Happy halloween

happy halloween

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It's not Halloween yet

Happy New Year

y you too

please do, it's a good show! also don't be lackin in the pets


psst, kermit

then how come google says it is

you think the ibm supercomputers are lying?



who let this shit in

Sword if that's you, I want you to know that I'm not nearly dumb enough to open that.

who said im sword?

what shit? also am tired, going to bed for a few hours night sebs

Shaft keeps amazing me :3


cruzin down duh street in my 64


I hate daylight savings, but it is necessary.


did you lose an hour

happy Halloween

halloween is gay

so do you do trading or combat

knot as gay as you

wtf is it already holloween

no clue yet, I still need to try out each profession more before I can decide

no u

nuh yu

ah i dig trading

i have a nice website that helps me do paper work too


and my flag is still canada....

yeah combat is a bit hard, probably gonna try out mining then do trading

nice website

poor mistress

yeah it helps


bookmarked for later
to tired to keep playing, not tired enough to sleep. send help

Chii what grade are you in battlerite?

keep going

you will always be my mistress

i cannot sadly

Uhhh I haven't played in awhile didn't the ranks reset?
if not maybe 9?

what are you doin up so late moogs

How charming.
So what are you doing up so late

Did they reset?

needs more small penises

im sorry ;_; im up early

oh, why up so early then?
go back to bed


I have no idea, I just assume they did since they updated with new heros n junk

Ah well early bird gets the worm or whatever

i forced myself to sleep last night

no u

shouldnt call yourself a worm

why no?

dicks are like the third best thing

what a fuggin nerd lmao
I will go to bed

I wouldnt call myself that either! you fool

They didn't but Jumong is over powered.

good boy

ouch rejected ;~;

whats he do?

just fuck my shit up

oh god you know i would

Lots of damage and 3 ways to go immaterial.

murder me

yeah that sounds homo sex

and small ones are the best

murder the pussy

pet me and tuck me in


my life

And hes a ranged damage person with cc.

you know it to be true in your heart

Jumong is completely balanced idk what you're talking about jade though is way out of whack now


such a sweet boy

thats a lot of cum

why not both

sounds like cancer but i'd need to see him in action

I guess that works

and yeah, all 4 u



Well pretty much everyone is playing him so it wont be that hard.



look at this cute thing, tell me you wouldnt swallow it in a heartbeat

Oh, hey Chii.

tbh I like my traps with sizable cocks


now K I L L M E

hey goggles

but we havent banged yet


looking good nezi


How has the game life been treating you?


lmao this avatar looks so weird tho gta5-mods.com/users/ikt

He needs a nerf.

i'm grade 12

I dont think thats gunna work

youre right. no condoms

well fuck i need to get to bed myself
the neet life continue
every day i die a bit inside

sup nezi

I'll take that as a 'It's been well'.

alright. sorry if i made you uncomfortable i have a bad sense of humor. sleep well

Yeah, didn't notice until I saw that the phone and computer weren't in sync.

I'll never make

how the fuck do you fit this in 64kb youtube.com/watch?v=UchVsOVxYXQ


hows you?



Suggest sleeping next time.

how come?


Cyan is pretty fucking cute.
Is the show any good?



do you know what makes this creepy dong thing special

I enjoyed it
it was an adorable show



It looks like a facehugger?

god bless you

it is immortal.

it is a species very similar to jellyfish. when jellyfish eggs and sperm meet, they hatch into a tiny larva. the large roots itself to a rock and starts cloning itself in all directions into a web of polyps. then the polyps release a free swimming jellyfish, which is a perfect genetic clone of the original larva.

now, one species of jellyfish, and also, this rather similar creepy dong thing, can revert back to a larva at any point, re-clone, and re-spawn.

so, not only is it immortal, being able to become young again at any time, but every time it does so, it makes a new swarm of genetic clones of itself. one dong thing can be in as many places at once as it feels like.

the larva roots*

*hugs ur face*

ty ty
what's crackin

playing game while listening to news. how about you

afaik, that one species of jellyfish, and that one ghost dong thing, are the only two things ever discovered to have true biological immortality.

watching this weird show on netflix called black mirror
i have no idea what's going on

is it an anime



same shit I've been moaning about for a while

health problems, sleep, school

im shocked

Anime is not the only thing I watch dummy


so there you have it

there are ghostly dongs that can live forever, and there may only be like seven originals, but millions and millions of instances of exactly the same seven immortal ghostly dongs in the world

oh my im learning so much about you~

Kek, thanks.

Hm hm.

the jellyfish that also does this is less interesting because unfortunately it bears no resemblance to a dong

guys, i need your most marty of marty images, something that screams gfur cancer from every orifice


rip nezi
you really should see a doctor if it persists tho

not cancer enough

marty or berry my face gfurs



supply images pls

How immortal is it? Dies it not require any sort of nutrient or resource to live?
Also no temperature limits that would kill it?

Still pretty cool, and not because it looks like a dong.


i have none i'm not a fucken furry

youve no idea how suitable that is for my purposes
its not hardblush tho, i require hardblush

it can die from disease or predation and of course it needs to eat.

it is immortal because aging will never kill it, it simply becomes young again

oh well

"immortal" and "invulnerable" are different things

pls gib marty images

i have none

how about hardblush or gfur in general?

just go to e621

just pay loads of money for hardblush

im gonna die

what's the matter with you? :x



some guy from virgin knocked my door and gave me a leaflet and asked if i'd be interested in their broadband and i was like lol no bye

then i read it, 200mb downloads :x




how about you go jump off a bridge subtle

So call the doctors office non-stop.

Nigga can send a fax almost immediately.

fucken hell dood

Shit, how much?

7 times faster than me


Welp. Just how slow are we talking about here?

Get on my level, nerds.

£44.50 /month

But I only pay £8.90 because I have 4 room-mates



im lazy tho
also mp4 related

Wonder if they're in my area.

rip nezi
seriously though, harass the fuck out of them

How is that Titanfall download going?


I clicked your post to open quick reply tbh

It's been two days.

You share my pain.

i think my dog is losing her ass continence

this will impact my social life


I thought I was the only one.

i don't wanna talk aboot it

ok I'll keep harassing them starting tomorrow


Cat just straight up pissed on my sports bag for no fucking reason.

I'm going to piss on him and never coming to this house ever again.

Poor naut, you fucked up his entire day.

10.37 Mbps down
0.85 Mbps up

on her way out to the bathroom, as she ran out the door a turd flew out her ass and landed in the hall

and the other day someone came round to get me to r8 my landlord just as i was gonna take her out, but she couldn't handle calming down to wait and shat all over the room with the guy right there

Sounds good.

we still lost

uh, okay

i have a bladder and kidney infection and pee blood right now, if that makes it easier to share

cats do it on purpose, my dog really isn't. her little butt just can't keep it in like it used to.

yes hello im rich af

Teach me how to Age of Empires 2, I never understood RTS

some of the pixels

Is Runic Echoes good on Udyr?

it does not, no

sorry aboot your infections :(



My mum is telling me 'oh, he's nervous and he hasn't used the cat litter...'.

FUCK HIM, my mum couldn't be axed to train him properly. Now I can't bring my laptop anymore.

Everything is terrible and I remember why I drink alone now.

57.47 Mb/s

we used to get not even 1 mbs

ah, okay.

it's kewl the antibiotics are working and it doesn't really hurt anymore so that's fine



Alright, I can appreciate the (You). Sick blue steal.

At least you have that going for you. Apparently the game has Denuvo and I can't expect a crack to be released any time soon.

Ido not know how to play any other champoons

You listen to the soundtracks and build houses

Can someone send me like 2 mb/s please?


if i hadn't admitted that i wouldn't have to put my bed back in my bedroom


try download more ram


I don't do it well though.

Taking control of armies is a pain

I know a website you can get some crack ones for fee.

What do you do if someone picks or bans Lulu?

Singleplayer is just a bonus, it's all about that multiplayer tbh.
First game was rad even without the singleplayer.



pick zyra
or lux
get carried
or lose

tbh I get carried or lose as looloo too so

dead potated wam

what did i do? :C

It's okay. I am already dead.

The joke went over my head.


Post match history c:

What was wrong with Maplestory?!

i dunno what went wrong


I wanna kill cute things for 3 hours, not rats fam


so little tim so much to do

Nothing was ever right.
You were the fastest sperm and probably concieved whilst both parties were on drugs (like me).

Get to the island south of the Earth and you're in a world straight out of Mad Max with peoples that should have no business carrying guns the size of large dogs.

has anyone ever seen the film wake in fright

it's the best movie ever made

I'll invite you to my place of work next time we have an infestation of cute things.

it's been chaos from the start, an absolute catastrophe

life is just collateral damage

everybody says you were the fastest sperm but nobody says you were the foreseeing egg that nailed the timing

The absolute madman.
Do you actually have fun playing her nonstop, tho?

Ido not really have fun playing anything else

except maybe on turkey where I try to maximise cheeze

honestly i don't even play an active role in my life anymore,things just happens and i'm like "oh is this what we're doing now? ok."

The egg shows no sign of life, though.





egg is vapid

doesn't pokémon battle good

I'm subbed to meirl too

It's a sign of death, because it causes the host to bleed.

we all feel that way from time to time

learn to play an instrument

I did not choose the grafter life...
No other lives would choose me. ;w;

I'm so sorry Erin.
I can see why people turn to a higher power in times like these.

I'll send you my good vibes and nervous dispostition. Last night for me is wrong.
Like, euclidian geometry wrong; and I don't wanna repeat what happened. ;-;

something to do with four
jhin would be proud

Oh wow that got a little deep a little too fast.
Nice Nunu ult though.
You play on Eu West?

If anyone legitimately identifies with the egg over the sperm then I feel sorry for them as they are what erin said

Are you saying that there is another way to live?

Is an Audi Quattro S1 an instrument

meirl > me_irl


How do I make webms of dota2?
I like your little videos, and wanna make my own whilst drunk.

my dog did a big long fart and then sat up and looked at me waiting for me to tell her she's smelly

this is such a ritual a fart has no closure until she hears "you're smelly" :s what does she do when i'm not here?


all the servers

aaa I start a recording of screen encoding to h264 and then later convert parts to webm

What kind of doggo?

Woah, neat. Friends and I play on EuW, we only play normal though. Haven't touched ranked since season 4.

a collie lab

yush euw has been my main server for quite some time now too

He's a cute, what's the name? Had him for long?

Friends and I are waiting on my power to go out before we start playing in a few minutes. I'd like to invite you to play but I get lag sometimes and me and another friend are pretty trash, dunno if you feel like suffering through that.


oh i can finally catch you goldfish, do you have this picture saved

Thank you so much holy fucking shit I love you.

i've had this sitting around for days, i just usually don't get up this early.
ur welcom

Finally got you into saying it.

1. Anime and self-loathing
2. Game and self-loathing

her* names buttons, had her for about 7 years c:

3. Do homework and self-loathing

I have no homework though!

noo Iam fine for now thanks even being trash myself

does anybody ever do indoor beehives in there homes or is that just destined to be too many bees to live with

prolly too many, they'd be in your bed and stuff, getting rolled on and stinging

You're trash. Filth. Garbage.

and they'd get at your sugar and fruit and shit.

like 10-15 bees maybe would be fine for a small apartment but i don't think a hive that small can sustain itself

Do my final papers!



Thanks again lmao this is my favourite picture in the folder now.
Maybe not better than the mariachi or the spacesuit but definitely up there.

Seven years? Since she was a pupper?

Whenever you feel like it, then.


no I meant do them for me!

same question kinda but with butterflies

if i got 10 pupae and hatched them so i could have a lovely home full of butterflies, would they poop everywhere and eat everything?

na, she was 3 when i got her

Hahahaha good meme

tbh succesful anime people just make me even more anxious

dutch emo hour


It's purely ironic tho

if you fuck a goat ironically, you're still a goatfucker


someone come enjoy candles with me

i'd love to but my only one burned it's last yesterday

I only fuck dogs ironically.



I guess tea will do



i ironically have ikts wang for my wallpaper


ikt has a big dong, we dont say wang

is wang ikt's last name

my irl name is wang hung dong


help i make feature but i cant find it back

glad we are ignoring kyle posts


why is she cycling on the wrong lane
why are you driving on the left that's wrong

where the fuck is this function called


This ol' wardog.

I call the lolis function every day

W-what kinda functions

the destroy one

Just "lolis();"


i mean, sure, there's a legit reason of not wanting your loli destroyed when it gets out of scope and you want to destroy it yourself but hell


Morning, Clock.



The caller.


sirop d'érable vôtre?


Lolis are for pansies


playing game

sup scanner


I didn't know you were into robots.


Making progress?

when would i ever


No the answer is no

Hello there. Sleep well?

Hangover dread, trying to settle down by stuffing my face.

Robots are my fetish.

brb, nom


you're my fetish


Ah. I just started a NG+.

Not really. I stayed up too late and feel kind of sick.

want 'help'?

This old mad-dog.

Sure. I have to finish this quest line first.

Hardly mad.



No you have to be like this. youtu.be/wEByIZn5qeU?t=62



Did I kill thread?

it was a just death

It was my fault, I left and there was nobody good left.

stuffing it with anything good?

'Big Daddy Kebab'.
It is probably fucking massive.
And meat samosas.

Better apologise and get people back in.
Get back on them shitposting streets or get the pimp hand.

Bitch I don't apologize for diddly squat.

tfw no kebab
i might order one later if swords ok with it

Who do you even do?!
Wait, who are you again?

I just hope I can get back home in time and sleep.


sleep is good, especially if youre feeling shite


I just wish the taxi weren't so expensive.
Plus, I don't feel like I have enough time to myself.

9pm bedtimes suck.

Hello Ems!
I think I remember you.
Whatchu upto?

Mmn, just trying to get some r&r in before Monday. #TheStruggle

What about you?


Wish. Fuck off.

Same, struggling with a hangover; revisiting that game Fallen London since I got the Zubmariner DLC for Sunless Sea.

rip scanner
that said, getting up early and doing things is nice

Gettung up early for work sucks though, 5.30am stuff sucks too.


Well, that was not at all what I was expecting.

I like it. It is pretty chill, no skill involved, a lot to read, perfect for hangover; it is pretty cool too.


yeah, that kinda does suck

I can't even remember the last time I played a browser game.

Mmn, Neopets I guess?

I made a thread again :)