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who filled out that report

Does it go well?

Please do, must collect ALL Karens!



6 more minutes until midnight. Good evening.

post report

lol that looks like moogs

Did you just sculpt moogs out of mashed potatoes so you could take a picture of it to post?

its the culmination of all his guilt and perceived inadequacy

it actually does πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ


Better question.
Did you just make those mashed potatoes so you could sculpt Mugen's face out of them to take a picture of and post?

I have that one
Do you have a Karen folder?

That doesn't sound good.

Evening, sir goggles.

moog looks so much like mashed potatoes everyone assumes a random mashed potato face was literally sculpted in his image

Only what's in Nii-sama's Kin'iro folder.

(Gold Fish Ana)
a boat... in space?
titanfall 2 looks kewl
looks uber expensive tho.
i'm just watching youtube at 7 in the morning.

and this is because i set her off from 2 posts

he makes it out okay

it's not my mashed potato face, the fact you assume it was proves my point perfectly, thanks πŸ˜‚

you gave me something to do today c:

never start a argument you cannot finish

Did you just assume my gender? Also my nickname?

Nii sama?

It's a flying space bote!
It was remade from a much older series, I think. It's pretty good all around, but nothing special imo.
Yeah it's 60 dollars. I wasn't going to buy it but I scored really high on a test and parents got it for me.

What's his name, even?

I actually don't know what mugen looks like, so anything I say is a moot argument on that front.

i'm triggered

he looks like this

It's kinda rare for him to post anymore.

G-Good evening...

its not super far off

Jeordie Maaltajik

im convinced it's scoots writing these.

ur parents r rich?

Hey there.


oh shit what if it's luka

What, reports? What am I writing?

orbiting sides

till brooklyn!

nice save

post reports dammit and wanna see the trelling



The geko outside my window caught his meal for the night.Itadakimasu.

Did you rename them? It's not labelled 936 here.

We're well off, not rich but not poor. I have two brothers.

Why aren't you asleep yet?

She's pretty cute, no?
Has Ayaya's VA, too.

tfw reports


listening to music and looking out my window.

My money's on this, tbh

scoots insulting yourself in the latest one doesnt make you look any less guilty

cuddle me

where's that from?! :O


robits game


havent you been downloading that for days


Careful the gecko doesn't eat you next, that's how australia works, right?
Watcha listening to?

I wanna play!

pew pew

me and you live nice life.

did he show you it

Samidare a cute.

yes c:

no, i haven't seen these reports, but it sounds entertaining

A little under a week now, I think.

I hope it doesn't turn on me otherwise it would by I AM LEGEND all over again..

He also just caught another one while I was typing.

I'm listening to a song I heard from the radio.

we both got medical safety net protecting us.... unlike those americans, lol


rather uncreative

druggie tranny

gas it

please ban him so he leaves and od's on crack

what if it sucks

lol, yep, we get safety, they get stress

is this one report? lol

No that one was off google.

Nii-sama's folder is on my external right now.

Oh my god.. there is a second smaller geko.. I didn't even know that one existed. I wonder if they're family.

we get snuggles, you get struggles



a i u e o


also now that scoots has left the reports have stopped


pew pew at its finest!

Please don't let that happen, we can't have smith acting in any more movies.
You should kill the little gecko in front of the bigger one, make an example.
Either he leaves or he comes back thirty years later for revenge

Why is it labeled 936?


no report erin

report moog


nobody has done that

thatd be neat


what should i do now?

Can't you just shut down scoots internet access? That'd make life easier for all of us.


i get that reference


leave scoot alone

I am already attached to them. I will keep my light on all night if it means they can catch all the bugs that land on the flyscreen.

I was going to but my report page won't load.
Let's pretend I did

ill send a drone over

I don't even remember what site it was off, let alone why they have it named 936.

Is a chameleon a reptile?

explain it to me

i just posted a sandwich

i feel loved




it's an animal


Chameleons are awesome.

Awesome animal!

aw i got a cute report

Watch some anime!

if dogs and people could breed i think all the furries would do it and go to jail and have their weird yiff babies taken into care


that report made my day actually

thank you

If humans and cats...
Domesticated cat girls when

That's because you are.

Ah okidokes, thought you had 936 pictures of Karen. I'm just looking for artwork at this point, tbh.
Do you know how to make webms?

You should name them!


I also need the Karen.

Maybe play some games instead?

it can be easy to forget

karen is arguably best girl overall
second to chitose
kongou last best grill

Everyone needs the Karen

I'll make sure to remind you, then. β™₯

sparks are flying

This man. This man knows, he understands.


she's very cute


with freinds?!

[ enthousiastic karen noises ]

I can't because if they never come back I will be hurt.

Gonna grind you against a whetstone all night long bby

nice ad hominem

grind away daddy

are you talking to me


Why do you ask, though?


Maybe when my internet gets better.
Actually I'm probably going to nap now, when I wake up at night if you're there I'll ask to play, my internet is usually great after 12.

Thought you might have a Karen folder, I wanted to ask you for the artwork in it if you did.

Sometimes you have to risk sadness for happiness.
philosophical noises





When I asked the person to draw this for me, I wasn't specific in my request and he was in a bad mood, so he drew a man shutting Karen into a box with no airholes.

But you were asking if I know how to make webms???


what about miss

i use miss, and i'd be mortified if i had to use mrs

im spider kin

im peter parker and i have the soul of a spider

My pronouns are Tail, Tails, and Tailself.

I can tell you how to.

my pronoun is she

i don't use her, hers, etc.

replace those with she

"she leave she house and go to she appointment"

makes you sound some kind of black

my pronouns are who, fucking, and cares

you are a girl

She left by she.
How the fuck should I know where she is.

Please respect my pronouns.
I'm a twintail now.

Shit tail more like it

where's this from?
i've only ever watched the original tv show 12 eps right?

you morons

we KNOW fireworks are dangerous

it's something EVERYONE knows

you do not have to raise awareness for something everyone knows

you got your son blown up because YOU are idiots, don't act like the rest of the world has no idea of the dangers, we didn't get blown up because we weren't so stupid

she makes great music



i ripped my favorite sweater

today is just terrible

Too swole for lyf

Mahou Shoujo Madokaβ˜…Magica Movie 3: Hangyaku no Monogatari

If you didn't watch it yet I recommend you to do so. Skip movie 1 and 2 if you want, they are just compilations of the series with better visuals and some added/removed scenes.

maybe if I ever decide to finish capping I should do it in .gif


gotta go find those people's site and comment that

people shouldn't get away with things like this

someone on the internet needs to stand up and disagree

Homura did nothing wrong.

i can't find it

i'll use twitter



or youtube comments on a random video

Being meguca is suffering.

i don't wanna miss anything!
so i'll prolly watch 1 2 and 3 withall the extra stuffs too

im gonna die omg

If you wanna do it the best way watch episode 1-8 through the series, then movie 2 and then movie 3.

Movie 1 isn't worth it since some really nice scenes were removed.

I've marathoned this in one day and many tears were had, can't wait to do it again once they release movie 4 that should conclude the story.

I dno't understnand twitter I feel old

where are my bbses

what happened to irc

Then why not free yourself of the burdens of meguca, under the guidance of our lady Homura?

how can you not understand twitter

Homura is shit.

i never saw homura become angel thingy in the original...
i wonder what happened...

But I like suffering a little... why would you not want to be a cute magical girl?

That's not exactly what happens but just watch it, the story is quite fresh and doesn't feel stretched at all, Mami gets better explored since she died too soon on the series too.

Doubt you will be disappointed.


I like that flag

Madoka was stressful to watch :/

That's because she is the best.
Altho Kyouko is better waifu material unless you have pink hair

I'd rather be a twin tailed warrior who fights with fantasy science and is basically the same thing but without the trials and tribulations of being meguca.

Also no "magic."

pew pew

homura soo mature~ and look good.


Mami would be best waifu material if she didn't get in over her head.

Her name even sounds like mommy.


too soon

Mami's mommy mammies

Was it?
I can never make head nor tail of these things.

teddy is husbando

lol @ clowns being mad the killer clown thing has ruined their business

how about don't be a fucking clown in the first place, don't pin your livelyhood on people tolerating horrid pedophile old men dressed as clowns near their children


Shh, don't cry.
There's nothing you have to worry your pretty little head over.


Yay they did it again

Is Ore no Twintails any good

Also does he lose his penis while in girl mode or is it a delicious trap

fuck it's nearly 4pm maybe I should eat something

*nibbles on*

I enjoyed it.
But I somehow went into it not expecting a show about a gender bending twin tail warrior to be a comedy.

He's a gender bender.


I like comedies.

More to add to muh list!

If you couldn't tell from gender bender, and the image I posted, you won't satiate your trap attribute here.

But I refuse to cap non-Tail Red, 'cause he's kind of a creep.
I'm reasonably fine with shouldHaveJustStayedThisWay Red, though.

blue.... looks soo flat.

Flat is also fine.

'cause she is.
Don't say it to her face though.

Trap attribute mistakes Blue for a trap, if that counts.

she almost looks as if her twintails form makes her genderbends her into a boy form.

goldy my fav so far~

Her Tail Gear is designed for a girl with a voluptuous chest.

Of course you'd like the slut with the major pet fetish.


woof woof


Yeah, exactly.
She isn't even exclusive to her master.
She's a total M and a complete slut.

prove it ;~;
she's just a mature pretty lady with nice looking armor.... v_v

wat's a "m" ????

the ph in my mouth is like 8
I hope those ph strips are not toxic






shes a kid?


more info on this

She's the oldest.
Besides the adults.


and extrapolate.

perfect for me except i don't like blondes

I think that is a bit too high.

Besides the first, in which she can't make her Tail Gear function, there is no fight in which Yellow does not strip off literally all her armour.

And usually, that's the very first thing she even does.

Why do all anime girls make such perverted poses?

a powerful golden ship thingy
like a real mecha gundam lady after my heart

in her human form?

haveI eaten too many pastry

ssugar make mouth acid

Your saliva should be near a alkaline if I'm not misinformed.

There is something wrong if your saliva is that acidic.

It's her finishing attack.

It's used something like 3? maybe 4 times in the 12 episodes.

And it's kinda... eh.
Red's cooler.
Blue's literally cooler, she attacks with water, and her transformation's with ice.

I don't see why it would be worth mention in response to questioning her age otherwise.

because japan is full of pervs


I say the ones downloading it is just as perverted.

that show sounds sooo strange!

Mislinked, both were intended for Theseius' one post.

Neko has brain damage.
I wouldn't worry.

yellow is for me!

Iam getting conflicted informations here

Cut our you tongue.

Oh okay.

Thats okay. I have brain damage myself. Perhaps I should stop hitting myself with gigantic hammers.


I must have misused alkaline. It would need to be more neutral.. so like what water is.

Because your saliva is supposed to counteract anything too high or low on the scale.


fuck off dog fucker

Only maybe?

I'd say on your knees, but you seem to already be down.


Ithink my mouth is finee

I tried measuring toothpaste and paper butthey did not measure water was 5-6




If I'm not mistaken, saliva is slightly acidic to aid in breaking down foodstuffs.
Not really so much so as to be worth mention. Like, less than milk.

His saliva is basic, not acidic.
Since acids are lower on the scale.

Water should be 7.

Good pups don't bark.

I don't study biology ffs

Fine fine.

Neither do I.

WELL maybe your trash water that people pee into and dump all sorts of chemcials into

I love whoever made this.

chemical water

No, like.
7 is neutral.
Your water should be neutral.

rip Vine

I toothbrushed myself to a 9


Also, I was mistaken, your saliva should be around 7.4, which is slightly basic.

But according to this thing, pH of saliva is usually 6.5~7.5

saliva sounds so gross why not call it mouthgoop

ook bedtim nana

Stop eating pH test strips.

Sleep well.

I don't know if there's a way to make any bodily fluid not sound gross.


nana hufs

Tbh, saliva doesn't really sound gross.
Sounds kinda like salvia.

And semen just makes me think of seamen.

And Urine just sounds like someone's telling me I made the cut..

He probably isn't even using them right.

Are there even test strips dedicated for saliva?

I'm pretty sure all strips are general usage, within a certain degree of precision.

What about the enzymes though?

lol there's actually one

There's test sticks which are tuned more to the limit of the human body, which would be more accurate than the paper.

But I don't see anything saying that you can't use the paper if you're fine with the inaccuracies associated to it.

I think I was just so used to seeing urine ph test strips that the thought of the relevance of saliva test strips never came to mind.

That's the same page I was looking at.




says you


Hi Luka







yes, Ive had to use mouth strips at hospitals and for jobs.



woof woof

thread is dead, go outside.

Are you fucking brain dead?


You should post Tail yellow.

I left to go do something and I just missed you so much

I think I should too
I said that earlier

i wanna be yellow

Why don't you just die?

I don't wanna

You aren't a pet slut.



hmph... no fair. v_v
neko mostly like red haired character anyway! :ccccc

im jelous

the redhead's not a pet tho

why does she have to be?

You're jealous that I think the pet slut should post the pet slut?

hey guys wanna know how you circumcise a trump supporter ?!
you kick his sister in the jaw hehehe :*)

why does that matter...

she's the only pretty one, to me....


because they wanted her to be

stop calling me a slut, bitch

Take Ui with you.

Hello good people!


...i wanted her.


You'd probably find Twoearl pretty too.

Now say it in dog, whore.

why would i do that


I'm not going to cap that any time soon
I have a few others to finish up first


everything is fine

omg..... yaasssss
who is dis godess
make me completely forget about yello-whatsher-name-hwatever

she's all ur's now anyways... lol

Is it just me, or does she look kind of bored in the next frame?


you sure?

The girl I'm posting now is Aika.

Twoearl is a rapist.

ya... i forget about her completely now

dat's ok wit me~

May I ask why?

Rin has shown me the light.

They'd rather be a rapist than a pet.


gimme sauce on dat rando bit of info u jus dropped

Vechs is playing Tales of Zestiria.

teach me about the youtuber

Because you're both morons.

did he just pronounce yaoi "yay-oi"

He made his start as a map maker for Minecraft, because he didn't like how easy the vanilla game was.

Then he started making minecraft videos, and expanded to other games.

Thoroughly convinced he's trolling, since he knows some Japanese.

Case in point, he also says it Martial Ar-Tees and Seraphic and Hidden Ar-Tees.

ooh I see now
she's pretty cute too


oi mate
oi oi oi

what make you like him the most? :)

Sorry you feel that way baby

im in love

Can't wait until he learns about Sorey's My-Stick Ar-tees.

I don't like Twoearl, because her name is literally just Twirl and she's a rapist.

I just like his brand, and his work, so I started following him.

He's also attractive, and a huge brat.

Oi luka
gib hugs Im rly tilted ;;

who is pet girl's master

Show me him!

*hugs warmly* :)

who? ._.


my apologies
that was for rin

I will accept this only because you post the girl version

I already love this play through.

no worries ^_^


I really don't like the boy version of Red, so you're safe there.

Warm ^^

how does girl version treat yellow anyways? ._.

I don't like him either

Same as the boy version.
Like a friend, and completely oblivious.

I feel like he won't really bother with the equipment skills.

Especially because nobody does.

wow.... one of em' types of animez eh?
i guess it make for funny anime trope

How does iOS work


It's more just that Red is obsessed with twin tails.
And the girl she falls for when it happens is Blue.


Anyone wanna translate Twoearl's newspaper?

red x blue

classic meme

looks like a tv lineup


was most likely scanned then drawn over


google translate photo app says it's about carnival



You know.
Now that I look at it, this would make a lot of sense.


looks like a tv guide

red vs blue

simplest thingy in the world?

really nigga

You mean trope, then?

And red vs blue is a common trope, but red + blue isn't quite as common.

let's get blunted


You roll


I want a Google Pixel XL now.

the like head of the student union told me to skip all classes for 2 months cause it's easy and then get high with him.

Amsterdam is so weird.


Your school is weird.

i like Morgan Garrett

ya trope thingy
red is opposite blu?


Those students usually take a year off themselves to do bestuur.

Now I need to spend 24 hours setting this thing up.

That's why they don't normally get paired as a relationship.


show us fotos with the camera

they should get paired.

maybe because it's bachelor.
I imagine master degrees are somewhat more serious.

but iunno nothing about that, just assuming.

we got drunk together once at a meeting so he prolly just likes to have me around.

nah bestuur isn't that much stuff.
I'm in one of those things.

It doesn't have a camera.

Echte student(TM)

all set

I have a OP3 too, bwaka.

Oh, maybe.
My classes were pretty serious, but I didn't get drunk with the student union.


Light it up senpai

Oh, nice!


i'm exhausted~ pet me pls~ uwu

I already did


Why are you suddenly being a pet slut?



even the classes are sometimes just jokes.
or a film.
about the subject of course.

I just joined the union cause they give extra papers for tests and stuff, a MAJOR help with studying. I really wouldn't have passed without them. but from time to time going to a bar is nice too.


what did the wicked witch of the north say?

help im sublimating ...... :|

Yeah, they can be like that.

I suppose you should take every chance you can to come out on top.

She turned into a liquid, though????

I like how my Galaxy Nexus randomly dies like it has given up on life in general.

that's the wicked witch of the east

i wonder... if the wicked witch of the south is all gas :3

that's the biggest reason why I go there tbh.
the only way to get higher up in the organisation is by showing you're fitting.

like, they're nice, but I already have friends and time to spend nicely.

cute gif~ of super sonico and kittys β™₯

I like cute uwu

me 2


*hugs nice*

Wub wub

is there a soper sonico anime


maybe this week is full of accidents because I just haven't gotten off in 4 days.

ahw 2bad

what flavor

Just a regular swisher and yours

I go months without getting off???

Sometimes years???

Don't you need to cum twice every day


if you don't you might die.

but i'm a teeny tiny boy who needs to ejaculate every now and then to function.




Sex is icky.
Even if it's with myself.





ban scoots

I'm kinda excited now cause it'd probably reach up to my chest after this long.


vanilla white owl and a crystal job


don't ban scoots he bullies me

The babby
I need one of those in my life again

Classy bb ...classy


That's disgusting.

Don't you like it when your girlfriend squirts?

the vanilla is a shit flavor I've just found out but the job is great