Fuck you whale

fuck you whale

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awh man alcohol got banned in Iraq.

fuck you dolphin


Whales are beautiful creatures

link better

Fatties are gross.

im not even gonna bother

▶Anonymous (You) Netherlands 10/24/16 (Mon) 01:03:02 45685e No.1426678

Oh slide the sole over the throttle.

So that's why they don't drive barefoot.

▶Anonymous (You) Netherlands 10/24/16 (Mon) 01:04:16 45685e No.1426680

Why is Onodera so cute


swede is fatt


That's a huge understatement.

scary ;~;


I'm on ep4 now ^^

Do you know how the manga ends?

I've never seen neru throw shade even once in my entire life
what the fuck is happening

I know nothing! No spoilerino!


I won't, but don't look it up

Yeah, orcas hunt whales but they usually just eat the tongues because the whale's lifeless corpse sinks down to the seafloor further than orcas can dive.

this map is just basically good guys v bad guys

what does throwing shade mean

This teasing HMPF >:(

Jus ttrying to save you from disappointment honestly

You already spoiled it >_>

I'm just gonna keep my anime to myself again then

This thread looks nice.

is just likee throwin mud or shit talking
also means dealing drugs


ur moma looks nice

are you excited for the new
butt fighting anime

hello sister am mine


isnot like a whale will bust through my door telling me I was talking shit like it would not find out

Guess what i'm doing today/tomorrow :3

*narrarator voice*
That was the last we ever heard of neru....*sigh*....
his country was later invaded by wales and a bloody coup was staged
I never heard from him again

whats that?


I'm going hunting for Psilocybe azurescens and cyanescens up at the coast. I'm bound to find a fuck ton.

are those sea creatures?

oh noo

it's a fungus

the strongest kind on the planet.

mycology is a hobby of mine ;)


Have fun and best o fluck ui san with your shroom fungus hunt :3
I am about to go see my best friend across town so enjoy the rest of your night!


prostate pummeler.



Why are you posting pictures of me?

Now they know!!




how2extract mp3 from webm


Why does this amuse me so?

Ded thread?

This is cute

xmedia recode

Ded community ._.

no judge



Agreed, it's pretty stupid at the same time too.


No judge.

holy shit

Come chill in call with us.

literal cancer tier

Can I join?

Stupid is also cute.


ffmpeg -i file.webm boop.wav


Well if I'm gonna cause trouble I'd rather not...




i love you
will u marry me?? ill grow a penis

Send me to sleep

I know, it's just so amusing.

I guess, also is this Mandy?



Oobles has grown on me

Tristan's endorsement is great but man she does work



I wanna smooch remi's cute loli vamp tummy


5'2'' actually.

Does this work too for retardation or just the silly kind of stupid?

Then I'm pretty much clueless to who you might be.


Retards can be cute

Thanks for playin~

I need to listen to more music.


Thanks fam

Also that red chick looks ridiculous. Good night

She's chill.
We are in call with her like all day every day.


can you make her stop

Kill yourself I think

This is a thing apparently.

Who is oobles


Nice ^^

my excuses


Y u salt tho?

What game is this

Is that why the Desu X Swedish fish is now a thing?

Shush Mr. lvl 318



I'm just saying.
If the shoe fits? Wear it.

ive told you to fuck off before for doing shit at my expense


Literally what do you think I even did this time?
I'm not her dad. And nothing she does is at your expense. Stop taking your mood out on me. I don't appreciate it.


fuck off



zoom zoom

You played a bigger variety of heroes today than you usually do

fair enough i guess
will you buy me an i5

there's a lot of things you don't know about me~


should it not be called prosent rather than consent tbh



that's pretty edgy

worth a shot

what I said retarded touhous are cute

kill yourself i think

wats that mean?~

ur pretty edgy~

The tanuki one is the only good 2who.

Sniper one, who authorized you to take the shot?

You should turn your salt factories off.
It's easier to communicate with the big boy words.

the longer you look at anime faces the weirded they look


What's the best pizza topping?

Omfg there's a Tomoyo x Tomoya AMV in this thread

more pizza

The longer I look at 2D the more I know I don't need 3D.


i like jamabalya

I assume that has something to do with free.

I got the gay pony mount in battlerite and I hate it. .-.

I like my pizza like I like my cutting board.

Covered in the blood of children, and fragments of human bone.


Almost as gay tbh ^^'

I've never had it before!

The not halloween one?


Its the halloween one with socks on.

Should have guessed it was that one.

Now I need to find the background song though

What?! That one is awesome though! It has bat particle effects

When you grow the penis I will marry you, yes

Did you get overwatch? Add my battle net yo cup#11870

Ponies are objectively gay in general.

But it looks like a gay pony.

My first game is claimed, so you'll have to wait for after that.

owo touhou

;-; my daddy gomen

ty cupp uwu

it is tatu

I'm not even home, I'm just saying add me so we can play sometime in the future. How'd you get the game?

Of course dear

yeah, but it's super cool~ And limited edition

Shrimp on pizza sounds pretty interesting

It has socks on.


Easier than expected.

OTK socks are what every fag has, too.

aha I used to like tatu a lot

Man re:zero did go down hill after mega-puck kills him

its yummy
and the pizza has a lil spice 2 it

can i have pets? ;w;

LOL why do they like Haruhi so much

Different cultures are wonderful

I also got the blue Jade laser guns.

'twas a gift, in fact.

It will pick up again at ep 20.

I feel like they're stuck in past, since they like Rozen Maiden so much it's creepy.

I figured. Was wondering who the generous gift giver was.


Not sure if they really want it to be known.

its the one in the bottom right.

And then down again after "I love Emilia"

Did you buy chests? Or just get super lucky

Spiciness doesn't sit very well with my body...

is it overrated

I spent like 10 dollars on chests.

That may be gayer than Cupcake.


No worries, was just curious.


I'm glad she doesn't exist.

Yeah I like touhou

this is not a bad spicyness!
its a flavourful pizza~

aha guessing it is just for the waifoos then


I honestly feel like rewatching just the fight scenes because they are so good.

It's wasted potential: the anime.

You just realized there's a crashed Subaru Impreza as one of the images in the .gif, and it's actually in the thumbnail.

the only goddamn difference between your shitstain friend and swedish fish is that you like one of them. it literally doesnt matter how differently she acts in private. but sure run the fuck away. im not going to start banning people because they are unliked and the only issue is the one you have.

Subaru's are just shitty, overrated granola cruncher cars.

I'll have to try it someday, even if it does hurt my stomach!


you promised you wouldn't tell anyone...

You should ban Rin.
That cunt is incessant and the cancer killing threads.

What Bloodsy said

you have sensitive tummy~?

I just listened to 7 minyoots without noticing

And i'm riding it.

There's a joke to be made about other trap ponies you've been with.

Just toward spicy food and coffee for the most part

Atta boy

If you're riding someone who's gayer than cupcake, does that make you gayer than gayer than cupcake?

After all, receiving is gayer than giving.

I've only dated 1 trap pony.

what does coffee do?

Thanks for the support in my time of need.

Makes my stomach hurt and spit up a bit :(

I've got your back

Then whos got my front?

The pony

Should I send this to a girl I know is going through hard times?


Send her a gun.


where's cupcake


your body have deficiency?


I would but I don't have a gun I am willing to lose due to a suicide.

Feminist rally.

Utah or Ohio or something.

Dollar store bleach then.

Yes my body is broken

Thanks guys

Oops sorry didn't mean to assume your genders

my steam boyfriend got mad when i called her a he


fix it! ;~;

He's voiced as the same person as the titty monster Hanekawa and it's really making me not like her.

You should support them by using the pronouns they want you to use

What was so bad about Hanekawa? :3

I like Hanekawa.
I don't like Felix.

If I could, I would

She prefers I call her mistress

I don't even know if this is a joke anymore.

Oh same
Then what's wrong with Felix?!

Then do that ^^

eat things to make yourself stronger!

fufufu~ That's the best part

I do then she makes me lick his feets and masturbate on camera for her

How did you meet?

Because the entire character design of "draw a girl, voice it by a girl, but say it's a boy for shitty waifu bait/moe shit".

Is desu and mana the same person
I seriously can't tell.


It's the /jp/ poster I told you about

Unfortunately it doesn't work like that :(

But I do eat a lot of things I shouldn't haha

I'm glad you found someone

I think I'd rather have you but you've been very rude lately


Flan used his Navy benefits to get a sex change and goes as Desu now.


eat things that are good
then you'll feel good.

You eat literal shit.
You cannot lecture someone on diet when yours is just Subway, soup kitchen, and saying water is unhealthy to drink.



*lectures you*

Please tell me this is a lie. Please tell me no one believes this.

lecture me more senpai

Adorable ♥
i want moar~



I am actually really curious to hear the reasoning behind this.

If you drink too much water you can die


More lectures?

it's a conspiracy!

of the girl in pic


Don't ask questions you don't want the answer to.

but it's not good enough and doesn't work desu

but I kinda do
I mean how bad could it possibly be..

Do you really want to gaze that long into the abyss?

I could try, see for how long I can take it, make an experiment out of it.


It'll be worse than hours of pastries and cappuccinos.


But those are pretty lovely.

that sounds like heaven wtf are you talking about


delicious food

I was talking about speaking to Neru for extended periods.


hambone hambone hambone hambone hambone hambone hambone

I wonder if Jack is celebrating hungary day

Who is jack?

I once had so much water my tummy hurt

aw jees so tsun~``~

He's the resident Hungarian cyberacker
drops by every now and then

do you ever drink alot of water before bed and then lying in bed you can hear it slosh around in your tummy

nooo but I can hear sloshes sometimes it weirds me out I can feel loose stuff inside me and pointy bones too

wew when the bad guy's jokes are as bad as your own

And pointy bones?

what sort of devil spawn creature are norwegians.....

pointy bones


Master !!! what''s wrong are you sick?!

I wanna know where the clown honking is from too ;___;


Tummy sloshing sounds gross and painful.

I looked pretty hard and I couldn't find it.


wat the fuck is this

You've never done that?? >W <
Try it

this is such a shitty version


isn't this illegal in some states>


I'd rather vomit.

Looks like prof.

but.... where's the video?

It's not painful, it's just trippy.

ex gf/bf pictures



shit's fucked


Do you know this song?

you really like vomiting huh? You do it alot :3

good god

I found a girl that works at the grocery store on that site and a girl that is a friend of my cousin's.

by the way I'm female

looloo buffs when

I dont think it's him unless he won't admit it. He said it looks a lot like him.





go get a video of him opening a chest pleeeeease

" can feel loose stuff inside me"

I know.

ez's aim more impressive than anything.

love her

How did you find it?

This is the remix in the webm though.


It's probably dildos.

uuh excuse me?

10/10 sd



Give this to me when I get home please

Had to save that webm.

Hachikuji dance on Google and 4 pages forward found one of those Russian hosted videos with someone mentioning the title of it in the comments.

Should have guessed it was one of those Russian witch-genre remixes, always got those odd fonts in their artist names.

I made mistakes and now it's almost 6 am.


give me cups :^)

every night bro, every single one what a horrible night for us to have this curse no time to get rest now or?

Thanks, it was almost unfindable.

you dig like a fucking mole

How many ounces?

holy shit


i am a dog

Are you gonna put it on repeat like I am?


That's in my plans for now.

No problem, that's the only thing I'm good at.

every single one that is you?

for you


expect to see it in webms in the foreseeable future


I don't have a working mic but basically this s

Good luck Jony.


Wouldn't it be about 4800?

I'll settle for typed out barks.

I've also seen and heard you on mic before Bard.

night sd, sleep well


Don't tell everybody about our chats > ////

happy wife

What chats?

That seems excessive


all is right n the world

I feel sleepi

Very funny.

itll change when they have a rocket

It already technically changed to ITS, but he said in an ama that he doesn't really like that name and still uses the former




Oh i'm sorry


And BFS!

i imagine they will keep their naming convention when its all said and done

falcon, dragon, etc.


happy life? I think that's the saying, don't know

possessive sounding possibly? excessive would require more than all but then that'd just be silly

I heard y'all talking shit like I wouldn't find out!

Which is?

It was me.

Why are you in a fursuit?

did indigo make it for you?


I'm not.
He does look weirdly like me though.
Well, minus the moustache.


you know~

Could you actually grow one like that?

*snugglez close*
that face

your name is very misleading?

You know, I've never tried.
It itches my face if I leave it too long.

No, I am in fact a professor.

proffessor of what?

gaben can probably watch all steam chats


That means it's not clean.

giving him the fappe ime

Big Fucking Spaceship

Which works also

F stands for falcon!

Itches is the wrong word.
More like tickles.
I am tired.

thats lewd

Moogs, you here?

i guess it is a similar set up isnt it though we already have a heavy falcon


what about it?

That's me, baby.

but the rockets themselves aren't larger!

That would definitely be silly. And impossible.

Literally no talks about you, homo

They honestly look kinda gross anyways.


They should just name it after carl sagan

Westworld is pretty lit, but the torrent I used didn't have sound on the third episode, which did you use?

i love it
i want her

Welcome back prof.

It is understandable.
I would just keep it trimmed.

I know.
It breaks my heart.

Yeah, I'm happy keeping my facial hair trimmed short.

Hello, yes, this is Prof.


I wanna break your heart. All. Night. Long.

Where did you vanished to?

so a super heavy falcon

the first result on piratebay

Is it gonna be another gay pony invasion?

I think hes more of a furry.

I do, unless I forget.
But then the said tickling reminds me.

It's already broke.
You'll need to find other things to destroy instead.

Oh, you know, places.


yeah which is why I'm fine with the original request


no problemeo

he is not ours

This is acceptable.

So one cup of cup?

I belong to no one.
I am my own master.

Your filename is Korean.

never enough


Hes from my thread.

I expect you to hold me afterwards.

so um is my voice okay


Your shits all retarded and you talk like a fag.

yes, with a collar on

what use of the word are we going for? one fits the other will require you pay me first



never enough lewd

I'll give you cookies.
Is that good enough?

*collars her*


I'll give you seven and a half minutes and not a moment more. I don't want you thinking you mean anything to me.

This dress code is acceptable

Says who?


I'll take it.

My master says so.


build a wall

when is the election I want to see bernie win

*pets gently*

You'll take much more than that.


Have you taken the phill pill yet mateys?

it's not a bad deal at least

no way, don't make me teleport behind you and unsheath my katana

there's other pieces but they will be more interchangeable in comparison to that

I'll take all you got and more.

What kind of cookies do you like?

same actually



no longer tied down
now you can move your fat body freery

My interest is piqued peaked

I'll make sure you regret those words and love it

I haven't had any regrets yet, don't plan on starting now.

all me tbh

The Chris farley method, I like it.

i wish i was willie wonka so i could eat a factory of chocolate

I'm lost

well of course it would be, cause cups is a good boy so it's only natural

Fly in the freedom

I wish that ur mom lol

Hi lost
i'm Luka

If I had a tail it'd be wagging



Anyway, bye forever again.
I must die now.

What do?


Take him with you to your board so it'll be the new /aneki/.

Your master's a faggot.

It'd literally just be the old aneki

hug and love and snuggle her with all the loves and pettings

That's the point.

Luka would have a rather jarring invite if he was to post there. Here he at least has people to talk and socialize with.


Good to see ya man


Seems silly!

Isn't your board just you and Blood-chan?


it not silly

lame joke but I'll give it a 7/10

funny story, a tail might have been part of it

*wags tail*

You're definitely going to get an anime girlfriend that way.

No, BC was starting Alice drama and I told them to knock it off. Later they said that my board wasn't exciting enough and vanished. Eruruu, Ese M, Ran-sama, Emi, and the few anons that drop by. Not sure what happened to Sci. He must have gotten Vanned. Oh, there's Lain user too.

Very very silly.

I think kosaki got with some dude, not the mc though don't remember for sure

You're at least aware that all of those are just whoever from here posting with different names, right?


Ese M is from /lewd/.
Eruruu is a ye olde fag that predates most people here.
Not sure about Ran-sama since he won't tell me a thing outside of he doesn't browse any boards.
Lain user...Maybe someone that we know?
Emi is, for the most part a German version of Swedish Fish.
We all know SD of course.





how do I namefag

We may never know.


moar pls

post using name
and pictures