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You're a nigger


I would be upset at wikwok if I was yasuo tbh

I made a meme abouy you haha


It's like you don't even love me.

whaaaaa Iam no meme =

( SD )

pls love me ;~;

for u

I'm gonna btfo germany
they started this and they have the BALLS to ask me for PEACE

are you kidding you're my favorite meme
Would you like to see it?

I am only allowed to love one person.

Send all of your exes my regards then.

aaaa sure then

I mean like, poke people who you want to talk to instead of waiting someone to do so to you.

that's yourself
the main main
the big cheese
numero uno
I feel you there playa its hard for a pimp out there among all these snakes

I just wanted that get before I went to bed., goodnight.

I lost contact with some of them.

sleep well.

here it is!!

I wish I talked to mine more.

Thanks and God bless.

When you do that, you realize why they are your exes now.

goodnight sister of mine s

aha I have no idea who that is


i wait patiently as to not interupt freinds
hopefully they notice me when they feel like it
hoping one day they will love me and want to notice me too

I don't trust these hoes



I really wish I didn't let you guys make me feel insecure in my relationships to the point I felt the need to end them.

I had no hand in that.

amI supposed to know

You're not really interrupting anyone by doing so.

Yes, I would have expected it.

Not with Frank, no.

HE'S A PRETTY GOOD ACTOR WHO doesnt really like greasy jews

Or anyone.

He is a better director than he is an actor.

I thought it was the guy from top gear but


aha sounds abouts right

I am never letting the adultery thing go because it really fucked us up.

i try... and they just don't reply...

I can see the resemblance.

It still surprises me what a big deal that was.

Uh huh.


Then you're poking the wrong people.


...i've run out of people.

What is this? Why are you squeezing me with your body?

your reference is wasted. WASTED ON HIS LACK OF TASTE.

I am trying to be affectionate.
Work has me hurting pretty bad and I want to stay in a good mood.

he's going to rape you darwin

That's impossible, Luka.


I am not wearing my tail.

I might call in.
I really don't feel ok. It is making me upset emotionally.

fuck i want to hold a womans ass in my hand.
Like i want to grab her ass and hold it in my hand. So i can understand i finally win at life

it is?


Take your rest. They will manage without you.

Not really. I had to do 3 people's jobs on Tuesday.


They call that being exploited.

One of the Hawaii ladies tried to take my spot because I had an easy job today. I actually told her no because she was the one who had me do it to begin with.

It was the first time I refused someone at work.

Were you brutally disciplined by your white masters?

No. I just felt like a dick and told her I would take her spot the next time.

It is.

Sleep well Cuppers.

ighty night caupcaken


Because I'm always here for you

There's always someone.

*hugs, and tucks you back into bed*

i want moar... all the times.
so i don't have to feel lonely anymore.

Unfortunately the chances of that happening are quite small, just got to be happy with what you've got.

what do i got?


A close group of friends, not really a community, but it's something.

where did they all go? ;~;

To sleep, like how you should too..

i already slept 20 hours! a few hours ago!

Then you overslept the optimal time for you to post.

pls halp

You just need to fix your sleeping schedules, that easy.

i want u instead

Want me to what?

to love me and be my freind and play with me all the time and make me happy
i wanna have you

What you wont do
do for love
you tried everything
but you dont give up

You are such a bitch.

I'm sorry Luka, but I can't be around always.

should have told her to grow some fuckin ballls lmao

what can i do about that?


Nothing really, they're my own problems.

sorry I'm not good at talking w/ woman


teach me stuff

What is that supposed to convey?

Like what stuff?

anime is trash


just funny really, no point to it

I thought there was a particular reason why you chose it, but alright.

things that will make me smile3 and happpyness

I don't know Luka, I seldom find happiness.

just thought you'd get a laugh from it

show me pretty things
play video games with me


Ah well, I don't really feel like laughing currently.

I don't know what you consider pretty, and I don't really have any motivation to play anything currently.


what do u have motivaion to do?


happiness is like a comfy nap

Currently nothing really, I'll probably just go lie down for a while, but for not too long so I can fix my sleeping schedules.

Happiness is a loaded walrus



*hufs neru comfortingly*

then whats next?







ty ruka


I don't know, I haven't planned that far ahead, it all depends on my mood then.

she a cute patootie in a non sexy way


draw anything pretty recently?

tell mme your plans~


rin's great but i like kuro more


i have a comic page ready to be outlined but i am more into videogames recently

hey babe

sorry, do you want to talk about what's stopping you?

neko de nyan~


space polotics or ?


I have none other than the nap.

Nothing in particular, I assume it's just casual melancholy.

kuro was so kawaiii

i wouldnt call it that

more paperwork and trucking

happyness is comfy hufs and pastries too

not a lot, gonna get dat civ sometime this month so we can go to war

I hope it passes, you of all people don't deserve the melancholy wave

It happens every now and then, nothing I can do about it if we don't count sleeping it over.

cant wait

invent some?

are you popular yet? lotsa sway with the empress yet?

i want some!

I can't come up with anything as I'm uncertain if I'll feel motivated after the nap.

ye it's a shit thing but gotta just tough through it

wassup with you?

she is the best


playing dark souls

where will u find motivation?

rise ur political standing, so they offer u better paying missions

have you died a ton already? I would have

Yeah, not that it really does anything else to me than take away my motivation to do things.

In another time.

more than enough

give me love plz

I know how that is then it gets worse if you like HAVE to do something, just horrible to deal with

it's okay, that's the fun of it you're basically deadpool and technically unkillable in the sense that you just keep coming back

I am a bit emotionally drained now, ask me later.
Anyhow I'm off for a nap.

Thankfully I have nothing important to do today, but I should be going to take a nap now.

sweet dreams f and i hope ya get to feelin a lil healthier

sleep well

Good Nightmares

Wow, goggles has a mullet?

might do you some good, sleep well





me on the left

so tired.....

Why not sleep, then?

devil mercy





Hulla Kit'n.

who's that

Tail Blue.


this anime looks shit

I'm also grabbing Tail Red.
But only Tail Red.
Non-Tail Red is kind of a creep.

is that her twin or something

I came for the gender bending twin tail warrior.
Stayed for the twin tails.

for a price~

ive seen a couple of showdowns in my day

who gender bent? :o

Teiru Reddo is a gender bender.
I refuse to cap him as non-Tail Red.

He should have just stayed Tail Red.

There's also a spider whose attribute is the trap attribute, and his goal is to turn every guy on earth into twin tailed traps.


This is a girl.

But normally she's a guy.
She's normally only a girl if she looks like this.

Didn't fail.

I think.

Nice doll you got there.

show me spider trap lady who traps traps!



Good work!

Spider Trap isn't a trap.
He just really likes traps.

i wanna see ;~;


evens sleep

odds stay awake long enough to kill myself


My test! Philosophy. It was pretty hard but I think I wrote enough to pass. I hope. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be!

Thank you, Sweetpea.
How was your day so far? My week's over, time to rest up.

i actually got white outta a box before event ended

so not i have all threee gold legendarys for her

This is also him.

he in love with red?

he look kewl


ur a philsopher now?

My day's just starting up.
I haven't even had my coffee yet!

That's good.
Rest up well, love, you deserve it.


is he not cute enoughōji_Mitsuka

Home stretch, we're almost there.

Yep! Just call me Mr. Stuart Mill
But really, I have to take these classes even though my major is economics. Teacher is really confusing though, goes off on a tangent a lot of the time.

Alright, you enjoy it then.
Honestly I probably don't deserve it but I'm going to rest anyway. Need the sleep to binge titanfall later.
Assuming the internet holds up, but even then I'll spam the campaign.

devil is best

how can you deal with these fags pre-coffee

i can't even deal with the taste in my mouth at baseline pre-coffee, never mind eating up shitposts

a shit


? ? ?


I'll try to, at least.
Of course you deserve it, you worked hard.

By doing so many things at once that I can't focus on any of them.

He should really just stay a girl forever.




this woman is talking about her husbands PTSD during bonfire night, but the behaviour she's describing is that of a dog

I am going to cap the shouldHaveStayedThisWay Red, though.

gotta have that hot drink before anything else starts. Tea of Cawfee. You see holly n phil?

i did indeed. Luna did good today c:

how are you doing, adorkable?

yay luna!!!!

holly is concerned about the ptsd doggo husband

tfw you'll never get bribed with chipotle to suck your bf's dick :'((((

diedre advises a homosexual

who is stuart mill?
did you learn some kinda philosophy trick?

i wonder what sombra skin will look like.


probably really good
when sombra???

well I can bribe you but it'd be better if you'dd just do it :^)


holly plays innocent but she's eaten dicks before

Blizzcon, Nov 4th

next likely date

good enough for me

whip it out and let's do it

sombra friday 1pm pst

didnt you sperg out over tsuchi making fun of things people cant control

She clearly loves a dicking, hence whyn she allways preggo

aaaaaaw gonna be ages before i can try her

think i have a crush on holly willoughby

at least she's not a gay man, i habitually crush on gay men, then am uninterested when i learn they aren't actually gay

gay men are defacto more attractive

tommorow when u wake up
u wil c

when i waka up tomorrow i have work
maybe i get some sombra time before work

i thought hugh laurie was gay and i crushed on him hard but then i learned he had a wife and now he just looks like a skinny junkie to me

Plenty good, having lunch and may have not failed the test.
Gonna finish eating then mess around a bit before having a nap, tired. Titanfall should be done when I wake up.
I learned how to wave my hands, talk about nothing and pretend I know everything!
The other students kept asking me questions and hoping for some useful info before the test started.
Little did they know, I am also a retard

you were assuming it wasn't already out! shame on you

is gilgamesh really how he acts or is it just like "I'm pretending to be a dolt" thing?


-licks the tip gently and looks up at you-

tsuchimikado is exactly as crystal meth as he acts

Tsuchi is just heart broken that his love, his sunshine, his SMILES was a whore.

so u didnt lern reel philsohpy about brains and peopple and how to defeat other people with ur smarts and thinking stuff?

i dont see much of a difference between him and others like him

thats to say i dont understand why he is being singled out


If you're looking for a psychologist who's trained to play mind games, you want a psychiatrist.

I would have been a registered psychiatrist if I stuck with what I was doing when I went to college the first time.

tsuchi loves sharp edges so much he smokes shards so he can be edgy on the inside too

Not yet, it's mostly info on a very narrow subject so as to not overload us with too much to read and research.
But I'm taking a telepathy class on the side, should be able to explode people with my brain in a few weeks.

you just made fun of someone with ptsd

It's also not psychology that teaches you how to read people like a book.

It teaches you how to interpret what you read.

people who do psychology as a career are usually in it because they also have baggage and want to fix themselves too



Asking my former professor for places to look for a job seems kinda wrong now that I have sent him the message.

well that's wildly incorrect

i questioned a woman's description of her husband sounding more like she was describing her dog

i just thought they would teach you some trippy stuff

where they con temp plate human existance

I doubt you'd fail you are far too smart for that, I'm tired and a bit shitty but nothing life threatening I guess so that's a plus

his reasons for being that way could be massively different though, like some do it cause they are drunk and become that way some are just that way so on

I mean an hour session of you listening to somebody rant and then you get paid sounds really nice.

Isn't that just an innate ability?

You aren't just listening to them rant, though.
You're also coaxing them to rant more.

you attributed it to a dog

that is making fun of someone with a condition

iunno it probbaly feels good

You're also supposed to trick them into finding ways of fixing it.


for some reason you just feel like arguing with me

fuck off, i'm not in the mood


You have revealed your cognitive signatures to me.
I will now proceed to destroy you all.

Of course you need to make them rant more because:
1. you could dig up more underlying causes for their problems and
2. the longer they rant the more moolah you get

I don't quite get that but I guess it's a reason

flawless victory

i dont know man. is it worth asking



The weird part comes where you aren't allowed to give them suggestions.

Because if you tell them what to do, you become accountable.

So you're literally just paying them to be someone you can rant to and have poke you into ranting more about more things until you figure it out.

Aw, go rest or something.
Tsugumi is pretty cute tho, kinda makes me wanna watch the show, any good?

The trippy stuff comes later, once we've covered the basics.
Sadly I'm not going to stay in this longer than the basics, I got eco classes to take and not enough time in the semester.

I dunno man, mine's autism.

when you try to cyber someone in thread and they never reply =((((

why is it that every time i have said something mean to mugen in jest, he has genuinely asked me to apologise

and today captain fragile is picking fights with me


hello and goodbye

He is probably grouchy with Kyle

delicious reds

well if he's not careful he will deny my ego and will need to say sorry

Oh wait.
That site just translates them.


Maybe you should stop being a filthy normie???

Well, I told you that I don't cyber.

I was just curious

it's pretty decent! are you going to keep my bed warm with me then?

to be fair I did reply just with an image





you are free to dispute it

ask him

Well it depends on the mental state of the patient though. As far as I remember if the patient is in a really disturbed state then it is best to just listen to them rather than give suggestions since they are still looking for a clear understanding of the state the patient is in. However if the patient is not that disturbed then it is best to give them suggestions/thoughts to think about.

The reds in this are all autists.
It's only defendable with Red when she's a girl because, like, at least then she has her own twin tails to care for.

But only autists wear twin tails into adulthood.

I'm sorry, Ana, that was too far.

Forgive me?

he doesn't respond unless someone is bitching at me an then it's just to call me eva


i never notice these things.

Stop making fun of Tsuchi!!!
He can't help being a methhead!!!!!!

Just decent? Would you recommend?
Karen's VA does Chitoge though, will probably pick it up just for that.

I-I'm gonna have to think about it...

When I was training, one of the first things we were told is that if we tell them to do something, then we take accountability for it.

The goal is to coax them into coming up with it themselves.
Or trick them into thinking they did.

I'll give you a hug and let you play with my hair.

Also, why do you save in png? Jpg has like a fourth of the filesize, I think. Easier on the connection

ok no

png is lossless
jpeg is bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeegh

youre not losing much with 85kb vs 20kb, its all splitsecond upload


The smaller files don't matter so much, and the larger files get a lot of compression artifacts, so I just suffer through it.

might systematically destroy moog's life

They barely look different to me, and it's a big difference between 1.2MB and 200KB

Ah okidkes, I feel you.
I'm just conditioned to think that "MB" is scary at this point.

might go on quora and have some diagnosed psychopaths teach me the ways of life ruining

Twin tails are absolute garbage

only money parts of learning?

you dork

I would recommend, chitoge is really cute at times too so that's a plus to that right?

do it

idk while typing that i was smonking a little weed and now i'm a bit stoned and i don't feel so motivated


No, it's just credits in that field that I'm required to take. It actually has nothing to do with my major.
Kinda annoying, but that's how it is here.

Well I know what's next on the download list, then. Cute is always good!

youve put more effort into posting about me than i have about your hypocritical stance.

that hurts

why has Bono won woman of the year

this PC shit has gone nuts

Bono is a fucking man, find a fucking woman to be woman of the year

that's not offensive in anyway, letting Bono be woman of the year is offensive

what are you up to now?

i will post about you till the cows come home mate

don't argue with me or prepare to get talked about

i just got that saying

the cows aren't coming home

they are burgers

ill survive

what if i call you potato face

that seemed to really upset you last time

Yeah, I get that.

Sometimes I'd be tempted, but I really really hate jpeg artifacts.

Twin tails are fine.
On children.
And only children.
And only with shorter hair.

My days entertainement is thus ruined

Is he trans now or something?

I'm posting and watching a spooky episode of Space Battleship Yamato. Checking on the titanfall download every once in a while to see if it's working. Sometimes the internet makes me do the login page again or just randomly turns off and doesn't start again.
You? Just hanging around?

Well, you must exclude trannies from women related awards.

id have to point out nearly every selfie you post here involves your hair or dog noses covering your face

Jenner tho


he won into for his work for women's charities

its outrageous

wait I don't get what you said

I didn't save the image of Karen with the question marks, so this has to accurately represent how I feel about this.

I don't think it does.

what's your point

think i'm hiding some mashed potatoes

at least i have the decency to hid them lol


good I hope you enjoy it, I'm going to get some rest even though you're not going to get in my bed

sorry, it wasn't meant to hurt you dork

tfw you are mugen

Not a real woman

that you are insecure about it


so are you insecure you have a potato face then

Okidokes, sleep tight qt.
I'll warm your bed someday.

Oh, I feel you. I guess that's pretty annoying, I never really notice them in any of my pictures though.

did you just assume

i am indeed a cute bunny wabbit

I like when they go down like rin's mom

Thanks, bae.

it would be a terrible shame if someone noticed your insecurities

you know who else has a potato face?


Made this one myself so the question marks are kindy choppy if you zoom in


his is less mashed potato more and entire uncooked potato for a head

Yeah, most of yours seem to be really good.

I could probably change my capture software to save jpgs and not worry about it, but I'm committed now.

Twin tails are like breasts to me.
I like them if they look good on the person wearing them.

I was thinking there was one like
with her in the class with multiple question marks.

youll have to explain the logic there. im insecure about my intelligence or my social skills.

i could afford to lose weight though


you worry you aren't smart enough?

moogs is mashed potato?

lik a face sculpted poorly from mashed potato yeah

Maybe you're thinking of this one, of Ayaya?
Unless it's one that I don't have

Erin and moogs are flirting right now.
I've seen tsunderes flirt.
And that's what it looks like.


I agree

shhhhh i'm mean grr

I'm probably just misremembering like a fucking moron.

I'll check with cupcake after though.

Does he hit it?

do you have a job

I want to know too, now.
Cups better not be holding out on me.



unemployed mashed potato

any qualifications


Most things can look good on the right person.

Eyes scurred.

Erin a big mean.

If there was one like I was thinking, I'll post it at you.

a boat... in space?
titanfall 2 looks kewl
looks uber expensive tho.
i'm just watching youtube at 7 in the morning.

I'm a pedophile.

The never ending shitposting on Holla Forums is art for those who like a good fart. Hey, it rhymed!