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meme bras

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New goal

Get a qt asian gf and get her to wear that.

The problem si all inside your head she said to me
the answer is easy if you take it logically
I'd like to help you in your struggle to be free there must be
50 ways to leave your lover


Lewd mind

It's, uh, scientific.



there ther ehuny bunch

w e w

fug my life I probably have a UTI

evenin, night crew

Didnt know till I translated, silly



Shit tho, I want to play with my wheel but there's no comfy way to use the computer otherwise with it set up.

-hugs everyone-

Slaap lekker.


why do people always make 9 million channels

Whoever posted this last night.
I love you.

Plate techtonically.


ded thread

ded community

Dead website. Never mind this is not 4chan.

8ch is pretty ded too

Giga puddi



This is gold

If nothing else, it's incredibly impressive.


Oh man I want to re-watch initial D for the eurobeat drifts but I hate rewatches



oh man the early episodes were so neat

Fuck man, the early animations sucked but the new non-eurobeat movies are so well animated BUT NOT EUROBEAT


I'll hold your hair while you become a vomit comet.


Sleepers are my fetish.

Max Verstappen should've been participating in a beat up DAF Truck.

pssh vomiting's for weaklings.
but thank you.

how you?


Oh man this was when I played NFS Carbon still and drifted muh Corolla down the twisty road stuff.


i remember that shit
that game was tits

o shit my crappy yout00bz are still up


Kinda bored.
I should make sure my laundry dried properly and go take my shower and make sure coffee's on and stuff.

Oh the cringe

ooh just morning thingy's then.

I wish I was bored, but I gotta lunch with dad in 10 minutes.



i occasionally make youtube things, but editing is a pain in the arse

Yee, just boring.
Then I gots DnD 'cos Sunday.

Ouh, what'cha havin'?


oh weell that's fun to do.
even when you get kidnapped.

hum prolly like fish or something.
But I should go over there now.
have fun with the day and all.

I don't bother with editing any more.


You too, loverly.
I'll see ya tonight.



That's Rin.

i played D&D with david once

it was adorable

he has always wanted to be a wizard


'cos all caps = yelling online.


sometimes i just post clips i make with ffmpeg, sometimes tho editing is required
link related


I gotchu fam.

Actually, if there's a lot of loud noises, I usually find myself getting exhausted faster.

That's Rin.

what about it?


no ice!

This would be not good.

That hurts.


you can lead a horse to water, but you're still gay

I'm gonna go finish my morning so I can hopefully play some Fallout before I go.



You can lead an Erin to water, but she'll still just break your face and call you gay.


Yo u have fun!

go finish your morning you slaaaag

in the queens fucking english, please

so an artist in aleppo built this statue of liberty out of bombed rubble

much symbol

very statement


This is p low

It's nothing!


if you look at the crown, you'll notice dud bombs incorporated


I envy your phones capability to post without scrolling to the top of the page

I'm genuinely butthurt.


copy all that and paste it in custom JS in Holla Forums options

also it used to make a pop up when you need to do a captcha, but it no longer does, and i don't feel like fixing it, so if you post hangs at 100% you gotta go and do it yourself

It's a JS thing. is not anymore ;;

is this a reference to PM David Cameron?

but it came out in fucking 2011

did this just predict david camerons pig head fucking

basically everything you'd need is still on my pastebin

Genuinely fucking butthurt.


for 8k to work you need to comment out the version check though

i didn't make it failsafe so when it can't get a sensible answer from the entire script fails to load

its mods, what do you expect?

it's very easy, ctrl+f for "k.versionCheck();" and add // before it

ok seriously when did it come out that cameron put his dick in a pigs mouth?

People to have some decency.

I mean sure if you own a Fanatec CSL Elite Base + expensive wheel + expensive shifter + expensive handbrake + expensive pedals and rate it 0.5/5 because there's no support for discrete devices, sure, but complaining with a newly registered account because your shitty 50 bucks xbox imitation controller doesn't allow you to drive a free mod like a real car that even assetto corsa/iracing/rfactor2 would allow like what the fuck go fuck yourself with that controller

bullshit comes with the territory, its what people do sadly

I'm so sour about this guy I reported him.


I want an unmodified AE86 Trueno coupe for daily use.

RHD of course.

Literlly holding back tears now.


if i smoked less weed i could afford a maid

i should actually do something productive at some point
i have a 5 a side football gofai agent thing to write, but effort

Nice, fresh, hot coffee is the best after a nice, hot shower.

this fucking feel
do i get high
or do I have a kawaii meido

A what?

i'm wondering if it could stretch to something more butler-ish than maid-ish

if it could then it might be fucking worth it

i'm due to start getting a new benefit soon too so it might not even require a weed sacrifice


tbh my house isn't that big, a butler would be useless unless i had them do shopping and stuff for me

I can't tell whether these writers are meme gods or if this was unintentional

when I was a kid I used to dream fo havving a butler best friend uwu
That would be pretty cool if you got one
acutally badass as FUCK

Football! :D


OwO what's this?



I'm soooooo 6 seasons behind.

Help! I am under attack. I need an adult.

> W

I'm an adult!


How was your half weekend!

rin is singing the my little pony theme song on voice chat right now

really busy and tiring.

At least make it believeable.

It was the Tokyo Mew Mew opening.

Aw does Goggles need rest?

Let's learn the intricacies and tactics in stock and real estate investment.


sir, can you please calm down



please put the ravioli down


Yeah, how hard is it? There are like only 2 genders.

Also why is everybody gone

watching gay porn

wanna read my plan of attack for it?


wow, rin hung up on me

fucking rude

My ping to the discord server was at 960 and it's time for me to go, chill.


the joke is that I hung up on you mid sentence dummy

[damage control]

why are monkey world episodes always in memory of the same guy

he died, he doesn't need a lifetime of monkeys

Harambe never dies

For a price.

One child soul per shot

you could fit 10 erin dongers in 1 ikt donger

That'd feel uncomfortable.





I always was reminded of 'Pot of Gold'.


you know what is uncomfortable? being hit on the hand by .8kg length of hard vinyl

This VA sure does like to voice blondies



bees are fucking cool okay

we russian difficulty level now

Is that Escape from Tarkov?

nnnn sam3:bfe

Oh well, never played that.
Thought it might have been Tarkov or Arma 3 due to the hud & background.


I was half expecting him to get bitten mid-explaination

My brain doesn't know how to deal with a second day off.

Come work with me on my second day I was supposed to be off but am not.

What's the work?
I feel kind of off not being busy.

Just talk and lift some cases and stuff, love.


kill yourself

Fill in a day for me :3



I guess this is how we say hello now

I have trouble telling anons apart when I just wake up.

I would have less issue with you if your posts were not just constant blank posting about trivial bullshit. Also I did not think Spoilers would ban you. I want you gone, but only after you do something legitimately bannable.

Still ky though.

I don't blame you I blame spoilers for bein a fuckin tard


Should seriously work on your weird sperging out.
People might actually talk to you if you did not only talk about yourself.

It's ok.

It only not trivial bullshit when it's his, or when it's about diddling doggo's.

Working with you actually sounds very enjoyable.

it's only not trivial bullshit when it's about lolis or toyota ae86's



I'm a blast. Went to help,a friend after i finished my route yesterday and bought the store pizza cause I was starving.

I need to make a meme but honestly I got nothin


no shit tho sweed is kinda just always like blablabla therapy blablabla medication blablabla drugs blablabla ravioli blablabla i'm special


What do you do for work?

You tend to do it as well sometimes.

erin's cute though

sometimes is operative


i am not cute i am rude and surprisingly violent


YO, ITS YA BOI!!!!!!!


how skinny can a penis get?


don't ruin the fucking joke qt it's like my fave vine meme

Beer stuffs.

i dont get the reference tbh

Hail Satan.

Drunk you is always adorable.

Sadly I am stone cold sober.

i like to tolerate furries but squashy that pic is like sonic persona autistic



Come to me. We can fix that.
I won't drink, but I'll buy you a round.


that badass has pierced hair

fuckin sick

surprisingly fitting

it is?

black mirror seriously fucked me up

hedgehogs don't have hair though...

what the fuck is that even then

is this an actual HD picture of Erin?

Any chance of getting a dick in the ass fam?


i only need one eye that's just how i do

1 round isn't even a drop in the bucket. Love.


Are you...RETARDED?

LOL okay then my dude

I'll buy you the whole damn bar.

Why would they caklll them hairhogs>??????

?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!11!!!!! !!!!

Hedge means hair


I'm slowly forming a text meme 4 u
its gonna be liquid gold

Hot damn friend. I hope it is FIENDISH.

I thot a hedge was a bush

a hedge is a bushfence

hedgehogs only have hair on the belly and face tho

I mean they don't have head hair

That's the way to an irishmans heart...

Their quills are hair.
See my previous post.

i need some








sweed buy me pizza

how do do eet?

you think I got money? and there's a pizza priority list and I'm afraid you're number 4

number fucking 4

that's a joke mate

it fucking better be

sarah owes me pizza

can she be summoned or what

They are
Hollows hairs made stiff with keratin


gotta love when your appetite is killed by meds and you forget to eat for 14 hours

my mistake, you're number 3. it goes:
1. Elma
2. Me
3. You

yeah okay sure.



alright I'm rum tum tuckered out


morning loveys~


hey mandy



dont try to get anyone banned again please


Oh my god. I didn't TRY to get someone banned.
Spoilers already wanted them banned and I have been vocal in the past anyway.

Why do you seem so down?

i read the thread

bf in hospital.



Me saying I just wanted those two gone wasn't really a push to get them out.
And why is Michael in the hospital?

link said thread

and i told you no. so you go to spoilers and get him to do it

dentist fucked him up. has infection



I didn't go to Spoilers.

And how bad?

Hope he gets Well soon. My prayers to Nurgle go out.


they are pumping him full of antibiotics. should be fine

thank you

May Nurgle bless us.

That's good at least.

how's it goin? uwu

In call with some fags.

tfw forgetting your drink in the freezer, ending up with a frozen beverage

tight life

wow thats mean


i didnt see the steam message


is there a source fo r this

Baka baka. Who even does that? :3


baka lolz hentai anime culture watashi wa desu gaijin yo lolz

Yeah, me too.

Someone forgetful

fukc u

who is the mongoloid

But why would you put it in the freezer?

cukf me daddy

bee movie

grim babes can i have pizza sweed said no

I wasted a whole 1 and a half hours.


Doing what?

shut up potato face

To chill it, of course! Much faster than the fridge!

This post gets a pizza.

k luka

stupid retard, i hope your family hates you as much as i do

I was photoshopping one of those life-stat-self-jerking things.

stop being grabby

is that a guarantee

Eh? Post it ^^
I don't know exactly what you mean

Warm and comfy




wanna tentacle roleplay


my fam loves me bro

daddy is coming down to stay with me soon actually ^^

but pls

hungry :(


Salt ice water or something

I wish, I'm so fkn cold

How degen

maybe if I lived with you I'd order some for both of us

i have to wait five hours and ten minutes till i get payed and i can have pizza and i'm hungry now ;-;

i have no pity for you. you made it very personal


Get some hugs to get warmed up!

grim let me move in with you so we can share pizza

they must look at you as like a retarded son. they don't love you, and would rather you never be born, but for your sake they perpetuate the illusion that you're accepted by people other than degenerates

Credit cards are an excellent solution to this

*a squid raps ur body*

i wouldn't mind the company

does potato face cut deep for you

i can imagine :/



I wanna talk to you about random shit over a mug of cocoa

From who????

He's such a gud rapper

He's butter than meminum

why would they go to such lengths if they did t love me

your logic is flawed

they are, but i got on the electoral register literally two days ago, and as of yet, do not have a credit rating

Now post your creation~

is that what poor people spend money on nowadays

there's no need to be bitter

buy me pizza and i'll pay you back in like six hours AND grant you a 15 minute voice call over cocoa tomorrow


Hello there, Delightfully Generic Degen

i'm not being bitter, i'm being exceptionally mean for no good reason

but why

why would they care enough to do this

oh I think that's a q

substitute generic for queer I guess

I spend mine on bills mostly.

how delightfully quirky

ikr i am just a total riot

No way it has personal stuff.

yeah response post

they wouldn't want to live with the weight of the suicide of their first born son on their shoulders


A Karen!

pic is u i have remote *presses buttn*

At this point it just feels like the car is my home now

surely if they didn't love me my suicide would be a nice prospect, a fresh start

that's just so rude i can't even

when will you be home

oh its erin that explains it

at your service

you don't have to love someone to want them to live you fucking dolt

more like disservice

At least six more hours of driving, plus stops. We got a late start because my mother apparently needed twelve hours of sleep. Probably won't be home until 7-8 pm.

But I want a Mochi-chan to hug.

w0w o3o

You got hopes up..

im sorry about that

Everything is basically the worst


what an unusual point to make in anger

very obscurely worded

and somewhat nonsensical given the context

i mean, what your telling me is, my family wants me to live

sick burn lol

whichever you'd prefer.


do as dadyd says or get the vibrate


My daddy's at work right now though

Who's a Mochi?



no, they want you to live to fulfill their retroactive desire to keep their first born son from stringing himself up from the rafters. to them, you're a shell of your former self, overwhelmed and tainted with all sorts of deviancies, but they support you because they remember how starry eyed and perfect you were 10 years ago.

no im not

No bully

Who are you again?


i was right

i woke up sick

Eh, that sounds like effort.

im dad aka daddy aka low tier god

seriously that's still like the weakest burn

like it was proactively contrived to be as weak a burn as possible

you're shit at this 😂

Let's be lonely together bby

What's wrong neziwezi?

So is remembering to take it out though :3

Has it thawed yet?


you're a liability to your family and a drain on their resources.


you just dont turn me on emoticon face




in what sense

i live independently from them on the other side of the country

they actually wanna hear from me more tbh, and i've been forgetting to call, thanks for reminding me.



i got that meme

whats dis

still want that pizza?

Cupcake where did you go on your ebin trip?

gay, transsexual, weeaboo, AND a pathological liar? god must really really hate you.


what am i lying about?

Tfw your car internet is kinda slow

Utah. I can give more details later. On the final part of the car ride now, should be home in a speedy eight hours... ;_;


Who am I?

throat hurts and i don't feel good

also since when was i gay or a weeaboo

i'll give you transsexual as a bonus ball

Is she a LINE thing tho

guess not

that is unfortunate

way better in person

sounds REALLY gay, but sure~

Long car rides are a shit

Those are stickers, I think the character might be original from some artist

most door mice don't survive hibernation .____.

Take some Advil, it'll help with the swelling in your throat.

It really bites man. I should just have perfect high speed internet in the car. What is this, the fucking stone age?

I'm just tired of typing it all out plus I'm on a tablet right now

It's been okay mostly but my back is very very sick of it



being offered pizza like an hour is no fun, getting it on request is where the love is at

but thanks anyway

that's like asking what clinton lies about. there's just such a long string of pointless lies that are hard to keep track of and list on the spot.

pee on me

name one


hour later*

thanks obama

are you going to apologize

Who is DQD anyhow?

I hate everything

Are you a Line thing?


me too. im just kinda overall angry now

I'm still lost.

for what

calling you potato face?

no, of course not, you were being razzed mugen, if i were to apologise for everything mean i ever said in jest i'd have a full schedule for life

I don't have to pee.

Can't you read? My daddy.


i-i can think of some other stuff that would help my throat...

just kidding

Grr with me, moogs.

Excellent, Wish stickers.

you're not employed, and you probably haven't been for 3 years now because you're too busy posting on a meme board and watching animay.

We all are squash. It's the human condition.


spit on me

Put on a name so I can filter you.

i'm not employed, i'm on disability benefit, you are correct

and i don't watch anime

so, you failed to come up with a single lie i've told, but ended up telling one yourself

banter amirite :)



thts my line baka desu

Louder! Meaner! GRRRRRR

It's a hassle.
At least IKT is still filtered.

There's actually Noel stickers.

I had my spit receptors removed actually.

All right.

this tbh



oh ok. so you're a drain on not only yoru family, but also your entire country.

You just got sent to FLAVOR TOWN!

hey bb wanna get a sore throat?


Nothing worth doing is easy.
And nothing that's not easy is worth doing.


Now leave it on like a good slut so you never have to plague my sights again.



ancient meme spotted



Not really. It's one of the worst minor ailments

remind me again why i'm a drain on my family? and i believe a good disability benefit is a very popular policy, the general public regularly protests how little people are given on it.

I knew you could do it. So proud of you rn

Okay Daddy

Sorry Daddy but you've been replaced

I know the pains of tablet typing, it's cool

You haven't avatared her in forever!

you are the only one

You know nothing John snow

Even though it is in jest, that name is repugnant.

Statistically someone had to be.

Darwin mad jealous yo

I don't have the folder anymore.

It is not my fault, he told me I needed to put a name on.

the general public regularly protests how many niggers there are in America, doesn't mean it's a good reason to protest. it's obviously enough to fuel your retarded self destructive counter productive adventures on the interwebs. It's time to come to terms with your real self. the first step to changing is accepting that lying, manipulative, drainful behaviors need to be erased


What a disaster

This is why I keep my lolis on Dropbox.

i don't think the american general public directly protests nigger volume, maybe you should stop lying to advance your goal of being rude online.

unfortunately true. if i had no ties i'd be free to leave this world

but im your daddy

Yus, ice cold!

Quelle surprise.

my point was that it was such a vague stupid thing to say that it literally didn't mean or argue against anything.

ill fuckgin kill u

I don't feel safe without backups of my backups.

You could probably go harass him and he'd let you be my daddy again.

I think I have them on Mediafire but I don't really want them anyways.

Who are you again?

But isn't it like, really cold there already?

Yeah, I was shocked too. Like, why would he want to filter his precious daughter?

you used satirical hyperbole as evidence?

that's not how you do that dude

Painfully aware of this feel.


H-Hey I can know things too


I keep them offshore in an undisclosed location.

RIP Noel ;_;7


You can, but you don't. How despicable.

Insert return hug picture here

no, retard. i used it as a hypothetical juxtaposition of the argument you just made.

hi erin
hi wish
hi darwin

I like you people but you never speak to me, is it my own fault? Have I done something wrong? If so, I sincerely apologize and wish to correct my actions so that our relationship may continue. Please acknowledge.
kind regards,

not even if it was me?

You don't even talk to me anyways ;;

She'll live on forever in my Line stickers

whose fault is that

pls pls be my daughter pls pls pls pls im infertile and i just want to roleplay for a few minutes ill pay you several hundred dollars to roleplay with me as my daughter over email or steam

So many anime line stickers.

Exceptions might be made.

Being able to know things but actively not knowing is my fetish, obviously

How is Cupcake doing?

A bunker is enough for me.

no you didn't, you used a hypothetical situation as a parallel to an actual, real situation that was an apt rebuttal to your previous vague and presumptive statement.

hey nezi, you okay? survive matthew?

Probably both of ours tbqhf

Sorry I don't have an e-mail address or a steam.

rip my wallet

Several hundred dollars? Shit man, I'll do it, and i can pretty safely guarantee I'm way better at it.

fair enough

Sicko. Pervert. Degenerate.

I haven't been home in a few days, so I'm hoping she's okay...I left her plenty of food and water but she gets really lonely without attention...

do you know what juxtaposition means? you literally just said what i said except in a long winded retarded way.

either way, the argument was based off of what niggers and poor people in britian are protesting and arguing about nowadays.

But if a nuclear war breaks out! Your waifus!

You bought them all

i can pay the initial 600 up front, and the remaining 600 after the session

I accept this as a fetish too

When I get home we are going to work out some details here yes indeed.


i honestly can't believe i have to break down my initial statement and motives to such basic terms so a retarded faggot like you can understand it.

a juxtaposition is the comparison of two things to emphasise their contrast. don't think you're a genius because you used an awkward word that people tend to avoid dude, "do you even know what x means" is shit you hear in school

that isn't what juxtaposition means

it was more of a comparison if anything

There are still a ton that I don't own yet actually.


neither was it a terse wording of what i said.

That is NOT my fetish

i WAS comparing the two things you daft cunt. that's the entire point.

the fact stupid poor people protest stupid poor people stuff doesn't validate their stupid poor people stuff any more

I'm firing up the heat, sitting comfortably in comfy wear.

Time to use that credit card properly!

nice i can't wait to hear from my beautiful little angel girl

Deal with it fgt.

it was a direct comparison, not a juxtaposition, and it was an incompatible comparison at that.

And I can't wait to bleed daddy dry.

If you make someone else your daddy I'm done with you, Wash.

Post comfy wear.

People can have more than one daddy now squash, quit being a bigot

what? no it wasn't. now i know why you're on welfare, you're clearly not capable of complex thought.

do you want to patch this up kyle

Patch what up?

sned me your amazon wishlist so i can buy you everything



it was literally just some wind and barely any rain at all

the wind wasn't even that strong, just enough to knock small stuff over

So she is needy? Just like someone else that goes by the same name.
You must have been asked this a hundred times already but what kind of trip are you on again?

If I get blown up I don't mind about my data disappearing as well. My waifu will get remembered forever in the history of music.


Darwin is begging me in private to make him my daddy though...

Drinking an ice cold drink.

Most of the time it's just Google Rewards money.

I'll need to make one first

I really can't emphasize enough how much I hate sore throat

Anyway time to go see race cars.

Be nice to each other in here!

No, something is bothering you.
What's wrong?

Dealing with it IS tho

there can only be one

there's a wiki dedicated to made up sonic games

rule number one of arguing like a moron on the internet is always be the smartest moron lol

okay, so you misused the word "juxtaposition" to describe a comparison that by virtue of being between a real situation and a hypothetical was not a reliable comparison, and i'm the one not capable of complex thought

damage control level: chimp

so your home and stuff is okay?

Oh, bye bye.

Which one are you again?

She's insanely needy. Sometimes she scratches at my door and cries until I let her in. And she likes to hop on my shoulder if I'm too busy on the computer to give her proper attention after letting her in.

Trip to Utah for my mom getting an award. Can give more details later, still in the car on the way home right now.

Bye bye Emily

This is getting convoluted

bad day i gues

Anything I can do?

how does one buy safely from taobao?

i would like to hear what award cupcakes mom got

it doesn't have to be real, i was giving a hypothetical example of when protesting doesn't matter and how it doesn't change anything, similar to how your mentioned protest doesn't matter and doesn't hold any real weight in any conversations ever.

probably not

I have a lot of details in a thread on Friday night so you could go look for that. I'll explain again later if you want though

It was for lgbt activism

im transferring funds from my savings account for you

Alright. Tell me if there is down the road.

it's almost like u enjoy being called a slut

i never said protests don't matter

of course they matter

a protest is generally the majority standing up to the poor conduct of a minority, of course that matters.

real ones do anyway

cause, er, i found a 1440p IPS mod kit for the fucking t420

Yeah, probably.

It'll be a while before I get home, so take a chill pill there

oh shit, no way, big ups to your mom!

i'm on my phone and archive trawling does not appeal, so i can wait, thank you.

How cute

My cat does that too, and five minutes later she is scratching it again so I can let her out.
I wonder what kind of award, either way she must be pretty happy about it.

Yeah I'm proud of her. Ever since I came out she's been crazy into that kind of thing.

that's the sweetest thing. you both must be so proud of each other heh

Yeah she had a great time at the dinner.

Cats are the best aren't they?

generally black people have lower IQs that whites.


Why haven't you filtered me yet?


why relevant

Convoluted fetishes are superior

Think how much more you'll have ready by tomorrow!


I wouldn't filter you, wish.

All of my fetishes are superior


how did this conversation even turn to racism

That depends, are they convoluted?

we agree on something. i ought to spill my guts on the floor.

there's a sex shop like 5 minutes from my house. should i go buy a chasity

Was only said to tease you, like most of my interaction with you, cutie.

Good to know. Yee, cats are lovely and I've decided for a long time that once I get my place I will have a cat and a random weirder pet.

So you called me wish just now just to tease me?

i think i was winning so dad honourably decided to abort and find some common ground


Only if you're willing to send me all the keys.

They are mind your own business that's what they are, pervert

i'm an emulated schizophrenic rn tbh. 3 tabs lsd will do that.

Don't try to analyze my actions.


I kind of want to get another cat to keep cake company more.

i shouldn't laugh at my own expense

But I was correct though, right? :3


You were not. I was trying to be genuine in that post.

we're goign to get along just fine.

if you live in the US it's widely available everywhere. only suggest buying it though if you either know the maker personally or plan on testing it.

poor kellyanne conway she looks like she's aged 10 years in 3 months

it's more at the expense of negros if that makes you feel better

Yes hello.

Hmmn, how strange. You usually always call me wish though, whatever.

That depends on how much money you give me

So your fetish is having me mind my own business, provided I'm perverted?

That gets my convoluted fetish seal of approval

us is a big place

i wouldnt be so sure

I usually always call you cutie, cutie.

It's just a pair of jogging pants!

Ice cold like me

I would get another one if my cat wasn't so unsociable. She refuses to act nicely to any cat in our house territory.


Nailed it

Pretty good fetishes right there tbqh~

My cat really liked my ex's cat and has been noticeably more needy and lonely since he left, so I'm thinking I really should get another one sometime

I made a thread

If lsd isn't, then shrooms are. just go for a walk in the woods, 30 minutes and i guarantee you'll find some if it's budding season in the area.

i finally understand why old people give sluts money

I told you mine are superior