasters fucking compare this to the red sox before they mention the white sox

fucking emmanual literally dyed the river blue

granted dying the river white or black woulda been eww

yeah man honestly if he shows up tonight i'd be down to

i bet bard would tiny

he is possessed by jerry garcia's ghost

well this thing is only £300 for the weekend, wouldnt take too much saving up tbh if i had a job

I have no bloody clue what you're on about, to be honest.

That would be a great surprise
man I bought this bass guitar recently right and the other day it fucking fell over and broke at the headstock

what did you do with your week?

Well I'll probably only be up for a few more hours, so it would have to be soon.

Bard? Must be the spice.

Oh that's good if you live near by and don't have to worry about travel.

chicago has two baseball teams

the cubs
the white sox

both had huge curses and didn't win for like 100 years

the white sox broke their curse 11 years ago
the year after the boston red sox broke their curse


I hate the sox but the cubs are great

The red sox are a different team altogether, then? Alright. Makes sense now.
What's that with the blue river?

i could probably coach to and from it for pretty cheap too

i imagine it must kind of suck to live in a part of the world with so little history, and consequentially so few places of historical significance to visit.

Yeah, fucking Canada, eh?
The east coast is sorta nice tho, and maybe the north has some things to see.

that fucking sucks brad

i just worked and like watched baseball

my idiot cubs fan friend was in town so i met up with him

no but like have you ever tiny'd with him?

he always gives me like a jimmi hendrix roadie vibe

brad is based

ohhh our mayor threw food colouring into the chicago river to make it blue in celebration for the cubs winning

no such reacharound was given to the sox

yeah there are the boston red sox

and the chicago white sox

people did not have much imagination in the 1800s

Yeah, years back I remember him in some TCs.
Always in a dark hippie looking room playing guitar.

Kinda lame
Oh well. I hear the games were great to watch, at least.

3v3 on Wifi

my second best friend is a huge cubs fan so he was freaking out too

we making tc?>

im up for it

I can put on my Halloween outfit

I'm up for tc.

Ahh, cheers.
I figured PokéGo got PvP or something.

I'm in.

a lot of places to go snowboarding i imagine

Thanks for the info, I'm not claiming to be him and hopefully anyone who knew him won't confuse us.

Top notch editing on that vid.
I can agree with the Sayaka thing there, she is nothing more than a self-destructive idiot on the series.
I'm yet to read the wraith arc manga but I believe that she's pretty interesting there too.

It's not Pokemon Go, it's the 3DS games

I don't think we have many large mountains besides in the west.
There's 2 places near me (within 2 hours) but they're only open in the winter.

Does the manga continue past the series?

for sure

always has some new guitar or bass or headband

yeah it was like a fairy tale game

i'm not even a cubs fan and i felt a crazy range of emotions in the period of an hour

it's a huge deal for the city. the cubs have always been it's first team for some reason

there are cubs fans everywhere

their fan base is more expansive than the yankees

no i was just saying in a snarky way that what you are doing with your "name" has been done like a bunch

they are like the pittsburgh stillers of baseball

Yea, figured after you said that.
Too bad.

Yea, well. That's bound to happen, no?

the steelers won with big ben you dolt

part of me genuinely thought that they would always blow it and never win

and they were this close to blowing it

that's why the money shot was so great for cubs fans

also hines vines for arms ward

Then it's a pleasant surprise, I want to be a random person, not anyone memorable.

also football droughts aren't like baseball

football started like in the 50s

I'm sure soxfans felt the way you do now 11 years ago, no?

dude that team tho

Oh cool; I'll have to read that then.
Got a link?
Also, I don't think I've really seen you around here before. Are you new here?

you sure you aren't akira?

oh wait he was colombia

My nigga

i'm the sox fan

you're getting all jumbled

but yes you are correct

Oh yeah, end of October was 5 years since I started posting.
That's pretty cool I guess.

i remember rooting for that squad

rothlesburger was such a bat outta hell

We somewhat recently came across on Holla Forums but didn't talk.

Nope, I'm not anyone you know.

sounds p gay tbh fam

time passes too quickly sometimes

fucking jerome bettis

Ehh, yes. My bad.
Just have your team win again next year.

You and I?
On Holla Forums? I have hardly posted there in the last 6+ months, besides a couple times in waifu bread, and maybe once in loli bread.

Yeah, I don't ski or snowboard. Fuck the winter and the cold.



Touché. To answer your question I'm pretty new here.

yeah i didn't think so

where did you post before here?

lol no we are horrible but it's going to make it that much sweeter winning next time if i'm still alive

These fucking niggers decide to do a tc when I make plans to go shoot some pool and drink some bears

Oh, well it's nice to meet you, I'm Nymph.
Do you go by anything other than Random Person?

lol i bet you can't even combo that good

get in here fuccbois

my mic hates tcs now rip

Joining in a bit!

Good on you to sticking to a losing team, tho

based grimu on tinychat sober?

yes please

a literal truck
teepy you gettin in the teecee

but you're not getting it

we won first


winter is comfy tho because cuddles, thick bedsheets, warm fires and stew

yeah i'm just like in this really casual no pants position and i'm not ready to interrupt it yet