Superman: Episode: 1, The movie

Superman: Episode: 1, The movie.

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fuuuuuuuuck why did you cock block my post with your new thread

shut the fuck up wish

what did i do

Gween Teeea

Superman is gay.


How is wanting it to be clean being picky?

First for cute goat.

You probably have the worlds sweatiest feet and are super self-conscious about it


is making me sick

I think it's the artificial sweetener in it tbh


You aren't even remotely close and your goat is ugly.

this is super girl

( You )

Too much of anything is bad, mmkay~?

Which memes?

Too much poutine is never bad

a die
majin buu

Thanks for the tip.

Now I know for sure not to watch it.



your shitty emoji

more like super tits

I wanted those squash (you)'s luka! you stole them away! how dare you.....

savoury Fries

what about yogurt?


game when.

watch it


dig for them~


Guys, can I be a nu mod?

Sorry, did I hit too close to home? :x

Emoji are emoji not memes.

Gary said "100 emoji", Luka said "crying face?" then Gary said "ok emoji".
I was just posting those so that Luka would know what he was talking about.

I would not hire you as a food critic.

I prefer lait

nue mod, oui?

Seems like the kind of thing you bite into and it just all falls out.

I hate moe anime.


maybe 18-24 hours from now



This information is verboten, please try again.


The gravy part makes it a no go for me.


wait what?
that's GarEE?

Yeah, I didn't remember who he was talking to so I made it up.

Not denying it only further validates my claims.

I have to spend all night studying and then I have to go take my exam
then come back and study some more





this sounds lewd, I don't think I wanna dig in this sense

same exx dee

So hows your night?

no hate in your heart pls

i guess i'll heat up my seafood pie...


you do.

People who put any meat that's not pulled pork on their poutine are living life wrong

The thread has already decided that any new mods must gobble at least 3 cocks a day though.


ill heat up your seafood pie

Jesus Christ Neru..


Mmn, it's not too bad. A certain baka fell asleep and hasn't woken up yet so it has been a little bit lonely / boring.
At least I'm all caught up on anime now though c:

How about for you? Good morning and afternoon thus far?

do you have a nice oven in your kitchen?


grille-poissons S'il te plait


nah, i haven't listened to the stone temple pilots in a while.



It has been a busy past few days and morning but I think I can take it easy for a day or two now.

nah dawg. Tripcodes are great.



Oh? What kept you so busy?


Irl responsibilities. I am at the height of responsibility.

Well it sure does look like her.

How much longer until you're able to start offloading those responsibilities onto others?

3 weeks. Want some of them?

what are you doing right now?

Playing Battlerite.

That depends. What do they entail?

are you winning?
are you a really high rank yet?
is three shot sniper girl still op?

I'm 3489 elo and saintvicious is 3800

I've gained like 2k already

Determining who lives and who dies.

gain another 1 k
and become a top streamer on twitch dot tee vee
get proffesional endorsments
get mountains of donations
upgrade your gaming rig
become popular personality
live the good life
playing proffesional battle rite


Sure np, sounds easy enough

If you needed to kill one poster here, who would it be?

Comment le emma fait de toute façon?

Probably Squash.

Put him out of his misery I suppose.


That answer was too real.

Leo is a higher rank than me.

W-Was I supposed to fake it?

Vous irez au lit bientôt j'imagine. Vous êtes venu à la fin de ce soir.

i got a toaster oven and a big one

I'd like to see you try, you silly little cunt.
I'll put you in the fucking ground.

Yes, Emma. It was supposed to be fake.

pfft, I don't know what you're talking about.

test are you lurking


J'vais pieuter, dors bien.

I think it's a death note style death, actually.

Besides I would never get close enough to a person who has had animal dick inside them to kill them off personally, ick.

O-Oh, I would kill myself in that case so I wouldn't make anybody suffer...

Night night.

bah humbug

Duo Q with Leo

ill dump this now and later for test


does it work fast?
does it look aesthetic?


You liar.

I ran into them in solo q once and then duoed with them

no theyre basic

flood prevention

flood prevention 2.0

flood prevention 3.0

its the final frontier


next time in shit that never happened because the kid still can't die

You are winning tema?

i've always contemplated why i would need a toaster oven on my counter...

what you do with it?

We won almost all of our games and we played like 20.

toast things

bagels toast etc

im not here to talk semantics

technically flowey should be a shattered fragment of his memory, independent of the main soul. it looked pretty so i posted it.

Rise the ranks together
and meet challenger master rank

i'd just use a toaster for that?

adorable pic btw~

Hey, if it weren't so, the story wouldn't have been remembered. The fact that so many people have made their own versions of events after the game is proof enough that.
And in game explanation is that it's not just a shattered fraction, it's his entire being, minus the soul, but that's just semantics.


We are playing right now.

there is no reason to believe its a reflection of their entire soul

in fact the very need to gather all those monster souls to recapture his missing emotions just illustrates how much of the person they were before that they were missing, and highlights the value of friendship and nurturing relationships, a central theme to the game

mfw cheering for Leo

not to mention it their very value as a character in the game, being the one who found and brought the human back


yeah plus some frozen stuff
toaster oven takes like 3 mins to preheat vs like 10 mins for a big oven

saves energy too


I enjoyed her answer. Little does she know, you cannot die.


I am effectively immortal.

You can watch on my steam if you want.

hello george and kyle, how are you both doing?


The pontiff kicked our asses.

mines taking 55 minutes to heat up this frozen meal on 425

well i hope you had a fun time with kyle at least, i enjoyed watching episode 1 with you

good luck you two you'll get him next time

i'll think about it ^ ^;
just getting thru some youtubes right now

Neither can you.

It's eh.

fun is a little strong a word

there was a lot of yelling

really? that's usually when im having the most fun

its unfortunately not the way i work

Now hold on a sec...

We are on a 4 game winning streak.

Shit, if only I could find that one quote about what happens after monsters die somewhere in snowdin. Not that it matters, your ideas seem more grounded in the game logic than mine. Mostly because I'm basing it on that one fucking quote, not the game as a whole.
I saw it as their entire set of memories and everything that made them them being encapsulated in one object, and in the case of the flower, it was given will to live and taken out of it's state of peace.
Fuck, I'm rambling again, gonna try to get some sleep.

well ill try to keep it relatively quite for you

well kyle, for someone who seems to be so anal about post neatness and linking other people properly when i post, you don't seem to be doing any of that right now, or making any kind of conversation topic available

now is there something you would like to say?

very considerate of you

thats okay you still win in the end, i was about to post that same image

you bastard

You did not link me in the initial post so my obligations to link you back are null.

Linkless posting goes above your linked replies as well. I would like to point that out.

show me wat characters there are

and i would like to point out that i am not obligated to hold banter with you if you cannot hold your end and provide me with topics i would also like to discuss, is that fair enough?


I told you it was 'eh'.
There is a multitude of conversations there to be had.

I can.

like not replying and making you think of a proper way to introduce a proper conversation, im not really particularly curious on why you guys kept dying after all, that seems a little rude to inquire about does it not?


You have to watch first.

I'm just giving you shit.
I don't care either way.

well thats just fantastic because i have no constructive criticism to give about that fight and could not provide much in the terms of advice

stop fighting over me

From now on post this should you need a reply in relations to Dark Souls as it is the only one needed.

we're still on for tomorrow right?

we're nice enough to share, besides you clearly like people fighting over you

unless things change

is r1ing with the falchion still a valid tatic in pvp or is that garbage in 3?

*Loud wheezing*

blah blah im sure we can make an hour

That is different. Kyle is immortal.


May God smite me.

i mean sure i would rather use a strength build but i do not want to get upset with a strength build if dex is more rewarded in pvp still

women right?


Is it selfish to not want someone who wants to die- to die?

Dex is trash.
I go STR/Faith so I don't have much room to talk.

see you then, its difficult to stare at clockworks posts for too long at a time


I went over all of them and Leo says hi.

okie dokie



who's the tiny girl similar to lulu with the fishbowl wand?

I hope you get what you want, Squash


see you later sexy sparkle pants

and kyle

but not you clockwork, FUCK you


You don't want me to have what I want, Goggles.
It's not good.

thats pearl.

she does water magic

I hope you never get what you want.

Well that's rather mean of you.
Why should I not be allowed my dreams?

I want to be selfish on this matter?

is rank 12 high?

Now I hope I get what I want.


I have no idea.

The rise of the Aryan race.

lol ur funny camera wiggle at the end there

lucie is adorable
poloma has nice cape

You do not know what you want.

I want to be ok.

i want love

Poloma is pretty much Neru.

What is love?

tell neru 2 play with u

explain what lucie can do pls

woah... hyper beam spear bros are OP!


You wish to be okay in what sense?

I want someone who makes me feel like I don't have to be angry so often. I want to be able to have money and support myself. I want to know my friends are ok and I don't have to worry about so many of them all the time. I want to be healthy and have a job that doesn't kill me slowly. I want to live where I can wake up and enjoy the reclusive nature of my environment. I want to stop interacting with negative bullshit. Here or otherwise.

I want to be ok.

Its only on windows and he has something else.

How about some orange Tic-Tacs instead?

Crawling in my skin ♫

she can run windows stuff!
woah Jade best champ! soooo OP

I answered seriously and now I feel stupid.

It is a lot to fix.

i've given up trying long ago.

But it's not impossible.
And I'm making my way there.

But I'm still going to get there.

u must destroy the industrialized society

Jade is pretty cool.

my favorite

Just avoid more accidents.

if only she had skin that i liked

I try to.

Oh. I started buying Nintendo Power issues on Ebay.

I had years worth of those. It was such a terrible magazine.

I take it you no longer have them?

And I like Nintendo. I missed the age where I could get the stuff I'm into though.

AVGN made them look really cool.

I am sure my parents discarded them after I moved out.


Fuck these people though.
Every time Game Grumps or someone does a game video the price goes up. It's a pain in my ass.

Could you inquire about it?
If it's not too much trouble I would like to buy them off you. You can scratch off your name from the mailing label.

You'd probably like Lucie if i'm going off just looks.


cute little crossbow...

is she OP?

Angry Videogame Nerd?

Oh yeah well I don't think I can ever buy a game boy without it being super expensive.

Mother said they gave all of my remaining possessions away years ago. What a cunt.

No, thank you.

GB or GBC?


advance and

At least I tried. That was the first time I called them in four years too.

She has some pretty big weaknesses that can be exploited. She used to be op last patched but they nerfed her a bit

Shes top tier in support.

That is a sad reason to call your parents.

Last time I do you any favors. Hmph.

what does she do tho...?

she's not and ADC?
so no op dmgs?

Hi, everybody...
How is everyone...

Shame it was also the first.

The second one thought I wouldn't mind coming across an SP.
Then again DS is like the one that can play everything else.

Did you have anything you wish you still had that was thrown away?

I have done plenty of things for you.

No, but I am sure eventually I will discover that one of those possessions is worth a substantial amount of money, and that will be when I wish I did.

Almost all of them for your amusement and my inconvenience.

You pay for shipping and you may have my teal or clear purple GBC.
No cost beyond that.

They still count.

Supports do a lot of damage in this game.

they arent weak andvulnerable to dmg?

I'll remove you.

she's pretty much a full time healer. All of her other abilities are mostly for applying debuffs. she does good damage too

Notice how i'm doing 4 damage a shot?

she does 12 and then that puts on a 12 damage dot.

You are starting to sound like someone who threatened me with the same action for not wiring him $50 for hormones.

Please. You know I would crawl back and add you after a day. Tops.

at least she's the cutest ever

but she doesn't rapid fire like you?


Oldyr and poloma are the only supports that really rapid fire from a range

tank meta
and hyper beam rekt u

poloma has cute cap and hair and face~
and she has some kinda pet with her?

I will be too despondent to ever use the computer again.

I would miss you.

Her pet is actually her weapon

You sure?

kinda like a pokemon


why can't you do two Jade's?
and pwn?

For a few minutes.

If we're being generous.

The game won't let you have two of the same hero.


oh well... thanks for showing off~

going back to all my youtube backlog for now while lurkin.

It will be that way once you begin to miss the abuse.

Have fun.

It's not as frequent anymore.

Doing it makes it easier for me to also inflict it on others who get mad at me.


i am~ *pets*




The new Ult nerfs on OW are basically going to make Mercy unusable.

This is kind of sad, but I only play Ana, Zen, and the nigger anyway.

I think it's time for me to sleep.

Good night, Darwin.






Never hurt your waifu
At least it's not one of the ones where they hang themselves at the end

i want the happy wife one ;~;


But what if they like it?

im bored...

I'm tired but sleeping is lame.

Okay, if it's consensual pain you're not REALLY hurting them. But I'd still feel bad doing it.

what will you do instead?

You're to kindhearted.

I'm cold and ruthless.

Watch random things on the internet.


duskblade now is a walking oracles elixer

I dunno, I can be pretty cold too!

But I feel bad about it afterwards

I haven't played league in almost a year now.

How cold are we talking here?

Sometimes I don't really want to talk to people so I just decline their invitations and go on with my life



people play too many things now... i miss the days when we all could play the same thing.

I biked like 15 miles today

Nice work Bardo

Wow you're such a badass.


League got boring though.

I honestly felt like I had beaten ranked too.

just got back frm my trip out to wal mar to get some sweets uwu
how are you

I'm doing good, I spent the entire day doing nothing, to my regret. I hope you enjoy your sweets!

I'm accepting autographs

one day.... i'll played ranked in video games...

most other video games are too intimidating to me so i stick to leeg an overwatch

Thanks! hopefully tomorrow is more productive

Bask in my charisma

Give me one then.

You can play those games a lot at least.

Thank you!

I whipped this bad boy up in microsoft paint

its a shame people dont play them as much anymore

I'm gonna frame it on my wall.

League is dead from what I hear.

Riot's shot themselves too many times in the foot for me to justify playing it anymore, but I still play overwatch daily.


i wish i could be a puppy dog this winter


they fixed it though!!!
lucky number season 7


I pretty much quit playing in season 4.

No this season's flavor of the month is broken assassins for the first half of the season.

I messed up

What did you try and do?

Nothing! If you highlight something before clicking their post # it'll put it in as green text in the quick reply box, and I did it on accident.

youre out of touch
you dont know what youre talking about anymore!

try differntly!

has it been this dead all night/

Oh I thought you just really messed up on a less than three.

I got diamond again and then just jerked off doing retarded stuff with friends.

Now none of my friends play it so i don't play it.

Teemo jungle is amazing.

am i a friend?


me? . / / ..

I have an 8 sided penis.

you on the left
me on the right

at least i have that much

Stick out your tongue and I will give you a little bit of chocoo late





echo andlewds were shittalking the honkhonks yesterday ;;

Not even you motherless curs should miss out on this one
Watch the notorious Calais sand nigger camp BURN TO ASHES

Burning nigger camp man, what a damn heartwarming sight for sore eyes

i thought you were a spam bot for a second lol



Only advertising the glorious sight of shitty nigger leeches getting kicked the fuck out
Too bad they evacuated, only the screams of those spineless knaves could make this better



ow I just cut myself

Watching this is still better than batman vs superman

happy for you

Aw shit its over


New jungle when? poor migrants

season 7
new jungle buffs and champ reworks

ruka don't you post retoree?

good kitty

well notepad killed my saved version of the trip cups gave me, rip


brown girl from show by rock


*pets* let us never speak of this again!

welp, hes asleep already

she looks nice.... hardly brown tho
barely tanned

which i personally find nice.

of what?

she is darker than the rest of them

in the show in particular yes? but else where not really that much...

back to the old trip for awhile

you're just the best

Anyways I remember you posting her before am I mistaken?

I don't know what you're even talking about but ty ^^

i've literly never heard or seen her before until just now....

and all i can think of similar to her is my lilly folder and my yang folder
and they hardly look like her at all.



I like the other girl better

which is the other though? there's like three or four isn't there?


show what?


the ones you're talking about

I was about to say if it's the blonde then you would be out of luck lol


When is a door not a door?

When it's ajar.

Kill me.

no, you don't get to die as punishment for not killing me!

Tsugumi is perfection

irish accents are rediculous

So are American accents.

you fawkin goof

this is accurate

kill yoruself fish

the celts made pretty sexy looking knives and man skirts tho

so adorable

Seems legit new thread guys.
Let's all click it.

what exactly am I looking at here

Weeab shit.

Figured that much was obvious from the moonrunes and 2ch meme.



go back to getting raped by germany, brazil

is this a spam bot or not

isnt endchan using joshware?

I don't think so


Good lovely morning everyone!

It's fucking 2pm

It's my day off! so I get to sleep long~

somebody disappeared my ruler

That was me
I need it

get your ownnn

Lazy ass motherfucker.

I did that game/lap thing
Combining the numbers from multiple games since the amount from one felt too low was a massive mistake.

Yours makes a great sound tho

lol nice
I guess you might have to do that when you play well and win lots

those aren't british words

itis only like 15cm though so it only makes a quick boing

somebody had hidden it under a plastic bag

mornin toki

I couldn't move for half an hour afterwards and just sat in place feeling nauseous and masochistically reminding myself of the taste of my breakfast.
Jumping from nothing to olympic training is probably only going to result in more damage.

Probably because I'm not british.

Cotton is still g1
Did he also get Lyterolled ?

just imagine that money is actually rulerls like you pay people in it instead of money by hitting them with it and youmight remember it when you pay for the other stuff next tim trustme


aren't you echo

ill just make do with a tape measure til then

hows toki this fine morning?

send me MEAT

I am.
I lived in UK for a bit that was pretty much it.

ive got some meat for you rite hear bb

I prefer my meat crispy


pretty lovely.
having coffee and making a planning for the day.

ooh gomen

Jk, all I've had today is about half a bottle of water.

I haven't even had my morning coffee yet.


whats on the schedule?

This is dangerous
get it now

Just some project work and studying for tests next week.
maybe some early work on an essay since I got more time left.

being productive eh?

It's still super early, relax.

kinda have to
end of semester(?) is coming

bbut you might forget

you guys have weird semester dates

I never do.
Actually I stayed up a bit late yesterday to eat because I hadn't eaten much during the day.

Well I mean, it's still like 2-3 weeks away.
but classes end this week already.

ohh okai
still got enough sleep then?

I feel fine, anyway.

well shit
i really should book up on a couple of things uni related, gotta catch up a bit in compiler class and data mining class


but didya get enouugh
cause you might feel fine now but not in some hours.

do that quick quick

im gonna, but im shit ar working on my own initiative with little in the way of externally imposed pressure or structure

Then I'll be external pressure!
you better do your things or I'm gonna be super mad!

it involves effort tho, like, i dont know shit yet, but i gotta get started knocking up a programming language for one task, the second is data mining, but i dont even know what the fuck im doing there, and the third one is thr groundwork for a five a side football simulation using old fashioned AI agents

It was over 5, so yeah, I'll be fine.

I am always angry.

Just for curiosity's sake, did you finish the thingus last night, loverly?

then get started knowing what you gotta do

mhhalright theen

it said it downloaded buut whenever I launch the exe its doing nothing

this isn't buddha's wish

Show me?

but like, effort

Can you feel the fire?

Can you see the cities burn?

From the depths of hell, I call your name.

Can you feel the heat?


I thought you were one of the capable, well adjusted threaders?

Oh hey, you found her.


was that addressed to me?

The one about being capable and well adjusted, yes.

listen, girl friend....can't you see?
i'm all of the things that you'll never be
i'm cool like the rain and i'm hot like the sun
i'm a neon rainbow and you're no fun

but theres nothing to show, I just click the exe and nothing happens
nothing launches

come onn make a start
what are you doing that could be more important

What's the name of the exe.

too many waifus in this show tbh

im terrible at being productive without a focused environment to be productive in, like, im great at being productive in a school or work environment, but uni is a terrible environment for me to be productive in, considering i average about 2 hours a day of actual time spent at uni.

watching razorfist play silent hill
awaiting an email for the bfs birthday/christmas gift

Fair enough.
I can understand that.

the launcher works but it installs the same I already had.

oh wait now it does something hold on

its a piss take really, im paying 9k a fucking year for this shit

education should be free ;;

Hope you enjoy it while capping the;m all!

It generally is.

im fine paying, i just expect something for my money :/

You aren't supposed to launch that one manually, silly.

Sadly, people value that piece of paper that says you're competent more than actual skill.

Which is better.
The original, or the enhanced version?

well thats not exactly true, here the piece of paper is what gets your CV looked at, and experience gets you the job

I always end up staying in amsterdam to work on my things more. gotta fill those hours anyway.

thats nooot productive

I seeee the launcher's actually doing something now.
I think updating.
but this is the first time I can see the launch screen etc

I'm only doing cyan and the one you wanted

I see.

By the way.

Ship 02: Ur

You lost your taste for the other one you wanted?

i know, but, effort

sucks tbh, but whats worse is the job ads here

I suppose I'll get this once in game

go do stuff

too lazy

The best part is that the listed requirements are rarely even relevant to the job you're doing.

That you will.
It's just this game's flavour of server.

this is gonna take a while lol
it's checking or something

send ravioli

new thrad


new eva makes himself look like a fucking retard