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buffs when


My exam was like the 911
totally bombed it

I turned my computer off by mistake.

Neru shut your faggot ass up....BTW the way

i like the picture



fuck new threads

good work cups



EAT MY ASS GAREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really wish ANYONE GAVE A FUCK!!!!!!!
btw the way


why are there two erios. isn't one already too many?


how are you doing bae?

Opinion nullified.

today was awful. not sure why. just felt shitty all day for no real reason. I'm drunk and working on getting drunker right now though, so it's alright for now.

what's up with you?

get rekt kiddo

Hey you wanna play a fun but challenging game?


"Rekt" assertion negated.

Don't you fuck your grandma too much???????? BTW the way???????


my grandma died a few years ago.

death by snu snu

There needs to be one Erio.


this thrash bopard eate my post

I feel like there doesn't need to be any of anything.

BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BTW THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

about the same just ignoring thing with a different substance, up to anything fun?

GarEE don't EVER interrupt my meme warfare for this shit AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


nah. just watching black mirror.

One of me.

Find Alice we can laugh a lot if u do

yes. well done, goggles. you correctly counted how many of you there are.

good guess, black mirror?

I wanna rip you open and fill my bathtub with your organs.




u can have this:

Like I said, she makes threads on weeknights, last I checked. Blood-chan probably has a better idea of when.

One of you too.

it's basically modern, british twilight zone. it's very very good, actually.

hopefully blood chan kys themselves

Up Yours!!!!!! Blood Chan!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Btw the way

hm maybe I've asked you about it before cause it sounds incredibly familiar from that description

How're you? :3

She kept saying she's leaving in November, but from what I heard that's not happening?


I'm sure someone else mentioned it, actually. I haven't watched the show in a long time.

You sound like an incredibly SUPREME!!!!!!!!!!! DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!

Do you think you could still type if I carved your eyes out with a rusted spoon?

is that really garee, erio?

Pretty okay. Getting paid in like 4 minutes so yeah.

How're things?

picture very related


that's possible as there are many british posters so ye, you're up pretty late

you can hear text on a screen? can..... can you not read?

Do me a favor I wouldn't have to see your COCKFONDLING ASS ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW THE WAY????????????


nice. it's cool to have someone even more pathetic than me around.

been up pretty late a lot lately. just can't seem to sleep until pretty late.

this album gave me hope for new music



yea it's fire.

I have so much good new music though.

ASK ME IF I GIVE A FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BTW the way

I'll help you sleep bae :^)



Do you give a fuck?

oh? how do you think you might do such an incredible thing?

What did you get?

GAREE STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! attack anyone here and THEY KNOW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah I'm talking to him on Steam

Pretty good; all done with my certification course as of a couple of days ago. Just have to get a job in China now. :3

She seemed to just be using it to try to get me to tell her not to go and that I want her here, but I was just like "lol okay bye bitch"

what a terrible fate.


hopeully they stay gone
hopefully they get hit by a bus lmao

can't actually say unfortunately


something sexual in nature, it has to be pretty intense and exhausting obviously or it wouldn't work like lots of bullying

now what on earth makes you think I want to be bullied? I'm an incredibly fragile flower.

So whats wrong with your ass?


Congrats! That's an exciting big step~

Are you a transfag now too?

Goddam it, Nezi.

this is for your own good for sleeps sake


but how can you lecture me on not sleeping at the proper times when you're up even later than me?

Then the virus is working as planned.

I'm not a fragile flower like you though so ye

GAREE HAS HAD SEX 383 TIMES, CUPCAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wasn't she here a few days ago saying she's not actually leaving?

Yeah and now I actually have some idea of how to teach


in a condom


it's not permanent chill out

nope, staying a guy fortunately

I have enough mental health problems already kappa

I don't think you're getting the right kind of help then.

...well played.

oh shit. what a badass.

Teach me, senpai~

Yeah, keep your disgusting male privilege, cis-scum.

sorry, I always wanted to say that and haven't yet, so there you have it

What's a kappa?




Shut the FUCK up Alice, nobody is falling for your shit


i dont really concern myself with that person or any of the things they do so I couldn't tell you

You haven't been playing.

so you'll be a good boy then?


i've been distracting myself. u_u

Hold the fuck up.
I'm a good boy. I am the ONLY good boy.


I didn't say that. plus, I doubt you really want me to be one.

good boys go to bed.


dogs are scary x_x

it's a joke

they did that in Jackass: The Movie


trying to turn my joke about you around on me, eh? typical woman.


Yes and he shit it out.

My body hurts. It's keeping me up.

this is a fair point but the fun really is in making you be one, less you just starting off that way


my empty heart and permanently fucked up back weep for you.


rough sex will do that to ya

i'm not fast...

so in other words, I shouldn't start off being one, and should instead be bad for now.

my poor feelings.

Never mind.

You've simply lost your way.

I'll show you the right way.

not in the mood for jokes I see. alright.

Feelings? what are you a fricken girl?

I suppose

how are you nezumi?

you are not nearly as good at this as me. of course, as I am a man and you are a woman, this is to be expected.


I'm just not feeling well.
It's been a long 2 weeks.

yes in bed but you're in public so it's better for you to be good like a dog out on a walk


you know I care about you, far more than I care about myself. I just don't ever really know what to say to help someone else in pain, as I've basically been in a perpetual state of emptiness and pure shit for months now.

I have short hair. you have long hair. checkmate.

maybe I'm too drunk to be good.

I've been up for about 38 hours and i'm not sleepy.

I'm not really sure what to do with myself.

and these days short hair is incredibly common on a certain gender...hmm...let me think here real quick...

oh, right.


That's stupid.

this thrash bopard eate my post>>1444198

Just hurry up and follow me already before its to late !


The company helps.

like I said. I'm much better at this than you.

don't make it gay.



Hurry up! THERE ISN'T MUCH TIME LEFT ! ! !!!!!!

what the literal fuck is this thing?

I probably like girls more than you do.

This lug.

you might wanna consider medication if it goes on much longer

you'll be fine though for now obviously

you staying up on purpose oooooor?



I just felt like doing it.


then you will be whipped into your place, cause like that's totally normal in public

game over


so you're finally coming out as a lesbian? that's great! I'm really proud of you.

oh. dur.

the fact that it's not normal is what is appealing about it.

well ok, have fun then

sure is lacking smug anime girls in here

One of these days I'll know how to win.

God I love this video

what do i do?

oh yeah?

I need my fix, it's an addiction.

level up

i'm going to bed now.

well it's a good thing what I said was dripping of sarcasm now isn't it?

we can fix this. we have the technology.

somehow I really doubt that. I'm far too good at this.


your thing was dripping of sarcasm. I want to be dripping of something else.

Sleep well... u_u

this ones nice

don't wake up

How have you dudes been?

Define what you're actually good at?

be nice to ban or ill break ur legs

that would be more than the plan, dripping from places, all over places all that lewd stuff

being a snarky asshole.

dead inside. how about you?

your internet tough guy routine would be cute if you weren't so hopelessly pathetic.

oh my.

i bought a bass and it fucking broke on the headstock because it fell over onto the cement floor
Fuck my life
how are you doing brother

that hurts......

plus sore and covered in marks and reddened hand prints.... maybe writing too, that sounds strangely fun actually

Same of course, on the plus side 7 more days till I fly to japan

God damn dude, why the hell would you waste money like that. I can't imagine buying something and it just fucking breaking.
Ye, read above tho. Weebland soon.

you would do well to learn how to harm through words, instead of pretending you're capable of harming through actions.

Stop being that.

i dont wanna harm anyone u jerk

More like you can't.

you'll soon be able to fill the void with that sweet tight japanese pussy.

body writing is a really hot fetish, yes. been a fan for a long time.

I legitimately do not know how.

then stop acting like you do.


Too bad all I want is a singular qt gf, because that void fill of a one night stand lasts like a few hours at best.

All I could think of was a lazy town song.

The abundance of good posters in this thread is making me want to post things that aren't music.

I see we're all in a bit of a morose mood tonight. that's a bummer.

I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about.


you're one of them ;)

well sheit man it wasnt on purpose
it just fell over cause i dont have shit for space here
i only spent 300 on it but it still bothers me alot

I thought you already moved to nippon what's up with that?

what did you expect?


im not acting like anything


I think it's mostly the fact scoots and erin are gone.

flattery will get you nowhere. especially with such blatant falsehoods.

except a twat.

from what incredibly little I know about lazy town, I doubt very much that this is from that show.

yeah, you like that huh?

damn it

I'm going to fail this test so hard I've read the texts twice and I still have no idea what any of it means.


good it'd be more than fun to write thiiiings all over, nice and "friendly" things

watch the language there.

you'll be fine, silly.

I am legitimately at a complete and total loss of words here. I have no idea how to respond to this. at all.

I get the sense they won't be nice or friendly!

yeah goggles is the weirdest girl I know

Don't be weirded out but I had a dream about you.

isn't she just?

they'll be enjoyable and partially true at points so there's that

I just wanted to play monopoly.


I'm flattered. tell me more. in private, if necessary.

well with a guarantee like that, I can't possibly be nervous~

I used to play that all the time. pretty good game.


no way im the nicest poster there is

oh. it really is from lazy town.

what the fuck.




it's true



*most desperate


I guess it's "make the most obscure references possible" day and no one told me.


You didn't get the meemo?

What's DPRK?

It was really heartwarming tbh, I'll tell you about it later.
Also look, Akiko drew this for me. It's Karen as Eevee.


no. I did not.


nice. it's very cute.

I can hardly wait. go ahead and tell me even if I'm not around when you're ready to type it out, I'll read it whenever.


Oh man, haven't seen that in a while.

Democratic People's Republic of Korea, at least that's the official name of North Korea.

u guys are just bullies


how could you say that?

Sci I love you and stuff but you gotta admit you're kind of a cunt to most people

;_ ;

cuz ur picking on me when i do nothing wrong!

oh yea like who??


Remilia has so many good reactions holy shit.
Favourite one is still the one where she's sipping out of a mug while sitting on a computer.

my niggga

Does this trouble you?

why not women?

I think I found my favourite though.
Oh boy.


idea for a meme
it's a picture of mel gibson
and the filename is
Neru on the topic of jews

idea for a meme
"like let me make this clear for you dude"

Ay, that one's pretty good, kek.

Initially this was just because people kept asking face, so I would save pictures of generic arab men and say it's me. People kept asking and the folder kept growing.

I don't really feel like getting into it but you make a problem out of nothing sometimes, at least from what I've seen.
But I love you.


idea for a meme

"sci is a pedophile"

oh wait. that's a real thing.

I'll admit.
When Sci leave me alone I am usually indifferent of him now.

How many images do you even have in that uncanny folder?

stock image arab men

the picture is me and the object is the meme
it's very zesty
I like it

that image is just fuckin adorable

thanks bard. I could only do it because you believed in me.

i just like to be the center of attention...............................................

downright rude...............................................

well damn. that's rude.

y-you too

84 plus my own selfies which I had no idea where else to put.
Felt appropriate.

They're all me btw

I mean yeah sure go for it

You're a poopy face

what was that pretentious bs for the first 2 minutes


my life


Oh shit time to get ready to go to college and fail my exam.
Seeya dudes later.

bye my dude

Well, not like that would be wrong, but still.


bye ana. good luck. you can do it.


Hi luka

is there no limit to what I can write? this is a joke, of course there isn't since you're the one on the leash

you filthy filthy man.


...at least u notice me..

Well, that was a decent round of OW.
With Test in bed I'm back to being bored though.

that is a cute girl

join test in bed obviously


Luka, what did I tell you about poking people?

D-don't stare at me everybody...

she is happy

i poked someone?






















No, you should poke other people if you want attention.

I wish.

Entertain me.

there is a new thread


can't you squelch players in OW?