ITT: every Canadian is a fake lesbian/girl

ITT: every Canadian is a fake lesbian/girl

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Certainly hope not. I know too many Canadians.


feels good

Every Canadian poster has claimed to be a girl at some point here.

shi you fucking got me??

What about Wish?

Yeah I mean if I wanted to grind like that I'd just play some Diablo.

Like, if I into vidya I mean ;3


Tell curry daddy..... buh bye

Room is sufficiently cool now
Id say id better beat a hasty exit.... butt innuendo....
Later gator

Bamboo Tank as well?


I'm a dude so sort of impossible, you meth head


What about uh...


isn't bamboo tank mayaka?

What about Eva's infinite personas?
He's totally a girl irl girl.

I mean, he gave alice pictures and everything.
And what about Hartmann? He was totally a girl.

Also, wasn't Holo Canadian?

isnt she in the usa now

...Not at all.

Absolutely not.

nighty tighty

dang so ur not a sweet lesbian girl??

luka is a real girl

I liked Diablo 2 when I was younger but honestly never played Diablo 3.

I forgot he started here.
It's really staggering the ratio Canadian males to Canadian males that pretend to be a girl.

That's nice, Eva.

Oh right.
He's just Cupcake tier gay.

hehe xd

yes I am not

Only that last one was serious.
And only Tsuchi'd be able to answer.

Wasn't Holo Canadian too?

the legend has appeared

i believe it



be afraid

I guess user-sama'd be able to answer it.
If he even remembers in his old age.

He's the only one I care about from here, so the numbers are skewed in my eyes.

mmm im disapointed

I think so.
Didn't Bamboo Tank meet up with him or something?


There's speculation that Diablo 4 is gonna be announced at Blizzcon

That was Big Boss.
He was male and admittedly so.


a widow already, darn

I am not sorry :^)

As far as I know they were a girl, even.

Doc's Canadian, and they aren't a fake lesbian/girl.


Oh. I can't keep track of all you autists..

D3's the only one I've played so I didn't have the whole fanatical let down or whatnot. It was fun.


more breadcrumbs brb

you know who is a top tier canada poster?


someone should get her posting again


I'm not fond of people who think they're the first step of the singularity because they put a fucking magnet in their fingertips.

He's just Cupcake tier gay.

I don't even know who the fuck Doc is.

well you can't be sorry about something you can't help so that's fair enough


I like how enigmatic that person is


BIRDMAN was Canadian.
The fuck happened to him?

You severely underestimate cupcakes faggotry.


last I heard he had life-threatening back issues

*brain damaged

is that all i need to know


dont be MEAN




I am ;~;

I'm actually alive tho

Doc's the one who refused to accept gender pronouns who I flirted with in french a ton.

why is the pussy getting licked

was menma a pone?



good girl

Most of them get licked at some point.

in that case i agree with test. as a new menma expert it's my opinion that menma is not really that great of a poster


Grim should put a magnet in his dick tip

for sciecne


I'm shivering thinking of the complications and implications

Is that even possible?
I just assume it's gayness equivalent to a black hole in sheer mass.

I think you're thinking of Cupcake.

That describes like every failtrap.
That describes like every failtrap.

no, cup is just another one with back problems

bird got his from weightlifting

i'm trying to decide if i should kill myself because i'm a complete failure who can't even do university right


Just not something to take lightly, lest it gets you in the end.

do it in a way that will leave the least burden on your poor parents

woa dude

oh yeah colbear check out my last post

nostalgia blasting

true, how's it hanging fellow canuck?

so we're still married? perfect

pretty girl

I would nurse it back to health ;3

my parents can fuck themselves
i'm going to go ahead and blame them for this

it's like we have a connection!

i forbid u


I miss Birdy :(

Wait wait wait, what said we were married?!

She is quite adorable.


grab a shotgun

go to their room while they're sleeping

stick it in your mouth

lean back on them

pull the trigger

what are you going to do about it

too violent for me

i was talking about you

ive done all i can do

You should kill yourself.



victory is mine

that's what i was thinking

University is tough (depending on what you do and where you go) so I wouldn't be too hard on yourself for that

Now that's what I call edgy

Now that's what I call edgy 2: Electric Boogaloo

how tight is your pussy little girl




u bitch!

yeah but i keep fucking up and i'm ready to just kill myself

you didn't really deny the widow part

Like a maelstrom, you can think you can safely navigate the downward spiral but no, it just ends up with you leaving with some trap and him getting all your stuff.

i am a bitch though, this is like established fact

Like how

Hey, he just wanted validation in any form.
Telling him to kill himself would be the same attention as telling him no.

Sounds similar to dating a woman. In the sense she'd take all my shit too.

So Revy likes being on the bottom.
Good to know how his prison life would go.

i didnt realize

He's a bitch.
He's a lover.
He's a child.
He's a mother.
He's a sinner.
He's a saint.

I don't remember the rest.

Revy if ur gonna off urself post boobies first


Joke's on the woman: I'd just end up with all her shit.



I thought that was Alanis Morsette.



In what court?

I was hoping to shitpost loudly.

As in I'd definitely contribute nothing comparatively.

It's National BRIAN Appreciation Day in New Zealand.
You're allowed to type in all caps.

Gomen, gomen. False advertisement :p

Doesn't mean they would steal shit.

My ex took my clothing all the damn time. I've three boxers still missing.

i keep failing classes i should be doing fine in because i can't manage my life

you know me so well


Ah well, how are you?

So you are gonna get kicked out?

Stealing used underwear is what some stalker would do.

That's nice, Lisa.

I've never had sex before, I can't fit much in there >////<

You didn't establish the marriage thing either!

dont be like that u are a sweetheart

*winky face*

I'm okay I think. What'chya up to?

Well, if it's any consolation. Being a fuck up in China is illegal. Although, prison in China would be like that video I saw in the deepwebs long ago.

i cant wait to pop your ass cherry

She stole them while we were dating to wear them.

At least go on Craigslist at this point.
Or just literally throw money at someone until they say yes.

O-oh gosh

Colbs, throw money at me and I'll say yes

probably not, i've been dragging this fuckup out over several years

Nothing says love like someone else's brown track marks.

oh yes

Slow day.
I read a doujin about a cross-dressing programmer that became better at programming when wearing girl clothes and freaky doujin. Outside of that I'm just seeing whats up here.

You've a shitty idea of love.


You turned down my offer to help you out with money tho.


Enjoy your gay black boyfriend.
He's really breaking the mold and not living that repressed homosexual thug life.

wheres the proof


I don't find someone else wearing my underwear to be that appealing.

So that's "probably not" a good reason to kys


Didn't suggest as such. It was stolen from me years back, anyway.

im done lets not do this again

You should probably just assume they've been throw away by now and replace them.



I usually replace anything that's over five years old clothing -wise anyway.

I only used one of your shirts as a nightgown. lol

i still have clothes from when i was like 10 or some shit

you just never know when that shits gonna make a return

I only keep clothes older than a few years for "work clothes" that is when I have to do random home repair shit and it doesn't matter to ruin them.


Jean shorts, Hawaiian shirts, and overalls won't make a comeback.
Throw them away.

Gilgamesh, I've told you this before. The proper term for a priest is 'father', not 'daddy'

Doujins seem weird.

No I didn't.

I still need that one back. It was my lucky 49ers shirt.

I give all my old shirts to my mom and she donates them/turns them into blankets.

Only thing I've worn as of late is my company uniform. It's comfortable, but pretty much overtaken my wardrobe.

A lot of my clothes used to go to my two younger brothers
And I got some from my cousins


to be a widow if you died sort of establishes it, waifu

I'm so sorry.

nothing wrong with hawaiian shirts

Weirdly abstract
Seriously, who knew the bond between two friends would end up in sex?

I said if you needed anything just ask and you said "I won't" or something to that effect


I'd feel like I was branded if I had to wear something with a companies name on that I work at/for.

It can happen. It has happened.

It's complicated.

I don't know. I'm sorry. I just wanted to get senpai's attention


you have to sing this to me also

it's going okay
it's very cold umu

i-i don't think i ever like posted this oops

You had sex with your friends?
Do tell.

That's how you feel about it, then.

Don't make me fly up there.

I don't want to hook up my mic.

who hasnt

I don't really want to know about your traumatic past of being molested at church.

it won't matter after you're dead.

*licks blood off nipple*

Luka, Test and Colbs?

how insulting

Isn't that ketchup?

We went drinking, I ended up driving us back to his place to watch a movie, I asked for cuddles, got cuddles and gropes and dick. ;3

that's the joke.

Don't forget to list yourself.

wanna play that OW game we were supposed to play weeks ago?

part of a balanced breakfast

It's fine, I'm here to help if you ever need it

It sounds like a bad porn plot.
All that's left is where you asked him to clean your pool.

Well, drunk sex is best sex..

I screwed my friend's girlfriend. Does that count?


u are gay now?


I just want to drink cappu and eat pastries and read books and play league all day

I wanna toy with something of yours

no blankets to curl up under?


You haven't lived until you've had a guy condition your beard in the shower.

Gotta get dat protein^^

I don't have a pool :(

There's more to it, but that's all I'm sharing here lol

He's a good cuddler :/

I told you I had sex Grim..Remember that conversation over steam?

*superficial hart*

I do remember laughing my ass off though

im sorry I don't believe you

thats $5

You should play Battlerite with me if it comes out on whatever it is you use.

You are just the worst

I'll avoid the uniquely Spartan homoeroticism and keep fapping.


I put in all that emotion and you give me superficial hearts? wow sebs ouch

not the first time I've heard this but so painful coming from you!

copyrighted meme


but I will bed I forgot tom ention that I wish to sleep too not just the other stuff stuff like sleeping is pretty dank too



There is literally nothing homo about two guys in speedos washing each others breards in the shower.

You never laughed Grim.
Are you sure that you're not thinking of another conversation we had?


I have Battlerite too~

I think we only had one voice convo

what emotion

free use

Is posting anime girls the first step in coming out as a tranny?

Tom ention?

ill freely use you


Grim, you're getting extra gay.

We had three.
Two on /aneki/ chat.
One on steam chat.
And the times on tinychat.


use me freely pls

im sorry I dont remember most of them

Only if you DON'T want to fuck them in the ass.

Oh grim i never knew you wanted this before

I wish someone would talk to me on steam about all the pretend sex they have.

Why even live?

back off elma

Get on steam.
Have something to tell you.

ouch sebs

Who is this angel

What the fuck is that?

im sorry I honestly feel like all the money in my wallet will disappear mysteriously the next morning

I gotchu

Sugi desu ne

Isn't it sugoi?

I don't rob people, Grim. You'd gift it to me fair and square~

why would you even want to tell this kind of story. it just makes you sound like a terrible person

im sorry



And to think I make you a martini every time you come home from work
If you cap her before I do I will literally livestream my suicide

A cute girl.

All you need to do is drink a little Grim.

THEN you would fuck Elma.

srsly idunno

lets meet up first though

does facefucking count as fucking

Hmm, don't really like your avatar.
Perhaps another time.

What if I give you the folder


I have to survive my meetup with Fish first ;3

Sure I guess.


C'mon subtle I only have one folder already
plus, she's only in the manga for a few chapters so far and it won't be that large

forgave but masking real pain :c

they aren't even my favorite drink though, waifuytse! you never listen to me

I predict a murder-flanesque meetup

goodluck though

then only that

need the alcohols though
and I quit drinking too
so you'd have to seriously convince me

I wasn't gonna anyway
You think I have the motivation to do that? :P


What's that mean?


i understand. im in agony

it's actually a manga girl

Yea but I don't want that


basically fish will creep you out so much youll ditch em

I do.

Or it unleashes the homosexual demon laying dormant deep inside you.

I don't know
Spite is a powerful motivator my friend

Your laziness amazes even me

More or less than Revy?


Grim you been posting on 4chan for years.
This stuff shouldn't shock you.

when did Queen turn into Queine





Is that literally Bane as an anime?



your lies have comforted me some what, thank you dork

one cannot even fathom how to reach such levels of uber faggotry as you

You're right, its not that deep inside of you.

This is not okay.

of course

im lying.


But I finally get my Olive Garden date^~^

Like 3 weeks ago at least.

She's a big girl.


just noticed

you're not okay

hey man
I'm not the one who had gay antics some time ago like you

make that mask and send it to you know who

bet you 10 bucks she will accept the tithe and wife you


MFF, /mlp/, Holla Forums and Holla Forums.
Seriously, who knew that Holla Forums was full of gay furries. It's like if Squash and Moogs decided to go nazi.


god save your soul


Stop liking autistic things.


Think I can get to diamond in 2 weeks?


N-notice me, sempai


Like what?

[fedora tipping intensifies]


ell I doubt you'd be in agony from hurting my feelings, agony otherwise maybe either way I don't want you to be in agony

Quick claw is pretty dope.

thats nice of you

go for it


I didn't even notice the fake bulge until days after tbh

idk you told me about some fucking gay antics a long ass time ago

I've never stopped doing them.

Whats your point?


thats a nice compliment




I need a jar of pickles and some serious cuddles.

looks like a brush or something

im ending this conversation here

It is straight up garbage

/me cuddles w/ pickles

tempted to take a picture with a jar of pickles.

so tempted.

but I look like an animal atm

hold on let me tuck my dick in for you gimme a second

You just gotta keep these things on the down low.



Do you ever tape 'em up?

Well I never used it competitively but it was always useful to make sure your pokemon went first against trash that would always pop up in the grass and you're bored of waiting.

Go tickle the brown pickle.

idk what to say at this point

He's worried about his sexuality and stuff tho

(you) me up you ugly virgins


It is straight up annoying in competitive

95% of the time it is worthless but it always activates at the exact right moment to fuck you

you never dress to impress anymore! it's like you aren't putting anything into this relationship anymore!

it'd be normal for someone you like right? to not want the person they like in agony, plus you are far from someone who deserves it

He ain't gay.
It's just roadhead between bros to control the surge of testosterone.

Wasn't it a passive effect?

brb craigslist or something fml

Also I never told you the worst things.


testosterone is icky

That's like one step from a Luka-ism.


im unsure

why even perpetuate my consciousness

Hurry up and kill yourself off then faggot.


I'll keep that in mind, but I don't disagree with it.

It's pretty cool feeling tbh

my toes are crooked tho

i can imagine itd be uncomfortable


I'm not, why are you?

It is but it only sometimes works

Elma pls.

why not

are you a japan

anger issues. i do deserve bad things

Are you a little kid?

It sure seems like it.

Don't worry. There's never anything in my state's CL.

Why would you want it to be uncomfortable? I mean it's uncomfortable in general having them tbh so why not jam 'em back up in there?

iunno nevermind

everyone gets angry though, that isn't a reason to diminish the happiness you deserve

I think it would b worse to NOT be a little kid and play league, watch anime, and post on an image board under and autistic anime name. get a job you fucking retarded manchild

That is not what I meant.

I thought you loved me for me....

not as often as i do


Tell me more about my life~

Then what?


good night dads and dadettes

hehe quaint and aloof~

jump off something vry tall


threr can onlyb e 1



Never mind

It is a persistent effect that is random

No please, I wanna hear more about how I play league all day and don't work.

Its very interesting to me.


Mata ne


flipping burgers and a "restaurant" isn't work and is frankly worse than not working at all.


Another wrong assumption.

I'll let you know when you're getting warmer.

I did but pleasure is a thing!

I would argue that but it would require stating many names

You just kind of feel bad for Niggy.


are you a misunderstood transgendered prodigy self employed programming freelancer like eirn

It's 3:30


I don't, really.

It's kind of funny, though.

I'm a white adult male.

Is there something wrong?

What does that have to do with how I dress?!

I made a thread

I don't know how to feel about the fact that I always get at least 4 commendations for my healing.

It's like a more transparent Murder.