I made a thread, please post in it !

I made a thread, please post in it !

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nyaa.se/?page=search&cats=1_37&filter=0&term=initial d

I expect an absurd amount of it for my services


you have to be
a. an actule cute girk
b. a boy that looks like a girl with an active delusion that they're a girl


I am both

Heh, parting ways must have been pretty sad for both. That's why I think when people have cats to give away they should do so as soon as possible so they don't get used too attached with each other.

me too

phoyographic proof required

/////////CANADIAN FREE ZONE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
/////////IF UR CANADIAN GET OUT\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
/////////CANADIAN FREE ZONE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

My brain farted pretty hard there.


it was a very weak storm for central florida

the coast wasn't so lucky

okay :x

come to my trap house and we'll mainline LSD into your bloodstream and I'll take advantage of your unconscious body

lets see your cock

Yeah, same with babies really.

You're lovely bby

We'll see how much stuff you can buy me.

So a maybe is a pretty big thing fyi



i'm shy, also haven't shaved

I think you're pretty good looking, yeah

Mmn, I suppose that's a fair point.

Though it's definitely cutie > emma > wish.

But you're warm and comfy!


i like a large hairy man to bully me around and make me feel like a little defenseless girl

Comment est le Emma aujourd'hui?

Oh. That's right, I'm sorry Emma, that was just my brain not working right there. I try to call you Emma when I'm not calling you cute.


i need pic before money leaves pocket

fag wtf are you gay

Vraiment fatigue

:3 cutie

I was sorta paying attention but not really. How much longer are you driving for? Are you posting from a car right now?


im a gay little faggot for you daddy

please violate my sweet boy pussy

I'm a large hairy man.

youre one of those things

sieste ou café?

The deal was just role playing you faggot.

Yes, you are cutie.

Well, for the last hour we've barely moved because a car wreck up ahead I guess. Super bad one apparently. So still like 7-8 hours until I get home. Yeah posing from my tablet in the car, my dad has a little Wi-Fi device.

no offense man but im getting kinda gay vibes from you

I guess, I know I wouldn't be able to separate cats that have been together for years unless it was a completely unavoidable situation.

I finished reddit:zero. A little disappointed that the best characters barely had screen time but it was pretty alright.


you are a terrible daddy


the roleplay was a joke. now i want a stupid little slut to move into my flat and such my balls for change.

You mean betty and felt right? I agree completely, very disappointing.

Neither most likely.

Oh wow, that's really shitty.

Is 7-8 just a guess based on how bad the traffic is from the wreck?

How unfortunate.


No, that's the estimate for after we get moving again. Save me ;_;

what do you have going on that's more important than living for free?

Oh no, that's horrible ;~;

Despite what I just told MFF in my last post I think I'm going to jump in the bath for an hour then probably go take a nap though.
Hopefully you don't die out there or anything.

A depressingly good question.


I don't know French so I didn't know what you two were talking about. Have a nice bath and nap, cutie. See you.

Spot on. I also wanted to see more of Priscilla Barielle, that one candidate to the throne with orange hair.
Action sequences were amazing tho, Wilhelm is a sick cunt.

free food, housing, clothing, internet, everything. all your problems will go away. All ya gotta do is sit on my dick when i tell you to.

True dat. I loved the white whale fight. Overall the show was pretty great.

I'm upset at myself for how tempting I find this offer.


I like to think so, yeah!

Cause the oppai were on point

Those outfits are nnf

natural sluts. it's actually something I want to do after school, so stick around for like 2 years.

If I'm still around in two years I will probably be all over such an offer

show us your dick already

i want to know what ill be sucking on


pretty sure he's like 16


Young daddies are the best daddies

oh btw loco


It had it's flaws, that episode where Subaru breaks down and asks Rem to run away with him was ridiculously dragged out and predictable, they should just delete it for more Felt/Betty screen time.

While I do like something bouncing around in doujins once in a while I think flat chests are much cuter and attractive. What hooked me to her was the scene where she tells Subaru to lick her feet.

i have your sarong pic saved ._.

17. i meant college when i said school, maybe college is a hard concept to wrap your mind around.



ffs i'm pissing blood again

second time in like a month

what do

big boi

It was pretty heavy feels. I guess I'm more susceptible to those these days because I liked that episode.

They should just do a spin-off with only betty and felt.

visit a doctor

fuck >.>

4-5 years of age means nothing when I'm more successful in my current state than you will be in your entire life cuck

my curses seemed to have worked

it's a fucking bladder infection or a tumor

shit doesn't happen twice in a short time for no reason

yeah but you still can't draw though can you


i've never even posted any of my paintings you nigger

yeah you have

I don't know, I love munching on feels heavy shows and episodes. Maybe the fact that I found Rem uninteresting prevented me from enjoying the episode.

Really? I hated rem at first but by then I was full blown loving her. Best non loli girl tbh

no i haven't. I don't even have photos of any of them on my computer.

They should do a spin-off of the Subaru x Rem LN chapters

drill a hole in your weiner to let the bees out


should be rem x ram


no well the catgirl drawing on sai

same difference


thats ooble

I tend to like kuuderes but I'm not sure if you can call Rem that, she's more of a cuckdere.
Sounds great to me, they would have to come up with a good excuse to get Betty out of the library tho.

my bladder is also mildly uncomfortable


it could be the beginning what we feared all along

erin needing diapers


Or they could just have felt hang out there :3

that was something i did 2 years ago to test a girlfriend's drawing tablet.

No the other one

ooble is a lot better

Hi master

post it



so post something recent


dis anime better be gud

no spamming


i'm on laptop. whatshisface probably has it since he's so obsessed with me.

do you seriously think i'm going to open myself up to criticism?

just because we are a top board
doesn't mean we are free advertising

Nani ?

retarded Romanian poorfag is shilling his shitty mobile app game that he's been working on for 3 years.

Erin stop peeing blood and make me some cookies pls :3

I think I like where this is going. Does the library happen to have a lewd section?

I was hoping for Emilia to actually be the witch or some weird thing like that. Felix a cute.

Naturally. It would be very fan service heavy.

Felix is the fucking cutest. I want more and more Felix.

It's probably not

poor baby. you just lash out cos you're insecure.




Maybe it's a good game

it's a hobby that passes the time, not something I actively seek affirmation and attention with. I don't care if you, such an insignificant person, like how i put paint on canvas.



I'm going to report your stupid little game


sure you don't. *pet*




nick i'm scared :s

david knows a sexual health nurse and thinks he can hook me up with antibiotics so i don't have to go doctor

but what if it's something bad :s

fuck you and your opinion. I'm more artistically creative than you in every sense

It's probably because you don't masturbate your penis


stop saying penis dammit that's a delicate subject for me

wow soo cute


*pet pet pet pet pet pet pet pet*

poor baby


and why would not masturbating cause an infection

I just got to 3248 rank :3

It was more about green's comments, reminds me of someone's posts here


fuck off oobles

im goign to kill you this is a written threat


Commentating on how piebald it is doesn't even make sense in the context.

who green?
what comment?
who it remind you of?

piebald is descriptive of horses, not cats.

you don't measure cats in hands lol

I'm in love with subtle

post a pic of where you want his penis.


Shribbling and stuff.

fite me

Nevermind >

have you drawn the thing yet

that's what i thought it was last time i guess, but twice?

hey subtle im in london tomorrow you wanna fuck

I wonder if Betty would show Felt one of her tricks with tea.

Good thing Felix is getting recognized by artists and getting tons of art, unlike Felt.



if it happened once, why wouldn't it happen again


could have been wrong the first time

now i'm thinking infection

i know hiragana so im basically your god k kid

Ok I'll be on tower bridge at 7pm

Hiri-what now? I'm sorry I don't speak Italian

He is? Might be time to make a proper folder...


No sorry

you're not getting any more (you)s from me.

you're a real POS you know that

I'm busier than I thought
And my desire for cookies is crippling
Damn this cinnamon broom


Yes I know
Sorry again



That image is uncharacteristically SJW for you

i thought we had something special

we can if you want tho


im indifferent


nick fs

he dates a non-binary on the internet
what is more SJW than that?


Dating two because traditional dating is for CIS scum.

i'm not non-binary you fucking faggot

Ugh. He actually isn't, he has 75 pics on danbooru which is way less than I expected.
But the pics overall quality is satisfying.

Meanwhile Rem has 2k pics, why do I have to be such a hipster and why do artists like her so much.

I'd rather go to liverpool
or france

what else is new

go to a doctor or that nurse
keep your blamk clean and healthy.


what do you mean

Because it would be less shitty

davids gonna fuck her and bring me back antibiotics

he has to fuck her for favours

I want Felix to nom my ear.

I want cookies

im sorry

What a sacrifice

Relationship over the internet is quite difficult


that's what i said


oh my god


that brave, crazy fool
fucking a nurse

I'm not okay with this.

Luka, just fucking say something.
Nobody is going to give you pity replies like you want.


you seem to make it work with desu

bet you're gonna reject him IRL too huh

a few days ago he fucked her for a drug test cause he has one for work coming up and wanted to be sure he'd pass

*pity replies like Luka wants*

our relationship is really easy


I'm sorry I failed ou senpai ;~;

*necks self*

i really love just hearing and seeing disgusting behavior like all fucking day its my favorite

hey luka hoping you're having a nice day unlike me

i'm having an awful day because subtle just ripped out my heart and stamped on it. but yeah i hope you're doing ok.

Who is this for?


*hugs nice*

Who dumped you?

in a sense. don't like being an ocean away though.

hun your bf with be home soon, lighten up

meh everybody

these pills are making things worse for me

It hurts so much

Um, what? That image is pretty anti sjw.

Main characters always get more love

other than that

I would say stop posting for a while.

What am I doing with my life ?

yeah other than that it's real easy

Cat dude is MC af

alternatives are grim

whats next?~


rebuilding my life, I guess.

keep him out of it

i want cookies though

I'm going to spike my hair and dye it rainbow dash so I can be an outgoing asshole too.

Then I'll bitch on tumbler about people misgendering me, and never even think about wearing girl's clothes even though there was this one dress I saw at the mall the other day and it was so cute and I wish I could rock that.

Is there anything I can do to help?

it's tumblr

Could just call everyone a he regardless of gender.


i thought that was your main grump today

new meds?

id love to help :/

I guess they do, same can be said for grills because Subaru is sitting at 200 pics.

Redheads a best.

I don't know. What would you like to do with it?

whatcha gonna build?

I could get you down here around Feb if you want.

I could not care any less than I do in this moment.

I do that, but with female pronouns.
And Tsuchi gives me shit for it a lot even though I just don't care.

I can get/make some if I want
I'm just being lazy

Sadly not enough of one

You'd look cute as hell in a dress

thats up to you

I don't touch drugs.

I want a PS4 to play Persona 5. And if I'm brave enough, later in life, I'd like a house, a dog and a qt asian gf.

i beseech thee, get cookies


If I could I would just move you in with me.

I'm just going to stop posting today then.

Okay, see you, Ikt.

F-find me one I'd look good in.

Girls get all the love. Need more for girls (male)

Emily wait

i couldnt

maybe later when I'm home

Why not?


school is here

health insurance is here

my glorious home town had one of the highest leave vote percentages of anywhere in the country


I know. Shit just gets lonely here.

Do not make a Ui house 2.0.
That's why.

lonely :(

the best way to start off the upcoming week is by making a planning for anything and then not caring what happens.

Can someone post that image of the guy fucking the unbeatable shield maiden?
If anyone has it.

I'm just going to stop responding to these kinds of posts because it's all you do after Smiles got memed out.





Tokai (you)s taste so delicious


I was just greentexting that but now I realize it makes it look angry.

I forgot again the max limit for threads. I think it's something like 250 replies and 100 pics, but I'm not sure.

The best way to start the week is by starting up the tranny house.

I was talking about it earlier, but no one else had seen it so now I need to post it so they can enjoy the humour.


Okay I lied I need to know a thing.

How do you download music? I need me some Eurobeat stuff but I don't know how/where to download music in non-shit tier quality.

Whatever you say pervy

300 pics
600 replies

itunes, don't be a horrid thief

Or rarbg if those other two happen to be down.


Those are some nice goals, how far are you from accomplishing the first one?
Not trying to be a bad influence or something but I'm diagnosed with burgers and pot is something that has helped me a lot connect with others.

Cute character who I don't know the name!

Agreed, I also find guys (girls) to be very cute.


I get my music off Erin's computer.

this is weird.
but acceptable.

Rn now I'm a professional organizer.
so fire up that tran project.

Does iTunes allow me to carry my music around DRM-free and play it in my car, in games, on my laptop, on my desktop, on my phones without requiring me to purchase a multitude of iOS devices and/or Apple accesoires?

The cutest, really.


I just like when you pay attention to me is all don't make it weird

Wasn't KAT annihilated lately?

That's more than I thought.

Very far. I'm pretty sure if I brought one home my father would change into a living storm and destroy everything around him in a 500 miles radius.

You know damn well it doesn't

You could just use Spotify, which is the same as pirating since artists don't really get shit from Spotify.



once you bought it it's yours

you can drag/drop it out of itunes a d do whatever you want with it

First we have to make our nice home, and make sure we have the space to turn it into a tranny house.

cute pic
saved :)

all the backups are fine!

you'll pick up on it eventually~

I'm gonna rewatch some of an episode of Space Dandy first.

I think they're on mirrors now.
I mostly stream music these days since it's easier to do across devices.

i dont know any more lines


Soulseek is always the first place to look for.
/mu/ archive and random blogs if that doesn't work.
If it's J-music animebytes.tv is also an option.


no u

Heh, why would that happen?

That's why.

What format is it? I guess it's fine if it's truly DRM-free and not some weird proprietary Apple format.

but weird's my thing..

but I also want to keep a private thing for ourselves.
maybe an old hotel building is neat, a floor for us and a the rest of the building for the rest.

Absolutely not. That's you.


MP3 duh


Hmm okay. I can't stream since fucking data caps

It's uh, Initial D eurobeat but should be found elsewhere too. Thanks for the suggests.

that feeling

Oh, that's great actually.

You don't get a monopoly on being weird

Be right back.
Going to cook.

who are u btw

RIP data

If you're going to outright buy digital downloads, just go with Amazon Music. It's been years but lossless on iTunes was always in .alac.

I suppose.
I just imagined we'd own a different building altogether for ourselves.

I prefer risk.

Maybe. Who's that cute ebony catgirl btw ?

Because he considers videogames as the cause of all my misery and my social awkwardness. No matter how good they are, he considers them like the emanation of Satan. I'm pretty sure I could smoke weed all day and give him a better impression.


you'll need a reference, i can't give you one because my account is closed.



How did I get the season pass for Dark Souls 3
was I drunk buying things

Then just pirate off whichever torrent site.
If you can't find what you're looking for, Google is pretty easy about just letting you add "torrent" to any search query and finding something that has it, as long as you use a little bit of caution.


Ah yes, that too. Thanks for the would-be offer anyway ^^

Drunk buying things is fun

That's even better!
They gotta do their own stuff though, I'm only serving breakfast to you.

oh my god it wasn't a dream
I was just half awake or something I guess lol

I'm sure sci has an account. or bard. If you're still on ponychan I know River gave me mine that I fucked up.

I also think they open for registration from time to time but I wouldn't know how to monitor that other than lurking /mu/.

I think that's pretty much everything I have on the Steam I have for posting.

you bought a whore?

Luka, I stopped believing in the presence of female individuals here, and even more regarding anime catgirls. Sounds crazy, I know.

Yeah. Right. I ended buying the collector edition of Persona 5. And I don't have a PS4. I'm doomed.



Holy shit, is that Grim ?
Why ? Just. Why ?

Not familiar with the series but I found a bunch of albums on animebytes. If you tell me the names of the ones you want I might be able to upload for you in 320kbps.

I'm just a slut and not cute at all.

No one you know. Yet.

Jesus, that's a pretty odd mentality of him to have. Games have helped me break the ice with geeks so many times.

Is it basically the Demonoid style registration where you have to maintain a seeding ratio to not be kicked from the service?

I wouldn't be able to share too much anyway since my music taste is both terrible and terribly autistic ^^'

ur cray cray

desire 2 kno moar intense

Sometimes it's best to not ask questions you don't want answers to.

every once in a while i listen to the corruption of lol album

It's great, isn't it?

Luka is NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 a whore

Maybe that's just the universe telling you to buy a PS4

I know. Not to mention online gaming, though I have trouble creating links with people that way.
Not to mention I live in the countryside far from the city and everyone I know, so I can't really go out and do stuff with people easily.

I'm what ?

Like "Why am I alone right now instead of having a loved one ?".

Ton Jravolta was the best character in Space Dandy


although this Tron Javolta faggot has a better name.

No one with a refined taste is able to deny this.

I'm a friend of Goldfish. You've seen me on a certain circlejerk that you've visited before.

I think you shouldn't worry too much about it, do you enjoy spending free time alone? I sure do.


I think I own Fo:NV a total of 7 times across all platforms, versions, and accounts.


I'm Luka!

which character were u posting? i only got visual memory.

Because Jesus isn't coming back and anime isn't real.

This one. I remember greeting you there with "soup":

Yes, you are not a whore Luka

Embrace it


That is a little bit excessive I have to say


Maybe the universe wants to destroy me. I often have this feeling.

I do and I do not at the same time. For example I could spend all my time with my ex and not be bothered by it. I'd say it really depends on the person. But in a vast majority of cases, I'd say I prefer alone time.

At least it makes sense.

Well that's short.

Oh. Now I understand what you meant about unpleasant answers.

I wish my legs could shine like soapy plates.

it's ok
we accept your decision

soup is yummy!

goldfish is a nice person

rub your legs in animal fat

too broad

Your presentation. I mean, I feel like the only persons I know more or less are Grim and Squash after all this time. So I was hoping I could learn more.


apply olive oil to legs

That's disgustingly oily.
Even thick lotions don't really have that much sheen to them.

wat do you desire to know more about~?

is nair actually any good?

The world is a cruel farce

I have made the right one, I feel

You thought you were a whore before? Damn Luka I didn't even know

Your middle name is danger I bet

you're a cute slut

I think I understand you, I enjoy socializing, but I'm inept and can't do so with most people. Therefore I'd rather spend time alone than with someone who I can't get the ball rolling with.

He is much more than that, I'm glad you appreciate him too.

actually rub linseed oil into them

that stuff doesn't come out for a long time

you're a monster trump is clearly jesus and anime is obviously real

Barth is aware of God.

its less precise as a razor but faster too

use it!
look pretty~

i didn't ;~;

tell me how much more pls~

that doesn't work all that well I've seen.

oil isn't disgusting

then follow the feels

it's william

how coarse is your body hair, and what nair variety do you use?

see above pls


Good! Because you're not


Meh. Gender, age, occupation, hobbies, whatever. Though I don't know if I could believe any information anyway.
The wonders of Holla Forums.


And that's a lot of people I can't deal with. Probably 90% of humanity. And the 10% remaining are hiding somewhere or already somewhere integrated among the 90% others.

Oily skin is disgusting.
Massage oils are gross and get everywhere.
Thick, oily lotions are gross.

what trouble

but it's after my granpaa
he was cool!

you know nothing john

look at ur body
choose one that's right for u
match up the boxes description

Everyone here is really an underage girl.


Huh. my middle name was also passed down from my grandpa's.


That's a secret and I'm the only one allowed to know it.

Do you get repetitive hobbies? That's a big trait from burgers and when you find someone that shares interest in those hobbies it's usually rather easy to talk about it.

don't bully groudon

I'll be the one serving breakfast.

But we aren't covering food costs.
Maybe utilities.

Or we can charge rent.

Well memed

Meow~ *snuggles*

i don't do much
threading is life
i'm healthy and pure tho! :D

not too coarse. the shower kind.

I don't even know if it's a joke anymore.

Thanks for proving my point.

Burgers ? And yeah, I mean, I'm pretty obsessed with videogames I guess. So, I talk a lot about it. I mean, really a lot.

Wow, you really avoided all of my questions.
And, really ? Threading as a main occupation ? I generally come here as a last ressort honestly.


sooo adorable~
*grabs mercy all 4 myself*

Died a little inside

Trouble with emotions

You deserve to be bullied if you bring that OP shit into Battle Spot

I oversleeped and I hurt and I took pain reliever and I fell asleep and woke up and now I feel kai again

cause it's not and it's pretty and sweet to rub

see! normal stuff.
although it's not always nice to continue.

*if you're awake earlier
or make me stay in bed.

tbh if they keep their rooms etc clean and do good we won't have to charge much.

oh same then

I say you too on purpose sometimes

What does it mean to be pure?

Oh my god I just want all the original run Initial D OSTs y dis so hard ;;

Depends on the name. I like mine, and yours is definitely okay.



I saved it though

I said "Unless you want a slice too" and she laughed so I think I'm all good

come here as a main resort and beach hotel.
thread when you wake up
thread before you go to bed
thread for lunch
thread every day of the week
thread 24/7 365
even thread during holiday hours

what more could you want?



y-you too!

*winces and nom on pizza till cringe fades*

It means not having been hardraped by one of your relatives.

A gf.

High five.

It's one of my favourite memes.

Aspie, assburgers, Asperger, however you want to call it.
Did you get obsessed with a game in specific or just vidya overall?
I've memorized the description of most spells and talents in 3.3.5 WoW.

This privilege gives me quite the heartwarming feelings.

but my dad's name is not nice to have as a middle name.
s'not like I want kids anyway though.
my brothers can go do that

milk and tea with digestives

luka will be your gf

I don't drink one drop of alcohol in my life
i don't do drugs
i don't smoke anything
and i even don't into swear words!

Contributing to literally anything.

And you're one of my favorite memers

My middle name is the same as my grandpa's middle name, not his first

Ioco be my gf

i want love too! ;~;

you stay away from them thighs, they have be taken for lewd reasons

oh oh..... b bully me

i'm already subtles gf-


i guess that isn't a thing anymore

Oh, okay. But, that's a possibility. I must pass some tests, but the waiting is huge.
It'd be nice to finally know what I am honestly.
I'm obsessed with games as a whole I'd say, though I don't like realistic games. The farest from reality the better. Except when it gives a new hintsight on reality.

Who even is Portugal?

Am I worthy oji-sama

Someone from 4 chan


that's not how it's supposed to be you damn colonials!!!!

Considering the bar was set on the ground with "contributing literally anything", I think you pass.

you seem like nice person!
i like heartwarming~

i just want the rest~
pets cute witch kitty ^ ^

Only if you wanna face me in Pogeymans

she likes you~?

holy shit

what happened to the original tsuchi

why are you so positive

As is you already seem to sleep more than I do.
plus I'm not a deep sleeper, so if you get up I'll be up already anyway.

And my cooking is great.

nyaa.se/?page=search&cats=1_37&filter=0&term=initial d

I somewhat doubt it. Maybe beause of the "g".

Convince me.

I'm not pure then, I swear :(

Everyone likes me!

Get rekt kiddo. If by some miracle I ever have a grandson he'll have my middle name too, if I can swing it.

Why though? I mostly meme in the shadows.

That's interesting. I get obssessed mostly with games that have either a balanced competitive scene or level builders and other modding.

A filter-worthy tripfag.

oh well that's fair

if I had the pogeymans I would fite you!

Because you're cute

Because being positive is still putting down someone he dislikes more than he dislikes you.

That's not music bae ;)

But I already foudn some


That was not positive in anyway whatsoever.
It was literally saying you contribute literally something to the world instead of draining endlessly off it.
That's the entire point of the bar being that low from his description.

Oh so his usual negativeness isn't directed towards me, but towards Luka now?

I get, I get.

Do you feel empowered posting that smug fan


but not tooo much i hope.. u_u

you do good in the world too

moar pls~

Fiiine you can go do it.
except on like, your birthday etc.

what do we do if the hires complains though?

this is mean

Well. I understand that, but I mainly consider videogames as an artistic medium. Consequently, I mainly focus on the ones that offer a could story and that have a great artistic direction. See Shadow of the Colossus for example.

That you want love. I need proof.

idkkk if that saved it like it totally contradicts you too

I had the wrong search open then.
But it's not hard to change literally one thing and have every song in everything ever with the name Initial D in flac.

But okay.

If you contribute literally anything to society, you're better than Theseius in his eyes.

As in, like... staffing?
We don't need to hire maids or anything.
Just do monthly inspections to make sure they aren't living in too much squalor.

Nah not too much. I used to never swear but I've gotten into the habit of it since my friends swear like sailors haha

i don't know what it is.

oh this is neat, this is how you're doing it? I figured you meant the actual game



what purpose does it serve?

@[email protected]

show me

living the dream

Nevermind. Sorry for bothering you.

Is that a fucking spoiler ?

I try, I try

I'm playing the actual game right now, but I do use Showdown a lot. It's really fun

oh yeah that's ok too.
but I meant the people in the building.


I doesn't look that smug.


Have you played LISA? I think it'd be right down your alley, especially if you like the Mother series.

God dammit. Good think I linked my reaction to this in advance

I see, they really are a package of all kinds of art, like music and etc.
I've been obsessed with amateur game design as well and I love imagining characters and writing a plot.


Leaving for now, stay awesome.

Fucking hate Neru.
Here I am getting aWgKoOu3 and he's getting fucking Road Road.

When I get to that frame, sure, but it was just the cover image and it was covered in shit so I didn't think to cap it.


We would just make it a house so they're all in close proximity, and like well adjusted young adults they can solve their problems properly.

RT website.

pls don't leave...

Actually, this is 19 minutes.

Don't expect a reply in that time.

I dunno! I guess it just works as emphasis sometimes, especially if something wrong happens.

Take care!

show me one frame (of it) plz? ;~;

Later, Cupcake's gf.

very weird!

I'm not sure about that..

but it says I need to be a first member.
are you?

I was told to post in this thread. I'm leaving now.

I remember when I first started talking to them they'd make a big deal if I said a bad word, now it's normal to them ;w;

Heard of it. Was kinda interested in it, but I have less and less time and I must choose my games wisely.
Says the guy who played LoL for 3 hours today. Urgh.

I have personally a story I'd like to write one day, as a novel maybe, but honestly I feel like it is not the best medium, and it is a bit too "crazy" to be published by conventional means.


Because I don't remember Ruby's mom appearing in the show.

Hey, I'm still here, bro/sis/whatever.



at least i stick 2 mah gunz and not say bad words~

dont go away.

You do not meet the minimum requirements to use this site.


oh, did sun and moon already come out yet or still on an older one?

They come out next month, I'm on Alpha Sapphire

not old enough for porn huh


But I'm sleepy and will have to go soon.

I only play Go. Yeah. I know.


Soon you'll even be able to buy real cigarettes.

not old enough to drink in the usa, not old enough for anime boy bulges

go like the black and white blob game or

smoking is retarded


Well, I played the 3 first gen but I lost my Gameboys. Since I have tinnitus, portable consoles are shit for me if I have to use headphones, so now when I am away from home I only play mobile soundless games. Plus, since I have to walk a lot, Pokemon Go is a good way to have fun while doing pretty much nothing.
But really, it's nice for the nostalgia aspect.

Don't have a Nintendo DS or 3DS. Plus, my priority is the PS4 right now.

It's okay, I don't think I'm pure anyways

I've arrived.

they do look pretty good, the new ones that one dark skinned girl wew




find art of child mercy on her broom pls!
the spray is adorable

rest so that you post even moar tomrow!

Be still, my heart.

Hi person I've been playing Freya a lot today, she's really strong with her new battlerite

♥ blake lively

what changed!

Oh tokai are you trying to watch RWBY

i think the site knows what's best for you

I'll see that. I'll have some heavy work soon.

I don't know what to think about this game. It becomes very repetitive very quickly in my opinion.

Whats wrong with it?

Is she really? I thought they nerfed her.

It continues to function.

I'll look but I doubt there's much so far

maybe googling kid witch mercy will give you a tonof result

I grew up to be a pervert

Battlerite? I like it more than league since I play a lot of twin stick shooters like nuclear throne, so it feels a lot more comfortable for me to play.

I thought so too. I mean she is probably worse than before but her new battlerite is a stun wherever you land with your spacebar so it almost makes up for it. Almost.

RWBY is shitty anyways.

what for?

I am about to go full loco on this shit.
Atleast there is pizza.
I am talking in tongues.
Kill all tranny


shes getting old

so are you

And how does that make you feel?

I think they really need to nerf Jumong. Its almost like hes stolen Jades role in the game.

she hasnt aged well over the decades...

I didn't think about playing it with a controller. I'm still better with a keyboard I think.

Honestly, for a small budget series, it's not bad. And it's free.

i know :(

I'm not a premium member, but.

There's a picture of team STRQ on the wikia, which means it showed up in the show, or was otherwise released by RT at some point.

Thank god
literally worst thing on this planet



Not applicable.

I know how to catch them..

You're five years older than she is.


what happened to her face?!

needs more RAVIOLI

It's just shitty voice acting but with LESBIANS DOING ACTION THINGS that people just jerk off to.

I didn't realize Dylan's vocals were so good until this

pls no
why couldn't u have use whitey instead....


What do you mean?

I play it with a keyboard too, I couldn't imagine playing it with a controller haha. It's a bit too precise for that I think, but I think it'd be portable over to consoles.

Yeah, his q is so overpowered it's crazy. Plus he has so much combo potential. My favorite one is to incapacitate with q > drop root on them > press r > left click > space > left click > space. Pretty much guaranteed nearly 100 damage.

I dunno, loverly.

If I remembered my login credentials I'd tell you to use mine.

got older?
And grew her hair out?

She looks like her mom.






they're amazingly well.
he's really good but doesn't show it much cause he's an aussie cunt.

brb watching show now

Leave Jesus out of this.

luka shhhush

Wow I was 9 when this came out

Oooooh the White Lady. Well, except on this photo we never really saw her, so... Honestly the ancient generation has not a lot of exposure, except for Qrow. So I kinda forgot them I guess.

It improved.

Isn't it what anime is like today ?
At least it's funny. Not the "moe" funny, but funny as in pretty good jokes. It begins slow though.

Sure. I don't know why I tryhard at LoL recently though.

And his left click does 16 damage an arrow.

I don't think anyone hits higher.



Read: Monty

that was close call ♥

what does it do for you?

ur second screenshot gave he more lively look~


it did?

RWBY is shit and I'm glad the creator is dead


I hope it was cancer

Also, Theseius, stop posting my little red.

Yeah, the new models are way better. Ruby's face is less "flat" now. Kinda glad.


All of thread is this right now.


nope, not a thing

He died of "allergies".

her mom's name is summer?
so that what she looks like?
yea they look they same~

i gave you that adorable ruby back then didnt i.

new models?


This isn't exactly a recent reveal.
Even I knew her mom's name was Summer.

please luka, you're losing my lesbian points

You gave me nothing I did not have, you realize?


Fucking jets are flying right over my house repeatedly and its SO FUCKING LOUD.

But he's a dude.


it's all news to me.

y u memeing? ._.


That's the joke.png

Well, for season 4 they use a whole new 3D engine I think. It's way more beautiful in my opinion. All the characters look more detailed.

But if he's a dude too, isn't it male lesbian ?

It's a fun, albeit frustrating, game to try to improve in. There's so much to the game that there's always something new to strive for.

Pre-nerf bakko did with his spammable right click, but yeah it does so much damage.

Absolutely nothing,

Well, FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wanna OW?

i should watch it someday!

okay :(

It maybe shouldn't be.

The folder you gave me was caps from the Red trailer.
When you gave it to me, I'd already run the red trailer through an frame grab every 10 frames.

But I'm rebuilding that folder from scratch now so it's a moot point anyway.
Gonna cap this shit properly.

Almost nobody plays him now that the cd is longer.

ye, jus lemme toss this pizza in oven

archives how do I play lucian

needs more frames.

E auto W auto Q auto E auto

pew pew dash pew pew star attack speed boost
rinse repeat?


Christmas is coming up, it's fine.
Volume 3 caps will just have to wait.

Any more than that and you're getting redundant.
Unless you're trying to make a gif.

dont play leeg

My main difficulty is that I deal badly with failure, and when I die I tend to play more aggressively, and then I die more, etc. So, when I begin feeding, it's for real. One of my main dificulties with LoL is perceiving the characters' evolution, I'm too used to games where all players have the same balanced power at any time.

You should. But avoid reading any comments, because there are spoilers everywhere.

Well, gotta sleep. G'night people.

make a gif
it would be cute

Step 1.

There is no Step 2.

his range is pathetic

also casting q is awkward becazuse the true range isn't indicated by the qc indicator

It's really easy, like most things all you have to do is practice


Get good

Later, gay French dude.

There's nothing really gifworthy.

That didn't say fap and I was super let down.



buy is range increaser!
like uh... that rfc

or just go more ham once you got that hp item BlkClvr
along with youmooos you rip thru anyone.

no fuck that shit build

Ghost blade and left click face

rest in peace oum

There's one guy that I've played with / against that does really good with the new stun battlerites, he just goes ham.

I've just learned to accept it.

Good night!

Oh wait.
Is that Limes?

you don't wanna play what diamons play? ;~;

try standard crit adc builkds then... idk

what else do you do?

Well you can do that too if it feels good

I guess not black and white blob game then

Most of the ones I play with are to much of a bitch to go in.

to be fair

it is a cute bunny

I'm going to nap but when I get back if you're still on I'll make up for missing ow last night

I need to stop hitting things with my left shin.

Retard-proof yourself.
Wear a helmet.
And pads.

But then I can't zoom around like Karen!

It's not about the bunny.
It's about Jaune always trying to seem manly, and then that.

I broke a toe for running around the house barefoot like a retard and hitting it at full force against furniture.

today i stubbed in-between my toes on a bathroom scale
it hurt

cool guys can have cuuute bunnies riiight?
it's totaaally manly to have a cute girl laugh at you in your face

Stop being autistic then.

You need to reevaluate your standards for manliness.

Sounds painful.

I hate stubbed toes they are the worst

wow wtf it's aspergers and it's on the autism spectrum not just "autism"

why though

being stubbed in-between toes is worse

I like to pretend I'm Japanese and hunt imaginary whales in my bathtub for real though whales are awesome

fuck you whale

that would have been a great OP tbh


I can't believe I went from being into punk to getting in to disco

make 1


Nah sperm whales. I feed their tongues to the orcas people actually have teamed up with orcas to hunt whales

How do you heel-toe


Goose step.

fuck you dolphin

Oh slide the sole over the throttle.

So that's why they don't drive barefoot.

Why is Onodera so cute

Btw, love, I'm on discord if y'wanna chat.