♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

I cant help it, I am a monstah Edition

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I am shit so good images are my only hope



His normie is disgusting

They are pretty good.

That's a form of where we get Alacrity from, right, Grim?

You're good, the images only make you better!


I forget All ppl don't think like us n get myself caught up

he needs to GG

cute pic :)


I played like 6 hours of Maplestory, thanks for reminding me about that game
Got lvl 100 too

This is flattery..
How was work?

I actually wasn't just memeing that time.

Luka leave

Gee thanks for waiting for me.

I feel dumb and powerless.

Excited for phone this weekend tho.

everyone here is a miserable piece of shit. which isn't surprising because it rains six days a week and as much as people talk about emerald isle le beautiful things are only ever gray when its always overcast

even sunshine has that arctic coldness to it.

also everyone's a miserable piece of shit.

How was skool?

Fucking shit man, rip the value it had, now it's just worth what silver is worth.
Hopefully I can get it sent off to that grading company that can clean it off.

I'm going to pretend typing that twice is intentional and not a fuckup

You forgot half the country is polish.

everyone's a miserable piece of shit.


not I

I'm mocking him.

I was a miserable piece of shit once.

My neck, my back, photograph my Mao and my crack

Shut your mouth ikt or i'll accidentally step on you

I don't think I'm capable of being a miserable pile of shit, honestly.

It's too easy to find things to enjoy.

I have 3 other low lvl characters ^^

Dat imposter syndrome?

I slept for 14 hours and felt weird all day

Impostor syndrome? Nani?

I want sleep too. In fact I should go after I finish this hentai.

Something that happens a lot in tech jobs, basically you feel like people think you know more than you do
When in fact you feel dumb and useless

Link it?!

Oh yes, exactly. I mean I didn't think highly of myself anyway but this is like dumping salt on a wound.

Did you have something like this?

thats pretty funny grim

Don't be afraid to ask questions as long as it can't be answered by google would be my advice

Nope actually I just read a lot about it, mostly on leddit, seems like a common thing in programming jobs

lol I'm a mod

i doubt it


Ban me?


Eh they're friendly enough I guess and don't seem very up-to-date with it all but I lack basic skills like being able to make a makefile and interacting with Perforce instead of git. Also - working with a massive 80's codebase when you're barely used to C++11.

But the people are gud, so that's nice. I'm now struggling with already defined stuff but I can't work out why, so that's the exercise for tomorrow.




That is very cool though, you'll improve fast I'm sure ^^
I think they'd be pretty understanding since you've never used Perforce before? I certainly haven't

They haven't used git so they ask me stuff too ^^

Anyway good night!


Sleep tight



oh hey obesity hour




There's a difference between A E S T H E T H I C C and just plain obesity.


I don't mind a girl with a bit of meat on her bones.

But there's a point where it becomes rather unpleasing.

Fat shamer!!!



Thick is fine, but fat should be shamed.

thicc more like licc

THICCC? MORE LIKE.... gotta liccccc


As in, liccing the shit off the ground because it looked like chocolate ice cream.


tokai i thought you were cool




no snot on the t-shirt lil guy.

fug u

how do we stop the bully?

Thicc is pretty alright

ban ooble


Don't ban ooble


Thicc is fine.
Obese is not.

please ban ooble

shut your whore mouth
who are you to decide where the line of thicc is


Someone who understands that being obese has a negative impact on your health???

stop this meme
let them like whatever they like

So does eating shit, that doesn't stop some people.

Guys, no fat shaming, please.

if you want to eat fat vagina you go eat it

as long as you dont make your friend's vagina fat against their wishes just to eat a fat vagina

i'm here

thicc isnt an actual weight though dummy
obese is and it's based on height and not just weight

*kink shaming

do you like thicc or slim girls

body positivity


slightly thicc
how about you my dear neru

Slim best



I can't even tell who's memeing anymore.

I prefer athletic girls.
So a bit between the two, but more biased towards slim.

everyone in a state of perpetual meme

liking flat girls makes you a pedophile
just look at ui

If I can't snap her over my knee then she's not thin enough.






anyone here know excel particularly well? ive got an issue and im not sure if i need to write a script for it

Remember back when there was someone with content?

I miss whoever that was.


As for breasts.
I like all breasts, as long as they suit the body they're part of.

just turn off of the switch

not it



yee boiiiii



Don't worry, I'm here.


This is fine.


because you're a switch

I totally didn't just come up with this pun




th-there is nothing wrong with smaller boobies... b-baka

whatis your battle station

I totally doubt I can help but what issue

Ana has nice breasts.

Test, I like you and all, and I'm sure you have a point.

Are you telling me to be subby?


could go either way



ive got a large flat file DB in the form of an excel sheet, problem is theres a ton of dirty records i need to cut and paste from it, and a grand total of 1026 entries in the cunt. is there some existing means i can use to select or extract and prune these records?

Well memed.

She's got a nice everything.

What are you doing stop


Thank ya sir.
How is test?



Perfect combination.
Nightman the movie when?


I think you're talking about yourself again.

how do i select clean records? the set of bad values contains two kinds of unknown, null values, and missing values.

Please do not perform this action

convert it to plaintext csv and select the lines with like python tbh

I'm good I guess. No homework, no exams tomorrow, got a full night's sleep.

I just want to play

How's Ana today?

wouldnt it be simpler to work with VBA in the spreadsheet?


Oh god, what is that huehue

But good that you have time for rest.

You youn 'uns and your exams.

Ive been feeling a tad melancholy in regards to education today funnily enough

I dunno I barely use excel

rip me



It's 1:30 AM and I need to study for a really shitty philosophy test, have to head to college in about eight hours.
Random mood swings give me a sad. Something smells like piss and I don't know what it is, been scrubbing the entire room.
Scored one point below failing on my accounting test. Ruined my week tbh. I thought I did great, teacher said he expected better.
I want to finish reading Watchmen so I can get started on a Rorschach folder but I can't read too far ahead of the class. Signed up for a really cheap meal plan, though. Lunch every day for only 3 dollars a day.
And yourself?

if you know vba and excel function names I guesss

Ihave not used any office programs to change stuff for years

I have used like one macro ever it was some awful thing for removing duplicate rows that Idid not even write

python is amaze tbh just for line in file run function on line to check it and ifyes write it to new file if not skip it depending on how easy the check is but onlyyou know that really since you have the file

I love python so much


Didn't expect that holy shit

Are those her bewbs or a pillow


I miss it, learning and education is the best.
Its nice to look at new perspectives and learn new tricks.
Then again, I do not miss the 2am evenings working on a paper.... that much.


There's a difference?

Flat is superior.

Hey there.
How much were you spending on lunch in average without the plan?

please don't do this

Them androgynous girls.
hng hng hnnnnnnng

Was wondering when you'd show up, qt.
Around five dollars, sometimes a lot more depending on the mood.
Either way the portions are bigger and it's actual food.

Well played

Better than that, fortunately.

Do you have time to recover from that test, at least?

I think you're exempt in this case, since I directly asked.


all my blood is in my dick right now

argh, this is a royal pain
i just want to sort it by elements that match a pattern and those that dont ;_;

Test is today. Our micro economics teacher is giving us an extra session both today and tomorrow.
I have no classes tomorrow so I'm basically staying an extra day up here instead of going down to Tripoli for this one fucking session.
Then I won't even be able to stay there for long because turns out she rescheduled the exam to Monday.

Yeah man, I vape


python is greatttt

Rumia isn't really androgynous but I guess that artist makes her a bit like that.

I was feeling a bit anxious for some reason and went for a smoke, sorry.
I bet you wish you signed up for it earlier, you're still able to pick what to have for dinner like usual.

There should be a petition to delete Origin.


I don't even what to say.
My sympathies for the shitty day.

seems like a lot of hassle to do something so simple, id have thought excel would have a built in means of cleaning data


Yeah I actually do wish I did that, saves a lot of money.
Meh. I'm pretty good at bad decisions.

Just send virtual pats and hugs.
Thanks. Hopefully Origin reconnects, that's all I want in life, tbh.

caps umu

are you sure itis not more hassle to learn tons of very specific hard to reapply stuff like obscure excel features rather than writing a throwaway generic thing like a short python program

Do you want to play with my hair while I give you pets and hugs?

Origin should be a criminal offense, tbh.

i dreamt i wasnt able to write my name

eh, not really, but effort. it breaks the workflow, and i dont like to write purpose specific code for stuff that should be standard features

At least you're good at something. What about that accounting test? Will you be able to retake it?
I have a lot of those stored and ready to hand out.

Are you sure it was a dream

are you sure this isnt a dream right now?

That sounds incredibly comfy. I wouldn't mind brushing it for you too.
Long and dark, you said?

I guess so.
No, there's no retake. I just have to do better to raise the average.

the matrix

If it was a dream then I could wake up.

That it is.
If it were any darker, I'd be Tsube here.

I'm sorry, I'm not really good at this.
I usually just let people rant and rave to me until they feel better while providing the occasional input, and then pull them into a hug if I feel they need it.

Can't be sure, but I doubt I would dream about sitting on a chair posting anime girls.

Just redpill me fam.

That sounds frustrating, hopefully whatever you have to study next will be easier.
Did your teacher review the exam?

u dont know if u can wake up or not
in any case im quite confident it was a dream. ive been having a lot more of those recently. do u dream much?

cant wake up

gimme [pills gimme pills

well idk, i used to dream regular days all the time. but yes id rather dream of cuddling an anime girl...

I feel myself getting triggered again by using office programs so many buttons and weird menus

What kind of pills do you want?

I used to dream a lot about getting up, doing my morning routine and then waking up again, staying in bed for 5 minutes and falling into the same dream over and over.

yeah those are the weirdest


Just talking is more than enough, already cheered me up. You're irreplaceable ♥
Tsube is pretty cute, though. What anime is that?

What I'm studying next is the philosophy test I have in eight hours and I'm almost sure I'm going to fail it. Teacher doesn't accept the usual roundabout answers and is strict on grading, hopefully it'll turn out fine.

I dream almost every time I sleep. Sometimes sleepwalk, too.

Origin connected

whoa cool. whats the weirdest dream u can remember?

Well that's good! And might make me feel a bit warm and fuzzy.

She's from Twintail!

I'm capping her, both Tail and non-Tail, and also Tail Red.
But not non-Tail Red, because non-Tail Red is kind of a creep.




why do u anonpost so much


My name falls off and I can't be bothered to correct it when people know who I am anyway.

There's no need to get so short with him, he hasn't even said anything yet.

rin is e dating goldfish now ???

That's pretty easy to find here, I will hook you up.

I wish I could help you but philosophy is something I never had, even though I really wish I did.

If you're like me, maybe you'll get good grades on exams you think you won't after getting bad grades in exams you think you did good.
You should be really careful about the words you use.

Do you usually remember your dreams?

When I was like 10 I had lucid dreams 3 nights in a row about being a pokémon trainer.

I gunned down my parents before one of my highschool friends grabbed me and dragged me outside into what seemed to be a very old version of China. The friend then proceeded to lob me by the leg into the air with insane force, spent the rest of the dream flying through the air at an impossibly high wall before I finally hit it and died.
Then I woke up, pretty weird. There was weirder, but I remember it the most vividly.

I was talking about Guero.

I'm sorry, that just felt like a perfect set up.

Oh. Okay.

No, Goldfish has a boytoy.

We's just friends.

how does that happen

lol fun. ive never had a lucid dream

thats more bizarre than any i can remember
were u mad at ur parents or something when u had that dream


I havent taken pills in a good few months, maybe over a year. The last 2 batches were abhorrent. Little to no come up.
Waste of money.


Who knows

oh okay then

But MCR are awesome


Do you not like that word choice?

i can confirm test is 13. I mean- he's at least as tall as a 13 year old....

no opinion

Shut up, shorty.

You deserve to feel warm and fuzzy, really.
Do their personalities change based on whether their hair is in twintails or not?

Meh, it's not so glamorous. At least not when you're studying the older ones. Plato and Aristotle are the bois and everything but holy fuck they didn't make sense.

I do, usually. Sometimes no.

I can't remember, though apparently I got up from my room into their room at around six AM and threw their tv onto the ground then proceeded to yell at both of them. Ran out of the room and laid down on the stairs, then I woke up and my mom was shaking me and yelling at me for being a madman.
Can't remember any of it.

who is this oobles character does anyone know him


Never heard of him.

They are secretly patrician.

I always had them kinda naturally, long before knowing what they were exactly. It's pretty fun but sadly I don't dream too often lately.

That's why I'd rather stick with green.

who the fuck are you

I just used it because AFAIK Ana's single, but they both seem really sweet on eachother.

Awwe, well thanks.
You do as well.

No, but a cute, young girl obsessed with twin tails isn't as creep as a high-school dude.

Who the fuck are YOU

jeez thats intense. do u take anything for the sleepwalking? is there something u can take for that?

guero and test can suck my FUCKING ASSHOLE

if by patrician you mean generic garbage for edgy 13 year olds then yea

Only one of the us would enjoy this.

don't threaten me with a good time


Mmmmm weed is so much more consistent. Though my everyday poison is booze. Something snortable for special occasions.


You better fukken watch yo mouth Sid

Nah, no need. It barely happens.
And when it does, I usually just yell at someone or wake in a different spot than where I went to sleep.

I feel like there's something here that I'm not understanding. Are they different characters or what? Genderbenders?

Although now that I'm trying to remember I think I woke up next to a dead dog once.

yeah ive been able to recall upon waking up maybe ten dreams per year for most of my life.
i think it's kind of nice, dreaming is too weird


who even are u

I know the cave thing from Plato, I think it doesn't just make a lot of sense, it's also really interesting.
I wouldn't be so interested about it if it wasn't for Ergo Proxy tho.

I think I will understand your posts much better from now on.

Jesus, how did that end up?

My sister once sleepwalked her way down the stairs without falling and woke up in the couch on the living room.

Tail Red is a gender bender.
Normally a highschool guy, but as Tail Red he's a cute grill.

Tsube, Tail Blue, doesn't change much at all.
Pic being her as Tail Blue.

Iinchou, Tail Yellow... Well.
She doesn't change when she becomes Tail Yellow.

How in the...:?

Holy shit that fucking picture

That isnt to be read literally. I am not a drunkard or a scoundrel.... Well I am not a drunkard... much... baka.
Perfectly sober as a judge right now.

Plato though.

shit, neru, i just realised, i can like, sort the document by columns

No idea tbh, was a kid so I didn't really put much weight on it. I now realise how strange that was.
Actually yeah, what the fuck?

did u kill the dog

Blood-chan on a proxy?

He's living the dream, tbh. Wish I could turn into a twintails superhero grill.

That's pretty sad, dreaming is amazing. It's almost like free drugs, an experience that your own brain provides you and you won't be able to find anywhere else.

Sometimes I imagine a certain Greek teacher using dank memes to spike interest.

Good to know, alcohol can be pretty harmful.

Oh my God, Ana was Blood-chan all along.

Did I?

You're making me look REAL UNORIGINAL HERE

fuckin bullies

i'm a real girl

i say NO to drugs

[! ! !]

oh right you kept telling me that before didnt u
why are u here

isnot that what grom suggested

For real though I was like three or four years old, probably couldn't kill a dog in my sleep.

I think we're better off not knowing.

Same, tbh.

Have you seen Zoids: New Century Zero?

why are you here?

oobles is giving me a swedish fish kinda vibe keep a close eye guys


unlike swedish I clean my genitals
don't you have pictures of children to be posting? we've been over this.

did he?

so can living, i hear.


You wanna be bullied harder?

-sits happily in the corner, holding a large punkin- :3


i dont even know u

o-only if it's you... scoot senpai..........



Let dead dogs lie.
I have not seen it. Any good?


Which ones? The meds you take when you're sick are drugs, potentially more harmful than some recreational ones.

Living is pretty troublesome as hell tbh.

maybe the reorder part
aha well I still recommend python

b i t c h

oobs I've saved so many of your pictures

you wanna go with insults babycakes?~

^_^ -gives you a slice of punkin pie with whipped cream-

i only take the doctor-recommended amount of those! i mean i say NO to recreational drug use

u have lost me

-is frightened and hides behind the chair. A small saucer with a slice of pie is slowly inched out from behind for you- :

ok ur lost now don't come back :(

I really enjoyed it.
Kinda ruins my analogy that you haven't, though.

But Yellow's kinda...
Well, she's definitely a hard sub.
A total M.

After learning to control her Tail Gear, she takes to calling Red "Master," even, and gets off on revealing her body.

And she ditches her armour when attacking, Liger Zero Panzer style.

I kn-know what must be done...... awooooo

If you aint first, ur last

hey sonata do u know the band whores.?

Thank you ^^

why dont u just tell me who u are already, weirdo

can you not read


do what i say bitch!!!! !!!!!!

-tilts head curiously and wonders if you need more lemon pledge?-

-peeks around the corner of the chair-

Reminds of Darkness. Loved that girl.

can u not read

A healthy decision, both for you and your wallet. What's your opinion on alcohol and tobacco?

I loved that game, too bad it's not PC available.


Also, Yellow is the only one with a voluptuous chest.

From TLR?

I meant THIS Darkness.

well now i feel like a dumbass
oh well, at least its done

i dont need any lemon pledge ty youtube.com/watch?v=Tw9IUB7cr60

maybe i choose not to

oh tobacco is great love it
alcohol idk

I thought you meant this one.


Don't worry i'm here.

No need to miss me anymore.

The awooo'ing one!

From Konosuba

That one c:

Now that you say it.

Pretty much.
Only she's not as...

She still has some shame.


-carefully comes out of hiding and wheels the tea cart over-

Darkness is a pure knight. A holy bastion of honor and hope. No idea what you're talking about.

That's something that triggers me slightly, tobacco IS a recreational drug, one of the worst ones out there since it's so harmful and gives you little to no high.

But I smoke it too on occasion so I'm not one to talk.

I will jpeg it.


Just finished watching The Danish Girl.
Rather good movie.
If you do not take into account the gross historical inaccuracies. Much like 300.

Sonata bobata potatter frittata


I feel like you know exactly what I'm talking about, Darkness.

Maybe I do


Yes. I really like it when I can provoke a reaction on you.

Back in the garage.

I go now to actually study.
Peace, dudes.

Maybe you should show me what I'm talking about.

god luck

what are you stupid??!?!?!?!?!?? tobacco is a plant not a drug


Your (you) game must be strong af then.

Do your best, Plato is a cool dude.

Shit. Okay, see you, Ana.

Study well! I baleeb in you.

thats unfortunate i thot u were jus too stupid :(

Eh, does this mean that you're ok with pot? That would restore me some faith.

Nicotine is a stimulant drug, let's not forget all the other crap they shove in those sticks.

Only with certain posters.

no actually the problem is im too intelligent now stop avoiding my questions who are you

well secretly i actually have no strong opinion about any drug


-squeaks...doesn't want t go in the car bedroom- :

sonata doesnt have to go to the garage. harumph

It's time to stop.

stfu faggot

Its time to cuck



fixed for you


Go to bed, Scoot.

i am oobles??????????????????????

i am transcending

Wh-what!?! How could his power level be so high!??! And its still even getting bigger!?!?

so ur really not sara or something gay like that?

This sounds like the "I'll rip out your endocrine system" by Gary Busey.

Hey you wanna play a fun and challenging game?

because he is potato

hi btw ban

Transcending time?


transition time

me irl transcending




I honestly have no idea who this guy is.


nm, im tired of being sick all the time
sup w u

I've been awake for almost two days now.

Actor in the 80s and 90s.

NO IM A REAL GIRL but im not another real girl


oh i see. longest ive gone is 3, how long do u plan on going?

okay then
how do u know me

The ride never ends.

I should make a cat folder for oobles.

About another 6 hours or so.

and with that I bid you all goodnight.

(you) please? ♥

cool, also why are you doing this exactly>?





I don't have a reason.

Once you get in you can't get out.

coolcool v cool

s-stories? I only know you from asking who I am every single time you see me

I've been play the new dbz game nonstop though.

i've already put 50 hours into it

well maybe u should try to make an impression sometime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell me about the magic of how to get infinite vpn's?

holy moly thats insane. do u have people coming over to play with u? that would be super cool

I've made a new thread by the way. Please proceed into that one.

And that means now!

mayb u should b worth impressing

Terra. ♥♥♥