31 cases of voter fraud out of a billion votes is evidence of widespread rigging of elections

31 cases of voter fraud out of a billion votes is evidence of widespread rigging of elections.

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Where did Emma go

Oyasumi nerd

What's the most evil thing you've done?

For this, the lecturer created and hosted a website on the university's servers, and we have to find 15 exploits on it
Things like cross-site scripting, SQL injection, cookie manipulation

Ah well, sounds easier than making your own programs, at least I assume so.


off to fap probably




uh... umm...

torrented stuff?

But does it know how to type moonspeak?

*pat pat*


thank you

is the show scifi yet?

or still stuck in that western stuff... u_u

Different kind of skillset I think, there's no programming and it's a lot of different techniques to learn
But I think I should go to sleep anyways good night

Enjoy hell D:


no :(

Most likely, I have no knowledge in software stuff at all though.
Sleep well Subtle.

its both from the start

i wonder where its going...

me too~

civ 6 fun?

yeah i love it

which parts
tell me thigns

holy shit im so sleepy


hi ruka


city states are a lot more manageable to gain influence over. roads are built automatically with trade routes

i remember having to build road all the time

soo... hmm civ 6 sounds like ez mode honestly~


my arm is sore... from being shot


You're part of the conspiracy if you don't believe in organized voter fraud

D e a d t h r e a d



Luka pls get a job

meh workers die after they improve 3 tiles

and enemys are just a tad more aggresive
just for the game to be interesting?

city states actually build sizable armies its interesting

waddup yall
charisma -3 here
how are you guys doin

the game sure like war i guess in this new version....

not as cultured anymore...

Luka pls response



Well i'm not gonna be starting Litten now that I know he turns into a retarded fire/fighting type.

I had a dream that a clown was chasing me down the street at dusk. He didn't know I had a pocket knife.

Whats wrong w fire/ fighting?

he doesn't
he's fire/dark
he just looks like furry bait


you're strayan
you shouldd and can always safeuly assume any australian is carrying a machee or 3

Its been done a lot.

Still looks like a piece of shit.




Hey there bae
Come over here and gimme a kiss

i want moar ghosties

woof woof

*hugs warmly*


Hes ruined.

None of them will ever live up to gengar.

its truuu its too truu

DAB owl wins


I'll just get Litten and never evolve him.

I had a dream that I was in a war against something that posed a threat to existance it's self. It ended with the emperor destroying Earth while he retreated to space. Fucking nigger, how did he get in that position any way?

Fuck, existence.
I need to get some sleep.


catch all other thingys

meme meme


Sorry my boyfriend will get jealous


And back into Xenoverse 2 I go.


is it any goood

show me ur op character creation

post ur prettyness pls

I started listening to this song in April, in which obviously the last thing on your mind is Fall, let alone Halloween. But this song immediately made me feel like I was in a really cool, spooky Halloween setting! Definitely one of the coolest songs I've ever listened to

Looks like a pleb song, who doesn't like spiders crawling on them?

i think the song was a GHOST song

Ehh, my eyes are not staying open.
Night fam.






Hows your night coming along mate?

Well enough.

pity post for dead thread

savage luka



/novelty meme


pew pew


moogs pls attn me

im lonely and bored... pls like me too!


how are you

i do

I'm okay. I'm about to buy a super cute hoodie :p

*snuggles happily on ur lap*


still civ 6 thru the ages?


yes. just going through the different victory types

tell me what they are!

Domination, Religion, Science and Culture.

ive done the last two so im working on domination now



ur going ham on them nukes and boom boom the whole world?





not nukes just tanks and jets

very cute


who that guy

sounds underwhelming... :\

Christmas bonus might go to a 76 cosplay.



Alex Jones, he's a conspiracy nut. Lots of funny videos made of him tho like

he looks like a meme

you should cosplay something kewl

He is basically a meme, yes


doing fun things irl these days?

Lol no

I did good on the sat2 and now I can buy Titanfall.
Today is a good day.



It's gonna rain this weekend so I'm staying in and enjoying the rain

Colbert should fuck a real girl, like luka.

play any fun video games?

that's lewd! >_

ur lewd

i have crippling depression

But I'm a real girl and I'm not a lesbian ._.

I'm just biding my time til Pokemon Sun and Moon tbh

that's pretty good

i pure

idubbz is funny

when will that happen?

You're not even cool enough for crippling depression

Next month, so a few weeks basically

I hav osteoperosis



you're pretty good in bed

jokes aside, been feeling really shitty lately

why not :(


The real cool kids don't have crippling depression





i like to EAT


what will you do till then?

*hug* what can you do?



Play Alpha Sapphire and Pokemon Showdown!


wait no this one


right now i'm just playing Pewdiepies Tuber simulator App
and Pokemon Go
and Leeg withsaltgrim
and overwatch




Right now I'm playing sleep



Dream well and lots~


Hello, Theseius

big black cock news


hiya user!

tell me things and knowledge about u

Well that game could have gone better.

Hmm, well I'm staying up later than I should and I'm pretty tired. Anything in particular you wanted to know though?




mah waifu


You've kind of devolved.

here's mine

Every time we saw a dress at the renaissance faire Squash said I should wear it for you.


wat ur name is!

or hints and stuff.

or just how ur enjoying game?

she just loves those big fat armies

how much would this cost to purchase on dvd

It doesn't and won't exist.

I'm that one intergalactic seeker of greater rewards. This week is currently all about combat bonds, my specialty.

big meaty elephants


fly to centre of galaxy!

I actually plan to within 2 weeks and the trip itself shouldn't take me more than 3 days to get there.


dont forget 2 do cxomunity goal! and orca those people

maybe if you guys tried a little more

Actually, depending on how things go I'll be heading to a black hole later today if I have the time.

See above(the community goal in Maia is where the black hole I'll be going to is)
I'm going to kill at least 1k people before it's over for that delicious payout

fly in!

travel 2 new dimension~

Thanks killer

Hey!!!!!!!!! I just got this note earlier today

Later losers.

bye faggot

slow posting cuz league

pls I don't wanna get spaghettified


lets play leeg together

i have a bunch of screen shots i wish i could access just imagine I'm posting an old note that says
'You can't trust everyone'

Do you play ranked?

Why can't you?

its on my ps4 and idk how to put that on my pc

I don't even know where the joke ends at this point.

Oh. Yeah I don't know how to do that either, I know it's a thing though

i havent

tranfer them usb

Oh. I only really play ranked..


we could play aram together to relax?~

I don't know the meaning of that word.. Sorry..

niggas gonna nig



I'm a fucking raider

Flying jets with thermals on is scary as fuck btw

air strike?

I was in one of these

tanks are strong!


pic related is strong


oh I didn't mouse over that spoiler


This is too awkward

Here I am.

Here I am.

you know what to do

grab her by the pussy

I only hit the button once.

i love you




Here's a video that sums up most of my sessions when playing Arma3

yo you should play Rust with us



that image disturbs me greatly

the good

the bad

the ethan


where is ikt when you need him btw

I ain't gonna lie to yall
love hurts
it really does
a-at least that's what my friend said

rare pic of Nezumi

I see Limes.

whoever stole my whiskey bottle
joke's on you
that ain't whiskey
you go ahead and keep it


Are you calling me a busta?

Who are you?

I'm sayin you've had one too many of these


Send lolis pls

What makes you think I have lolis on hand?

lolisa on tap

iunno but I wan

I don't have what you're looking for.

you on the right in this image is what i want

Hmm.. I don't know what else to ask for..


You want me to force open your mouth?

maybe just tug on my cheek a little

It always starts with "just a little"

aaand time to go back to sleep

it kewl

She looks like she has period blood all over her face.



Look at my amazing new mount.



-bounds across an open field -


sup fish

morning bard, hows you?

grinding my way to a runescape bond

hey qt I'm enjoying some fallout just started a brand new characteer it was my mommas birthday yesterday
how are you doing tody?

its been 3 hours



got my domination victory

chilling, watching youtube videos and eating garlic bread and crumpets

you should play oldschool fam, new rs is gay af

not too bad, just showered and breakfasted, watching two youtube chucklefucks argue trump vs hillary

did you visit your mother on her birthday?


well yeah silly I stil l live with her !

whats on your schedule for the rest oft hee day hmm/

all those downtown ladies call him
treetop lover all the
men just call him sir

go to bed

fair does my man

got uni at 4, gonna chill til then, maybe do some work if i can be arsed

mornin nezi


how much longer you stuck in schooling? is it going well for ya?


can't watch youtube videos, router keeps crashing on videos

til may next year, gotta start my final year project over weekend tbh


that's pretty exciting
what are yu going to do once you finally get free? Oh man I remember the feeling of graduating high school
I bwt if it's higher education it only gets better


get a god damned job, earn some actual money, and get my life on track, uni has been a fucking disaster for everything but my potential future earnings tbh

hows you?







proud of you qt chan
i can only imagine
i dropped out myself ;w;

i fucking hate it tbh, but ive sunk a lot of money into making this work, i may as well see it through and reap the benefits

not too great

but not awful yet

how come?

school, sleep, health problems...

picard>>>>>>> POWER GAP >>>>>>> kirk

poor nezi


Urgh terrible


ugh awful

When swedish chokes on their own vomit it will be so awesome

Ban fish

evidently like with sci despite saying that, no one wants him banned

you sound a bit salty tbh

Spoiler, kohai, fish is the worst.

I didn't do it for me, I won't bother naming names though cause they don't deserve the whining

senpai I already banned him once, it got overthrown almost a few hours later or something

True suffering. The mindless idiots. I cant wait for them to leave forever.

you did it based on a single post by squash and you. it got overthrown in 45 minutes.

kill urself

I doubt that, in some stupid twist a few people are now on his side simply to spite me despite the ban being cause they all, those few included, wanted it

I'll be sure to do that, cat killer

Die tranny scum


Typical really. We've the best intentions in mind

constantly posting for me to be banned and to kill myself literally dozens of times each thread is spam. ban scoots

it did prove my point that people will just do whatever to try to be on the opposite side of everything someone they dislike is involved in so not a total loss

False reporting is a bannable offense

I know, oh well...

This isnt a safe space

the putrid glowing ghoul in cambridge crater kept kicking my ass so I kept leading it out of the crater past the random spawn chem dealer stash and her 2 body guards and itkilled the so I led it to a nearby group of raiders then alllll the way around the town sqauare to a supermutant encampment. where I shot of its leg and it fell to the ground. then a super mutant hound ran and attacke it and two superr mutaunt suiciders wrushed at me and i shot ones boomb and there was s a large nuclear rcplosion
then I died because i was laughing too hard and didnt save and another mutant killed me but shit man
thats hysterical


Allahu snackbar


I had a nightmare about insects and I genuinely felt one on my face that made me wake up all sweaty.

it was just my hair

Interrupted sleep is the worst

especially when it's the third time already.

how's your friday

Uh, just working. Im off tomorrow, said nday and Monday.
In London for handegg sunday.
You? Sans tiredness and scarabs crawling in your skin.

sweet, sounds fun.
I'm all full for weekend, >rotterdam party.
germans were right on bombing them.

just prepping for test and drinking later woop

Sounds fun, just don't go full casper XD

*notices random pills in public bathroom*
OwO what's this?

Hahahha classic

Smonk wed

Oh wow i had a nightmare about bugs too

do you think our souls are in sync

Oh wow i had a nightmare about bugs too

do you think our souls are in sync

Guys, I lost my meds in a public bathroom, anyone see them?


Where else am I supposed to jerk off at school?

Between your crush's legs.

Well, in that case we might as well fuck on the desks.

went to get ketchup chips


went to get ketchup chips


oh thanks weelchairman

It's just like one of my Japanese animes.

in 20 minutes i go to the doctors about my pee blood

they made me an appointment for like an hour after i called

normally it takes like a month to get an appointment at my doctors so i think after all the "go to hospital" shit last night and now this it might be kinda srs

You know.
I wondered why Loco suddenly hated me.
Now I realize why. No matter how much he wants to fluff his ego, I currently have something he never will. Tokai.

Fucking pervo watching highschool lesbeans fuck on desks.

How long has it been happening?

Leaking blood from orifices is generally serious.

Loco is also an emotionally unstable egomaniac.

like a week, but this is the second episode in a month

what about nose bleeds

Studio made lgbt pornos are terrible.

Why do you have Rustle on your computer?
Freaking pervo.

I totally don't have any of his work ever at all.
I don't even like it even though it's hot as fuck.

Pervos make me sick.

I hope everything's alright, love.







Says the crazy ravioli cunt

tbh I had a stinging heart pain once for 3 days straight.

but doctors cost money

s'also the reason I don't have my wisdom teeth removed yet.

I'm not paying fucking hundreds of eur just for weeks of pain.

I've never had one. I've always thought it's something bad.

Rustle is probably vanila compared some other things..

Glorious NHS


Nah, puss off health tourists get outta mah country


Get rekt nerd- cupcake, 2016.



He only does loli.
Some's prostitution, some's just sluts, some's rape.








says scoots, known lover of butts.

Anyhow I am awake now.




Can I have tender love?

I have none to give.



Nigga just anally succ a dildo

something scoots would know all about

*Wags tail*

Too lazy.

poor thing. think you'll survive?

Im not gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay garee

God willing. Someone out bid me on ebay.

Best reaction NA.

you poor thing.




Don't make it weird.

what is this?




😇 Heroes never die


you are confusing me.

uwu gibes succ

You made it weird.




: ^ (



get that shit out of here.

Make me scrub 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨



the dutch king got caught doing a dab.

republic when




in english?

Royalty is lit 💯💯💯👌



nigga i dont know what the fuck is going on

the blonde guy in a suit is our king.
he dabbed and the kids screamed





tokai i think the news wants you to leave rin


nah, that's just you

or maybe it wants you to take a shit on it idunno dutch are germanic right

i dumped rin years ago


and the significance of that is?

Loco so desperate

You need to be in a relationship with someone to dump them you clod.

sure thing

I give up

clod is my word dont you take that from me


I've used it since before I even knew you existed.

Not sure which is worse;

Fish or Loco

remember how nice things were before rin started stealing my words

remember those times

i tell you what i didn't wake up every day wanting to kill myself during those days at least

No, I think it's just that you're thirsting for someone you know you'll never have.

what a bitch fight


Two bitches fighting

i've come to terms with not being able to have scootaloo


Playing OW with Nii-sama last night, I got someone so mad at me.
Like, worse than Loco.

'cause I kept taunting him after he got mad at me saying gg ez before the game even started.

You ought play with respect in OW. This isn't LOL.

proud of you.

I did that in a russian arma server once.
so many were shouting in the mic like.
but I didn't understand a thing.

gg ez doesn't even show in chat.
And I don't get why people get so mad over it anyway.

But it was funny, because the guy said I'd get rekt hard, but I wasn't.

It's funny how mad people get.

Ees onli gaem.
Y u heff tu bi mad?

peeps get mad at the weirdest things.

pest and proud

let this be an end to this unsavoury ordeal

Blood in stool

loose stool

urine in my blood stream

this will nuke my godly gut flora too so i might get suddenly fat

How fat is fat?


ravioli/10 pounds

Swedish fat


thin people pride world wide


i cannot put on weight at all

the doctor said my urine test showed no glucose, so it is probably not a diabetic condition

so it may be that i have incredibly good gut flora for handling sugars, which the antibiotics will put an end to, and those sugars will start going to my hips

guess she forgot to dab on em

i'm gonna have bangers and mash for me tea

I'm not gay.

could you speak english please

Shame Swedish doesn't have gut flora
Hence the fat

ikt said, while thinking


sausages and mashed potatoes for my dinner

That was quintessentially English I think you'll find

That was quintessentially English I think you'll find


Just fuck me up fam


gonna having halve liter hertog jannetje you know it broer

Disgusting dutch


with buttery mustard mash i hope

ur super gay

anglo-dutch wars never forget

god save william III

as a dutchman, I know nothing about my history

As a MAN

no mustard, just very, very, very buttery

like lurpak'd to mash oblivion

so buttery it's almost soup

I'm dutch and australian


dutch man


you admit it


jokes on you I'm the flying dutchman

here to trap trannies aboard my eternal crew

how many more dutch transsexuals do we really need

Far too many freaks

i like a nice, mustardy mash, thats still plenty creamy, but not diluted by the milk and butter

screw you guys, imma put my bangers on then take my dog out for a pish

a clear, bloodless pish

the cow thinks she's so cool



there's zero affinity between dutch people and the retards we left over sea's.

afrikaners etc can suck it

A few more might be nice

Africans are retards?

a little mustard also bring a macaroni cheese sauce to life like you wouldn't believe

well okay, except the Dutch Canadians.

dutch africans are

they're the ones with the apartheid regime

my thinkpad cant handle this




i mean why be this full of shit

you are not trustworthy

erin makes fucking nezi and that retard who gives good tug jobs look normal