♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

Blood-chan please DIE Edition

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Affectionate me.

That is not a good idea, considering what happened earlier.


Would you look at that. Another teeny bopper posting shinobu at Darwin.

It is really just an unfortunate coincidence.


whats ur pic mean?

ha. no one seems to get this one, scoots.

Have you ever tasted sand?

This makes me DIediediedie inside

Will you sing it to me?

you will be missed

I forgot my plant and wild life accompaniment in my other jacket, sorry.

I sold my soul for memes anyhow, so it is fine.

I thought people from liverpool didn't have souls to begin with.

pls teach me

huh? no, why?
why would you even ask that?

bloodchan is a slut edition


The Gregorian version will have to suffice for now.

hiya iza.


there's nothing to teach. you've either tasted sand and get it, or you haven't and I guess you don't.


I will sing to you when you fulfill my affection quota for the month.

teach me meme plz

i'm moving tomorrow and i'm not prepared


who are you


Because, it is pertinent to the picture.

I would not live to be able to listen to the singing.

I am me, how are you today Kanra?

Why must everything be so difficult between us?


there isn't anything to teach! go taste some sand. you'll probably make that face.

where are you moving? north korea? hopefully not.

this tells me that I'm very right.

was I mistaken?
I will leave forever if I was

Why did I never change back to my old/b/ name?

I'm good, very busy and trying to pack for tomorrow, not kanra so you may be mistaking me for him. Well then how are you?

Thankfully not. I'm moving to japan, home of the anime and cute girls.


weird... i don't understand...
but okay... sand is... sandy?

You were Mistaken.

I get confused easily
I am leaving forever as per my statement.

At this point, I believe you are correct. As I now leave for work and feel a portion of me die a little more inside.
Later caker

best sand :D

I can only blame myself.

I'll never remember you.

did you guys see the leaked official Sombra artwork?

spoilered for obvious reasons

oh that's right, you mentioned this a while ago. well that's pretty kickass. make sure you nail a lot of cute traps girls.

yeah. I dunno. sorry luka, I just have no idea how to explain the joke, because it's only funny if you've ever tasted sand.

I have done my job. have a nice day at work, scoots.

when the fuck is the hero coming out?

big update right as the halloween event ends, it would appear

will either have her, or they'll announce the release date and trailer with abilities

i like that pic
i saved it~


i havent tasted sand

what is the joke?

and the halloween event already ended, didn't it? so where is it?!

that is the joke, luka. try some sand the next time you're at the beach.

I hope to. Though I'll be doing college a lot through there too. Maybe should learn some japanese.

why would i do that?

nah. there's no need to learn the language of the place you're going to be living.

to get the joke, obviously.


disgusting. I'm sick of waiting for things. things should just come out the second I feel like I want them.

sounds weird...

yeah. it wasn't a serious suggestion. do not eat sand.

Just so i can swoon the cuties, and get drunk with some cool japs

i used all my coins to buy the rest of the halloween event items before the clock struck midnight, and they all disappear for a year.

wew the entitlement, you cisgendered cuck

-hugs you until you forget about the thing you wanted-

god I love cat window tops/bras

you probably shouldn't call them japs though. I feel like they might get a bit offended.

same. I had to buy junkenstein and witch mercy. wasn't too happy about needing to spend 6000 coins like that, but meh. at least I had the option, unlike the summer games stuff where you just didn't get it if you didn't get it. I got the stupid reaper one four freakin' times and I got junkenstein's monster twice. pretty annoying.

please do not cyber bully me I am very fragile.

I still want it ;-;

what do I get out of this deal doe?

awwwww yiss

Same, all girls should own them.

What? I don't see why

i had 7k
before the end

now i just have 3k
left over to buy Sombra

this is okay

I literally unlocked more stuff this time for free, and that's WITHOUT stockpiling a ton of credits beforehand

and I spent $80 on the fuckin summer games

buy him with your spare 750 coins!

oh wait... halloween is over ;~;

the event is not over why do you guys keep sayin dis

50 lashings for you for spreading false information

It's not yet but nah I don't play soldier a ton, as you saw I'm no good with his ult lol

what kind of shoes goes nice with a leather jacket like mine

Kinda wanna try something other than converse out but not sure what

me not crying?

you horrible monster. they'll probably love you over there.

I'm not going to buy anything for sombra, I assume I'll manage to get stuff eventually. I'm saving the 11k coins I have left for the christmas event.

yeah. well it's all down to luck in the end. and I had pretty horribly luck with the halloween boxes. opened over 40 of them, just from leveling up, and still missed out on a lot of things. at least, I would have if I couldn't have bought them.

It depends on the style you're trying to sport and the message to convey.

this is okay but I was thinking more along the lines of oral at the time

I want to be perma banned too!

halloween is over

it's done.

it's the first now.

we should play together right now! :O

i miss playing with u ;~;

yeah... you'lll get everything evetually.
but i want the kewl ones instantly!

yeah time to save up for Christmas Skins! ♥♥♥
i wonder what adorable skins the cute ladys will get

rein will become santa!

It's like a bomber/aviator I think

I literally wear button up shirts everyday, wear this jacket, and jeans (either black, dark blue or tan) and converse
Thats it

I dont think anything would change if I wore different kind of shoes tbh

tomorrow sure, right now is a no go I was just finishing up a string of the worst teams known to mankind cause ana is totally a damage only hero

what a mouthful.

yup yup, gonna be interesting to see what all they do. I expect a lot of santa themed stuff, not just for rein.

Black Nike SBs.

Ana is soooo OP
she carry game
by pressing Q on a team mate that has ult ready
just press tab
and theirs there little ult ready icon

and i press Q on genji and he slice enemy team kill
we win game

ana is adorable granny mother of team
watching over them from half a map away.

Mr.s claus skin for the characters that didn't get skins in the past two events i'm assuming?

Just looked them up, they look like fuccboi shoes
Though they would pretty much go with almost everything

I was thinking of something like this
(Or the white ones)
Kinda wanted to buy them rn but I'll keep browsing and see if I find other ones

Just looked them up, they look like fuccboi shoes
Though they would pretty much go with almost nothing.

Are you mad cause I sorta dissed your fav pair of shoes?
But they are so played out here in Cali tho lol

I don't care if you like them or not.

I like these tbh

Go with whatever you want.

You are too old for these kind of shoes, Soto.

Whoa whats that supposed to mean?

Nigga Im trying

essentially, then a stomach full of something but that's just how it goes

not the those anas

I mean, you should get something that can be worn to office, something leather-y!

.... what ?

the event ends at 4pm you derp

nope that's not halloween.

you didn't play enough :3

I did ~100 levels during this event

you're annoying me right now to be honest

can you fucking stop

dont b a bully

#no bully to u


the anas I got teamed with were the worst, they didn't even heal anyone barring the rare accidental hit with the grenade when aiming it at the enemy


are you supposed to be back?



i woul've healed u...

i cant believe my wish came true
how long did u post in the waifus without a name did i talk to u there before

ofc i am check my ip log u lazy mod


Nigga calm down Im out more partying than in the office lmao

It is a classified information.

i miss u

hey manaka i need ur opinion
if i avatar as a guy who is magically turned into a girl by a japanese loli god but like xhe's a real biological girl because of it, is that gay?

Much better.

Well something that you can use for both would be great. Like the one you just linked me.

Never been a fan of white soles but that looks good.

Hey, this is crazy, but here is my number. So call me maybe.

i want it!

let me call u ♥

you are a decent ana though so I can trust you for that

thats not even manaka omg Im so triggered

i kno how 2 heal~

i understand love and compassion stuffs!

*snuggles up with you in blanket*

It would be less gay than avatar as a girl like some of us do.

Not telling it's not gay, but it's a little bit less, maybe about 0.2 order of magnitude less.

And all the other boys,
Try to chase me,
But here's my number,
So call me, maybe!

dont lie to me


okay so it's not even that much gayer maybe i will do it

wait it's less gay? how is that possible????

Makes me lol even to this day

welcome back home~

Honestly.. it's not the avatar, it's how you use it.

Because using female as avatar when you're actually male have more chance to attract more male posters.

Honestly, the avatar does not matter much, it's how you use it.


I hope my room is just like how I left it. Empty but at the same time, full of useless stuffs.

yea thats a fair point
i would avatar as the full-time girl in the manga, but shes kind of dim and her boobs are too big
oh well i guess i will cap the trans ty

btw whats with the new flag ur wearing

We are so used to it nobody will care, unless you do something..well.. gay

Oh, that? nothing.

*hugs warmly*



i swear to god im not gay!!!

yea im sure it's nothing -.-

I'm all hugged up and ready to play games now!

Of course you are not.

Yea, nothing, I wish i could use Canada / United States flag instead.

what is a scooterloo



yeah man get an american flag totally

but whats wrong with ur regular flag

which games?



I never liked it.

Maybe Dead Space 3.

why not? it's a perfectly good flag. i mean it's no american flag, but it's still good.


isnt that ancient game old and dead and all used up now
out dated?

Fine fine, I'll be honest with you. I need to use VPN to open certain totally legal websites.

It's fun to clear the game the nth time with maxed out weapons.

Think of it like giving the necromorph what they deserve. It is payback time!

it's too scarey for me!

not legal for dumb indonesian govt reasons or for actual good reasons?

It's not so scary after you get a N7 suit and MK V Overclocked Javelin Shotgun with Incendiary Grenade Launcher

Okay so.. It is a forum but a part of the forum discusses coughporncough.

I shall not answer any further question about this matter!

thats it? the indonesian govt must be super gay

u should get a REAL american flag and not deal with that dumb problem

But Trump will kick me out as soon as he gets elected!

the monsters jump out at you!

Canada is safe for u

no way, he loves cool immigrants like u

I recognize this picture


Well, I have weapons don't I? They're not so scary after they are in flames.

What about this walls thing I keep hearing!?

woof woof

haha no thats for mexicans!

Is it Mexicans or Immigrants!?

Illegal ones, that is. Legal ones are more than welcome :^)

manakins wil protect me

*pets nicely*

*out pets you in niceness*

if the average third worlder could afford to migrate legally then there wouldn't be any illegal ones

just mexicans yeah


Just stay away from any ventilation shafts! The scary crawly usually comes out from there.

Are you absolutely certainly sure about that!?


i'm bored. i want fun

*hides behind u*


absolutely certainly

Yeah that's true, immigration in general is a whole heap of socioeconomic and ethical conundrums.

I like fun, what do you think is fun

video games? with freinds?

daily reminder

Yeah! That's true~ I've been kinda down lately since all of my good friends that I talk to don't really play anything with me anymore. I played TTT on Gmod the other night and it was pretty fun playing it on an actual computer and not a potato

wat's ttt?

It stands for Trouble in Terrorist Town. It's a game mode where you have to figure out who the terrorists are before they can kill all the innocents using the power of deductshun~ just don't randomly kill people -3-

sounds complex!

Eh, it's not too bad~ there's usually one person who just randomly kills people anyways until he gets banned by an admin or the detection system. I put in like 800 hours into it in middle school though.


i've never played that kinda stuff before!

You should try it! It's pretty fun! There's lots of other game modes on gmod too though that you might like more.

Upgraded your computer recently?

its some g mod thingy :\ ?

I built one back in may after my laptop broke right before onlywatch came out. It's not super good but it's enough to play most games on the market at 144 fps at 1080p

Yeah, I said that before didn't I? :o


I dunno about you, but I feel like that's pretty damn good.
Max quality or what?

quite fun

hey bae

Hey spoils, what's been happening?

On overwatch I have to set the quality to low / medium to get those kinda numbers.

Yeah, we should play it some time!

Same here, I guess. I got a laptop though.
What does your name mean?


It's pronounced as pettanko. It means as flat as a pancake, usually directed towards girl's chests.

not a whole lot, what's been happening with you goldy?

ye we should

Kinda like picrelated, the little keychains, they're called petankos.
So you're a cutting board kind of guy?

Signed up for the meal plan today, we'll see how it is in a bit. Exam in two days and exam results tomorrow. Titanfall finally hit 43%, should be able to play it

i guess so...

i dunno how to work g mod so i gave up on it after only a few mins


>me_irl on the bottom left & right

Loved these characters so much I made this to look at them all in one picture c:

oh! tell me how it is later, will you? I was interested in the first one before but ending up passing on it cause I was iffy about the multiplayer only but it looked fun as heck

My steam steamcommunity.com/id/Lolimancer/

I just like cute things. But bust size doesn't bother me on either end. except for over exaggerated ones that shouldn't be humanly possible

It's pretty fun once you get the hang of it~ most new games nowadays don't have server lists though so it might be harder to find what you want although if I remember properly they've integrated a lot of the most popular game modes into a list you can choose from. Most games you just join and wait for the server to finish downloading and you're good to go

Although now I notice the little black spots between the hair where it should be transparent.

i wan the one on tha left

i dunno what all that stuff u just said is...

all i did was press a bunch buttons in that boring old bland map with that little pool of water and spawn in weird creatures :\ and shoot them a little
and place a barrel on the ground and shoot it and.. uh.. then i got bored and turned the game off.

The first one was really something different and super fun. At least the concept was.
The gameplay itself got repetitive as fuck after a while and I just dropped it. But I had so much fucking fun playing it.
Took me about five days to get these 11GB done. Should be done by the end of this week.

Same here, then. Why'd you pick the name Petanko then?

Brown hair? Honoka?
She's Karen's bff

For some reason I want to make a bunch of pictures of anime girls place into random scenes now.

Oh yeah that's the default game mode. You just mess around in a sandbox. You can use mods and tools to create some pretty neat stuff though. I used to be an admin on a server like that.

I dunno, I didn't want my name to be directly correlated to the name I usually use, but still wanted it to fit my leitmotif

eh.. she looks nice.
her chibi looks wayy cuter tho.

yeah... when i open gmod, all it is, is just that default sand box of meh.

ded game

You gotta click find multiplayer game


I hope the second one holds itself up longer then, at the very least

i think i tried and found nothing. or like no freinds, and no one palyed with me.

Kek, show me what you come up with, if you do.
Ah alright, I see. What's the motif?
What name do I call you by?

Yup, the chibis are pretty cute.
This one translates to "Honoka, what are you doing?"

I think they figured out what went wrong with the first one, so there's a single player campaign, lots of new titans, lots of new intricacies to playing a pilot, more guns, more customization, etc etc.
I don't think it will be something insane, but it's definitely worth buying, I think.
Either way I'll prove myself wrong or right in the next few days.

I like this artist.

I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun either way


Pretty much anything involving loli. It's not a particularly sophisticated one. You can call me Leo I suppose :>

*nom nom nom* ~ ♥

moar pls!

Nice to meet you, Leo. You can call me Goldfish, Karen, Ana or whatever you want.


I'll probably just call you goldfish since it's easier to remember you by your name on here :D


maybe one day i'll find time to watch her~

I'm ranked 119 internationally for expert missions Xenoverse.


8ch is lagging out and I need to get some readings done, I'll see you guys later.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, changed my life.

Nice to meet you, then!

Let's hope!


Put a gold star on my forehead.

laggggg ;~;

put a dick on his forehead

I'll put a dick on your forehead faggot


I'm sure it can't be that bad, as long as they don't choose to add some game ruining mechanics randomly lol

Made it through another year of this shit


come to bed with me grimmu :^)

night all you



The sheer level of stress is palpable, Luka.

what stress grim?~

Everything stress my dear

i live a stress free life

filled with little things that i hardly stress over for long, and moving on.

That's good

my life is stress-filled because I want to achieve my life dream

it is a driving force

and your body pays the price?

If I keep it unbalanced, yeah.

hopefully you don't push yourself too much...
sometimes it can make you tempermental. :c

It's all in the angle of things

you can sit there and be all like
damn, so much shit to do

or you can dive headfirst into it and be like


was halloween fun?

it was nice

admit it's a nice tune

you should put on all black and hood and sythce

yes, the source where it was derived from is nice

thats it

the rest is an abomination

I actually have a different outfit...if/when we have our next tc ill put it on for you


what did you accomplish today

i went outside and was allowed to take handfuls of candy!
out door local halloween party gatherening celbration party for the public.

cleaned my room, finished half my project work.

but I haven't eaten anything yet

probably should fix that eating part

nice, I got popeyes, there were little kids coming in and the manager was giving out candy

it was surreal


i wanna see!

and tranquility?

Something to be proud of.

Achievement Unlocked!
"Waking Up"


Sleep is death.

how to makefiles?

you open notepad
type a buncha stuff in it
save it as a file


not those again

The heck?

It's time for healing.


you were hurt?


By the way, is this too much?
I really like those boots for no good reason, just dunno how I feel about the ring.

slept well?

it looks good, not too much at least.
is that from yesterday?

im not boy


what game is dat?

good song so far
healz plz

Well enough.

I always enjoy making characters in these games more than what follows.

[Insert Generic H-Game Title Here]


i got it working, now i can work on compiler things :3

honeyselect, a H game

I forgot that she obsesses over Kokonoe.


cause I thought I saw you awake very early

wait it's not just a character creator?

Banana tits are universally disgusting.

O whoops



No, it's an h-game.
You can fuck them afterwards.

i wanna kno

hopefully fun things...

oh... sounds lewd! >_<

i'm not asleep yet.


You won't play it anyway.

I'm taken, so... whatever.

tokai won't mind

time to go to amsterdam and talk to a bunch of old people yay.

OOohh.. *cough* interesting..
I'll play later.
cya hun

sleep is for weak

Yes he would.


See yah, have a good day.

looks uber complicated!
how are you able to use it... when all that menu stuff is japanese symbols all over the place...


Alternatively, I could just speak Japanese, y'know.

looks kinda fun...
being able to dress them up in cute outfits
like them flash games where you can dress up your own character...

This is her sleep wear.

Incidentally, that's about what I wear to bed.


i wanna make one now~

Yo Rin, what was the filesize of the game?


NEET lyf
NEET moni

Oh I'm Eurobean now?


coursework involves making a compiler for a basic language called SPL, using flex to generate the lex table, and bison for the parser generation, which all compiles to C, and GCC compiles to an executable :3

I was just going to make a male character who wears nothing but miko sleeves and a mask.
Because, let's be real, if someone matching that description raped you, no one would believe you.

~4.2GB compressed.
My folder is ~8.25gb after installing everything.


What about the download size itself?
Titanfall is 50% done but the game looks really good.

i dont get to make up the assignment, sadly
it doesnt even have OOP, but tbh im kinda glad of it



Also how do I make makefiles? I suck at this.

Thank you.
What client is that?

I use Deluge.

Neat, back to studying for me, for now. Seeya later.

C is ok for its purpose, other than that though i prefer C#

me too, but basically function: functions_you_want_it_to_run_first\n\t bash code

Good taste senpai

wat are all those words? ._.

Hanii serekuto?
Honey select?


dont know what flex and bison are?

Why did I need to google that on my work pc

C++ is nice desu ne I hate C. It's needed but oh god it just forces you to do stuff the wrong way which is a fucking PAIN in the ass to fix later.

Like, now. My internship is to fix up 80's C-code :^)

Also bleh. I need to grab all .cpp files, make em .o files and link em but I unno how

flexing your muscle?
and that extinct buffalo?

i dont like C++, its too verbose
just treat it like a glorified bash program

Is it not! There's a bunch of things to decrease the need to rebuild every single file every time you change something and want to rebuild your binary, which is a shitload more work to keep tabs on with just a bash script, and more useful stuff for file matching.


flex is a tool for generating a lexical analyser, bison a GNU implementation of Bell Labs Yet Another Compiler Compiler, which generates a parsing function based on a spec

eh, thats how i use it anyway, because fuck effort

i don't know what any of those words are either.

but you do programming stuff dont you?

I was of the understanding that Theseius doesn't do anything beyond video games and threading.


i only know that some kinda ? thing
makes the start of a web page?

do you do kewl things?



But that's not the spirit of an A+ student!

luka is a master hacker do not be deceived

he did wikileaks

im not a boy


Parse my MEBES Jobdecks~

Existing is currently painful.



Did you eat too much Halloween candy too?


No. I have a broken heart.

File format foundries and mask shops etc use to describe their chip designs. MEBES is one of the oldest ones. Like, from the early 70s.

*soft squishy hug*


I'm a caretaker, and occasionally do sitting for people.

I'm very sorry to hear that. Is there anything we can do to help?


caretaker seems.... vast..

but i guess that's nice and freindly?

I'm basically a live in maid.


I made bwakafeast

There is a grand temptation to call into work today.


i know naff all about EE

Fake your death. It'll be fun!

are you happy?
and you find it comfortable situation and life is good?
and you have lots of time for yourself too?

anything good?


Define happy.


That almost sounds plausible. I slept like shit and it shows.

Luka did the fappening

all u need now is a loving wife!



Which led to American hero Ken Bone's lewd comments about J-Law. It's all connected!


bwakafeast is almost alwayts goood


luka yes


No sleep club. We meet every night. The password is sic slumber tyranus.

Any reason you couldn't sleep? Lumpy pillow? Loud ghetto blasters? War games?

neru is here!



i like a simple breakfast, cuppa tea and a bowl of wheatabix does me just fine

Shitty sleep habits and pains in my joints.

We're gettin' old.

They should euthanize squash and Sabrina

Also ken bone is just like all of us
An internet pervert

Somehow, from the moment we met, I always knew Squish and I would die together.

It's a right shame. I think I'm losing my hair as well.



Hang yourselves

With a dick this big I could.

Maybe in comparison to moogs

no sabs to cuddle with.

Everyone's being terrible! Yay!

Noooo! No candy! No candy again for a thousand years!



Im always terrible.


I could post it again.

Kinda wish rin would ky themselves


woo =w=

Ithink eating bread for bwakafeast is a scanndinavian thing

Not with THAT attitude.

List if ideal ky;

Make threads great again

Let's commit double suicide together.

are you doing anythign fun?

hey now how about you try to be nice for once huh

That requires me to actually like people
No dice

If someone pays for the rope I'm down to all jump off a bridge and hang ourselves.

I get to hold Sabs hand though

Prepare the sacred daggers! We shall commit otaku.



Ill buy you all rope if you do that
Loke meaty pinyatas

eating bwakafeast and watching yootoobs

Hey, um...
I know this was my idea,
but I'm starting to have second thoughts.

Can we just make it a murder suicide?

Please murder rin
Let the tranny mess end

Only if I get to hold Sabs .


What do you eat?



neru doesnt eat cats ;~;

Neither do i WINKYFAIS

Heeee, no. ♥

bread and cappu and chocolatemilk

I just realized Sabrina has never actually shown me her penis.
Kind of offended and hurt over this.

i wonder how pretty neru looks!

It's just there to be misleading.

"I hope you're ready to commit, because tonight I'll be with you for the rest of your life."

Thats the only reason I talked to them tbh

don't worry she isn't bigger than you

don't feel emasculated

only bread?




only bread

ban sabs

what other foods do you own? ;~~;
*hufs you tight*

I don't remember the login info for my AQ account that had guardian.

Thank goodness. My ego can't take the hit.



I would huff Luka and get higher than Harlem! ♥

Sabrina is a drug dealer:O

what's Harlem?

Harlem shake

aaa sometimes I make pizza

Dealer? I ain't slangin' rocks on MLK. I, sir, am a vendor.

A historically African-American neighborhood in New York and the setting of a criminally underrated Eddie Murphy/Richard Pryor movie.

did you make that one?

wow! it's sooo deep
what's in it?!

is that somehow related to height in some way? ._.

What do you vend?


pizza dough and cheese and onyan and mushroom and tomato and meatstuffs

Meep meep