Early Turkey Day edition

Early Turkey Day edition

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Gobble gobble, Maddie!

Hm. I don't know. "Higher than Harlem" is just a saying you hear in old school hip-hop songs sometimes.

Pretzeled breads and various cheeses.

pizza dough and cheese and onyan and mushroom and tomato and meatstuffs

that kinda looks awful tbh neru, what cheddar even is that?

How far can your less than 1 gb cap go.

Haiiiiiiii Sabby


I can't wait for them to start playing Christmas music all fucking winter.

I have to get my thinking cap on.
How are you?


i'm not hip hoppity person...
i don't understand ur cultures and stuffs!

teach me your ways!

( Neru )
How did it taste?
did it make you feel good and happy? :)


idk what cheese it is

itwas really good

itwas really good and stuffs


it looks like lasagna on a flatbread



luka harlem floats about 500 feet off the ground from the rest of new york

they say martin luther king himself holds the neighbourhood on his shoulders

that is how pizza is supposed to be

worst pone

I went on an adventure last week. Margaritas were involved. ♥

I got Shrekrolled, but other than that I'm fine.

I'm so white I get sunburned standing next to a Japanese flag, so I'm probably not the best person to teach you about hip-hop culture. I'll hug ya though! hug


Howdy howdy kitten nyan meow
Whats good?

oh wow, very nice.

Got things working on le phone
I figured out his to post easier
How's you sluttybutty?


Will you survive?
Cooking challenge when?

what else have you cooked ?


i bet you smoke nothing but regular

show me

aww.... do more to me.

Less than 3



All spooped out
Same old same old
Miss my memer partner in crime



I miss you too
Hence ...hello ..why I'm here xD


Maddie, did you have a fun Halloween?

There's some internal bleeding, but I'll just take a salt tablet and walk it off.

Cooking will have to wait until I can afford decent ingredients, I'm afraid. I don't wanna half-ass it!

kizzes the top of your head

tacos and fishdiks and springrolls and teriyaki and

Long time no see, cutie ♥

I did not.

Uguu I know right, I like don't come here till
I came here

Has the universe calmest down?
Did you go spoopin?

Deep as fuck
Whatcha been up to?

is pretty feeling nice today?



You should make some super spicy chili!

Why are your clothes on in that picture, homosexual?

yeah, my friends suck so I spent the rest of my money on some ice cream and slept for 16 hours.

Spooper spicey chilli dawgs?

dude that sounds awesome

The universe is raping others atm
Like my mortal enemies
I'm sure it'll come back n fuck me again tho... we've become so close the past year

Oh you know. ...Just living the dream .... someone's dream xD and you?



thread is sooo happy and nice today! ^_^
all these cool people showing up!
making me smile~

Nothing crazy, hard at work and hardly working

Got a week off, it's gonna be pretty fuckin chill~

You're so gey

How much for an 8ball of memes?
And oooooh the universe is an adulterous
Shame!!! Shame!!! Shame!!!
Um, this a flying visit? Or is mobile pertty gonna be reg?
No one memes on our level ❤️️
But glad to hear things are smooth
Buttcheeks crossed


I went to Houston for a week to see family and not work. I didn't pay for a single drink, but somehow manage to stay buzzed most of the time. It was nice.

Sorry to bring up a bad memory, Maddie. I hope Thanksgiving goes better for you.

Sure! You can step it up and do dogs. Just make sure it's hot enough to make you cry and curse the day you were born, or it ain't real chili.

another word for happy, lol

I never know
My mind is such a fucked place these days
I try to come here but I wander away from all places

how to work ethic?

sup pritty, dont think ive seen you in a while
howve you been?


omg u were drunk?! ;~;
was family nice and inviting this time?

Look at that pupper, adorable

I've been I've been ...how's you qt booboo

you are so thirsty

I tryyyy

It's me friends n I'm going to put it in my purse next time ...she'll never know

beady eyes should be admissible as evidence in court

im good, just procrastinating when i should be doing uni work, watching DSP play dark souls and beat things that slapped my shit

you have a plush irl!
soft and huggable?

Not really considering I was super hyped to get dressed up and go trick or treating and then go to a party after.

Yeah, we'll see. The actual holidays are giving me ridiculous anxiety cause first time seeing fam since I've gone full-time or whatnot.

He's been my friend since 2011
That's not thirst my nigga that's just tacos

Jalapeños? I love a good chilli though
What makes an authentic texas chilli?

No worries
I just care for my fam
Did you fuck up them hobags?
Did you sacrifice to senpai?

when do you graduate?

how random

Cupcake and tacos tho

tfw no doggo to pet

Grab n go nigga

You have to carry me back to promos.

Beat those things qt beat them good

Senpai noticed them
I'm just like finally senpai ...all those handjobs

Like that whole dicks out for a gorilla

Better duck n run nigga duck n run
(Master P) uhhhhhhh
Now that's stuck in my head

Yummy beef and chili paste simmered for hours or even a couple of days, with lots of peppers and hot sauce added in. People say Texas chili isn't allowed to have beans in it, but they're just being nationalists. I like beans in mine! Sprinkle some cheese on top and then burn your face off.

I can't imagine. Have you had any word from them about it? I would hope their love for you would make this a non-issue, but I know it's not always so easy.

Buzzed, mostly. Just buzzed. Bzzzzz.
I had a nice time with the family. I just wish I had more money so we could have gone to some of the museums and whatnot.

But whatever's

i really should be doing productive stuff, but laziness

hows you anyway?

flavour clouds?

did you at least get to go sight seeing?

I gotta run and do irl stuff

I'm lazy :)

Riri work work work? All those handies helps dexterity
Im partial to a stranger ayyyyy

Oh god I should do 2 day chilli
And dirty fries

My mouth fedora game strong


but I threw so ahrd yesterday

younever graduate you always keep learning life is one big exam in experience

kek, up to nothing in particular then?

Helped with something xD
That's just a taste of it

My dad actually called me a few days ago but we haven't like brought it up which can really go either way. I'm less concerned with the parents and more with my little sister which is kinda interesting. I dunno. It's all stupid.

Avoiding dishes

And that is why you must make it up to me.

glad you came to visit us here.

ur so smart!

do you work at any kind of fun job?


ive done the dishes like twice in the last month, each time they need doing i keep putting it off til the bf does them instead :/

10/10 trip


K thanks

Oh god my sides

Dishes are gonna be there n mff just gave it to me .... I'm pleased

Hopefully your sister will realize you're still the person she's always known and loved, and if anything, more authentically so now. *hug*

Scoot, I'm gettin' hungry here!
I think all your chili talk has cured my sour candy tummy.

Hm...not as much as the last couple of times I've gone. It just didn't pan out. But I still had a nice time. There's a museum of funeral arts down there I really want to visit! nmfh.org/

Not sure if upgrade or meth


nooo no job

maybee another tim not right now

That's the hope anyway, yeah.

*squsih* I hope your halloween was better than mine, lovey

that's me

Bad tummy?

This is more meme than I could have hoped

I wonder if we would have an earphone jack if he didn't go to traditional remedies for his cancer

he tried to beat it by jogging

like literally tried to run away from his cancer



looks like it would have been fun.
soo are you back into work now till next vacation?

that's alright~
i just worry about you.
hope you are eating well and... stuff.

Ihope you eat well too

what are you going to do now?

maybe read book

You've got a good heart and you're a lovely person, Maddie. If your family have any sense, they'll remember that. ♥

I had an alright time. I watched some silly movies with friends and ate too many fun size snickers.

Mhm. I had too much sugar last night and my tummy was all gurgly. That's no good!

Yep. I still have some paid time to kill, so I'm going to start taking odd days off. What about you, Luka dear? Got anything fun going on?

The price of hallows eve


I try, but I'm unsure they realized that to begin with :(

Did you watch Zombeavers?

tell me book name?

not really. i'm prolly gonna lie down for a bit, i've been awake for far too long.
i'm glad you are finding ways to enjoy yourself though~

is second or third read since I forgot a lot of stuffs

aaa and subby just invited to a game


have fun

you too

Those tits are disgusting.

i dont even


My motherfucking faggot
I should prolly be married to him raising 20cats already but that whole diff state shit

You n me both
Bernice had another white baby on Katie's birthday n her kid ran away coz he hates her

Now give him miko sleeves and a mask.
He could rape anyone and no one would believe it.

Hahahahhahaha fucking feel the burn

he needs a poni shirt


Now I gotta be careful so I can pig out on turkey day.

I saw that one on Netflix a couple of years ago! It was ridiculous. Lots of fun. We watched Tucker and Dale vs Evil and Evil Dead 2 last night. We wanted the funnies.

Happy napping, Luka!

He wishes he had a mom like "me"
That's always fun to hear

But that is 3 weeks away?
Areyou telling me you arent thicc?

You are best mom, it can't be denied with that revelation

i mean, you gotta admit, it looks like one

kek, such is life

I hope turkey day loads me up with some boob nutrients. Gonna overeat on purpose this year

My kids all hate me that's normally a good sign but yet they can't seem to stay gone nor lie to me about life :)
He ran away for 8 days
While she had the baby
I always know where the brats are n their friends love me :p

life is craycray

The name of our punk band.

I'm trying very hard not to be!

Ahaha yes!

Soilent green is boobies!


Heh, aren't we all. Im going to get a flourescent jacket and night time cycle
Its getting teally cold
Yay so happy

well hello, pritty. long time no see.

Any how how
Chu see my freddy?
Thought you would larv


Yes I did
N of course I loved
It's Fred

you been doing okay?

No but life's tough at times
I will be good again one day
and you boo

unfortunately the same. life has not been very kind to me in the last few months. hopefully things improve for both of us sooner than later.

This is way too catchy.

I felt super queen

The pendulum of life will swing in our favor again

I can't even
I feel super queen most days on my throne of shit xD

Hah, the mac n'cheese throne?

well I'm glad you're still around and kicking at least. always good to see an old friend.

Pogo a god.


Something's never change

Name pls

I'm surprised how lively he has been as of lately with the Trump song and this.

Somebody post a link to creepy waifu creator

its like 2 threads back fam, go grab it

Moms spagooder



do ihave to go ctrl+f nyaa.se for you?

Ahhh now I'm listening to that LotR one again

yes pls

I always somehow end up in his Alice video.


I keep track of him on bandcamp and he didn't release anything there for a while, but it's good to know that he has been active.

That Kool A.D. song was really nice, I love the instrumentation.
The video is colourful and artsy as hell too.

For me it's White Magic.



top of the morniing folks


shit required for translation to work:

Bored, wondering what to do.

I think artists usually update their Soundcloud and Youtube first, if not even Spotify.
Thought you'd like it, it's pretty chill and the lyrics are somewhat truthful at some parts.
For some reason I thought that was going to be shoegaze.
I'm mostly just waiting to Metallica get done with their new album since all the songs which they have released already point to the fact that they're going back to the Death Magnetic style.


Or you're QT and are just trying to make mutant freaks of nature.



thanks fam


Her Halloween skine is getting some attention

I can't imagine why.

Stupid sexy mercy.

too bad shes just a GENERIC HEALSLUT!11!


She's a lot of fun with a decent team
I instantly switch the second I see someone stupid.


' hi yes im teh healer please fuck my facec'

yeah yeah, can't have a great team without the support
Still though (i dont play but my friends do n i watch them) I always see alot of that bitch

Pumpkin :3

Mercy is best heals

Remove pumpkin!

all memes aside just seeing mercy talk makes me want to get down on my hands and knees and lick a shaft base to tip

Become pumpkin.

Die Wunder der modernen Medizin!

Pumpkins can't fuck




I can't be bothered being a pumpkin with a dick.

Everyone has their method, but yes, I think most of them keep bandcamp as the last platform where they upload final releases and tracks ready for purchase.

Maybe it was the image and the artist/track name, or the fact that I mostly spam shoegaze. Either way it's dream pop which isn't too far from what shoegaze is.

Damn, those riffs sound amazing. Good to know that it's getting released soon, I wonder if 2016 is getting another great release before it's end.


I mean.
The stem is a common thing to use as a dick.

So I hear.
I wouldn't know.

Heard metallica new stuff yet???

lots of work but having a nice bday @least

Happy birthday kumar

let us not

aaaawww thanks for the gift scoots

Check yo steam grim

Can you fucking notfor once


Yeah it popped up while I was doing work

tfw bday keeps getting better and better

you prick what did you get him

happy birthday grim c:

ashe makes the weirdest faces

Well, at least indie bands do that with the bandcamp.
Perhaps, or the fact that they were Japanese.
It's been a pretty great year for metal at least with Ghost releasing their popestar ep, Amon Amarth releasing jormsviking and Sabaton releasing the last stand album.
And Megadeth's Dystopia, but we don't talk about that.

Oh, happy birthday Grim.
Anything planned for rest of the day after work?

Nice,lemme know how it is :)
Plans today?



he got me Meadow for steam


Unfortunately I feel like I will be spending the entire day working

but in between ill have my cake

maybe if I'm free tomorrow I'll go out somewhere quiet

botanical garden maybe

no my present was the best one

you porbably just sent him dickpics or something

when you get shipped with trynd you would make weird faces too

there is no wrong choice when sending gifts

it's about the message you're trying to send, not the gift itself


*shakes hand*

*scuffles away*

*looks on from a distance*


You are a vicious peice of work. Its grims day. So i wont rip you a new one, ciaran.

with old people

I sent my dick in a box. She loved it.

Poor Darwin will mourn for you, tokitiki

If it's about the message you're trying to send with the gift, then what does it mean if your SO gets you Sakura games?

rip me a new one

i mean

don't call me that

that he's a bit of a brat probably

Hey, look.
I found an image of me irl

I guess that explains why you post the most attractive character but only post two images of her.

Kill them all

good call

probably a huge dicktease

since theres no real sex/nudity in those

This is me_irl

Is she sitting on a desk, the floor, or inside of an air vent?

What's up with all the cute animals doing cute things in this thread?

She thought so. I couldn't complain.


you went blonde??

fine jeez

I can't bomb amsterdam

You just aren't trying hard enough. Germany managed to bomb Rotterdam. Amsterdam should be a piece of cake!

Tuna steak and che mein rice uwu

You're probably right.

It's not an air vent, it seems to be made of stone, and she's running a desktop.
And I've personally never seen a vent that large.

She's probably on the floor in a really small basement room.

Not yet.
I was making a joke about NEETs and Rin's my namesake.


Baka to Test is a masterpiece.


I met a man who was level 1558 today.

He barely managed to get plat this season.

You're gonna?
ich weiß das

but rotterdam will always be garbage


Ingles por favor.

tfw I was two games from master and lost from griefers

tfw I'll never get master

cinco de mayo viva la playa arrrrribaaaaa



When you try your best but you don't succeed

Jesus, at that point I'd just have to admire his determination and just let him play the damn character.

when you get what you want but not what you need



I mean.
I'd a Neo so hard she got pregnant.

I have no idea what a skeleton with a gun has to do with that caption, but I'm definitely saving it.


I mean, she'd kill you but.

Do not diss heavy metal or nu-metal

somebody told me the other day that being gay wasn't a choice

Well if you get raped by a dude and you're a dude then there's not much to choose from eh.

idk if they were raped though
actually I highly doubt that
but I mean maybe

I will diss drone metal instead.

why are you doing this

Homosexuality isnt a choice



To hide the pain.

that made me laugh pretty great
I think I rather like you

Twit ta wew

Sure homosexuality is a choice.

Just like penis inspection day was a choice.

yes it is.



p sad desu

Then why the fuck you git faggots in Alabama?
That alone is proof.

tfw you'll never have an irl gf to dress up as witch mercy so you can cum in her

because sweet home alabama is where the skies are so blue, you fucking racist.

That was the entire point you dunce.

America really does have a rubbish education system.

you know that's a guy, right?

Vote. Now.

Why would you opt out of slinky stinky dinky peeper exam morning
Its all part of the health program

different cosplay

holy fuck
that's juicy

vote? for trump? I'm not voting for either candidate, actually. it has never mattered less in the history of america. hilary is going to win, either by actually winning the vote, or by the system being gamed after the fact. it doesn't matter.

I can only get so erect, cup


Why would you even be allowed to opt out of the health program!?!

Sweet home FAGabama, maw im cumming hometo you

my bad. this one is the guy. the one you have just posted.

I realized that after I said it. thanks grim.

I was wrong, bard. this one
is the guy.

Cuppers. Don't do this to me. I've come to really like you thus far.

oh yeah I knew that

how are you today cup

Wait that is a tranny?????

I already got off to it.....
what does this mean.....

I like you too, but I'm not joking. it matters exactly zero how the american people vote, especially in this election.

yes. and we're proud of it you dirty canuk.

same as always. how about you?

nah just crossplayer

which one is which anymore, there's been too many witch mercy cosplays saved in my folder tbh

we all already know you're gay, bard.

that one is a girl. I think.

you're right. it's hard to tell these days.

fucking faggots.

a faggy one

having an actual nice day even with all this stress and work hovering above my head

Who was joking? Your attitude sucks harder than you.


Which witch is which?


we should start calling him
sippy cup

noted. I'll try to be less aware of the way the world works in the future. maybe I'll be less of a shitty person and more positive if I can lie to myself better.

anyway, that third case was pretty great. not sure if I'd say it was the best ever, but I really enjoyed it.

Male to Female Crossplay is widely banned at conventions in Japan now

well that's wonderful to hear.



I'm watching Geena Davis get an abortion

I already noticed this pun

this pun is new to me, i like it


geena davis is an abortion.

I like Clams Casino and chill music overall.

I wish I was a girl so I could dress up like a boy

I wouldn't put it past japs to actually check what they got rocking at the bottom to be sure.

see I am not toxic




handmade things are the best


...I hate you....

The third case was so good, you'll actually be disappoint in how uneventful and simple case 4 is in comparison.

your other trip was better.



Oh. Nevermind.
Jeff Goldblum is a against women's rights, apparently.

lmao at 'womens rights'

The whole day?
Even at home?
Sounds like no fun allowed.
The plans for tomorrow sound a lot better than working.

I'll handmake something for you alright.

love you too.

I liked the 4th case. I just wish it had been longer. not sure what the point of them forcing the games to be 5 cases long now is if one case is always the single day introductory to the game case and another is also a single day easy peasy case.
but at least they have dlc cases.

nani ?

I cry

yep, still working even now



ex hi bitionisssst!!!

yeah. you know, like a macaroni art picture or something.

I will accept it if you put effort into it

Ah fuck Im triggered


Ya, that's one thing I wish they'd improve on. Making investigating more in depth in stead of just pointing and clicking. Phoenix Wright needs a 3D game world one of these days.

and you're saying you wouldn't enjoy being at a japanese convention dressed as girly as possible only to have a security guard pin you up against a wall and lift up your skirt, reaching under you and between your legs, groping and fondling your package while you squirm and moan, the attention of everyone in the area turned quickly to the scene you are now a part of, your panties quickly becoming way too tight as you get aroused, in spite of all the embarrassment...or maybe because of it. the guard rubbing more and more, pretending he's just trying to be thorough, until with a loud high pitched whining moan you end up making a sticky mess in your new panties you bought special for the convention?



dropbox.com/s/niexhjyihzt12w7/The Rape Fetish - Iggy Sawdust .m4a?dl=0

Have some cancer

The one you're using right now sucks too!
It goes well with baneposting tho.

hi, nice to meet you.

nani ???

I don't mind the format of the game, I just want them to be okay with having longer cases right from the start. usually only 2/5 cases last longer than a single day of investigation and court proceedings.

if people are losing against me in farm
I have some bad news for them


it doesn't suck. a very sweet and lovely friend of mine found it for me. you take that back.




you can do it

I'm struggling with some insecurity issues, but thank you all for playing with me.


Have you ever heard of an Insect Politician?


It's past my bed time. Please don't tell mommy.

How often do you work on this stuff

gg ez

that's what I thought.


I like spamming it when the game was particularly hard.

Mommy says that kids my age shouldn't suck our thumbs.

at this point in my life I'm no longer sure if I don't make an effort because I don't want to, or because I'm no longer capable of it.



you thought wrong!!

mommy always tells me I should be sucking on something else.

Whenever im bored and have the inclination to do it.
Comes in waves. I close my eyes. Hold my breath, and let it bury me.

How long have you been at this scoots, this i sactually pretty solid

yeah who knows.

mmhm. sure I did.


I like spamming it.

Because most of the time people don't care.
But sometimes.
Just sometimes.
Someone will just get so mad at it.


Oh, and uh...I talked to HER a few weeks ago after being gone all summer...


Meet what's in between worms and arthropods.

glad you agree

Not long enough.
Its just throwing bloops and samples together.
If you believe in me senpai i will continue leatning owo

it's fun how triggered some people get in that game.

oh? they finally get them some wifi in prison?

your denial is adorable. almost as adorable as you are.

Security guard-san!


thank goodness for fantasizing.

She was in a TEMPORARY HOLDING CELL while she was on trial for simply not keeping some pills in their respective containers. That's all!

Yeah.. dependent on the weather and my mood and whatnot.

I am also a drug addict

if only she'd had an ace attorney to make sure she didn't get arrested. so how's prison food treating her? or did you only phone sex with the time you had?

Someone got so mad at me one game.
I decided to keep taunting him.

He called me a scrub and said I'd get rekt, but instead I just got a bunch of commendations on my healing.

I guess people like it when your heal slut can play the mind games.

Sounds like a nice person to hang with, I wish he was my friend too.

I'm not in denial!
I know it all!

it helps to tilt the enemy. I had a game that was going pretty okay, but the enemy was good, so I started trying to trigger their best player, the reaper. every time he died I'd go "lol get rekt reaper" and he didn't say anything back buuut...his playing got progressively worse and worse. he kept making stupid aggressive mistakes and getting killed for it, and sure enough we ended up winning and after spamming "gg ez" a few times I said they probably would have won if their reaper hadn't been so shitty.

whatever you say, miss tokai.

no. he's my friend. you can have the dumbass he made the trip for.

This image is now my de facto standard avatar and reflects my personality.

No, that's my dumb-ass.

give me your megumin folder please

You look like a friendly and bubbly little fella
how are ya doin little guy


CUPPERS, PLS! She was found guilty, but she's only doing 20 days in jail! it was that or be spied on for 6 months by a probation officer and go to dumb mandatory meetings. Her lawyer was actually pretty based. The mean old bastard of a judge wanted to giver her over 100 days days at the least, but the lawyer reduced it down to 20. Now that's persuasion!

now that's *female privilege.

Ah, thought you would have more work then.

It's SIR tokai


yes yes, sorry ma'am.


Well I do, but it can be done when I get back from my outing, not as priority as the stuff I"m doing now

that's so gross lol

That's not true! She does have some Hispanic blood in her. I bet the judge was a racist shitlord!



I will be happy about that if he calls me a dumbass instead of himself.

Bastard > Wolf > Goblin >>> Cherry Bomb

well at least she has a cultural background of handling herself in prison. I'm sure she'll have a gang of chicas to protect her, so try not to worry too much.

like I'm going to try and navigate a fucking reddit thread. is there something specific here you want me to see?


of course you would you dumbass slut.

wrong pronoun!!

We still lost.

Because we had no team.

this image is so wrong on so many levels

what? I'm sorry, I don't want to offend you. I know how spiteful and vindictive you women get when you're slighted.

that's like 80% of games I play.

Well then, hope you'll get it done with no problems.

Wanna get yo ass ate

very much so, yes.

It's so much effort.

yeah that's a bout right
Tyler is great at hits but all in all, all his albums fell pretty flat for me
Goblin had an interesting idea but alot of the tracks fell short for me


I didn't expect you to say yes anyway, so it's not a problem.

Live ARG puzzle solving

it's pretty fun

you okay there pretty lady?

ah. well have fun with that. I'll just wait for it to be spoon fed to me.

I wonder what the moonrunes say

lol how do I link

senk u

Stop being so low energy all the time.

Discord is KILLING THE THREADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


no idea, but I'm sure it's something lewd. that's a cropped porn image.

this thread is incredibly active.

I am completely lacking of all inspiration and energy

am i that unfriendly



like Discord or discord

What's that track's title?
I can never find it.


well no, I just assume most people don't want to share the folders they put effort into making.

I like ruining things for you.

can you calm down? you're being hysterical.

like all women.

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

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