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ITT: no anus


i could just post mine again

I even have a G27!

I want a Fanatec setup tho

Don't do that either.

same fam


I figured this is what you'd watch/play tbh.

Wait if KanColle is based on WW2 boats does this mean they'll all die

reverse psychology huh?

oh, nope, don't know that feel


when you know what welmas asshole looks like but not her face atm

No, just no.
It's time to stop.

me neither


Hidden. Ah, that sucks. I'd just want them for my phone tbh I was surprised they were big enough for it. Fuckin Note5s 2big lol

LOL I'm pretty sure you don't have the pic of my butthole from my kik night

The fuck is that

Okay great!

maybe im misinterpreting this

you want me not to do it?

I was used to always having to carry someone else's shit in my pockets for that reason.
I guess that's the literally only benefit to wearing cargo shorts.

Lots o' autism.

Although I now realize any answer I give here will be seen as the same.
Fuck you.

I didn't know foundation left smushes if you wipe it

How did you even find that.

I closed after I saw running catgirls in a circle.


you got round to trying out my makeup recommendations?

I think the PV came out a while ago and it was meme for a day

Yeahs ure weirrdo

Depends on the foundation.
I don't know enough to say which is different.

Someone linked it long ago.

I hope you get tetanus.

Wait you aren't Gilg! Sorry!

Yeahs ure weirrdo

why do you always act like you know stuff about things you dont know stuff about



it wasn't in my local shop but I did save it to find it


No! I idnd't want to be mean to you.

tokai you don't need foundation you have a beautiful complexion

dont make a big deal of this, we don't need tokai any more self-councious about it.

omg you reminded me of a bag I wanted to get. It has octopus print on it and is super cute. Would match my earrings too ;p

Cargo shorts go well with your fedora~

but he is weirrdo

Because there's different types that are smudge resistant and handle humidity well but I never paid attention when girls were trying to say what those differences are.


Is that even still a thing with tattoo parlors or are there really places that unsanitary left that aren't just biker places?

Yes, somewhat, but still less than Tsuchi.

You're a shitty moe trope.

there are enough amateur places in the world i dont doubt it

I dunno, Tsuchi is smart enough to ignore me tho

foundation isnt even one thing, it's any makeup that forms a base for more makeup. it's concealer powder, concealer stick, liquid base, creme powder base, dry base, primer powder, setting powder, contour, etc. etc. etc.

it just bugs me that you have to have input even though you have no idea, sorry.


what does that make me

Dumb prolly idk

no i dont



I don't wanna be dumb.

nevermind, just do your thing.

110: Porcelain ;3

A purse or just something so big you could lose small children in it and never find what you put in it ever?

They're like the least fashionable thing admittedly but fuck you, they're comfy.
I have a bunch of normal shorts and jeans but I honestly just prefer cargo shorts/pants because I'm prone to shoving too much shit in them since I don't really like carrying a messenger bag around.

I'm moe as fuck, bro.

I just remember the 90s and early 00s where that's pretty much all of the reporting you'd hear on tattoos and piercings was like some form of "moral policing" but always focusing on the cases of getting either as some health gamble.
Sort of like now with the abortion thing and how it's always a matter of health when statistically it's so utterly irrelevant.

what happened on kik night?

buttholes dont change much unless you sit on a massive anus stretcher


Yeah., bro.


ew no



600: fair and 405: translucent light

I'd say it's medium. Like not a tote, but not like my little purse atm. Plus cute OCTOPUSSES! :LSKjdvaosivjaeroi

I'm just messing with you. I used to wear those when I was Maddie 1.0 ;3

I'm just trying to think of which pic you have.

I made some regrettable pictures and a video or three for some guy.

Oh, sorry.


also you are getting hecka beautiful

OMG I just wanna hug you and nerd out about makeup now ahhh


heh ^^

the one you sent on that one site.

remember the clothespins?

Literally just wallet keys and phone every time I leave the house


I'm baka!

As fuck, bro.
Like don't even.

I'm kind of wanting to go to this Japanese place and get baby octopus soup now.

I remember you mocking me for this years ago when you dressed the exact same way: v-necks, shorts, and a zip up.

I don't remember a butt pic. I still have the clothespins pictures though lol That would hurt so much more now lol

Never v-necks cause I'm not a homo. I only own 0 pairs of shorts, but yes a hoodie.


I have to have an ID on a lanyard for something and something bulky that I have no choice but to carry.
I've mostly started just using a small bicycle style messenger bag.

Shuttlebus check your phone

Big baka

But fuck you, V-necks are comfortable because they breathe in hot weather.

Who's going to see the new Ouija movie

You know I am

Is it related to you being crippled? Also I have an ID on one of those retractable things for work but I just put it in my pocket like a normal person


Bwaka bwaka

you mean the one hasbro financed to sell boardgames

I have an ID on lanyard thing too!

Tomoki why are you being so mean

Shh, shh, no tears now. Buy me a pizza~

My newest top is I guess technically a v-neck. It was nice and cool so I have to agree.

v-neck sweater dresses are cute

I have an white thing on a lanyard thing too!


It looks like trash, but wonderful trash

ur cute

no u no u no u

Who Tomoki?

no u no no u u no

Bwaka bwaka guy from Sora no Otoshimono

I hope she cheek puffs back at me now


Quality anime(tm)

What? No. It's stuff for class and I have to carry it. I can get away with just throwing a notebook in the passenger seat but everything else has to be crammed in pockets.
The ID has to be on a lanyard and visible when in something for...some reason. I'm sure there was logic behind it at one point but now it's just there.

I ordered pizza last weekend and ate it all.
The next day I spent throwing up.
Never again will I buy from Pizza Hut.

I think it's a bit different for women's clothing because it's more about cleavage than anything.
V-necks for guys are just about the fit, not really showing off anything unless they're super deep and they're trying to show off their Austin Powers chest.

no puff

only grr

It's honestly 38/14

Get a backpack like a normal person

I'll eat a whole pizza no problem.

I haven't thrown anything up in months which is rad

Good point. I hope you don't have an austin powers chest. x_x

pls no grr :(

the eyebrows on the foxy face really assist me in expressing grr and such

A 3?

I have a bicycle messenger I've started using because I use a laptop for notes more these days.
The bulky thing was a calculator.

Bulimia isn't attractive.

I'm blonde as shit. Even my legs are and the hair is like 3/4 an inch but it's not really apparent even at that long. I've no hair on my chest that's even visible other than weird, dark nipple hairs occasionally but I'm vain enough to tweeze those.

when i'm alone sometimes i make motorcycle noises

But now I just think you're mad at me

I know it's not. But I still like to eat whole pizzas.


Amazing. I can actually cook.

have sexy kitty instead of angry foxy then

When I'm alone I make turbo noises.

*vrrrrrr psssssh*

God bless being able to eat whatever and never gaining weight.

Yeah! Maybe

Still seems kinda faggy, Sushi

That's a little um


Use a thermometer for pork so it doesn't get overcooked.

No need to watch then ^^

Good or bad?
'cause it tastes amazing.

I don't like pork.

does anyone else get nauseous after they cum

Nah. I usually feel pretty good.


Backpacks just are uncomfortable. Cross body slings on messengers are kind of easier to walk around with.

What is that then?
Looks like a thin pork center cut.


The worst is when you have to pee right after.

i will just blame my meds and move on

Small steak. I have never cooked more than hamburger so I didn't want something huge to fuck up.


Might just have a bad diet.

Kinda looks a little gross tbh honest

That is super faggy, have some class

Or should I?

i always just try to pee after to get it over with

oh now you want to talk to me

what diet

I'll b ur sexy kitty pls

I'm like trying to gain weight to like grow boobs better. I dunno if it even works like that but I'm assuming more fat would be good for the time being.

It's 3x as good as a 5/7 show

dohohoho oh my yes pls :3c

Is it the vegies?

Point taken.

You should do that every time, it's healthier

when did I say I didn't?

do you want to do something

The veggies look kinda slimy and the meat is offputting for some reason

Gotta work on that presentation m8

you ignored me

Sure. What did you want to do?
Give me a call.


Welma whereabouts in america are you?

youre offline

It's got cheese and italian dressing on it.
So it's got a sheen.

Meat probably looks bad because it's small compared to the vegies. Bad proportions.

That's a 30 then!

when did i do that?

Manchester, NH

1 h 53 min (104 miles)


That's a long way from here

Oh, beef is easy to learn by the look.
Just takes time to learn when to pull them so they're perfectly done.
Pork is better for rubs and marinades.
Beef is better for slow cooking if it's fibrous cuts and better for grilling. Use a wood grill if you can. Otherwise go propane.

Hey fuck you, turboqueer.

It's more that I just hate that sensation of where you have to go FULL PRESSURE to clear it first and it always feels uncomfortable.

It's all adipose tissue so yeah.
But fat distribution is pretty uniform so you're increasing body fat percentages everywhere, not that that's a bad thing. Just that it's not "growing" them or whatever.

Out of 10 yes!

its quite the relief for me

Eat my ass, Ian.

I've seen enough to know what it needs to look like. I was more worried about seasonings.

Sorry you can't dress like a normal person

the other day i was talking about your boy pussy

This list of things I'm gonna watch is growing a lots.


Meet me at Olive Garden and I'll put out~

I know.

That's okay. I'd like some hips and thigh and butt action too ;3

I must have fallen asleep

Thought I was completely sober then I sat down and ate some chilli and it hit me

youre funny

uh huh

Just watch them all then!

It's just one of those sensations that just feels off, like sticking q-tips in your ear.
It's not that it's painful or anything abnormal, just something about it feels weird.

Just do the method of every person: google some recipes, try them out, and just try to test different things to find what works.
Don't go full Luka and just throw whatever plus ketchup on shit but just experiment.

Pretty much everyone on campus uses messenger bags over actual backpacks.

elma save up jump over scotland stay with me for a couple of weeks


i like that feeling too


i don't even remember that



They must never cook again.

I will try. I think I need to renew my passport though which I'd rather just do when I namechange etc ugh

I can barely afford rent half the time though lol

thats okay

i miss it too

Okay senpai

okay, take your time, i'm not going anywhere c:

ok so what now

God bless washington


I'm aware this is a weird question to ask but since HRT causes breast development abnormally fast, are stretch marks a possible issue MtF have?

But they were running around with Barney Sandals shirts so clearly they're intellectuals. :^)

I just use debrox and a bulb syringe to not have to deal with it.


Everyone knows the only thing you put on steak is milk and jelly beans

gonna play dark souls

I'll take you to Olive Garden before I take dat boypussy


What the fuck?

ok have fun

I think it's 110 here which isn't that bad I guess.

Plus 50 for a new license afterwards since I just got it renewed in August. ugh. I need my tax return :(

I'm not sure!



come if you'd like, but you gotta bring your own ravioli, i don't really eat such foods

Just one of those things where curiosity took over.
Like how some people with implants even get stretch marks.

We can bake cookies afterwards

Cool shit mayne, better be some drugs tho



negro i got hookups

its like over a grand return flight though


Yeah international flights are fucking intense

Inside America you can get flights for like 100 fucking dollars



how many people here have a house or apartment all to themselves?

i always feel like everyone here either rooms with people or lives with their parents

or stays in student accommodation, etc.

I have a single roommate but she has opposite shifts so I basically always have a house to myself.

Luka does, he also lives off government money

i see

provided by the government or not, luka has his own house. he has greater independence than you. that must cause such unbearable cognitive dissonance i cannot imagine lol

Alright so it's about 300 bucks for my week of fuckery with Elma

I can easily do that when I get my neetbux payback

independent of parents, but not the soup kitchen

lol you can't stay here are you insane?

I wouldn't really call it greater independence when you have basically no money to do anything most of the time... I mean, I room with people but I have a well paying job and expendable income and I don't live with my parents so

oh, i thought you still lived with your fam, nice

So just one day? Shit, why don't I just fly you out when I have my own place?

Nah, I got an actual job that I needed a degree for so I moved out like 3 months ago

Because I have work.

ive already rage quit

cool, well done, what do you do?

I must have missed this episode.

Ask for like 2 days off and we can have a 4 day weekend

I pay my mom rent.

if I succeed the first year in college I got some nice options in amsterdam though.

I really suck at the third one

Insurance claims adjuster

It's one of the better known ones tho..

Luka living alone doesn't make them independent in a good way. They still depend on people to give them a lot of shit and they don't provide for themselves.


thank you for participating in our survey c:

there was a lot of sequential bullshit that pissed me off

I'd still need to deal with the passport thing cause like for some reason you need a passport for my airport even for domestic flights. So bascially if anything this would happen after tax season sometime when I get my paperwork sorted.


lol are you the guy that has to work out how people can be paid as little as possible?

We gotta figure out how to meetup SOMEHOW

brb double checking that passport biz cause that seems really dumb

Maybe get a fucking job to pay for it, you societal fuck up.

That's what the good ones do

I'm not one of those unfortunately so I do dumb shit like trying to help people

are you normally good at it?

Yeah a domestic flights shouldn't require a passport at all

good enough sometimes

Daddy here carries him.

depending on welfare not as bad as depending on parents imo

that said, i left home at 15, and have always been bewildered by people who stayed with their parents into their twenties, i just could not live like that, so i'm probably biased towards favouring luka's situation because of that

I hope to have this one day.

should be good if I do my study right.

^ ^

oh you big soft dummy.

thanks for being cool

which one is it?

don't talk to me until you make swedish fish leave

daddy cant play a fucking game without getting distracted by fucking npcs

I didn't watch the show by marathon or as it aired.
I mostly just watched it during its block of reruns that weren't necessarily in order.
So I probably did miss others as well.

i dont have the patience for it

It has to do with the real id act

People who need welfare are not inherently idiots for using it.
I think if you have a legit reason you can't work then yes. Get welfare and at least be aware of your situation.
Luka does not have a real reason to be on it and could easily get a job if they weren't so lazy. For that I hold them no respect. Their independence is based on dependence of others. And it's sad.

I mean, there is a lot of potential to do good in that job. The only thing is that I have to work within the rules, and there are a fuckton of them because I work in high risk insurance

So marathon it right now

Said the man who was killed by one.

I'm not a mod, otherwise they would be gone.

it was literally a fucking other player

You'll never catch my ass on government aid.
Food stamps at most if I have to, but only if I don't have a job or family near by.

Hysel is not a person.
That was an NPC. It's a scripted invasion.

it was him

like, one factor people never address, is living on welfare is by no means easy. luka is basically starving 24/7

he could be pretty comfy on his ass mooching off his fam, he could work and suffer mild stress for a decent living, or he could be on welfare, uncomfortable, and in borderline poverty

i'd say welfare is the most difficult of the three options tbh

so we must examine his motives



Me either

that's the easy way

yeah lazy

he has super weird principles.
like he sometimes explodes on them.
maybe we'll see the full story some time.


Luka does mooch off people.
They eat at fucking BK and Starbucks.

So you do it.

i don't understand how welfare works over there, how luka gets it for no reason. i live on disability benefits, and multiple doctors, psychiatrists, etc. have to confirm that i'm disabled without doubt before i get that.

how does luka just get welfare if he has nothing wrong with him?

doing too much good would probably put you under unwanted scrutiny too

Honestly, I should get food stamps but I have too much pride.

So long as it was within the rules they don't say anything

You don't need food stamps when you never eat, Welma

you fill out a form and get wlfare its not that hard ive tried it


It is incredibly easy to get a claim for welfare in most places. Here in the States you just need to show how much you make. It's not hard at all.

I've been eating insatiably lately.

But now I ran out of money lol


That's gei as fuck

It's whatever. It's not like I get time off anyway lol

I'm not a mod

i don't think i've ever had a glimpse of his principals

i suppose

but he does visit the soup kitchen a lot too

that's dumb and exactly why you have a thriving infestation of vagrant negros and white trash


wait no wrong picture


If you ever need anything lemme know fam

I have.
hold on.
I'm tipsy enough to go and find what he said.

So I guess I'm flying to NH and getting a motel for a few days?

lol what

i did not maek this appeal obviously

good, godspeed

That doesn't justify his situation.
I would have minor sympathy if he worked to get a job, and didn't blow ass loads of cash on LoL skins and coffee.

Welfare isn't hard to live on. You just can't be a fucking moron like he is to do it.

I have been in numerous shit situations. It's not hard to make due on a few bucks.


That's not how a proud NEET operates.

You should not be proud to be a NEET.

i mean it's pretty easy to live on if you're happy eating pork butts and smoking from an ashtray and running out of electric all the time

i assume its lenko or something

It's also that he thinks he's owed the luxury items in life without ever working for them.
He bought like a $2000 gaming laptop a few years back.

but alas, i have never heard of an american with a prepaid electric or gas meter, these might just be british feels

There is a specific form of welfare here that pays for utilities

According to you I should not be proud to breathe because I'm me :^)

name some movies i would like

only participate if you know me well enough pls

I'm in love with subtle

Learn to cook from scratch. I lived on 20 bucks for 2 weeks doing that and I ate fine. Rice is a fucking godsend and goes with everything. I lived with all the lights off in my house when I needed to save. Light some candles.

It's not hard.
You people are just pussies.

Makes me feel like a chump for working my ass off doing 12 hour shifts 6 days a week for what I have.

ah, we have prepaid meter that you have to top up with credit.


You are just generally vapid and I find treating you like shit entertaining.

ive tried to get nick to watch synecdoche new york for months

i don't eat rice

restricted intake

Backdoor sluts 9

I won't. But thanks.

If you really feel the need to. *shrugs*



And that wouldn't stop Luka.
They are just bad at living within their means.

Okie doke

Are teasing me or something I tell you hwat

This pleases me.

This, pretty much.

Yeah, I'm just going to filter you now.

I don't know. I just feel like it would be severely awkward and not worth you spending your neetbux to come here.


oh you.

i think i've seen it, not sure, but yes that is on point thank you

it's a not particularly serious eating disorder, i can only eat certain foods.

and yeah i surpose

I don't get your point, but do go ahead.

Guess I really am desperate

And pretty much every person on welfare spends almost all of it on shit they don't need, games, drugs, etc, and then complain about not having money and everything being someone else's fault.

I can understand that, but there are many alternatives.

It was a good one~ I can't think of anything else suggestible at the moment though, sorry.



Makes me glad I learned to be happy with my work ages ago. Makes earning my shit feel way more satisfying.

I can't afford time off, I can't afford much of anything since I work for everything I get. Sorry if that's a problem lol

I have no social life and it's been 5 months since I've been intimate with someone, money isn't really an issue for me since I'm staying with my mom until February and my neetbux backpay starts in august

Looks better than the movie about the woman's pussy that chomped dicks off.

nevermind we're watching dickshark

It's not really about that but more the mindset that people feel entitled to the luxury items of life.
That someone owes them everything.

Same. I had a fluke a couple weeks back but prior to that it was 7 years. It's not that big of a deal. Get on my level.

That's a retarded mentality to have.

im insulted

That's the millennial way of thinking and yes, it sucks balls.

I'll fly in on the night your weekend starts and I'll get a return flight the morning after its over

Wait, how old even are you, I assumed you were much younger based on your face

There's a lot of retarded people out there.

I am ENTITLED to my daily STARBUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


Kyle might appreciate this

it's just amateur porn but the guys dick is a shark

But mom I NEED a gaming laptop.

ahahahahahaaha woow weee


If the Jaws theme doesn't play at least once this movie is a failure.

It shows.

I'm for social programs but there should be both drug testing and mandatory milestones you must hit to continue benefits, like job applications or training.

When I worked I'd have Starbucks on occasion buto now that I'm a poor fag I'm probably not having coffee pretty much every

And there's no way in hell I'm smoking after I move out of my mom's again

I get Saturdays and Mondays off so... dunno how that would work.

I'm 26.

This is great.

I think those are applied in some places.

his dick bit his finger off AND SHE SHOT IT


So I fly in Friday night and leave Tuesday morning

At least go with Grim or Soto.
They'd at least be able to buy you shit on the meetup.



mandy save me

Save you from what?

Most all the people here on gov bucks are people who want to be girls.
Just saying.

im upset

this movie is two and a half hours long

dick shark getting shot off was only the beginning

it fell in the toilet and is now living as an independent organism

In the US, drug use can't get you kicked off programs other than public housing, even ones about raising fucking kids.
It's utterly retarded. Like those people that shit out so many kids to get government aid then don't even use it for the kids and just blow it all on drugs because they don't want to work.

I want to be a gril.

About what, love?


The same in canada. in fact they just built fucking loft houses in the city here that's welfare lol.

I'll be your girl.

I'm neither on gov bucks nor want to be a girl tho

iunno im just in the kinda mood where a lot of things are really grating

searching without having archives is fucking hell.

anyway erin, luka just believes all things should be given.
we were talking about something silly like pets or something and he went haywire about why anyone would need to deserve anything.
that it should be the kindness of people to provide for everyone.

Alexis and Elma are the only two I've known in even the fringe groups of this place that were employed.

Didn't Toronto open drug clinics to give people free, clean needles and babysit them while high?


Yeah, Tokai hit it on the head there.

I respect Elma for that.

*provides for you*

Let's like talk about it more and figure out an actual plan. Logistics n' shit x_x

I'd a Soto.




Are you not employed?


I stand by this.

I don't want this

you can have my left over pumpkin soup if you want.

What's up?

I don't think I am of help in that matter.



We'll figure it out in january


Well we can try....what's up?

Don't you want to become NEET?

he doesnt

iunno hungry kinda

I cooked this today.
I also have the weekend off.

Down, girl.
I just mopped.

Oh, plenty of time. You were scaring me by making it sound like you were flying out like this week or some shit lol

well no.
I want to be the provider.
but I also want a job that I can enjoy, so I'm having a go at college.

Jokes on you I'm in your appartment right now

Prepare your anus



Hulla, kit'n.

Hulla, Emily.

Sure, mail it on over.

Ain't there something to eat around?

It has too much food that my food eats on it....

I don't know how to cook meat.
I didn't want to ruin a whole cow today.

i like the pain

Yep, they have a few of those. Tax payers pay for it. House fucking degen drug addicts on welfare. It's great.


Go to an anime con with him then.

I've been employed for a while and always have had income of some sort.
I do administrative stuff for a family friend's business.

It's a house and there would be a lot more barking if that were the case, liar.

It did not compute.

but it'd be cold once over there..

had fun?

wtf its dark out already!?

All you kids and your comfy desk jobs.

I would sooner kill myself than allow swedish anywhere near me

Tsunshi, do you remember Sadako?
I forget what else he went by, Master of Fates of something?

Ye, one of my friends kidnapped me to their house.
I forced my way out 'cos laundry and I was getting exhausted.

Any tranny, actually.
Fucking scumlords.


God bless your high school drama teacher PM.

Provide for me!

I am actually inclined to say that they are subhumans,

I've been thinking about possibly moving to the east coast. What's the cost of living like In new Hampshire?


this is getting very creepy

Too high for a jobless wank.

Ehhhh. I'd need a cosplay.

A studio apartment in the heroin side of town is still like 675/month with no utilities. It's not exactly cheap here.

How's you?

sounds nice though.
but hey you can relax now.
we didn't really tc, I've just drank a little and been in a call.

if you don't do anything I'll automatically do it.

Elma, Fish is trying to latch on to you for hollow affection.
Please have enough sense to nip this in the bud. They are going to fuck you over.

Hmm, guess I'll have to find some cheap ass state to live in that's not below the bible belt

God bless

It admittedly doesn't pay well but I don't really do much either and is going to end sometime soon.
More than I'd make doing a part time at least but my cost of living is insanely high, regardless of where I physically live.

He used black and white caps and roleplayed a lot, right?

Be the trap from Dangaronpa he always posts.

So if you're a hoe who can't sell
Call me on 35-go-fuck-your-self

what a cutie

Well, that can be fun too.
Who y'been chattin' up?

Don't provide for Emily, you're mine! Provide for me!


Sick injun motif tat, bro.

People all high and mighty up in here.

archive.imagesync.org/Holla Forums/


anyway, i see, thanks :s

I'd take it over factory shit.
My body can't handle this long.

Easy there, Luka 2.0.

Sounds about right, yeah.
IIRC, he used some dude from Negima?

I'll just become ambtenaar and everybody will provide for me!

Dont let fish taint you with tranny disease elma

I just want to have some meaningless sex and cuddles

I learned my lesson not to be clingy fromantic a certain poster on here that won't talk to me anymore

Yeah. What about him?

They always are, lol.

I mean.
I'd work him for it.

Not saying it has to be meaningless tho

I know, that's why this meetup like any other will not happen.

Also, I cannot into hollow affection which is why I have a difficult time with relationships.

The cheapest state on the east coast is Georgia.

I'd rather just go full-autism and be Marian so I can be my own avatar.

my best friend and other most closely friend.

of course silly.
but dutch taxes would pay for welfare

thank you, a lot.


well yeah, but you'd service everyone to get it.

I was wondering if you were still in contact with him, and if you remember where he's from.

Thank god. I'm glad you have sensibility.

He's cute but he's got less brains than a special ed school.

Migwetch. Migizi.

There was ever a poster that liked you?

you didn't mean it when you said you'd come see me?

Why do you care? We're both clearly sub-human *shrugs*

This is happening fam, just gonna be a few months

They usually are less obnoxious with it.

They just burn money for more meetings about meetings to create meetings.

She's a massive slut that doesn't turn 18 til june

how so

having been in those circles.
those meetings are very important.

In that case it's fine.

I suppose, kinda.

... me?

Getting real rape vibes from Fish.
Elma said it isn't happening and Fish said it is. Even said all they want was meaningless sex.

No, you would know

I don't know, I just don't like him.

They are inefficient and everybody should just go full Agile+Scrum to maximize efficiency while spending less time bickling.

Could he beat Trump in a fight or no
I wonder

The only way to ruin a cow is to not eat it.

Don't lie to me. Go eat.

I've no idea what that means.

I never had any way of contacting him ever.
I think he was a part of those really awful DnD games that were ran in the ajax so you might have a chance asking any of the autismos that were.

Don't think your tits are big enough to pull that off.
Also, I second what Squash is saying. You're not that desperate.

I'll never be able to afford that.

[worry intensifies]


I actually wouldn't.
I wasn't back when the bulk of this shit went down.

As far as I know you're talking about Scarlet and Ali, but I don't know their ages.

Unless you mean oobles.

Oobles, are you underage b&?

She meant the plans always Peter out and both parties just end up giving up on it but since I'd be the only one traveling and paying, I was merely reaffirming that I wouldn't just forget about it

Trump is 70.
So probably.

Want to BBQ together?

Hey. Fish.
Fuck off you creep.


fs elma, break a heart why not :s coulda been straight wit me fam

Christ, it's cookie