At least we can all take solace in the fact Swedish will kill himself when his welfare is declined

At least we can all take solace in the fact Swedish will kill himself when his welfare is declined.

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I think when I trick my Supra out for drifting, my cousin might spend as much time in it as I do.

so what's going on with swedish fish

They were getting rapey with Maddie earlier.

Define bad things.

Check yourself before you rek yourself

its dumb

night of fire is my favorite initial D memesong

Do I somehow not have 5th Stage Soundtrack?

Brb, correcting this.

Yeah, I'm impressed.

I've no solace until the deed is done.

Until then the assumption will be another worthless homeless beggar to ignore.

It's a fat dude that says he's a lesbian on welfare.
He is literally Luka.

Though at the same time, I don't remember what I had for dinner.


Guess it's time for me to set both of their names to "Swedish Luka" in all my friend lists.

So not like good bad stuff. Not stuff I would do.



feat. initial D

That sounds pretty familiar..

no bully :(

I used the rest of my silver change for hotpockets.

Fucking hot pockets.

Thursday can not come fast enough :(

Well that ended up about exactly as I expected
The gay guy who fell in love with me is really firmly settled on wanting me to be a guy for him and it's really awkward and I'm having to consult with multiple friends about how to go about carefully breaking his gay little heart


Give him a glitter bomb with an attached note "No"

That way he'll have a broken heart but at least he's covered in glitter :3c


Days off suck cause I can't eat for free at work lol

You can't remember what I had for dinner either?

lonely :(

Since all the welfare trannies spend their time getting good at rhythm games specifically osu, does that mean I'm a failure if I become a welfare tranny and don't waste my time playing shitty rhythm games?


Don't become a welfare person of any sort.


Too late.



This is not the correct way to interpret the situation!

Not really, no.

I would ask that you not do then then. I mean, I'm the only one allowed to do adios things

How'd you know that I'm still around?

we'll see

tools available are less than ideal

Actually if I ever come into ownership of the rental unit, I actually disqualify for welfare, I think.

Because of the amount it generates per annum.
And its estimated value.

Don't break his heart, his achy breaky heart.


I.. have a feeling

6th sense?
Do you see dead people?

♥ ?

If my mom ever decides she wants to get rid of it when it's still stable, maybe I'll take her up on that offer.
Then tsuchi can get off my ass since I'll be a landlady.

How the fuck does Luka qualify under Canadia?
Just by not owning anything and literally not trying to get a job?

Wait What tools.

No, but..

? ♥ ?

Uhh, it's probably different in BC.

In Ontario, your assets have to be worth less than a specific amount, and you have to actively search for work, unless you can't for whatever reason, or you're, like, on disability or some shiat.

Unfortunate really.

You also can't benefit from OW and another form of government funding at the same time.

So if I found myself qualifying for ODSP, and sought that out, then I'd disqualify myself from OW.

Do you care that much about knowing what it was?

i miss you.

I guess that's fair enough considering how close we are to winter.

No, Manaka, no.
You're just gonna come back again and BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRIM'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well no, but I'd feel bad if someone asked and I couldn't answer.

Btw, Manaka, I still love you bae.
Talk to me more.

Ayyy, Manaka's back.

Soon it will be close enough to build fires.

im back too

Manakins can suck a chode

yeah me too

Just lie.

hi monica!


Whose voice am I listening to!?

(You) miss who?

When it rains all year, all the elderly said the same thing.
long drought is coming

The only bae i would like to be called is sunbae!

i was gonna sleep but papa wants to drink scotch

Can I just keep calling you Mananka?

I hope manaka died in a car accident.... where their moped got pancaked.

It's more of a passing by, but yeah here I am!

Hey Sabrina, I believe you are the general manager of Sabrina Holdings now

Beautiful, no?

Oh yeah, I forgot that you don't get any snow t here, kind of a shame.

Well good to see ya.

Piss off manaka

Manaka is cancer. Seeing them makes me wish I were blind and dead.


Tell him I said happy birthday, please!

So much responsibility! voice..

Meant cold, not surprised with myself for messing that up. And yes, winter is a beautiful season.

Super approval

Could somebody stream Inside Out pls?

Yea.. but sunbae is also good!
besides everyone said he died or something.

One of these days, i'll play with snow like a 12 years old boy.

In that day, it will be one of the few times I am truly happy and fulfilled.

It's nice to see a friendly greeting, you have my sincere gratitude, it's my hope that you will have a great night

But you get to see a lot of numbers with a lot of commas!

You sure you are not a streamer? because your voice is so clear only a sophisticated recording device can make that recording!

That wouldn't be right at all though :c

Plus then I'd have to make stuff up...

No problem, still got the reference.
Always wondered how winter is like there, since you don't get any snow, or at least I assume that is how it is.

i will release a stream in your insides

stop cancer
Manaka leave

pls don't pee in my butt x_x

swiggity swooty

Manakin's~ >_

Talk to me more.
I feel neglected.

We almost won that last game.
Fuck Gerbralter.

You never made stuff up before?

suck me

Lemme guess
Its because I left

Manaka leave

I'm terribly uncreative.

You have the indochinese for that.

I hope you get to experience it.
That sounded a bit depressing, should I be concerned?

Make my headache go away pls

take a pill

im not god

Seems like all the first impressions I had of you were all horribly wrong.
Than again a liar would lie...

We have snow in our mountainous regions so anyone that is able to afford short trips to them is able to experience it.
There's a lot of rain and even hail to surprise us once in a while.

Didnt you hear the rumor? Manakin was involved in various accidents, mostly motorcycle related and is nowhere to be seen.
Some say he is still sliding on asphalt until now.

Will I get replies in return!?

who is this? and what kind of magic are we talking about?
if it's black magic, there will be pitchforks

I just want to play with snow, SD ;_;

Make my penis grow.

How rude.




666 !
so it must be true?
Rest in peps
tell me moar adventures!

Its his birthday you persian carpet


I was guessing so, a bit surprised about the hail though, had any snow there ever?

Oh, okay, I might have over analyzed that one.

Manaka is a lying manipulating nasty piece of work


I don't have any

Well. Duh.

But I mean in general.

Grazi sir. I want my bed T-T

poor little kitty

-kisses your forehead-

I don't know. I thought you were God.

it is coming in at terminal velocity

I technically just said that I thought you were creative, that's a compliment.

worship me

Let it wipeme from this plane

Dragonball super is amazing.

c-come back onii-fam

*nuzzles and sits in your lap* :3

What kind of beneficial effects do I get?

In my town? It happened once like ten years ago, even came out in the news.
It's funny that my town is meaningless but it has come up on the news surprisingly often.

Last time was because someone I knew smashed a kid skull for no reason. Welp.

Z was better

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww pretty kitty~

my sweet button

wait I read thast as just dragonball

nvm I didn't watch super so I wouldn't know

No shit.

I doubt you've even watched super though.

The new Ouija was actually a really good movie tbh

Just point me to the dotted line.

Said ian

*paws at you* M-meww~


i was considering it... but passed.
post to me about it~

Hm? Now tell me what you really thought.

There is one time where he drove to mountain, there was a desert but the sand was solid enough to drive on.

When was the last time you made a snowman?

Yay! That is all I need!

Alright who is this, what's your name!?

Would have figured that it would have happened more often, since they even had snow in Saudi Arabia a few times.
Got to love those, kind of like watching the local Cops tv-show and recognizing your friends from there.

If I can play that on guitar without flubbing a note, is that impressive?


such a needy little pet

I can't, don't believe my implication.

Do you really care?

I don't see why I wouldn't.

I guess it's been longer than 10 years now?

Well, I don't usually care about the opinion of people I don't respect, or like.

what could be hidden under all that sand?!

You think I don't respect or like you?

*kneels with arms behind back*

*purrs* :3c


You tell me.

Stop being emo.

good boy

youre making master horny

What an exaggeration.

Now that's quite mind blowing, but I guess gulfs can get pretty cold.

I wouldn't call him a friend, just someone who I've smoked bud with twice, fast forward one year and he got jailed after doing that thing.

It was a little annoying when all my professors in college were asking me if I knew anything about it and I would say that I not only knew the guy but I've had lunch in the place it happened for three years in a row during highschool.


Jesus fuck, moogs. What have you done to me?

I wouldn't say so. Everything from your choice of avatar pics and your responses lines you up to be the next clint.

I like you, yeah.

Just got back from the new Ouija movie

It was pretty scary, the actors were great and it was kinda cheesy in a good way

you like the way it feels dont you

These numbers indicate all the money we're raking in?

awww yeer!

It's a sequel? I didn't know there was a first film. Hm.

I may have to assume my actual kitty form then~

*paw @ ur thigh, u moan*

I would lie if I didn't say I have had a fantasy of something like that from time to time. Couldn't do it in life though. I refuse to submit to anybody.

It's not a direct sequel, more like a prequel because it's in the past

The original was garbage, don't bother

i wanna play with your tail

im sure you could

weird stuff happened?

Would be one hell of an experience to snowboard in SA on the dunes.
Still always fun to see what has happened to the people you used to know.

The Exorcist is a prequel to Ouija II.

Na. I am not a toy or play thing. Likewise, I don't want a toy or plaything.

I finally watched Neon Demon today. I don't know how to classify it genre-wise until about the last 15 minutes when it definitely slides into horror territory. Lots of similarities to Suspiria in the use of color and sound too. I liked it and recommend it.

Maybe I spent a little more time talking to Jack than it's healthy.

That's nice to hear,
Hope my first impression was wrong I guess.


I'd like that. That's how you get all the pre


but you like to think about it

naughty kitty

You still haven't answered that, by the way.

You dont enjoy that kind of activity or there is other reason why you dont do it every year?

Tons of magma of course!

Donald is that you!?

If it red, it's expenses, so make sure you keep the reds down!

Well, you already know I liked you, and that I didn't like liking you.

That would be an understatement

There was a very nice nod to The Exorcist in this movie actually

What's that one about?

you love it. you should hear my nyaa moans ;3

I can agree with that. Something that made me really happy was knowing that one of my friends was taking care of a camera on UEFA Euro 2016.

I have to admit that it's not entirely a positive feeling to see my old colleagues moving forward in life while I'm stuck in the same spot.

you filthy temptress you know i do. send me a vocaroo

Furry copypasta rp is weird.

Maybe. But I don't like the idea of Actually doing it.

You got me. I'm Donald trump and I'm going to make America great again!

on a serious note, I don't know Donald. People call me Mandy

Next time my roomie spends the night at whatshisfaces house we'll have some fun^^

im weird



the exorcist is a sequel to the exorcist and pretty good given the twist of the girl being an adult with a family now being possessed

worth a try though with a loved one


It's a bull market. We can afford to throw around a little petty cash here and there for the next couple of weeks.

Elle Fanning is a new, up-and-coming model in LA. She befriends a makeup artists who introduces her to two other models who instantly hate her. Eventually Elle kinda goes nuts over the course of the movie. But the draw of the movie really isn't the plot. It's the visuals. There's a lot going on with color and light that's just gorgeous. But by the end, it gets surprisingly gory.


Well, I guess I just got too old for that.
Anyhow I need to get to bed, kind of past my bedtime already.

They actually have this crazy big indoors skiing center at SA, I believe there was an article in national geographic about it a few years ago.
I don't think any of my friends have gone that big, but it's still nice to know what they're up to.
It's only depressing if you think about it like that.
I need to get some sleep now though, g'night.


That doesn't help, at all.

Sunday club

Hold me to it cause I'll try to weasel my way out of it. Take caps if you have to.


Awwe, Tsuchi... Even after our ♥2♥ ??? :(

There anything specific you wanna know?

youre taking pics too

It's a country that I don't know much about even though I should because of a certain friend who's been there. That's really interesting.

Sleep tight, I'll be joining you soon.

You forgot who you were talking to does second, huh?

a lost civilization 6 ? !

show me~

Being weird isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Oh. "Heart to heart".

well which ever

oh my

Maybe a couple, sure.

I hope it's tomorrow night but it's Sunday so idk

I dunno, you were being nice last night texting :/

It's not, but it sure can seem that way haha

Oh, neat. I like those kinda psychological ones, I'll watch that. You should go see Ouija, it's worth it. Has a 80% on Rotten Tomatoes right now, that's rare for horror. ESPECIALLY for a horror movie made to sell toys for Hasbro, AND has a previous movie in the series that was utter trash

Unless you can come to California and go to the theater with me, I cannot.

he's just tsun for you elms

so eager~

Ah yeah, Mandy Knight
I've seen you around ^^

You cannot! It will affect the balance!
You see, if you spend money on an ice cream for example, your team of experts will think ice cream is the new trend. Then everyone will buy stocks of ice cream companies. The whole stock market will collapse!

I will personally greet you in slumberland where we can do all the things we couldnt do!

of golems with body made of molten rock!

too far ;~;
maybe next year.

Tell me the stuff they do!

This team is so much fun to use holy shit


*Looks at camera*

*Audience laughter*

Totally thought that thing drawn on her vajayjay was a dick.

That was a great comment

I need to draft up some applications already x_x

Is that bad?

I think I'm going to go to bed before I start bringing you back down. Be safe, love

I approve of this picture.

You are adorable. Genuinely made me smile. But I gotta go pass out now. Be safe, friend.

its a compliment


Hmm. Think of tone of that entire conversation. It wasn't complimentary but ambivalent and entirely about telling you to not get so wrapped up in everyone else's support of you. It'd be kind of pointless to tell someone to rely on being happy with themselves and still try to prop them up with my own judgment and assertions.

Why didn't you like it?

I have this weird feeling moogy.

Well then fuck you.


wew stop with all the dick on your mind

it'd be a good idea, don't procrastinate too much

oh do you now? night!

what feeling

Was afraid you'd spontaneously turn into your cunt self and I wasn't sure what was okay to talk to you about and what wasn't.
It felt somewhat...unhealthy.

it's like the new horny feeling way deep in my gut. like a tickly warm tingle

Good night, folks

we'll meet again

Mostly harmless, they appear in people's dream in a familiar human form, they tell vague story about what will happen tomorrow.
Unfortunately, they also make it difficult for people to remember their dreams.

Is it.. wrong?

night to you too

dont come back

so cute

better do something about it


Safe dreams Manaka!

i'll miss you.... *hugs tightly*

You're entirely misreading that if you think it was meant as something mean. All I was saying is that I specifically excluding any personal feelings during that exchange. I can encourage you to be happy with yourself without it being something that's just laden with hollow compliments and sentiments or other flattery just to make you feel better at that moment.

YOU'RE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TEARING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS COMMUNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! APART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dunno.. I think I'll save it for our date~

I know. You missed my sarcasm with the eff yew.

I do appreciate it though and I'm gonna try harder about not worrying about other people so much.

Oh, that's still the story of my life. You probably should avoid me if you don't like that.

I liked it though, that was the problem.

smart girl


Are you some sort of masochist?

I don't get it though, I asked why you didn't like it then afterwards you tell me you liked the thing you didn't like?

One can only hope :3

Anyone want to help me get dredges in Dark Souls 3?
I need the staff.

Yeah sure

I guess

I mean, I liked the risk, it made you interesting, I didn't like the fact that I liked risk because that could cause a lot of unfortunate events.It was kind of a personal issue.
I can't really give you a better answer than that.

It's just going to be me summoning you, going to the deacons, you hurt them, I finish them off because I'm using a shit build jut for the luck bonus.


I'm the least interesting person in the world, don't get me wrong.

So then why hope your impression was wrong?

I-I don't actually own the game...

damn it feels good

I want you to find a knife and drive it into your skull for me.

I'm not allowed to drive, they took my license...

You're a moron, Wish.

Yeah me too.

You know I never really thought about it that way before.

I-I actually prefer to go by Emma now...

I'm sure I've seen worse.

Just feels nice to be liked by someone.

What did you do?

Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't think I gave a shit.

i'm writing out this whole week on what i'm putting my money on
should i post it in thread? I have really shitty hand writing.

Monica: Wolf of Wall Street

I'll see if I can find it online. I'm too cheap to go to the theater right now, but your enthusiasm has me eager to see it!

nini scooby

Hm? Lots of people like you though.

Just because I'm a cunt to you sometimes doesn't mean I don't like you.

I'm just blind in one eye so I can't see all that well.

You know, I was a little bit worried that you didn't give a shit either, but thank goodness that you do!

Oh. Guess it was just gas.
I still don't care, Wish.

Nigga I will send you money, go see the damn movie

browser crashed. it's a sign
my dream of tesla and twitter stocks going up and that faggot who thinks he had a vision from god about twitter's stock is all bs
i'll cry on thursday when im wrong

Take sabby to the movies! ♥

You should probably go take some sort of antacid.

don't send online people money


Too late.

The heck? When did this happen?

If only I knew someone in the province of Ontario with good enough internet to leech off of and stream FFXV from release to the 15th of december.

Drink acid.

I do this all the time though.

Nobody wants to see how you spend your money.

I wanna watch it at home in my PJ's and tequila!

Never hurts to have more.
Being liked by those you like is a whole different story though, if it's one sided you just get the TP type of shit.

If you weren't a cunt sometimes you wouldn't be as interesting, noone can do it quite like you do.

Treat sabby nice...
she deserves it ;~;
she does soo much! ♥
we both want sabby to enjoy life right?

Pretty much since I was 2 or 3, I suppose.

I just drank some orange juice a couple minutes ago actually.

echo my love

I dunno, am I still a cunt now?

luka, what'chu doin'?

Not really no, I don't even feel like it could pop off at any second. It's like you're growing up or something.

Don't surprise me though, I would prefer to like liking you.

postin in thread with sabby~ ♥

and watchin' sum latee night youtubes.

adorable bunny btw

I mean, that's the dream isn't it? I like to think I'm less of a sheltered cunt now at least.

I definitely still have my moments, more so with certain people than with others but I'm hopefully improving.


Cube 2 still a cool movie.
Best in the series.

Pretty much.

Change is always interesting.
More so than anything else.


why though? it is a complete waste really, barring you are somehow getting something out of it

Where's TP?


I can't that I have a steady income and not much to spend my money on

I like spending money on other people, it's better served going to them than to me buying stuff I don't need

*can't help

Mmn, but when things change they often change for the worse.. I dunno, maybe I'm afraid of change but I do want things to change for the better I just suck at making it happen most of the time.

Probably alcohol coma

is there no concept of saving money here? like it's your money but forward thinking be daaaaamned in that case, you know?

LEL. I'm wondering because the Wrigley Field is going nuts. The Cubs just won, are going to the world series, and it's insane over there now.


For the record, no one has ever sent me money online, nor have I ever asked for it. I just don't feel like paying to see a movie right now.

You saw Zootopia, right? If not, you should. It's pretty cute. :3


I like to take things as they come. I am saving, I don't just blow everything but when I give when I can

Right now I have a car loan and a bit of credit card debt to pay off, nothing too serious. Luckily my college was paid for so I don't have to pay back college loans, some people have like $10k in college loans to pay back

Do you wear an eyepatch?

I've paid people's rent, going to again, bought people food when they needed, trying to get Guero a bed, helped with travel.

I don't ask for a dime. I do it because they are my friends and there isn't enough help in the world.

Ah yes of course! The Cubs are my favourite sports team! I love football!

I do not, no.

zootopia is grate

i've watched it!

this movie here looks funny


Seems to be working out so far, don't jinx it.
Though we haven't been talking -that- much lately. My judgement isn't the best.

it's a way of doing things I guess, just really foreign to me

duly noted, just less an issue with getting money and more just curious as to why some are willing to give it away so simply if that makes any sense

show me ur car!

bruh, everyone on the internet wears an eyepatch
are you saying you don't?

What's foreign about it?

This was it when I first bought it

I'm not so much of a bears football fan.
Eddie Vedder is taking a champagne bath with the cubs in the clubhouse right now.

does it look all worn out now? ;~;

No. I have not had it more than a year

It's probably better than mine.

Even if you say it has been working out so far I feel like I've fucked up more with other aspects of my life so it's like a give and take thing.

Yiff in Hell.

That looks fun. I'll have to bookmark that trailer so I remember to see the movie.

I think some people just get a good feeling from being generous. If I had money to spare, I might help a few people out.

the absolute madman

Oh, I should have guessed it was baseball.

TP always mentions the Blue Jays to me.



if only i could see more angles...

i've found scary side of youtube ;~;

Like which ?

Scary is good :3c

fite me, carrot muncher.

i'm trailer hopping right now~! ^ ^

i find interesting stuff hidden in youtubes...
you should watch adorable stuff.

all i can do is hug my pillow right now to help comfort myself!

Yep. Toronto was on fire until they played the Indians. I thought they were going to the world series.

I'm fairly confident that my memory has gotten worse recently and I've sorta just been really apathetic and thoughtless as a result of felling slightly shitty for a bit.

You can always hug me!

fish x elma is canon

Night, shit heels.

Give me attention and shit.


Yeah woo baseball! I bet they all got homeruns and foul balls and strikeouts and such!

Night then.

no bully

*comforts you*

If you wanna fight, stick your head up your ass and fight for air.

I'm watching SNL. :3


You should. It would be sick.

Uh.. n-no.. I totally wear one too haha.. I was just kidding ^^;

a lot of it is trying to hit crazy magic pitches. The Cubs have a great team this year. They can hit like champs (next week I'll say no pun intended).

I don't have cable television... only youtube now ;~;

i remember back in the olde days.... snl was funny back then...

sooo much scarey stuff and cubes and blood!

see. this is how she always treats me.

Then she wants me to say something nice to her.

No thanks. I do not wish to get Soto another reason to make fun of me.


You start it! I'll be nice if you be nice, ya goober.

SNL is a cable show there? It's network here. And it's been halfway decent tonight. I'm surprised. Tom Hanks is hosting.



I think I thoroughly pointed out it was the not saving money part lol

it's less helping people out I'm talking about and more helping people that you don't technically know this ignores obvious things like charities as of course you wouldn't know the people directly helped


I'mma make emma beat you up with her hockey stick.

uh.... cable... network...
i don't differentiate

but yeah. on free bunny rabbit ears Air waves tv signal SNL is on.
and of course it would be on our standard cable tv too. lotsa network stuff here


That a result of being less of a sheltered

Hm. Well, there are a few people I talk to here who I would help out if I had the means. But I feel like I know them fairly well, ya know?

What's in it for her?

I spoke too soon, perhaps. The current sketch is....meh.

If I could help out Sabs in any way, shape, or form, you know I would


not 2
not Zero

they are out of ideas
all they can do is build some stuff around and focus on political sketch?

Oh, I originally meant that even if I'm changing in that sense there are other parts that are changing for worse.

How was Cube anyway? Never got around to watching it.


As far as I know, she and I don't have beef. What, does she just like whoopin' people with hockey sticks?

Yeeaah, they're usually on top of it during political seasons.

♥ Maddie
If my gravy train ever comes in, we're goin' shopping!

You're better than this, Elma.
You're better than this.

Note: that wasn't about Sabrina.

yeah I guess you seem to have been here longer, personally I just can't see a reason to do so here despite having a few decent friends here

I love shopping and I'd love to see your style even more *squish* ♥



i watched it like a decade ago...
it's an okay concept i guess.
kinda gets you thinking... mystery of it.
psychological more than anything.
a bit gorey here and there.

stuff like that.
watching it right now on youtube... it's held up pretty well...
since like... all the sets had to be was a Cube.
so a pretty simple background that you don't really focus on, leaving you with mostly the characters and fear.


Well, what's more worth ?

yep. canadien typique

that's the main writers source material
theyre stumped on how to make anything else i guess..

They're not really comparable like that.


No instinct to play a role in it ?
Gotta lean towards something.


Guessing it held up more than the other two.

The only real choice in that case would be that it's worse the way it is becoming.

Once you make one movie
they think they got a budget to put pizaz and sfx in a new one cheap and ez making a more convoluted sequal to try and appeal to fans.

but it's mostly the originals that start with the good to lure you in.

Maddie squishes are top shelf!
Right now my style is big ol' comfy hoodies 'cause the cold finally got here! I love it.

Doing anything interesting lately?

Weekend Update just started. Let's see how it goes.

Make it better then.

watched the cubs win and make it to the world series over an hour ago. Other than that, waiting on the Vitamin D to work its magic so I can stop feeling like a fibromyalgia patient.

weekend update must be the big zingers!

I love that image. Also she mentioned that has a hard time making things better.

So ?
Noone ever said it should be easy.

I work with two Chicago natives. They're going to be stoked! If the Cubs win, it'll be a year overdue, but pretty dang cool.

It's been savage tonight! Then they slammed on the breaks by bringing Leslie Jones on. *yawn*

But it's about being content with what you have and not make it worse or put yourself through hardship for better.

Aww! It was so chilly when I walked to the store! I need a new cute warm oversized hoodie ugh

That sounds like an opinion.

ghostbusters lady?

my bike tire went flat so now m stuck walking to m y best friends
its wayyyy on the very edge of town
good way to stay in shape i suppose
whats your guys day like

That's a hell of a lot easier said than done.

I can say I want to all I want but I still have no idea how to even start.

rip your bike

you say the whole thing is on youtube?
I'll need to check that shit out.

She was a good gal
Probably gonna be something like 50 or 60 to replace it
I'm thinking of waiting because the winter is coming up and I can't bike in the snow

That's cool. I know the Indians won't be getting anything handed to them so


Well you managed to change it from a to b, b might be uglier but you managed that, I'm sure you can change it from b to c.
tl;dr you technically started already.
Anyway, I should go before I pass out, feeling like I'm pretty close now.

Yeah. I just don't find her very funny, even though I must admit she did have the one funny line in the new Ghostbusters movie.

Get'cha a boy's hoodie. They're so beefy and warm!

Poor Bardo. Will you be able to patch the tire?

I should watch more baseball. I used to like it.

here you go

the start of it all...

just click...
and watch.

I'm just taking what she said earlier.

Sports is only fun when your team(s) is doing well. Otherwise it'll just make you need a therapist.


she was type cast for her one trait
and all she had to do was play her part in the puzzle.

I turn 30 in 5 days.

Can't find it ;w;

I'm thinking a fresh innertube wouldnt be a bad idea

I didn't pay attention to the Rangers all year. Did they even make it very far?


i messed up urls

here's the real link:

If only life worked like that, at all.

Night night.

I used to have a Tool one with like a super mega huge hood that I loved. I miss that one :(

old boi

please say you're kidding


They won their division. The wild card team Toronto beat them 3 games to 0 in the playoffs.

Oh shit, thanks man.
Always wanted to watch it.

love their soundtrack

so gay

I can't help but to feel that I wish I could offer you some advice but I have no idea what's up.

only people with no reason to live don't


is the one word i can call it.

Do you like Evil Dead or Army of Darkness better?

Just general life rants I suppose.

It's really nothing to worry over or anything.

Well, they were all pretty terrible. No chemistry at all. It was hard to watch.

You're ok though, right? Didn't get hurt falling off or anything?

Aw! What happened to it? I used to have a UT one with a big hood too. It covered my whole face! But a friend borrowed it and never gave it back.

Oh. Well, that's not so bad!

Does anyone else watch Ash vs Evil Dead? I love the possessed Delta. New favorite character!

I don't watch it, unfortunately. It seems amazing but I don't have TV

You still don't use steam or anything anymore, right?

oh jeez that would suck I hate going over mountain bike handlebars

Lucky enough nah It was flat in the garage before I took it out yesterday so I walked it down the streete to casey's the gas station for some air and by the time I got home she was flat again wont ya know
you much a bike sabrina?

that's pretty easy evil dead in the end, army of darkness was decent but took a far turn down the comedy path which gave us a lot of the humor in the new series so a good plus for that reason


actually they had the best record in the american league

I do not, no.

at least i didn't watch it!

Just pirate it.

37 to be exact.

Fair enough. I think I've become too dependant on talking to people here when I'm at home. I don't think I could quit.

tpb is offline :(




meh they dont have the new westworld

I have a couple really close friends that I talk to pretty much 24/7 so it's not like I'm ever super lonely or anything.

i wonder who does...

I didn't pay to see it, thankfully. But I was morbidly curious.

^See above. I wasn't gonna pay to see that trash heap. I did, however, pay to see Jurassic World. I'm so ashamed.

Aw, go Rangers!

I hope Ivan Raimi lives and stays on as a fun guest character. I don't know if I'd want him to go on the road with Ash and Pablo, but it'd be neat if he popped on special occasions.

I haven't ridden a bike in years. I miss it though. I used to ride my bike all over my home town. Good days.

iunno pirate bay had up to 3. and 4 came out today

I had a falling out with one of my closest friends so that lead to this.

At least I got the hairy chest and dad bod.

Ahh, that's always rough. Hopefully things get better.

Anyways, I really need some sleep. Later.

That's enough DS3 grinding for now.


Have a peaceful rest.


i got somethin for you to grind

i just streamed that jurasic wold movie


i wonder what other legit torrent sites exist.

it would be nice, speaking of tv series have you seen the exorcist?

I'm going to stop now before this goes further

Dark Souls 3.

Oh you.


be careful what you wish for

elma can you please keep him contained in your steam chat


DS looks like fun games but I have never been into the heavy fantasy/lore stuff.

4 isn't out until the 23 google says;18;41

I think when I have somewhere to live I am going to get a pet sugar glider
probably 2 so they can socialize with each other
they are also nocturnal so I will be able to spend alot of time with them because I work during the ay

who here /bantz/


I have a wife and kids.

oh youre right im retarded

Hes a fucking 37 YEAR OLD MAN!!!!!!

who here /memes/

leafy is 18

I had no idea there was an exorcist series. How is it?

Did you like it? I was less than thrilled.

My friend loves taht video!

those fuckers are adorable

*pet pet*

i guess we just gotta stay patient~

Don't have to be, but it helps.


that is technically illegal. right?

does your friend need rape?


So cute
only bad thing is I dont think they can be potty trained so thats gonna suck
I also here that you have to wait quite a while to socialize them so it might be a month or so before they trust me enough to cuddle with them uwu


some kids ride around in a bubble
ooh and ahh'ing
it's ...ok
nothing really mindblowing.
but it's a casual flick..
it's not like it grossed me out or made me feel ill about it...
it just... was kinda there.
i tried to do some stuff... but i guess it was just mashed up all weird?

not bad, but not special either.

fucking grand, the first episode ends creepily and foreboding then by the..... 3rd or 4th? you get to learn how it ties into the movie and weeeew, I won't spoil it despite my name but it was a good way to do it that wasn't hugely expected you should check it out sometime

ye but the best things take time, it'll be even more worth it to get those cuddles from them however the poop part is just going to be something you'll get used to dealing with somehow

i haven't watched it yet.

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Male but my wife doms me.