I dont think i showed grim my weird feet

i dont think i showed grim my weird feet

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Something looks off about the left one.

the second toes are both crooked

the middle finger toes

no wait

those r ur fe3t?

they r nice ^ ^


Thats cute
Ryuko pretty kawaiii sailor

wasnt aware you were into those

im not

I mean, like, the big toes.
They look extremely slender.


You have the facial structure to do a really good Ryuko cosplay



nini ;~;


hm never heard that before


want to see the one where i tucked my dick in?

Nee neecoolbear

goodnight everybody~



No idea what that means.
But yes, absolutely.


means i tucked my dick between my legs cuz grim thought i was stuffing my skirt picture


bad kitty

Stuffying your skirt picture? What does that mean?

and then what happened~?

thought my skirt bulge was fake

Now I need to see the skirt picture.


its a sarong actually

no upsetti


Pretty good.
Why do you have a sarong?

because ill get upsetti

maybe i want to feel the air on my bare bottom when im alone in the house

Just go commando!

maybe i like feeling girly too sometimes


I can dig that.
It looks pretty nice on you anyway.
Just never seen someone wearing a sarong before.

thank you. they are very pretty. i should get one with a funky design



Kek, with colors and stuff? Got any in mind?

iunno something like this

how often do you wear skirts homo

wouldnt you like to know

yes that's why I asked

i wear it enough

That's pretty nice, the red and fuchsia ones look cute too.


skyfall is by far the best bond flick

i have a similar print on my wall

i dig the designs



Can I see?


there wasn't really a "hey eba what do you think"

it is the best bond flick

maybe when i clean my room. it's just one of those circular patterns hanging on my wall


hey bae, hows it hanging?

it's great sure but goldeneye

how so

how much is enough

tp ily

goldeneye is fucking trash compared to skyfall

to suck turds

to suck turds

to go fuck yourself


not to

y-you too ;;



why do you want to know

how rude

who even are you you fucking cuck dutch fuck

hive mind typo

oh hi based erin

you gotta learn to appreciate what old bonds were lad

no reason


wassup my ginger


as it gets colder im having to bundle up more so less than id like

i don't have to learn shit

and your use of "lad" is cringe worthy


you keep trying for the low effort ones there, it's at least something

oh hey my love

y-you too

what do you mean

i am not trying at all

i blacked out like twice tonight

but how do people drunk if type?

how does it eba

also it's good to see based erin posting again

i like that chick

go ask eba if you want to know his answer so bad

i feel like one of the worst things about smoking weed is packing the bowl

so much fucking effort

you know eba?

pretty sure he quit a day before you started posting

from what I was told I joined a good few months following that guy's departure, I don't know him but obviously you do so go ask him



yeah your timing was awful

and eva was a psychopath

which is why i don't put it past him being you


well you have been and will continue to be wrong, I didn't even know of him until at least a month after I started posting, I was called someone else first

hows it hangin?

Pretty curious as to what your room looks like, now.

Hiya, all well and good, how about you?

Loosely! How are you?

it's not that impressive. i have my closet carved out for my little desk

tired and about to attempt sleep, a decent day it has been though that's the norm for fridays also fuck that friday song

I'm doing alright, sleepy as fuck doe

spoilers i ran in into one of my old flings at the bar

she was kinda looking on point

i speggetti'd

i was like remember when we hooked up that one time?

so lame


I'm gonna lunch



are all dutch posters mentally disabled?

palms sweaty knees weak?

I think I am going to in a couple minutes, have a good one

is that an eminem meme

honestly the funniest thing about that stupid shit was how exited based colbert got about it

he was close to ky'ing

Hes back

about the meme?

Well, I didn't think a room could be that impressive anyway, just curious about how it looks.

Ah alright, hopefully you rest well and stuff. Good to hear it.


and he looks amazing in his fancy new suit/animations

yeah cool it with the mems please

but do you bro

there are some nice rooms out there

And super saiyan 3

FBI Reopening Of Clinton Email Investigation!!!

everything is good

laters adorbs

trump 2016

You're back


That's a pretty nice room.
My room in saudi arabia was pretty good. Mom is an interior designer so she went to town. Had a dark blue seiling and black walls, the light was a model of the sun and there were those glow in the dark stickers of stars and shit.
That and some other stuff hanging from the ceiling, it was pretty rad.


I am.

it's not mine im just showing an example of a nice room in my opinion. very warm and cozy

i wouldve loved to see that

at least I didn't puke all over my bedroom and take a picture of it again :^)

Yeah I get you.
That's a really pretty one too. Actually reminded me of someone else.
Some dude, a friend of my aunt's. He's an architect that pulls in a good bit of cash. Went out into the valley outside of his area and put down the foundation for a house on the edge of a cliff. He started building up until the ceiling was up so that the government couldn't force him out, he just has to pay fines now.
It's a really peaceful place, really far off from anybody else, it overlooks the rest of the village so at night you can just kinda see the lights and nothing else. Has a chimney and a fireplace too, comfy as fuck.

Bite your other cheek to even out the pain.


Synecdoche was a masterpiece, one of those shows with meanings in every corner.
A lot of scenes are hard to tell if they are real or not, but I guess that's part of the point.

yeah it's not like a scfi or something

did tp go to bed yet

i like scifi

shame swede hasnt killed themselves yet either... unless they are setting it up right now.





yay magic witch hats!


Were you getting a handy in this?


a funny dog drink a bepis


eww... one of em still has human teeth leftover from the evolution stuff...


nah onleeee bepis

bepis > cocc

ye looks pretty cool

rumme un cocc is bess

reminder D.Evil Mecy is best Mercy.
Merci beaucoup

lol no


i like overly techincal futuristic hi tech scifi stuff
with epic boom and action and thrilling stuffs...

scarey stuff not soo much.... since it's scarey

i enjoy the 70s-80s retro future of alien. kinda upset they fucked that up with prometheus though you can excuse it because how state of the art the ship is i think

Why the fuck is my internet so CRAP

i like state of the art stuff.
but you like that old weird ubercomplicated gritty style abstrac style of old?


What's that game?

alein: isolation

WOW they're really going all out with the pussy imagery huh





But pretty.

it nearly 5 am

i'mma lay down for a bit~

*snuggles in nice peaceful thred with nice freinds*


I think I broke Skyrim SE vanilla by alt tabbing at the worst moment.

Probably because I forgot to set it to a fullscreen borderless window instead.

any fullscreen application not programmed very well will do that

I'm aware.
I just thought I'd had the virtual fullscreen, but I hadn't.




If you're retarded.
It's Windowed Fullscreen or Virtual Fullscreen.

Because it isn't the same as a Fullscreen application.

oh cmon, I'm uncomfortable no matter what

fuckin canadians and their god damn fake words

Only made up word you should be concerned about is poutine.

poo teen

Just don't say it wrong.



I was going for putain, actually.

This fucking redneck one day did that, and I don't know if he was retarded, or if he was trying to low-key call me a whore.

I just had no idea how to react.

is this a canadian joke I don't understand

Putain means whore.

Go figure, I barely remember enough french to hold a conversation, but I remember enough to tell someone to eat shit and die. or to call someone a whore.


I should hope you wouldn't oder a whore anyway.
That's uncouth.

I was gonna make a joke saying ">tfw can't just call up a whore in the phonebook"

then I realized I have an intense audio fetish and that phone sex lines are a real thing.

on my mom's phone plan tho so that would be embarrassing as hell

Is it just me or does this track have a kingdom hearts feel?

Not that I don't understand why.
Noct is a kid in Platinum Demo.


tfw still not enough cash to get up

"I'm not afraid."

i hope rin votes for not a faggot

the country is counting on us

I can't vote in your elections, dumbass.

granted it's pretty hard to NOT fote for gary

something tells me that even if you could. you wouldn't

cause like you COULD work but don't

If I could vote, I'd vote for Vermin Supreme.

if you could be a girl you would do that too

fortunately not every weirdo gets what HE wants

No, because if I could be a girl, then you wouldn't know me, because that kind of miracle would have to bend reality itself, and would completely change my life and who I am.

I probably wouldn't want that.

i mean that's a pretty big if

and you want it SO BAD

how does that feel?


I feel like laughing because of how bad you are at this.

realizing that you will never be a girl

same question to that fat trap fish

Like, I might feel insulted. A little.
If you knew anything at all about my life, or how I make my decisions.

at what?

you say that but you're probably getting all emo in your fake girl self

feels like I generally don't worry about things I can't change and being a trap is better than being a guy

what is there to know about your life

you literally do nothing lol


what a fucking tool

Exactly my point, TP.
You have nothing that you can actually use to bully me, but you try so very hard to anyway.
It's like you were abused as a child, or something, and feel the compulsive need to exert your presence over all those around you.

Were you molested as a kid, TP?
It's okay.
You're among friends.

he's asking if i was molested as a kid

that's even a little low for you, no?

got kidnapped by my dad when I was a kid. no idea if I was molested or not. got left at a strangers house tho.

didn't mean to link

I don't care?

I'm here for entertainment, not for your acceptance.

i mean what if i was molested as a child

that's some pretty sick entertainment on your part bringing back those memories

you probably were

would explain your lack of gender identity

I guess I'm a sick person.
Because you've given me no reason to care if you suffered childhood traumas.

waht an absolute madman

Jesus FUCK this is annoying.


this retard should really get a job

Whatever makes you happy.

oh wow fish your shit on your lip got some shit on its lip

it's like mouth version of soto's dick


wait but I took this right after I woke up.

it's getting worse


is that a cyst?

my understanding is that soto has taken care of his dick cancer

thank you very much

ew it's worse than when erin blogs

To be fair, TP, your understanding is also that I'm a hikikomori NEET, but that's not exactly true either.


it's not exactly true that you have a job either


it feels swollen and it kinda hurts

it's actually much worse

But I do???
That's what I was saying you dunce.


I just can't win

you said this already

what do you do for work?

try drink a jar of farts

how do I made farts into liquid though?

checkmate athiests

can you please ban him

and rin

they both triggered me today

Are cysts the ones that you cut open with a scalpel?

I'm a caretaker.

those are wrists

lol for who

cysts are like colossal zits.


Oh, mbad.

That's none of your business.

we call that breathing where I'm from


you can't blame people for saying you don't have a job


get the fuck out of here

how can you no drink fart if you can drink a bepis

Breathing goes to your lungs.

Sure I can.
You know what I do, you just refuse to accept it because I won't give you the identities of my clients.

This is what I mean when I say you are horrible at bullying.

I'm also a sitter, but according to Sobo, child care isn't a real job.

erin do you also consider cherry pepsi the nectar of the gods?

so bored


soto is a smart man

no, i have a phobia of fruit juice

i miraculously like cola though, and pepsi is my fave

lil neko im so high

for some reason i always gets cherry pepsi with taco bell

it's sublime


it sounds nasty, but that's just me lol



this bowl's for you

i thought that too at first but cherry pepsi is fucking delicious

Holy shit.

I'm basically just a live in maid.

I should go to maid college.




those sticky embeds


i got these green apple papers they taste super yummy

says mister 'do you wear a skirt often'

weird i never flavour my smokes

but then again i'm not super gay like you

lol try telling a black person they are gay for getting flavoured blunt raps

i'm smoking blunt right now lol

moogs can you please switch up your aardvark avatar?

i think it's about time

lol blunt wraps are such a silly concept

i like moog a avatar. ones of those things where he uses it so much its basically his face, you don't change that too much

get some cute stockings to go with them

I wanted to try them
I'm not disappointed

no bully

thats a great idea

they don't really taste flavoured when you smoke them, more just plain tobacco, it's when you lick them they taste nice

what color/pattern?


as long as they're warm

it makes me feel unsafe

like if i had a dollar for every nigger buying white grape

what even is that


I still buy high and sell low sometimes to feel better about these things


it must be nice to have stocks

i call those green

black and red stripes are warm

i like all kinds
I'm always looking for new ones to try

hm maybe a darker red

how adventurous

It actually stresses me the fuck out and I'm reading the news more than ever. Like. Every minute I'm not doing something I'm spamming F5 on a dozen news sites
weekends are the WORST. I wish I could just fall asleep until 4am Monday


why is beepop allowed to spam blog

honestly though. this is probably killing me.

goodnight master

grrr weekends :)


any kind is fine

stop h8 pls


sorry love. i keep forgetting that you are a proud nubian queen

lol fish you would never work a day in your life irregardless

sudden intense feelings of >tfw no gf



strange feelings of wanting to hatefuck someone as well

it's the hormones talking

trannies pls die

hormones are like mr funky bones wild ride

except I don't want off this wild ride

pumping your system with estrogen is not healthy. just ask erin. she fucking beat down her neighbour for being to loud or some shit


i'm vicious



the recording of that is fucking hilarious. it's like oy mate you want to go

u people r fucking retarded

you want some

i give you some

brian based as always

yeah i would never scrap with you

you probably scratch


i have an anxiety disorder, i have no nails and short stubby fingers cause i bite them a lot


you would still find a way to scratch

i head butt and punch thanks

I'm worse, I'm a biter

back in my fighting days some black kid scratched the shit out of my face. i cried

i don't fuck with scratching

omg if someone bit me they'd be lucky to make it through the night in hospital

I'm a mentally stable and mentally developed adult.

srsly tho nisekoi is .///. the anime

who plays vidya all day

is processing big dong ikt?

it is an impressive dong

processing big dong

My penis extension is processing yes.

also a big fan of that move the mountain used on prince Oberon


mountains don't move

They had to make a custom one to fit me.

the other night i woke up with a raging boner and absolutely had to jerk off to the unsimulated blow job scene in the brown bunny

what am i looking at here

Heavy duty petting device.

tokai's asshole's been stretched so much that his furry butt plug won't stay in anymore

you are a chink and you have a massive dong

when are you going to accept this

tokai is a virgin and just exploring his limits

pls no bully

But I want a cute girly one.

i need to fuck some mega milk's bitch right now

who doesnt

You guys both realize that that's not Tokai, right?

Regardless, they're called "white grapes", even though they're green in colour.

Your OP3?

Gay people, probably.

i did not think that tokai was here

i was just making fun of him

all dutch people are the same person

it's actually just a big hivemind


why would gay people not want feminine penors

your logic is flawed

might as well be

they all have autism and body dismorphia

Good point.

If by body dysmorphia you mean big dicks.


Penis Inspection day was the best day of gym class.

I just don't understand why we all had to inspect the gym teacher's penis with our butts...

Wasn't that so he could inspect the cleanliness of our butts?

Oh man I want a proper racing setup.

man that was so embaressing

Fucking. Your doctor's weird, m8.

Mine were all at school tbh.


Can someone explain- If liking traps makes you gay then why does liking trans make you straight?

This may be runner up for best legendary theme.

Because people need something to put each other down over.

because traps are men, who identify as men, dressing as girls to trick men... they are just crossdressers.
Trans identify as women and so are wopmen. As you fuck a woman its straight

I think at that point you're clinging onto labels too much

Tranny are scum, anyway.

tbh nothing will ever beat the goosebumps when you hear this on your gbc and you know you're gonna get 6/6 ko'd

At this point I think it's kind of weird to make the difference like that. They both have a penis and look like a girl.

I never got 6/6 ko'd by anyone in this game.

When I did a psychic only run and went in with 5 level 55~60s, I almost got 5/5 ko'd, but I was woefully under prepared.
It's a miracle I won.

This kinda gave me chills.
'cos it's so fitting to Ho-oh.

Pffft, show-off.

There was a lot of butt clenching.

There were several points where it was just item spamming while Slowbro tanked damage for a few turns.

But the first time? Nah.
I had type matchup and since the game tells you what he's sending out it was too easy to counter.

Now I play on battle mode stay.

Sorry. Set.

I don't find trans or traps appealing so I never thought about it.

D-daddy... do you f-find me appealing uwu


Actually, doing that run, I'd forgotten that Starmie is psychic.
'cos Staryu isn't.

Actually, there's a question.

If you're doing a monotype run, can you use the pre-evolved form of a pokemon that is your type, if said pre-evolved form isn't of your type?

Like, take fighting for example.
Can I use Torchic, even though it isn't fighting, since it eventually evolves into a fighting type?



I dunno.

You did

ded thred

ded cummunity

I hate this chair I just want a good chair



imo this is the most epic one, tied with cynthia's

feels like like the sheer culmination of your efforts leading up to this final immense challenge

Sit on Sobo.
I hear he's a good chair, and even has a built in butt plug.

I posted that one last night

that webm is me in a nutshell

It's the same one tho, just remade?

goodmorning fuckers

And, frankly, I like the HGSS remix more than FRLG


But Battle! Champion (Johto) is probably easily the most enjoyable.

Say what you want, but BW2 had good tracks.

You have weird feet.



yes, aren't they all a basic remix?

I just particularly like this version

Hello ooble.

hiya guys
what's upperoo


Good morning, love.

Watching best friends play to distract myself from things.

How are you?


Cynthia's is rather different than Kanto/Johto.
As is Steven's.

They just use the same song in Kanto/Johto because Lance isn't the champion in both those games.

Obviously it's a stretch to extend that to Megas.

Unless you only use that mega, and use it in literally every battle.

The best part of Hoenn is the Hoenn trumpets



Pulling your leg, never played a Pokemon game, kek.

Not quite enough trumpets, but a for effort.





best one

unexpected second best

I'm alive.

Am sorry.

go emulate one.


I'll forgive you.


Who were you before?

Your fertos are cute.

Don't think they're that impressive, probably won't do it anytime soon.

I feel deeply sorry for what you missed out in your childhood

some kind of cat snake

That is good.

Granted, that smeargle did get really good RNG on that sleep.
But still, if they hadn't've gone for the amnesia on the regice, they could have forced the switch a turn earlier, at worst, and at best ruined the whole setup.

But they can also be quite annoying!

Well I think it is good enough for me today.

I wish I could say the same. I have to work overtime again today.

Ana? Goldfish? Didn't change from anything, don't think.

Should feel sorry for me for other reasons, kek.

Oh, what do they do?

like what?

What is this webm?

Being born here.

It's a loop of a young woman peering over her balcony during twilight in a futuristic city setting, possibly thinking about the man she's infatuated with, against some relaxing background music.

Tell me about your struggles, child.

As a man who loves pixel art and lounge singing this is wonderful.


Not sure what to tell you. Just being in a country with technological lag is a bit shit.

Thank you

I see

do you want to try to move to a better country or nah?

It would take ages to make.

Oh, I see.

Nice to meet you.

Parents paying for college, can't go anywhere for now. Working with a lawyer on the Canadian visa, brothers are Canadian so that's the best place to go.
Tried going to America, too expensive as an international student, situation in Europe is a bit too unstable for an Arab. Don't really have any other safe, inexpensive choice.
Although with the elections coming up soon, this place might not be safe either.

Met before, I think. When you were posting the cute green haired lady and everyone was happy you were back.
The Erin person too, I think.
Nice to meet you again though!

Ana's honestly the best Lebanese poster.




[ comfy intensifies ]

I'm comfy

You're comfy.

Yeah, I am.

Elma in her maid outfit in my bedroom WHEN

Make me comfy too please.

it would be epic

ew canada
as for europe, the nordic countries are pretty good


you ordered a chair?


No, why do you think that?


I don't know how

just a guess

how is swedish creepy?

Desu just posts copypastas

Neither do I, that's why I need help.

Nah, no chair. There's not enough room for chairs.

what is it

Most of those Elma related talks are a bit creepy.
Like dependent creepy.

Just kind of generally her behaviour towards Maddie.

And Desu's behaviour towards Subtoe.

I dont even notice because thats its normal behavior

Mmn, blankets and stuffed aminals

Did you actually order the beast figs btwway?

compared all that to me trying to get to know people, it's obvious I'm the creepiest here

I don't like enough people here to make a big one.
Maybe a smaller one.

It's somewhat unsettling.


make one of guero, ooble, georgie, you, and me c:

But apparently Grim's the biggest creeper.

Unless, like, they're clearly not interested. Then it's kinda sketch bro.

It is phone.

Beast figs?


Most have no avatar.

OnePlus 3

Took 4 weeks to go from "Pending Shipment" to "Processing".

I mean, Fish is a rapist.


I didn't order any Illya.

It'd be neat but I'm not ready to show my power level yet.

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread


how much?

oodle can be super sonico
guero, you can probably make a pixel version of him

and you can use samus as usual for me

They are. Grades are pretty good, should be able to get into most places.
Only issue is the living expenses and safety.

Did you see it?