You guys just don't give up, do you?

You guys just don't give up, do you?

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Shut up pipsqueak, no one asked you

can you label it as a new thread

This was so poorly linked.


oh? don't you think you deserve something special for yourself at all?


Nobody asked YOU either, sasquatch.

Is that better?

You made it here just fine.



I bought a few old N64 games and magazines.

I almost missed this thread



don't you hmph me gnomestar, I'll slap a hoe then promptly apologize like a good canadian

fair deal, what games doe?

Bug's Life, both Rugrats games, and Asteroids for N64.
11 Nintendo Power mags, and a DexDrive.

All electronics are N64 related.

wew okay I'd say that's a pretty decent haul for yourself the real question is though do you have goldeneye fam?

bugs life and the rugrats game with sherly locke homes were masterpieces of gaming handed down through the generatiosn

I dipped my bug's life game in milk when I was younger. It didn't work after that.

I have the World is not Enough.
I'm not big on 007.

They were pretty fun.

You uh
You have smash?

It's dark, but there's my current collection.
The things I listed before are still in transit to me.

but like that game is literally one of the best things ever, what about the main franchise there mario 64?


Who's the hoe you'll be slapping and quickly apologizing to? I'm certain you don't mean me =3=

You didn't N64 if you didn't play Battle Tanks

wew lad


that blue one
is that tony hawk's pro skater or something gay like snowboarding lmoa



I have it 100% beat.
All stars.

no you get head pets, the hoe is desu

you are the chillest level of bro right now, beyond awesome

That star post was the wrong post.

never seen thaT coverr before
thats siiiick

I gavve up on this game because the first level was too difficult
RI beat golden eye though
Kinda weird

whats your favorite nin64 game


Want to see my rarest game?

hey sebs

very much so

I want this one too.

And fave game is either Star Fox, or Mario 64.

Not for resale Mario Party 3.
$100 game right there.


There is a point where we needed to stop.. ect

Good answer. It would be better if Desu wasn't such a hoe that loves to be abused.

what if a new console came out that used cartridges instead of disks

I only ever had the generic cover one with him in front of the castle :p

its ironic h-haha

The one i have is the Jap cart, and the other is the rumble version from Japan.

weeew that is quite the little gem, I was expecting some like game I'd never heard of but this? this is great

not a lot just chilling out, sup with you?

that's why I added the apology, it makes it far less pleasurable for him the slut

Spiders aren't even scary and if you catch one crawling on you then you just take them outside, though.

True to his name, that baka.

End goal is to have every game and variant, USA, JAP, and PAL where it counts.
Then I just get the accessories. I want a 64DD, but alas.



playing civ

I agree
I have quite a few of them that chill in my room
they usually just stay off on their lonesome
The wolf spiders are kind of creepy buit they dont even spin webs

Wolf spiders spin webs. Just not a lot. I get bit most every other day here.


that's quite the ambitious plan! oh oh do you have any of those cruisin' the world/other stuff games? they were neat little racing games, played a ton with my older sister when younger I might be misremembering the name

how big is your civ now?

Yeah? I cat say I have ever seen one
and thats pretty terrifying man
how do you know you've been bit and what does it feel like?
I'm surrounded by the fuckers down in my room but I havent been bit yet
or at least not that I know of


well as france i decided to wipe out whoever declared war on me. so i control most of the world right now. though im going for a science victory this time


my nigga

game was so rediculous tho.

i fucking loved this game
Do you have Cruis'n the world?

Sadly I don't.
Just Crusin' USA so far.

As France shouldn't have you surrendered the moment anything threatened your civ?

HA fuckingfrenchies

haha meme

I'm thinking of getting it next month sometime, maybe we can play? :^) you can trust a spoilers ran nation.... yeeeees

you are the best!

Hardly. I plan to get the cheep ass games first.
Just to bulk my collection.

would be nice

Hey, that's our oldest and most trusted ally.


that doesn't change a thing, you have an incredible collection going already and the entire plan is really awesome

it's on, just I might not be good at all at first just as a warning lol

have you played 5 at all

How does it compare to 5, anyhow?

Hopefully it works out. I plan to mod a console to be powered with a chargeable battery pack and a wireless controller mod. An HDMI converter would also be nice, but I play on CRT anyhow. Soon I want to order and custom fit a controller with custom metal buttons and stick. That and replace most of the plastics inside with either hard plastic or metal. I plan to dump about 300 bucks into custom making a controller of my own.

city states immediately come to mind though it's handled a lot better imo

other than that it's a lot easier to talk about differences especially in regards to workers and roads.

it's still recognizable as a civ game

What I read about it is really exciting
it's sounds like a shout out of the park

what's your personal opinion and rating of it if I might have it?

Also, did they happen to incorporate any of the featues fron brave new world or gods and kings? Religion and all that jazz?


that's some really extensive planning but it sounds like it'll be amazing, I really hope you get what you're after!

It's all up in the air.
So how is your day?

i got civ as a complete package so im unsure what was a part of the dlc.

but i will say that nothing seems to have been taken away aside from the world congress stuff but that wasnt really that great to begin with. i think the differences might be a little off putting at first but you'll like it

not bad I mean nothing has gone wrong and my mood seems to be overall recovering, really nice that the day has been rather chill helps to the whole recovery thing

That is good.
A relaxing night is always good for mental health.

what is appealing about 6 to you

cheers to that! do you just get your games off the internet or like at local shops? or both?

a lot of stuff, I was actually really interested in 5 too but I kept procrastinating and then 6 was coming out

its fun.


it does look it, can't wait to get into it

good choice, ebay is like the paradise for getting your hands on old games and a shit ton of other things



Someone call the undertaker

I thought you only played girls.


Its a good thing your dragon sucked them in and rooted them.

i'm on fire

I'm wet


get back in the swimming pool

Hurry up.

Then I would be dry.








Do you have a geiger counter?

Is that something people normally have?

kewl pic!

somethign something
i left my other at the repair shop?



Thank god my heart just about stopped there for a second


mine is in the shop.

HQ sent me

get new pics plls



is that you irl??

a knife?

knife cat guide


brutalizer doesnt exist

they rework cat now

I broke it with my mouth.

it was cheap

Its not good for anything except sucking on.

dont eat it

so bored

it won't fit.

But life finds a way.

lets play league or overwatch

hey, sorry I saw your irl picture and I just thought you looked cute in your picture, I really wanted to tell you that)) It's really rare to see girls playing video games haha! I don't know why its a guy thing honestly im like really against misogyny and like ill be the one in the kitchen making sandwiches. We should really play l4d2 sometime its a really cool zombie game with a lot of scary moments, but don't worry ill be there to protect you ;) sorry that wasnt flirting I swear Im just trying to be friendly I really like your profile picture sorry was that too far? Really sorry i'm really shy I don't go out much haha add me on skype we should talk more you look really nice and fun xxx

I don't really feel like playing those things right now.

Isn't this some guy on xboxlive?

lukas glass

what else is there to even play?
leeg is free and most popular in world
and overwatch is hip and trendy

i dont alcohol.


also me on the left

I mean right

huh..I'm serious.....??

tooo indie for my tastes
it's top down perspective isn't impressing me with anything new.

Its based off an older game from years ago.

I don't see how the perspective effects anything.

Its a better game than league.

its old?



Once it goes free to play and has its full release i'm sure a lot more people will start playing it.


It's bloodline champions 2.0
same people too I think
I hear good things.


looks pretty limited tho...

just some tiny arena where a couple of you shoot at each other...


It has more depth than you're giving it credit for.

lotsa games have depth these days

blast from the past
tell me about your day mister archives

And I haven't played thousands of hours in this so its fresh and new to me.

Not really a lot to tell.

i just want something popular and free...

That's so boring! why are you so boring all the time~?

Its gonna be free.


O-oh....I see....

I just want a hug...


...just not right now...

once all the overhype has died down... and the dust has settled
they'll kick it out to pasture as just another f2p title...




this webm fits me exact reaction I think
im not sure


you're the worst bully I've ever met... I hate you...


yeah doesnt feel so good does it

I didn't feel anything.


I mean I've felt things before in my life.

master are you lying to me?

a lot of hate


What would someone have to do to mame you hatefu toward them?

Not a lot.

fresh luka meme

Luka is a sexual predator.

Luka sure is lewd.


Do you hate me?

This is amazing whatever it is


Do you hate me?

I don't know you.

do you really want to hurt me

pew pew
i shot u


starting to wonder if maybe i'm a low level psychopath

i don't mind when people die, wasn't phased when my mom died

i'm maybe a little manipulative, not in a fully evil way, just i'm not actually as nice and sweet and squishy as i let people think, it's kinda a mask

anybody else get these feels about me or themself?




All the time
Are you empathetic towards other peopls issues?

i recognize i should often feel more deeply or more sincerely than i do

but i often feel more deeply and severely than i should other times

we'll see, that's the thing, i was comparing psychopaths to empaths, and i think i fit in closer with the psychopaths

i have empathy, but i can switch it off kinda

like, it's another facet of the mask

if i don't make a point of considering and caring about other people's problems, i just don't


but is it like internal reflective shit you feel too strongly about? like i get hecka depressed too, but that's selfish, a non-empath can still be miserable, just not on behalf of other people

like any time you're nice to someone, or you care about their problems, is it cause you like talking to them and you'd rather they weren't being all shitty, or is it cause their problems actually make you feel bad for them?

are we all psychopaths here?

Most likeley

it tends to be things involving me.


if someone you know well, but wasn't particularly useful to you died, would you be bothered much?

useful how

something i often see psychopaths saying about the way emphaths react to death, is that it confuses them, because empaths act like it was them who died, not someone else

and i get that tbh

like if someone just talks to be they have a use for me.

but like if they dont even do that i dont really have an attachment so i wont be upset about it


About a month ago my head managers hyusband passed away and I cried a little bit in the freezer for a while even though I never met him and I dont have any extended interaction with the manager
he never had or would benefit me in any way but I still felt for my manager and it was hard to imagine a lifetime of togetherness torn apart like that
they'dbeen together longer than I had ven been alive and that was just hard to imagine
She came back to work a week later and she acted like the same person and it baffled me but I didnt bring it up

contextually i feel like it's self-explanatory

any reason a psychopath might value a person

they are interesting and help you kill time, they help you win at games, sometimes they buy you pizza lol, shit like that

congrats, you are an empath

this conversation contains psychopath secrets pls now remove your eyes

if they dont do that then i dont have an attachment and i dont care too much

I dont think I'm an empath
I'm sure I have normal empathy levels

Just being a manipulator doesn't make you a psychopath though
Maybe that's a better word for it
it's quite normal for humans

holly willoughby is dyslexic

that teleprompter skill is hard worked for

cool girl

she's back and i'm falling in love again

You're a fool and deserve what you get


maybe it's not quite psychopathy, maybe we're like, non-dramatic BPD

like, psychopath and empathy are antipodes

an empath is driven in part by the emotions of those around them, a psychopath is not in tune with those and is solely selfishly driven

thats been a descriptor for me before.

gee thanks, i hope you enjoy life being lonely for the rest of your life too?

a nice man came to visit me this morning to have me rate my landlord in a questionnaire, and as soon as he sat down my dog shit everywhere

I'm not a bad person
I cant in all good faith claim to be selfless though
beleive me I've done my fair share of selfish acts
from my time just being able to observe you I wouldnt have thought you to be one
But I'm ust a regular person not a registered proffessioanl by any menas
It's normal to think these things I would think
dont let it eat you up inside

[interdast intensifies]

she's so kawaii

admittedly, i occasionally do stuff that isn't going to benefit me in any way.

maybe you're right, and it's normal to worry if you're not like everyone else.


i just want to taste her blood as she slices at my chest

love ya erin but you're definately not like everybody else
Still, doesn't mean you're a psycho
try to be a little more selfless sometimes, maybe start small
kinda hard to be selfless when you're on a budget eh?
Money plays a big part in that all I'd think

I'd rather slice her chest
or neck

should get some rest before i blog too much here and get noticed by BB
goodnight, Holla Forums

oh is blood chan back

yes. often having to borrow, rarely in a position to lend, i suppose it skews your view of yourself.


is it quicker to pull and verify the blockchain from the network or to download the whole thing and scan it in

i know blocks downloaded from outside the network aren't verified, but i'm not sure if that matters

also do we start a whole new cryptocoin like animucoin or moecoin or some shit, or no

if yes, we all gonna need to keep the wallet running for ages or double spending attacks gonna happen.

safety in numbers.

That'd be cool but I mean we only got so many posters for god knows how long
expensive expensive

holy shit

why haven't any bronies made an mlp coin called Bits

have they?

i might jump on that

mlp still has a community right

we can pull in other communities

cryptocoins only work when there is a solid community behind them, plenty of people using the network, or they aren't secure

i can run a seed node but hopefully i could get rid of it in a month or two if the network grew a bit

sorry. really into cryptocurrency atm. indulge my autism.

i just got told a sekrit

chii rated me waifu/10

Woulda been awesome a few years back but shit we're dead

please god no kiiiidding


Bank of Animus was fun for a while but after a month or two interest dropped

sucks for me cause this shit is like my hobbies and if there is nobody enjoying my work i'm throwing time, effort and money into the void lol

ty i feel satisfaction



I feel the same way about playing music alot
But stick with it and eventually you'll get really really good and then you can do something tha everybody will want with it

morning adorable, sup?

hold me and make me feel safe

hopefully one day u like me too

just got home
I'm not sure what I wanna do

i have almost the entire litecoin blockchain ready

doge is taking longer but i can whip up a quick litecoin php wrapper, then do something like betting on league games or some shit

that sound fun?

i will protect your shweet pucker

i do like you.

often, you are infuriating, and i will bully a little, but the treads wouldn't be the same without you.

sorry but Yousorry but you lost me there
I don't really understand half of what you said in that sentence

didn't bother with the bitcoin daemon cause satoshis are super small and nobody has any

1 litecoin is less than $5, we can work with that.

doge is ideal play money.

get some:

trusted vendors

yeah... i try my best to judge you, and just accept you as you are. u_u

its just sometimes the words hurt me, and make me feel sad.

would you like to be able to bet litecoin and dogecoin on league games between threaders?

not to judge you*

party hard? or just chill


everybody has flaws, on the internet, those will become the subject of bully, it is inevitable

don't feel bad luka, the internet really doesn't know shit about you.

personally that does not interest me at all
But htat doesnt mean someone else here wouldn't be in to that
check around with the league players or the vidya crew

I'd rather chill lol

ty for input c:

it is tough... yeah.
i invest myself emotionally online a lot, yeah it's rough... but it's the best i've found.

...but i'll be stickin' around for a long while~ *hugs you tight*

you're giving me the feels here sebs

good choice, it's what I like the most out of those two lol too much effort for the other

have you watched the show i'm posting


i'm proud of you.

I hold a burning desire to be a cute girl who feels cared for and loved

there will be a lot of feels

such as rug burn

chilling is the best

I havent
but I've seen teh absoluteley aDORable gifs of her dancing to music
and they are my favorite
who is she

gonna take some poppers and ponder the cryptoverse with my brain all messed up

the lights are off but i assure you i still work

Cyan from show by rock
this show is like if k-on took acid and furries made it
it's adorable

this can be an enjoyable feel, well at least how they are gotten

so curious! what's this anime your avatar is from about?

thanks, hearing that makes me really smile~

i'm proud of all you accomplished this past half year too... creating all those sites and fun stuff in the past, moving out, doing stuff, finding new home... ect. :3

well ty. c:

I like my anthropomorphic animals girls limited to one mabe 2 per series thanx
I quit watching alotta animu a year or so or 2 back but It definately looks adorable
if I ever get time I will def check it out
been forever since I've seen some good animu
is it slice of life?

i was about to call you a sick pain lover or something

that would be just awful

in japan if you owe people money they'll take your life and slice it up and put one slice on tv

This is my last resort


no breathing

crawling in my skin

I have bamboozled you, my plan was to confuse you into thinking that at first I am the good pranker

ill get my revenge

This is my plastic fork*

moog, do you play dark souls 3 at all?

it's about this girl who wants to join a music club but she is too shy to ask. she was playing this rhythm game on her phone and got sucked into it when she got the high score or something and now she plays in a band in that world

they are all humans with animal ears and tails and only turn into chibi furries when they are playing


i get carried every other day yeah

I wouldn't call it that no

how are you finding poise so far?

im not that deeply into it i know how pathetic that sounds. i just run around with the farron greatsword

but it's my understanding they removed it right?

they patched it back in, only its tied to hyperarmour frames, so they basically made it so if you want to rock a weapon that has hyperarmour frames you need heavy armour too, ergo, without each other, both are useless.

just don't get any revenge in my eye please

sounds like someone was watching k on and got super high, might be entertaining actually thanks neko!

i heard the dlc is kinda lame

i prefer inside

it looks it tbh, but the current meta weapons are both in there, and it has a saber too. im still torn between refunding or not.

did you just get the dlc or the season pass

also how important pvp is to you should be taken into account.

I like how you think bae

i like this gif

season pass

why is that luuks?

Still so tired.

can't sleep anymore though?

I enjoy it very much


I could, but I already slept 10 hours.

everythign about it~ ^///^
perfect adorable nails
soft skin~
shimmering nude lips
and the haaaaair, it's all over, perfectly messy and eveywhere, adorbs sexy


Luka said nude

hm hard gamble

At least have the courage to link him, Bart.

How lewd.


wew sure looks cute also

craaaaaaaaaawling in my skin

fair point so it might just be that uh oversleeping tired or whatever remember I'm a doctor so all this is specialized medical terminology

well if you put it so lewdly it sounds true

I know it's so naughty >W


it not lewd
it complementary


Probably, but I'm sure that if you sleep long enough you'll pass it.

Is it wrong to say that it's pretty hot?

You should have seen earlier
like a hormone raging monster .///.

fake and rude

the two are hand in hand this time

thank you

probably not which is sad I'd like to be able to sleep a shit ton of time then have even more time awake somehow lol

I hope no-one was hurt.


aaah come on luka thats obviously not something youd say and everyone knows
dont worry no rude

Sometimes I wish I could sleep for a month or few and then wake up well-rested, but I feel like well-rested is just a myth.

Well rested is a myth perpetuated by the man to put insomniacs down, man!


...yeah, okay whatever.
i just personally don't appreciate it.
especially when people make fun of me enough as is.
but you're right, i hope.

You can gain the well rested perk by sleeping in any owned bed

luka is lewd and crude.

wew straight to the butt, this went lewd as heck quickly

to hell with sleep, the accursed bastard it is

it's okay, I'm just poking fun at you

Type like that more.

Fukkin' pervo.
Go pervert your own avatars.

Mine is PURE and CHASTE.

If for any reason I'm ever actually mad at you I wont pussy around with passive aggression
I dont mean to bother with it and so ill wait for a while before i make another one
I get bored and these things make me laugh my ass off

says the one posting her butt at me all random like, I'm going to have to tell on you

If I wanted to post images at you with the intent of you interpreting them lewdly, I'd be in my Tanaka Mana subfolder.


im not ur lapdog, conforming to whatever standards you project.

why me
why not anyone else?

I said it because it looks nicer, and makes you look better, but whatever.

well I mean I only started like a week ago
i've got one for erio and some for ban
making one for scoot atm
waiting to see what else pops up
it's uusally a spur of the moment thing

I am not part of their system, maaan.

I tried, didn't work.
Fallout letting me down.

I enjoy sleep too much, but I never wake up feeling energized.

rest in peace s deez

What if your dad is a phone?

Killed to death.

Then who was phone?

could you show me just for curiosity sake? I won't interpret a thing jokingly this time

I never seem to get any anymore, so I just hate it for being so absent

Your dad.
That's what the question was saying.
Keep up.


why is it criminal for me to type how i feel, more comfortable with, more lax, and less serious?

I'm not some Grammar Nazi like other people can be.
i shouldn't have to force myself to be something i'm not.

they are good. you are doing fine.
keep doing them...
i'm just voicing what personally bothers just me, rather than keeping it all inside and bottled up.

I can't seem to be able to fall asleep during reasonable hours without any sleep aid.

You ruined my old meme.
I am going to sit in the corner and sob now.

This one has no shorts.
That's kinda lewd.

Who said anything about criminality?
Relax, Theseius.
It was just meant as a friendly suggestion.

do it you wont

fair point, decent folder

why are we so alike sd? :c

It only exists because I thought Tanaka was hot way back.
Still kind of do.

it just makes me uncomfortable. i don't like it. makes me all tense... and unhappy. sour.


my dogecoin php script needed literally one word changed and it works for litecoin too

my server can make wallets for users ^^

You never know, I might just be putting on a happy mask all the time.
Wub a lub a dub dub.

I feel like we're just way too normal.

this is not inaccurate

and that word was the class name

changed Doge to Lite so the could be separate classes

just passing the litecoin port to the dogecoin class would have worked too

Then there's nothing for it.

So what's the exchange rate from the bank of animus into litecoin?

Maybe you should find someone soft to hug.

gotta love that kinda assured compatibility c:

it just werks

only going to war with the sand people will solve this, I'll get our rifles ready


Aren't you soft?

But the blast marks were too accurate for sand people.

bank of animus is kill

it was based on the archive, which stopped running when went 403, so the bank is not up to date


were i to run a script to take every post in the database, assign a wallet to the tripcode, and deposit dogecoin for every post, within my means i could make one animu coin worth 0.1 doge


0.1 doge is 1 animu

1 lite is 12810 doge

do the maths?

true but it couldn't be the empire either, those fuckers couldn't hit a planet they were standing on then who was phone?

If you don't like it, then you shouldn't do it.

Unbelievably so.



not even

1 animu = 0.01 doge lol

i could buy more doge to back animu with and inflate it i guess

if anyone wants to donate 1.5 million doge, i will make every post worth 1 doge

True, it must have been the Spanish inquisition.

So, uh, can't I just hug you?

but that's actually rather a lot of money


How much is 1.5 million doge?

like nearly $500 lol, forget it, i thought it would be less

oh... yeah.
i try... but not perfect.

That's what I was suggesting.

donate 500 now
post 1.5 million posts


could do every post worth 0.1 doge for about $47 startup

damn it.... why don't we ever expect them? it's like always them, we just keep going after the wrong targets instead

Oh, I thought you were playing it all cold again.

Nobody ever expects the Spanish inquisition.

ask a guy who has a day off and his body literally woke him up at 6 am anything...

ask a guy who has a day off and his body literally woke him up at 6 am anything...

I was playing coy this time.

Sama what the fuck are you doing on animus at 7 30 a.m

Why are you double posting?

we've doomed ourselves

thats funny...

talkien to u bae

so nais i said it twais

don't ask him that!

oh boy the litecoin blockchain is done, now the dogecoin blockchain will hurry the fuck up

the bottleneck isn't the block download speed, it's the time the cpu takes to verify each block

can't do multiple blockchains both fast at the same time

sama i got a new bass :3
can i show you .//.

been a few days... hows things

yes, i also got a new guitar, i can show you it

Do you hate your body now?

I didn't read deep into it enough to notice.

If you can't beat them, join them.

Do you love me, papi?

Too late, faglord, whatchu gonna do about it?

Good, you?

Evidently not.
You really spoiled the moment.


once we finish the dogecoin blockchain

fucking about with hundreds of wallets here we come

I like Coldplay. Baka.

i do kinda... hai sd

Fuck yeah bro
s-show me yours ill s-show you mine .//.


si mi famiglia

I guess I'll just do nothing as per usual.

likes coldplay. dislikes the beatles. how does it feel having such shit taste?

Ihope you are not expecting threadpeople to pool for you

i have no intention of mining dear neru

would they accept us? we don't need to like bugs bunny cross dress to sneak in right?

hey why aren't you in my bed?

I don't know. why aren't you there? I slept like 10 hours already.

i like that bro... even swap. its nais

I'm sorry, I'm just too tired to read between the lines.

Are you going to do something about it?
Hai hai.

Well, I mean, we could just tear down some red curtains and wrap ourselves in those and they wouldn't notice.

Beacause The Beatles are overrated.
Their music is pretty mediocre at best. When compared to their contemporaries it gets worse.
Lyrics? Incomprehensive. Guitarwork? Laughable. Drumwork? Inconsolably trashy.

rather insulted you would suggest that actually but whatever

thought you knew my games better than that

it's about funsies, not money.

ima abuse it by jolting it awake with too much caffeine and cigarettes.... thatll teach it

be careful. wrong opinions are going to be banned when hilary wins next month.

rather insulted erin hasnt said hi to me yet...

cause you aren't there!

this seems legit, they never had a batman to be their best detective in the world

Hopefully it doesn't get mad at you, or in the worst case die.

hi sama

rather insulted neru hasnt shared his delicious pastries with me yet

well now I'm literally incapable of sleeping any more for a while.

If you think I am not ready for the gas chamber, then you are dead wrong bucko.

well it's good you're ready, you filthy different opinion from me having person.

lol yea guessing that possible too... my body is a dick

hnnn yea that (you)

i hope you are not expecting the neru to donate pastries to you

we don't need to sleep there

rather insulted of this also

what on earth else can you do in a bed besides sleep? you're being silly.




id share my pastries with neru

If you think you are going to escape her righteous wrath. Then you are wrong.
My Leftist Anti-Beatles terroristic splinter cell must surely have other cells. And a gay, lush haired, calibased boiiiii sounds like a good frame job.


wait... is pastries a metaphor for something?

never know... kids these days

What if they did?
I mean, not like we'd know.

It'd be pretty bad to have a tsundere body.

I'm not cali based anymore you faggot. your information is as flawed as your opinions. your terrorist cells are worthless.


you that's what

well then we'd get the comfy chair, I'm okay with this

delicious steak bakes and bakewell tarts

sama what the HECK!! is that thing!

I woke up all moody and was super douchy and mean during class today,

but somehow that got me more respect than usual.

wowowowow lewd.

its love/hate

i beat it, it spits at me. i want it to sleep, it wakes me up

people respect a strong independent woman who don't take no guff from nobody.

Arizona. California. It is all the same. It is more sensaionalist. You think I can't photoshop? Wrong. You are going to be complicit. As will Bard.

bc rick warlock... lime green

greggs stahp


fucking dirty traitor, at least go to cooplands

it's not the same at all! other than how close they are to each other they're practically polar opposites. you limey bastards don't know shit about the greatest country ever.

what I never brought up the beatles
but you're wrong

Ringo was a great drummer in his right with well done rolls and flashy yet not too complicated fills
Pauls work wwas alot cleaner on the drums

George created many influential solos and styles the even Eric Clapton took inspiration from

Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff the POOR man's Greggs.

Then why don't you return my overt sexual advances.

Well then.

And whose fault is that for sleeping way more than they should?

You were in highschool.
Douches are always the most respected.

hell yeah it's lime green lol
does it glow in the fucking dark?
How does it sound and wat made ya snag it?

greggs are mediocre at best

no that comes after when we hold hands

yeah. that's right. chu gonna do about it.

how indecent!

fuck neru

because you wont do mai karaoke bitter about it.

I know plenty about glorious Ottoman Emprie I have you know.

All of that text you wrote is terrible. Clapton, is great, but never took inspiration from a bunch of scouse fakers.

Slit my wrists, and contemplate carving out my heart.

In did one tho.

that just sounds like a place for better countries to rest their feet on.

fuck Neru

seems a tad excessive.

marry tokai

it was never unjust mean though.
like when the presentation reviews were there this one guy was talking to the teacher about how my language wasn't up to par.

but I'm not black
nor a woman

but this is university

Wait, there's a chair?

It just secretly loves you.

But I just wanted to feel comfy!

You need to stop being so wrong. Im gonna nut.

got it at a pawn shop for a song (read cheap as fuck) guy didnt know what he had. serial resells for 500% what i paid. ima fix et and resell it

neru fite me irl

like if you dislike me

say that to my face



never said you were black. just a strong woman who don't take no guff. which you definitely are.

I've never been wrong about anything in my life.

what's going on in here anyway?

I dislike (you)

i literally always want moar, tis the nature of our bromance

fite neru irl

who ever knows.

were talking about pastries

Oh dear.

Hnnnn baby, you are so wrong on that.

i love myself maybe a little too much .////.


populations are dropping like crazy lol

cease this slanderous talk at once!

beat up neru irl

tell it to this butt, bitch nigga

ill rek u familiam

get a pastry with neru irl

oh, i think it might be a thousand species of any animal


They know. They jsut don't care.

Whatcha gonna do, punk...


and then put you in a skirt and redacted your redacted until you break

there is! it's big and red and way too comfortable

But do you ever let yourself know that?


dont bring any alcohol cause i'll get you smashed for free mate

Bard should make a Prince folder

Oh wow! A cry buddy!

not often enough...

The scars will be a reflection of my inner turmoil that you dindunuffin.

Everything is war.
And war?
War never changes.

Mistakes were made, lessons weren't learned.

I don't want a bromance!

that sounds really redacted you redacted

cry, baby cry, make your mother sigh. you're old enough to know better, so cry, baby cry.

thats literally too bad, ill need you to go ahead and deal with it.

will the scars be big and beautiful and healthy at any size?

But can you sleep on it?

That's why it's being tsuntsun for you.

Not like I can fix them anymore.

Boys don't cry.

maybe should spoil it, take it out to dinner and a movie. make slow love to it

guess you must be a chick.

I'll keep carving into them until they're small, slender and I die.

You can not put yourself into this situation in the future though.

whoever wins though?


dogecoin block index is kill again

welcome to forevercrashing

time to reindex all the fuck over again

why are blockchains so damn corruptable

dying is forbidden, sorry.

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Why am I addicted to this song?

It doesn't matter, now, what happens.
You can never give up the fight.

yeah so we should do it, all the time

maybe like if they give you the footstool

wbat it comes down to me

i met my bar crush

i love her so much