Don't you hear my call though you're many years away

don't you hear my call though you're many years away
don't you hear me calling you

all your letters in the sand cannot heal me like your hand
for my life, still ahead, pity me.

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how2 git gud





I haven't made a thread in like 5 days you slut.



You're unquenchable ;;

I only have one boyfriend, though!?

which makes how slutty you are all the more impressive.



Why are you linking me you poltergeist?


Hard games are hard.



this is relevant to my interests



it's my job

mugi mugi

When your senpai just lost his fiance and is talking to you on steam and you can't really help but understand the pain.


I hope you have dental.

How close to diamond in OW? ^^

I take it hhhhh is good

Don't ask

Is it Darwin

You understand what it's like to lose a fiance?

what for?



For your teeth.

wow lewd.



Not a fiance, no.

Your spirit fuels my consciousness.

people were posting butts

I see no other butts here.


Did someone lose you when you died?

whatcha doin

my teeth are fine


I'm halfway to Master rank~


There is such a thing as preventative medicine you know.

just waking up really

what about you


post something cuter

Falling asleep myself

go sleep

I would have but that had awoo in it already. Opening paint is too hard.


too thicc

Moogs is my bunny-cunny and no one paid or bribed me in any way at all to say that.


More like came in your womb.

s-shut up


but you just got here

okay bunny-cunny


there was a woman at the dinner I went to on friday who is a good friend of my mothers and that was literally the first thing she said to me when my mom introduced us. she rubbed her lower abdomen and said "I feel like you came from my womb"

I just need to shill this more because itis one of the greatest spoopiest games I have seen


I'm finally free from it all.

but what do I do now?






Install PSO2.
Not really.

falling asleep this way is much better


yup. even my mother was a bit taken aback by that one, and apparently this woman says crazy things all the time because she has no filter.


What a weirdo.

Seeing one of subtles spoilers did activate me a lil
but not nearly enough for that.

I saw those pictures and I still have zero clues to what it is lol

thats adorable. stop being so cute



older women. they're no longer able to hide the natural crazy that comes from just being a woman anymore.

ask kaybe to post something you enjoy.


I don't really feel like porn

haven't felt it for quite a while

I'm not trying to be


what are you saying here

i see what youre doing

what do you usually use?


The vampire.

what do you see?


I wish I did not run out of pastries so quickly

It's a Japanese MMO.

That Arararararagi would molest the vampire as well if they didn't have history?



oh THAT vampire

a cutie

i want to see your pussy


how many pastries do you eat in an average day, neru?

nani ?

You're missing a few ra's

It's not confusing.


Ara Ara Ara

not enough


i don't have such a thing to show

of course you do

He means your cat, Kit'n.

depends really, when I had sudden urges for something specific.

that explains why I don't get it.



I wouldn't show you if I did

i only got dogs

looking for a number.

why not. youve seen mine

Yeah, but it might be a bit annoying to set up.
Since (afaik) it hasn't gone western yet.

because I am pure and I would never do something like that




gotthards twinswords or lothric knight sword and spear combo?

we both know thats not true

youve told me too much to claim that

if you can throw the spear, then the latter

I was under the influence

..that's not something I should try right now..

I'll see tomorrow maybe, cause I am curious.


no you werent

Tomorrow my two other characters should be deleted.
IIRC they recently added a new race, so I wanna check that out.

Because I'm super fucking squish as a duman.


I assumed it would be much higher.

I wishhhh





I feel déjà sleepy

brrb doggo

ohh fun to discover then.

the last mmo I played was lotro so don't expect suuper much


don't growl at me
bad boy


( SD )
not anymore

( nezumi )

It plays more like RWBY than LotRO.

what are you gonna do about it



post anime pictures at you


this shits pretty weak tbh fam



disgusting filth

but it says do not distribute

can't you read "do not distribute"


No, I never learned how. Thanks for rubbing it in.



cute filth

I'm pretty sure almost everything posted here violates some form of copyright laws.

it had my attention.

now it has my interest


I probably violate the Tokai guitar company

im talking about you

YES my post texts are licensed OC do not steel


pure, innocent filth, then.

YES my post texts are licensed OC do not steel



brb dmca


are you pure when you want to get tied up and ridden

YES my post texts are licensed OC do not steel

YES my post texts are licensed OC do not steel

I hope so

this is getting intense


youre knot

Very intense



I realized though that dmca people tend to be down on the friendlier side with people of israel


How Cup

seriously, thats pretty shit tier lewd fam



good boy

now lemme see the boi pucci

shower. back later.

you monster.

cup dirty. shower fix.


how so


Go become clean!


showers are for fags

bath's where it's at



no way!



because grom


i don't post newds


Am I worst poster?

privately then

w-what is this design

you should



No I am


This is not a bed made for one person.




Yoku yatta

I get it I get it
I'll install at some point



That was not meant to be subtle hinting.

I can try to help with it when you do, if you want.

Stop neglecting me and come to euw

cos it's obvious hinting

I do kinda do want to set up some stuff so I can play instantly when I wanna.
can you link me what I need?

how do I knew which server you are on I have like 10



I'm only on like 3 and NA is like the least likely.



what happened to eune account

you had the eune dream like 2 or 3 tim already


O, right, that.
4 then I guess, but the chance of me being there is approx 0.never
It's a dead server, I only made the account there for Eric and he quit league so not really any point to stick around

yeah, it's super fun to sit in your own filth for thirty minutes instead of having a warm rain wash over you.

did thread died?

was cartman forcequitted by lyte or ragequit or other

cute bubbles

don't tell me what to do.

you should have seen it this morning.

you killed it with your porn

which is constantly reported

the only time a bath is acceptable is if you shower first. for relaxation purposes. if you bathe to clean yourself you're very likely a child or a woman.

and bath salts


u killed it

so a woman.

Sold account
Wasn't having fun anymore, kept lagging, also not as much time to play it since he's got a "career" now.

at least post good porn

oh that reminds me, we had a debate whether a transgender is a woman or not.
the only ones in class disagreeing were all muslims.

they didn't like that I pointed it out.

it's nice
and clean after cos body oil and cream etc
and Im a boy


how much worth was in skins alone?


long story



Istill do not get how subby was ban but not grom

Iremember the account name somehow despite us only playing once or twice

muh muslims


no u

Shit like £150 or more I can't even remember lol


are you like a lowkey sjw by any chance?



how often have i picked the 'sjw' stance

or is this a rhetorical question


stop being gay, luka

it's mostly a joke, but usually people only say "muh X" to make fun of the people who were saying anything about X.

You know Grim is mad when he stops talking
You know Subtle is when he starts.

I think subtle can tell it better than me.

I don't even remember it.
He also had like 3

I prefer Subtle.

that is what i was doing

no i like ladys

When are you mad?

Subtle tell me!

I am!

my body and mind are all boy

one of them argued that if you have a volvo and replace the parts with that of a Ferrari it's still gonna be a volvo.

thats p gay tho

I was so good at league they told me to go play dota instead

I don't get mad.

but aren't you a grill


something about skins?

i am.

and your reasoning here? it's pretty amusing to me, what tokai said. it's right there in their own holy texts to mistreat people who "dress like a woman but aren't a woman" to the point where you can even be thrown in jail. why would you decide to poke fun at tokai and myself for being amused by the backwards attitude and thoughts that muslims tend to posses?

What if you replace literally every part with that of a ferrari.
And then rebuild the original volvo?

Do you just have two volvos?
or do you have a ferrari and a volvo?

It's kinda true, he's always very chill whenever we play

wow lesbo

definitely could have fooled me. on both accounts.

You've ever seen me mad ?

tbh there was that one khazix game





I lost them all


nutin rong wit dat!


That is between you and me only.

What would your vote be?

can we say men

is that possible



i wonder how...

also why is gun pixels?

I'm not kidding, but someone asked that.
but he just got confused and people started to discuss about cars etc

fooled what?

I know right

tsk tsk

I would hold hands with Karen.



Probably low texture quality?
To get that 144 fps

That kid is so close to it :c

He'd have more of a leg to stand on if he specified on just the genetics, but he fucked it up.

so you were just poking fun at tokai? I found the comment amusing but I guess it's not a surprise you missed it.

and that doesn't change my question.

But you weren't even there.

Doesn;t she pull her hand away

The fact that it happened is sufficient.

your body and your mind both fool me constantly into thinking you're a girl.

I don't think so

i play on 30-59 fps
on pretty textures so that i can see nice things!

she's pretty~ :o

I just thought it was really cute how this name-less background character is blushing just because she's sitting near him

dicks a best


Had to happen eventually I guess..


Oh that's fine, human eye can't see above 60 fps anyway lol

Ehhh? Are you looking at her in her underwear?


brb showeruu

yes all dicks




the guy in particular just has odd logic, when we discussed the double passports issue and someone argued that the privileges of two are unfair to that rest he invited him to immigrate to Morocco so that he'd have two as well.
cause thats fair

w-well maybe you're just confused

I think you enjoy helping the confusion along.

Elaborate, please.

correlation isnt causation

i would think a gay mormon would respect that

mhm sometimes when a good day
overwatch almost 60fps
and the screen moves really smoothly!
but the rest of the time
time slows down in slow mo and 30+ fps stuff

she is too!

cocks of all sizes deserve loving, we need to stop cock shaming people


what there to enjoy

I-I tried to.

Just concerning the issue in general, the obvious problem with two is evident, I'm just trying to follow his logic as well.

I make fun of the ignorance of all religious groups. and all non religious ones.

as it stands, islam is hands down the most backwards, regressive, and downright disgusting religion there is in the world today. there's plenty of bad shit in all kinds of religions and organizations, but none come even slightly close to how barbaric and unsettling the islamic faith is. that's a fact. this isn't a case of correlation vs. causation. this shit is right there in the texts. are you also of the belief that all the recent terrorist attacks where people were literally shouting "allahu akbar" before blowing things up, gunning people down, or running them over, had "nothing at all to do with islam" like the media and most other ignorant islam apologists?

When they say low they sure mean low..

preach it, brotha

Ah you lucker that skin is great

I would only do that with an other canadian

I think like, that if they all have two passports it was all fair because they'd have the same privileges. but of course everyone having them is dumb.

You always get your panties in a twist whenever sandniggers are brought up.

especially smaller ones

im canadaian

I like to take every chance I can get to point out how stupid the "religion of peace" is.

are you trying to say you have a tiny dick?

Well, yeah, obviously.

He sounds like a terrorist, call the NSA on him.

i wish

Yes, that was the point of his statement.
He's saying you aren't the Canadian he'll snuggle, and that the Canadian he'll snuggle is the only Canadian he'll snuggle.

Called hypocrisy, Cup.

Just a coincidence sandniggers do it the most.


it's not a coincidence. it's because they are in desperate need of a reform.


I may have forgot I have physics turned on.

A good ol' fashioned Hiroshima style spanking is all they need.

it has to do with western involvement in the region getting its biggest kick with the end of ww1 because of france and britian

you dont think it would be fun to have one?

but not my canadian girlfriend

eh give it time.
if he doesn't drop out he's gotta spent 4 years with us. he'll have to adapt somehow, it's amsterdam after all.

it's posts like this that make me think we need a like button on this site.

I have no idea what you're talking about here. the koran was written way before WWI though. and that's where the problems are. that and the people of the religion following the text inside.

I'm pretty satisfied with my size. I only wish it was smaller when I'm insanely horny and in an extra subby mood.


how do i defeat u

when youre in that mood, what would be your ideal size?

Eh, just keep an eye on 'em.

Cupcake, you like anything with the word "Spanking" in it.

how do you mean

fair point.

pretty damn small

all of the current nation-states in the middle east did not exist before 1914. they were mostly part of the ottoman empire. the uk and france mostly decided how they would carve up the new land and add it to their empires. this included the sykes-picot agreement.

france and britain brokered a this treaty during ww1 about who would have what in the region. in the agreement, they decided to create iraq and syria and add these newly created territories to their empires. The trouble is that they didn’t take into account how the people living there would feel.

destroying these borders is like isis's major goal

i want to mold u into nicer person...

Ideal post would be something akin to:

""Hm spanking bondage sub"

do tell

besides, it's not all bad logic.
I get along nicely with the Turkish guy.
he had very good insights on the recent coup.

It's mean to want to solely snuggle with the one I love?


none of this really pertains to what I have an issue with. the reasons genuinely don't matter. the fact remains the religion is vile and barbaric. at a certain point there is no reasoning one can use to explain away all the horrific acts committed by so many members of islam. and it will not change until there is a reform. and normally I wouldn't even bother saying a word, just do my usual not giving a shit thing, but the fact that the media and the left are so fucking in love with islam just blows my mind.

so I was just curious why you decided to mock tokai for bringing up what he did.

that's all.

holy shit


it's.... too reclusive...


Keep your pants on.

goodnight emily.

less than half my actual size

nin emi

too late. I'm in my robe still from after my shower.

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Right on time.