Slam my tight loli asshole, daddy!

Slam my tight loli asshole, daddy!

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OwO daddy


thanks big dick

I doubt it.

No rpboleM!


Loose onaholes are no fun

show me

gimme sauce on dat game where you find your home on planet earth

Unless you have a super thick penis.

90s videos fucking sucked but at least we still had fucking solos

fucking dope

grownup humour for grownups

Show me Vancouver BC

I watched this live.

Been fucking listening to this guy for the past four days nonstop.
Shame the actual video for this got taken down.

it was not worth it tbh I skimmed the youtoob upload and it was mediocre overall save for a few things

Do you?

ive been listening to aesop rock for like 15 years?

his new album is is pretty cool i must say

And you made a webm about the game with a magic plant that eats people.


I'm onto you

I have a vagina.

I killed the game already, sorry


Lemme have a go at it

You guys are fucking degenerates. An hero yourselves please!


What other new ones do you have?

You'll never get passed my virginity shield.

After you

u look cute~


I have been slacking in the webm making to be honestttt



luuks, sometime tomorrow night I'll probably do some overwatch in case you wanna join

*hugs nicely*

i fell asleep and when i woke up my tooth and the left side of my face as in extreme pain
it feels like i'm being stabbed in my gums


this made me think of u

Im back from work suck my girl cock

aha I donot get it at all

He really is fucking great, awesome voice. have a trailer luuks

Here's a picture of the salish sea from Stanley park in Vancouver BC during the dawn

I don't think anyone really does.

Here's a view from really high at noon

just got done listening to this before I saw your post lol

RIP all mutants ;~;

moar! ♥

do a 180!



Kinda makes you wanna go out and eat a cactus.


Sent a dupe

That looks really cool.

Sorry for spam this is the last one, from really high up


I spam far worse on the regular.

Fucking saved. Thank you.

ok I lied one more since I like how it looks

no city!

ah there's something recognizable!
^ ^ thanks~


Yeah, it doesn't generate any cities, I don't know if they're ever going to add them into the game. But in the full version you can set up trucks and airplanes to fly around in

what do you plan to used it for now that you used it all up?

The demo version doesn't run out, you just can't spawn special stuff or modify weather and some other stuff like mods. You just kinda fly around and can shoot holes into the ground and drive a truck around. It's more fun to just find places you know in real life and look at how they look in-game.

spam my cock you fucking sperglord


got anything else fun?

As in games?


i dunno
are u cute?

Depends on what you think is cute.

pls help

With what?

good morning

I'm cute


Good morning!

whats happening


teach me about u



Mornings are gay.

Just sleepiness trying to drag me into bed. How about you?

There's not much to know, I'm not particularly interesting. I just play a lot of games and spend the rest of my free time studying Japanese. Although there's so many Halloween events going on in games that I don't know which ones to play since there's no way I'll be able to get them all unless I cash out serious $$$

wats ur name? ♥

i have stomach flu. also it's my mom's birthday and people will be arriving soon. oh, i live with my mom btw. but it's not that bad i'm 19. do you like james ferraro?

they can be a pain in the ass?


Especially when you've slept around 5 hours.

You can call me Pettanko, Leo, or anything in between!

Dang, I hope you feel better soon! James Ferraro is pretty cool in my book.


How's you?

I was going to joke that it's like you knew, but I went to sleeps at like, 9-10 last night.

welcome to my current life kill me

thanks etc. great! i am glad you like james ferraro. do you know any other artists similar to him besides like ariel pink or daniel lopatin(kind of)

do you play kewl games?

struggling to wake up really.
kinda waiting for rwby to get uploaded right now but that might be awhile.

et toi?

I finally got some free time to play the new doom and that went on until 6 am, then I realized that I have gym at noon.

I thought we had a suicide pact.


37 days
17 hours
2 minutes
30 seconds

I'm afraid I don't! I'm not very good at finding musicians...

I've been playing a lot of Overwatch, Battlerite, and 100% Orange Juice lately. So the answer is nope! I don't play anything cool

IIRC they don't do it until the afternoon.

Just moving stuff into the new backpack since I'll never be able to use the old one again.


Is it totally valid to just count the time in seconds to make it feel like there's less time?


If I did my math right.

Rin do you hate me

we should overwatch together

true, we best get on that

Nah you gotta count them in miliseconds

Your afternoon or my afternoon?

cause the new one's better in all ways?

So mean, that broke my kokoro.

Oh well.

What reason would I have to hate you?

Now that's just being unnecessary.


Old one is fubar.

I'd be down! I haven't been able to play it in like half a month because I didn't have a graphics card so I don't have any of the Halloween stuff for the most part. At least I was sitting on 6k gold beforehand...

the kewl new skins cost 3k!!!

pls love me ;~;

that is okay im still glad someone else likes james ferraro so here's a cool artist for u free of charge

Maybe you shouldn't have put it on the chopping block, baka.

Kinda wanna ask for all your pictures of her.

what happened to u...

mmh ah well, if I really can't wait I'll rush through the chibi episodes or something.

that works.
if you make it out of dnd will you pop in tc later?


I dunno how to do that

Thanks for the rec!

rip in piece


become my freind
notice me lots
talk to each other a bunch!
and have fun in gamez 2gether
and uh... umm
be nice and loving to each other in a like like way

yw. do i know you

whats suddenly wrong with test for you?

Being alive is too mainstream anyhow.

You do now.

A like like way?! Sounds too good to be real, sorry.

what test?

im real!

How do you know I am though?

youre not ikaros just acting different, are you?

dont play dumb w/ me why are u acting out like this luka

i would be v impressed by this character

Nope! I'm me! And there's only one me! ... I hope!

ur posting

and ur not me

so..... u must be!


i think ur probably maybe ikaros but i'll pretend i don't think that, k

whatever then

Woah! In that case... you must be real too!

probably not rly

I should have done that.
But I didn't.

You mean Discord? Sure.

Ur wrong.
Wanna fightaboutit?

I'd taken to calling her Moon, personally.

being awake is too, night sd


You're the one with the meat cleaver here.

Sleep well Spoils.


it's prolly just randoms so you can do that anytime.

nuuh tinychat, with eriin and scoots and stuff.
well. if that happens.
if not yeah discord

Oh shit, for some reason I read that as TS.

We'll see, I probably won't.
I don't actually like the tinychats anymore.

I dunno! If you have a Steam account we could add each other on it or and play later :> I can't really play Overwatch at this moment though~

Says the butcher.

oh thats it then


the first chibi episode
I think ruby made a penis joke



We have the same background on steam

You're really hurting her feelings here, SD.
And when she gets hurt, she tends to respond in like.


Ana, your name fell off.

I'm not sure okai?!
I'm hinting you need to check it out

But you're the one hurting my feelings.

i bought it myself!
add me on league?


I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
Clearly you're the only one at fault right now.

Why does this happen tho.
Also, good morning. Slept alright?

I think I got it from the badge, also your account is just a few days older than mine too
I don't have it installed on this computer :( I'm not that good anyways at it though

You're the one who chopped up my kokoro.

I knowww

but please spare 3 minutes

I suppose well enough.
How's your day been?

Hatchy just wanted a hug.

Fine geeze.

Seven minutes to find a co-op partner in Starcraft.

You're the best!

We are twinsies?

I only have up to HotS but I could play with you.
...I-if you want...

Literally the best person ever.

We are now!

Maybe I did too, but not from the hatchet.

I'll treat you as such!

Right now hugs come from the hatchet.

I bet you have filth books laying around.

naah I don't
I'm only interested in real katanas

Ruby's so adorkably lovely.

Call me when the situation has changed.

The situation changed.

do I do groceries, shower or finish all chibi episodes first?


That was quick.


shower, then groceries.

You can get hugs from the flail now.

a-and the chibi's?

I see how it is now.

Can wait.

I don't just like inflicting severe physical pain on people, I swear!

yes ma'am

ill go shower

Started an hour or two ago, just been playing starcraft and cleaning my room. Spotless right now.
Laundry is finally fucking done lmao.

I'd love to play with you, sadly I play on Europe and Americas is absolutely unplayable for me even though my main account is there.

Just give it a couple days and laundry won't be done anymore.

I wonder how bad it'd be for me to try to play on Europe. Hmmm.

I'm gonna super conservative with the clothes this time, kek.
Also don't forget that your heroes and skins and all progress doesn't transfer when you switch regions.
I'll be playing Grimm Eclipse with you soon anyway, assuming I don't blow my load on Titanfall too hard.





I want to die.

I want to live

I want you to live, qt.

You're terrible.
I am going to go and cry myself to sleep now.

Can I have the corpse?


This neat tho


Test have you been sleeping?


I took a nap, but I've been awake for about 6 hours.


We usually have the highest velocity on this board.

That's how it should be

We are the Velocity of Holla Forums!

Generating clicks here.

Our velocity.

Velocious. That's a nice word.

I don't recall seeing you around threads at this time usually so was just wondering

I'm so velocious that if my velocity were any higher, I'd be ejaculating prematurely.


Fucking hell.

Well, it's a four day weekend, so I can fuck up my sleep schedule royally and survive.

That image kills me a bunch.

mhm accidentally cut my leg
wish lasers were a common hair removal thing already

There was one about Ana and Reinhardt from Overwatch but I can't find it, lost my shit the first time I saw it.

Only girls shave their legs.


This is not what you're talking about, but it does make me laugh.

Maybe you should stop being emo. :3c

Man, now I'm curious.

Good stuff

You're basically a girl now.

but the outfits are so cool


*powers up ur genji*

There's nothing wrong with being a girl.

Stop misgendering my boyfriend you scum.


Test do you have the powered up Reaper webm?


Fraid not.

remember all those feels when you get boosted by me? :3

fun times~

tfw luka never boosts you

It takes way too much badgering to get an ana ult out of people.

I was jumping over the enemy team's heads for fifteen goddamn seconds as Genji telling Luka to hit me with it once. Managed to kill 'em all when I finally got it, but holy moly.

Can I have some cancer too, daddy?


owo what's this



timing is everyhting

we should pley together moar then!

Thank (You)


Is it bad that a part of me hopes they eventually make Neo playable?

It's happening~


I have to go to a chili cook off today.

gonna drink half a bottle of wine before going.

not at all.
she seems mighty.
I kinda want to play coco

Don't let there be a repeat of last time

that was two bottles


That's all sorry :c

what a tease

Fucking hell I love that so much.
Overwatch memes are so fucking good.

I wish I saved it when I first saw it, it was one of those laughing for five minutes moments.




for a second I thought this was really clever editing but then I realized it's just body doubles with edited heads

Oh fuck I see it now too
It's so fucking hilarious when they start agreeing with each other though.
I lose at when one of them points.

grocery tiiime

Obviously RWBY Chibi is canon, and nothing bad ever happened to Pyrrah.

I sense denial~

stop posting your legs



Just like how I'm definitely not pregnant, and you're definitely not the father.



I will never be ready to be a father.
We're gonna have to smother the baby.

That got darker than I expected faster than I expected.

Smother it with love!

And a pillow.


Anyone got 'The Fear' from last night drinking/coke snorting?

I still got it from Thursday and need a little help talking through it.

"The Fear"..?

I want to lick your feets and dicc

Bad trip


Honestly, if someone behaved towards me the way Desu acts towards Subtoe, I'd tell them in no uncertain terms that we will never be in a relationship like that.

it's not my fault master has cute feet

In fact, he still buys me things, so I guess he's still interested.

He has also toned it down a lot.

I want to lick your feets


fish as breakfast
I feel so scandinavian

Your smartass.

I like how you didn't take your chances with adding "and dicc".

Thought I shouldn't give you ideas yet dragon 3&ssPageName=GSTL

Someone buy me this.
Don't really buy me this.

We don't actually eat fish for breakfast, baka boy


And here I was thinking it was 'cos you know I'm not really a huge fan of the fuq.


i'm sorry, but I will have to join the planned festivities later

David's babymomma kicked him out last night and he's round at mine

There's a Fallout 4 mod that removes bullet range, and instead replaces the range stat as a function of speed and drop-off.

I've considered installing it, like, a thousand times now.
Esp since I usually use snipers, it really makes my builds op.


that isn't fuq!
that's just a massage


What's stopping you? Bethesda games are the easiest to mod.

fucc then 𝓢𝓤𝓒𝓒


thats kinda gross

"How does it makes your builds op, Rin?"
Well, you see threaders.
It more than quadruples my effective range with weapons that'll kill almost everything with a clean hit.

And my absolute range is further than I can see, I'm pretty sure.

That image.
Is completely what she does with Mimi.

The fact that I'd be ridiculously op with it?

I'd be killing things outside of the possible detection range.
And there's almost no reason to loot bodies on survival, so who the fuck cares if I can find them or not.


Just ironic disgust

Actually, with realistic weapon ranges in FO4, I'm pretty sure I can kill Swan without even waking him up.

Install it and try. If it's too OP, remove again. Thought that'd be fairly simple

All the more fun to you with accurate bullet trajectories.





Everything I post is ironic unless it's not

More like this, please.


I gotchu fam

I have never seen this one before. It's cute as heck!

You must continue.

Still gotchu, fam.

What's cute about a footjob? I think they're a little silly

Feet are best.

You clearly have never met a girl with perfect legs and feet.


You're not going to convince me that you have dawg

why does she has to be so


I mean I don't know.. it's just.. cutish.. that and legs can be very seductive and sometimes pantyhose make it look really nice.

Can't wait for her to die.

I'm definitely not saying legs are not seductive, quite the opposite. Footjobs just seems a bit like a meme to me.

I hope this volume already.
she's not the end boss so it'd be so satisfying.

Gaemu needs more campaigns.
And Neopolitan as a playable.

I didn't used to think anything of it but a certain someone caused me to slowly like it over time. It's a hit or miss if something works for me. Above all, everything MUST be clean.


I hope they work on it.
although it'd prolly take a while considering the team size.



Old doggy.

lol lit fam

Tick Tock Clock.

stop being so passive aggressive

Have the courage to link me.


Killing myself.

stream it, dog lover

You're not allowed to die.

I am already dead inside.

Well, it is impossible for me to die really.
And trust me. I have tried.

that will have to suffice.


I can't do a reaction image battle. I only have like 20 images on this laptop.

boy did i miss quite a thread .///.


Boy I sure do miss when Neko would not talk.


just get him a ballgag



I wonder if there are gags shaped like bones.

You were under my protection.

goddam doig fuckers and their furshit fetishes

I like the one where it's like "what do you want from mcdonalds again, fatass?" or something like that.

pretty positive I've seen that before, yes.



No death allowed.

Going to go play in traffic.

owo what's this

oh. nice.



mei so thicc

Don't be ridiculous.


I kinda wanna make a Magearna folder.
Maybe also one of Moon/whateverTheyDecideHerCanonNameIs.

If I'm doing Magearna, I may as well do Diancie and Volcanion, right?

Well, all that's stuff for future me.
Present me has to be off nowishly.


You haven't done it already for a reason.

I don't like the sun.

The sun brings me a new day.

The sun can go away.


It can be distracting at times. I work better in the dark.

What were you saying?

reasoning what to do with nuclear war

Perfectly normal

you never know

goodmorning uwu


New one over here!