A thread for hype over christmas overwatch skins since the hype for that holiday always starts early anyway :^)

a thread for hype over christmas overwatch skins since the hype for that holiday always starts early anyway :^)

Skins are nice, having motivation to grind would be nicer.

i would hug him. i like the idea of hugging a dude in a fursuit. especially if they're way taller than me. so soft and fluffy...


oh? sorry to have troubled you then.


what might you suggest? possibly prestige skins so the more 100's the more prestige skins you unlock?


trouble me, with endless nights of sex

Eh, I'm just pointing out the fact that the grinding doesn't seem worth it.

I'm aware I just thought maybe you had an idea, sorry for putting you on the spot sd

No problem, I didn't really even understand that at all anyhow, I blame myself for being awake for 32 hours now.

jesus that's worse than me, go to bed sd please you need the rest

i just hope they don't give mei a santa outfit, she needs something nicer qq


Yeah, might as well call it a day now.


mei and zarya are both lacking hard, though mei is more likely to get something cause zarya got legendaries during summer and mei got nothing through both events

night! sleep well


if it's an outfit like that then who's gonna complain

I suppose this could be arranged, since subtle-kun hates me now

sleep tight


huh? isn't he the slut's boyfriend anyway? lol

I desperately need to be liked by everyone at all times


Anything neutral and up is a blessing, really.

good luck with that in a place like this, what'd you do?

fair enough

i voted ^^

Just to confirm this is a joke and you're not sad with me RIGHT?



you don't seem to tell him no sooo

boytoy is such a sweet word

when I see onodera all I can think about is this nasty doujin soto used to post of her


yeah. it was a joke.

again, a joke. this was all joking. goodness.

holy shit I'm so bad at joking online

accelerate the bullet

She got her highlight intro with the ghost, that was at least cute umu

That's true enough. Hopefully it'll be nice.

ill accelerate a bullet into you

what about your dick

i'mma head out and pay some billz i guess
prolly gonna nab a nice create my own

a bullet of cum

I was still curious but okay

true but she needs skins

I want her to have a nice bikini skin uuu

I have to train the new person. Again.
Such is life.

I'm just saying the whole thing was a joke, silly. I was just trying to tease subtle.

when are you off

10 my time.
Same as always.


lewd as heck to want but not a bad thing to want

ah okay then

i want to do stuff

Like, stuff how?
Butt stuff?


My insides aren't happy right now so I can't do butt stuff.

you shouldnt suggest it then

I didn't. I thought that was what you were suggesting.

That picture makes me think of a cow mei skin where she shoots milk out of her weapon

i had dark souls in mind

I'd be down.
I'm at the Dragon Slayer before the Archives.
I beat Aldrich and Yohrm and the dancer this morning.

you can carry me then

Don't I always?



I mean... It's a good want.



Well fuck me.
I have to head back to work.

though she's not a thicc as the fanart depicts her so people would probably get pissed

sorry ;-;

Well fuck me I just got off.


W-well that is rather up-upfront....


ugly dumb stupid bitch whore


do you even like those?

meh i guess. it's not my favorite

so you like loosely kind of like boobs and dig the female frame? im just how bi you are

yes. though i like a lot of things

Sorry, we didn't have smart phones back in the day.

For what?

iunno im not that sorry

oh i see i see do tell me more ;D

Well good.


well since we are talking about girls what are your favorite attributes of them?

i dont have many good things to say on the subject

you dont have good things to say about your favorite attributes regarding females?

the attributes themselves are just very thin and nonspecific.

so you find it hard to put into words is what you're saying?

If she had a dick I'm sure they would be more appealing to his eye.

herms then, i mean, you probably prefer males over that, but its not an uncommon thing to like

i like the their frame sometimes. i like that the option is there

thats about it

though i have jungle fever real bad

what does jungle fever mean. does that just mean you want the nigger dick?

means i like black girls

that THICK curve



we need to go....... thiccer................

spent all day getting the dogecoin and litecoin core daemons up on erin.ga

now they are running stable and downloading the blockchains

gonna have some neat cryptocoin stuff to play with soon

maybe a casino or some shit

she can't handle such force captain


the woman doing the sign language on tv is very clearly a tranny lol

she looks like fey a bit





don't respond to posts like that. it makes us all look bad.

fuck you
I'll reply to whoever and whenever





well said.

and don't you fucking forget it, faggot.


I'm tired.

hello mandy.

so sleep.

I wanna play Rust with you

I don't own rust. nor do I want to.

In a bit.

should drink to help yourself get more tired.

Hello love.

how's it going?

but its soooo funnnnnnnnnnnnn


fun is a buzzword.

Alcohol makes me stay up longer.

your body is weird. what is keeping you up?

Not bad, I guess. I am alive. And today that is good enough for me.

stop it im enjoying my blue balls

I know the feeling. although generally I can take it or leave it as far as being alive is concerned.


Cum for me

Usually I agree with you.



because I'm always right.

Yes. Now.

Breathin' in and out's a blessing can't you see
Today's the first day of the rest of my life and I'm alive

okay yes sir

yeah. let me know how that turns out.


Will try for rest.


Good, my little pet.

I think it is going to be well.

okay. sleep well. good luck.

here's hoping.

bend over and grab it with your mouth??


nice reply time, faggot.

im a good pet

I was eating dinner


threads are pretty slow lately

i can always post more waifus

Daily reminder cupcake is a ginger

daily reminder this is erroneous.

I kind of miss you bae

Daily reminder that threads are dead and you're posting on a dead board.

Well shit, I guess everyone finally got jobs

Except for Luka

Sometimes you are.

go to bed.


i did it



HA. nice.


Did you enjoy it?

feel free


Oh yeah so like I went to like a gay bar the other day since I became really good friends with 2 of my gay coworkers then met their friends

Dude, there was this hot trap there and I was like flirting with her
Shit was so lulz

tap that before it's too late


This pleases me.



Time for a drink.

Well I got her number so something might happen who knows

It is pretty funny when I told my coworkers and their friends at the party "Am I the only straight guy at this gay party?"

i havent done that in forever


how's your night going folks

Drank alcoholy?



what about semen

That is respectable.

this one is less good, looks off for some reason

anothers? few weeks?

its not entirely my choice


id prefer to spend my money elsewhere

on bitches and blow?


the latter


do you sniff all the time like trump?

has it been just you guys for very long

But you need hookers too....

i wish

need is a strong word.

I need you to acknowledge the truth of my words.

in a time of chimpanzees i was a monkey

she looks cute ;-;

Finally someone to talk to
how is your day?

With butane in my veins and out the tranny junkie.

Bardo, that is rude.

pretty meh
been feeling pretty bad as of late, but you know it comes and it goes

how have you been bard?

i only need daddies

you could've spoken to me bard ;- ;

But I need hookers and blow.

I posted twice to no response
if you want to talk feel free to start a conversation

why do you wish for that?

subjectivity bae

un pedredooor
i'm a loser baby
so why don't you kill me?

it's ok bard, i like (you)

maybe you do

i dont actually. uppers are shit.

My sleep schedule got messed up so now work sucks and getting off work sucks
i got a good lot of biking in yesteray and ended the day with a trip out to walmart to buy me a couple packs of hersheys bars to cure my craving
It was my mom's birthday last night so that was cool
This paycheck I'mm going to get her something nice
I hope you can get feeling better soon daisy
what was your day like

Sorry oobles I'm shy around girls

I accept that. I don't pat too close attention to threads anymore, my friend.

And I am awesome.

yes daddy

true i guess

w-woa... uguu...

seems like they've been rather slow the past few days and weeks

wake up at 6:20, shower, go to school, talk about statistics, physics, biology, literature, etc, go home, play dota or other vidya, sleep and worry about homework.

i think the only thing really notable is that i have a pretty big cross country meet coming up and i got to google about dick size and small hands today

I didn't know you were in cross country
How long have you been a part of that and are you doing a 5k?


Yeah it seems it.


that they are


like, for a year or two
i started after i had to give up football and wrasllin' for this school of mine
so far i'm not shit at it, but still pretty bad

yeah, it's a 5k, don't think many races have been anything other than that

real life dooesnt much appeal to me
i hope it picks up
what is on your mind

You have failed the captcha.

Evening there
hows the day


Will you be my pillow?

hey bae, how's it hangin?


i try to keep it relatively clean ;-;

Good night, little one. I am passing out.

Not much, honestly. Just sleep. And work. And halloween. But I gotta go pass out. I'll catch you later, musical one.

nini daddy

games? time?

Good night and
sleep well

Going pretty alright, finished an exam yesterday and have a project for today that I'm not going to do.
Hopefully teacher is merciful.

*pats the fluffy*

Trouble sleeping? I'll hold you tight and lay my head on yours, no worries.
What's up?

Heyo spoils, 5:40 AM and no idea what to do with my life, how about you?

Just trying not to fall asleep before I transfer my laundry to dry.


every darn day of my life, I'm doing alright enough I guess

*snuggles close* ♥

moar foldrs plzz

Tell me about your week until then, how much time do you need to waste?

nothing wrong with that if you can get out of it
not everything has to be done always
At work I lazy'd out of racking up the strips for next week

Week's been boring.
I'm getting back into PSO2, kinda.

It might actually already be done, but I haven't heard it go off.

Meh, it'll pass at some point hopefully. What're you doing right now?

In time. Finishing my own for now.

Yeah, this is the first time I've ever thought "I'm not going to even bother doing this" though. No idea what this means but I think the next step is to start doing drugs and drop out.
You at work right now? On phone?

You got a playstation?
You should go check it so you can rest earlier. It's gotta get done at some point.

tfw no reply

time to kms, brb

Don't leave us

I play JP servers on PC.
But yes, I have both a PS4 and PSV.

I really should. I'll do that now.

I wish this wasn't such a meme song because the music is actually really good.

reading mangas

lets play stuff together ;~;
im lonely...

I just did a quick google search and it said PS4, no idea.
Alright, seeya when you get back.
Also loving this one, thought you might know it.


nothing of importance aside from talking here, how about you? anything fun?

Nahhh I'm at home
got here about an hour back
more of a day shift person
You never felt that way in regular school?
You've already made it alll the way to uni
No use thrwing it all away yet

I love this band


such a pretty picture

i'm back now

how's life?

they're alright, haven't listened to much grunge... ever, though

this is an album i'm more familiar with

Ah, fair enough.

Would you look at that, it was, in fact, ready.

Will you be my pillow now?

cant compare the TWO!!!!111111111111111!!!

Dirt is an essential but facelift and Tripod are also masterpieces

Jar of Flies is my favorite but maybe not as good

Not now, fluffy. I woke up a bit ago and I don't want to play anything.
Just want to take this day slow. Sorry

It posted the video again, why tho.

Because you were afraid to take it out of the embed box.

that's a load of bullhshit
I almost failed out of highschool because of stupid shit like that the teachers made me do and eventually was able to get transferred to the local colleges alternative high school building that they ran the college classes in for independant study where I could just get a school book and paper to work out of

if they are teaching you to do something or asking you to do some kind of paper of whatever, they should at least let you use your own fucking sooourcess at the bear minimum
another thing that bothers me alot is when they emand you take notes
that shit is stupid


See! Now you can head to sleep whenever you want.
And yes I will, now and for as long as you want.

- oh wait

ur not Leo loom


yeah mostly only marvel stuff though I did know stuff about the watchmen before thee movie buuut never actually read them

We can play overwatch if you want :o


Lap pillows're comfy, and Tokai's asleep.

Did you see that I took up healslutting on OW?


a freind!


Glad for some more good company tonight
how are you doing

i'm listening to facelift now

it's pretty neat stuff

What? With who? I haven't opened Overwatch in two weeks. Promise :c

Ugh I hate these kinds of pointless restrictions. Like only use x or y or whatever the fuck.
Like this shit isn't applicable in real life, there is literally no reason to place these restrictions on students, whatever.
Gonna suck it up and do it today anyway, it's an easy as fuck paper anyway. The only problem is it came at the same time as a few exams so I didn't really have time to stay afterschool and work on it.
And yeah, same thing for the notes. Like I write down everything I want to remember, no need for you to yell at me when I take smaller notes instead of writing the entire thing down like fuck off.
Highschool is shit, twelve years of basic knowledge that I admit is usually pretty useful but then they throw you into the world and go "alright go pick what you want to do and if you don't get into college you're a disgrace."
I fooled all of them, though. I got into a college and became a disgrace anyway

Yeah? Any series that you actually followed?
I'm probably gonna pick up the "Before Watchmen" series after I'm done with this.

They are, I'll stroke your hair while you lay on me too.
Kiss your forehead as soon as you start dozing off.

No, didn't, Mercy or who?

Well enough.
Just playing Dark Souls.

yeah, i haven't made a folder of her that's porny.


Careful, I'm really sensitive to things moving in my area when I'm asleep.
But hair stroking might be nice.

Nii-sama said I'm a natural.

Anyway, I should sleeps now, I has stuffs in the morning.
Nini, Ana.

with leoloom >


mostly spiderman but after awhile I got into xmen stuff and all the spinoff craziness, they were cheap entertainment and really decent reads at times so it was worth it I guess

still lewd


Sleep tight, sweetpea.

I've never played with him, though. Never played with anyone from here.

Good evening Kyle, enjoying your video game?

-hug tight--
if you are listening 2 alice in chains
youll need this hug ;~:

I am a certified college dropout t b h
would have been nice to pass that shit but fuck it all I say
not like I plan to get a better job either
how much longer are you in the system for?

That sounds fun I suppose
which one?


I would be if I didn't get insta gibbed on the fucking boss.


I jumped on the hype train when 2 dropped and played through 1 as well but I havent tried at 3 yet
is it worth it?
Is it better than 2 ?

Yeah, the x-men shit is really nice. Sadly there were only one or two issues being sold her at any given time. Usually those end of the year editions.
Really annoying, always wanted to read something about Jamie Madrox.

Eh, you're the lucky one, honestly. I'd rather drop out and just get to work but my parents are placing too much shit on my back.
And yeah, same. I'm never going to do anything with the money anyway, just buy games and sit at home all day. I guess a perk would be to send other people stuff.
I'm in for another four or five years. Wasted a few classes because I switched majors to something that gave me a partial scholarship.

Everything is better than 2.
It's worth it.

you should

Yes, I hear those games are tricky. Goodluck, I will now go do other things. My cat will not stop knocking stuff off my desk and I need to fix this.

Poor poor boy
Youll be a better person for it after you get out I'm sure
Do you live on campus/

When I have the time and willpower...

these are comfy feels though
if angry-sad ones

you're in college?

is it better than highschool, at least?

Have fun.

Nothing to do but whine and complain, though. Not brave enough to do what I want.
Not really? I think? It's a dorm that doesn't really follow the school, just had permission to setup.
It's like a hotel, has food, laundry, room cleaning, internet for free. It's pretty alright and I get my privacy. Struck a friendship with the manager so she lets me stay in a double room for the price of a single.
Sadly it's as expensive as the others in this area, really happy about the scholarship to make it easier on my parents. Trying hard to keep it up but this project is probably going to shit on my efforts.

Easy enough to get lost in AIC
They're very relatable
too relatable actually

well nowadays you can just find it all online so should be easier for you to read whatever you want bae


Yeah, it's pretty alright. Better than highschool just because I get to do things that I want, and I get to choose where my effort goes.
I replied to you up here in case you thought I ignored you.

Yeah, but I don't know what to go for, honestly. A lot of it seems good but I dunno.
Kinda lost the will to do it. It's not really the same as having the book in your hands, no idea why. Silly thought.


haha, yeah
though i suppose it depends on the person

oh sorry, just tired and doing statistics
anyways, i hope it gets better, right now it's being surrounded by insufferable teenagers like myself

i want to be an idiot young adult already


Statistics? For what?
Yeah, it will, all it takes is effort and time. I think.
How old are you?

im unhappy

I get you I know it sounds wweird but it's a thing, anything I read online is usually cause there is no way in hell to find it around here and I really want to at the time so you said you have to read it for a class of all things?

two more years
or one and a half

just have to remind myself of that

join the club?

what lacky said

Join the club

club the join

Isn't she lovely?
Isn't she wonderful?
Isn't she precious?

meme the meme

Kinda like reading e-books. It's just weird.
And yeah, it's hilarious. Teacher is pretty lit though, some American dude who's been around the world and got a tattoo for it.
Unfortunately he calls me a capitalist psychopath, I'm sure it's a joke but I dunno.
So far it's pretty good, although it was strange a few days ago at my last class.
I come into class, there's nobody there, no teacher. I'm five minutes early, I wait till fifteen minutes afterwards. Still nothing.
I check my school email and regular one, no messages from him, he said nothing last class.
No idea.

You'll get there dude, hang in there. Start thinking about what you want to do from now, though.
You taking statistics in math class?


*snuggles close* ;~;

Yeah no idea lmao.
He started saying that when I was saying that a lot of non religious conflicts start over scarce resources or whatever, that there's really no other reason for us to fight.
"That's a very capitalist way to define things"
Then it just kept going on from there, kek.

i've thought about what i want to do and all the only conclusion is that i don't know what i want to do

considered joining the army after i graduate because i know fuckall about muh major besides becoming a sort of lazy english/history teacher but i don't know if i'm even eligible
or if i'm suited to such a job

Sounds like your proffesor is a dirty commie

they were clearly pulling a prank on you, the cruel bastards we should punish them all


that makes no sense
i mean, he's right, but saying that it's a capitalist way of defining things implies that there was never any scarcity, which there was and still is


I'd say go for the army, I wish I wasn't such a conceited shit when I was graduating, I was actually going for an english/psych major thinking it would be a good idea.
After I saw the college fees and job opportunities and shit, switched right off.
I'd go for the army if I was you. that's what I wanted to do, at least.

A fucking red, right in our classroom.

I bet they were, what do we do?
How do we get back?



*pet kitty*

Yeah, that's what I was thinking, like there's really no other reason for people to fight if you take religion out of the equation.

what are the politics and economy of your country like?
Like most americans I am very worldly ignorant


it's not that i really mind being lower middle class and leaden with debt
it's just i don't know if i really like the subjects enough to deal with that shit

only problem with the army is that i had an inpatient mental stay years ago, which could show up on record and make me a no-go
that and muh anxiety issues, which would be another red flag on a medical exam

sometimes people fight for the sake of fighting
llike the crusaders who go across europe for the fourth crusade just to sack byzantium

Politics are very underhanded, very bad, very hard to tell who's with who. It's all fucked, last district election, my area had less than a 15% voting rate. 85% of people didn't even vote because they stopped giving a fuck, we have no control over who gets up there.
Though it did end up being someone we didn't expect, I remember. I don't really follow it though.
There's an election for a position that I don't know how to translate on monday.
Economy is alright, but a lot of it goes into the pockets of higher ups. We have decent agriculture and tourism.



What's up?

Yeah, like if you want to put effort into this or that, you wanna make something out of it, yeah? I think.

I guess that's something you gotta be careful of. Nothing you can avoid if it's there, though. You should just go and start checking it out.

Getting into the mood of the morning, gotta head to class in about two hours. what's new with you?

we put pies everywhere but we disguise them as all the objects and surfaces in the room, put a trip wire and watch the unexpected pie facing begin most expensive and time consuming way to put pies to faces for a whole class


Silly and time wasting, wouldn't even be worth it.
let's do it

That sounds pretty good for a middle east nation
hey at least there are even elections right

I am from a heavy agriculteral area myself
are you happy in your country?

if byzantine was still rome they wouldnt have gotten sacked

by catholics*

Yeah, I guess so.
Honestly, the people are great. The culture is really nice and the scenery is breathtaking. There really is no other country like Lebanon.
I pass by this view on the way to and from school every day.
I'm not happy though, I don't have good control of Arabic because I learned English better and now I translate from that into Arabic. I'm not as popular as I usually am since I can't really make jokes or references that people can understand and I don't understand it when others do the same. Makes social interactions really difficult.

I like your enthusiasm! we will pie all of them, they will regret the day they crossed goldy with their well choreographed prank!

your first language is english?

Not much.
I was bored and figured I'd stop by, but I should really head to bed soon because I have to get up early to use an instrument




It's a weird thing. I learned Arabic first, and I learned English from cartoons and books, but for some reason I think in English now, no idea why.
So I guess you could say by psych terms, yeah it's considered my first language.

It's a tough life

You play an instrument? That's pretty rad, what do you play?


The Scanning Electron Microprobe

Holy shit, that trip lmao.

That wasn't the kind of instrument I had in mind.

That's pretty cool
I think in english
when I think I hear the words being spoken aloud in english and I visualize them being written out
It's hard for em to imagine even a native speaker of another language thinking in their head a different language as their primary thinking language
hard to comprehend

Yeah, it is pretty hard to pick up and essentially shoots lasers

spoilered text

you just have to believe, one day goldy one day we will be the infamous pie bandits

Those panties are totally cute.


Not cute enough for Shiina

Do you speak another language than English?
My Arabic's degraded from lack of use, though. I spent about eight years in Saudi Arabia and barely spoke any Arabic there, everyone in school spoke English.
Either way it's annoying, a lot of jokes and shit can't be translated and I try anyway and it makes me look retarded.

I'll be waiting, I'll be staking out targets and getting ready.
Golden Spoiler, Summon!

It looks like it. Who/what are you going to use it on?

I am going on a treasure hunt for a specific mineral composition in thin slices of a meteorite


Woah, why're you doing that? Your work?


Thesis and uni.
It's really just a continuation of personal resarch, though. I do it so I can eventually get a job doing similar.

Can't say I do
took a year of french and 2 years of spanish in school but broken fragments does not a language speak
What is your home country?

show me ur foldrs


That sounds pretty cool anyhow.
What do you study?

Yeah, that doesn't really count, otherwise I know french too.
Funny, both my parents speak French, English and Arabic. Though they learned English last, it's pretty shit.
I'm Lebanese, born here and raised here for about four years before I moved to Saudi Arabia.

Nothing I'm proud of showing besides the ones I've shown already, tbh. Too many incomplete and messy ones.

I'm really the only student that does space rocks, though

skelegate army reporting


also name




the lewdest

does that mean we will merge to become an animatronic and star in like five nights at freddy's 72? sharing a body with you sounds lewd, I'm in

that's kinda hot


i wanna look

fresh luka meme

Test and I could not stop saying "lonely sad face and hungry sad face" when we went to KC.

god damnit

please don't say you two were saying it loud enough for other people to hear, that would be awkward as fuck for everyone involved funny to those from here but awkward for the rest

Nah. But the best part is we weren't drunk yet.

were you loneley, or perhaps sad?
you shouldn't have been with company
esp if it was testaburger


Test is cool though.


yes youshouldn't have been loneley or sad in hiscompany

I don't understand the point of it though, why are you researching that exactly?

No, we'll be some weird mech robot thing that will protect the world by.. throwing pies.. at the world?

You'll see them all in time c:

good good, as much as memes are hilarious it is very cringy when you get people like yelling them out someone in the theater once did that it was... odd anyway! how was your day squash?

wew morning

We were memeing.


wew lad

our pies will be eternal and pierce the heavens themselves, goldy!

your folder for her is so gud ems



meming in real life iss so cringy >W W

It was ok. I had to train another new hire at the factory today. I am waiting for full time and my bonus check comes in November.

its not fake!!

I gotta split now, peace dudes.

Salut my child

I hope the bonus is good, you deserve it you incredibly hard working dork!

laters bae

It's going back to debts and helping a friend pay his rent. Guero's new bed if he'll let me send money.




well is that where you want it all to go? I assume so, so it's fine!



It's simply where it would serve my interests best.


The masculine form is disgusting
but slap a cock on a woman and I'm diamonds

why do you insist on being a douchebag

i thought you were trying to convince people that you are not eva

you are doing a shitty job