♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

Ban me, I dare you Edition

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♥ for preetee



kitties are the best, yes.

Flattering xD

They arent big enough to try


Is there a version of this with multiple question marks?

I had to leave my kitties a year ago :(

I forgot those existed

that picture of karen? not that I know of.

As Erin pointed out, only filthy tranny scum have crippling depression.

Don't forget the anxiety

the vanilla is a shit flavor I've just found out but the job is great

Lexi pro

Bro. RIFK.
No one bans here.
The moderation team are stupid and shit.
Also moogs has mashed potato for a face.


Is there one I might be thinking of that isn't Karen?

Or am I just retarded?

that sucks. why?

okay fine I'll be cleaner and swallow.

plastic vagina?

This is why I like reg flavored blunts so I can taste my weeds

I'm sure there are plenty of pictures of anime girls with multiple question marks, but I don't think I have any in my files.

Life is rude.

Flesh lights


I have a whole folder

Or you could just stop telling me these lewd, disgusting things.

If I'd've seen it, then I'd've seen it in thread.

Thanks, though.

life is cruel.

nani ?


you'd rather see them?

tokai apparently has a whole folder.

I'd pound lexis fleshlight
my faggotry knows no bounds

Humbled me real fast ... I almost started praying again

My Z3 Compact is sooooo tiny

You filthy slut xx

I'm making a dota team

a bowl is better for that


proud of u

that sucks. I'm really sorry pritty.

I prefer my blunts ... rituals n shit ... I have a nice oil rig I use when I have wax

read the thread !?


6 hours ago

Hai i am a girl. i play dota (1k MMR but plays like a 4k) add me if u would like to play or talk nyan~ ^-^ i tend to get salty if i rage tho.. I'm looking for people with anime profiles and avatars to join me and my friend subtle in playing in the open qualifiers for the next major ! I want to be the next EE !

You know that's decidedly not what I was going for.

He probably isn't the only one.

Hi Wish

wait no thats just her boat`


Best house

Don't be boo!! Life happens

that's lovely.

probably not.

yeah. and it sucks.


duhuh of course I know.

I know you'd much rather hear the noise instead.

I'd like to think it's making room for new good things to happen

is it outrageously big

I am feeling spaghetti, 9 days in work beggining tomorrow. G.....G.... me
so wassap?

who dis is

Actually not at all
I'll take a pic when I get up
I only like my dicks n my blunts big :)


Don't die pls
I worked 12 days in a town n cried all day on the 13th

I envy your optimism.

Autocorrect pls
In a ROW*

I am going to poison your dinner in a moment.

Neopolitan best RWBY.

I'm due for my daily manic meltdown in about an hour

Dontcha worry, imma survivor, im gonna make it, im a survivour, titan survivour

Please don't poison yourself.

those are always fun.

Ima call Beyoncé

I'm like the grinch

I'll let you choose which meal to eat.
One of them will be poisoned with a highly potent, fast acting toxin that'll result in the consumer's death.

your heart is already too big for you to be the grinch. if it grew any more it would explode out of your chest.


and the other?

Pritty. Lets burn this mother down


Peobably fine.

Hearts are so dumb sometimes ... I followed mine right into a dead end

Hands you the sharpie

I think I know my choice.


deceitful little bastards, those hearts.

Why dontchu join us hun.
I hope your felt writing is good

Choo choo, sudoku all round




felt writing has what to do with burning?

Heartstrings are a real thing n they apparently really break :/

We need to drink together sir
It's time


better to ignore the thing entirely if possible.

It is god darn everything to do with it!

Drinking and typing is always a wonderful adventure into the madness wahaha

Now that's what I call edgy 2: Electric Boogaloo


I put that SHIT on Ice again

I just blame auto correct

Joke's on you, the food was safe and I'd been bathing in the toxin all day.

I have mine turned off. And proceed to butcher everything.

gta ctw now

What a savage you are my scoots

I am what I am, a true Monstah

that's where it belongs.

you are not making much sense here, scooters

We out here trying my function like E40 says

I feel in love caek
Worst shit ever

Wait, you're immune to toxins?

yeah feelings tend to sneak up on you sometimes.

I just spent the last 25 years of my life developing an immunity to this one.

When have I ever.... P-please burn things >.<

i'm tempted to order pizza

gonna burn you. ready?

your face.


Last time I did that I was high and 19



So dev has daughter right... I might know her babysitter

Also Dev is from highland Park
My home city

19 was so long ago...

get rekt you liverpool cunt

but you're 24

My daughter is 19 :p

I'm 19 in ten days :D


That's not the point.
Be quiet.

Look at these heathens xD

those red demon eyes tho

Make me

Did you expect less from me

i now officially have 5 jobs and i want to die

wehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???? you what, you do? maybe? that is pretty GOD damn awesome

im gonna guck you without a rubber and give you aids, fucker

then do it
with a knive
im kidding, whens reset of rust?

I'm pretty sure rust has already reset and the update is out.

When's the funeral

I feel connected

I guess it's now until I get my paycheck




Where do you stash your sim ejector

I can't attend then :(

Oh. well, i will have to get on at somepoint. im going to be working for the next 9 days pretty hard.
would you be kind and lemme know bouts where the main HQ gonna be. so when i get on I can be a maniac.

Damn. That is too awesome... just casually exploit this and smooch DEV!!!!
I swear, i almost melted when the getaway hit on my comp.
good feels.


That's unfortunate. :(

Krey krey is best nor cal girl

Reschedule it maybe?

i dont think i can, i have a 7 day work week with more shifts than humanly possible

You know it brooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
i was going hard like gucci gucci gucci up in this, swervin like im l3ft 3y3
Oh hey, havingume party in like.... 3 weeks time... the theme "America"
hahahaha what costume amma going to do!!!!!

omg i scrolled to the bottom of the last thread and saw like a billion links and i was like shit new must be a sci thread, but it was a scootaloo thread


time to take a good hard look in the mirror buddy

I'll send flowers

The Bay Area music scene is my favorite still


He looks handsome as fuck ...
I've seen his reflection

How about suck a dick?

Bay is bae
doing a michael bay facial to bae

Will you be rising from the dead in like 7days

he's a pretty princess

To short n e40
Also facials are so nice huh

I love him so much

as soon as i see someone who has one

My blue blood is on show yo

wow ur so pretty u r like a real girl

I'm 0- ;)
Blue blood for life

That's how people link threads.


she is being a troll tard right now. Moogs isnt here to bully.

But we'll never be roooooyals

it's scoot irl

cute no

We have Tierra's that's all that matters

scoots is a good boy

I leave mine in the box on my desk, but I've considered moving it to my wallet or pencil case.

im here

but ocelot takes precedence

Ooh, wallet, good mention.

Does your charger make a sound when it's plugged in but not charging anything?


I sip with pinkie extended

would you go as far to say spicy

a spicy boy

He's with me on Dark Souls.

Tatted that bitch coz she's an important finger like the middle one

scoot can be whatever he wants to be

cause if he's spicy that's just from him and pete

I was hoping for tape

doggo walk time

He's mine is what he is xD

holy shit


ur casual lol

look i'm being inflammatory

Like, this thing?

i fuc a goat ironically



that's agressive

I've got the first headache I've had in years
What do? I don't even own pills for it.

ocelot best ball sack

Not that I notice, but tinnitus.

I rarely ever use it, though.
It charges super fast, but the charge lasts longer if I charge from PC, or even by using my PSVita adapter.


Lay your head on a qt's lap.

I do keep it at hand, though, because the quick charge can be handy if I won't have the time to otherwise wait for the charge cycle.

I would say mine is better.

lol they're not even trying to play giitaas


yours is okay

Well, back to using my tablet charger.


i need a tatt, what get?

Pete... tho


dorito pete 💖

You should watch us suck at it.

That sounds awful

I take pride in my casual ways

Lemme think on that ...I'm due for another myself


Yeah, he just left the building

that's my chair!!

fart on his pillow lol

It doesn't charge via micro USB like everything else, you have to use the OP charger.

Unless you decide to jerry rig something.

its mine now

Sit on my lap.

Soft girl legs?

what does pete work as

:( that makes me sad.


p sure its charging via my pc now

we can share if you want

He is a cfe worker and pornstar.

I meant that you have to use the red cable that they send you with it to charge it.
Micro USB doesn't fit it.

Ok that's fair. What side of the chair do I get?

you should make a porn with him

how do you make it clear to a dog that he's being dumb?

Oh, you said A qt

the princess part


Now that I'm capping her, she really does look like a trap.

Put your dick in it.

Hope you realise how disgusting that ideo is

Because it's USB-C :3

if you reward them for being clever a lot pretty soon they also pick up a sense of shame

Oh, not the qt-nicknamed person here, I meant a regular qt 3.14.

Oh I miss that folder


don't be mean to the doggos.
they are precious.

My dick has other places to be.

but I do reward him for doing the good things.
I'd just like him to stop trying to dig in the floor and damaging the material.

my dog likes to be kicked

i think that's a weird brain thing

find a relevant episode of the dog whisperer or something

Til that's a thing.

Show's how little attention I've played.

Let him put his dick in you???

mine too

Does lenko come here ever?

It's been the new standard since a while!

*kick squash*



To like sperg out once a month.

bad dog

A qt would be fine.


like, dogs have an internal magnetic sense, and see how they spin around before they poo, well scientists watched this happen loads of times with loads of different dogs, and it became overwhelmingly apparent that dogs poop facing east

I'm calling animal protection services

Oh that's a great plan

My butt virginity is reserved.


Tell him I says hi


Dogs don't spin before they shit.

maybe they can fuck him too

Put his dick... in your mouth...?

I'll pass.



i think he is still banned

Mouth virginity too!
all reserved

He's not really worth the attention to me.


I emailed him
It's fine :(

"...just run around and urinate and defecate and rape everybody..."

Goblin vomit.

yes they do

this guy knows

52 seconds in he explains it, but i was wrong what direction, apparently it's facing north to south


maybe your dog is broken?

they spin around till they've found their proper direction in relation to magnetic north, then they poop.

if your dog doesn't do that it's broken.

so people can have up to 3 virginitys.

where did my obble go

we have yet to seal the deal

I did

lost mine twice


What about hands and feet?


Good job

not hole-y enough

Mff pls

what is the point of your trivia if you dont want input

i think christians have butt sex because it doesnt count

Space between the thighs?

For that matter, what about the eyes?

I did like the input?
but that's just mormons.

no hole

im sorry i have problems with misinterpretation

do you have many mormons there



My father was a bishop



Grab her by the Pussi

im so sorry

Thank you it's was torture

fortunately not.
just jehovas and a couple of weirdos in the east.


I have a folder that says otherwise.
Wanna see it?

Don't play into my hornyness and teen curiosity like this.

You weren't even male so it couldn't have been that bad other than not being able to watch cartoons on Sunday.

you seem no worse for wear

what kind of weirdos

Being female in the Mormon religion is utter crap holmes

I questioned religion at a very young age n decided to not be like sheeple

Catholics and such.
they do have nice parties though.
and they are alright with the gays, that's not something the reformed can say.

Gore is gross, don't be a pervo.

its a good policy

i suppose thats a regional thing

gays were pretty bad where i grew up

you're trying to gross me out now?!
what is this agenda

Remember back when this was the shit?

I thought bishop meant either Catholic or the nonexistent Orthodox in America.
Mormons have bishops? I thought it would just be pastors.
Mormonism is just "no drugs/stimulants of any sort, fuck lots and here's a Bible but with magical silver plates added".


Hi there, 2008. I miss you.


i thought in mormonism satan was jesus's brother

Also, hey, Sabs.

It's a Bible fanfic more so than what got canonized so seems probable.

Hello, darling. Hope you're having a wonderful day.

hey same here.
even though it's close to amsterdam.

w-well I remember something about licking eye balls which wasn't that bad so I thought..

Well enough, I suppose.
Mostly just did on and off capping of Twintails.

How was your day?

Physically entering eye sockets.

They have a bishop n three men that serve along side him "the higher council" then they have their prophet who is shit too :) it's utter crap it's all about who pays the most tithing

It is entirely possible that I'm just horny which clouds my judgement of things like that.

I was trying to search "mormon satan".

Is yu-gi-oh getting too sexy?

Is it just me, or if you were to replace Twoearl with a card could this be a You-Gay-Hoe pose?

If you get into sounding, I can tell you now that this just isn't going to work.

what's that?

You get them after you get married in the temple

I'm not sure if that constitutes good timing?

a lot of the off shoots of christianity are pretty cool

It's always funny to read any news stories about the polygamist strongholds that are left and all of them getting arrested for pedophilia and their cult like following going full Branch Dravidian after it happens.

Metal or plastic rods.
Physically entering the urethra.

I just got why it's called sounding.

Jesus fuck.

Bro the FLDS make normal LDS look sane and that's hard to do ...however incest n molesting runs rampant in the religion period

Hey what do you know.

there's my limit.

e w

I don't feel great about my day. I didn't get even half the work done that I wanted, and I've been soggy all day 'cause I got rained on walking to work.

But things could be worse, right? Just have to try to be positive and get 'em tomorrow.

The thought alone makes me cringe.

hello my good people

Would any of you find folks care to engage me in a casual conversation about your day?

wrong image

oh noes

new phone who dis

i forget the name of one of them i especially like. its a dead religion now but basically the christian god is an imperfect god who created the universe of flesh and blood

the true god is the one of a higher existance. and each thought it has is a god of it's own.

it even makes downstairs upset.
like that's so gross it's close to just mutilating it.

am i a pretty princess

one of my profs is a rabbi and non-coincidentally he is the worst person I have ever had to teach me anything

literally the only thing keeping him in the institution is tenure

yes you are

Why is that a thing?
"Here's some undies; congrats on getting married!"

Any of the "new age" ones found during the occultism era are the best.
Because they're utterly batshit crazy and there's enough irrefutable evidence about their founders that paint them as nothing but a cult.

It's just utterly baffling. Conversion centered religions are somewhat understandable in their appeal: it's meant as just good words and to feel better about existential questions long before we could ever fathom the answers.
But the fundamentalists that stick around even to this day just seem so alien because it's a flat out "bury your head in the sand" approach to pretty much everything.

i unloaded a shipping container it was six+ hours of heavy lifting

how did you make money today

Can't we just round up and terminate all religious people.

some of them are ok

stay away from my mom

That's a good way of looking at it!
Hope things turn around, though, and you can get that work done and stuff.

I actually kind of like being rained one.


I taught my boyfriend what sounding is today.
How was your day?

Bet you aren't horny anymore, though.
I mean, after so vividly imagining sliding a long, stiff piece of metal down into your urethra.


Smiles was pretty okay.
Shame about the whole she was a whore thing.

want it?

but what does that make me

Only scientists are allowed to live.


why is he so bad tho

like did he fiddle your diddly or what

I went to school to attempt to get an education and instead learn how to hate myself instead

i have work tomorrow and saturday tho

what do you mean by "sounding" exactly?

I'm not liking the way that's sounding!

You underestimate me.


Terraform Mars and only allow smart people to go there and then let the rest of the earth kill themselves.


As in, urethral sounding.

The weird thing people do where they put poles into their dicks.

no he just cant teach

he belittles his students when they're wrong
he rushes through explanations
and he skips some theorems altogether

Kill all the smart people.

Ja maar nee ik bedoel zo van grapje weet je wel zo van dat ik een nieuwe telefoon heb en dan die meme er van maar dan in het echt want ik heb echt een nieuwe telefoon, snap je?

wouldn't it take years of work just to be able to then triple that for it to be livable?

da snapk nou nie zo goe

I remembered the name it's catharism

Kill all Abrahamic followers.
And anything that started in India or China.
And neopagan autists.

oh yeah the pope crusaded those guys

I've been struggling with some insecurity issues, but thank you all for playing with me.

Years, yes. Decades at most. Certainly not centuries.

Shit can happen fast if you're not on a shoestring budget approved by those who represent dumb people who think space travel is a waste of money and they should get free shit instead.

Ja maar nee


Mommy says I shouldn't suck my thumb at my age.

It's past my bedtime, please don't tell my mommy.


g ex

early protestants were pretty neat.
smashing and burning all those things, getting freedom.

wish they'd suck less nowadays.

Gnostics in general were fucking retarded.


I didn't know that was the name for that

sexuality makes people do weird shit yo...

might wanna look at the Khan Academy

Hallo, mijn naam is Neziwi en ik heb geen nederlands spreken, u fakker



Dutch is a horrible language.

I feel we don't even know how to terraform so it might just take a century, we'd need to completely come up with an idea how and test it then test it again wouldn't we? then find out how to get it there and use it without sending people sounds difficult

And people.
And place.


its all great lore

Lovecraftian almost

Ik houd van mijn taal, zwijg.
ooooh amsterdam, wat benne je mooi, de zon die gaat nooit onder onder de rooieee

Well not terraform but establish a permanent self-sufficient Mars colony.

to which reply need i refer to sir

I think my dad is a protestant.
I dunno for sure, though.

Some things shouldn't even be considerable as sexuality.

don't forget there's like a thousand different versions of Protestantism though.

Tyf een kankereind op en stop je neus niet in andermans zaken halve gare oetlul.

twee bommen waren niet genoeg.



that'd probably be easier but we'd still need to make structures that can provide livable areas without fail, which admittedly sounds far easier

Tonight you die in your sleep, and are reborn as the main character from the last show you watched.

Who are you, Holla Forums?

This is me.

You know the type that reads Buddhism, smokes pot and swears he's having magical epiphanies about "just understanding it, man" then spews a mountain of gibberish unfounded in any aspect of what read but still proclaims himself Buddhist and all knowing?
Yeah, Gnostics are like that.

its more goth than that

imo anyway

Elon Musk will fix it for us!


Clare from Claymore?

Or maybe Raki?

I'd rather be neither


I am ready.

im waiting for my food now

I don't speak whatever guttural language this is.

It kind of varies. Gnosticism started out as some quasi addition to the non-canonized parts of the Bible and just proceeded to just keep riding off the rails further.
The later Gnostics were the more "Christianity sucks but here's a better interpretation of its concepts in ways we pulled straight from our ass".

This may have backfired on me.
Would I have to be nonTail Red too?

Alsof je ook maar iets anders kunt dan jouw verkrachte variant van Engels. Haal eerst je kop maar uit je aars.

time for dinner~

No hablo Spanish.

My dick?

Also, what does the founder of socialism with Marx have to do with anything?

just stay perma in that form


I would.

Or at least switch a hundred thousand times to try to trip up the bracelet and get stuck as shouldHaveJustStayedThis Red


I was talking about the OG neckbeard Engels.

Modern day burka

that works.

I would just bully jaune a lot more and go find weiss ice waifu, fuck that bird shit.

tbh i'd a burkha

Honestly, I was expecting it to be something given for it to come back red on the night after the marriage.

i'm overweight

Shove fingers down your throat until weight loss is achieved.


I like that usage

loco is a fat sack of shit



Anyone over 150 pounds is disgustingly fat.


chain jar of greed chain jar of greed chain chain strike chain accumulated fortune chain chain strike

What if you are like 6'4

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

I'm 151 pounds.

people of 6'4 are giants and not human